All My Children Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on AMC

Jake left Pine Valley after giving Liza full custody of Colby. Liza pressed charges against Adam, who pressed charges against Tad. Erica learned that David had told Gillian that Adam was Colby's father. Leo made another pass at Becca. Arlene crashed Hayley and Mateo's engagement party.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, March13, 2000

With a vase of flowers in hand, Janet plodded into the livingroom unaware that Hayley was fast asleep on the sofa. When she set the vase down on the table, Hayley awoke from her sleep and jumped to her feet. Janet apologized for waking her niece up, but Hayley said that it was a good thing she was woken up because she had work to do. Janet sensed that Hayley hadn't gotten much sleep and figured out that it had something to do with her testimony at the custody hearing. It didn't take Hayley long to spill the sordid details of what had gone down in court. She was convinced that her testimony had done Adam and Liza more harm than good. Arlene swaggered down the stairs and told her daughter that she had the perfect cure for the "suitcases" under her eyes. With that, Arlene wrapped her arms around Hayley and squeezed tightly. On the subject of suitcase, Hayley asked her mother when she was going to pack her suitcases and head back to Georgia. Hayley had to pull herself away when someone from WRCW called to ask her if she could do an on location shoot for Wave in Jamaica. Arlene, who eavesdropped on the conversation and poked around in Hayley's work files while Hayley had her back turned, later encouraged Hayley to take the journey to the Caribbean. And to make the trip a little more worthwhile, Arlene suggested that Hayley take her along "on the company's dime" as a "Girl Friday." Hayley flatly denied the request. At about the same time, Mateo entered the house and told Arlene and Hayley that he'd made some phone calls to Georgia and learned that no one knew anything about Arlene's so-called leave of absence from work. Arlene claimed that the Human Resources person had a grudge against her and was making up stories. Mateo stepped forward and said that Arlene had been fired from her job. Janet returned to the room and listened closely as Mateo revealed that Arlene had been implicated in her former boss' death. "Don't listen to him!" Arlene snapped. "He died of a heart attack," Arlene insisted, adding that the man had died in her arms. Hayley rolled her eyes. It seemed logical, in Hayley's mind anyway, that her mother had been having an affair with her employer. That was not the case, Arlene professed. She claimed that her boss had hit on her numerous times and that late one night he had cornered her in a dark room. Arlene said that she'd bowed to the man's sexual demands because her job was on the line. Mateo broke into hysterical laughter. He said that Arlene's story was nothing more than a tall tale. In actuality, it was Arlene who had hounded her boss. She'd called the man's home numerous times and that was the reason for her dismissal. Arlene looked to Janet for sympathy. She claimed that she had been in love with Ron, her former boss, and didn't know that they were married until after their affair had already begun. In a way, according to Arlene, she and Janet were much alike. They both had men who had been taken away from them too soon. Seeing that Janet was tiding over to her side, Arlene begged Janet to let her stay at the house.

"Have established contact," Guy typed on his notebook computer. "Infiltration successful. Have been hired to train a horse --- Scorpio." A broad smile planted firmly on her face, Alex breezed into the room and asked Guy what he was working on. The horse trainer scrambled to hide his message, but as it turned out he didn't have to; Alex didn't have on her reading glasses and couldn't see anything on the monitor. Guy said that he'd put together a training schedule --- a comprehensive one from the looks of it --- for Scorpio. Within a few weeks, Guy said that he was optimistic that Alex would be riding her new horse. Alex thought the timeframe was awfully short and said that she thought it would take longer to "break" the horse. Guy shrugged slightly and said that he had a friend who'd broken "a spirited gray" and was riding around " the "Moors of Derbyshire" within a few weeks. Alex's face froze. She asked Guy to repeat what he's just said. Most Americans, she stated, couldn't pronounce "Derbyshire" properly; It's pronounced DERB-a-shur. "I'm not the man you think I am," replied Guy cryptically. Alex thought that she'd offended the man and quickly assured him that she'd meant no harm. The two then engaged in a whimsical discussion over whose language was quirkier --- the English or the Americans. Alex backed Guy into a corner by noting that the language Americans speak is still called English. Not wanting to cede defeat, Guy quickly brought up the Australian language as an example of a language with some kooky words. When Guy started humming the Australian National Anthem, "Waltzing Matilda," Alex one again became unnerved. Edmund arrived and he and Alex headed off. Guy, meanwhile, returned to his laptop to type another message. "Subject: A. Devane. Potential problem. Everything too close to surface."

