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Todd insisted that he hadn't killed Victor, and he was certain he'd be cleared once the gun given to the homeless man was found. Jack claimed that he had seen Todd commit the murder. Shaun played a voicemail that had been recorded during Victor's murder. Kim had a plan after she saw the gun in the porcupine and assumed it was Rex's. Gigi told Rex not to give up. Everyone gathered to say goodbye to Victor.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 12, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Stealthily, Natalie crept into Llanfair and began to look around. Unfortunately, she ran into Todd. He exclaimed that he would call the cops, because she was trespassing. He pretended to place a call to the station and asked for someone who hadn't slept with Natalie. She didn't think he should be one to criticize, and she informed him that she had been looking for Liam's jacket. Happily, she had just found it under the sofa.

Todd noted how Natalie had really stuck it to her twin, and Natalie retorted that at least she hadn't killed hers. Todd advised her that he hadn't killed Victor, and he would be found innocent once the gun he'd had in his possession had been located. He figured that Brody hadn't looked that well or even at all for Louie and the gun that Todd had given Louie.

Todd stressed that he had no intention of going back to jail, though Natalie was convinced that Todd would do anything to hide what might harm him. Todd thought that Natalie should understand, having a child of her own. He had children, and he'd never do anything to hurt them, he insisted. Victor had raised Todd's kids, and they'd loved Victor. Todd understood that.

Natalie assured Todd that he shouldn't count Jack to ever be on his side. Todd clarified that the only thing he'd been guilty of was not being around to raise Jack. He'd thought about nothing but his children during his years of imprisonment. As Todd explained, Natalie grew to understand all that Todd spoke of. Todd noted that Victor hadn't been much of a father, and Natalie confessed, "Victor let Jack get away with murder. Literally."

Todd was confused, and Natalie suggested that he talk to Blair. Todd insisted that Natalie explain what she'd meant, because the charges against Jack had been dropped. "Jack's a bully," Natalie stated. She told Todd how Jack had picked on Shane, and she included the fact that Shane had attempted suicide because of Jack. She filled him in on the day of Gigi's death.

"I don't believe you," Todd proclaimed. Natalie informed him that Victor had paid off another father to have that man's son plead guilty. Todd blamed himself, but Natalie didn't think that was fair. She stated that most parents weren't even aware of what their kids did when they left the house. She pointed out that the old Todd would have tried to help his son, but the new one was giving up. Natalie's words hit home, and Todd thanked her for listening. Natalie promised that it wouldn't happen again.

At the Angel Square flea market, Roxy and Echo pondered the disappearance of Morris the porcupine along with Rex's hidden gun. The women agreed that they would have to locate the thing before Rex's life could be destroyed. "What thing?" Rex asked as he walked up to them. Echo quickly changed the subject and asked about Shane's first day back at school. "What are you guys up to?" Rex replied, changing the subject again.

"My porcupine is missing," Roxy declared. She knew how much Rex had always loved Morris, and she needed to get it back so that Rex wouldn't be upset. He'd had too much to upset him in his life. Someone had stolen Morris "accidentally on purpose," Roxy added. Rex didn't believe Roxy's story, but Echo hastened to tell him that Roxy had seller's remorse. Rex urged Roxy to try to find Morris, and she took off.

Rex confessed that Echo had been right to tell him to get rid of his gun. He had realized that it wasn't safe for the gun to be around Shane, given his history. Echo added that it wasn't good for Rex, either, since he hated Jack so much. Rex insisted that he could never shoot Jack, and he hadn't shot Victor. "No luck," Roxy announced when she returned. Rex decided to find Shane, in order to hear about the first day of school.

"Tell him I love him," both Echo and Roxy called out simultaneously to Rex. Echo thought it had been a close call, and she'd wanted Rex to believe her when she'd agreed that he couldn't have shot anyone. She also didn't want Rex to find out that they'd "screwed up royally," when they'd lost the gun inside of Morris. Roxy had an idea.

Cutter talked to Morris as he sat with the stuffed animal at the Buenos Dias Café. He advised the porcupine, "You're an antique, and you're priceless." He hoped that Aubrey would enjoy her gift. "What the hell are you doing with that thing?" Brody inquired as he walked into the diner. Cutter informed him that he'd obtained the porcupine fairly at the flea market, and he suggested that Brody ask Roxy if he didn't believe it. He found it curious that Brody knew the animal's name.

Cutter announced that he was taking the porcupine home, though he expressed amazement at how heavy the animal was. Shane arrived and headed over to Brody. Upon questioning, Shane admitted that his first day at school hadn't been bad. While he'd had the chance to go to private school, he had realized that at least everyone at Llanview High School had already been familiar with his life, and he wouldn't have known anyone at the new school anyway.

Brody remarked that all artists had "crappy childhoods," and Shane acknowledged that probably meant that he was a genius. Shane had been happy that Jack hadn't been in school. Brody pointed out that it made sense that Jack had stayed home due to Victor's death, and the police were still investigating that. Shane announced that he hated Jack, though he had thought he'd feel better if Jack lost something, and he didn't. Shane announced that he had something to tell Brody.

Rex strode into the diner before Shane had a chance to talk to Brody. Rex asked about Shane's school day, and the teen revealed that it had been okay. Rex recalled that both of Shane's grandmothers had sent their regards, though they were both acting "nutty." They had been distraught over a missing Morris. "I know who has him," Brody informed them.

Rex thought it was too bad for Roxy, because she would have to pay heavily in order to get the porcupine back from Cutter. He asked Brody about the murder investigation, and Brody revealed that they didn't have any new information. Brody had to leave. He advised Shane to get in touch with him if he still wanted to have a conversation. Shane assured his father that he was feeling good about school.

Rex asked about Brody's offer to talk. He knew that Shane and Brody were good friends, but Rex wanted Shane to know that Shane could tell Rex anything also.

Kim knocked on the door of the Minute Man Motel in order to visit with her brother, and she was shocked when Aubrey answered the door. Aubrey assumed that Cutter had been lying to her, and the "slut" was another of Cutter's girlfriends. Aubrey asked the woman's name. "It's Aubrey. Aubrey Wentworth," Kim stated.

Aubrey picked up the copy of the old high school yearbook. She couldn't get over the fact that the girl in the senior photo was the same woman standing in the room. Aubrey noted that the woman had taken Rama's money for plastic surgery. Kim snapped that the money issue was between her and Rama. Just then, Cutter rushed in with Morris in tow. He was excited until he saw the two women standing there. "What's going on?" he asked.

