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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 19, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, September 19, 2011

At ConFusion, Liza revealed that David had accepted a plea bargain that would allow him to walk out of prison in eighteen months. Liza confessed to Cara that she didn't understand what David's incentive had been to take the offer, since David didn't have anyone waiting for him on the outside. Liza was stunned when Cara admitted that she was pregnant with David's child. Cara quickly warned Liza to get in line if Liza intended to make a case for David not to see his child. Liza admitted that she was hardly in a position to judge anyone's parenting skills. Cara confided that, regardless of whether David was in jail or not, she was determined to raise her baby on her own.

"Careful what you ask for," Liza cautioned Cara. Cara was curious what the most difficult part of parenting was. Liza admitted that it was when one's child did something so ordinary, yet amazing, as learning to write their name for the first time, but no one was around to share it. Liza revealed that children were about being in the moment, so it was nice to have someone to share those special moments with, even if it were someone like David. Cara wondered if it would be a mistake to keep her child away from him, so Liza conceded that David loved his children, even if he didn't always do the best job of parenting. Liza wished Cara luck.

In the interrogation room, David requested that Griffin take care of one of David's Project Orpheus patients because David had no idea when he would get out of jail. Griffin glanced at the piece of paper that David had handed to him, bearing the name of the patient. David revealed that he knew that Cara was pregnant, prompting Griffin to admit that David was lucky that they were in a police station. David smiled as he acknowledged that Griffin always looked out for his sister, Cara, which was exactly what David was trying to do for his patient. Griffin argued that playing God was David's "deal," not Griffin's.

David conceded that he had gone above man, and God's law, so he was willing to pay the price. However, David warned Griffin that the patient, and the patient's loved ones, shouldn't have to pay for David's crimes. Griffin refused to continue David's work, so David warned Griffin that the patient's blood would be on Griffin's hands.

In the squad room, JR peered through the window of the interrogation room, while David and Griffin talked, until Krystal called out to JR. She snidely pointed out that the interrogation room was clearly occupied, but she was certain that they could find an empty cell for JR. JR explained that he was busy, in the hopes of shooing Krystal away, but she ignored him. She revealed that AJ had told her about JR's attempt to take AJ on an "adventure," which Krystal insisted would have been classified as a kidnapping. JR warned Krystal that Krystal, Marissa, and Bianca couldn't keep him from seeing AJ, but Krystal disagreed.

Krystal took delight in revealing that Marissa had gone to a judge to request a restraining order, so that JR wouldn't be allowed near AJ for a long time. JR returned Krystal's smile, and then confessed that it wasn't the time to discuss it. Krystal wondered what was more important than his son. "His mother," JR replied. Krystal seemed confused, so JR clarified, "AJ's real mother."

JR revealed that he was certain that Babe was alive, and that David had her hidden away. Krystal denied it, but JR reminded Krystal that David had admitted to having two more patients stashed away. JR explained that Dixie recalled seeing a blonde patient, but Krystal refused to believe that it was Babe. JR's attention was diverted when Griffin suddenly walked out of the interrogation room. JR started to follow Griffin, but Krystal reached for JR's arm to stop him from leaving.

JR was furious that Krystal had interfered because he was certain that David had told Griffin were Babe was. Moments later, Marissa appeared, waving a restraining order around. A police officer noticed the commotion between JR, Krystal, and Marissa, so he asked if there were a problem. Marissa and Krystal explained that a judge had issued a restraining order against JR, so JR offered to leave, but the police officer decided that JR had to stay until everything had been sorted out. A short time later, the police officer handed JR the restraining order, and then added, "Consider yourself served."

JR hoped that Krystal was happy, because she might have cost him his only chance of finding Babe. Marissa had no idea what JR was talking about, so Krystal filled her in on JR's theory. Krystal explained that JR was angry because Krystal had kept JR from following Griffin. JR informed Krystal that the difference between him and Krystal was that JR would never give up on his child. Marissa advised JR to read the restraining order, because she intended to do whatever was necessary to protect AJ.

JR suggested that it sounded like a threat. He wadded up the restraining order, warned Marissa that she would need more than a piece of paper to back it up, and then threw the crumpled restraining order at her. Marissa assured JR that she wasn't afraid of him, but JR warned that she should be. Krystal promised that they would take him down if they had to, while Marissa accused JR of being a drunk and a bully. JR was confident that Krystal and Marissa would be running scared once he found Babe. JR doubted that Marissa would find a judge who would refuse to award custody of a child to his biological parents.

Later, at Krystal's restaurant, Krystal and Marissa discussed the possibility that Babe might be alive. Krystal admitted that she wished that she could believe it, but it had hurt too much to lose Babe, so she couldn't risk praying for a miracle that wouldn't happen. Krystal confided that she doubted that, even if Babe were alive, JR could be saved. Meanwhile, at the Chandler mansion, JR rummaged through several boxes until he found a picture of AJ, Babe, and him together as a family. JR stared at the picture for several minutes, and then pulled out a handgun.

Cara tracked her brother down at the hospital. Griffin made Cara promise to leave him alone if he ever died; he didn't want to be saved by Project Orpheus. Cara realized that her brother had talked to David, so Griffin confided that David had asked him to take over the treatment of one of the patients that David had stashed away. Cara was eager to get to work, but Griffin explained that he had turned David down. According to Griffin, he hadn't asked to be involved in that kind of work.

Cara understood Griffin's reluctance to be a part of David's project, but she reminded Griffin that sometimes they didn't get what they wanted in life. She insisted that Griffin wasn't the type of person to walk away from a patient. Griffin suggested that she sounded like David, so he warned her that he didn't want either of them to have anything to do with David. Cara argued that it was a little late for that, but Griffin disagreed. He pointed out that they could get on a plane, and leave Pine Valley far behind them.

Cara explained that Pine Valley had become their home, and that the residents had become a part of their lives. Cara had no idea who David was holding, but she reminded Griffin that the person was someone's husband, or sister, or child. She insisted that Griffin had a chance to reunite that person with loved ones, or he could get on a flight out of town. After Cara left, Griffin went to David's facility.

At the Hubbard residence, Jesse was overjoyed when Angie revealed that her sight had returned. Jesse thought that they should call her doctor, but Angie wanted to wait, so that she could take a few minutes to enjoy looking at her husband's face. Jesse stared deep into Angie's eyes to confirm that she could indeed see. Angie smiled back at him, and then she looked around the loft. Her smile disappeared when her eyes landed on Lucy's empty playpen. She confessed that Lucy's things had seemed so small in her mind, but they appeared larger than life when she looked at them.

Jesse offered to put everything away, but Angie changed the subject by informing him that she had to see someone. "Hayward," Jesse guessed. Angie begged Jesse not to try to stop her, but Jesse surprised her by offering to drive her to the police station. At the police station, Angie entered the interrogation room to talk to David. Angie noticed his disappointment, so he explained that he had hoped that Griffin had returned. David suddenly realized what Angie had said, so he wondered how she had known that he had been disappointed.

Angie removed her sunglasses and then revealed that she was no longer blind, and it was because of him. David smiled with genuine happiness, so Angie hugged David. David thanked Angie for sharing her special moment with him. Angie sensed that something had happened, so David told her that he had given Griffin the name of one of the patients that David had treated through Project Orpheus. Angie assured David that he had done the right thing, so she was certain that Griffin would do the same, because life was a gift. Angie insisted that most people didn't get a second chance, so she felt lucky that Jesse was the first person that she had seen after her vision had returned.