In court, Judge Mayo asked Jake if he'd made a decision about pursuing a new hearing. Jake sat silent, clutching Colby to his chest. Adam rose to his feet and announced that it was "insane" to seek another trial because Colby was not Jake's child. Barry turned around and warned Adam that his outburst could cost him. Leslie asked the judge for a brief recess to talk with her client. The judge agreed and granted a five-minute recess. Adam stormed over to Jake and instructed him to enjoy his time with Colby --- because it would be the last time that he held the infant. Liza waited until Adam left before assuring Jake that she never thought that Colby was in any harm with him. Leslie told Jake that he could win a second custody battle. "It will get ugly," she conceded. But Leslie cited Jake's time with Colby as proof that he was "a terrific father." It would be easy to discredit Adam and Liza, well, just showing that she'd destroyed Tad and Dixie's marriage was enough to undo her claim. "Homewreckers don't get much sympathy in these cases," Leslie sneered. In the hallway, Adam told Barry that he wanted to file kidnapping charges against Jake. Tad tried to speak up in support of his brother, but Adam silenced Tad by warning him that he'd charge him as an accessory in the kidnapping. Tad didn't back down, noting that he'd called Liza to tell her that Colby was with Jake. Liza tried to file past her husband without being noticed, but Adam called out to her and asked her if Tad was telling the truth. Adam insisted that he had a right to know that Colby was safe. "You used up all your rights," Liza snapped. Back inside the courtroom, Liza asked the judge if Colby could be taken home so that she did not have to experience the "hostilities" in the room. The judge granted the request and Liza walked over to take Colby from Jake. He pulled back and shouted, "No!" He looked up at the judge and announced that he'd made a decision. "Colby's my life," Jake said softly. "I never want to lose that light in her eyes." A custody battle, though, would do more harm to Colby than good. "To have two parents fighting over her will damage the child," he noted. Jake said that if he were given custody of Colby, Adam would tie the matter up in court for years. That's not what Jake wanted for the baby. Leslie pleaded with Jake to stop speaking, but Jake continued. Jake rose from his chair and slowly walked towards Liza. There, Jake announced that he was dropping his petition for custody. Liza called Jake "the most loving and generous man" she'd ever know. The judge dismissed the case, but Tad wasn't ready to give up the fight. He demanded that the judge take some sort of legal action against Adam for his part in switching sperm samples. The judge explained that she presided over civil cases --- not criminal cases. However, she'd notified the District Attorney and asked the he investigate the matter. In the end, though, it would be up to Liza to decide if she wanted to take legal action against Adam. Tad raced over to Liza and pleaded with her to stick it to Adam. Adam ordered Tad to stay out of his personal affairs. "Your wife is going to help me put you in jail," Tad smiled sinisterly. Tad and Dixie asked Liza to do the right thing, just as Jake had done by dropping the suit. Liza tearfully asked Tad and the rest of the Martin clan to give her some peace. Barry warned Adam he could be in big trouble if Liza decided to press charges. Adam glibly told Barry that Liza still loves him --- She didn't leave him, she didn't divorce him, and she hasn't kicked him out. Barry pointed out that "love can be fickle" and that the Martins are pressing hard for retribution. With a smile, Adam replied that if they the Martins do manage to sway Liza against him, he'll "just have to play [the] trump card."

Jake returned to the empty nursery in the house he'd planned to buy for his new life with Gillian and Colby. He glumly pictured Gillian happily sitting in the rocking chair with Colby in her arms, welcoming Jake home. At that moment, Gillian appeared and called his name.

Tuesday, March14, 2000

Greenlee found Ryan at WRCW placing calls to various people around town in order to find out how the custody hearing had gone. It was clear that he was upset, but when Greenlee asked him how he was doing he claimed that he was fine. To that, Greenlee reminded Ryan that he'd once scolded her for not "being real." With a wry smile on her face, Greenlee asked Ryan, "Does that work both ways?" Knowing that he'd be a bit of a hypocrite if he didn't come clean, Ryan admitted that he was more than a little worried about the hearing's outcome. Greenlee mistakenly assumed that Ryan was worried about Liza --- and Ryan made no effort to correct her. Leo walked over to Ryan and informed him that he had a message from an important client. After Ryan left, Greenlee blasted Leo for his poor timing. He quickly noted that Greenlee hadn't knocked his timing when he saved her from Ken at the Pine Cone Motel. Leo caught sight of Becca and scurried off to talk to her. Becca didn't so much as greet Leo before asking him if he'd seen Scott anywhere. Leo claimed to be upset that Becca had brushed him off, but Becca didn't seem concerned in the least. Unobserved, Scott watched on from across the studio with a scowl planted firmly on his face. Scott later bumped into Ryan and told him that Leo was "moving in on Becca." Ryan was a bit surprised to hear about the kiss, but assured Scott that Becca would come forward and tell him the truth about it when she was ready. As a disclaimer, however, he advised Scott that he wasn't exactly the best person to be dishing out advice on women. Hayley and Mateo straggled into the studio contemplating a way to get rid of Arlene. Greenlee dashed over to her boss and asked if there was anything she could do to help her get ready for her trip to Jamaica. At that time, Hayley wasn't sure of she was going to go on the trip. Hayley asked Greenlee to have a cab pick up her mother and take her to the airport without making any stops along the way --- not even for red lights! Greenlee headed on her way and once again encounter Leo on her travels. She mused over Leo's continued failures with Becca. "Get Miss Purity into bed and call me in the morning," she sassed. Leo insisted that part of the fun in the game was the thrill of the chase. Vanessa breezed into the studio and scolded her son for not tending to his work at Cortlandt Electronics. Leo shrugged and said that he didn't have to do any work because Palmer was out of town. Vanessa nodded her head, but explained that Palmer was due back within a day or two. She asked that her son at least put in an appearance --- even if it was only to shuffle the papers around on his desk. Before working, though, Vanessa wanted to have lunch with her son. "What's the point of having you around if I hardly even see you?" she asked. Mateo approached Becca and asked her if she and Scott would be attending his engagement party at SOS. Becca said that she'd be there, but that she could not speak for Scott. Leo overheard a portion of the conversation and asked Becca about her plans. Again, Becca gave Leo the cold shoulder. She scampered over to Scott, pulled him behind a stage prop, and planted a kiss on him. Becca finally confessed that she'd been keeping a secret from Scott. After hearing the admission, Scott told Becca that he already knew about the kiss. Becca insisted that the kiss meant nothing to her. Ryan wandered by ad the couple embraced. Scott flashed an "okay" sign with his one hand to show Ryan that things had worked themselves out. Alone, Ryan daydreamed of how his relationship with Greenlee had gone south. Greenlee, who made repeated references to her now-healed face, heard through the office grapevine that Ryan was having difficulties getting in touch with a potential client. She let it be known that the man in question was one of her grandfather's friends. She suggested that they head out to try to track down her grandfather.

