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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 12, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, September 12, 2011

by Elisabeth

In Hollywood, at the bookstore, Erica confessed that she was impressed that Kit Sterling, the movie producer, had read her book, and that he had understood her. Kit assured Erica that he was serious about turning her book into a movie, which would star Erica as herself. Erica was flattered when he vowed to make her a movie star, but Kit saw through the lie. He realized that she was skeptical because she had heard a similar promise in the past. Kit was curious how Erica felt about the project, so she admitted that she was intrigued by the idea. Kit wondered if anything would stop her from pursuing the project.

Erica admitted that she had planned to get married soon, but she was confident that her fiancÚ would support the movie. Kit promised to get the film made if Erica committed herself to the project. Kit explained that there was a difference between being an actress and being a star. Kit told her about a time that he had seen a star in the night sky, and learned that the light from the star continued to shine even after the star had burned out. He explained that an actress was in the moment, but a star shined for many years. Kit was certain that Erica was a star, and that she had the brightest light that he had ever seen.

Kit was curious if she had a title in mind for her movie. Erica glanced at her book display, and then suggested, Erica Kane Uncensored. Kit proposed, Kane is Able, but Erica grimaced, so Kit decided that a focus group should chose the title. Erica quickly nixed the idea, which prompted Kit to smile. Erica clarified that she intended to have casting and final script approval. She also wanted to pick the director, and to take an active role in co-producing the movie to ensure that the film properly reflected who she was.

Kit wondered if they had a deal, so Erica acknowledged that Kit could "talk the talk," but she remained hesitant to commit. Kit realized that she had doubts about whether or not he could "walk the walk," so he invited her to take a stroll with him, so that he could prove to her that he was up to the task. A short time later, Erica and Kit leisurely walked along the sidewalk as Kit invited Erica to imagine her life playing out on the big screen. He insisted that she should live in California, so he was curious what was keeping her in Pine Valley. Erica reminded him that it was where her home was, and where her children were. Kit conceded that family was important, so he mentioned that he had a private jet.

Erica chuckled as she confessed that she could use a jet. Erica glanced up, and then began to laugh. Kit wondered what was so funny, so Erica revealed that she had once insisted that she had been meant to be famous somewhere far more glamorous than Pine Valley. "A place like the corner of Hollywood and Vine," Erica added. Kit glanced up to see that they were standing on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. "Here you are," Kit said as he returned Erica's smile.

Erica and Kit continued to stroll along the Walk of Fame as Kit promised Erica that she would have her own star on the famous boulevard. Erica stopped and then reminded Kit that she was already famous, but Kit insisted that fame was fleeting, but film was forever. Erica was curious what Kit stood to gain by making the movie, so Kit confessed that he loved to tell stories, and that Erica had a great story. Kit wanted the privilege to tell it. Erica and Kit resumed their walk as they passed Susan Lucci's star on the sidewalk. Later, they returned to the bookstore, where Erica promised to think things over.

Kit reminded Erica that people had been watching her for a long time, so he was curious if she thought that she deserved a larger audience. Erica smiled and then replied, "I'm in."

At the Hubbard apartment, Angie was sitting on the sofa with Lucy when Jesse and Frankie entered. Jesse explained that she had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon, so he was curious if she were ready to go. Frankie offered to take Lucy, but Angie admitted that she didn't want to give Lucy up. Maya offered to feed Lucy a bottle, but Angie was reluctant to leave because she worried that Lucy would get fussy. Frankie reminded his mother how much Angie had wanted to see Lucy's face, so he suggested that Angie do whatever was necessary to make that happen. Angie slowly handed Lucy to Maya, and then left with Jesse.

After Maya gave Lucy a bottle, and then put the baby down for a nap, she carried a basket of laundry into the living room. Frankie offered to help Maya fold, but Maya insisted that she could take care of it. Frankie realized that Maya wanted to prove that she could take care of Lucy, but he insisted that there was nothing wrong with accepting help, while she had it. Maya handed Frankie a towel, and then admitted that she knew that Angie was afraid that Maya would take off with Lucy, so Frankie had stayed behind to keep an eye on Maya. Frankie assured Maya that he was simply folding laundry, but in the next breath he picked up one of Lucy's sleepers, and then commented how much Lucy had grown. Maya realized that the Hubbards loved Lucy, but Maya insisted that it was important for her to see if she could take care of Lucy on her own.

Frankie reminded Maya that Maya and Lucy were in a good home, so there was no need for them to leave. Maya accused Frankie, and everyone else, of being selfish, but she quickly assured him that it was okay because Lucy was a precious gift. Frankie pointed out that the problems that had led Maya to give up Lucy were still there, but Maya argued that the situation was different because she knew her baby, and she had held her. Maya explained that she had been a kid when she had left Lucy in the squad car. "Now I'm a mother," Maya added. "And you're still a kid," Frankie replied.

Maya didn't understand why he was making things so hard on her. Frankie revealed that when he looked at his mother, he saw how broken Angie was over the loss of one child. He confessed that he was terrified that Angie wouldn't be able to survive losing another baby. Maya admitted that she didn't think that she was helping Angie by staying because it was clear that Angie was afraid to let Lucy go. Frankie wondered if Maya were concerned that Angie would try to legally take Lucy away, but Maya clarified that she feared that it was too difficult for Angie to be around Lucy while grieving for Ellie. Frankie was startled at the suggestion that Maya taking Lucy away would be a favor to Angie, prompting Maya to wonder why Frankie was so angry at her.

Frankie assured Maya that he was mad at himself, not her. He blamed himself for pushing the job on Maya, and introducing her to Lucy. Maya insisted that she would have found Lucy without Frankie's help because she wouldn't have stopped looking for her daughter. Frankie realized that it wasn't fair to ask, but he pleaded with Maya not to take Lucy away from Angie.

At the hospital, Jesse reminded Angie that the doctor had indicated that she might start to see something. "Shadows," Angie replied. Jesse seemed hopeful as he asked, "Really?" Angie clarified that she didn't see shadows with her eyes; she only saw what their lives had become. "A shadow of what it once was, and I don't see any light coming any time soon," Angie added. Jesse was crushed.

Jesse admitted that he had broken things by trying to fix them, but Angie insisted that some things couldn't be fixed. Angie knew that Jesse was filled with regret, but she explained that she couldn't make things okay for him. "Not now," Angie said in a defeated voice. Angie explained that she had believed in things that she couldn't see, but she was terrified at the prospect of her sight returning. Jesse was curious what scared Angie, so she explained that she was afraid that her eyes might not have made her blind to things.

Jesse assured Angie that whatever happened, she would see that the people she loved were still there, and wouldn't go anywhere. Angie reminded him that Ellie had left her after Angie had carried their daughter for nine months. Jesse conceded that sometimes things happened that didn't make any sense, but he insisted that Ellie had lived inside of Angie for those precious months, and that Angie had sacrificed her eyesight for their child. Angie questioned if it had truly mattered, so Jesse asked her the same question. After several heartbeats, Angie tearfully nodded. "And Lucy?" she asked.

Jesse admitted that it would be up to Maya, so all they could do was love the people around them, while they were there. Moments later, the nurse approached to tell them that the doctor was ready to see them. Jesse seemed surprised when Angie reached out to Jesse's hand as he stood up. After the examination, Jesse confessed that the doctor hadn't pulled any punches. Angie explained that it would have been futile because Angie was a doctor. She acknowledged that the week ahead of them would be critical because if there weren't any signs of her sight returning then it would mean that the cell implantation hadn't worked.

