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Charlie Brent
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Actor History
Ian Washman
1972 to 1976
Brian Lima
1976 to 1980
Josh Hamilton
Robert Duncan McNeil
1986 to 1988
Charles Van Eman
1990 to 1991
Christopher Lawford
Other Names

Charles Phillip Tyler IV (at birth)

Little Phillip (nickname from 1972 to 1977)

Charles Phillip Brent (after paternity revealed)


Currently working in the computer field

Former detective

Former waiter at Bonnie Jean's

Former male model for Enchantment


Silicon Valley, California

Marital Status

Married (Cecily Davidson)

Past Marriages



Philip Brent (father; deceased)

Tara Martin (mother)

Kate Jefferson (maternal half-sister)

Joe Martin (grandfather)

Helen Martin (grandmother; deceased)

Ted Brent (adoptive grandfather)

Ruth Parker (adoptive grandmother)

Nick Davis (biological grandfather)

Henry Martin (great-grandfather; deceased)

Kate Martin (great-grandmother; deceased)

Jeff Martin (maternal uncle)

Bobby Martin (maternal uncle)

Tad Martin (half-uncle; via adoption)

Jake Martin (biological half-uncle)

Joshua Madden (maternal cousin; deceased)

Jamie Martin (cousin; via adoption)

Kathy Mershon (cousin; via adoption; given up for adoption)

Jenny Carey (cousin; via adoption)

Amy Parker (adoptive great-aunt / biological grandmother)

Paul Martin (maternal great-uncle)

Elizabeth Martin (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)


Unnamed child (with Cecily; late 1990s; born off-screen)

Flings & Affairs

Julie Chandler (high school sweetheart)

Melanie Cortlandt

Hayley Vaughan

Erica Kane

Cecily Davidson

Crimes Committed

Theft; stole hubcaps from a car (1978)

Arson; set fire to the abandoned car (1978)

Health and Vitals

Needed a blood transfusion due to an illness

Injured after a car crash with Phoebe (1977)

Brief Character History

Philip Charles Tyler was born to Tara and Chuck Tyler in 1972. Chuck Tyler however was not the boy's biological father. Philip Brent, Tara's true love was the child's father. While Tara was in the early stages of her pregnancy Philip Brent was missing and presumed dead while away at war in Vietnam. Chuck Tyler who had always loved Tara wanted to take care of her and insisted they be married and raise the boy as his own son. Everyone in Pine Valley believed Little Philip (Charlie) was Chuck's son, except for Ruth Martin, Philip's Mother. She knew that her son was little Philip's father.

Philip Brent returned from Vietnam in 1973. Tara's world was turned upside down once again. She was torn between her true love for Phil and her devotion to Chuck. She decided to stay with Chuck because of her son. Philip Brent never knew the truth.

In 1975, little Philip became seriously ill and needed a blood transfusion. Tara and Chuck were frantic because neither of their blood types matched the child's. They realized now that only Phil Brent's blood could save the boy. Phil Brent soon realized that little Philip was really his son. Now that the truth was out Tara and Phil were drawn to each other once again and they decided it was time for little Philip to learn the truth. However, Tara saw how connected little Phil was to Chuck (the only father he knew) and she decided the truth would be too much for the boy to bare.

In 1977, Tom Cudahy rescued little Philip from kidnappers.

In 1978, little Philip changed his name. He asked his teachers and friends to stop calling him "Philip" and start calling him "Charlie" after his father Chuck. Charlie was a troubled boy. He stole hubcaps and he set an abandoned car on fire. Philip Brent turned "his son" into the police in order to try to set him straight, but Tara was mortified and told Philip to leave their home.

In 1979, Charlie found out that Phil Brent was his real father and Charlie finally began to accept him, though he still loved Chuck. He later moved with his parents to Washington D.C.

In 1981, Charlie's father Phil was killed in a secret government mission and his mother Tara married Jim Jefferson and the three moved to Portland.

Charlie returned to Pine Valley in 1987 as a teenager. He was in love with Julie Chandler, Ross and Ellen's adopted daughter. When Julie fled to New York and became involved with Nico Kelly, Cecily Davidson, Phoebe's goddaughter, seduced a lonely Charlie. In 1988 Charlie Brent returned to Stanford University.

Charlie returned in 1991 from Stanford a handsome young man who had abandoned his plans to become a doctor. He had a brief fling with Melanie Cortlandt and soon he became involved with none other than Erica Kane. He also became the new spokesman for Enchantment Cosmetics. He fell fast and hard for Erica and they planned to marry, but Erica realized she really didn't love Charlie and she called the wedding off. They remained good friends.

Charlie became involved with Hayley Vaughan and they started a Private Investigators business together. Their on again, off again romance ended when Hayley decided to marry Alec McIntyre.

Charlie finally found love with Cecily Davidson who returned to Pine Valley after her marriage to Nico Kelly ended. They met via a chatroom on the Internet, at the time not knowing who the other was. After a brief courtship via the Internet, they discovered their mutual love and were married. They left Pine Valley in 1996 for California, and shortly thereafter had their first child.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

AMC Actor biographies
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