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Passions Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on PS
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Monday, March 13, 2000

Theresa is dreaming yet again about Ethan telling her that he doesn't want Gwen, He is telling her that he only wants her. She is awakened by her mother. Pilar tells her that she hopes that she is not coming up with yet another scheme to break up Gwen and Ethan. Theresa says that she realizes that it wasn't meant to be and she was not going to do anything further to stand in their way.

At the cottage, Sheridan is still trying to figure out how she could be so wrong about Luis. She reads the words that are on the plaque and wonders how he could turn out to be so different. Luis is standing outside the door. He decides that he needs to know what happened to them. He peers at Sheridan through the window and sees her throw the plaque against the wall. He decides that he doesn't need to see any more and leaves.

Sam and Ivy are in one of the offices at the hospital. Sam is telling Ivy that there can never be anything more between them again. Ivy doesn't know how to take no for an answer and decides to kiss Sam. Someone opens the door and Sam turns around looking guilty. It is Eve, who has entered the office. She is very shocked and angry to see Sam and Ivy. Sam tries to explain to her that it is not what she thinks. Eve doesn't know if she should betray Grace by keeping this from her or if she should break her heart by telling her what she saw. Sam wants to explain, but Eve tells him that there is nothing that she wants to hear. Her beeper goes off and she leaves. Grace is wandering around looking for Sam, and Julian is looking for Ivy. Julian runs into Eve and asks if she has seen his wife. Sam comes out of the office and tells Eve that he needs to talk to her. When Julian asks him if he had seen Ivy, Sam replies that he is looking for his own wife. Julian and Eve talk. He asks her if Charity is still having visions of them. Eve states that she is still having the visions. Julian says that TC has a temper and they definitely didn't want him finding out about their past. Eve says that she is beginning to think that TC is the only decent man in the whole world.

Charity is still having visions of Julian and Eve. She keeps screaming out ," Don't do it.' They decide to restrain Charity and sedate her. TC decides to stay with Charity for awhile. Charity is still saying Julian's and Eve's name, but TC doesn't seem to understand what she is trying to say. Eve enters the room and tells TC that he should just let Charity rest. Tabitha and Timmy are outside the room eavesdropping. Tabitha says that Charity's powers are getting stronger and she needs to get her on over to the dark side before they develop anymore. She says that it is not good for Charity to be in the hospital because she can't control things there.

Kay is gloating over Charity's misfortune. Simone can't believe that Kay can derive so much pleasure over Charity's misery. Kay tells Simone that she needs to show her something. She takes Simone to the Psych ward and tells her that this is where Charity will end up. She doesn't think that it will be so bad because she would have lots of people to talk to and then Kay could have Miguel all to herself.

Luis returns home and Pilar wants to know if he had a chance to discuss things with Sheridan. He tells her that it was no use, and that they had nothing in common. He visits with Theresa in her room. He tells her that he is sorry that she has a broken heart. She doesn't want to discuss it. She asks him what happened between him and Sheridan and he replies that he didn't know. He tells her that she threw the plaque that he gave her against the wall and Theresa agreed that it wasn't a good sign. He said that maybe they both would find someone.

Ethan is encouraging Sheridan to discuss things with Luis. He doesn't want her to run away to Paris again because he was going to miss her. She told him that she would be back for the wedding, and that he and Gwen could visit her. Ethan said that he just wanted her to be as happy as he was with Gwen. Sheridan said that she wanted happiness too, but she feels that she will never find a love of her own.

Tabitha is mistaken for an escaped mental patient and is placed in lock-up. She keeps replying that she is not crazy. The attendants don't believe her because they overheard her talking to a doll, and that she was over 300 years old. Tabitha is screaming that she has to get out. Timmy is very happy there. He is excited about the cable television, and he says that the food is much better than Tabitha's, and best of all there was no fluffy. He does a little dance and says that he would sleep so much better and that the best part was that he and Tabitha were together. Tabitha tells him that the one thing that he wouldn't be able to have there were his Martimmies. Timmy gets upset about not having his Martimmies and starts shouting along with Tabby to let them out.