Arlene assured Janet that she didn't want to impose upon her for a long period of time --- just until she got her feet back on the ground. Arlene claimed that Ron, her former boss and lover, had planned to leave his wife. Janet figured out that Arlene's sexual harassment story was nothing more than hot air. Arlene likened herself with Janet, saying that Janet knew what it was like to be against a wall. Janet relented and agreed to let Arlene stick around for "a little while longer." She knew that Hayley wasn't going to be happy and wondered if Hayley's suspicions about Arlene were on the mark. Arlene professed that she was a changed woman. Janet agreed that it was only fair to give Arlene a second chance. Arlene did some light dusting while Janet was in the kitchen making tea. She answered the phone and told the caller on the other end that Janet was unable to get to the phone. She scribbled down a message with a grin. Janet ran into the room to pick up the phone, but realized that Arlene had already answered it. Arlene informed Janet that the call was from Dr. Jaffe's office and that they were calling to see if she was going to reschedule the appointment she'd canceled over a month ago. Arlene recognized the name as "a headshrinker." She assured Janet that there was nothing wrong with seeing a therapist, but she said she knew why Janet wasn't looking forward to a session on the couch. "Obviously, you didn't want to go blabbing on the couch because the truth would come out that you killed Sophie," Arlene blurted out. Janet's face turned a ghostly shade of white. Janet tried to deny the claim, but Arlene said that she knew the truth from the moment she heard that Trevor had gone on the run. Arlene told Janet that her secret was safe with her. Hayley and Mateo returned a short time later giddy over the fact that they had gotten rid of Arlene. Janet quietly informed them that she'd sent the cab away and that Arlene was be staying a few more days. Hayley was furious with Janet, but Janet defended her decision because Arlene was a part of the family and a link to Trevor. Arlene swished down the steps and asked Hayley if she was ready to travel to Jamaica. Hayley decided that she couldn't go and leave Janet to fend off her mother. However, she was being sent to cover a reggae festival and if she canceled the trip she'd miss the festival. Janet came up with an idea to ease Hayley's mind. She asked Hayley if she'd go on her trip if Dr. Jaffe told her that it was okay to leave her alone. Hayley nodded and said that she'd accept that. Janet walked over to the phone to call Dr. Jaffe. She held down the receiver and pretended to speak to a nurse in the office. She left a bogus message asking the doctor to phone Hayley at SOS and give her an update on her condition. Hayley was content and she and Mateo headed off to get ready for their party. Arlene had been watching Janet all along and knew that she hadn't phoned anyone. She said nothing, instead smiling wickedly.

Jake sat in a rocking chair in what would have been Colby's nursery. Gillian appeared in the doorway and looked longingly at Jake. She walked over to her husband and knelt before him. Gillian praised Jake as a "brave and noble" man. Jake didn't feel the same way. He again blasted Gillian for not having told him the truth. Gillian reminded Jake that she'd tried to tell him the truth --- not once but several times. The first time, she recalled, she'd gotten into a car accident. The second time she'd written Jake a letter, but he hadn't read it. Gillian said that she was confident that everything would subside over time and she and Jake would be rid of Liza, Adam, and David for good. "David?" Jake squawked. He demanded to know how David figured into the equation. Gillian admitted that she'd learned the truth from David the night of the accident. Suddenly, Jake realized why David had been taunting him for months. "I'm surprise he wasn't in court taking pictures," Jake snapped. It came time for a question and Jake demanded an honest answer. He bluntly asked Gillian if she would have agreed to marry him if he had decided against pursuing the custody battle. "There's no need to speculate on what ifs," Gillian replied. Jake rose from the rocking chair and angrily stated that Gillian had just given him her answer --- and answer he did not want to hear. Gillian tried to defend her response, but Jake turned her out. He stormed out of the room. Gillian called out to her husband, but by the time she'd decided to chase after him he was already gone. Gillian sat down in the chair and sobbed openly. She thought about how David had brought her into the mess by telling her the truth about Colby's paternity. She suddenly jumped out of her chair and stomped out of the nursery.

At Sounds of Salsa, Tina chattered excitedly about Hayley's trip to Jamaica. She didn't know that Hayley had already been to Jamaica and spouted off trivial travel information. Hayley smiled and thanked Tina for her help. A phone call came through from Dr. Jaffe and Mateo quickly handed the phone to Hayley. The doctor told Hayley that Janet's therapy sessions were going quite well and that she should not feel obligated to cancel her trip. Hayley hung up the phone and she and Mateo celebrated the good news. Back at the Dillon house, Janet quietly hung up the phone. Arlene entered the room and praised Janet's performance. "Now, don't take this the wrong way," Arlene grinned. "But I now know why people call you Janet from Another Planet --- you got talents from out of this world!" Arlene dashed off to get a bite to eat, but Janet decided to stay home. Mirror Janet made an appearance and told Janet that she'd found a friend in Arlene. "She's a definite keeper," Mirror Janet chuckled.