David realized that Angie had forgiven Jesse. Angie explained that there wouldn't have been any point to having her eyesight restored if she couldn't see what was right in front of her. Angie confided that she had thought that she had been alone in the dark, but she had realized that Jesse had been with her the entire time.

Later, David was in his jail cell when Cara returned for a visit. David was surprised to see her, so Cara revealed that she knew that David had given Griffin the name of one of the Project Orpheus patients. David quickly clarified that Griffin had turned him down. Cara insisted that Griffin had been wrong, as had she. Cara realized that she wanted their child to know its father. "Even though he's a man like me?" David wondered.

"Especially because he's a man like you," Cara replied. David reminded her of his record as a parent, but Cara insisted that people could change. Cara explained that she had grown up without a father, so she didn't want their child to always wonder if daddy would return home. Cara warned David that she would hold him to a high standard, but David assured her that he welcomed it. Cara smiled as she vowed to keep an eye on him by visiting him occasionally. David grabbed her hand, and then reached through the bars to kiss her tenderly on the lips.

At Krystal's restaurant, Frankie and Randi celebrated Natalia and Brot's upcoming nuptials. Natalia revealed that they didn't want a big wedding because of what Jesse and Angie were going through. Frankie and Randi explained that a big wedding was exactly what Jesse and Angie needed because the loft had become about who wasn't there. Randi added that Natalia and Brot had the opportunity to take the loft from a place of loss, and return it to a place of love. Natalia insisted that she couldn't do that to Angie because she feared that the eye surgery might not have been successful.

Jesse entered the restaurant, unnoticed, as Natalia explained that she couldn't ask Angie, who had been like a mother to her, to host a huge wedding, while sitting in the dark. Jesse made his presence known, and then asked if they had been talking about the wedding. "Yes," Natalia admitted. Jesse insisted that the wedding be held at the loft, and then gave the happy couple an early wedding present by revealing that Angie's eyesight had returned. Everyone whooped with joy and then embraced in a family hug.

In the park, May a questioned her decision to take Lucy from the Hubbards. Maya admitted that she was scared because she didn't want to make the wrong decision for her daughter. Colby urged Maya to call Angie because Colby was confident that Angie would love to have Maya and Lucy move back in. Liza spotted Colby and Maya on a park bench, just as Maya explained that she didn't want to treat Liza's home like a hotel. Liza agreed, and then revealed that she had been worried sick when she had arrived home to discover that Maya and Lucy were gone.

Maya revealed that she had taken Lucy for a walk, but Liza wasn't satisfied. Liza insisted that Maya would have to follow the rules if she stayed in Liza's home. Liza wanted to know where Maya was going, whom she was with, and when she would be home. Liza realized that the Hubbards had made it easy and perfect for Maya, but Liza decided that Maya needed some rules, starting with a curfew of 8:00 p.m. Maya explained that she had classes that went past that hour, so Liza suggested that Maya rearrange her school schedule because Liza expected Maya to go to bed at the same time that Lucy went to sleep.

Maya didn't think that it was necessary, but Liza reminded her that no one was forcing Maya to stay in Liza's home. "Okay, you're right," Maya replied. After Maya left, pushing Lucy's stroller, Colby demanded to know what had possessed her mother to speak to Maya like that. Liza explained that she was trying to do the right thing as a mother.

Later, May a was asleep on a park bench, with Lucy sleeping in her arms, when Jesse walked up. Maya woke up immediately, and then explained that she had just been resting her eyes. Jesse smiled as he asked how things were going at Liza's house. "Good," Maya replied as Jesse leaned down to gently kiss Lucy. He was amazed at what a good baby Lucy was. Jesse sat down and then apologized to Maya for being so rough on her when he had first learned the truth about Lucy.

Maya assured Jesse that she understood that he had been concerned about Angie. Maya was curious how Angie was doing, so Jesse revealed that Angie missed Maya and the baby. Maya admitted that she missed Angie too. Jesse invited Maya to visit Angie, and then revealed that they had some good news to share with her. Maya quickly guessed that Angie's eyesight had returned. She was delighted for the Hubbards, so she promised to visit soon. Jesse admitted that Angie was eager to see Lucy.

At Krystal's restaurant, Frankie, Randi, Natalia, and Brot toasted to Angie. Natalia was eager to start planning her wedding, so Randi offered to help Natalia find the perfect wedding dress through some contacts at Fusion. Brot suggested that he and Natalia write their own wedding vows, which Natalia readily agreed to. Randi thought that they should take the party to Jesse and Angie's loft, but Frankie didn't think it was a good idea. Frankie admitted that if his eyesight had just returned, he wouldn't want to entertain a bunch of visitors because he would want to focus on seeing all of Randi. Everyone burst out laughing.

Angie was sitting in the dark when Jesse arrived home. She explained that she didn't want to forget where she had been. Jesse started to apologize, but Angie quickly stopped him. She revealed that she had tried to figure out a way to forgive him, but she had realized that she had been the one who had needed forgiveness. Jesse insisted that Angie had nothing to be sorry about, because he had lied to her, and taken away her chance to grieve for Ellie. Angie argued that she hadn't let him hold her when she had cried because she hadn't realized, until she had seen him crying, that he had been in pain too.

Angie admitted that seeing the pain on Jesse's face had made her realize that she had only been thinking about the babies that she had lost, not the husband who had taken on her grief because he had loved her. Angie realized that Jesse had acted out of love. She regretted what they had lost, but Jesse insisted that they had found their way back to each other. Angie promised never to lose sight of their love again. They kissed, and then moved to the sofa. They were about to make love when someone knocked on the door.

It was Maya. Angie was elated to see Maya and Lucy, so she invited them in. Angie drank in the sight of them for several moments and then confessed that Maya was beautiful, and Lucy was just as she had pictured her. Maya handed Lucy to Angie to hold as Jesse asked how things were going at Liza's. Maya confessed that it wasn't home, so Angie quickly reminded Maya that the door was always open for Maya and Lucy. Jesse agreed that Maya and Lucy were welcome to move back in. Maya accepted the invitation, just as Frankie, Randi, Natalia, and Brot arrived.

Angie examined each of their faces and then hugged them. Angie was touched when Natalia asked Angie to help with the wedding plans as Brot produced a bottle of champagne for a toast. Angie announced that they had several things to celebrate, including Maya and Lucy moving back in. Everyone enjoyed a toast and then gathered on the sofa for a family picture. Angie thought about the journey that she and Jesse had taken over the years to get where they were, focused the camera, and then joined her family on the sofa as the camera snapped a picture.

At ConFusion, Colby returned to the table and then tucked her phone away as she revealed that Maya had decided to move in with Angie and Jesse. Liza smiled, and then admitted that it was great news. Colby confessed that there was more good news; Angie's sight had returned. Liza became misty-eyed because she was happy that Angie and Jesse had gotten the happy ending that they had deserved, as had Maya and Lucy. Colby reminded her mother that there was still a chance for them. Liza reached for her daughter's hand and then squeezed it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At David's medical facility, Griffin filled a syringe with medication and checked a chart. He began to approach a patient on a gurney behind a curtain, but he was startled when JR entered suddenly. JR revealed that he'd hired a private investigator to follow Griffin. Griffin warned that JR had no idea what JR was risking. JR called out for Babe, but Griffin insisted that she wasn't the patient.

JR tried to rush past Griffin, but Griffin punched JR, and the men scuffled. Griffin grabbed the syringe and injected JR with a drug. JR sank to the floor, calling out Babe's name before he lapsed into unconsciousness. Griffin wheeled the gurney out of the room, while JR lay motionless on the floor. Moments later, a door slammed shut, and JR slowly awakened. He looked around and found the room empty.