Angie surprised Jesse by insisting that she expected a successful outcome. "I will see again," Angie declared. Jesse agreed, but their conversation was cut short when his phone rang. Jesse took the call while Angie listened. Jesse promised the caller that he would be there shortly, and then ended the call. Angie sensed that something horrible had happened. Jesse explained that he had to go to work, so he would have Frankie pick her up.

A short time later, Angie arrived home. After Frankie left, May a asked about Angie's appointment, so Angie told Maya that they would know whether or not the surgery had been a success soon. Angie sensed that Maya was holding something back, so Maya revealed that Frankie had tried to persuade Maya to stay. "Any luck?" Angie wondered. Maya admitted that Frankie loved Angie very much, prompting Angie to smile. Angie explained that children were like that, which Angie suspected Maya was discovering from Lucy.

Maya insisted that Lucy loved Angie very much because Lucy's face lit up when Angie entered the room. Angie hoped that she would get to see that for herself. Maya was confident that Angie would, which made Angie wonder if that meant that Maya would stay a while longer. Angie quickly took the question back because Angie respected that it was Maya's decision to make. Maya wanted to discuss it with Angie, so Angie advised Maya to listen to her heart because a mother always knew what was best for her child. Maya realized that Angie wasn't her mother, but Maya felt a bond with Angie, so Maya was confident that Angie knew what Maya needed. Angie opened her arms to Maya, who walked into the embrace without hesitation.

At Krystal's restaurant, Cara met Kendall for lunch. Cara was curious if Kendall had heard from Griffin, but Kendall shook her head. Cara admitted that she hadn't heard from her brother, either, but she was eager to share some news, so she decided to confide to Kendall, who had been like a sister to Cara. Kendall was stunned when Cara announced her pregnancy. Kendall quickly assured Cara that Cara would be a wonderful mother because Cara had been amazing with Spike and Ian. Cara appreciated the support.

Kendall wondered if Tad knew about the baby, so Cara confided that she doubted that Tad would be happy about the pregnancy because David was the father. Kendall was shocked, but she immediately warned Cara to think twice before telling David about the baby. Cara seemed startled, but Kendall revealed that David had become obsessed when he had been convinced that Amanda had been pregnant with his child. Cara reminded Kendall that David had lost two children, and had a difficult relationship with his third child. Kendall cautioned Cara that Cara wasn't the first woman to think that she could help David, so she urged Cara to talk to Krystal, Greenlee, or Dixie before making a decision. Cara jokingly wondered if they would tell her that David ate his young, but Kendall didn't see the humor.

Kendall explained that David was controlling, and that David's focus at work, that Cara admired, easily turned to obsession in regards to his children. Cara was curious if Kendall were telling her horror stories to scare her. "Actually, I am," Kendall admitted. Cara realized that everyone thought that David was the devil, but she reminded Kendall that David had saved Kendall's life, Ian's life, Zach's life, and Erica's life. Kendall acknowledged that she owed David, but he had squandered any good will that she had felt towards him. Kendall was curious if Cara cared about David, so Cara explained that David was a friend and colleague.

Kendall wanted to be happy for Cara, but she feared that things would not end well for Cara because there weren't any happy endings with David. Kendall insisted that someone always ended up getting hurt. Cara realized that she had a decision to make, so Kendall offered to be there for Cara, since Griffin wasn't around. Cara asked Kendall to keep quiet about the pregnancy, so Kendall promised not to tell anyone, including Zach. Cara started to leave, but Kendall stopped her when Kendall received a text message. Kendall revealed that there was something that Cara should see before Cara made a decision about telling David about the baby.

At the facility, a shot rang out as Zach and Ryan wrestled for Zach's gun, while David and Greenlee looked on in horror. Ryan stumbled backwards, clutching his stomach, as Greenlee raced to her husband's side. David tried to examine Ryan's wound, but Ryan vowed that he would rather die than allow David to touch him. David decided to call for help, but Zach refused to allow David to place the call. Zach justified the shooting because Ryan had trespassed, but David accused Zach of taking things too far. Greenlee cried out that Ryan's skin felt cold, so David made another attempt to help Ryan. Zach refused to let David near Ryan, so David warned Zach that Ryan's death would be on Zach's hands.

David was livid because Zach had compromised Project Orpheus, which had been intended to save lives. Zach suggested that David calm down, and then reminded David of the others, whom David had claimed weren't ready to be reunited with their loved ones. Zach was curious if David were willing to risk the lives of those patients to save Ryan. David couldn't understand why Zach was behaving so strangely, so Zach explained that he simply wanted to save lives. Ryan warned David and Zach that they wouldn't be able to get rid of him that easily, and then demanded to know if David could appreciate what a cold-blooded maniac David had turned Zach into. David insisted that it had never been his intention.

Greenlee decided to call for help, but Zach snatched the phone out of Greenlee's hand and then smashed it on the ground. David was determined that the madness would end there, but Zach aimed the gun at Greenlee with the intention of shooting her. David was incredulous; he realized that Zach's partners had been right to want Zach dead. David regretted that he hadn't let Zach die when David had discovered that Greenlee hadn't been inside the plane on that fateful night. "I knew they were right when they hired Ricky Torres," David growled at Zach. Zach was incensed when he realized that David had been part of the money laundering at the casino, and sabotage of the plane.

David argued that he had been a silent partner, and that he hadn't crashed the plane. Zach was curious why David had decided to talk, so David pointed out that Zach was leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. David then switched tactics to remind Zach that Zach could claim that the shooting had been self-defense. Greenlee argued that it hadn't happened like that, but David ignored Greenlee as he pointed out that it would be David and Zach's word against Greenlee's. Zach was furious because David had known about the plot to kill Zach, but David quickly reminded Zach that he had saved Zach. "Who's going to save you?" Zach asked as he took aim at David and then fired the gun.

David instinctively pressed his hands to his stomach to stop the bleeding, but after several heartbeats he realized that he hadn't been shot because the bullets had been blanks. Ryan smugly held up a recorder to play a snippet of David's confession about the plane crash. David realized that it had been an elaborate hoax when Zach pulled the sheet off of Griffin, who immediately sat up. Greenlee informed David that Zach had been in on the sting since they had rescued Zach from the facility. David was curious what they wanted him to say, so Ryan bragged that they had all that they needed. David hoped that they were all proud of themselves because it was clear to David that they couldn't see past their petty grievances to appreciate the work that David had done with Orpheus.

David insisted that was the real tragedy. David started to leave, but Zach was curious where David was going. David wondered if they intended to shoot him. Seconds later, Cara and Kendall arrived. Cara ran into her brother's waiting arms, and then revealed that Kendall had filled her in on everything during the drive to the facility. Greenlee demanded to know who the two mystery patients were, but David made it clear that he intended to take that secret to his grave. "Not if I have something to say about it," Jesse announced as he entered the room.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

by Jenny Smith

At the Martin home, a pajama-clad Krystal curled up on the couch with a notepad, on which she wrote "The Future." Tad entered and wondered why Krystal was awake after midnight, and she said she needed to organize her move, or she might not ever leave. Tad reminded Krystal that she didn't have to move, but she insisted that she needed her own space. He mused that he'd miss her, and he speculated that she would miss the craziness at his house.