The Psychiatrist tells the Bennett family and friends that she thinks that it would be best for Charity to be committed to the psychiatric dept at the hospital. They want to know why she can't be treated as an outpatient or just in a regular room. The Dr. states that Charity could be a danger to herself and others. Everyone is very upset. Sam is hugging Grace and looking at Eve. TC wants to know if Eve is keeping something from him. He wonders if Charity is sicker than they are letting on. Ivy smiles at Sam while he is hugging Grace. She then goes into Charity's room and overhears her say Julian's name along with Eve's. Ivy wonders what this is all about as Eve is looking through the window of Charity's room.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Ethan and Gwen are at the Book Cafe talking about Sheridan. Ethan says she's going to Europe and Gwen says they'll have to set a date for the wedding so Sheridan knows when to come. Ethan is hesitant to set a date and Gwen wonders if he's having second thoughts. He says no, he just wants Gwen to be happy. With all the planning involved, he wonders if they can elope, but Gwen says the families are expecting a big celebration. They look at bridal magazines and then decide to go for a walk. Whitney/Theresa: Whitney comes into Theresa's room and briefly tells her about the wrath of TC, and then Theresa shows her how she threw away all her Ethan pictures. Whitney goes under Theresa's bed and pulls out a big portfolio filled with Theresa's drawings of her dream wedding with Ethan. She says Theresa must get rid of this too, and Theresa decides to have a special ceremony to get rid of it and throw it off the wharf into the ocean. They go to the wharf and run into Gwen and Ethan, who see the portfolio, and Gwen thinks it's all of Theresa's plans for Gwen and Ethan's wedding. She takes it home to look at it and Theresa says there are two things bad about that: One, she had a picture in there that says Theresa and Ethan, and Two, she can't bear to have Gwen use her ideas in her wedding.

The Hospital:
Ivy hears Charity talking about Eve and Julian, and starts planning how she will use this new tidbit of information. She hints to both Julian and Eve that she knows a new secret, and notices Eve and Julian talking secretively. After confirming with Dr. Watts that the visions could indeed be real, she says to herself that things will be getting very interesting.

Sam pleads Eve not to say anything to Grace about him and Ivy because it was in the past, but Eve says she doesn't know what to do because Grace is her best friend and she won't keep any secrets from her. Eve also figures out that Sam really was with a naked woman at the ski lodge, and it was probably Ivy. Next Sam tries to talk to Grace, but she's way too upset about Charity.

Miguel is really upset about Charity, especially when he learns that she can't have visitors. Kay comforts him and he gives her some flowers that were meant for Charity (and she somehow thinks that she is getting closer to getting Miguel). Kay has made sure that the teddy bear followed Charity and Simone disapproves.

Tabby and Timmy are in the psych ward and Tabby persuades the nurse to check and see if she is really supposed to be there. She converses with Timmy in the main room and drives one of the patients crazy, and then overhears that Charity will be coming to the psych ward. When the nurse returns, she starts acting nuts so that she can stay, and the nurse changes her mind about Tabby being normal. Tabby and Timmy go back to their room as Charity is wheeled in, and discover they can hear everything in Charity's room through the heating vent. They hear Dr. Watts telling the nurse that Charity is on a new medication that is good for hallucinations, but makes her susceptible to suggestion and a really twisted person could make Charity do anything.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Eve tells TC about finding Sam and Ivy together. TC assures Eve the relationship is over as far as Sam is concerned, but Ivy won't give up. Eve believes Sam may still be involved with Ivy. Eve gets nervous when TC talks about honesty in marriage. Later, Sam asks Eve not to tell Grace about him and Ivy, but Eve says she won't lie to her best friend. Meanwhile, both Ivy and Julian wonder what secret the other is hiding. Ivy relates her suspicions about Eve and Julian to Pilar. She also tells Pilar about Eve catching her and Sam together. Pilar warns that a bigger secret threatens to come out if Eve exposes Sam and Ivy's romantic past. Theresa is devastated by the thought of Gwen using her ideas from her portfolio. Theresa tells her mother how she had to let Gwen and Ethan think the wedding ideas were for their wedding so they wouldn't find out about her dreams of marrying Ethan. Theresa worries Gwen and Ethan will see she wrote her name under one of the dress sketches and figure everything out. Theresa and Whitney race over to the Crane mansion where Ethan and Gwen are flipping through her portfolio. Gwen gasps when she sees something in the portfolio. Simone is torn between her best friend and her conscience. Simone pulls Kay aside and threatens to take the bird statue out of Charity's room. At the hospital, the doctor administers Charity a drug to stop her hallucinations. Tabitha plots to take advantage of the drug's side effect, which leaves Charity extremely vulnerable to suggestion. While Charity sleeps, Tabitha speaks through the vent between her and Charity's room. Tabitha encourages Charity to kill Miguel.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