JR arrived to visit David in prison, and he cockily announced that he'd found David's lab, where Griffin had been tending to a patient. David observed JR's bruises and realized that JR hadn't found out anything. JR demanded to know where Babe was, and he grumbled that David's grandson would grow up with two vindictive lesbians. David retorted that one of those lesbians was his daughter, who was a better parent than JR.

David called for the guard, and JR lunged at David through the bars. The guard dragged JR away as JR yelled that David would never see AJ again. David calmly countered that neither would JR. David taunted that while he himself was behind bars, JR was the real loser, and JR would never see Babe again.

At the Slater home, friends and family congregated for a barbecue. Zach suggested that the kids play in the yard, and Spike, Ian, Miranda, Gabby, AJ, and Emma ran outside. Greenlee and Kendall spied Zach and Ryan talking with Jackson, and they surmised that their husbands were discussing going into business together. Meanwhile, Jackson opined that establishing a charity foundation was a great idea, and Zach and Ryan gave the project the green light.

Kendall showed Bianca a copy of Erica's book and criticized Erica for going all out. Bianca noted that was typical for a memoir, but Kendall complained that Erica had bared her soul and had dragged them all down. Bianca expected that Erica had kept some things private, but Kendall pointed out that angst and drama sold books and movies. Kendall wailed that the world would know every detail about her confrontation with Erica.

Bianca said that the book hadn't been released yet, and she suggested that Kendall request that Erica re-edit it. Kendall countered that drama was what made the book interesting, but she felt the moment had been very personal and emotional. Kendall was glad that day had happened, but she didn't want to relive it, and she felt that Erica hadn't even considered her feelings. Kendall encouraged Bianca to read certain chapters before making a judgment call, and she stalked off.

Jackson expressed frustration that Erica wasn't answering his calls, and Kendall suspected that Erica was spilling more secrets to the media. Jackson informed Ryan and Zach that he'd file the paperwork for their Cambias project, but Ryan declared that they had one last change to make. Zach announced that they'd call it the Myrtle Fargate Foundation, and everyone thought the name was perfect. Jackson commented that Myrtle had always offered an open heart and open door to everyone in Pine Valley.

Jackson left to find Erica, and the remaining guests divvied up errands to get their party started. Zach noticed Kendall's bad mood, and she complained that Erica's book was out of hand. Zach expected nothing less from Erica, and he urged Kendall to set aside her issues for the day. Kendall smiled and proclaimed that she was happy he was back.

Kendall told Zach that she was glad that Zach and Ryan were working together, and she commented that they were starting with a clean slate. "Clean Slater," he joked. She vowed that they'd find a balance between work, family, and friends, and that they'd make time for everything, especially their relationship. He apologized for his ultimatum about staying away from Pine Valley, and he'd learned not to get between a Kane woman and what she wanted. She questioned what to do if two Kane women wanted different things. "Duck!" he exclaimed.

Later, Zach spotted Kendall reading Erica's book and suggested they focus on something else, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Zach commented that he'd almost died, but Erica hadn't written about that in her book. He recalled that after his accident, there had been no white light or angels, just a mouthful of ocean and darkness until he'd seen Kendall's face. He called Kendall and their sons his angels, and he hoped Erica didn't screw up their lives.

Bianca and Marissa arrived at Krystal's restaurant to pick up food. Bianca mentioned that she'd read parts of Erica's book, and she confirmed that Kendall hadn't been overreacting, because Erica had exposed their family's most intimate moments. Bianca offered the book to Marissa, who said she preferred to get her information about Bianca directly from Bianca, and no one else. Marissa assured Bianca that the book couldn't change her feelings, and she leaned in for a kiss. Bianca agreed that all she cared about was their future. Bianca admitted that the book bothered her, because it was difficult enough to ease their kids into a new life without Erica making their private lives public, and she felt it was too much to have her life featured in every book store and movie theater.

Marissa remarked that they were lucky that their kids were close, and Bianca agreed it made the transition easier. Marissa commented that all AJ was missing was JR, and she excused herself to check on something in the back room. The server handed Bianca their food, and Bianca turned and saw JR enter the restaurant. JR ordered Bianca to reveal Marissa and AJ's whereabouts.

Bianca asked JR to leave, but he insisted that he just wanted to talk to Marissa, because the situation with AJ had gotten out of hand. Bianca reminded JR that his own actions were to blame, and she advised him to stay away from AJ to keep his son safe. Bianca proclaimed her love for both Marissa and AJ, and she vowed that JR would never take AJ from them. JR angrily demanded to know where his son was, and Marissa returned and informed him that AJ was safe.

JR menacingly asked who was keeping Marissa safe, and Marissa mentioned the restraining order against him and threatened to call the police. JR reluctantly stalked out, and Marissa apologized for JR's behavior. Bianca noted that JR was getting scary, but she refused to let him ruin their day. They grabbed their bags of food and headed out. JR lurked behind and watched the women go, and then he followed them.

At ConFusion, Kit showed Erica a promotional video for her book, and he expected the footage would drive interest in her movie. He informed her that he was looking for a screenwriter, and he wanted to hear more of her history first-hand. She assumed he meant the most life-changing moments, and she hoped that he had time to spare, because she'd had quite a life so far. Kit asked Erica to start with her relationship with Kendall, which he found dynamic. He inquired when she and Kendall had crossed the line, and Erica replied that they did so every day.

Erica understood that everyone wanted to know about the moment Kendall had confronted Erica with the fact that Kendall was Erica's daughter. Erica recalled that Kendall had been angry and determined to understand why Erica had given her up. Erica said she'd broken Kendall's heart by admitting that Kendall had been born because of a vicious, ugly event. Erica hadn't wanted to tell Kendall the truth, and it had been the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. Erica added that it had also been the best thing, because Kendall was the most incredible, beautiful gift she ever could have been given, and she didn't know what she would do without Kendall.

Erica continued that Bianca had some of Erica's best qualities, like strength and perseverance, and Bianca had opened Erica's eyes many times. Kit asked Erica to provide details about a particular moment, and Erica thought to herself that his request was intrusive. Erica recounted that no one had challenged her more than when Bianca had taken off her jewelry and clothing and had forced Erica to look at her. Eventually, Erica had seen Bianca for the breathtaking, beautiful, gay woman she was. Erica hadn't realized until later that she had been incredibly impressed by and proud of her youngest daughter at that moment.

Kit stated that it was time to shift gears to men. Erica joked that he'd better have another notepad ready. She remarked that Jackson was the only love who had lasted, but Kit pointed out that it hadn't always been smooth sailing for them. She recalled that Jackson had betrayed her in public, and she still blamed him for telling the truth in court, which had resulted in her losing custody of Bianca.

Jackson arrived, and Erica introduced him to Kit and explained that they had been going over plans for her book. Kit bragged that the book would soon be a motion picture. The men shook hands, and Kit said he'd heard all about Jackson, who was surprised when Kit mentioned that only some of it was good. Jackson reminded Erica about their family barbecue, and she excused herself from her meeting with Kit. Kit understood, and he told Jackson to get accustomed to living with a movie star. Jackson looked less than thrilled.

