Is Eva LaRue finally coming back?

Posted Sunday, December 17, 2000 9:55:57 PM

Emmy-nominated Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos) is reportedly mulling a return to All My Children. This, however, is not the first time a rumor has emerged about the actress making a trip back to Pine Valley.

LaRue, who is the real-life wife of John Callahan (Edmund Grey), created the role of Maria Santos in 1993. The beautiful neurosurgeon quickly caught Edmund's attention and it wasn't long before they were husband and wife. The tragic crash of a Transglobal airplane in 1997 took the young woman's life - or so it was believed.

When LaRue left All My Children in 1997, she was anxious to explore opportunities outside of daytime television. She quickly landed a part on the UPN series Head Over Heels. The sitcom was short-lived and soon found itself in the Nielsen trash heap.

After the cancellation of Heels, LaRue appeared to duck into hiding. Rumors of the actress' return to All My Children flew around the Internet. LaRue, however, insisted that making a return to Pine Valley was not in the cards.

In recent months, the soon-to-be 34-year old actress has made guest appearances as a panelist on the game show, To Tell The Truth. LaRue was also seen in the film Little Pieces, directed by talk show host Montel Williams.

Again chattering has erupted about LaRue's possible return to All My Children. This time, however, LaRue's camp appears to be giving an indication that the rumors might - might - be true.

According to sources close to LaRue, the actress would be more than happy to return to All My Children. The same sources, however, say that LaRue does not want a long-term contract.

The return rumors come just a few weeks after reports that John Callahan was ready to leave All My Children. Callahan's character, Edmund, has been in several failed romances since LaRue's departure and fans seem unwilling to accept any one other than Maria on Edmund's arm. In fact, a recent Whaddya Think? poll showed that 38% of poll respondents said that the only way Edmund can carry on a viable romance is to bring back Maria.

The Callahan departure rumors remain just that - rumor. The original scope of the report had Callahan leaving once Finola Hughes (Alex) returns

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