"What's the matter, honey? You don't recognize your sister, Aubrey?" Aubrey/Christine inquired. Awkwardly Cutter went over to Kim/Aubrey and kissed her on the cheek. He acted as though it were the first time that he was seeing her. He attempted to introduce the two women, but he called them both Aubrey on his first try. He started again, and introduced his sister Aubrey to his girlfriend Christine. He also introduced Morris.

Aubrey/Christine turned up her nose. Cutter explained that he'd thought the stuffed porcupine would "perk up the room." Aubrey/Christine received a phone call, and she ran into the next room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Cutter asked his sister. Kim/Aubrey retorted that she hadn't known that Cutter's girlfriend would be around, but she needed to talk to Cutter. He refused, advising her that it wasn't a good time.

Cutter couldn't risk Aubrey/Christine overhearing any talk about the Spotted Pony, because she had already been asking questions. Kim/Aubrey wanted Cutter's help to pay for her friend's hospital bills, but Cutter ordered her to leave. Aubrey/Christine returned to the room and happily announced that she had a job interview at Capricorn.

"So where are we gonna have this little guy bunk?" Cutter inquired, nodding his head at Morris. Aubrey/Christine gave him an annoyed look. The couple admired the animal, and Aubrey/Christine touched him, but she stuck her finger on him. Cutter suggested that Morris go next to the bed, but Aubrey/Christine quickly rejected that idea. Cutter thought the animal would give them luck.

Aubrey/Christine awkwardly picked Morris up by the head in order to move him. The animal fell apart, and the gun fell out.

At La Boulaie, Jack was angry to learn that Todd hadn't been arrested for Victor's murder, though Starr did her best to convince him that Todd hadn't been the killer. The siblings argued about Todd again. Jack was adamant that Todd had killed Victor, especially because Jack had seen Todd take Dorian's gun out of the safe. Starr emphasized that Jack didn't know any more than that.

Jack retorted that Todd had knocked him out at the office, and he was certain that the killer would be found once the gun was found. He was sure that person would be Todd, no matter what Starr had to say. Jack also thought that while Todd could have been the great guy that Starr believed him to be, Todd had probably changed after eight years of being locked up and tortured. Something had probably happened to Todd's brain.

Todd had blamed Victor for everything, and he'd wanted Victor dead. He had gotten his wish, Jack concluded. Starr was adamant that Jack not jump to conclusions. She promised that the police would learn the truth. She was aware that Jack loved and trusted Victor and felt horrible without him. She had loved Victor too; he had raised her for eight years. Starr wanted Jack to grieve and to give Todd a chance. He was lucky to have a father.

Shaun arrived at the police station to see John. He held his phone out and told him about the voicemail he'd received from Todd. Shaun explained that he and Vivian had been away on vacation, and he hadn't received his phone messages previously. The men played the message, and they heard the shot go off that had killed Victor. Shaun admitted that he was concerned about Dani and Téa, and he'd always gotten along okay with Victor.

Shaun noted that if Victor hadn't spoken to him properly, Shaun had always put the man in his place. He thought that Victor's call had sounded like a call for additional security. John pointed out that it was apparent that the shooter had gotten into the house on their own, there'd been no fight or confrontation during the call, and nothing had been said once the gun had been fired. John stated that it had definitely been premeditated, and Shaun replied that it would be murder one.

Shaun asked about the APB that had been out on Todd, and John clarified that they'd only been looking for Todd because of the missing gun. They didn't have anything on Todd, and the gun was still missing, John stated. John asked to keep Shaun's phone for a few days, and Shaun agreed. He asked John not to look at any of the photos that he and Vivian had taken in their birthday suits in a deserted area. John shuddered and promised.

Shaun wanted the killer to be caught. John wondered if Shaun knew Louie, the homeless guy, and Shaun replied that everyone knew the man. John related that Louie was missing, along with the gun that Todd claimed to have given him, so that the man could turn it into the police for cash.

Roxy arrived at the police station and requested that John put out an "IUD" on missing Morris. John made a face and advised her he was busy. She advised John not to look inside of Morris when he found the animal. "I'm afraid to ask. Why not?" John wondered. Roxy stuttered. She made it clear that Morris was fragile and would fall apart.

Roxy asked whether John had arrested anyone for Victor's murder yet, and she thought he'd have luck if he found Morris first. She began to ramble on about Natalie, and she advised John that both she and the detective knew that Natalie belonged with John.

Jack didn't want to give Todd a chance, but he and Starr were interrupted when Shaun arrived bearing a casserole. He wanted to pay his respects, and his mother had made the dish. He acknowledged that Victor had been a tough but fair boss, who had paid well and loved his kids. He was certain that John would locate the killer. "We know who did this," Jack announced. He stormed off, and Starr was angry.

Shaun only wished that his voicemail from Victor could have been more helpful. He revealed its contents. "You heard the murder?" Starr gasped. She was shocked, and she wanted to know what had been said. Shaun told her, and Jack listened from the next room.

Starr was upset and hugged Shaun tearfully. She swore that her dad hadn't committed the murder. Shaun suggested that maybe there had been an eyewitness, and he thought that Todd had nothing to worry about. Jack left the house.

Roxy returned to the flea market and advised Echo that she had someone working on her case. Echo wanted to know who it was, and Roxy advised her it was "need to know." Echo growled that she needed to know, but Roxy was confident that no one would look inside of the stuffed porcupine.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie to see Jack. Starr wished him luck, because her brother was angry. She had tried talking to him without success. Todd acknowledged that he was just a murderer, but he asked Starr to get her brother. He wanted to talk to him. "Look at you," Starr said admiringly. They joked that Todd was a "new and improved" dad. They found out that Jack was gone.

Natalie ran into Brody. She informed him that she'd located Liam's jacket, and she'd spoken to Todd.

John listened to Victor's voicemail again. Jack burst into the office, and John yelled at him to step outside and knock. At first Jack refused, but John was firm and angry. The teen stepped outside and knocked. John called him in. "I remember what happened," Jack announced. He stated that Scarface had committed the murder.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cutter told a skeptical Aubrey that Morris the porcupine would bring them luck. Aubrey went to move Morris, but the animal fell over, and the gun toppled onto the desk. Cutter warned Aubrey not to get her fingerprints on it, but she wanted it out of her sight. Cutter remembered that the gun that had killed Victor was supposed to be a nine-millimeter gun, which was what the gun sitting in front of him was. Aubrey wanted to call the police, but Cutter stopped her.