Kendall and Zach kissed as Greenlee, Ryan, Bianca, and Marissa returned. Greenlee playfully told the Slaters to get a room, and Zach helped with the groceries. Kendall and Bianca each noticed that the other was holding a copy of Erica's book, and Bianca said she didn't want her copy. Bianca blasted Erica for hanging their lives out for everyone to see. Bianca jokingly suggested that Natalie Portman play Bianca in the movie version of the book, and Kendall added that her own role would be perfectly cast with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Meanwhile, JR peered into the window from outside.

The guests gathered around the living room, and Kendall remarked it was how she'd always pictured their house, but she observed that Erica was missing. Zach stated that Erica liked to make an entrance, and just then Erica and Jackson arrived. Kendall pulled Bianca aside and asked if she was ready, because it was only a matter of time before the book went to print. Kendall and Bianca approached Erica and said they needed to talk, and the Kane women stepped into the foyer.

Bianca started to say that she had concerns, but Kendall blurted that they were angry that their personal lives were splashed all over Erica's book. Erica asserted that everything she'd written had been true, but Kendall argued that their lives weren't entertainment for others. Erica realized that her daughters thought she'd gone too far. Bianca believed Erica should have talked to them about the content of the book first, but Erica declared that she didn't need permission to tell her life story, and she didn't intend to change a thing.

Zach announced that the food was ready, and he called the adults into the kitchen to set everything up. Erica said she'd be back in a minute, and she left the room. After all the adults had departed, JR covertly entered through the front door and called to AJ, who whispered that JR wasn't supposed to be there. JR said he loved AJ and wished they were together. Erica returned and barked at JR to get away from the boy, but JR insisted that he just wanted to see his son.

Erica rounded up the kids to go into the kitchen, and JR reprimanded her for ordering his son around. Erica ordered JR to leave, and she warned him not take her and her family on, because he'd regret it, just like Adam had. JR pointed out that he didn't have much left to lose, but she cautioned that she could destroy any hope he had left of spending time with AJ. JR threatened that she didn't want to know what happened to people who kept him from his son. The adults rushed in, and Zach threw JR out. Erica exchanged worried looks with Bianca and Marissa.

Kendall sarcastically asked if Erica would put her confrontation with JR in her movie, too. The women argued, and Emma asked Ryan if they were mad at one another. Greenlee explained that Kendall and Erica were having a difference of opinion, but Ryan realized that Greenlee took pleasure in witnessing their catfight. Erica urged her daughters to calm down, and she claimed that she just wanted to be honest in her book. Bianca thought Erica could accomplish honesty without baring everything. Erica promised to tell her story with respect, but she refused to water it down, and she implored her daughters to trust her.

Zach interrupted the argument by declaring that Ryan wanted to make a toast. A surprised Ryan struggled for words at first, but he proposed a toast to Kendall and Zach, and to the sense of family everyone felt in the Slater home. Ryan proclaimed that Zach also wanted to make a toast. Zach said that the Slaters had been given a second chance, and he intended to use every moment, including the tense, awkward ones, to keep their family going. He admitted that he didn't have a master plan, but it had been "a hell of a ride," and it was far from over.

Zach toasted to the various families in the room, and he wished for them to grow stronger, into one big, happy family. Kendall, Bianca, and Erica clinked glasses, and Erica called Kendall a lucky woman. Kendall agreed, in part because Erica was her mother, even if Erica drove her crazy sometimes. Erica asked her daughters if they could give her the benefit of the doubt, and Kendall concurred, under the condition that she'd notify Erica if she felt uncomfortable. Erica hugged Kendall and Bianca.

Ryan and Zach complimented one another on their speeches, and they looked forward to working together. Jackson hoped he hadn't dragged Erica away from anything important, but she insisted that nothing was more important than being there. He noted that she and Kit had seemed intense, and he asked what she'd been wrapped up in. "Just our entire lives," she replied. During a musical montage, everyone in the room flashed back to happy moments with their families and loved ones. Erica cuddled with Jackson as they watched the children and adults happily play together.

JR returned to the Chandler mansion and trashed his bedroom in frustration. He pulled out a gun and started to leave, but he stopped short when he saw Babe standing in the doorway.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At the hospital, an orderly wheeled in a patient resembling Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The patient demanded to be examined by Maria Santos, but Dr. Santos said she was no longer on staff there. The patient claimed that she was Erica Kane's daughter, and vampires lurked everywhere. She revealed she'd been homesick for a place unknown, but then she'd realized that Pine Valley was the place. Maria said the town had that effect on people.

Amanda met Jake at the nurses' station, and the couple was surprised when Joe, in town to temporarily fill David's position, approached them. They hugged, Maria arrived, and Jake explained that she'd be returning to Miami after a consultation. As Marisa exited, Amanda reminded Jake that she'd predicted that wonderful things would happen.

At the Martin house, Tad was worried because he hadn't heard from his parents in a week. Just then, Ruth surprised him on his doorstep. Ruth ecstatically greeted Dixie, and when Opal and Krystal entered, Ruth explained that she and Joe were returning to Pine Valley because Angie had asked Joe to consult at the hospital due to David's predicament. Just as Tad started to worry because no one deserved so much happiness, Jamie showed up on the doorstep and replied that no one deserved it more.

Joe arrived with Jake and Amanda, and everyone happily greeted them. Aside with Joe, Dixie said she and Tad had never been happier. Joe replied that his children's happiness was all he ever wanted, and Dixie slipped out of the house. Across the room, Ruth said Tad had been blessed with a miracle, and Tad got an idea.

Later, Tad and Dixie text-messaged each other to arrange a meeting in the park. Upon arrival, Tad guessed that he and Dixie had the same thing on their minds. Both of them knelt down on one knee, but then argued over who got to do the honors. Tad claimed he couldn't get out of that pose, so Dixie helped him up. As they sat on the bench, he accidentally dialed Opal on his cell phone. Opal put the call on speakerphone so the entire Martin family could hear the call.

Tad started his speech; however, Dixie said he'd done it a few times and she wanted to give it a try. Taking his hand, she expressed her nervousness and then recalled the first time they'd met. She remembered that he'd been so kind to her and JR, and she'd fallen in love. She thanked God that their star had guided her back to Tad, who was her home and her heart.

Tad admitted that he'd worried about screwing things up, but he'd realized that he didn't want to waste the time, because being with her was all that mattered. He'd spent too many years talking to a star about someday. He said that someday had arrived, and he wondered what she was doing for the rest of her life. She asked him to marry her, and he said he would. As they kissed, they heard their family cheering through the cell phone.

When Dixie and Tad returned to the house, the family tried to act nonchalantly, but suddenly, Opal burst with joy because the couple was getting married. The family rejoiced, and Tad said he didn't plan on having a phone in his pocket on his honeymoon. The kids rushed in to join the celebration, and Joe told Ruth it was as if no time had passed at all. Ruth reminded him that time had passed, and Kate was no longer with them. Joe imagined that Kate's spirit had united the family again. The family took a group photo, and as a song played, a montage of Martin family memories flashed across the screen.

At the Chandler mansion, JR gasped upon seeing Babe in the doorway. She took the gun and set it on the bed, and JR tearfully hugged and kissed her. Babe warned him that if he didn't change course, he'd lose the only person who could save him -- himself. JR figured everything would be fine because she was back; however, Babe explained that she wasn't real. JR thought it was logical that David would save his own daughter. Babe tearfully replied that David might have tried and failed, but JR would know in his heart if she were alive.

JR told Babe of all the bad things that had happened to him since her death. He refused to let his enemies win, but she begged him to hang onto what a good man he was. JR said it was too late, and she couldn't help him. She asked why she couldn't. "Because you're dead!" JR screamed and sobbed on the bed.