The Psych Ward:
Tabby continues to tell Charity to kill Miguel. Outside, Miguel insists on entering Charity's room. He goes in while Kay and Simone wait in the hall. In her sleep, Charity has thoughts of Tabitha's command to kill Miguel. Simone scolds Kay for what she's doing, and then they go exploring in the psych ward. Simone wants to get the bird statue, and tells Kay her soul is in danger. They go back in by Miguel and Simone says Kay has an idea about how to get Charity better. Kay is about to take the bird out of the bear, but then Miguel says that he and Charity will be together forever, and she changes her mind and puts the bear closer to Charity. They leave and Simone goes back, claiming she left her bag there. She takes the bird statue out of the bear and assures Charity that it will be all right now. In the other room, Tabby curses Simone and continues to tell Charity to kill Miguel. Dr. Watts comes in and Charity no longer sees the visions! The doctor pronounces her cured and goes to make the necessary paperwork. Tabitha wonders if her messages worked. Charity says she has a strong urge to see Miguel...there's something she has to do. Tabby does a little dance with Timmy to celebrate and an observant nurse says that woman won't get out for a long time.

Crane Mansion:
Theresa finds the picture of her and Ethan when Ethan and Gwen come back and notice Theresa hiding the picture. Pilar urges Theresa to show them the picture, but Theresa throws it in the fire! Whitney covers by saying what a perfectionist Theresa is. Gwen and Ethan gush about how great the portfolio is, and start making plans to use Theresa's dream wedding. Whitney says that maybe they should get a professional, but Gwen says they can just get someone to work off of Theresa's designs. Just then the bridal bouquet arrives, exactly as Theresa pictured it. She fantasizes about marrying Ethan. Ethan says they will use Theresa's plans to the last detail but Theresa says they can't do that. They reply that it will be perfect. They leave to let Theresa think about it and she bursts into tears about the whole situation.

Ivy tells Sam that he must stop Eve from telling Grace what she knows. Sam says he should have told Grace years ago and hangs up. Ivy panics and leaves the house.

Eve says she will tell Grace what has been bothering her. Grace thinks it's about Charity...what else could it be? Sam interrupts and Grace goes to take care of something. Sam begs Eve not to tell Grace. Eve says then Sam should tell Grace himself. Grace comes back and Eve goes to answer her beeper. Sam tells Grace that he has something to tell Grace, and she should hear it from him. He is about to tell her about Ivy when he gets a call from the police station and has to go to work. He leaves and the doorbell rings. Eve answers and it's Ivy. Eve promptly calls her a bitch! She says how deceitful Ivy is and Ivy says she's okay as long as Sam hasn't told Grace anything yet. Grace comes back in and they talk about Charity for a little while. Grace has to go to the shop for a minute and Eve and Ivy are left alone. Eve says Grace will find out and Ivy says no, that won't happen. Eve asks what she is going to do to stop it? Ivy offers her a bribe and says she'll do whatever it takes to protect her family. She says Eve has a lot to lose too and threatens to tell TC about Eve and Julian. Grace comes back and Ivy says Eve has something to say.