Cutter thought that the police would try to pin the murder on him and Aubrey. He knew that they would keep digging until they found something connecting the couple to the murder. A suspicious Aubrey wanted to know what was going on with him, because he'd been acting weird since his sister had shown up. He promised to tell her everything after they figured out what to do with the gun.

Aubrey wanted to know how Cutter had gotten Morris. He explained that he'd bought the porcupine at Roxy's flea market table while Roxy and Echo were arguing. He'd left the money on the table, and had taken Morris. Aubrey wondered what the women had been arguing about. Making the connection, Cutter suggested that Rex had killed Victor, and the women had been arguing about hiding the gun. Cutter thought that Rex would want the gun back, and reminded Aubrey of how much money Rex had.

Aubrey was horrified that Cutter would blackmail Rex, but Cutter explained that Rex could feel generous after getting his gun back. Aubrey had known that Cutter would never change, but Cutter insisted that he was doing it for her. Suddenly, Aubrey remembered her job interview. On her way out, she told him that he wasn't going to blackmail Rex, and that he was going to turn the gun in to the police. Cutter didn't want to lose her again. She promised that he wouldn't, as long as he turned the gun in. She kissed him, and she left.

Cutter picked up the gun with two plastic bags on his hands, and placed it into a larger plastic bag. He reasoned that what Aubrey didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

Téa and Dani looked through all the pictures of Victor that Starr had put together. Dani related that she wanted to tell Victor how hard living without him was, but she couldn't. Téa promised to help Dani through, but Dani wondered who would help Téa.

A short while later, Téa opened the door to Destiny and Mrs. Evans. They wanted to express their condolences, and offered homemade cookies. Mrs. Evans handed Téa a list of local support groups. Dani said that she only wanted to know what had happened. Destiny blurted out that Shaun had a message from Victor at the time that Victor had been shot. Téa and Dani were glad to know, even though Mrs. Evans scolded her daughter.

Téa and Mrs. Evans left to put the cookies on a plate. Dani confided that she wasn't doing very well. She knew that a lot of people had probably been angry at Victor, but she believed shooting Victor was evil. Téa and Mrs. Evans gave the girls the plate of cookies, and went into the living room. Mrs. Evans wondered if Téa was still a practicing lawyer, but then felt bad for asking since Téa had just lost her husband.

Téa wanted to talk about something other than Victor's death, so she mentioned Destiny's pregnancy. She knew that there were plenty of legal issues with an underage mother. Mrs. Evans explained that Nora was the problem, and told Téa about her issues with Nora. Téa wondered if Mrs. Evans wanted to hire Téa. Mrs. Evans admitted to wanting to hire Téa before Victor had died, but didn't want to burden Téa. Téa advised Mrs. Evans that life was too short to argue, so she and Nora needed to enjoy being grandparents together.

Dani wished that she could have been at school with Destiny. Destiny related that she had gotten teased, but Shane had had her back. She urged Dani not to worry about her, since Dani had just lost her father. Dani didn't want to talk about Victor anymore, because she wanted to talk about something happy, "like you and your baby."

Destiny admitted that she didn't know why her mother was so angry with Nora. Dani wondered what Destiny wanted, considering it was her child. Destiny confided that she loved that a part of Matthew was growing inside her, but she didn't know if she was ready to be a mother. Destiny knew that she didn't want her child to grow up being told lies like she had. Téa and Mrs. Evans exited the living room, and Mrs. Evans asked if Destiny was ready to go. Destiny made sure that Dani would be all right. "I have my mom," Dani said. "Me too," Destiny replied, smiling.

Téa couldn't believe that Victor was gone, and confessed that she kept almost texting him. Dani expressed sympathy for her mother because she knew that Téa had loved Victor, even if he hadn't been the man that Téa had thought. "He wasn't Todd, but I loved him with all my heart," Téa said, and hugged Dani.

Jack barged into John's office, and stated that he'd remembered what had happened the night of Victor's murder. To John's curiosity, Jack explained that he'd sneaked back to Victor's after Blair had taken Jack home. He'd been about to open the front door when he'd heard a noise behind him. He claimed to have seen Todd, who'd knocked him out, and entered the house with Jack's keys.

John was suspicious of Jack's changed story. Jack insisted that he'd had a concussion, but had gotten his memory back. Jack continued that he'd been on the ground, dazed, and he'd heard Victor say, "Hello?" and then, "What the hell are you doing here?" He'd heard a gunshot, and then he'd passed out. John wondered how Jack had ended up at the hospital. Jack didn't know, citing that Todd was "weird."

Jack wondered if John was going to arrest Todd. John informed Jack that the court didn't look kindly on people who changed their stories. Jack asserted that he was telling the truth, and that he'd testify if he had to. John took out a pad of paper, and told Jack to write his story down. When Jack was finished, John told him to sign it. Jack signed the paper, and left.

Rex told Shane that he knew Shane and Brody were friends, but Rex assured Shane that he could tell Rex anything. He wondered what was going on with Shane. "Jack," Shane replied. Just then, Bo and Nora entered, and sat down with Rex and Shane. Rex asked about Matthew. Nora replied that nothing had changed, but she was sure that Matthew would get better. She saw that as a good reason to be involved with his child's life. A confused Rex asked for clarification, and Nora explained about Matthew and Destiny.

Shane admitted that everyone at school had been talking about Destiny and Matthew. He said that he'd tried to help her, since she'd reached out to him when he had been bullied, but Destiny had "mopped the floor" with the kids. As Nora began to explain her problems with Mrs. Evans to Rex, Shane moved to another table to do homework.

A short while later, Bo, Nora, and Rex were talking about Victor's murder. Bo assured Rex that, even though Rex had motive, no one would point the finger at him. Bo's phone went off, and he announced that there had been a development in the case, so he had to go to the station. He left, and Rex went to sit with Shane. Rex wondered what Shane had tried to tell Rex about Jack. Shane only said that Jack had been going through a lot.

Mrs. Evans entered the diner and bumped into Nora at the counter. Nora admitted that she had been anxious to talk to Mrs. Evans. Mrs. Evans wanted to talk to Nora about the baby. Nora told her, "Now's good!" and Mrs. Evans agreed.