Downstairs, Adam was devastated when he and Brooke entered and found boxes packed up around his empty home. He opened a gun case and discovered one of the weapons was missing. JR slinked around the corner and stated that Adam had said JR could have it. "Are you going to renege on that promise, too?" JR cynically asked. JR was sure Adam was there to call his son a failure, and JR ordered Adam to give it his best shot.

JR bickered with Adam about Adam's inability to be a good father. JR was angry that he'd been stripped of his inheritance, but Brooke and Adam claimed it had been for JR's own good. JR yelled at Adam to never call JR "son" again. Brooke explained that Adam had left town because Stuart's death had been too tough to deal with. Adam took responsibility for corrupting JR, and Brooke added that Adam wanted JR to stand on his own two feet, which JR would never do as long as he had a safety net. "So, in other words, he's disowning me," JR replied.

Adam stated that leaving Pine Valley was the smartest move JR could make at that moment. JR stormed out, and Adam wished he could get through to JR the way Stuart had always gotten through to him. Adam stated that Stuart was gone because of Adam. Just then, Adam felt a jolt, glanced around, and swore that he'd heard Stuart's voice, saying, "I'm here."

Upstairs, JR quickly packed a bag. He saw the gun and remembered the vile things people had said to him over the last several days. He loaded the gun, looked in the mirror, and uttered, "They all think I'm so bad now, they haven't seen anything yet."

At the police station, Griffin talked his way into a visit with David. Griffin implored David for advice about their patient, whose life hung in the balance. David insisted that he didn't know what to do without seeing the patient for himself. Griffin doubted David would be able to break out of jail, but a resolute David replied that he had to make it happen.

Later, Angie arrived at the police station at David's request, and he asked her to convince Jesse to release him. Jesse refused and demanded to know who the patient was. At Angie's urging, David told Jesse. When Jesse learned who it was, he just couldn't believe it because there had been a coroner's report. Still, Angie tried to convince Jesse to help save a life.

At the hospital later, David begged Jesse to remove the handcuffs. The patient was rushed in on an ambulance gurney, and Jesse uncuffed David. As David attended to his patient, the camera focused on the face to reveal that it was Stuart Chandler.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

At their penthouse, Erica remarked to Jackson that she couldn't believe that Kendall and Bianca thought her movie would invade their privacy. She answered the door to Kit, who announced that Oscar winner Monk Delano had agreed to write the screenplay for her movie. Kit continued that Monk wanted to partner with Erica and to begin work on the script immediately, and Monk had suggested that Erica stay in his guesthouse during their collaboration. Jackson inquired about the timeframe, and Kit projected that it would take three months, starting that day.

Erica exclaimed that the idea was exciting, but she wanted to speak with Jackson before making a final decision. Kit said he'd keep his jet running, and he left. Jackson guessed that she'd already made the choice to go, and she hoped he understood. Jackson questioned whether Erica wanted to leave her family and their life together for several months, but she flippantly stated that she'd be home in no time. He assumed that she intended to postpone the wedding, but she gushed that they'd get married soon and then have a long honeymoon.

Erica apologized for the timing, but she maintained that being in a movie had been a dream of hers, and it was a chance of a lifetime. Jackson noted that there always seemed to be such chances for her, and he anticipated that she'd take every one of them, because it kept her safe from commitment. She denied it, but he observed that there was always something more important to her than their relationship, and he didn't want to live that way anymore. He kissed her forehead, and he walked out. She chased after him and insisted that he was wrong.

At the Slater home, Bianca asked Marissa if she was still upset, and Marissa admitted that JR's anger had freaked her out. Bianca assured her that JR wouldn't get near AJ or Marissa. Greenlee proposed a toast to friends and family, and she declared that love had conquered all, including death and David. Greenlee presented Zach and Kendall with tickets for a romantic trip to New York that weekend, and Bianca and Marissa revealed that they'd already planned to watch Spike and Ian. Zach amorously asked Kendall if she could handle spending that much time with her husband, and they kissed.

Later, Kendall reported to Zach that Marissa and Bianca were helping the kids to pack, and he said he had big plans for their getaway. They playfully bantered about whether he'd take his Red Wings jersey on their trip. Erica entered and announced that Monk Delano wanted her help to write the screenplay for her movie. She complained that Jackson should have been thrilled, but instead, he was being stubborn and paranoid. Bianca entered, while Zach made an excuse to leave.

Erica ranted that she had a chance to work with a top screenwriter, but Jackson was being ridiculous. Kendall implored Erica to see Jackson's point of view, because something always seemed to keep Jackson and Erica from getting married. Erica turned to Bianca, who agreed with Kendall. Bianca suggested that Erica allow the writer to do his job, and that Erica stay in town to add a new ending to her movie by marrying Jackson. Erica became irritated that Bianca saw her marriage as an ending.

Erica insisted that she loved Jackson and would marry him, but she maintained that their wedding wouldn't be an ending to anything, and she refused to compromise her dreams for a ring on her finger. Kendall advised that perhaps that was the reason why Erica had gotten divorced so many times. Erica huffed that she had a chance to live a lifelong dream, and she scoffed at the idea that Kendall wanted her to turn down the opportunity. Kendall suggested that it was enough for Erica to star in and co-produce her film without helping to write it, but Erica wouldn't settle for less than having it all. Kendall warned that Erica's ambitions could cost her Jackson, but Erica argued that Jackson knew her and had always supported her, and she expected that he would do so once again.

Bianca recommended that Erica support what Jackson wanted, but Erica hated the idea of playing housewife, and she berated her daughters for wanting her to give up on her dreams. Kendall counseled Erica to do what she needed to do, but to be honest about why she was doing it. The kids filed in, and Kendall informed Erica that she and Zach were leaving on a getaway. Erica loved the idea, and Bianca, Marissa, and Kendall led the children upstairs to finish packing.

Zach looked at Erica knowingly and recalled how she'd been a mess when they'd first met in Vegas, but he had liked her anyway. She replied that she hadn't liked him at first, but she'd learned to like him in time. He said he was the same person he'd always been, and both he and Erica always knew what they wanted. She dared anyone else to tell them that their dreams didn't count. Zach respected that Erica had never abandoned hers, and he urged her not to change.

Scott and Madison walked through the park, and he thanked her for joining him on a shopping trip to buy decorations for the gatehouse. She asked how it felt to finally be done with construction. Scott remembered a time when he'd finished in last place at a track meet, and he'd felt awful, but Stuart had taught him that sometimes winning was about simply finishing rather than placing first. Madison commended Scott for following through with his vision to rebuild his home, and she thought Stuart would have been proud. She recalled how she and Scott had holed up in their dumpy apartment and had pretended that the world outside hadn't existed. Scott proclaimed that he'd love to revisit those days, and he asked her to consider moving in with him.

Scott realized that Madison had just decided to give him another chance, but he declared that his house was almost finished, and he didn't want to make it a home without her. She said that hearing his key in the door was still her favorite sound, and she'd love to move back in with him. They kissed, but his beeping phone interrupted them. He apologized, and his smile quickly turned to a look of shock when he read a text message. He cried out in disbelief, and he grabbed her hand and said they had to go.

Greenlee and Ryan strolled through the park, and he said that he was deeply happy and peaceful for the first time in his life, because of her. They professed their love, and she commented that it was nice to see him relaxed, because he needed a break from saving the world. He hadn't thought he'd deserved one, because he'd left his siblings with their abusive father, but she understood that he'd suffered the brunt of his father's violence. He realized that he'd spent his whole life running away. She pointed out that she'd bolted before, too, and she declared that their running days were over.