Friday, March 17, 2000

Sheridan is packing and Ethan begs her not to go to Paris. He reminds her of Jean-Luc and Sheridan says Paris is big enough that she won't have any bad memories of Jean-Luc. Ethan says he wants her to be there for his wedding, children, etc., and Sheridan says she wonders when she'll find true love. He says it'll happen and she says it feels like some force is keeping her from finding love. Suddenly she shudders and feels like someone walked over her grave. She finds a watch that belonged to Jean-Luc and says she'll call him because she should give it back. After making the call, she tells Ethan that nothing bad could possibly happen to her in Paris.

Jean-Luc's Apartment:
Pierre and Roger are talking about how the Interpol is getting too close to their drug operation and Roger says Sheridan must be killed. Pierre says maybe Sheridan doesn't even remember them but Roger says they must be sure. They look for documents that connect Jean-Luc to Sheridan. Jean-Luc's phone rings and it's Sheridan. Roger says Jean-Luc is out of town and asks where in America she lives. Sheridan doesn't give any more than her name, and hangs up. Roger says now that they know she's coming to Paris and her name is Sheridan, they can find her and kill her.

Grace asks what Eve wants to tell her, but Eve's beeper goes off (it's about Charity). Ivy wants to go with, and Grace goes to get her purse. Eve says Ivy just doesn't want Eve to be alone with Grace because she'll tell Grace about Sam. Eve says no one will ever believe that she had an affair with Julian, and Ivy asks if she is willing to take that risk? Eve comes back by saying Ethan will be ruined if Ivy is involved in a scandal. She says she will tell Grace everything the first chance she gets, and Ivy has no proof of anything. Grace comes back and they leave for the hospital.

The Hospital:
Dr. Watts says she'll be sure to get Eve to sign the release papers and leaves. Charity is really excited to get home and "give Miguel something." Tabitha listens and says she must be ready to watch Charity do such an awful thing. Grace and Eve come to pick Charity up, but Eve suddenly says she can't allow it. She says she wants to be sure that the medication doesn't backfire. Dr. Watts and Ivy ask what is Eve afraid of? Eve relents and Charity calls Miguel to tell him the good news. Ivy goads Eve about why Eve really wanted Charity to stay. They go back in by Charity, who leaves with the nurse. Grace asks what it was that Eve wanted to tell her? Eve is about to tell her, but Grace sees someone she knows and leaves. Ivy says Eve will never tell Grace and is about to leave, but Eve stops her and vows to tell Grace everything.

Tabitha is about to leave, but Dr. Watts stops her, saying she's not going anywhere. Tabitha protests, but then makes the mistake of talking to Timmy and Dr. Watts says she's heard enough. Tabby puts up a fight and they try to sedate her. They can't get the needle in and so the orderlies come in with a straitjacket. Tabby tries to cast a spell but it doesn't work. She is left alone with Timmy, who tries to undo the straitjacket to no avail. Bright Eyes comes in and says Tabby's plan will never work. Tabitha says this time evil will prevail.

The Bennett House:
Kay asks what Simone has in her bag and says it can't be the bird because Simone would never betray her like that. She says now she can get Miguel...he'll never forget this St. Patrick's Day. Miguel comes in and asks what Kay is talking about. Kay says she just wants him to cheer up instead of moping around. Simone goes over and turns on the garbage disposal, but it makes funny noises and Miguel says he can fix it, postponing dinner. Simone and Kay wait in the living room and Miguel comes in with his shirt off to ask about a wrench. Kay marvels at his body and reveals her plan to get Miguel: she'll put vodka in his drinks and get him drunk. She says if Miguel sleeps with her, he'll have to be with her. She considers getting pregnant. Miguel comes in and says Charity's coming home. Kay says she can't understand what happened if the bird was still with Charity.

In the kitchen, Miguel is making tea and Charity silently walks in. She can hear Tabby in her head, telling her to kill Miguel. She picks up a scissors and moves toward Miguel, who still has his back to her.

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