Jennifer Smith
Actor History
Lisa Marie
Roseanne Arnold
Sally Struthers
February 2002
Mob princess
Resides At
Marital Status
Single/Divorced (Billy "Baggs" Boggs)
Past Marriages
Billy "Baggs" Boggs (divorced; 1990s)
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr. (invalid; 2002)
Frank Smith (father; deceased)
Damian Smith (brother; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Luke Spencer (Engaged)
Crimes Committed
  • Theft [before 1994]
  • Kidnapped Luke & Laura Spencer [2002]
  • Threatened Laura's life [2002]
  • Practically forced Luke in marriage [2002]
Health and Vitals
Admitted to a alcohol rehab program
Nearly died of alcohol poisoning and admitted to a detox program (October 2000)
Brief Character History

In 1980, Jennifer Smith was deeply in love with Luke Spencer. However, Luke was only dating Jennifer to get over his feelings for Laura. Laura was extremely jealous of Luke's relationship with Jennifer, and despite her jealousy, the two became engaged. However, Luke's only reason for marrying Jennifer was to acquire a contract giving him ownership of non-mob related businesses from Jennifer's father, Frank. Jennifer and Luke's wedding, which was to be held on a yacht, turned disastrous. When Scott Baldwin learned that Luke had raped Laura, he got onto the boat and attacked Luke. When Scott angrily hit Luke, Luke fell overboard into the water. Luke was presumed dead, but in reality, he met up with Laura on a nearby dock. Luke and Laura ran off together -- leaving poor Jennifer alone.

In 1994, Luke and Laura were shocked when they ran into Jennifer and her husband, Billy 'Baggs' Boggs, in Atlantic City. Jennifer clearly had never gotten over Luke because she kept flirting with him. If that weren't bad enough, Baggs was clearly attracted to Laura. However, Luke and Laura were able to get away from the duo by threatening to expose their theft charges. If these charges were to ever be released to the public, Jennifer would find herself in prison for many years. So, Jennifer had no choice but watch Luke go back to his life with Laura.

In 2002, Jennifer kidnapped Luke and Laura and held them captive. Jennifer threatened that if Luke didn't marry her, then Laura would die. Jennifer wanted Laura's death to be her wedding present, but Luke managed to protect Laura by telling Jennifer that it would bring Laura a lot more pain if she were to witness their ceremony. Luckily, Roy DiLucci posed as the priest performing the ceremony and Felicia Jones posed as his wife. Thanks to this, Luke and Laura were able to escape Jennifer's clutches unharmed.

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