Greenlee and Ryan cuddled on a park bench, and she wondered if life could get even better. He didn't know, but he thought they'd have fun finding out, and they kissed. Greenlee listened in amazement at the lack of phones, text messages, and drama. She asked him to promise they'd remain drama-free, but he couldn't. He presented her with tickets to the circus, and he reminded her of their promise of giving one another a surprise every day. They frolicked happily in the grass.

JR arrived at the Martin home, and Tad informed him that he'd just missed the party to celebrate Tad and Dixie's engagement. JR halfheartedly congratulated them on their happy ending, but he added that not everyone was as lucky. Dixie asked if he'd learned anything about Babe, and JR wailed that Babe had never been David's patient, and he felt like he had lost her all over again. Tad wondered about the identity of the woman Dixie had seen in David's lab.

JR revealed that Babe had visited him in spirit, and she had told him that he'd know in his heart if she were alive. Dixie asked for a moment alone with her son, and Tad left to find Griffin. JR confessed that Adam had disinherited him, and he was tired of fighting and losing, so he'd decided to leave town. Dixie begged him not to leave, but JR blasted Adam for creating an alcoholic who couldn't hang on to his home or his business. Dixie assured JR that he'd get them back, but he preferred to do things his own way, and he felt that his absence would be better for everyone, especially AJ. JR requested that Dixie help him arrange one last visit with AJ before JR left town.

A frantic Adam and Brooke arrived at the hospital, and they worriedly asked Cara which family member had been admitted. David diligently worked to save Stuart, and Cara tried unsuccessfully to keep Adam from entering the room. Adam was stunned to find his twin brother clinging to life. Adam incredulously asked if it was a sick joke, and David barked that he'd saved Stuart, but he would lose him if Adam didn't leave.

Brooke pulled Adam out of the room, and Angie urged him to sit down. She informed Adam that David had saved her sight, and she assured Adam that David would save Stuart, too. Meanwhile, Jesse explained to Cara that Stuart had supposedly been killed two years before. "I shot him. I killed my own brother," a disbelieving Adam insisted. Meanwhile, David instructed Griffin to administer an exact amount of medication, and he proclaimed his determination not to lose the heart and soul of Pine Valley.

Tad arrived at the hospital, and he was stunned when Cara informed him that Stuart was alive. Tad wanted to see him, but Cara reported that David and Griffin were tending to Stuart in the ER. Cara was certain that they'd save Stuart, and Tad was dismayed to realize that she was still a fan of David's. She praised David for performing miracles and giving people new lives. Tad bitterly stated that it was karma, because David had hurt just as many people. Cara revealed that David had given her a new life, too.

Tad was stunned to hear that Cara was pregnant, but she was excited to experience something she had thought would never happen. He asked if David knew, and she remarked that she was glad she'd told David and that she didn't want a lecture. Tad understood how much she wanted kids, and he believed that if anyone could slap David around, she could. She questioned whether he felt she'd make a good mother. "I'd bet 30 years of my life on it," he quipped.

Brooke swore to Adam that Stuart would pull through, and Adam nodded uncertainly. Brooke approached Angie, who asked about Adam's health. Brooke disclosed that Adam had tried to act like he was master of the universe, but she knew he continued to suffer pain and guilt over Stuart's death, and she didn't think Adam would recover if he lost Stuart again. Stuart flatlined, while Adam anxiously peered through the window.

David and Griffin used a defibrillator to try to restart Stuart's heart, and David begged Stuart to hold on. Adam contended that he needed to be in the room, because Stuart needed him, and Angie took Adam's arm and escorted him inside. David protested, but Angie insisted that Stuart needed something that David couldn't give him -- his twin, who was the other half of Stuart's heart, and she declared that Adam was Stuart's only hope. Adam clutched Stuart's hand and told his brother that he was there.

Adam flashed back to swearing on his mother's grave that he'd protect Stuart forever. Adam said that he loved and needed Stuart, and he pleaded with Stuart to return to him. The monitor started beeping, and Stuart's eyes fluttered open. Adam smiled in relief, and each brother called out the name of the other. David and Angie exchanged a look of amazement, and Angie hugged a sobbing Brooke.

Adam told Stuart that Stuart was home, where he belonged. Brooke embraced Adam and kissed his cheek. Stuart dazedly looked around. In the hallway, Jesse marveled that Angie had known what Stuart had needed, and she commented that medicine saved lives, but love and faith made miracles. Scott and Madison arrived, and Scott asked Brooke about the crazy text messages he'd received. Angie told him to see for himself, and Scott entered Stuart's room. Stuart gazed up at Scott, who smiled and took his hand.

"Dad," Scott murmured. Stuart's lower lip trembled, and he croaked his son's name. Adam hugged Brooke as they watched father and son reunite. Brooke praised Adam for saving Stuart, but Adam insisted that Stuart had saved him. David approached Angie, who was proud of him for saving another life. David credited her with knowing what Stuart had needed, and she countered that he'd known it, too. Jesse commended David for saving Stuart, but he pointed out that it wasn't enough to keep David out of jail. David handed Angie his stethoscope, and Jesse led David back to prison.

Scott rushed to the psychiatric ward and told Marian that he had great news. She assumed he meant that Oak Haven had reopened, and she insisted that she wasn't crazy, but she hadn't been able to overcome her grief after losing Stuart. She cried that Stuart had been the best person she'd ever known, and Scott pointedly said that he still was. She continued to prattle on about how Stuart was the finest gentleman Pine Valley had ever seen, but she stopped when Scott's words sank in. Scott happily confirmed that Stuart was still alive.

Adam sat at Stuart's side and mused that he'd spent two years without his conscience, and he was grateful that Stuart was back. Stuart could see from Adam's expression that something was wrong. Adam admitted that he had been the one who had shot Stuart, and he explained that he had been drugged out of his mind and had wished himself dead, but he didn't deserve forgiveness. Stuart said there was nothing to forgive, and an overwhelmed Adam laid his head on Stuart's chest.

Tad expressed surprise that Griffin had assisted David, and Griffin clarified that he'd only agreed to help for one day. Tad said that Dixie had been adamant that there had been another female patient at David's lab, but Griffin said that Stuart was the only patient he'd seen, and he had no idea who the woman could have been.

Krystal dropped off AJ at the Martin house to see Dixie, and she reminded Dixie about the restraining order against JR. Dixie claimed she understood, and she assured Krystal that AJ would be safe. After Krystal left, Dixie informed AJ that she had a surprise, but it had to be kept a secret, and AJ agreed. She called out for JR, who approached a scared AJ.

JR explained that it was okay for JR to be there, because JR had to go away for a while to fix some mistakes he'd made. JR swore that he'd miss AJ like crazy, and AJ tearfully said that he loved JR. JR returned the sentiment, and he encouraged AJ to call him whenever the boy needed him. An emotional Dixie watched father and son hug. After AJ left, Dixie told JR that she'd hated lying, but JR retorted that everyone lied to get what they wanted. Dixie asked if JR was lying to her then.

JR insisted that he intended to leave town, but Dixie sensed that he was hiding something. He claimed that he was fine. The phone rang, and JR suggested that she answer it, and he stalked out. Dixie learned from Tad that Stuart was alive, and she yelled out for JR. Outside, JR looked down at the gun in his hand. "Don't worry, Mom. This will take care of everything," he said.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Across Pine Valley, generations gathered together to honor their past, to toast life, and to celebrate the promise of the future.

