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Joseph "Jake" Henry Martin, Jr.
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Actor History
Michael Scaleri
1983 to 1988
Michael Brainard
1988 to 1991; 1994; 1995

Born December 25, 1979


Physician with Doctors Without Borders

Former chief of staff of Pine Valley Hospital (620 Washington Avenue) [Mar 15, 2002 - Feb 25, 2003]

Founder of a charity to help pregnant teens.

Former doctor at Pine Valley Hospital

Performed medical services for orphans in Chechnya.

Former chief resident in charge of the emergency services at Pine Valley Hospital

Former production assistant at WRCW - TV

Former "Handy Man"


400 Lake Drive, Pine Valley, PA 09109

Formerly 3420 Canyon Drive

Formerly a cabin on Old Orchard Road on the outskirts of Pine Valley

Formerly Kenya

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road #15E, a loft apartment.

Marital Status

Married to Amanda Dillon [Married: Jun 11, 2009; Second wedding: Jun 10, 2010]

Past Marriages

Emily Ann Sago

Gillian Andrassy [Divorced: Feb 23, 2001] Carolyn Finn [Married: Feb 25, 2003; Estranged: Jun 5, 2008; Divorced]


Joe Martin (father)

Ruth Parker (mother)

Henry Martin (paternal grandfather)

Kate Martin (paternal grandmother)

Bobby Martin (paternal half-brother; mysteriously disappeared while waxing his skis in the attic and was never mentioned)

Jeff Martin (paternal half-brother)

Tara Martin (paternal half-sister)

Philip Brent (maternal half-brother; via adoption / maternal cousin)

Tad Martin (brother; via adoption)

Paul Martin (paternal uncle)

Amy Parker (maternal aunt)

Elizabeth Martin (paternal cousin; deceased)

Jamie Martin (nephew; via adoption)

Damon Miller (nephew, via adoption)

Unnamed child (via adoption; ectopic pregnancy, aborted)

Kate Martin (niece; via adoption; given up for adoption)

Jenny Carey (niece; via adoption)

Joshua Madden (paternal half-nephew; deceased))

Philip Charles Brent (paternal half-nephew / maternal half-nephew; via adoption)

Kelsey Jefferson (paternal half-niece)

Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal first half-great-nephew)


Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Gillian)

Trevor Martin (with Amanda) [Jun 12, 2009]

Flings & Affairs

Katie Kennicott

Liza Colby

Allie Doyle

Gillian Andrassy

Dr. Patricia Trowbridge

Greenlee Smythe

Mia Saunders (Engaged)


Amanda Dillon (lovers)

Cara Castillo (kissed)

Health and Vitals

Lost consciousness after being punched by the father of a patient [May 10, 2011]

Crimes Committed

Reneged on a promise not to have a role in Liza's daughter's life

Roughed up David Hayward in the staff lounge at Pine Valley Hospital

Trespassing; used David's keys to poke around his private cabin [Feb 13, 2002]

Breaking and entering; broke into Wildwind to snoop through David's things [Jan 16, 2009]

Broke into the medicine cabinet at Pine Valley Hospital and stole pills to frame David Hayward [Feb 5, 2009]

Held David Hayward at gunpoint [Apr 17, 2009]

Helped fake Amanda's baby's death [Jun 2009]

Arrested for attacking David Hayward [Sep 1, 2009]

Held David Hayward at gunpoint [Sep 3, 2009]

Suspended from the hospital after attacking David [Nov 2009]

Assault; attacked David Hayward [Jan 20, 2010]

Conspired to have David Hayward kidnapped [Feb 16, 2010]

Arrested for assaulting David Hayward [Jun 9, 2010]

Brief Character History

Joey was the late-in-life son of Ruth and Joe Martin. He was always a good kid, trying to keep up with his older brother, Tad. As a young man, Joey fell in love with Emily Ann Sago, the daughter of Bennie Sago and Donna Tyler. Joey married her against his family's wishes. When Emily Ann found out that her real parents were Billy Clyde Tuggle and Estelle LaTour, a pimp and a hooker, she became mentally unstable.

