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Edmund Grey
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Actor History
April 13, 1992 to March 2, 2005
Other Names

Edmund Gresham (birth name)


Born October 23, 1957

Died March 1, 2005

Cause of Death

Died as a result of being hit over the head with a shovel and being left to burn to death.


Half-owner of Tempo magazine

Editor of Tempo magazine

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter/author

Volunteer for Habitant for Humanity


Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Marital Status

Married to Maria Santos at the time of his death [Married: Mar 11, 1994; Dissolved by his death on Mar 1, 2005]

Past Marriages

Maria Santos [Married: Mar 11, 1994]

Brooke English [Married: Aug 23, 2002; invalid]

Maria Santos [Vow renewal: Jun 16, 2003; dissolved by his death on Mar 1, 2005]


Hugo Marick (father; deceased)

Flora Gresham (mother; deceased)

Dimitri Marick (paternal half-brother)

Anton Lang (paternal half-nephew)


Samuel Carlos Grey (son; with Maria; adopted) (son of Bobby Warner and Kelsey Jefferson)

Madelyn Flora Grey (daughter; with Maria)

Flings & Affairs

Brooke English (engaged; 1992)

Kit Fisher (kissed)

Alexandra Devane (engaged)

Anna Devane (kissed)

Brooke English (lovers)

Mia Saunders (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Kidnapped Erica Kane in Budapest, and locked her in a wine cellar in order to get recognition as the son of Hugo Marick

Carjacked Kit Fisher's car so that he could help a friend in danger

Drinks milk directly from the carton (self-professed crime)

Locked Maria in a Wildwind bedroom against her will [Jan 2003]

Theft; stole drugs from David Hayward's lab

Laced Maria's drink with memory restoring drug [Jan 2003]

Bribery; paid Bobby Warner $1 million to say that Zach Slater shot Ryan Lavery [2004]

False imprisonment; locked Zach and Maria in a shed [Feb 2005]

Health and Vitals

Shot by a member of the Calvatras family; the bullet was lodged near his spine [Jan 6, 2004]

Suffered cardiac arrest as a result of the shooting. [Jan 6, 2004]

Paralyzed from the waist down due to a bullet lodged against his spine. [Jan 6, 2004]


Awarded a Pulitzer Prize

Posthumously Awarded a Humanitarian of the Year from the Pine Valley Commerce Club [Apr 29, 2005]

Brief Character History

Edmund Gresham was supposedly the son of one of the maids at Wildwind (Flora) and the gardener (Alf Gresham). He grew up in Dimitri Marick's shadow. After a very sad childhood, he left home to pursue a career in writing. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism. He returned to Pine Valley after learning that his childhood friend, Angelique Marick, had come out of her coma. He met Brooke English at Tempo, and they embarked on a love affair. He renewed his acquaintance with the Wildwind group and learned from one of the servants that he was really Hugo Marick's son. He became obsessed with proving that he was a Marick. This obsession cost him his relationship with Brooke. Helga, Hugo's housekeeper, finally admitted that she was sworn to secrecy about Edmund being a Marick. After revealing the secret Helga plunged off a castle wall to her death. After Dimitri recognized Edmund as his brother, he was given Wildwind and now shares his wealth. He fell in love with Dr. Maria Santos, and they eventually married. They tried several times to conceive a baby of their own, but to no avail. They decided to adopt Kelsey Jefferson's baby, but later lost Sam when Kelsey decided she wanted custody of Sam restored to her. Through a marriage with ulterior motives, Bobby Warner convinced Kelsey to give Sam back to Edmund and Maria and The Greys were reunited with their son

