Mary Mae Ward
Actor History
Rosalind Cash
January 7, 1994 to January 17, 1996
Other Names
Maiden name was Mary Mae Courtnee
Said to have been 18 years old in 1944 [revealed 1994]
Died of natural causes in her sleep (January 17, 1996)
Ran an orphanage at the Ward House
Former blues singer for L&B Records
Resides At
Formerly the Ward House
Marital Status
Single/Widowed (Daniel Ward)
Past Marriages
Buddy Powers (married: 1944; deceased)
Daniel Ward (deceased; married: 1946; deceased: 1969)
Miriam (mother; deceased)
Henry Courtnee (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Bradley Ward (son; with Edward; deceased)
David Ward (son; with Daniel)
Idis Ward (daughter; with Daniel)
Faith Ward (granddaughter)
Justus Ward (grandson; deceased)
Keesha Ward (granddaughter)
Maya Ward (great-granddaughter)
Flings & Affairs
Edward Quartermaine (affair)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Health and Vitals
Brief Character History

Mary Mae Ward showed up in Port Charles after Laura Spencer bought the Ward House. Mary Mae and Laura became instant friends and ran an orphanage at the Ward House. After her son Bradley Ward was found dead in Luke and Laura Spencer's yard, Mary Mae's grandson Justus and granddaughter Keesha came to Port Charles to attend Bradley's funeral. Bradley had been murdered, but who killed him? Keesha began dating the young, rich Jason Quartermaine. Mary Mae and Edward Quartermaine, both grandparents of the teens, weren't happy about the two dating each other. Soon all evidence of Bradley's death was pointing to Edward as the murderer. Edward was arrested and charged. He swore on his life to Mary Mae that he was not her son's killer. Mary Mae knew it and revealed during her testimony that Bradley was Edward's son. Edward had wartime romance with Mary Mae when she was a blue singer years ago which resulted in the conception of Bradley. Edward was later acquitted.

Mary Mae found herself singing the blues again when Lois Cerullo offered her a job at her record label, L&B. Mary Mae was a hit at Luke's club where everyone would go to listen to her beautiful voice.

Mary Mae was adored by many in Port Charles. When she died in her sleep in January 1996, the whole town turned out to pay their respects to their beloved Mary Mae.

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