Emily Ann began to think that Jake had become romantically interested in Katie Kennicott and tried unsuccessfully to kill her. After losing her baby, Emily Ann was committed to a mental hospital. Joey left Pine Valley in 1991, divorced Emily Ann, and went to Stanford University for pre-med and medical school.

Joey was only referred to in phone calls and letters, and an occasional visit, until he returned to Pine Valley in 1996 after dropping out of medical school and changing his name to Jake. While working as a handy man at various country inns, Jake met and romanced Liza Colby (each not recognizing the other due to his long absence). Once Liza realized Jake was Tad's little brother, Joey, she broke off their affair and married Adam Chandler.

Adam had married Liza to make Brooke jealous, but he wanted out of the marriage. Adam hired Jake as a production assistant at WRCW, hoping to catch his wife in flagrante so that he could divorce her and keep his money. Jake had the hots for Liza, but being the good boy that he was, refused to commit adultery and turned his eyes towards Belinda Keefer.

Jake and Belinda never hit it off and Jake started working at Pine Valley Hospital. He and another new doctor, Allie Doyle, both wanted the same room at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house and fought quite a bit from that point on. But at a relay run fundraiser for the children's ward, Jake and Allie realized they desired to be with one another.

Dr. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on cardiac care but was also in town to find his old girlfriend, Allie. David asked Allie to marry him, but she declined, prompting David to blackmail her by threatening to tell Chief of Staff Joe Martin that she had faked her college transcripts. When she held firm, David vowed to ruin Jake. David poisoned Adam Chandler while Adam was recuperating from a stroke and attempted to shift the blame, implicating Jake after saving Adam's life. Jake was suspended from his duties at the hospital.

With the help of Liza and Stuart, Jake and Allie devised a plan to get David to admit that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medication. Liza told David that she wanted Adam dead so that she could be with Jake which would leave Allie free for David to pursue. David refused to kill Adam, but was secretly videotaped confessing that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medicine.

Once the truth was out, David no longer had a reason to keep Allie's secret. To take his power away, Allie came clean about having forged her credentials. Her medical license was revoked and her relationship with Jake began to falter.

When Liza decided that she wanted to have a child via artificial insemination, Jake offered his services. Liza agreed to Jake's offer, but Jake verbally agreed that he would not take any role in the child's life. As Liza and Jake began to become closer, Allie concocted a plan to become pregnant. She swore that she was using protection, but after an intimate encounter, Jake found Allie's diaphragm in the medicine cabinet.

After Liza got pregnant, she went back to Adam. Jake feared that his child would be brought up under Adam's tyrannical reign and decided to sue for custody. What Jake didn't know was that Adam had swapped his sperm sample with Jake's at the fertility clinic, so Liza's baby Colby was actually Adam's.

A desperate Allie threatened to expose what Adam had done but Adam bought her silence, arranging for her to practice medicine in the Caribbean. Dimitri Marick planned to undergo an experimental procedure which required the use of stem cells. Liza agreed to allow Colby's stem cells to be harvested but Adam objected vociferously--he knew that testing would show that he was Colby's biological daughter. Gillian and Ryan were involved in a car accident after she learned that Jake was not Colby's biological father. As a result of her injuries, Gillian was unable to speak. Jake stood by her side and helped nurse her back to health. However, Gillian was unable to tell Jake what she'd learned. Gillian and Jake fell in love and were married. Eventually, Jake learned the truth about Colby and that Gillian had known and had kept it from him.

Devastated, Jake left Pine Valley to volunteer in war-torn Chechnya. Gillian and Ryan found their way back to each other, and she planned to ask Jake for a divorce. However, Ryan, anxious for the divorce to move forward, dipped into the till at his internet company to fly to Chechnya, along with Adrian and stowaway Gillian, to rescue Jake. After they found Jake, he was injured while trying to rescue dozens of orphans. Everyone returned home.