A short while later, John asked for Bo's opinion on Jack's story. The two agreed that Jack had a reason to want to frame Todd. John revealed that Jack had gotten everything Victor had said, "verbatim." Bo reminded John that Todd had motive, opportunity, and no alibi. John wished for the gun that Todd had stolen to be in his possession. Bo informed John that they had enough evidence to make the charges stick, even without the gun. He wondered if John was going to make the arrest.

Blair was shocked to see Todd when she entered La Boulaie. Todd wondered where Jack was, but Blair didn't know. Todd needed Jack to know that he hadn't shot Victor. Blair knew that Jack wouldn't listen to Todd, because he didn't know Todd. Todd revealed that Natalie had told him all that Jack had done thanks to Victor's influence. Blair insisted that Victor hadn't been all bad, and he'd loved the kids.

Blair informed Todd that Gigi's death had been an accident, but Todd thought that Jack should still take responsibility for it. Todd demanded to know where Blair had been when Jack had bullied Shane, and killed Gigi. She hadn't known what had been going on, but swore that she'd punished Jack when she'd found out. She'd talked to Jack, and had thought that she'd gotten through to him, but he'd reverted to his "cold self" once Victor had died.

Todd suggested that genetics were to blame. "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree," Todd stated. Blair knew that Jack wasn't a saint, but she knew that he was a better person than Todd and his father. She thought that there was hope for Jack, but Todd wanted to get his son real help. Todd apologized for blaming Blair, and vowed to fix things. She hugged him, just in time for Jack to see as he entered the house.

"You're hooking up with dad's murderer?" Jack yelled in disbelief. Todd said that he was at the house to tell Jack that he hadn't shot Victor. He swore that he wouldn't have done that to Jack. He hadn't wanted to give up his chance to be Jack's father. "You deserve to be locked up in a cell for the rest of your pathetic life," Jack spat, and walked away.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

James arrived at La Boulaie in order to accompany Starr to Victor's funeral. Starr was happy to see him, and she advised James that he was the only one that could enable her to get through everything. Starr explained that Jack believed that Todd had committed the murder, but Starr had no doubts that Todd was innocent. She was the only one that her father could never lie to, and she believed what Todd had told her.

Starr noted that Baz didn't believe his own father's alibi for the night of the murder, and Baz thought it possible that Tomas was guilty of murder. Starr stressed that there had been lots of sadness surrounding the house of late, and even Hope could tell that Starr had needed an extra hug.

James inquired about the demo that Starr had made with Baz, and Starr confided that Baz had found a producer. James was excited, but Starr assured him that it wasn't a good thing. The producer had turned out to be Rick, who had apparently "branched out." James grumbled that the guy was a creep, and Starr assured him that she would have nothing to do with Rick. The problem was that Rick had been the only producer to make an offer.

James disagreed. Rick had only been the first producer to make an offer. James was sure that after people heard the song, it would be a hit. James didn't want her to settle, and he only wanted the best for Starr. He wanted her to make Baz understand that they needed to wait for the right offer to show up. Starr understood. She had James after waiting for the right one.

Starr thought that they should leave for the funeral. She was pleased that James was there and would be sitting next to her. She was sure that things would get better for them. James informed her that he was there for "the long haul."

Baz found Dani looking through photos, and he offered to help her out. Dani replied that the only thing she wanted she couldn't have. Baz wondered if Dani had put together any music for the funeral, and she realized that she hadn't thought about it. Baz proposed that he put together a disc, and he suggested that she look at some music.

Blair arrived to help Téa get ready for the funeral, but Tomas advised her that he'd already knocked on Téa's door and she hadn't answered. Blair suggested that maybe Téa didn't want anything to do with Tomas, due to the fact that he might have been the one to kill Victor. Blair reminded Tomas that he'd always wanted to get rid of Victor, and even Baz was suspicious of Tomas.

Tomas pointed out that his son didn't know him well, due to the fact that Tomas hadn't been around to raise him. Tomas would have never shot Victor. Blair demanded that Tomas tell her if he'd had anything at all to do with Victor's death. Tomas admitted that he had wanted Victor gone, because Irene had brainwashed her son. Victor could have been dangerous, because Irene would have always been in control. Tomas had always feared for Téa and Dani, though he agreed it hadn't been Victor's fault.

Tomas confessed that he'd gone to see his friend Calmar, to find out if there would be a way to get Victor to leave Téa. That was where he had been the night of the murder. Blair declared that she had wanted answers like everyone else, and she had realized that Tomas wouldn't have shot Victor after he'd already saved Victor the first time he'd been shot. Tomas accepted that as Blair's vote of confidence, and she hoped it would help with Baz.

Tomas responded that he'd told Baz the same story, and Baz had been non-committal. Blair thought it was a start. They walked into the living room and found Dani and Baz. Blair comforted Dani, who recalled almost shooting Victor herself when they'd first met. Baz received a phone call, and he stepped away.

It was Rick, and Baz advised him that Starr would have nothing to do with Rick. She had a funeral to attend, but Baz was confident that he could speak for both himself and Starr.

Tomas revealed that he had to fly to Langley in order to give a report on Irene. Blair felt that she owed Tomas an apology. She'd been suspicious of him, and therefore couldn't get close to him. That meant that she couldn't get her heart broken. She had no more reasons to stay away from him though.

Roxy found Nate sitting at a table at the Buenos Dias Café. She showed him a copy of the flyer she'd had made and posted around town. It was a picture of Morris, and the flyer stated that he was missing. Nate wasn't familiar with the animal, and Roxy was annoyed that he didn't recognize a porcupine when he saw one. She announced that finding Morris was a matter of life or death.

Nate was perplexed, and Roxy mumbled about something being inside of Morris. Nate wanted her to explain, and Roxy made up a story about Morris having a heart. He was a member of the family, and she'd do anything for him. Nate suggested that another method might work better, and he told Roxy that she might want to call her psychic.

Roxy thought that was a great idea, and she reached for her phone. Delphina called Roxy first and agreed to meet her at the diner. Roxy and Nate looked at the newspaper and talked about Victor. Nate admitted that he was concerned about Dani, but he was certain that he was the last person that Dani would want to see.

As Nate got up to leave, Roxy handed him a flyer to post, and Delphina arrived. Delphina stopped the teen and urged him, "Go to her. She needs you." Delphina took a seat at the table with Roxy, and Roxy told her all about Morris. Delphina asked for something belonging to Morris in order to make a proper connection with her contacts. Roxy handed her a sweater that she'd used to cover up Morris on chilly days.