On her cellular phone in The Valley Inn, Erica scolded Adam for not having bailed her out of jail. She accepted Adam's apology, but warned him that he owed her. The fact that he was giving her use of his private jet for a few days was just the beginning. During the conversation, David strolled into the room and pulled up a chair at Erica's table. Erica looked to David and told him that she realized that she did the right thing by interrupting the custody hearing --- even if she was thrown in jail. David didn't understand why Adam had enlisted Erica's service. Erica slipped and said that she knew about the DNA evidence proving Adam was Colby's father. David pressed Erica for details on how she knew about the DNA test and Erica ultimately admitted that she was present when Adam broke into his office. David was furious with Erica for not telling him that the file had been stolen from his office. "You let him walk out [with the file]?" David snapped. "You didn't expect me to wrestle him to the ground?" Erica grumbled. Erica quickly pointed out that David hadn't had any business with the test results anyway. As they squabbled, Vanessa and Leo entered the restaurant. Needless to say, Vanessa took great pleasure in watching the couple fight. She sashayed over to their table and scolded them for fighting in public. David and Erica both took turns in telling Vanessa to get lost. After she and her son had found their own table across the room, Vanessa told Leo that David and Erica's relationship was deteriorating faster than she'd expected. Leo asked his mother why she disliked Erica so much. In fact, he noted that Vanessa's disdain for Erica started even before she set up shop in Pine Valley. Vanessa grumbled that she kept up with Erica's antics through the newspapers and by reading her autobiographies. Ryan and Greenlee wandered around the dining area trying to locate Woodruff. There was no sign of him, so the pair sat down at a table and prepared to order some food. Across the room, Erica and David continued to bicker. Erica claimed that she hadn't told David about Adam's breaking-and-entering because she feared that he'd do something foolish. David knew Erica was lying to him, but he was so enamored by the lie that he let it slide. Erica praised David for having kept his word and not telling anyone the truth about Colby. "It means a lot that you kept your word," she said with a smile. From out of nowhere, Gillian appeared tableside. "You ruined my life --- again!" Gillian shrieked. David urged Gillian to remain calm. Erica wondered how David had upset Gillian. Gillian explained that David had been the one to tell her that Adam was really Colby's father. Erica cast a scornful look at her lover just seconds before Gillian picked up David's drink and threw it in his face. Vanessa and Leo looked on with broad smiles. Gillian stormed out of the room and Ryan, against Greenlee's pleas, chased after her. Erica, meanwhile, looked furiously at the soaking wet cardiologist.

Wednesday, March15, 2000

Behind the stage setup for Wave, Scott and Becca continued kissing. The kissing became quiet passionate, prompting Scott to pull away. "We'd better not start something that we can't finish," he panted. Becca nodded her head slightly. She told Scott that it wasn't a matter of not wanting to make love to him. "I want to wait until I'm sure," clarified Becca. By sure, she meant that she wanted to have some sort of commitment before giving up her virginity. She explained that her grandmother had once said that the closest she'd ever come to paradise was being in bed with her husband. Scott smiled warmly and stated that Becca made waiting "sound like a privilege." Arm in arm, they headed off to Sounds of Salsa for Mateo and Hayley's party.

In the lobby of The Valley Inn, Arlene flirted with one of the waiters. When asked what he could do for her, Arlene had a smooth reply. "What you can do for me is probably outlawed in these 48 contiguous states," she grinned devilishly. Actually, though, there was something the waiter could do for her. She asked that he give her "virgin" Bloody Mary a little bit of "experience," experience in the form of a 90-proof vodka. Arlene caught sight of Adrian and quickly swished her way over to him. She invited him to join her for dinner, but Adrian politely declined, saying that he had a private party to attend at SOS. After Adrian left, Arlene told herself that she deserved to be at the engagement party because she's Hayley's mother.

Inside the dining area, Vanessa walked over to David and instructed him to blot the drink from his shirt to avoid prevent rubbing the stain into the fabric. "I've never been so embarrassed," Erica groaned. "Sure you have, Miss Kane," Leo replied. "What about all those crazy, hazy pill-popping days?" Vanessa, through gritted teeth, asked her son to stop "needling" his brother and Erica. The mother and son pair returned to their table. Erica blasted David for having lied to her. David argued that there were "extenuating circumstances" of which she was not aware. At her table, Vanessa muttered under her breath that Erica was trying to find a man to replace her father in her life. "No mere mortal will ever take your father's place," she grumbled. Leo looked on in bewilderment. Vanessa realized that she was carrying on a bit too much and quickly quieted down. Erica, meanwhile, accused David of trying to find a scapegoat. She began to question their relationship again, a move that aggravated David. He blasted her "bottomless pit of insecurities" and blamed their current problems on Gillian. "You lied to me," Erica yelled. Again, Vanessa just happened to be passing by. She took great amusement, mocking Erica's concern. David and Erica both asked Vanessa to leave, but Vanessa wasn't about to leave. "You can't stand Erica because she's everything that you aspire to be," David snapped to his mother. "But you didn't have the looks or the class or the talent to pull it off." Vanessa was caught off guard by the remarks, but she'd come to expect that sort of thing from her son. Leo came to his mother's defense, offering a reason why David cared for Erica. According to Leo, "The only reason you're attracted to Erica is because she reminds you of our mother." Erica was deeply offended by the comparison and threatened to walk off. David stopped her and it was Vanessa and Leo that ended up leaving. With Erica still sitting across from him, David told Erica that she'd gotten herself into a situation she hadn't expected --- she'd fallen in love. Erica claimed that she must have been "delirious" when she'd uttered those words. David told Erica that she couldn't take back her declaration of love. "I'm not a dress that you're returning or a pair of shoes. I'm the man who makes you quiver. I'm the man who touched your core," the doctor said passionately. Erica told David that there were still many things he needed to know about her. Simply knowing how to touch her or the perfume she wears is not enough.

Back at the Dillon House, a drunken Arlene struggled to get through the front door. Janet was about to write Arlene a note telling her that she was going to Hayley and Mateo's party. She felt awkward going to a party when Arlene wasn't invited. Arlene, though, urged Janet to have a good time. Janet hadn't been gone for more than five minutes when Arlene broke into the liquor cabinet. Later, while alone, Arlene stared into a mirror and told herself that she looked entirely too good to stay home. "Come on, let's treat the people," she said to herself.

