The Scoop: Soap previews, teasers, and spoilers
A sneak peek at what will happen on your favorite soaps
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The Scoop: Soap previews, teasers, and spoilers
Curious about what will happen on your favorite soap? The Scoop offers storyline previews, teasers, and spoilers -- but remember to tune in to your favorite soap every weekday to see how the action plays out on-screen.

Have you ever had the urge to turn to the last page of a mystery novel to find out whodunnit? Almost every soap fan wants to know exactly what it going to happen on their shows -- but not everyone wants every detail of what will take place.

The Scoop section provides storyline previews and teasers -- but it never spoils your viewing experience. The Scoop isn't designed to make viewers tune out, but rather it's designed to make them want to tune in to see all of the action.

A popular feature within The Scoop section is our Two Scoops commentary column. This opinion column offers a forum for our columnists to discuss what has transpired on the show and what may happen in the future. There are rants, there are raves, there are predictions and there is fan feedback. There is always something to pique your interest even if you don't want to read the spoilers.

Below you will find a listing of all of the soaps currently on the air. To access our The Scoop section, simply click on the appropriate link under your favorite soap or soaps. You will be automatically taken to the appropriate page within the Soap Central web site.

Current soaps
 The Bold and the Beautiful
 Thomas tells Hope he's changed, but not everyone is so sure
B&B Logo
 Days of our Lives
 Eli discovers Lani is a nun... and J.J. has a gun
 General Hospital
 Anna thinks that Peter is up to something
GH Logo
 The Young and the Restless
 ''Elevon'' 86'ed? Devon tells Elena she deserves better
Y&R Logo
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