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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on GL
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Monday, March 13, 2000

In Texas:
Edmund comes in and verifies to the police who Richard and Cassie are. Edmund tries to play the hero but Cassie tells him that they have his number and know that he was responsible for all the travesties in San Cristobel. He of course said he knows nothing about what she is talking about. Richard asks Edmund to step out so he can talk to Cassie. Noah and Edmund talk in the hallway. Noah tells Edmund that he may snow Richard but Cassie is a different story. Meanwhile, Richard tells Cassie that Edmund doesn't want to hurt him, he just wants to discredit him. Cassie is very concerned. Richard tells her that even if something does happen to him, he has made arrangements for her and her children. She will never want for money. Cassie was a bit offended and asks Richard if he thinks that is all that matters to her. He finally understands that she does care for him. Edmund walks in and asks if he could have some time with Richard. Edmund asks Richard why he and Cassie were in Texas. Richard told him not to play him, if he wants to talk, to talk, but don't throw around all those lies.
Edmund asks his brother if Gil told Richard who was behind the accident. Edmund tells him that he knows Gil is was the one who caused it but he has no idea who he is working for. Edmund thinks Richard is always thinking badly of him. Richard tells him that all he wants is his brother back. Edmund tells him that he is grateful for the opportunity to restart in Springfield. He starts to tell Richard how he likes Cassie and Richard laughs at him and calls him a snob. Edmund tells Richard that he would relieve him of the throne since that is the only thing that stands between him and what he wants. Edmund says no one would blame him if he stepped down and made a life with his family. Richard tells him that he is taking him off of the SC project.
Noah and Cassie come back. Cassie goes in to pack. Richard tells her that he took him off the project. Cassie wonders why he is giving Edmund so much credit. Richard tells her that Edmund has a caring soul down deep and that things weren't always like this between them. He tells her that he was not always a good brother to Edmund. He tells her about how Edmund asked him to give him the throne and he almost considered it because he liked the past few days, being regular people with her. He would give it all up to be regular with her, if it weren't for Edmund. He can't do that to his country. He can't leave Edmund in charge. Cassie tells him that they can leave anytime now since there story checked out with the police. He says, "I'm going to miss you, Stella." She says, "I am going to miss you, Dwayne." They pack and Cassie thinks about waking up with Richard that morning. Cassie hands him back the wedding ring and he tells her to wear it.

At the Jail:
Rick helps Michelle. He tells the guard that he will not leave until he knows she is okay. She is still dizzy. Rick tells Michelle that she shouldn't have told Danny that she wanted a divorce, Danny just wont leave. Michelle says he deserves to find someone to spend his life with. Rick shows Michelle "Uncle Ernie," a toy that Maureen gave him years ago. It is a good luck piece that was supposed to remind him that there is someone out there bigger than all of them, that is there to watch over them. Michelle remembers her mom and misses her terribly. Rick curled up on the bunk with Michelle and they talk about the past. They laugh a little until they remember where they are. Rick tells her that he believes a miracle could happen. He tells her that she can keep "Uncle Ernie" for a little while. Lizzie's oncologist beeps Rick and he has to go. Michelle stands there alone and sees her mom (Maureen) holding her. She tells her that she misses her and Maureen tells her that she is with her constantly. Maureen tells her that where she is does not define who she is and sometimes you just cant pick your in laws. Maureen told her that she has know a lot of people that fell in to places they didn't want to be and they never lost as long as they remembered who they were and where they came from. She told her mom that she was scared and just wanted to be with Danny. Maureen tells her that she is a strong woman and it is not her time and she should believe that. She also says that she and Danny will be together and she has to believe in that. Michelle cries and says that she believes her.

At Millennium:
Danny is depressed and a bit angry. He is remembering Bernardo's "deal." Theresa approaches him. She tells him that she should not have threatened her dad. Danny tells her that he will take his business elsewhere. Theresa asks him if marrying her is really that bad. He tells her that he is committed to Michelle. She tells him that she can make it so Michelle is out of jail and safe. She tells him that she fixed it and her father is working on a way to get Michelle out as they speak. Danny wanted to know how she did that. She said that she told her dad that Danny agreed to marry her. He tells her that she doesn't know what she has done and she has to call her dad and call it off. She tells him that he has to go through with it. She takes his hand just as Jesse walks in. He tells Danny how disgusting he is to be holding Theresa's hand while Michelle is wasting away in jail. Danny asks Theresa to leave. He tells her, if they are going to do this he has to handle some things. She smiles and says she will be at home. Danny tells Jesse what was up and how he is in trouble. Jesse tells him to do it. Marry her if it means getting Michelle out. He tells him to do it. Buy some time; it's Michelle's life. He tells Jesse, if he does it. He will never see Michelle again. The mob doesn't take to people welching on deals.