Krystal turned back to making her list, and Tad offered to help, but she ordered him to bed. "Thought you'd never ask," he amorously remarked, but he quickly apologized for reverting back to old habits. He exited, and she looked at a photo of herself and Tad with Kathy and Jenny. Krystal grabbed her purse and left.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott found Colby packing, and he explained that he had been working on the gatehouse. He commented that the mansion had once been full of life, and he expressed regret that it would soon be empty. She sadly stated that she never would have guessed she would lose her home. Scott asked her how she and Liza were getting along, and Colby acknowledged that everyone knew her relationship with her mother wasn't perfect, but living with Liza was a better alternative than staying with JR.

Scott invited Colby to live at the gatehouse, but Colby hoped he'd work things out with Madison. He said things were better between them, and he was hopeful. Colby was grateful that at least Liza was there for her, unlike Adam. Colby admitted that she'd contacted Adam after one of JR's meltdowns, and she wondered where Adam was, or if her father even cared. Scott called Stuart the heart of their family, while Adam had been the muscle who had fought dirty and had protected them, but it was their turn as the new generation to protect themselves. Scott swore that they wouldn't lose one another, even if the Chandlers lost the company and the house, and he and Colby hugged.

Krystal settled in at her restaurant, but someone knocked on the door. She opened it to Liza, who had seen the lights and had wondered if the place was open. Krystal invited her in, and Liza ordered a scotch. They discussed David's arrest, and Liza disclosed that David had used his one phone call to ask her to represent him. Liza recognized that it was a big case with a lot of coverage, but she felt that no matter which side she was on, she wouldn't be happy. Liza said she envied Krystal, who complained about her own life and admitted that she felt lost.

Liza said she'd always been able to pick herself back up, but she just couldn't do it anymore, because she'd lost the most precious thing in her life -- Colby. Krystal poured another drink, and she recalled the motto she'd taught Babe -- that they deserved the best, and together they could get it. Krystal reflected back to when she hadn't been afraid of anything, before she'd broken the rule of never getting attached to a man. Krystal joked that she and Liza shared fabulous taste in men. Liza admitted that she had once thought she had been invincible, but her relationships had changed her, too. Liza regretted her mistakes more than ever, which she felt was proof she'd learned something.

Liza couldn't imagine how Krystal had gotten past losing Babe, and Krystal explained that in time she'd learned to deal with the pain, but it had never gone away and never would. Krystal thanked Liza for listening, because talking about it helped. "Anytime," Liza said, and the women clinked glasses. Krystal dabbed away tears and offered to be a friend if Liza needed one.

Colby arrived at the restaurant, and Liza worried why Colby was out so late. Colby asked what Liza and Krystal were doing there, and Liza pointedly replied that she had been hanging out with a friend. Liza asked how Colby's packing was going, and Colby became upset that she had to leave her home. Liza hugged Colby, and Krystal sadly gazed at a photo of Babe on the bar.

Natalia surprised Brot at the police station. She explained that she had taken the following day off to spend time with her fiancÚ, and she inquired why he was working so late. He informed her that he planned to resign. Natalia read Brot's resignation letter and shook her head in disagreement. He didn't want to argue, but she reminded him that they both loved their work, and they'd have a wonderful life together. Brot looked pained, and Natalia realized something was bothering him. He said he couldn't keep lying by pretending that he was on the right side of the law.

Brot confessed that he'd made a horrible decision that had caused Natalia's family to suffer. He revealed that he'd lied about Ellie's death and had let Jesse take all the blame. Brot was determined to tell Angie the whole truth, but Natalia thought he was overreacting by quitting his job. He wanted to make things right, and he couldn't live with the guilt. He indicated that it wasn't the first time such a situation had happened, and she asked what he meant. "Iraq," he replied.

Brot explained that something had happened in Iraq before his accident, and he hadn't told anyone about it. Natalia urged him to trust her, and he said he'd had a war buddy named Mac, who had requested to switch shifts with Brot. Brot had wanted to decline because it had been Brot's birthday, but Mac had been exhausted, so Brot had agreed. The next day, Mac had taken Brot's shift, and he had never returned. Brot lamented that Mac had a wife and two kids, and ever since that day, Brot had asked himself why Mac had died instead of Brot. Natalia embraced Brot and assured him everything was all right.

Brot pulled away, and Natalia said it wasn't his fault, but he berated himself for breaking protocol. He wondered why he'd gotten to walk away, but she reminded him that he had been in the hospital for months after almost being killed in an explosion, and he had paid a price, too. He pointed out that he didn't have kids, but she correctly guessed that he had kept in touch with Mac's family. He pulled out a photo of the kids, and he admitted that he had just sent the younger child a birthday gift. Brot felt like he was part of Mac's family, and Natalia said he was part of her family, too.

Natalia suggested that one day they name one of their own children after Mac. Brot smiled and said he liked the sound of it, but he became upset at the thought of Jesse and Angie losing another child. Natalia couldn't imagine how hard it had been for Jesse to grieve for Ellie in secret, and she was glad Brot had been there for Jesse to lean on. She pulled out a compact mirror and said she wanted Brot to see what she did -- the most beautiful man in the world. He worried that his confession would cause her to stop loving him, but she insisted she never would.

At ConFusion, Ryan sipped a beer, and the bartender informed Jake that the bar was closed, but Ryan intervened and invited Jake to join him. Jake mentioned David's arrest, and Ryan noted that the prior few weeks had been tough on Greenlee. Jake called Ryan a hero, and he noticed Ryan's discomfort with the term. Jake pointed out that Ryan had a habit of rescuing people, but Ryan countered that a team had worked together to nail David.

Jake appreciated Ryan's efforts, considering all the harm David had caused the Martin family, but Ryan credited Jake with protecting Amanda and Trevor. Jake quipped that Ryan could be called something worse than a hero -- like Joseph Martin, Jr. Jake said he wouldn't have become a doctor without Joe's influence, but he had wanted to do things his own way. Jake admitted that he had never planned to unpack his bags in Pine Valley, until he fell in love with Amanda. He vowed to be a great dad and husband, and he disclosed that he and Amanda were pursuing adoption. Ryan assured Jake that everything would work out.

Ryan and Jake chugged shots, and Jake noticed that Ryan appeared distant. Ryan admitted that Jake's mention of Joe had made him think about his own father, who had terrorized the Lavery family. Ryan expressed guilt that his mom, sister, and brother hadn't been able to get away like he had. Jake understood, but Ryan promised himself not to allow the past to hold him back anymore. Ryan suggested that he and Jake both put the past behind them and move on. "Here's to dumping the baggage," Jake toasted, and they drank.

Greenlee arrived at the Slater home, and she and Kendall both admitted that they hadn't been able to sleep after the revelation that David had been a silent partner in Zach's casino. Greenlee proclaimed that she'd had a brainstorm, and she believed that they could look into the future and change it. Kendall thought they shouldn't try to control the future the way David had, but Greenlee clarified that it was time to forget about David and to focus on their company. Kendall raved about how well the Fierce line had been doing, but Greenlee wanted to take their efforts to the next level.