Gillian didn't feel comfortable moving forward with the divorce while Jake was recovering, and Ryan began to drift away as Gillian devoted most of her time to Jake. In October 2000, Ryan told her that their relationship was over. Gillian and Jake were still married, but it was soon clear that Gillian's heart still belonged to Ryan.

During a night of drug-induced passion, Gillian slept with both Ryan and Jake (at different times) which resulted in a pregnancy. As Ryan and Gillian always used protection, there was little doubt that Jake was the father. Gillian's pregnancy developed ectopically and she lost the baby. Shortly thereafter, Jake granted Gillian a divorce.

Jake became involved romantically with Greenlee Smythe, though her true love was David's brother, Leo du Pres who was trapped in a loveless marriage to Laura English. Greenlee moved in with Jake and their future seemed bright. But, as Laura began to lose her grip on reality, Leo finally refused to say "I do" during their wedding renewal ceremony.

Greenlee was torn between Jake and Leo. In a grand gesture in front of Jake and Laura, Leo proposed to Greenlee, but she saw it as an attempt to one-up Jake. In time, Greenlee accepted Leo's proposal which infuriated Leo's warped mother Vanessa Cortlandt. Jake began dating Mia Saunders. She and Jake's relationship began to become serious, and they planned to sail around the world together.

In an attempt to convince Leo that Greenlee had left him for Jake, Vanessa drugged Greenlee and left her for dead on a sinking boat .Greenlee and Jake, who'd also been drugged, wound up on an island together. They escaped and made their way back to Pine Valley but the experience helped Greenlee realize that life was too short to deny one's true feelings. She and Jake decided to remain friends but she reconciled with Leo.

Since Mia and Jake had planned to leave Pine Valley, she'd quit her job as a personal trainer. When she believed that Jake had disappeared with Greenlee, Mia took a job as a waitress to make ends meet. After Jake and Greenlee's ordeal, Jake offered Mia a position as a physical therapist at the hospital to make amends.

Jake turned his attention toward David Hayward, the man who had waged a vendetta against the Martin family. David had wormed his way back into working at the hospital and hatched a plan to become Chief of Staff.. He presented dubious evidence to the hospital board that suggested that Joe was becoming a liability to the hospital. To David's delight, Joe was forced out of the hospital, but David received an unpleasant surprise: the board appointed Jake the new Chief of Staff.

Jake and Mia remained friends, so she confided in him when Trey Kenyon began to blackmail her. She had gotten pregnant by Frankie Hubbard and had given the baby up for adoption without telling Frankie. The truth came out and Frankie vowed to win custody of their son William. With Jake's help, Mia convinced Frankie to let the boy be raised by his adoptive parents.

In January 2003, Liza accidentally pushed Mia off a balcony at the Chandler mansion, leaving her near-death. Jake was adamant that Liza pay for her crime, but when Mia woke up, she refused to press charges. Jake and Mia renewed their relationship as she, Liza, Greenlee, Simone Torres, and Kendall Hart founded Fusion Cosmetics. But her job seemed to take over her life and Jake felt as if he was playing second fiddle to the company.

He asked Mia to marry him, but se turned him down. Feeling hurt and rejected, Jake had an affair with an intern named Alison. After Simone caught them in a broom closet during the grand opening party for Fusion, Jake could no longer live with his guilt. Too cowardly to break Mia's heart in person, he fled his family, job, and home, leaving letters for Mia and Tad apologizing for hurting Mia. The family eventually received word that Jake had joined Doctors Without Borders.