At the Reardon Hideaway: Matt asks the nurse how he could have been poisoning Vanessa all that time and it not shows up on any test results. She tells him that the poison is a slow acting one that has the same symptoms Vanessa already has. The nurse leaves to put Maureen to bed. Matt apologized to Vanessa for the lip balm. Bill bursts in and Matt asked how he found them. He told Matt that he had no right cutting him off from his mother. Matt tries to explain things to Bill but he doesn't want to hear it. Matt is concerned that Carmen followed him. Bill assured him that the roads were clear. Bill said he would never hurt his mother. Matt said that he cant trust anyone, not even himself. He told him about the lip balm and Carmen. Bill told him that he can't blame himself. Bill goes to his mom and tells her to wake up. He talks to her and hold her hand.
Outside, Bill asked how long since he found out about the poison. Just a few days. He asked if she was getting any better? But Matt said that there had been no change. Bill wants to kill Carmen, but Matt wants to wait, he doesn't want Carmen to know that he knows where Vanessa is. Matt goes back in and talks to Vanessa. He tells her that he and Bill needs her and she has to get better. She moves her hand towards him and touches his arm. He knows she is coming back to him. He grabs her up and holds her.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

At Olivia's:
Olivia is working on her computer, quietly muttering about Josh. Marah knocks on the door and Olivia tries to ignore her. Marah tells her that she knows she is in there and she needs to talk to her. Olivia opens the door and tells Marah to get lost. Marah tells Olivia that Josh missed a business meeting and he didn't come home the night before. She is worried and wants Olivia to help her find him. Olivia again told her that she didn't care where Josh was and she didn't want to see Marah either. Marah begged and Olivia finally gave in. They both grab a phone and the two start calling all Josh's friends and restaurants until Olivia locates him at Millennium. Marah leaves to find him but by that time, Josh has already left and showed up at her door. He apologizes and stumbles over things. She tells him to go home. He gets down on one knee and asks Olivia to marry him. She laughs at him and says, "Marry you, I'm not even talking to you!" Josh is confused; he thought that was what she wanted. But she told him that all she wants is for him to leave. She pushes him out the door and slams it behind him. He leans up against the door and thinks to himself that he still doesn't understand women.

At Millennium:
Josh is drunk. Selena came over and he told her that she was "one of them," She asks him what he means and he tells her that all women are alike and are the enemy. He is acting like a complete nut. Selena asks him what is up and he says, "You are all intentionally trying to mess up my life." She laughs at him and tells him that women aren't his problem. He is. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. He goes through how he went half way around the world for Reva and then stormed a Castle and she still wasn't happy. He said that Olivia and Marah had a disagreement and he took Olivia's side and Marah got mad. Then he took Marah's side and Olivia got mad. He just doesn't understand women. Selena told him that he has to make up his mind and stop going from one woman to another. After he decides, everything else will fall into place.

At Cedar's:
Lizzie is preparing for her chemo. She has her white horse, Eddie with her. She tells Rick about the dragons and the white horses. She asks her dad to take her to get ice cream after she is done and he tells her he will. The doctors start the chemo and everyone leaves the room.
Jim is worried about Beth looking so pale and not eating. They hug. She gets a bottle of water and takes it to Lizzie. Meanwhile, Phillip is talking to Harley about how Lizzie is stronger than all of the Spaulding's put together and he is impressed. Phillip is worried because earlier, Lizzie was basically asking if there was a possibility she would die.
Inside, Lizzie is asleep when Beth walks in, Beth gets upset not knowing what is going on. All the doctors and Lillian tell her that she is just resting and that the treatment is over for the day.

Jim and Harley talk about Beth and how she isn't taking care of herself and the baby. He says that she is so upset and she does have something to look forward to, their new baby. Phillip overhears and over-reacts, "What are you saying Jim, that because there is a new baby on the way it's alright if we lose Lizzie?" Jim tries to explain but someone comes out and tells them that Lizzie is awake. They all rush in to see her.
Lizzie told them that she had a dream that everyone was together in a big house. Susan, Zack, the new baby, Harley, her dad, Jim, her mom, her nana and grandpa Alan. They were all together having a good time. Beth asked her where she was in the dream and Lizzie told them all that she was there smiling down on everyone and she had wings. Lizzie said that she was an angel is heaven looking down on them. Beth was visibly shaken.

At the Carriage House:
Ross walks in on a photo session. Blake is all dolled up and doing the modeling thing. Apparently they are taking pictures for her book jacket and a magazine spread. Blake takes a break and the photographer goes over to Ross and calls him Mr. LaCrosse. He tells him that his name is Marler. The guy is not interested. The photographers wrap up and Blake crawls on Ross's lap and kisses him. They talk about how her success is going and how blessed they both are.