Greenlee suggested that they create a computer program that would show women what they'd look like in the future, and Fusion could develop products to help women hide or flaunt certain features. Greenlee excitedly proposed that they work on her idea the next day at the office, but Kendall declared that while she loved Greenlee's idea, she wasn't ready to throw herself back into work. Kendall wanted to spend time with Zach and her sons, and she couldn't devote the amount of time the project required for it to succeed. Greenlee whined that it was the first great idea she'd had in a while, but Kendall urged her to forget about her problems and to spend time with Ryan. Greenlee snapped that she didn't want to forget, and Kendall realized that Greenlee was afraid of something.

Greenlee admitted that when she had returned home that evening, the penthouse had been empty and scarily quiet, and she'd felt alone. She recalled that when she had been little, she had woken up after having nightmares and had run to her parents' room, only to find it empty. Greenlee had started acting out, and eventually Roger and Mary had shipped her off to boarding school, where at least she hadn't felt alone. Kendall pointed out that Greenlee had Ryan and was no longer alone, but Greenlee worried that she could lose Ryan at any moment.

Kendall insisted that Greenlee wouldn't lose Ryan, but Greenlee recounted that when she'd had to pretend that Ryan had been shot, it had felt like Ryan really had been dying in her arms, and she had realized that it could happen. Kendall assured Greenlee that it wouldn't, but Greenlee pointed out that Jonathan and Hannah had both shot Ryan, who always insisted on protecting the people he cared about. Greenlee lamented that the people she loved had always left her, and she'd want to die if she lost anyone else. Kendall hugged Greenlee and swore that Greenlee wouldn't lose Kendall.

Greenlee recalled that she and Kendall had hated one another when they had first started working together. Greenlee thanked Kendall for being her best friend, and she said Kendall was like an older sister. The women playfully bantered about which of them was actually older. Ryan arrived in search of Greenlee, and he informed Kendall that Zach was still at the police station. Ryan and Greenlee hugged, and they were both grateful to see one another. Kendall implored them to go home, and Greenlee embraced Kendall and said she loved her. Kendall returned the sentiment.

During a musical montage, Brot and Natalia kissed on their bed and began to make love. Jake arrived home and snuggled in bed next to Amanda. Kendall looked at a photo of Zach and waited for him to return home. Greenlee stood on the balcony, and Ryan approached behind her and wrapped her in his arms. Krystal returned to her list, and she was surprised when Tad entered with a stern look on his face. He urged her to return home, because no matter what happened, his house would always be her home, and he would always be her family. She took his arm, and he led her out of the restaurant, leaving her blank list behind.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

by Audra M. King

Dixie dreamed about the woman at David's facility that wore a bracelet with a B on it. Dixie tried to see who the woman was, but David stopped her. Dixie awoke with a start, and Tad barreled into the room to see if she was okay. Dixie explained her dream, and her fear that Babe had been left alone. Tad felt that the saga was over because David was in jail and had most likely lied about Babe out of spite. Dixie couldn't let the idea go, and said that she needed to see David.

Dixie couldn't miss the stark change in Tad's demeanor and told him that there was nothing going on between her and David. Tad knew as much, but felt that all of Pine Valley would be better off without David in it. Dixie assured Tad that he didn't have to worry about David because David no longer had a hold on her. Dixie said that she only wanted to help the two people that David had hidden away. Tad caved in, but said that he wanted to help. Tad said that if Dixie was mature enough to handle dealing with David, he could be as well.

Brot opened the interrogation room and told David he had a visitor. David said the only person he wanted to see was a lawyer. Liza spoke up and said that no self-respecting lawyer would take his case -- which is why she'd decided to take him on as a client. Liza asked if she could speak with David alone, so Brot locked them in the room together. David immediately launched into a tale of how Ryan, Greenlee, Zach, and Griffin had conspired against him. Liza, unwilling to be played for a fool, called things as she saw them: David had broken the law and gotten caught. David insisted that he was making right what had gone wrong, and was being crucified for his good deeds.

Liza mentioned David's conspiracy with Ricky Torres and the casino partners. David was certain that no one would be able to connect him to the sabotage of the plane. Liza was fed up and said that at least with her, David needed to own up to what he had done. After her outburst, Liza realized that she couldn't take David's case. David was flabbergasted, but Liza said that she expected more out of herself than making the same mistakes. Liza said that she was still in David's corner, and held out hope that he would finally learn how to be good to people.

Tad and Dixie arrived at the police station just as Liza exited the interrogation room. Liza assured Tad that she wasn't representing David -- merely one old friend wishing another one well. Dixie and Tad asked if they could speak with David, so Brot granted a five-minute window. David wryly wondered what else he could do to enhance the lives of the Martin family. Tad indicated that Dixie was the one who had wanted to see David. Dixie approached the table slowly and sat down. Dixie told David that he no longer had a reason to keep secrets, and asked if he'd hidden Babe somewhere.

David didn't feel as though he owed honesty to Dixie or Tad. Dixie agreed, but offered that David would have the opportunity to save another life: JR's. Dixie noted that JR had lost his job and was about to lose his house and custody of his son. Dixie believed that Babe could save JR from himself. David said that he wouldn't save Babe's life only to send her in the direction of a man who would destroy it again. Tad interjected with a question: would David be willing to act selflessly for Babe's benefit?

David refused to reveal any additional information, despite all of Dixie's pleading. David called for a guard just as Tad got into David's face. Tad asked through clenched teeth why David couldn't have acted like a respectable human being. David asked why no one was grateful for what he'd done. David also asked why neither Tad nor Dixie had been on his side when Ryan, Greenlee, Zach, and Griffin had set him up. Dixie scoffed indignantly and told David that he was the only one to blame for the mess he was in.

When they arrived back at the Martin house, Dixie stormed into the living room, fired up at how David had tried to play them. Tad found Dixie's reaction amusing, and Dixie was amazed that Tad wasn't angry. Tad said that he'd gone up against David so often that he knew he simply needed to be patient. Tad said that he was focused on the fact that he and Dixie still made a pretty good team.

Tad planted some kisses on Dixie, and then asked if she still wanted to take things slowly. Dixie thought about it until Tad confessed that she was and would always be the love of his life. They made their way to the bedroom and closed the door. Dixie lay on the bed and lured Tad in by unbuttoning her shirt. Unable to contain his goofy side, Tad did a little jig before Dixie dragged him onto the bed.

At Krystal's restaurant, May a ran into Colby. Maya asked about the Chandlers losing their family home and how Colby felt about it. Colby didn't have a way to voice her feelings, so Maya asked how Asher felt. Colby said that she hadn't shared the news because she wanted Asher to focus on his sobriety. Maya asked if Colby missed Asher, and Colby replied that she couldn't miss something she'd never had. Colby turned the tables and asked what Maya had decided about baby Lucy. Maya said that life would be much easier if she could simply leave town. However, May a felt tremendous guilt, thinking about the possibility, given all that Angie and Jesse had done for her.

Maya realized that she would have a hard time taking care of herself and Lucy without a job or a place to live. Colby told the story of Stuart, the baby that Liza had adopted. Colby mused about how wonderful the baby was and how in love everyone was with him. Colby said that they'd been forced to give the baby back to his birth mother. Colby advised that if Maya planned to leave the Hubbards, she needed to do so quickly.