Maria and Edmund's child tragedies were not over. Shortly after her one-night fling with brother-in-law Dimitri, Maria found out that she was pregnant. Skye Chandler managed to seduce a lab technician which then allowed her access to Maria's paternity test results. In true soap opera fashion, Skye doctored the results to make it look like Dimitri was the father---when Edmund was really daddy dearest. Skye hoped that Edmund would then fall for her. That never happened. When Erica learned about Maria's baby's paternity, she confronted Maria in a cabin at Willow Lake during a horrible ice storm. The heated confrontation proved to be too stressful for Maria and she went into premature labor. Erica was the only one who could save the baby. But while en route to the hospital, Erica's car skidded off the road and the baby was lost in Willow Lake. Or so everyone thought. While trying to prove to herself and everyone else that she did not willingly let the baby drown in Willow Lake, Erica found that a woman who lived in a trailer near Willow Lake had plucked the baby from the icy waters of the lake. Erica convinced the woman, Esther Glynn, that the baby was really hers. Erica prepared to return the baby to Maria, but she overheard a conversation between Dimitri and Maria in which Dimitri said it was fortunate that the baby was killed. Erica decided that she could not allow the baby to be raised in a house without love and took matters into her own hands. For months Erica claimed that she had adopted the baby from Russia. But later it was learned that the Russian adoption agency had turned down Erica's request to adopt a child. So then Erica claimed that Esther allowed her to adopt the child, Esther's child. The guilt built and Erica decided that she had to take the baby back to Edmund and Maria. The infant was reunited with Maria, but simply returning the baby did not serve justice in Edmund and Maria's eyes. Erica was charged with kidnapping and two other felonies.

Soon after Edmund and Maria got little Maddie back, tragedy struck the Greys. Edmund, Maria, and Maddie flew to New York City to attend an awards ceremony for Brooke. The flight back caused Edmund to lose Maria. The Transglobal jet exploded and crashed. There were only four survivors - Brooke, Edmund, Maddie and Jim Thomasen. Brooke saved both Edmund and Maddie with Jim's help, but did not make it to Maria in time and the plane went over the cliff into the water. Maria's body was never recovered. Edmund blamed Brooke for Maria's death, claiming that she should not have switched seats with Maria on the plane. While Edmund was recovering, he was having bouts of hearing loss and sharp pain in his hand. Dimitri decided that Edmund could not care for Maddie and sued him for custody. He won, only because he switched Edmund's pain killers with amphetamines. Edmund tried fighting for Maddie and not knowing that Skye could have saved him the troubles. Skye had switched the paternity test to say that Dimitri was the father in hopes that Edmund would fall in love with her. Skye did try to tell Edmund the truth, but when she did, Edmund's hearing went out.

Dimitri took Gloria and Maddie to Vadzel, after learning that Maddie's blood type did not match his. Edmund did find out that Maddie was his biological daughter and went to Vadzel to bring her back. It was proven in court, with the help from Erica Kane, who was incarcerated. To get back at Dimitri, Edmund and Tad set him up the night of the Crystal Ball, in the crypt. On his rage, Dimitri came clean. Gloria overheard this and left Dimitri. Dimitri was struck by a branch that left him helpless. Edmund came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital, thus saving his life.

Long time friend and ex-lover Brooke English was being taken in by Jim Thomasen. Edmund saw through Jim's charades and attempted to end Brooke and Jim's relationship both professionally and personally. Jim trapped Edmund and left him to die in a cavern at the beach with filled with water at every high tide. Dimitri instinctively knowing there was something wrong with his brother's disappearance found and saved Edmund but not before Edmund was visited by the ghost of long lost love Maria.

Edmund's life took another surprising turn when his brother, Dimitri, phoned form Europe and pledged exciting news. However, Dimitri returned while en route to Pine Valley, Dimitri suffered a supposed brain aneurysm and died. Returning with him --- to everyone's surprise --- was Alexandra Devane: Dimitri's new wife. Everyone was suspicious of the coolly composed new bride and suspected that she might have had something to do with Dimitri's death. Later, though, Alexandra was forced to reveal that Dimitri hadn't died; he was suffering from a rare degenerative neurological disorder, a disease that could eventually lead to his death. In addition to being Dimitri's wife, Alex was also his doctor. Alex helped develop an experimental therapy that she was using to treat Dimitri. Though it showed initial signs of working, Alex wasn't sure that her treatment would save Dimitri's life. One day, Dimitri disappeared from his hospital room and was presumed to have drowned himself in the ocean

Edmund and Alex continued to spar, but their hatred for one another soon turned to love. Edmund helped Alex delve into strange memories of her past, a past that included killing an English nobleman. Edmund remained by Alex's side as she discovered that her mother was the head of an international spy ring --- and actually her mother wasn't even her mother at all! After losing the ones they loved, Edmund and Alex had finally found happiness.