Jake made his way to Africa, working with AIDS patients. In 2007, he convinced his nephew, Jamie, to join him. Four months later, Jake returned for a visit. He called Mia and asked if they could talk over dinner. Mia misread his signals and raced over to the Martin home and ran into Jake and his brand-new fiancée, Carolyn Finn. He'd met Carolyn, a fellow doctor, while in Kenya,

They were planning to marry and were talking about starting a family. Although Jake wished Mia well, he also put most of the blame for their breakup on her shoulders and claimed she drove him to have an affair. Ruth and Joe were happy for him and hoped he would stay, but Jake was convinced that his past would harm his new marriage. He and Carolyn returned to Kenya, after promising to invite Ruth and Joe to their wedding.

In spring 2008, the residents of Pine Valley learned that Jake was trapped, once again, in a nation devastated by warfare, Darfur. Tad told Zack Slater about Jake's plight. Zach hired Tad's business partner, private detective, Aidan Devane to rescue Jake.

Once home, Jake made plans to go to the Sudan to continue his work but Tad successfully convinced him to stay in Pine Valley. Their father Joe rehired Jake, where he developed a close professional and friendly relationship with Dr. Angie Hubbard. He also renewed his friendship with her son Frankie, who had become a physician as well.

Early in 2009, Jake and Angie were able to save Kendall and Zach's youngest son Ian from death after he'd received a faulty heart valve produced by one of Adam Chandler's companies. Kendall and Zach believed that their son had died when the heart monitor flat-lined. Jake, however, refused to give up on Ian and kept giving the boy CPR. But Kendall and Zach had already left the hospital, bent on making Adam pay for his negligence. By the time Jake informed Ian's parents that he had survived, Adam's twin brother Stewart was dead. It would take nearly a year before it was proven that neither Kendall nor Zach had been responsible.

Jake soon found himself enamored with Amanda Dillon, but their physical relationship never quite blossomed into anything more. While working at Pine Valley Hospital, Jake became invested in the recovery of Iraq War veteran, Taylor Thompson, who had suffered serious injuries and was paralyzed after a tumble down the hospital staircase. Jake and Taylor grew close until the love of Taylor's life, Brot Monroe, who was presumed dead in Iraq, was revealed to be very much alive.

Jake and Amanda, who had remained friends, shared a night of passion, but nothing came of it. Not long after, David blackmailed Amanda to seduce JR Chandler so that David could get custody JR's son. At one point, David and Amanda made love. Amanda became pregnant and wondered whether the father was JR or David. To her dismay, it turned out to be David's child. She knew that David would never let Jake raise his son. Jake was supportive of her but began to develop true feelings for her. He vowed to help protect her baby from David. Amanda realized that she loved Jake and they married on in a simple ceremony at home on June 11, 2009 by Tad, who had been ordained by an internet-based church. David attempted to disrupt the wedding but was tied to a chair, forced to witness the nuptials.

Amanda knew that David would never let Jake raise his son and had made plans to give the child up for adoption. She and Jake hatched a plan to make David think that their baby had died in childbirth. After the wedding, the couple honeymooned in the Bahamas. The following day, Amanda gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named Trevor, after her father who had been murdered by her mother Janet.

Jake had arranged to take the child to his new adoptive family and forged paperwork that showed Trevor had been stillborn. David was devastated and vowed revenge on Jake for taking Amanda out of the country so close to her due date. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Jake had worked with Liza so that she could raise the baby and had been helping her fake a pregnancy for weeks.

But Jake felt that it would be too difficult for Amanda to live in the same town as another woman raised her child, so he brought Trevor to stay with another woman out of town and had illegally adopted Bailey Wells's newborn son. Trevor, however, was only being cared for by the woman Jake brought him to stay with. On July 20, 2009, Jake reunited Amanda with her son.

In time, David began to believe that his baby was still alive. He eventually tracked Trevor down to Taylor Thompson, who had been caring for him. Enraged, David blackmailed Jake and Amanda by promising that he wouldn't turn them in to the authorities and sue for sole custody, as long as Amanda and Trevor moved in with him.