As Jesse looked on, Angie insisted that she was fine folding Lucy's clothes on her own. Angie voiced her hope that she would be able to see Lucy sometime before Maya took the baby away. Jesse suggested that Maya might stay, but Angie was sure that wouldn't happen. Jesse said that regardless of how things turned out, he was certain that Angie would see Lucy one day. Angie asked what had changed, given that Jesse had been doubtful through the whole process. Jesse said that Angie's strength and dignity had inspired him to believe. Jesse added that even if Angie couldn't forgive him, he would always believe in her.

Angie asked if Jesse also believed in David. Jesse said that while David had been able to work miracles, David's work didn't excuse what he'd done to people. Angie begged Jesse to make sure that David wasn't taken away. Jesse realized that Angie feared needing more treatment and not having David around to administer the medication. Angie admitted that being David's patient was part of the urgency that drove her to keep David out of prison. Angie added that David had two other people stashed away somewhere that could be reunited with a family. Jesse knew that Angie was thinking about Babe, and said that David had likely lied about infusing life into his child once again. Angie said that she couldn't ignore David's claims and risk not reuniting Krystal with her daughter.

Lucy woke up, so Jesse and Angie cuddled and cooed with her on the couch. Moments later, May a walked into the apartment. The room was still as Maya announced that she planned to move out, with Lucy, immediately. Jesse asked if Maya had a place to go. Maya said that Colby planned to help, but if that fell through, May a said she would stay at a hotel. Jesse tried to convince Maya to stay, but Angie spoke up. Angie admitted that if they could, she and Jesse would have Maya and Lucy stay with them forever.

Angie thought it was a good idea for Maya to make a clean break from the Hubbards. Maya was grateful for all Angie and Jesse had done for her and her daughter. Maya went to the bedroom to gather a few final things, and Angie told Jesse that she needed to say goodbye to Lucy. Angie pulled the little girl onto her lap and offered thanks that the baby had showed up in their lives when she needed them and they needed her.

Maya rejoined them in the living room, but she and Lucy left quickly. Angie tried to sound convincing when she said that everything would work out. Angie started to cry but then resisted the urge because she knew she wouldn't be able to stop the tears once they started. Jesse asked what he could do, and Angie said that she needed to talk to David.

Jesse tried to discourage Angie, as he believed David wouldn't volunteer information that could be used as a bargaining chip. Angie insisted that she try to talk to David, and told Jesse that Frankie could pick her up. Angie said that she couldn't face the idea that losing her sight and her daughter was for nothing. Angie finally gave in to her tears and collapsed into Jesse's arms.

Jesse told Angie that despite all of the hardship their family had endured, he was certain they would survive. Angie thanked Jesse for being strong, but Jesse said he had a long way to go before he deserved any gratitude. Jesse offered to go with Angie when she talked to David, but Angie knew David wouldn't talk with Jesse around. A car honked its horn, so Angie grabbed her things and left.

Asher and Caleb arrived at Krystal's restaurant and talked about a trip to Caleb's cabin. Asher ordered a coffee to go before he spotted Colby. Caleb stepped away so that the two teenagers could talk. They did so awkwardly, but neither Colby nor Asher really knew what to say. Colby finally asked if they could get together later, but Asher claimed that he had a lot of things to do. Colby mirrored his statement and they mumbled a farewell. Liza walked into the restaurant just as Asher was exiting.

Liza saw her daughter slumped over glumly at the restaurant bar. Before she could make a move toward Colby, Caleb approached her. Liza pointed out that she seemed to be incapable of making anyone smile. Caleb pointed out that he was smiling, and attributed it to Liza and the way she worked a courtroom. Liza asked Caleb not to continue with his flattery. Caleb wanted to know if Liza's request was because she wasn't interested -- or because she was.

Before Liza could craft an answer, Colby approached them and asked if she could speak with her mother. Liza agreed, eager to be rid of Caleb's advances. Once Caleb went back to his table, Colby asked if Lucy and Maya could live with them. Liza agreed, and thought that having a baby around would infuse a sense of adventure into their lives again. Colby started to babble excitedly but quickly realized that Liza wasn't sharing in the emotion. Liza said that she was worried about Angie and Jesse, and how hard the transition would be on them.

As Liza and Colby chatted, Colby was amazed at how easily their cordial relationship had returned. They both had hope that they could only get better. At that moment, May a walked in with Lucy. Lucy told Colby that leaving the Hubbards had been difficult, but that Angie and Jesse had been supportive. Liza told Maya that she and Lucy could stay at her place as long as they needed, and relief flooded Maya's face. Liza stepped away, and Maya asked if Colby wanted to go to the park. Asher reappeared at that moment, and Maya took an unoffered rain check while Colby and Asher stared at each other.

Both Asher and Colby hesitated, unsure of what to say. Finally Colby blurted out that although Asher had a lot of things going on, she still cared and didn't want to give up what they'd found with each other. Colby was shocked when Asher agreed, and mentioned that he'd said he didn't care. Asher admitted that he'd never stopped, which pleased Colby. Colby spotted the books that Asher had carried in with him and realized he was taking classes at PVU. Asher was delighted when Colby told him that she had the same classes, and asked if she could talk about some of the professors with him.

Liza made her way back to Caleb's table, ready to talk about whether she was interested in Caleb or not. Caleb apologized because he recognized that earlier, he had been pushy. Caleb said that Asher had been encouraging him to speak his mind. Liza interrupted Caleb's run-on sentence and told him that she was interested in him. She instructed Caleb to pick her up at 8:00, and left Caleb sitting at his table, slightly stunned.

Maya sat with Lucy at the park and tossed breadcrumbs to the birds. When the bag was empty, May a mused about whether she'd done the right thing by moving out of the Hubbards' apartment. Across the park, Jesse stood where he'd buried his youngest daughter and talked about how hard it had been to lose Lucy as well. Unbeknownst to him, Liza passed nearby and witnessed Jesse's tears.

David banged on the door of the interrogation room and demanded that he be taken back to his cell. When the door opened, David was surprised to see Angie. David asked if Angie had seen any light. Angie said that she hadn't regained any vision so far, but hoped that David would be the one to have his eyes opened.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

by Jenny Smith

JR looked around the Chandler living room, as Colby continued to pack their belongings. Colby asked what she should do with Adam's things, and she opened a case of guns. JR picked up a firearm and remarked that he'd always wanted it, but Adam had never allowed him to have it. Colby suggested that they put everything into storage and let Adam deal with it, if he ever returned home. Scott entered and handed Colby an envelope with some legal paperwork. JR reached for a second envelope in Scott's hand, but Scott informed JR that it was Scott's.

Colby opened the envelope and announced that it was a revised version of Adam's will, and JR's name wasn't in it. A pained look crossed JR's face. Colby apologized to JR, who berated Adam for not contacting him directly. Scott pointed out that Adam had changed his will more than once, but JR suspected Adam blamed JR for losing the house. JR accused Scott of telling Adam about JR's drinking, and the men bitterly argued about Marissa.

JR spat that Scott had been after the Chandler money all along. Scott retorted that JR had proven Adam right -- JR had lost his company, his house, his wife, and his father's respect. Scott inquired whether JR had anything left to lose. Scott opined that JR was responsible for his own downfall, and he suggested that JR needed help. JR snapped that no one was ever taking anything from him again, and he grabbed his duffel bag and walked out. Later, Colby called Adam and reported that JR was out of control and was angry at everyone, including Adam, because of the will.