That happiness, though, was short-lived.

While dealing with Charlotte Devane, Alex's almost mother, Edmund learned that Dimitri wasn't dead; he had been kidnapped by Charlotte's goons because he was close to learning about her and her dealings. Dimitri wanted Alex to be kept in the dark about his "return" to the living. Edmund agreed, but when he started to press for Dimitri to come clean, Dimitri pulled another disappearing act, having David Hayward tell Edmund that he'd succumb to his neurological disorder. As they grew closer, Edmund popped the question to Alex and she gladly accepted. What neither knew was that Dimitri had observed the proposal on the very night that he planned to reveal that he was still alive. Alex eventually learned that Dimitri was still alive and they reunited, but that left Edmund out in the cold. Edmund claimed to be okay with Dimitri's re-resurrection and his renewed relationship with Alex. In actuality, he was being eaten alive from the inside out. Edmund began having visions of his abusive (but deceased) stepfather, Alf Gresham... visions in which Alf ordered an angrier than ever Edmund to kill his brother. Edmund's anger continued unabated for some time, before he eventually came to his senses.

In 2001, Edmund worked with Mateo to help expose Proteus, a renowned drug lord. During this time, he also found himself becoming romantic with a former lover, Brooke English. On February 14, 2002, Edmund popped the question to Brooke - and she accepted. Edmund and Brooke were more in love than ever, but their wedding was constantly being postponed, whether through Tad's problems or Jamie being held at knifepoint by Vanessa. When Mateo and Hayley Santos' baby was in dire need of a bone marrow transplant, Brooke found out a woman living in New Mexico was a match. Brooke and Tad traveled to Nevada to meet with the woman, whom Brooke believed was Maria, though Tad did not. Brooke came face to face with "Maureen," who turned out to be a dead-ringer for Maria. Later, though, when Tad met Maureen, she looked nothing like Maria (feeling uncomfortable, Maureen had asked a coworker to pose as "Maureen" for Tad). "Maureen" was afraid of Brooke and wondered why Brooke wanted to talk to her, so she called her friend, Dr. David Hayward, to ask for help. David knew "Maureen's" true identity, but urged her to stay away from Brooke and Pine Valley. "Maureen" traveled to Pine Valley anyway. There, she skulked around Wildwind, trying to find out who she was. She was mugged in the park and befriended by Aidan Devane, who saved her. Aidan helped keep her hidden, even after "Maureen" took Maddie away with her on Brooke and Edmund's wedding day. Brooke told Edmund the truth after their wedding ceremony, that she believed Maria was still alive. Edmund took off to find Maria. When the two came face to face, Maria told Edmund that she had no memory of him, their marriage -- or of anything else.

After trying for several weeks to live the life of Dr. Maria Santos Grey, and after many tense moments with Edmund about his expectations of her (Edmund tried to be patient, but he was so thrilled his wife was back he did not succeed very much), "Maureen" finally convinced everyone in Pine Valley to accept her as "Maureen Gorman." The only person who seemed satisfied with her as Maureen was Aidan, the one person who had never known Maria Santos Grey. The two of them began to fall in love. While Edmund found it difficult to watch his beloved wife and mother of his children with another man, he made it clear to everyone, including Maria's mother Isabella, that he understood Maria to be Maureen now, and he expected everyone else to do the same. In turn, "Maureen" let Aidan know that though she did not consider herself Edmund's wife, she was and would remain connected to him as Sam and Maddie's mother, which was fine with him. In spite of her growing anxiety about the return of her memories and the uncertainty of her future, "Maureen" accepted Aidan's proposal of marriage.