Hayley still exhibited some hesitation about leaving Janet alone with Arlene. Mateo asked Hayley to focus on her work and not her mother. Isabella was the first guest to arrive at the party. Almost immediately, she told the couple that she knew that they were destined to get back together. Edmund and Alex arrived next and immediately headed to the bar to whip up a few drinks. When Tad and Dixie arrived, Tad, still bitter over the outcome in court, warned Hayley and Mateo that it would only be a matter of time before Adam spoiled their happiness. Dixie apologized for her husband's remarks and they pledged not to let Adam's shenanigans ruin their evening. That lasted for barely a few seconds. As they sat down at their table, Tad told Dixie that he needed to come up with a plan to get back at Adam. Mateo noticed a stranger lurking near the entranceway and moved over to question him. The man turned out to be Guy, the new stable hand at Wildwind. Edmund and Alex walked over to him and asked that he join them for a night out. Guy said that he usually doesn't make a habit of mixing business and pleasure, but he agreed to stick around for the toast. Just as Hayley was beginning to wonder about her, Janet showed up at the club. Janet explained that she'd gotten tied up talking to Arlene and defended Arlene as a woman in need of a second chance. Alex and Edmund joined Tad and Dixie and the foursome discussed Alex's encounter with the gunman at the mall. Tad and Dixie both asked Alex if she had any self-defense training, but Alex said that she didn't remember. Uncomfortable by the questioning, Alex excused herself to use the ladies' room. Just a few feet away, Guy listened carefully to what was being said. Hayley and Axel were discussing Arlene --- unaware that Arlene had strolled into the club. "My mother has personally put the shag back in the carpet biz," Hayley mused. Axel took off when he spotted Arlene, prompting Hayley to call him a coward. Arlene wrapped her arms around her daughter and congratulated her on her good fortune. Hayley could smell the booze on her mother's breath, but she said nothing. In fact, she asked Mateo not to give her mother the boot because that would ruin the evening --- and that was exactly what Arlene was shooting for. Arlene wandered over to Adrian and Adrian finally became aware of Arlene's true identity. Mateo pulled Adrian aside and asked him to keep an eye on Arlene while he and Hayley are out of the country. Scott and Becca arrived and immediately hit the dance floor. Scott told Becca that he wants to travel to Pigeon Hollow with her one day. Leo suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked to cut in. Before he could get a response, someone started clinking on a glass. All eyes turned to Arlene, who was strolling out to the middle of the floor with her glass held high. She announced that she wanted to propose a toast to her "baby." Hayley bit her lower lip and listened as a drunken Arlene apologized for having told Hayley that she was just like her. In fact, Arlene now went on the record as saying that she and Hayley were nothing alike. "You got a rock-solid future, a guy who adores you," she beamed. "So he's not perfect. So he had a wife and kid and didn't tell you." Arlene referred to Mateo as her "silver-lining." She felt that if Hayley could forgive Mateo's transgressions, she could surely forgive hers. She went on to apologize for sleeping with Alec McIntyre, but it wasn't for the reasons one might expect. She claimed that she'd done Hayley a favor by exposing Alec as a low-life. Hayley had finally had enough and turned and walked away. Leo once again asked Becca for a dance, but she brushed him off. A dejected Leo sat by himself at the bar. David wandered in and confronted his younger brother for having insulted Erica. Leo countered by accusing David of being jealous of his relationship with Vanessa. If it was true that Vanessa loved Leo best, David wanted to know why she had allowed him to be a "functional illiterate." Scott and Becca had both overheard the remark and stopped cold. Leo realized that they' heard David's comments and raced off. Becca tried to talk to Leo, but he refused to speak to her. Adrian kept his word to keep an eye on Arlene. He approached her and said that he'd like to escort her home. That said, Arlene latched on to him and planted a kiss on him! Tina saw the kiss and went ballistic. "I am going to rip her eyes out!" she yelled. "Do and I'll pay for your manicure," Hayley told her. Mateo explained that Adrian was doing them a favor and that he'd do whatever he had to do to make sure that Arlene doesn't crash their wedding.

Back at the boarding house, Jake groaned audibly when Ryan knocked on the door to his room. "I'm not here to see Gillian," Ryan said icily. "I'm here to see you." Jake threw his hands in the air and implied that Ryan had only dropped by to see if Gillian was once again on the market. It suddenly dawned on Jake that the reason Ryan had interrupted the wedding was because he knew the truth about Colby. Ryan admitted that he knew, but he assured Jake that he hadn't known long. Ryan told Jake that Gillian loved him --- that she had chosen to spend her life with him. He implored him not to make the same mistake he had and "ruin the best thing" in his life. Ryan filed out of the room. A little while later, another knock sounded on the door. This time, it was Gillian. Jake wasn't at all pleased to see his wife. In fact, he angrily asked her what she wanted. Gillian told Jake that she wanted to give him "an honest answer" to the question he'd asked her in the nursery. She again referred to Jake as an honorable man, praise that turned Jake's stomach. She was sure that she would have married Jake --- even though she'd really wanted a long courtship. She pleaded with Jake not to give up on their love. Jake looked deep into her eyes with a cold glare. He confessed that he, too, had been thinking about whether or not he would have married Gillian if he were not fighting for custody of Colby. Gillian took a deep breath and awaited Jake's response.