Scott and Madison shared hot dogs in the park. He suspected that JR had left for good, but Madison didn't think JR could walk away from AJ. Madison found it amazing that Scott was still concerned about his cousin, despite everything JR had done. Scott recalled that when Adam had gone too far, Stuart had been there to pull Adam back. Madison noted that Stuart had influenced Scott, and she offered to be there for him. He asked for a napkin, and she dabbed at his mouth. He took her hand and said she'd helped a lot.

Madison pulled away, and Scott apologized, but she said she was glad he'd reached out. She regretted that she'd shut him out, but he understood that she had been mourning the loss of her child. She admitted that she missed him, and he couldn't stand the idea of not having her in his life, but she appreciated that he'd still given her the space she'd needed. She inquired whether he wanted to give their relationship another shot, unless he thought it was too late, but he silenced her with a kiss.

Madison and Scott continued kissing, and she said he'd answered her question. He amorously said he could try again if he hadn't been clear, and he moved in close again. Colby interrupted them and quickly apologized, but she remarked it was about time they'd reunited. Scott asked if Colby had found JR, and while she hadn't, she announced that Adam was returning home.

Tad woke up and reached for Dixie, but he found the bed empty. Tad frantically charged downstairs, calling for Dixie. She entered and explained that she was getting things ready for AJ's visit. Tad couldn't hide his relief, and he admitted that for a moment he'd worried that the night before had been a dream. She kissed him and affectionately made fun of how his eyebrows moved when he slept. She said they'd been given a second chance, and she intended to take it and never let it go. They kissed again.

Tad prepared to leave to meet Jesse. Dixie and Tad kissed goodbye, but he hesitated to leave. He marveled that he could say "see you later" like it was no big deal, and he departed. AJ entered and requested a snack, but JR arrived, and AJ excitedly ran into his father's arms. The boy cried that he had missed JR, who returned the sentiment.

Dixie cautioned JR that Marissa wasn't there, but JR reminded Dixie of how Dixie had stolen time with JR against Adam's wishes. She agreed to let JR spend a few minutes with AJ, and JR asked for some time alone with his son. Dixie hesitantly left to get a snack, and JR hugged AJ and said he loved him. He asked AJ to hurry upstairs to fetch his favorite toy, because they were about to embark on an adventure. Dixie returned, and AJ innocently announced JR's plans.

Dixie sent AJ upstairs with his snack and said the adventure had to wait. JR explained that he hadn't mentioned his plan to avoid making Dixie an accessory, but he refused to let Marissa and Bianca corrupt his son. Dixie argued that Bianca was a wonderful mother, and she reminded JR of his own indiscretions. Dixie said that AJ needed his mom, but JR angrily retorted that Marissa wasn't AJ's mother, and he was determined not to let her take his son away. He dared Dixie to call the cops, because he intended to be long gone before they arrived. Dixie insisted that he couldn't leave, with or without AJ.

JR barked that Dixie couldn't stop him, but she remarked that someone else could, and she vaguely stated that he'd never find out something if he left. She clammed up, and he called for AJ. She blurted that David had other patients and that Babe could be alive.

In the park, Liza approached Jesse and sympathized that he'd had to say goodbye to Lucy. He commented that it had been just as difficult as saying goodbye to Ellie, and he blamed himself for his predicament. Jesse accepted responsibility for causing Angie pain, but Liza argued that he'd been trying to do the right thing. He lamented that he'd broken Angie's heart twice, but Liza maintained that he had attempted to spare Angie. He countered that he'd only tried to spare himself.

Jesse explained that it had taken time for him to accept Angie's pregnancy, but once he'd embraced the idea, he hadn't been able to wait, especially since he hadn't been there during Frankie's youth. He felt that he had let Angie down all over again when Lucy had been stillborn, but Liza disagreed. He recalled how Angie had cried out to hold Ellie, and he'd handed her Lucy. Liza acknowledged that everything he had done had been out of love, but he felt it had been out of fear of letting his family down. Liza suggested that she could help.

Jesse was grateful to learn that Maya was staying with Liza rather than living alone. Liza offered to try to convince Maya to consider giving Lucy back to the Hubbards. Jesse wondered why Liza would help, and Liza hoped she could make amends. He appreciated her efforts, but he lamented that no one could fix the situation, and he walked away.

Tad and Jesse met at ConFusion, and Tad noted that Jesse looked like he'd been hit by a truck. Jesse commented that everything was still dark, and Tad realized that Jesse didn't just mean Angie's eyesight. Jesse felt guilty that he'd hurt Angie and that he couldn't make things better. Tad stated that the Hubbards always found their way back together, and he pointed out that Tad had been in Angie's shoes when Dixie had betrayed him. Tad recalled that he'd lost his faith in Dixie, just like Jesse thought Angie had lost faith in him, but Dixie had given Tad time and space and had never given up. Jesse vowed to never give up on Angie and to do whatever he needed to win his wife back.

At Krystal's restaurant, May a tended to Lucy and fretted about how she would pay for school and childcare. Randi and Frankie entered and hesitated to approach Maya, but Randi suggested they say hello. Maya apologized for moving out, but they understood why she'd taken Lucy. Maya asked about Angie and Jesse, and Frankie hoped Maya would let his parents see Lucy once Maya got settled in. He cooed over the baby and offered to teach her to play soccer one day.

As Frankie played with Lucy, May a observed that the Hubbards took family seriously, and Randi agreed that the Hubbards were special. Frankie announced that he had to pick up Angie, and he handed Lucy back to Maya. Later, May a spoke on the phone to inquire about a job, and she realized she'd have to drop her classes. Liza overheard and watched Maya accidentally spill Lucy's bottle over her course catalog. Liza helped Maya clean up the mess, and she reminded Maya that she didn't have to do everything alone. Liza suggested that Jesse and Angie would love to help out, but Maya refused to ask the Hubbards for anything more, because she'd taken too much from them already.

At the hospital, Cara looked at the results of her pregnancy test, but she quickly stashed the report away when Griffin entered. She hugged her brother and declared she was happy he was there, but she scolded him for not telling her about his role in the plot to expose David. Griffin explained that he had wanted to tell Cara about his plan, but she had been involved with David. She understood, but she didn't think that David deserved to be behind bars. Griffin was glad that David's incarceration would prevent a relationship between Cara and David.

Cara said that while Griffin had been playing dead, David had been helping her. She led Griffin to a private area and admitted that she'd thought her cancer had returned, and although it hadn't, David had supported her during her scare. Griffin was sorry he hadn't been there for Cara, and he asked why she'd suspected she'd been sick. Cara assured him that her blood work hadn't been anything to worry about, but Griffin pressed her to obtain a second opinion. Griffin remarked that David was where he belonged, and Cara had no reason to stay in contact with David. She revealed that she was pregnant.

Griffin was shocked, and he realized that David was the father. He asked if she planned to keep the baby, and she adamantly stated that she would. She'd always wanted to become a mother, but she had thought she'd never have the chance, and she refused to give up her dream. Griffin understood, and she asked if he was ready to be an uncle. He ordered her not to say a word to David about the pregnancy.