Delphina looked up and began to chat with the unseen contacts. She revealed that she'd been given the number nine, and two letter m's, lower case. Roxy was aghast. She couldn't believe that Eminem had Morris. Delphina repeated the clues and realized that the m's stood for millimeter. She asked Roxy about a gun, but Roxy denied that a gun was involved.

"And I'm Lady Gaga," Delphina proclaimed. Again, she asked Roxy about a gun. Roxy leaned over and began to whisper. She admitted that there was a gun inside of Morris, and someone she cared about might have used it to kill someone. Delphina wanted more information. Roxy revealed that it might have been Rex who had killed Victor, though she didn't believe it. Echo had thought it possible though. Delphina turned and spoke to her dead associates again.

Aubrey woke up and began screaming when she saw Morris sitting in the bed next to her at the Minute Man Motel. Cutter ran into the room and apologized, but he'd thought that the stuffed animal was kind of cute. Aubrey was only glad that Cutter had gotten rid of the gun they'd found inside of Morris. Cutter thought back to his putting the gun back inside of the animal, but out loud he told Aubrey that it had been easy.

Aubrey was shocked that Cutter had listened to her, even though they didn't know for sure whether Rex had actually used the gun to shoot Victor. Cutter was convinced that Rex was guilty, especially the way that both Roxy and Echo had appeared to be covering for Rex. Aubrey kissed Cutter, because she was so proud of him. She was pleased that they wouldn't be making a profit off of the gun. Cutter muttered that Rex would be paying for it one way or another.

Cutter wanted to think about the future instead of Rex. Aubrey informed him that her first interview at Capricorn had gone well, but she still had to meet with Blair. She lacked confidence, though, and told Cutter that she didn't have any skills. She couldn't dance and take her clothes off like Cutter's sister, Aubrey. Cutter replied that they should call his sister "Kim," as she seemed to prefer that. Aubrey wondered why Kim was in town.

Cutter exclaimed that Kim had wanted a loan in order to help a sick friend in the hospital. "Seriously?" Aubrey asked. She wasn't buying the excuse for a minute, but Cutter had something to say about his sister. He described Kim as someone who would never turn her back on anyone, and he spoke about how kind and caring she was.

Aubrey asked about the money that Kim had stolen from Rama. Cutter clarified that those two women really hadn't been close. Aubrey wondered what kind of secrets Kim might have on Cutter. She asked him if he had been geeky in high school, and she teased him about his probable nose job. Cutter assured Aubrey that he'd never had any work done, and their kids would have nothing to worry about in the looks department.

Aubrey was amazed. She was astounded that Cutter was talking about kids, something that he'd never done in the past. He was a "whole new Cutter," she said. She thought that she would run out and buy a newspaper, in case the Capricorn job didn't work out. Cutter was certain that it would, and he handed her money to buy a new outfit instead.

Aubrey was reluctant, pointing out that they couldn't afford it, but Cutter convinced her to do it. "I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am now," Aubrey uttered. She left, and Cutter turned to Morris. He hadn't wanted to lie, he told the porcupine.

Kim arrived at Llanfair and found a smiling Clint there to greet her. She had been nervous, because he had asked to see her, and she thought that something might be wrong. Clint had some good news. He revealed that thanks to his clout at Llanview Hospital, he'd spoken to his contacts there. He had a solution for the medical expenses for Kim's friend. He'd arranged to have the woman transferred to Llanview Hospital.

Kim was speechless at first, and then she began to make up different excuses for refusing Clint's offer. Clint assured her that all expenses would be paid, but Kim was adamant. Firmly, she told Clint that she had to refuse his offer. Her friend could not be moved, because it was too much of a risk. Clint asked what the friend's name was, so that he could have an administrator talk to someone at the hospital in Kentucky.

Kim assured him that it didn't matter what the name was. She would just leave her friend at the Kentucky hospital, and take care of those bills. She thanked Clint for his gesture and promised him that she would never forget it. She left the room, and she stopped to look at the photo of herself with Stacy on the way out.

Clint thought that Kim was stubborn, and he wheeled himself over to the laptop computer. He began to look up hospitals in Kentucky and recalled that it was near the place called the Spotted Pony.

Rex paid a visit to Gigi's grave, and he updated her on what was happening in both his life and Shane's. He admitted that he thought he would have felt better after Victor had been killed, but he hadn't. Rex was aware that he had to let Gigi go, especially after he'd seen her lying in her coffin. He knew that the date on her headstone had probably been scratched out due to some mischievous kids.

Turning away from the grave, Rex gasped. Gigi was standing there, and he called out to her. He stood and ran towards her, but she disappeared. Rex turned around, and Gigi was in another spot. "Don't give up," she said.

Rex quickly shouted how she'd told him the same thing previously, and he'd tried to find her at the Spotted Pony. He'd only found someone else using her name, just as Stacy had done. Gigi disappeared and reappeared in yet another spot. Rex begged her to explain, but she was gone again and did not return.

Baz made plans to meet with Rick, and just as he left the house, Nate arrived to see Dani. Nate admitted that he'd been thinking about Dani, and he was sorry for Victor's death. He knew that it hurt when someone's dad died, even if it was a dad that one didn't care about. He couldn't stay away, and he didn't think that Dani should be alone. After barely saying a couple of words in agreement, Dani wrapped her arms around Nate.

Rex arrived at the diner and stopped at the table where Roxy and Delphina sat. Delphina had been conversing with her contacts again, but she announced that her connection had been lost when Rex showed up. Roxy revealed that Delphina had been helping her to locate Morris. Rex proclaimed that Brody had seen Cutter with the porcupine, and Roxy rushed out.

Delphina wondered if there were anything that she could help Rex with. Rex advised her that he didn't want to hear anything else about the Spotted Pony. Delphina reminded him that he had found a girl using Gigi's name. "Don't give up," she declared. Suddenly, Delphina paused and listened to one of her invisible informants "Ask your father," she advised Rex.

Rex was mystified. He couldn't understand why he would be asking Clint anything. "That's all I got," Delphina emphasized. She didn't want Rex to ignore her. She advised him that the message had "packed a punch."

Kim showed up at the motel to visit with her brother. She was distraught, and she told him about Clint's caring offer that she'd had to turn down. Cutter agreed. They couldn't have Kim's friend in Llanview. Kim wondered how she would get the money she needed, and Cutter turned to look at Morris.

Kim was disturbed, and she wondered why Cutter was staring at the porcupine. She thought it was creepy. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door, and Roxy shouted that she wanted her baby.