As Erica stroked Bianca's hair, she remembered the day Bianca was born. The two women then looked to Miranda with a smile. Bianca then gently stroked her daughter's hair, the same way that Erica had stroked hers. Later, their loved ones and children joined them. Spike and AJ jumped on Zach, as Marissa twirled around in a circle with Gabby. In the doorway, Kendall and Erica beamed proudly.

AJ, Miranda, and Spike lined up on one side of the room to practice lines that they'd have to deliver at an upcoming school assembly.

"The great and the least, the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong. In sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow, in tragedy and triumph. We are all your children," the children recited.

The adults applauded, and Miranda and Spike were overjoyed. AJ, however, was noticeably dejected. Marissa asked the boy why he looked down. His eyes cast down to the floor, AJ explained that the line "joy and sorrow" made him think of his dad.

A knock sounded on the door, and Erica excused herself to answer it. She opened the door only a crack before Opal stormed into the room. Showing great concern, Opal told Erica that she'd just left Erica's house. Opal had wanted to see Erica before Erica headed to Los Angeles, but instead she'd found Jackson clearing out his belongings.

"I think he's leaving you, honey," Opal said as she gasped.

In a corridor at Pine Valley Hospital, Jamie embraced Tad one last time before heading to the airport to again leave Pine Valley. Elsewhere in the hospital, Scott led Marian into a room where Stuart lay quietly in a bed. Stuart opened his eyes, and Marian burst into tears. Stuart asked if he was dreaming, but Marian assured him that she was very real.

"This is my dream," she said through sobs. Scott offered to let his father and Marian have some time alone. He said that he loved Stuart, and then stepped out of the room. Stuart then gave his "Queen of Hearts" a kiss.

In the park, Ryan hoisted Emma into the air. Greenlee walked over to the pair, and all three embraced.

Dixie recalled holding an infant JR in her arms, before returning her attention to the present and looking proudly at a recent photo of her son. Tad returned home and took his fiancée in his arms.

At the police station, as Jesse and Frankie stood nearby, Angie marveled at the miracle of life

"From birth, life itself is miraculous," Angie offered. "Watching our children grow up from infant to toddler to teenager to adult. I mean, the people that we've grown up with and grown older with in this town... it is a gift to have shared their lives for however long -- 20... 30... 40 years. Hopefully, many more."

David nodded his head in agreement. Though seemingly torn, Jesse stated that David's "miracles" were not an excuse for breaking the law. Cara stepped in to support David, reminding the police chief that David had given people back the lives that they'd thought they had lost forever. Jesse ceded that miracles were "way beyond" his line of duty. He shrugged and explained that his hands were tied. Her arms folded, Angie argued that they all needed to remember what was really important in life.

"One day, our family and friends will die, and they won't be back. One day they'll be gone for good," Angie responded softly. "What if that day were today?"

Lisa arrived at the station a short time later with news for David. She stated that Adam was so happy to have Stuart back that he'd called a judge and arranged for David to get out of jail on bail. Cara was overjoyed and told David that she was ready to bolt.

Before leaving, David turned to Angie and praised her being a formidable foe. He thanked her for seeing the good in him when no one else would.

"Maybe it took me being blind to see past the sneer and the ego to the good in you," she replied with a smile.

David asked that Angie not "knock" his sneer. Angie ceded that saving Stuart proved that David wasn't "Dr. Doom." Jesse shook his head in amazement and offered David a heartfelt "thank you."

In his room, JR stuffed some belongings into a duffel bag and zipped it closed. A stern expression on his face, JR never once made eye contact with the bag. He then marched out of the room, closing the door behind him. He paused momentarily, looked down at his bag, and then continued on his way.

At Krystal's, Amanda and Jake shared a kiss. They then turned their affection to their son, Trevor. At the bar, Jack took a swig from a shot glass. As he grimaced from the potency of the drink, Krystal wandered over to make sure that he was okay. Jack claimed that everything was just fine, but Krystal knew Jack well enough to know that he was lying.

"Let me put it to you this way," Jack began. "After 24 years, ten broken engagements, three television shows, two honeymoons, a marriage, and a divorce, it looks like Erica and I are finally over."

At Chandler Mansion, Adam remained in awe of everything that had happened. Remarking that he'd been "half alive and half dead" since Stuart's death, Adam had trouble wrapping his head around his brother being back in his life. Brooke smiled and hoped that Stuart's "resurrection" would allow Adam to live again.

AMC Recap Photo 110923

Adam walked around the empty parlor with a heavy heart. He labeled the house as "more depressing than the hospital." Adam wanted to leave, but Brooke asked that he stay. She then revealed that she had a little surprise for him. Brooke informed Adam that she'd taken the inheritance that she'd gotten from her Aunt Phoebe and used it to buy back Chandler Mansion for Adam.

Scott and Colby returned to the mansion with plans for a celebration -- a celebration of Stuart's return and the Chandler Mansion being back in the family's possession. Pine Valley, Colby said, needed to be "whooped up a little bit." Brooke thought it was a great idea, but Adam was reluctant. He eventually came around and agreed. Adam then barked out to his housekeeper, Winifred, and she raced into the room with her arms outstretched.

Back at her penthouse, Erica was stunned to see that Jack had moved out. "He took his toothbrush -- that is a sure sign!" Opal offered. Erica refused to believe that Jack had left her. Erica insisted that Jack was simply upset because she was leaving town to work on her screenplay. She reminded Opal that starring in a movie was a dream she'd had since she was a little girl.

"Pine Valley has come a long way over the years, but it's still not the corner of Hollywood and Vine," Erica noted.

"No, but can't you be happy on the corner of Main Street and Pine with the man who loves you?" Opal asked. "Pine Valley is your home."

The doorbell sounded, announcing the arrival of Kit Sterling, who had arrived to whisk Erica off to Hollywood in his private jet. Opal implored Erica to listen to her, and to realize that going to California would be a mistake.

"I let my stupid pride keep me away from Palmer -- and look what happened. I thought I had all the time in the world with him," Opal said. "And now, what I wouldn't give for just one more chance with him. Do not let that happen with you and Jackson."

Kit impatiently looked on and reminded Erica that they had a scheduled to keep. Opal told Erica about the party at Chandler Mansion to celebrate "another miracle rabbit" that David had pulled out of his doctor bag. Erica was floored by the news that Stuart was alive, and then realized what David had meant when he'd teased her about taking care of someone she loved. Opal also tossed in that Jack would be in attendance. Erica threw her hands in the air and announced that they would go to the party.

"For once in my life, I'm grateful to Brooke English," Erica said with a chuckle as she giddily ran up the steps to get dressed.

Alone at the airport, JR was haunted by the voices in his head. He was roused from the torment when someone called his name. JR turned his head and saw Jamie standing a few feet away. Jamie extended his hand, but JR ignored him. JR chided Jamie for "crawling back" into town after learning of David's resurrections. "You thought you'd creep in and take Babe from old JR, but... Babe's dead," JR snarled.

Jamie seemed perplexed by JR's less than amicable greeting. He said that he'd left JR several messages since he'd gotten back into town. After learning that Tad had filled Jamie in on everything that had happened recently, JR muttered that he was certain Tad had left out crucial details -- "like how everyone stabbed me in the back."

Jamie quickly replied that JR had always found a way to stab himself in the back. JR rose from his chair and announced that he had a private jet to board. Before JR could get too far away, Jamie told his brother that he loved him. JR mocked the idea of love, grumbling that the woman he'd loved had left him for another woman. Everyone in town, JR said, was against him.