At the police station, Angie warned David that if he kept playing God, he'd never get what he wanted. He agreed to play along, and he asked what she thought that was. "What else? Love," she replied. Angie pointed out that David had grown up in a cruel world, between his father's suicide and the loss of his brother and two daughters. Angie understood why David wouldn't believe in love, but she speculated that he did and that his actions were a result of needing to feel connected to someone. He sarcastically stated that he'd done horrible, prison-worthy things, but she recognized that he was desperate for love and that he needed to control not having anything else taken from him.

Angie called David's power over life and death genius but incredibly sad, because he was still alone, but she insisted that it didn't have to be that way. He assumed that she was offering her friendship, but she clarified that she was presenting him with a way out. She pointed out that he hadn't been the only one who'd suffered a tragic loss. He expressed condolences about her daughter's death, and she said it had been torture, but she'd stared down pain with the help and support of her loved ones. Angie realized that David had put up walls, and she begged him to let her in.

David questioned Angie's motives, and he guessed that her concern was related to the restoration of her sight. He promised to treat her no matter what, but she insisted that she really cared about him. He expressed skepticism, but she recognized that he had been hurt, and she admired and identified with his struggle to stay afloat. Angie didn't think that David had planned for his life to turn out like it had, and she urged him to make a change. She suspected that he carried his heart in a thousand pieces and that he needed some help to heal.

David acknowledged that maybe there could have been hope for him, but he expected to be convicted and to go to prison. He commented that Angie was wasting her time, but she agreed that while he would have to pay for his crimes, he could maintain his pride, if he told the world his secrets. He believed it was too late, but she implored him to give the citizens of Pine Valley the people he was holding back, including himself.

Angie said she felt the good in David, and she recounted how he'd stepped up to give her a miracle, and she believed that he cared. He sheepishly admitted that he did -- a little. Frankie arrived, and as he led Angie to the door, David called after her and asked if she would visit him in jail. She swore that David hadn't seen the last of her.

Later, Cara arrived to visit David in his holding cell, and she asked how he was doing. After some small talk, she informed him that she was there to say goodbye. He called her a smart woman, and he was grateful to see her. She praised him for being a friend when she'd needed one and said she'd always remember his kindness.

David commented that he'd only pointed out a few clouds, but Cara knowingly said he'd done much more. He asked about her test results and anticipated bad news, but she told him it was just the opposite. Cara explained that David had given her something that she'd thought might never happen. He looked quizzical, and she mused that he had a right to know. She disclosed that she was pregnant with his baby, and he looked happily surprised.

Frankie and Angie returned home, and Angie admitted that she missed Lucy. Frankie felt guilty that he'd recommended Maya for the babysitting job, but Angie insisted that things had turned out the way they were supposed to be. Frankie asked if she really believed that Lucy was where she belonged, and Angie declared her need to move on.

Frankie offered to stay, but Angie insisted that she had to get accustomed to Lucy not being there. Frankie said he'd check in later, and he nonchalantly flipped on a light on his way to the door. She called out and asked if he'd turned on a light. She looked up in amazement and declared that she could see it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

by Jenny Smith

Zach, who was wearing a Red Wings sweatshirt, plopped down on the couch and turned on the television. Kendall entered and reported that Spike and Ian were quietly coloring in their room. Zach commented that the boys hadn't wrestled with him in a while, and she amorously pointed out that she hadn't, either, and they kissed. Later, Zach cloaked himself in a Red Wings Snuggie and offered Kendall a beer. She disapprovingly commented that it was early for hockey, but he matter-of-factly informed her that it was pre-season.

Zach asked Kendall to sit down, and he munched on snacks. She looked at him incredulously when he put his feet on the couch, and he removed them at her request. She stared at him in disbelief as he watched the television, and she lectured that they'd just gotten past the drama with David and that it was a miracle they were together. She had hoped she and Zach would have some special time together, but she scoffed at the fact that he'd rather drink beer and watch hockey.

Zach requested that Kendall not block his view of the television, and she sarcastically offered to make him a sandwich to go with his beer. He nonchalantly accepted, and he declared that he was happy, because David was going away, and all was right in the world -- he had his wife, his kids, and the Red Wings. She started to storm off, but he claimed he wanted to watch the game with her, and he asked her again to sit down. As she walked past him, he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.

Kendall struggled and whined that she didn't want to watch the game, but Zach quickly turned on a home video he'd created with family memories, and he announced that hockey pre-season didn't start until the following week. Kendall grew teary-eyed as she looked at the footage Zach had compiled. "It's good to be home," Zach said. After they watched the video, Zach shut off the television, and Kendall called Zach's surprise romantic. He asked if she was happy, and she stroked his face and marveled that he was really back. "We're back," he clarified, and they kissed.

Kendall pulled away and crossed the room to fetch something, and Zach protested that he'd thought they were on track. She showed him a jewelry box, which she opened to reveal a wedding ring to replace the one he'd lost, and she placed it on his finger. "Now we're back," she tearfully proclaimed. He pulled her into his arms.

At ConFusion, Erica met Jackson, who welcomed her home. She announced that she had wonderful news, and he hoped it wasn't Mike Roy's return from the dead. She admitted that she'd fallen into David's trap, but she swore that she wanted to focus on their exciting future. She proclaimed that she was going to be a star, and he said she already was. Erica explained that a movie producer wanted her to play herself in the movie adaptation of her book. Jackson was thrilled, but he thought they had their own plans to make. She couldn't concentrate on wedding plans with a movie deal pending.

Erica recounted how the movie offer had transpired, and Jackson contended that she'd soon star in the last wedding of her life. She said their wedding would be spectacular as soon as she had time to plan it, but the movie had been something she'd always dreamed about. He hoped that marrying him would be in the same category, and she half-heartedly claimed it was, but she remained fixated on the movie. She gushed about Kit's interest in her and the possibility of getting her own star on Hollywood Boulevard. Brooke entered, and Jackson warmly greeted her, while Erica coldly assumed that Adam had left Brooke.

Brooke reported that Adam had flown back with her, and they were still together. Jackson commented about the tough time Chandler Enterprises was going through, but Erica steered the topic back to her movie. She crowed that unlike the time Adam had held a movie role over her head to manipulate her into marrying him, she wouldn't have to marry the producer to get the part. Jackson remarked that was a good thing, because she didn't even have the time to marry a lawyer who was crazy about her.

Jackson received a text message, and he learned that he had to be in court. Jackson made a production of saying goodbye to Brooke, and he left. Brooke observed that things were going well for Erica, but she noted that Erica and Jackson hadn't set a wedding date. Erica mentioned her book tour and movie, and added that she planned to marry Jackson when she had time to devote to every detail. Brooke remarked that Erica had always been good at "the old duck and weave."

Erica took offense, but Brooke commented that she had expected that Erica and Jackson would have gotten married already. Erica said she'd been busy, and Brooke doubted whether the marriage would ever happen. Erica retorted that she didn't see a ring on Brooke's finger, either. Erica suggested that Adam just wasn't the marrying kind anymore, after he'd married Erica twice. Brooke contended that being Erica's husband would sour any man on marriage, but Erica snapped that Adam had blackmailed her into their union.