Clint found the hospital in Kentucky, and he asked for information on Kimberly Phillip's friend.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kim wondered what Cutter was doing with Morris the porcupine. Just then, Roxy banged on Cutter's door, demanding that he open it and give Morris back to her. He hid Kim in the bathroom, and opened the door to Roxy. He told her that he'd paid for the porcupine fair and square, but Roxy refused to leave without it. She was angry that he'd "gypped" her, so he said he'd pay her the extra ninety-nine dollars she'd wanted. She refused it, and wanted Morris back instead, because she claimed that the porcupine was her good luck charm.

Roxy offered the dollar back that Cutter had paid for Morris, but he refused. Cutter claimed that Aubrey had fallen in love with Morris. As Kim listened in, Roxy said she needed Morris back because the porcupine's spikes were dangerous. He told her that it was time for her to go, so he pushed her out the door, and closed it behind her.

Kim scolded Cutter for torturing Roxy. She wondered why Cutter hadn't given the porcupine back, because she knew that Aubrey wasn't a fan. She tried to pick Morris up, but Cutter stopped her. She demanded to know what was in the porcupine. He told her of his theory about Rex shooting Victor, and his "moms" trying to cover it up. Kim thought the situation was perfect.

Kim explained how she'd gone to Clint for financial help, but she'd found that he'd lost all of his money to Rex. She knew that blackmailing Rex would solve all their money problems. However, Cutter told her that he'd promised Aubrey to "go straight." "Well, I didn't promise her a damn thing," Kim replied. She went to put the gun in her purse, but Cutter stopped her. He had to go to work, but refused to leave her alone with the gun.

Cutter pushed Kim out the door, and made sure the door was locked. When Cutter walked away, Kim returned in front of the door. She attempted to open the door, using a credit card.

Echo saw a "missing" flyer for Morris, and thought back to her conversation with Roxy about hiding Rex's gun. Rex walked up to Echo, breaking her thoughts. She remarked that it looked like Rex had seen a ghost. The two sat down in the diner, and Rex explained how he'd seen Gigi in the cemetery. She'd again told him not to give up. Rex didn't believe in ghosts, so Echo suggested that it was Rex imagining her to assure himself that Gigi wouldn't be forgotten.

Rex disclosed that Madame Delphina had told Rex that if he wanted to know what Gigi had meant, he should ask Clint. Echo reasoned that Gigi wanted Rex to spend more time with his father, but Rex was skeptical. Rex admitted to having a "moment" with Clint, when Clint had visited the Buchanan mansion for the anniversary of Asa's death.

Changing the subject to the Mannings, Rex made sure that Echo had gotten rid of the gun. "Yeah," she replied uneasily. Rex remembered that Victor's funeral was that day, and stated that Jack finally knew what it felt like to lose a parent like Shane did. Echo told him that he could let his grudge go. "For now," he answered. He had more important things to do, like finding Gigi. Echo didn't think he had any other choice but to talk to Clint about it.

A short while later, Echo bumped into Roxy outside the diner. Roxy sputtered that Cutter had Morris, but he wouldn't give the porcupine back. Echo realized that she had to do something.

A short while later, Kim answered Echo's knocks on Cutter's door. Kim offered her help. As Echo was about to refuse it, she spotted Morris in the room. She entered the room, and told Kim that she collected porcupines, and that Morris looked like a "perfect specimen." Kim was happy to help Echo.

Dani asked Blair where Téa was, because they needed to get to the church for Victor's funeral. Téa walked down the stairs and past them in her robe, looking miserable. Blair told Dani to go to the church, and Blair and Téa would be there shortly. Dani left, and Blair found Téa lying on the couch. Blair said that Téa needed to get dressed to get to the church, but Téa said that she couldn't. Blair appealed to Téa that both she and Dani needed Téa. "I couldn't get through it without you," Blair said. "If you can't do it, I can't."

Blair explained that Sam hadn't understood when she'd told him that his father had died. She needed Téa to get showered, dressed, and out to the church, "even if I have to get naked and get in the shower with you." She pulled Téa up off the couch, and steered her up the stairs. A short while later, both women descended the stairs, dressed and ready. Blair promised that the day would soon be over, and led Téa out of the house. "You know, you really are a pain in my ass," Téa said, and Blair nodded.

Viki told Jessica that she'd meet her daughter at the church, so Jessica left. Viki entered the living room just as Clint mentioned Kim's name in a phone conversation with the hospital in Kentucky. He hung up the phone, and was surprised to find that Viki hadn't yet gone to the church. Clint wondered if Viki had heard him mention Kim's name, but knew that she must have gotten "an earful" from Natalie. He told Viki about all that had been going on with Kim, and her sick friend. He related that any day he could put a smile on Kim's face was a good day.

Viki warned Clint to be careful, because the information David had on Kim had to have been "potent" to scare her away so easily. Viki worried about Clint, but he promised that Kim wouldn't pull him back in. Viki told him that she considered him her closest and dearest friend. Clint told her to go, because she would be late for the funeral. Viki related that she had no idea what to say in her eulogy, but Clint was confident that she'd find the right words.

Viki was glad that Clint was staying with her, because she liked having someone who understood her to talk to. She wanted him to promise to take care of himself. "For you, anything," he replied. He expressed his sympathy for Viki's loss, and Viki left.

A short while later, Clint was arguing on the phone with someone from the hospital in Kentucky. When they wouldn't give him any information, he tried to use his name as clout. "Don't you know who I am?" he shouted into the phone, as Rex entered. Rex answered that Clint was a broke convict with a monitor around his ankle, and someone else's heart in his chest. Clint informed Rex that Natalie had moved out of the house, but Rex revealed that he was there to see Clint.

Sam asked Starr why a picture of his dad was up in the church. Starr replied that Victor couldn't be there, but the day would be all about him. Sam wanted his father there, but Starr swore that if he were quiet enough, he'd be able to hear Victor talk to him. "It's not the same," Sam replied. Starr replied that Victor would always be watching over them.

Sam worried that Victor had seen Sam take candy from someone earlier. James was sure that Victor wouldn't mind Sam having a little candy. Sam explained that he was holding a Philadelphia Phillies baseball card because his father had promised to take him to a game, "without Jack." James knew he wouldn't replace Victor, but offered to take Sam to a game. Sam excitedly agreed.