They reluctantly agreed but, despite Amanda's constant reassurance to Jake that he was the only man she loved, Jake watched helplessly as Amanda fell deeper into David's trap. David made a deal with Amanda that if she bare him another child, he'd let her and Trevor go back to Jake. Amanda rejected the idea at first, but Jake later convinced her to agree so that they can be a family. On November 12, 2009, David and Amanda decided to go to a fertility clinic outside of Pine Valley to get the artificial insemination done.

However, David and Amanda became stranded after he arranged for his to break down. He pressured her to have sex right then because it wouldn't mean anything and they wouldn't have to wait another month before trying to conceive again. Amanda gave in to his request but felt guilty about it afterward. She eventually told Jake, who walked out on her, angry and hurt.

At the end of November, David discovered by accident that he was not Trevor's father. Desperate, he claimed that he was dying from a rare blood disease, hoping to get Amanda's sympathy. He allowed her to move back in with Jake. However, Jake and Tad were suspicious. Amanda interpreted their disbelief as callousness which put more stress on their marriage.

Amanda returned briefly to Wildwind to get away from Jake. While there, she found out that David was regularly flying to Gloucester, Massachusetts. Just after New Year's Day, Amanda did some research on David's disease and told Jake that it is hereditary. Angie and Jake arrange for a test to be done on Trevor. The results came back negative for both Trevor and Marissa, David's daughter. Jake knew that the odds are that at least one of David's children would have tested positive. Marissa suggested that maybe Trevor wasn't David's son at all.

Angie ran a DNA test to determine whether Trevor was David's child, JR's. When the results came back, they were all shocked to discover that Jake was Trevor's father. They joyfully informed David who turned his attention to presumed-dead Greenlee, who had been in a coma in Gloucester for the prior year.

Jake did some digging and was stunned to find that Greenlee was alive. Out of gratitude, she married David and worked to get Fusion back from Erica, who had taken over after Kendall had left town. Erica hired Amanda to be the face of Erica's new cosmetics line. Jake was supportive of Amanda's new modeling career but became worried when someone began to stalk her online. He hired police officer Natalia Fowler to be Amanda's bodyguard.

Jake realized that Amanda's stalker was her mother Janet had taken Amanda and Natalia hostage. Jake broke the front door down and subdued Janet, just before she attempted to kill Natalia.

On June 9, 2010 Jake and Amanda decided to recommit to one another in a "proper" wedding, saying their vows in front of their son Trevor as well as friends and family.

In November 2010, Jake received an email asking that he consider returning to Doctors Without Borders. The offer, Jake later told Tad, was from Cara -- Carolyn's nickname. It was the first time that Cara had reached out to Jake since their separation and subsequent divorce. Later, Dr. Griffin Castillo appeared at Pine Valley and, after Griffin saved Opal's life during a cardiac episode, Jake thanked the doctor by punching him in the face. Jake growled that Griffin was the man that Cara had run off with.

Cara found her way to Pine Valley in December 2010. She ran into Amanda at Krystal's restaurant. When Cara saw a family photo that Amanda had given Krystal, she knew who Amanda was, but Cara kept her identity a mystery from Jake's new wife.

Jake was shocked when Cara visited him at the hospital and he immediately assumed she had followed her lover Griffin to Pine Valley. Jake was reluctant to share any details regarding his marriage to Cara when Amanda questioned how he felt about Cara's return. Amanda sensed something was unfinished between Jake and Cara and Jake admitted he still had questions about why his marriage had ended. Tad soon discovered Cara and Griffin were siblings. Cara had pretended Griffin was her lover to push Jake away. She claimed she was too young and not ready for marriage.