Thursday, March16, 2000

Jake told Gillian that he hasn't been being honest with him. He was still hurt that the two most important people in his life --- his brother and his wife --- had kept a secret from him. Confusion and pain clouded his mind. "I need time to figure out where things stand," Jake said softly. Gillian feared that Jake was going to leave her. "I'm not giving up on you or out marriage," Jake said reassuringly, but he was cold to Gillian's suggestion that they try to work things out together. Gillian had come along way since Jake first met her and Jake asked that Gillian continue to take care of herself. "Do you have to do this all alone?" Gillian asked tearfully. Jake nodded his head. He told her that she would not be alone because she had Edmund, Alex, Eugenia, and his family for support and love. "Take care of yourself and don't worry about me," Jake said. Jake turned and walked slowly out of the room. Later, Myrtle arrived to help comfort Gillian in her time of need. She tried to put a positive spin on what was a very painful situation. "You must never give up hope," Myrtle smiled as she assured Gillian that Jake loved her very much. She told the princess of her newfound daughter. Gillian was marveled by Myrtle's story, but it didn't lessen her heartache. After Myrtle left, Gillian fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

Tad and Dixie dropped by the Martin home and found Ruth packing Colby's belongings into a box. Ruth quickly explained that she wasn't trying to bleach Colby from their lives, but she said that it seemed best to return things to Colby. "If having children were based on the merit system," Tad remarked, "Jake would have ten." Tad followed it up by commenting that Adam was "stealing" Colby away from them. Joe voiced some reason, stating that Liza had promised that she'd still allow them to see Colby. Dixie shook her head in disbelief and asked if Adam would allow the visits. A determined Tad said that he wanted to make sure that Adam pays for what he has done. Joe stepped forward and told Tad that it might not be the best time to seek revenge. Tad felt just the opposite. He claimed that Adam had planned all long to hurt the Martin family. Because of that, Tad vowed to make Adam suffer. "If you [and Adam] start mud-wrestling, it's going to be hard to tell the difference between the two of you fellows," Joe sagely noted. Tad bowed his head slightly and told his father that he knew what he had to do. Joe was going to chase after Tad, but Ruth asked that he stick around. It wasn't Tad that they needed to worry about, she said. Jake and Gillian, though, were another story. A short time later, Jake arrived at the house with important news for his family.

Adrian helped an extremely tipsy Arlene into the living room at the Dillon house. As he walked her to the couch, Arlene started to tip over --- and both she and Adrian toppled onto the sofa. Her body now intermingled with Adrian's, Arlene saw an opening to sneak a kiss or two. Adrian struggled to get away from Arlene's grasp, but she latched on and wasn't about to let go without a fight. Eventually, Adrian managed to wriggle free. He suggested that they move their "relationship" along more slowly. "Maybe we should court," he offered. Arlene jumped towards him and squeaked, "Consider me courted!" Adrian again pulled free. This time he told Arlene that he really had to get back to the club.

Adam paced in the parlor at Chandler Mansion anticipating Liza's return. When she did return, Adam presented her with "a token of things to come." Liza looked on stoically as he presented her with a gold necklace featuring three intertwined hearts --- one each for him, Liza, and Colby. Liza turned and said that she had a present for him. She handed him an envelope and Adam hurriedly opened it. "Divorce papers," Adam said in shock. "Don't act so surprised," Liza grumbled. Adam had been under the impression that his family had been restored. He was wrong. Adam claimed that he'd "moved galaxies" to get her back. Liza demanded that Adam sign the divorce papers and get out of her house. Adam pleaded with Liza to listen to him, but Liza knew that Adam might wear her down if she allowed him to talk. "Sign the papers so that I can be rid of you forever!" she snapped. The doorbell rang and Liza walked to answer the door. Adam followed after her, pleading for her to reconsider. Adam wasn't pleased to see Tad and ordered him to leave. Liza, though, welcomed Tad and asked Adam to be quiet. Tad informed Liza that all the paperwork was ready for her --- all she had to do was place a call to the police station and Adam would be arrested. Nervously, Liza asked Tad if his family wanted her to press charges. In spite of Adam's protests, Liza agreed to contact the police. Tad dialed the number and Liza unenthusiastically told Derek to send a squad car over to the mansion. Tad took great pleasure in seeing Adam squirm and vowed that he's stick around to see him hauled off to prison. Unfortunately for him, Dixie phoned and asked Tad to hurry back to his parents' house. Tad initially refused because he wanted to wait for the police, but that changed when he learned that Jake was at the house. After Tad left, Adam asked if he could see Colby one last time before the police arrive. Liza sighed, but agreed to honor his request.

"I am not the village idiot," Leo snapped to Becca. Becca told Leo that she didn't think that of him and offered to help him with his math skills. In the background, Greenlee looked on. Leo, though, was not in the mood for sympathy and stormed off. Ryan showed up at the club unaware that SOS was holding a private party. He apologized to Hayley for crashing the party and offered to leave. Hayley, though, asked that he stay and enjoy himself. Ryan told Hayley that he'd just "lectured Jake" about his relationship with Gillian. Ryan quickly changed the subject, telling Hayley that he wanted to change his career. He seemed particularly interested in starting an Internet business, mostly because he could get rich quick. Hayley warned Ryan that money wasn't everything. She cited her father as an example. Mateo stopped by and offered Ryan a drink. The lovebirds headed over to the other side of the bar. There, Mateo told Hayley that he'd asked Adrian to keep an eye on Arlene. Hayley feared that her mother was too much for even Adrian to handle. Leo wandered over to Greenlee and told her that it was time to go. "You and I are the only ones keeping irony alive in this town," Greenlee replied. "You said you were going to seduce that saint and I want to see Becca become another notch on your belt!" Scott and Becca asked Tina why Adrian wasn't at the party. Tina angrily informed them that the last time she saw Adrian he was "sucking face" with Arlene. "That woman is easier than a game of tic-tac-toe," she grumbled. Marian placed a call to Scott and asked that he come home. Apparently the police had arrived at the Chandler Estate and she was fearful that something bad had happened. Time passed and Leo still had not approached Becca. Leo had spotted Ryan and asked Greenlee why she wasn't trying to make headway with the object of her desire. "Run after your elusive butterfly," Greenlee chirped. "Ryan's already in the net." Seeing that Becca was now alone, Leo sat down next to Becca and offered her an apology for his rude behavior. He asked Becca to help him learn math and Becca was only too willing to help out. Mateo and Hayley decided that it was time to go home and get ready for their trip. Adrian returned to the bar and tried to talk to Tina, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Greenlee pretended to bump into Ryan. She claimed that she didn't know that he was at the club. Ryan said that he was sorry that he'd run out on her earlier in the day at The Valley Inn. Greenlee had a way that Ryan could make it up to her --- a dance. The pair danced for quite some time. Unbeknownst to Ryan, Greenlee picked his pocket and took his wallet. After Ryan left, Greenlee looked at the wallet with a broad smile. She grabbed her coat and headed off to find Ryan.