When Flanders murdered Chris Stamp in a local park and realized that little Maddie had witnessed the entire thing, she became the murderer's next target. Maria, Aidan, and Edmund joined forces to put the little girl into hiding to protect her. During these tense days, while in hiding with her daughter and Aidan, flickers of memories began to drift through Maria's mind, memories of Sam and Maddie and being their mother. When Maddie was tossed overboard, Maria/Maureen jumped in to save her. As she did, all of her memories returned. Maria was back. Maureen became a former, relatively small chapter in her life, and although she was grateful to Aidan and wanted to remain his friend, her heart belonged to Edmund. Maria told him she accepted his at times poor treatment of her over the past year and apologized for her own mistakes, then they made love for the first time in over half a decade. Maria moved back into Wildwind and fully reunited with her children and her mother.

The quietness was shattered in January 2004 when a gang of Argentinean thugs shot Edmund during a botched hostage situation in the mountains. The Calatravas gang had wanted to enact revenge on Greenlee duPres and Juan Pablo for figuring out that they were responsible in Juan Pablo's brother's death. Maria, meanwhile, he determined that Edmund and the rest of the gang were in trouble. She had constant visions that Edmund was dead. She fled to the cabin to warn them, but was captured by the thugs. When pandemonium erupted, one of the Calatravases shot Edmund, rendering him paralyzed. Edmund consulted with a doctor of questionable motive and asked that a risky operation be conducted to remove a bullet that had been lodged near his spine, Maria refused to let Edmund go under the knife because the chances of dying during the operation were staggeringly high.

Edmund underwent the operation in spring 2004, but learned he was permanently paralyzed. He bitterly blamed Maria for stalling the procedure, and as he felt ashamed that Maria was now with a man who could not satisfy her physically, Edmund stopped sharing a bed with her. Maria was devastated but every time she told him his paralysis did not matter, he rejected her.

When Edmund began to come around, Zach Slater arrived in town. Zach had had a tempestuous affair with Maria when she was Maureen, and began to woo her. Although Maria was attracted to Zach, she told him she could not cheat on her husband. When Edmund learned of their ties he accused Maria of adultery and left her. They reconciled and Maria stayed faithful, but a spiteful Edmund refused to believe she truly love him. With the help of a private physical therapist he learned to walk again, but kept the news from his guilt-ridden wife. In fall 2004 he paid off Bobby Warner to falsely state he saw Zach shoot Ryan Lavery. He stepped-up the process of framing Zach and plotted to divorce Maria and stop her from ever seeing their children. The only person who knew of his mobility and plan to humiliate Maria was his old friend Brooke, who unsuccessfully begged him to stop his downward spiral. When Edmund locked Maria and Zach in a shed and saw them kissing, his rage only increased.

One night, Edmund called Zach's son and enemy Ethan, telling him he could get the proof that Zach shot Ryan if he had enough cash to pay whoever made a call to Bobby's cell phone the night of the shooting. Ethan gave Edmund the money and Edmund went to the stables to meet the mystery caller. When he got there he saw that a heater had been overturned. He stepped out of his chair to set the heat upright, only to be slammed on the back of the head by a shovel. Zach, who was also in the stable, dragged him out of the burning building. Maria arrived on the scene and rushed him to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe and he died in the ER.

Maria blamed herself and especially Zach for Edmund's death, accusing Zach of killing him. In reality, Ryan Lavery's brother, Jonathan, had killed Edmund because he knew too much about who really shot Ryan (Jonathan shot him). In the midst of all this confusion, Maria was devastated to discover that Edmund had lied to her about cutting off the divorce proceedings. His will left her nothing and ordered Brooke to be the executor of his estate. Maria also learned that Edmund had been able to walk several months before his death. Maria and Brooke separately mourned the loss of a kind and caring man who had been driven to pure hate and madness in the final chapter of his life.

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