Cara planned to leave Pine Valley after a brief visit with her brother but there was a hold up with her paperwork. Jake was uncomfortable when Cara was hired to work at the hospital but they quickly resumed their professional relationship while they saw patients and performed surgeries together. Often Jake or Cara would bring up a fond memory of their past to the other but Jake soon realized how much he never knew about Cara when she became personally involved with a young patient with leukemia. Cara explained to Jake she had leukemia as a child and had suffered several relapses.

Jake knew there was more for Cara to explain regarding the end of their marriage when Jake noticed Cara wore her wedding ring on a chain around her neck. When he confronted her, Cara admitted she had faked an affair to protect Jake. While Cara and Jake worked for Doctors Without Borders, Cara upset the leader of a drug cartel when she chose to save the life of a young boy instead of the brother of the cartel leader. The cartel leader vowed revenge against Cara and anyone she was close to. Cara was safe in the United States but would face danger from the cartel if she left the country. Cara also admitted she came to Pine Valley to see Jake because she never stopped loving him but she was happy he had moved on.

The growing connection between Jake and Cara did not go unnoticed by Amanda. She was not aware of the drug cartel's threats but she knew Cara was in the country illegally and reported Cara to the authorities. Jake was furious with Amanda for placing Cara in danger. Tad stepped in married Cara to keep her in the country. Even though Cara was safe, Jake and Amanda's marriage was in trouble. Jake often pondered what might have been between him and Cara. Amanda asked

Jake to have another child with her but he told her the timing was not right. Despite Jake's insistence it was not the right time to try for another child, Amanda suspected she might be pregnant. When Jake questioned how that could be possible, Amanda admitted she stopped taking her birth control pills. At first Jake was furious but he had a change in perspective when he saw parents grieve the death of a newborn child. He assured Amanda he would love the new baby as much as he loved Trevor. Amanda had a pregnancy test done at the hospital and she told Jake she did not yet know the results. When Jake went to the hospital he learned Amanda knew she was not pregnant but had refrained from telling him.

Jake's feelings of anger toward Amanda and attraction to Cara combined in when Jake found himself in a tent with Cara. The tent reminded them of their time in Doctors Without Borders and Cara and Jake acted on their attraction and almost had sex in the tent until a phone call interrupted them. They both admitted what they had almost done was a mistake and they would not let their feelings from the past resurface. A short time later, Jake and Cara discussed what had almost happened between them. Jake admitted to Cara he was jealous when he thought of her with another man and she confessed she wanted Jake to love her. Amanda overheard the conversation and assumed Jake had slept with Cara.

After the close encounter with Cara, Jake decided to focus on his marriage and he planned to take Amanda on a vacation. He admitted to Amanda he had almost slept with Cara but he realized in time Amanda was the woman he truly loved. Amanda seemed distant and Jake assumed it was because he had hurt her by turning to Cara. Eventually Amanda admitted the reason for her distance. She believed Jake and Cara had slept together and in turn she had sex with JR Chandler. Jake blamed himself for Amanda's decision to sleep with JR. Amanda also told Jake she had a sexually transmitted disease called HPV and might have cervical cancer. Amanda was diagnosed with cervical cancer and Jake vowed to remain by Amanda's side so they could fight the disease together.

Amanda underwent surgery and afterwards was declared cancer-free. Jake was relieved when his wife received a clean bill of health but she was no longer able to have any more children. Both Jake and Amanda were disappointed they could not have a biological sibling for Trevor but they agreed they wanted to expand their family through adoption and started researching their options.

Jake and Amanda had more reasons to celebrate than just Amanda's health. Tad was reunited with Dixie, the presumed-dead love of his life, after she was saved from near death by David Hayward's Project Orpheus. Tad and Dixie became engaged and Jake's parents decided to move back to Pine Valley. The Martin family gathered together to celebrate. Amanda and Jake also attended a party hosted by Adam Chandler to welcome home his brother Stuart. He was also saved by David Hayward's experimental treatments. Jake and Amanda joined Tad and many other friends in toasting the wonderful things about life in Pine Valley when a shot rang out.

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