The police arrived at Chandler Mansion, but Adam managed to buy some time to call Barry Shire. "It's time to put the contingency plan into effect," he said coldly. Adam told Liza that he'd forgive her mother for what she'd done to him and he'd accept that he had to go to jail, but he pleaded with Liza not to file for divorce. Liza called out for the officers and asked that Adam be hauled away. "This isn't right!" Adam hollered as he was dragged off.

Jake waited until Tad showed up before announcing that he was going to travel to California to do some soul searching. Ruth broke down in tears and told her son that she'd expected Jake and Gillian to be living just a few houses away. Joe promised Jake that his position at the hospital would be waiting for him when he returned. "When will that be?" Tad asked. Jake shook his head and said that he didn't know when he'd be back. Dixie offered to drive Jake to the airport, but Jake explained that he was going to drive to the West Coast. Perhaps, he said, he'd stop to visit Kelsey along the way. Tad walked his brother to the door and once again said that he was sorry for having lied to him. Jake didn't vocally accept the apology, but instead gently brushed his brother's cheek. The two men hugged before Jake, without saying another word, walked out of the house. The Martins tried to regroup. When a knock sounded on the door, they hoped that Jake had reconsidered and come back to them. Derek walked into the house and Tad immediately asked him for an update on Adam. Derek told Tad that Adam was en route to the prison. Tad thanked the detective for acting so swiftly, but Derek hadn't dropped by for that reason. "I came to arrest you," he said sadly. Derek told Tad that he was being charged with "forgery, theft, solicitation, and conspiracy." Tad's face froze and the other Martins looked on his disbelief as Tad was read his rights.

Friday, March17, 2000

For the first phase of the math tutoring, Becca took Leo to an office at WRCW. In the doorway of the office, Leo leaned down and inhaled Becca's aroma. He refuted Becca's claim that her scent is nothing more than soap. Becca sighed and headed to a table inside the room. Leo marveled over Becca's offer to assist him. "I could never be this kind to anyone," he chirped. "But for you it's like breathing." Becca couldn't help but wonder why Leo suddenly wanted to learn math. Leo explained that he was getting tired of having to lie and that he'd need to know math should he one day have a son or daughter. Becca started off with the lesson, asking Leo to multiply seven-times-seven. Leo threw his hands in the air and stormed away from the table. He accused Becca of trying to make him look stupid. Becca rushed over to his side and assured him that he is not stupid. Suddenly, Leo turned around, grabbed hold of Becca, and kissed her passionately. For a few moments, Becca kissed him back. Then, she abruptly pulled away. "Do you think I'm an idiot?" Becca squawked. She accused him of wanting to learn "how to de-flower a virgin from Pigeon Hollow" rather than math. Becca angrily pushed everything off of the table and threw herself on top of it. She sarcastically asked Leo if he wanted to "take" her there. Leo could only look on in amazement as Becca lambasted him. Leo insisted that he hadn't had anything dirty in mind, but he did confess that he was more than a little bit attracted to her. Becca realized that the best thing she could do was to leave. Leo, however, wasn't going to let her do that. He blocked her path to the door and pleaded with her to give him a second chance. He again told her how badly he wanted to learn math. Perhaps she felt sorry for him --- or maybe Becca truly wanted to him. Whatever the reason, Becca agreed to give Leo another chance. She warned him that "one more stunt" would mean the end of the tutoring sessions. Becca picked up the papers she'd tossed on the floor and sat down at the table. She gave Leo a multiplication shortcut and again presented him with the seven-times-seven problem. Leo scribbled down some numbers and took a deep breath. "Forty-nine," he said hesitantly. Becca smiled and informed him that he'd gotten the right answer. With a broad smile, Leo thanked Becca for helping him out.