Erica swore that Jackson was her one true love, but Brooke rolled her eyes and noted that Erica had once felt that way about all of her past loves. Erica remarked that at least her loves weren't another woman's castoffs, and everyone knew that Brooke had helped herself to Erica's leftovers. Erica bragged about Kit's vision for her film, and Brooke commented that Kit had a great sense of humor, and she knew because she had dated him. Erica was incredulous, and she cattily stated that it had probably been the best night of Brooke's life. Brooke revealed that she and Kit had dated for months, and she had ended things when her career had taken off. Brooke asserted that Erica had gone after Brooke's leftovers.

Brooke and Erica continued to exchange barbs, and Brooke began to giggle. They both laughed and realized that they'd fallen back into old habits. Erica hesitantly told Brooke that she looked good, and Brooke returned the compliment. Erica admitted that Pine Valley hadn't been the same since Brooke had left, and Brooke pushed Erica to confess that she missed Brooke. Erica hated Brooke's superior attitude and Brooke's way of provoking her, but Erica acknowledged that she respected Brooke.

Brooke pointed out that she and Erica were actually a lot alike, and Erica conceded that they both had excellent taste in men. Erica asked about Adam, and Brooke vaguely replied that things had been different since she and Adam had left town. Erica sensed that Brooke was holding something back, and she prodded Brooke to reveal what was going on. Brooke tersely wished Erica luck with the film and hoped it wouldn't cost her Jackson, but Erica insisted that she and Jackson were fine. Brooke turned to leave, and Erica declared that Brooke wouldn't be in her movie. Brooke shrugged and sarcastically replied, "Bummer!"

At the Martin home, JR insisted that Babe was dead, and he blasted Dixie for believing David. Dixie explained that she'd seen another patient while she had been in recovery, and the patient had been a blonde woman. JR blamed the memory on Dixie's medication, but she was certain that she'd seen a bracelet with the letter "B" on it. JR was skeptical and asked why she hadn't told him sooner, but she asserted that she didn't want him to leave without knowing it was a possibility.

Dixie revealed that she'd asked David if the patient had been Babe, but he hadn't admitted anything. JR recounted that Babe had died in his arms, but she pointed out that Tad had witnessed Dixie die, and David had helped others who had been presumed dead. JR thought David was playing games, and he refused to let David mess with his head. JR maintained that Babe was dead, but Dixie argued that JR would never know for sure if he left.

Dixie reasoned that David had never approved of Babe and JR's marriage, and she speculated that David had faked Babe's death to get her away from JR. Dixie suspected that she herself had ingested the drug that had been meant for Babe, which would explain why David had been there to save Dixie. JR recalled that David had taken Babe's body after she had died, and David hadn't let anyone see Babe. Dixie encouraged JR to consider that Babe could be alive.

In his cell, a stunned David repeated that Cara was pregnant, and he grinned happily when she confirmed that she was absolutely sure. David pondered the thought of being a father again, and he expressed to Cara how much it meant to him. He recalled that he'd only had a few months with Leora, and he hadn't known Babe and Marissa until they were grown. He regretted never having the chance to be the father his kids had needed and deserved. He called Cara's pregnancy a beautiful gift, and he looked forward to a second chance to be the father he knew he could be. She gently explained that she couldn't accept him as a parent to her child, and she asserted that it was her baby, not his.

Cara didn't want to hurt David, and he recognized that he had been a control freak who had damaged his children, but he claimed that he wasn't anymore. He touched her face and called her an amazing woman, and he said her baby was a lucky child. She replied that it would be a remarkable baby with a brilliant father. David marveled that Cara was cancer-free and had a baby on the way. She saw him as a kind, generous man who'd gotten her through a cancer scare. He joked that he hoped their child was a better judge of character than she was, and she laughed. The guard arrived and announced that David had another visitor. David said he wasn't interested, but JR sauntered in.

David said that he and JR had nothing to talk about, and Cara offered to leave. David suggested JR do so instead, but Cara urged David to hear JR out, so David consented to a five-minute conversation. David asked Cara to stay in touch, and she left. David asked if JR was there to thank him for saving Dixie, but JR inquired if Babe was alive. David blamed JR for Babe's presence in Pine Valley during the tornado.

JR pointed out that David had saved others, and he disclosed that Dixie had seen another woman at David's facility. David refused to provide any information, and JR demanded to know if David had kept Babe alive. David snarled that JR had turned Babe's life into a living hell, and David would have done anything to keep Babe away from JR. JR admitted he'd made mistakes, but he had loved Babe, and they had planned to get married again. "If my daughter could see you now -- the bankrupt, homeless drunk that you really are," David spat.

JR understood that David hated him, but he acknowledged that David loved AJ, and JR questioned whether David would deny his own grandson a life with his mother. JR congratulated David on getting Babe away from him, and he stated that David had gotten his wish, but David pointed out that he was still behind bars. JR warned David that JR had nothing left to lose, but David scoffed at his threats. JR swore that David would rot in hell, and he stalked out.

Later, Griffin arrived at the police station in response to a call from David. David stated that a doctor never abandoned his patients, and he couldn't finish his work, but Griffin could. David insisted that people's lives were depending on Griffin, and he slid a piece of paper across the table. Griffin opened it, and a shocked expression crossed his face. "Now you understand," David said. Meanwhile, JR placed a call to have someone tail Griffin.

At the Hubbard home, Angie informed Frankie that she could see the glow of the light. Frankie exclaimed that it was amazing, but he noticed her expression of disappointment. She lamented that the glow was fading, and a moment later, she sadly noted that it was gone. Frankie thought it was a good sign, and he reminded Angie that no one expected her sight to return overnight. She ordered him not to say a word to Jesse, because she didn't want to get Jesse's hopes up until she knew she could see, and Frankie agreed. Jesse arrived home, and Frankie left for a shift at the hospital. Jesse asked about her conversation with David, and she called David a complicated man.

Angie said she'd never seen David so vulnerable, and it was about more than just him facing life in prison. Jesse urged her to step away from the situation, but she sympathized with David, since he had also suffered losses. Jesse didn't think it was an excuse for David's actions, and Angie agreed, but she understood why David had turned into the man he was. Jesse argued that David was an accessory to murder, but Angie contended that David had saved lives. Jesse was happy for the people David had helped, but he still wanted to see David pay. Angie revealed that there were two more patients who deserved to be reunited with their families, and they would die without David's help.

Angie bemoaned that their home was quiet and empty without Lucy, and she was afraid it was going to crush her. Jesse urged her to give it time, but she couldn't imagine getting accustomed to the silence or to never holding Lucy again. She asked if one day she'd be able to forget that she'd lost two daughters, and she wondered if she'd ever feel like her life and heart were whole again. Jesse swore he'd do whatever he could to help her, and he vowed they'd do it together, but she needed to find her own way through the pain.

Angie reached for Lucy's crib and sadly remarked that Lucy had loved it. Jesse offered to pack it up, and Angie agreed. Jesse folded a blanket, and he held it to his face before setting it down. He gazed at a family photo of Frankie, Angie, Lucy, and himself, and he dabbed tears from his eyes.

While Jesse packed up Lucy's things, Angie began to see the glow of the light again. She stared intently at the light, and it didn't disappear. She turned to Jesse, and her eyes gradually focused on him. She slowly walked toward him and touched his shoulder. She observed that he was crying, and he tried to deny it. She implored him to stop lying, because she could see it.



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