On the phone, Jack demanded to know if there had been an arrest in the Victor Lord murder case. Clearly getting a displeasing answer, Jack shouted that there was something wrong with "you people." Shaun entered the church, and wondered what was going on with Jack. Jack expressed his discontent that Todd hadn't yet been arrested for Victor's murder. Shaun remembered that there hadn't been enough evidence. Jack replied that there was enough evidence, so Shaun asked him to elaborate. Just then, Jessica entered and hugged Jack. She expressed her sympathy as Dani entered. Shaun promised to talk to Jack later, and walked into the church with Jessica.

Shaun picked Sam up and carried him away, saying that they should find seats. Starr thanked James for making Sam smile. He told her that her family was his family, and he also felt like he owed Victor. Victor had reached out to James after finding out that Eddie had beaten up on James. Starr reminded James that Victor had been brainwashed to think that Peter had beaten him. Starr suddenly realized that Dani, Téa, Viki, and Blair were still missing.

Jack wanted to talk to Dani about Todd being Victor's murderer. Dani admitted that she didn't know what to think. She related that there was no concrete evidence. Jack blurted out that an eyewitness had surfaced. Dani demanded to know who it was. Avoiding the question, Jack wondered whose side Dani was on. Just then, Starr ushered her siblings into the church.

A short while later, Viki hugged Sam, and told him that he had wonderful sisters. Dani asked Starr if Téa was at the church, because Dani was starting to get worried. Just as Dani wondered what she'd do without her mother, Blair and Téa entered. Téa hugged Dani, and Blair asked Starr how Sam was doing. Starr replied that James had been very good with Sam. Blair caught sight of Jack and hugged him, saying that the family needed to stick together. Everyone sat as a preacher said a prayer.

Moments later, Viki stood to speak. Viki said that no one had known who Victor really was until the previous few weeks, but he'd been "very real." She related that he hadn't been perfect, but that he had loved his family, and especially his kids. The family always had forgiven Victor for his wrongs because they'd loved him, and always would. Viki sat back down.

A short while later, the mourners gathered at Victor's grave with flowers in hand. Sam put his baseball card on top of the grave. One by one, each mourner placed a flower on the grave, eventually leaving only Téa, Blair, and Jack. Blair said goodbye to Victor, and that she loved him. She hugged Téa as Jack walked away. Téa stared at the grave, and expressed her disbelief that Victor was gone. She told Blair to take the kids to Capricorn, and that she'd catch up. Blair kissed her on the cheek, and walked away. Téa fell to her knees next to the grave.

A short while later, a man entered the dark church, and stared at Victor's picture. The man walked up the aisle towards the picture. Téa entered the church, and saw the man. "Victor?" she asked hopefully.

Friday, September 16, 2011

At the Minute Man Hotel, Echo apologized to Kim and asked to see Cutter. After Kim wondered why Echo wanted to see Cutter, Echo revealed that she wanted to buy the porcupine to add to her collection. Echo then voiced that she believed that she knew Kim from somewhere. When Kim claimed that she used to model, Echo remembered that Kim had once been a stripper, and that Kim had also been a Buchanan at one time, when Kim had been married to Clint.

Kim acknowledged that she was Clint's ex-wife and pointed out to Echo the saying about the cow giving the milk away for free, as Echo had done with Clint. Kim then claimed that no self-respecting stripper would ever call herself Echo DiSavoy. Kim admitted that she had googled Echo's name on the computer. Kim then asked Echo who had sent her, and Echo explained that Roxy had not wanted to sell Morris and was simply beside herself. Echo said, "Oh, come on, have a heart. Really, I mean, I know it's strange, but who cares, right? He keeps her company."

Kim winced and insisted that she did not want to know what Echo meant by her remark. When Echo offered to buy Morris at a fair price, Kim claimed that it was not about the rodent, but about what had been inside of Morris. Kim realized that Roxy and Echo did not want anyone to know that Rex was a stone-cold killer. However, Echo denied that Rex was a killer and then picked up Morris to search for the gun. Kim said to Echo, "Let's deal."

When Echo asked Kim to name her price, Kim indicated that she wanted everything that Echo's brat had exploited from Kim's cowboy, so that Clint could get Gigi's heart. Echo demanded that Kim give her a realistic number -- a big, fat chunk of money that would not raise any questions. Echo believed that Kim only wanted Clint to get his money back, so that Kim could then bleed him dry. However, Kim claimed that she actually wanted to help a sick friend.

After Echo laughed and asked Kim to see reason, Kim insisted that if Echo wanted the gun back, she would deal with Kim, or that Kim would turn in the gun to the Llanview Police Department. Echo pleaded with Kim not to take the gun to the cops, because of Shane. Echo then announced that she did not have access to Rex's money, and that Rex did not even know that Echo suspected him. Kim told Echo to figure it out, before she raised her price. Kim then showed Echo the door.

At Llanfair, Rex wondered why Clint had been calling hospitals, and why Clint had been bullying the hospital personnel. Clint informed Rex that he was trying to help a friend, Kimberly Andrews. Clint added that Kim had a sick friend, and that Kim was having problems paying the friend's medical bills. Clint claimed that he was just trying to help her out.

Rex revealed that Gigi had sent him to Clint, through a message from Delphina, but that he had also seen Gigi in the house, in Kentucky, and even at Llanfair. Rex stated that Gigi kept telling him not to give up, and that Delphina had claimed that Rex's father would know what that meant. Rex wondered if that had to do with the person in the hospital and believed that Kim was the connection. Rex reminded Clint that Rex was a private investigator, and that he needed to find out why Gigi kept sending him messages.

Clint wrote down the information about the hospital and handed it to Rex. Clint asked Rex to find the girl, because Clint wanted to help Kim, who was "a remarkable of a kind." Clint realized that Rex had lost a loved one too soon and suddenly. When Rex asked if Clint was okay, Clint insisted that he was as strong as he ever was, because he had a good heart. Clint explained, "Every morning I wake up, I know that I have Gigi Morasco to thank for the privilege. No, I will never forget what she did for me." Rex turned and left the room.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Shaun found Destiny and asked why she had not been at the funeral. Destiny revealed that she had not been at the hospital for a check-up but had instead visited Statesville Prison. Destiny said that she had seen Greg to forgive him, since she had already forgiven her parents. She added that she had also taken Matthew's medical records to Greg to get his expert opinion. Shaun expressed that he was glad that Greg had determined that Matthew would get better, as Rex walked into the café.