Marian and Scott raced into the main house on the Chandler Estate and asked why the police had been there. Upon learning that Adam had been arrested, Marian pleaded with her daughter to reconsider pressing charges. Marian was convinced that Adam would come after her --- and possibly Stuart --- if he had to spend any time in jail. Liza was sure that Adam would never hurt Stuart and she explained that Adam had promised that he would not go after Marian either. That was all well and good, but Marian wondered if she'd be safe. After all, Adam would have to tell everything during his arraignment and that might include her part in imprisoning him. Stuart knew nothing of Adam's arrest because he was working late at the gallery. Scott concurred with Liza in that Adam would never say or do anything to hurt Stuart. Liza told her mother that she had to press charges against Adam because he had hurt the entire Martin family. "You have Colby," Marian said softly. "Be happy with that!" Stuart wandered into the house oblivious to what had happened just a short time earlier. He told everything that one of his friends, an artist by the name of Andrea Marco, gave him information on Paolo. It wasn't anything new, but it compounded their understanding that Paolo set his sights on attractive, wealthy, older women. Marian seemed pleased that she was in such good company as Paolo's victim, but she still didn't understand why the Italian gigolo had gone after her. Scott finally spoke up about Leo's part in the scheme. Marian doubted that Leo was involved because she thought of him as a nice, young man. Liza, on the other hand, didn't see why Leo would want to get involved. Scott stroked his chin and said that Becca had told him something about Leo being pressured into participating in the plot. He set off to find Becca, but she was nowhere to be found. The foursome regrouped in the parlor and thought about who might have put the scheme together. "We're all thinking the same thing," said Liza. Marian and Scott both nodded. Stuart, though, refused to believe that his brother could have had any part in hurting Marian. After all, he'd made Adam promise that he wouldn't do anything mean. They broke off for the night and agreed to meet again in the morning. Liza was furious. "He's going to beg the judge to stay in judge," she fumed. "Just so he can keep away from me!"

Ryan tapped the keys on his laptop computer frantically. When a knock sounded on the door, he told whoever it was to enter. Greenlee slowly walked inside and told Ryan that she'd found his wallet on the floor of SOS. Ryan got up from his chair and put on a pair of pants. Greenlee practically drooled as she watched the scantily clad man turn and walk away from her. Ryan returned to his computer and grumbled about not being able to find a decent search engine on the web. Greenlee pushed him aside and entered in an address. She wasn't pleased, though, when she found out what he was looking for. "You can't do that!" she snapped. Ryan said that he was dead serious --- serious about moving to Silicon Valley. Greenlee informed Ryan that one of the joys of the Internet was that one could work from anywhere in the world --- including Pine Valley. Ryan headed to his bedroom to find an Email address. While he was gone, Greenlee phoned her "grampy" and told him that she had a great investment lead for him. She also said that she would not be home. Ryan returned and offered Greenlee a bottle of beer. A little while later, Greenlee realized that she'd had too much to drink and that she could not drive home. Ryan was also intoxicated, but he offered to call a cab for his friend. Greenlee hadn't counted on Ryan doing that and quickly concocted a story about not being able to show up at her grandparents in a taxi. She pleaded with Ryan to let her sleep on the sofa. Ryan nodded his head and said that he'd take his computer into his bedroom so that he would not disturb her. Greenlee assured Ryan that she would not be bothered by his presence and asked that he stay where he was. Ryan got a pillow and some blankets and one of his sweatsuits for Greenlee to wear. Right there in the living room, Greenlee took off her top and put on Ryan's sweatshirt. To her dismay, Ryan hadn't even noticed her pseudo-striptease. Greenlee plopped herself down on the sofa in a huff. She waited and waited, but Ryan was too engrossed in his work to notice that Greenlee was watching him. Ultimately, Ryan decided to call it a night and headed to his bedroom.

As he was being hauled into the police station, Adam complained about being taken out of his home in the middle of the night. He threatened to buy the police station and have it turned into a parking lot. Tad, meanwhile, was also being led into the station --- and he, too, was grumbling about being taken out of his house. Tad and Adam caught sight of each other and suddenly raced towards each other. It wasn't sure what they'd hoped to accomplished because both of them had their hands handcuffed behind their backs. Two officers pulled them apart, but it wouldn't stop them from yelling. Derek finally shouted for there to be quiet. Dixie stomped over to Adam and blasted him for having had Tad arrested. "How could you sink so low?" she snarled. She told Adam that he'd gotten what he wanted: Jake had left town. Adam smiled proudly, content that he had accomplished at least one of his goals. "He inappropriately bonded with the child," he sneered. Joe lunged towards Adam, but was pulled away by a policeman. There was something that Adam hadn't expected. Dixie asked Adam if he was prepared to deal with Junior when he learned that he'd had Tad locked up. A look of sadness crept over Adam's face. He bowed his head and admitted that there was some truth to what Dixie had said. Adam told Dixie that he would not press charges under one condition --- Tad had to convince Liza not to press charges against him. Dixie solemnly returned to Tad's side and he immediately sensed that something was up. "He wants to cut a deal, doesn't he?" Tad grumbled. Dixie nodded her head. "Yes - and I think you should take it," she replied seriously. Tad listened to what Dixie had to say, but in the end he told her that he could not make a deal. If he did, he said that he would be no better than Adam. Adam angrily asked Tad if he was really willing to do jail time. Barry shire strolled into the station and asked his client to keep quiet. The attorney turned to Derek and asked him if it was true that there would be no bail hearing until morning. Derek nodded affirmatively, saying that all of the available judges were home sick. Apparently, they'd all gone to a party together and subsequently gotten sick. With no hearing, Derek informed Adam and Tad that they would be "guests of the police department" until morning. In the cell area, Barry warned Adam not to say or do anything that would jeopardize his bail hearing. Directly across the corridor, Dixie didn't look too pleased with Tad for not agreeing to cut a deal. Tad asked Dixie not to tell the boys that he was in jail. Derek entered and announced that visiting hours were over. When the lights flicked out, Tad laid down on his cot and tried to get to sleep. Adam, though, sat up, unable to get to sleep because of the off-key singing by a drunk in a nearby cell. "Shut up or I'll smother you with my pillow!" the multi-millionaire screamed. Tad laughed hysterically and noted that murder was about the only charge Adam wasn't yet facing. He then warned Adam that he'd better become accustomed to his accommodations. "Get used to it sunshine," Tad smirked. "For you it's just the beginning."

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