Tuesday, March 15, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Cassie are back at home and are talking about being back in the real world. Richard tells her that they can't just ignore what happened in Galveston and they need to discuss it. They stumble around what they want to say and Richard breaks through and thanks her for all she did and how she put herself in danger. He told her that he worried about her because she means so much.... to this country. Cassie gets a little upset and Richard tries to cover himself but Noah comes in. He makes some comment about when an heir will come around. Cassie gets upset and tells Noah about her health dilemma. He offers to contact some friends and she tells him that they really wont know if she can get pregnant unless they try. So she yells at Richard, "Come on Richard, lets just do it. Lets try to have an heir." She runs in her room and closes them out.

Richard goes in and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to take a shower and then try to keep up her end of the bargain. He asks her what is wrong and she keeps saying something about how they had the agreement and how it was all an act in Texas. She leaves. Richard goes back out and talks to Noah. Noah tells him that Cassie is probably acting like she is because he is acting like an idiot. Noah tells him that he has to tell Cassie how he feels. He tells her to make her feel beautiful and loved. He tells her to make her feel like the most important person in the world to him. Richard tells him that she is that person but that he hasn't told her. He said that she is all he has ever wanted and he is overwhelmed by his own emotions and is afraid that she may not reciprocate his feelings. Noah tells him that he just has to go for it to find out how she feels. He gets a rose from a vase and talks to himself in the mirror. He tells Cassie (the mirror) that he loves her and was afraid that he would lose her when they were in Texas. He grabs up all the flowers in the vase and goes to her door. Just as he started to knock, she pulls the door open.

Cassie talks to herself. Beating herself up for not knowing how Richard feels about her and not saying what she wants and how she feels. She knows he thinks she is desirable. She thinks that she should just go and tell him that she loves him and wants to make love to him. "What's the worst that can happen?" She says she can't wait any longer and looks at the door.

At the Reardon Hideaway:
Matt is talking to Vanessa. He tells her that the doctor said when she squeezed his hand the other day; it was just involuntary muscle spasms. He doesn't believe it. He believes that is was her. Matt brings Maureen out to see Vanessa. He sits her on the bed and tells her what was going on in her life. Matt goes on and on with the pep talk and finally lays down with Vanessa. She moves her hand and he watches her. He tells her that he knew she was going to come back to him. Vanessa opens her eyes.

At the jail:

Michelle is daydreaming about her life with Danny and how much they love each other. Ross and David come in to transport Michelle to a holding cell at the courthouse for the next days hearing. He says that they need to do it to protect her from the press the next morning. David leaves Ross with her for a few minutes. Michelle says she is feeling a lot more confident. Ross tells her that she could get a lighter sentence with the chance of parole but then again the DA is going after the death penalty. He tells her that no matter what they will appeal the original verdict. He tells her that they will fight whatever they get. He tells her what to expect and tries to prepare her. David comes back and walks her out.

Rick is outside the jail waiting on Michelle. Danny comes over and he and Rick talk beside the van. David brings Michelle out of the building. Rick talks to Michelle while Danny pleas to Jesse to help him. Jesse picks a fight with David and Danny rushes Michelle into the van. He punches out the guard and gets into the driver's seat. David pulls a gun and says, "Stop, or I will shoot!"

At Millennium:

Theresa comes in to harass Danny. She tells him that "Nuncio" came by and told her that he was going behind her fathers back to help get Michelle out of jail. Theresa tells him that he cant back out of the marriage, her father will seek revenge for him breaking a promise. He told her that he never made the promise, she did. She said it didn't matter. Danny told her that he did not love her and that he would not marry her. She tells him that her father is expecting them for a party he is throwing for them; he has to come home with her and start their lives together. She tells him it is the only way, else Michelle goes down anyway. She told him to begin a new life with her and give Michelle back her own life. Danny asks if Bernardo is already working on getting Michelle her freedom. She said he was and he will work even faster after he sees them together. She told him that she would make him forget Michelle. Danny thinks a few moments and tells her that he needs to think about a few things. He agrees to go home with her and start over with her. He goes to tell "Nuncio" that the deal is off and he will be back to get her. He tells her that she is right and there is no other way. Danny goes outside and thinks about Michelle and their wedding.

Jesse comes in and asks Drew to sit down. She tells him that Danny was rushing out of the parking lot and almost ran her down. Jesse tells her that Danny is upset. He tells her that she and he both know Michelle is innocent and they also know that Michelle is not the reason they have problems. He tells her that he loves her and not Michelle. Drew told him that she cant ignore the "evidence" that was against Michelle. He asks her if she read the newspapers and saw where the DA was pushing for the death penalty. Drew stoically said that she heard. He asked her to go see Michelle with him but she refused. He tells her that Michelle is all alone. But she says she can't go.

Theresa sits at the bar and phones her dad. She tells him that she is so happy because she and Danny are getting back together. She assures him that Danny is going to keep his end of the bargain. She thanks him for all his help and tells them they will be there after dinner.

Theresa talks to Drew. She tells her that she and Danny are getting back together and she wants to book the entire club for an intimate dinner between them.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

Guiding Light will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

Friday, March 17, 2000

Guiding Light will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

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