Echo joined Rex in a booth, and Rex announced that he was taking a jet to leave on business. Echo laughed and stated that she had forgotten that Rex even had a jet. Echo then voiced that it was not natural for Rex to have all of the Buchanan money and property, and that Rex should return it all to Clint. Back at the Minute Man, Kim gazed at a picture of Stacy and Kim and insisted that she would make it right again for all of them.

At the police station, Bo welcomed Deputy Mayor Kathleen Finn into his office, who corrected Bo and reminded him that she was Mayor Finn. Kathleen asked about the progress of Victor Lord's murder and revealed that she had heard that there had been an eye witness. Bo agreed that there was a witness, but that the witness was the victim's son, and that it had been too convenient, because Victor's son hated Todd Manning. Bo added that the witness had already had issues, because of Gigi's case.

After Kathleen asked about the recording and noted that the witness had known what Victor had said word for word, Bo indicated that the kid's story just did not smell right. Kathleen declared that it was for the jury to decide, and that it was Bo's job to arrest Todd Manning. Bo reminded Kathleen that his job was to thoroughly investigate the case, and then to make an arrest. When Kathleen pondered why Todd Manning was getting preferential treatment, Bo stressed that Todd had gotten no breaks from the police.

Bo insisted that they did not have enough credible evidence to make an arrest. Bo remembered about the upcoming election and felt that Kathleen just wanted to look tough on crime. Kathleen clarified that she wanted to be tough on crime and insisted that Todd would get no breaks. Bo indicated that the district attorney was not ready to indict, and Kathleen realized that Nora had not been in the office all week.

When Bo reminded Kathleen of Matthew's situation, Kathleen feared that Nora needed to take a leave of absence. Bo exclaimed that Nora was fine, and that she knew about all of the evidence and still did not believe that there was enough. Kathleen revealed that the assistant district attorney disagreed and was ready to indict. When Bo wondered if that was Kathleen's way of getting back at Nora, Kathleen insisted that she would not hold a grudge, because Bo had once refused to go out with her "ages ago."

Kathleen said that she was just trying to do her job, and that she would get Bo a warrant. As Kathleen flew out of the door, Bo yelled that they could not just take Jack Manning's word for it. Later, Kathleen returned with a warrant for the arrest of Todd Manning and demanded that Bo do his job. Bo announced that a unit had spotted Todd, and that there would be an arrest. Bo then declared that he would keep investigating, and that even though the arrest might give Kathleen the election, the truth would end up biting her.

Dani discovered Jack at Victor's grave and asked him who had witnessed Victor's murder. Dani wondered why no one had been arrested yet, and she insisted that she needed to talk to the eyewitness. Jack then admitted that he was the witness. Confused, Dani remembered that Jack had been unconscious, but Jack announced that he had seen Scarface with the gun. Jack also recollected that he had heard a noise that night and had turned around. He claimed that as he had tried to run, he had gotten hit in the head.

When Dani again wondered why no one had been arrested, Jack screamed that Dani did not believe him. Dani reminded Jack that Scarface was their father, however, Jack yelled that Victor was their father, because he had been the only one who had cared. Dani admitted that she also missed Victor, and she made Jack swear to her that he was telling her the truth. Jack swore that he was and asked Dani to leave him to say goodbye to his dad in peace. Dani left.

In the church, Téa walked back in and, next to Victor's picture, saw the back of a man's head that she thought was Victor. The man turned, and Téa saw that it was Todd. When he asked how she was doing, Téa laughed. After Téa then demanded to know what Todd was doing there, Todd indicated that it was the least that he could do for Victor. Téa felt that Todd was just there to gloat and cried that he could not fool her, but Todd reflected that Victor had been the one who had fooled everyone.

Once Todd realized that Téa blamed him, he claimed that although he had hated Victor, that did not mean that he was happy about what had happened to him. Todd felt that it had been hard on Victor when he had found out what Irene had done, and that had not been Victor's fault. When Todd then asked about Dani, Téa refused to answer and only said that if Todd had cared about the kids, he would not have killed Victor.

When Todd insisted that he had not killed Victor because of the kids, Téa responded, "Yes, you could. Yes, you could, because that's what you do. You do horrible things, and then...and then you feel horrible about it. You come back, and you try to make up for it, but it's too late. That's the Todd Manning I know." Todd maintained that he had not done anything and asked Téa to be his lawyer, but Téa refused.

Téa screamed that she hated Todd, and that she had loved Victor, and that Victor had loved her in a way that Todd never had. Téa cried that they were on sacred ground, and that Todd could not be there. Téa demanded that Todd get out. Todd walked away, and Téa fell to the ground. Téa sobbed, as Todd watched, and then he left the church.

Once she was alone in the church, Téa told Victor that she could not let Dani see that Téa was upset. Téa reflected that Victor had been a good father to Dani and wondered how she would be able to keep it together for Dani. Téa did not know how to teach Dani to move on, if Téa could not do so herself. Dani then walked in and saw that Téa had been crying.

Dani remembered that Victor had been a mess, when they had believed that Téa was dead, but that Dani and Victor had always had each other. Téa hugged Dani and cried that they still had each other. Dani then announced that there was something that her mother needed to know about Jack. Dani revealed that Jack had told the police that he had seen Todd shoot Victor.

Back at Victor's grave, Jack apologized to his dad for the lie but insisted that he wanted to make Todd pay. Jack claimed that he would get justice and questioned why Scarface would get to walk for what he did. Jack indicated that he had received a sign to be the perfect witness, and that since Victor had always had Jack's back, Jack would have Victor's.

Todd walked up to Jack at the gravesite and stated that he knew how much Victor had meant to Jack. Todd denied killing Victor however. After Jack screamed that Todd was a freak, and that he was sick, Todd sadly revealed, "The only thing that kept me alive for eight years, Jack, was and Starr and Viki and everyone else. Coming home to you was all I wanted. I owe you my life, Jack, because I came home for you."

Todd admitted that as much as he hated Victor, he would not have killed him, because that would have hurt Jack, and Todd could not have done that to him. Jack screamed, "Get away from me. You are nothing." The police then arrived and announced, "Todd Manning, you're under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord." Surprised, Todd exclaimed, "Hold, hold, hold on a second, okay? There's no...what? You can't arrest me."

The police officer stated, "Judge Runyon issued a warrant an hour ago," and Todd replied, "How'd that happen? There's no evidence." The officer explained, "An eye witness put you at the scene with a gun." Todd asked, "What eye witness?" Jack declared, "Me." Todd turned and looked at Jack.

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