JR claimed to be fighting for his life, and assured Jamie that, although he was leaving Pine Valley, he'd be back. "My son's not getting raised by lesbians," he hissed. The comment prompted Jamie to reveal that he was glad Babe wasn't still alive to see how venomous JR had become. "It would break her heart," Jamie said with a sigh.

Once Jamie had gone off, JR again turned to his thoughts. Dixie appeared out of nowhere and raced up to her son. Tad followed closely behind. She could hardly contain her excitement as she informed JR that his Uncle Stuart was alive. JR's eyes darted back and forth from Dixie to Tad. JR appeared skeptical, and then enraged. "Why does everybody gotta lie to me?" he snapped. Dixie was stunned by the response.

"Maybe Uncle Stuart and Babe can have a little tea party in heaven and throw down cows and paintbrushes to make everything picture perfect," JR angrily replied. "Everyone thinks that I got my dad's bad side and I got my mom's good genes and that's what saved me. What a joke. It wasn't my father who screwed me up. It was you."

Dixie begged JR to believe her, but JR refused. After telling Dixie that she'd lost him for good, JR turned his back and walked away. Dixie broke down after being shunned, but Tad assured her that everything would work itself out. JR just needed some time, he said. Tad took Dixie's hands and gave her a kiss. Just then, Tad received a text message inviting them to the party at Chandler Mansion. They both agreed that the party could be just what they needed to lift their spirits.

AMC Recap Photo 110923

As Tad and Dixie left arm in arm, JR emerged from around a corner. The pilot of his private jet approached JR and said that they'd be ready for takeoff as soon as he filed a new flight plan. JR produced an envelope and told the pilot he had "20,000 reasons" to leave the flight plan as-is. His face tensed as he icily announced that he had a party to crash.

At the Chandler Mansion, the celebration was getting underway. Joe and Ruth entered and shared a happy reunion with Jesse and Angie. Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall, and Zach were next to arrive. Angie greeted them with a smile and noted how great they all looked. The foursome gasped upon realizing that Angie's vision had been restored.

Later, Frankie and Randi chatted it up with Angie and Jesse. Angie noted that Randi was absolutely glowing in her purple dress. She questioned if Randi might be pregnant. Frankie's head snapped back and quickly assured his mom that they were not expecting. At the same time, Randi replied, "Maybe." It took a moment or two before Frankie processed what his wife had said. The pair kissed.

Amanda overheard the news and told Jake that her everything about her near-death experience was coming to fruition. Jake told Amanda that he wished she'd bought a lottery ticket when she'd started having all of her good feelings. JR and Natalia added to the celebration by officially announcing their engagement.

Madison and Scott also enjoyed their first public outing as a reunited couple. Greenlee cheekily noted that she took full credit for the couple getting back together. Madison gave Greenlee partial credit, noting that she probably never would have met Scott had it not been for Greenlee's meddling.

Krystal was aghast when David showed up at the mansion's front door. David admitted that he hadn't been invited to the party. In fact, he hadn't even known that there was a party being held. Krystal urged David to leave before Ryan and Zach saw him.

In a separate room, Adam and Dixie had a serious discussion about JR. Adam noted that they'd both felt the need to leave Pine Valley at one time or another. Perhaps, Dixie stated, it was a good thing for JR to leave town and put his troubles behind him. Unbeknownst to either of them, JR watched them from inside one of the house's secret passageways.

Erica arrived at to the party and found Jack and Krystal together. Krystal bowed out as Erica approached, and Jack seemed surprised to see Erica. Erica asked Jack to go somewhere to speak privately to him. Before he could answer, Adam and Brooke took to the center of the room and proposed a toast "to Pine Valley." In the passageway, JR repeated "Pine Valley," and took a sip from a bottle of alcohol.

After the toast, Adam found David lurking in the foyer. Adam told David that he wasn't sure how he could ever thank David for saving Stuart. "Cash is always a good way to say 'I love you,'" David mused. Adam handed David a manila envelope stuffed with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Adam left the room, but before David could leave, Dixie entered. David engaged in some self-adulation, telling Dixie that he knew how much she wanted to thank him for saving Stuart. Instead of a thank you, Dixie pressed David for information about the other patient he'd claimed to be treating. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you," David replied. Dixie begged for David to tell her, but David wouldn't part with any details. "Trust me, that's something you don't need to know," he added before walking away.

Bianca and Marissa rushed into the party to ask Scott about an emergency text he'd sent. A quizzical look overtook Scott's face and he informed the pair that he hadn't sent them any messages.

Jack followed Erica to another part of the mansion and asked her why she wasn't in Los Angeles. Erica stated that she had to put Jack first -- and that she had a solution to their problem. Erica beamed proudly as she explained that she'd made arrangements for Jack to travel with her to California. "We can have every single night together," she purred.

Jack became somewhat indignant, reminding Erica that he'd always been waiting for her, even as she chased after other men and careers, and handled personal crises. Erica denied putting her movie before Jack. The denial only served to outrage Jack all the more. Jack told Erica that he wanted to establish roots, and not to sit alone watching Eric chase her dreams. "I can't let my dreams take a backseat to yours any longer," he said softly.

Erica insisted that she was committed to Jackson. There was a difference, Jack argued, between "committed" and "commitment." Jack leaned in close to Erica and told her that she didn't want to get married. Erica admitted that she didn't want to get married. Jack wished Erica the best of luck, but told her that she'd have to live the rest of her life without him.

Inside the catacombs, JR paced back and forth. He held a gun in his hand, and tapped the barrel of the gun against the side of his head.

Back in the parlor, Tad prepared to make another toast. "It's funny, because at a time like this, there's always so much that you want to say. There are so many people that mean so much and you can't find the words. But I've been thinking about it, and I've come up with three: neighbors, family, and friends. I found all of them here. It's been my home, the best years of my life," Tad said, as several of the partygoers wiped tears from their eyes.

"There are all these amazing people that should be here and aren't, who deserve to be here, that have meant so much," Tad continued. And some of them I'm sure, sooner or later, they're gonna get around to buying a ticket home. Usually they do. And then there are others who... who, sadly, can't. But, I'd bet my life on one thing -- that if they were all here, they would remind us what a miracle this place is."

"It's because of the love and the help of everybody, everybody in this room, because that's how Pine Valley works. Always has, always will. In tragedy and triumph, we come together," Tad added, his voice growing soft. "I wish the rest of my kids were here to see this, you know, because this is -- this is something to remember, folks. We'll be talking about this for a long time. But then again, I always like to think that no matter what, my family and all my children -- they're always with me."

AMC Recap Photo 110923

Applause erupted and the revelers took sips of champagne. Adam again took center stage for another announcement. Adam produced a diamond ring box from his jacket pocket. The room fell quiet and jaws dropped. Adam asked Brooke for permission to put the ring on her finger, and for Brooke to agree to marry him. The glittering object mesmerized Brooke, who was at first only able to say, "Whoa." She blinked several times and, as tears welled in her eyes, she accepted his proposal.

Jack stormed through the crowd as Erica chased after him, calling out his name. Erica begged with Jack not to walk out on her. "I need you," she pleaded. "Frankly, Erica, I don't give a damn what you need," Jack replied coldly.

JR looked through the ajar passageway door with rage in his eyes. He slowly raised his gun, his hand shaking. As he looked at the partygoers one by one, his finger clenched onto the gun's trigger.

A shot rang out.



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