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Samuel Grey
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Actor History
Meghan and Alison Tuma
1996 to 1997
Michael Resh
1997 to 2001
Michael Deutchman
2001 to 2002
Shadoe Alan Brandt
2002 to 2004
March 14, 2005 to May 2005 [recurring]; May 2005 to December 20, 2005 [contract]
Other Names

Born February 9, 1996

Said to be 15 years of age in 2005


Samuel Carlos Grey (full name)

Sammy Jefferson (name from July 1996 to October 1996)




Los Angeles, California

Formerly Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Robert Warner (biological father)

Edmund Grey (adoptive father; deceased)

Kelsey Jefferson (biological mother)

Maria Santos (adoptive mother)

Madelyn Flora Grey (sister; via adoption)

Cliff Warner (biological grandfather)

Sybil Thorne (biological grandmother; deceased)

Nina Cortlandt (biological grandmother; via adoption)

Hugo Marick (adoptive grandfather)

Flora Gresham (adoptive grandmother)

Jim Jefferson (biological grandfather)

Tara Martin (biological grandmother)

Hector Santos (adoptive grandfather)

Isabella Santos (adoptive grandmother)

Palmer Cortlandt (biological great-grandfather; via adoption)

Daisy Murdoch (biological great-grandmother; via adoption)

Joseph Martin Sr. (biological great-grandfather)

Helen Martin (biological great-grandfather)

Henry Martin (biological great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Kate Martin (biological great-great-grandmother; deceased)

Michael Warner (biological half-uncle)

Dimitri Marick (adoptive uncle)

Charlie Brent (biological uncle)

Julia Santos (adoptive aunt)

Mateo Santos (adoptive uncle)

Anita Santos (adoptive aunt)

Rosa Santos (adoptive aunt)

Anton Lang (adoptive cousin)

Unknown Brent (biological cousin)

Mateo Santos Jr. (adoptive cousin)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (adoptive cousin)

Jeff Martin (great-uncle)

Bobby Martin (great-uncle)

Thadeus Martin (great-half-uncle; via adoption)

Joseph Martin Jr. (great-half-uncle)

Joshua Madden (first cousin once removed; deceased)

James Martin (first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Jenny Carey (first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Kathy Mershon (paternal first cousin once removed; via adoption / maternal second cousin once removed)

Adam Chandler Jr. (maternal second cousin once removed)

Bess Cooney (great-great-aunt)

Paul Martin (great-great-aunt)

Elizabeth Martin (first cousin twice removed; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Lily Montgomery (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Ran away from home [May 2005]

Underage drinking [Jul 4, 2005]

Brief Character History

Sam was the result of a one-night stand between teenagers Bobby Warner and Kelsey Jefferson. Kelsey agreed to give the baby to Edmund and Maria when it was born, but changed her mind almost immediately. She began fighting to get Sam back only weeks after he was born, and before he was five months old, Kelsey had been awarded custody of her son. Kelsey manipulated Bobby into getting married, and Bobby manipulated Kelsey into signing custody of Sam over to Edmund and Maria. Kelsey had planned to leave Pine Valley and return to Portland with Sam, but after temporarily losing him at the airport, Kelsey realized she wasn't ready to be a parent yet and let Bobby take Sam back to Edmund and Maria.

Sam was so young when Maria died in a plane crash that he barely remembered her. Sam and Maddie were very close growing up, and often developed close relationships with the women in Edmund's life, particularly Brooke. When Maria turned out to be alive and well, Sam and Maddie were thrilled to have their mother home and alive, but hurt because it meant they would be losing Brooke as their mother, which they'd gotten used to. Not long after Maria returned home, Sam was sent to France on an exchange program, and when he returned home, his father was dead, apparently murdered by Maria's former lover, Zach Slater. Sam and Maddie were both furious with Maria and blamed her for Edmund's death. Even though Zach was cleared, Sam remained angry with Maria.

Sam began demanding answers about his biological parents, and Maria and Anita finally told him that his parents were Bobby Warner (who had recently divorced Anita and disappeared for parts unknown) and Kelsey Jefferson. Sam immediately wanted to go live with Tad, but Tad told him to go back home to Maria. He also began growing closer to Lily Montgomery, and despite her dislike of being touched, was the first person to kiss her. Maria left town to take Maddie to California to be near Hayley and Mateo and to get a fresh start, and agreed to let Sam stay behind with the Martin family. When Lily began seeing a ghost at Wildwind, he was upset to know she believed it was his father, but happy to find out it was his aunt Julia, on the run from the mob, even though he wasn't happy that Zach was helping her.

After Edmund's killer, Jonathan Lavery, was discovered not to have died in the mine explosion, Sam was incensed. He took a gun and planned to kill Jonathan until Julia talked him out of it. When his arguing with Lily got worse and worse because they couldn't agree on Jonathan, Lily broke up with him, and Sam finally realized that there was nothing left for him in Pine Valley and went to California to be with Maria and Maddie.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

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