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Liza tearfully admitted the truth about Colby's paternity. Rae searched for an antique desk that might contain the whereabouts of her child. Ryan comforted a sobbing Gillian in the park only a few hours after he and Greenlee had shared an enjoyable time at a basketball game.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, March6, 2000

Thanks to Jennymc for allowing me to have the day off.

At the Glamorama, Myrtle was feeling better after taking a rest and asked Opal where Rae was. Opal explained that she had gone on a rescue mission - Erica was in jail for contempt of court! Opal explained that Erica had tried to get her say in at the Colby custody hearing, but that Jack had refused to call her as a witness. Undeterred, Erica had kept talking and had talked her way into a contempt citation by the judge. Opal confessed that she had give Rae a little push toward reconciling with Myrtle.

At the jail, Derek brought Erica a visitor - Rae, who tried to tell Erica that she had come to help and had started the paperwork for Erica's release. But Erica ignored Rae, and petulantly demanded to know why Myrtle hadn't come to her rescue. She then demanded that Derek find Dr. Hayward. "I'm sure he'll drop everything once he knows I'm in here," she huffed. Rae explained that Myrtle was resting and couldn't be disturbed, and had been through a lot of stress lately. "And we know who caused that, don't we?" Erica asked Rae pointedly. Erica rattled on about how devoted she is to Myrtle and how she hated to see her suffer. "I'm going to get a lesson in selflessness from you?" Rae laughed. Erica plowed on, saying Myrtle should be allowed to enjoy her golden years. "She'll be a lot happier again when you leave," said Erica. "Yeah, I bet you will be too," Rae retorted with a smile. Erica said her relationship with Myrtle was based on years of trust and love and that Rae should leave. "I'll take care of Myrtle." But Rae was skeptical that Erica could even take care of herself. "I respect you relationship with Myrtle, " Rae said, but added that she had only just found out she was adopted, and Myrtle wanted her in her life. Erica still insisted that she knew what Myrtle wants and Rae doesn't, and was trying to protect Myrtle. As they argued, David appeared in the background and overheard as Rae attempted to soothe Erica's ruffled feathers. David appeared and told Erica the fine was paid, much to her relief. "We appreciate your stopping by," he told Rae as she left. "We most certainly do NOT," Erica haughtily retorted.

David tried to explain that Rae isn't trying to displace Erica. She indignantly replied that he should be more understanding, and complained that he didn't realize what a caring person she is. When Derek released her, she announced she was off to see Myrtle.

In the courtroom, Jack pounded at Gillian with his questions. Gillian wavered when he kept asking why she thought Colby should be taken away from her mother. "I never wanted this to happen," she said, with Adam in his seat behind Liza muttering, "Just say it, Gillian!" Jack asked if there was some reason she and Jake shouldn't have full custody. Despite Leslie Coulson's objections, Jack pressed on. Finally Gillian burst out, "I want Jake to be Colby's father - he deserves to be, no matter what!" Jack immediately picked up on her words until Gillian said she meant that he deserved to have full custody. Jack kept pushing at Gillian, who became more flustered and nervous. Finally, he said to her, "You have no children, no experience with children, and a life filled with deception." The questioning ended then, with Jake and the Martins looking concerned. As Gillian stepped down, Tad muttered to Dixie, "That was a train wreck!"

The court recessed, and Jake attempted to cheer up Gillian as Joe and Ruth looked on. Ruth was concerned about Gillian. In the courtroom, Jack told Liza he felt that Gillian was holding something back. Liza would be next up on the stand, and Liza told Jack she would like to talk to him alone, then told him there was an important question he should ask her ... After Liza took the oath, Liza explained how much Colby meant to her, then Jack went over the facts of Colby's birth. Liza explained how she had deliberately set out to be a single mother. She explained about the fertility clinic and how Jake had offered to be her donor. "I though it was so generous," she told the court. "And Jake himself described the donation as a 'clinical procedure.'" She went on, "He had no interest, he said, in raising a child and I trusted him." Replying to Jack, she said there hadn't been a written agreement.

Later, Jack asked Liza about Adam, and if she would leave Adam if it were the only way to keep Colby. Liza said that she would divorce Adam if the court decided that she should have custody of Colby, but with no contact with Adam, she would divorce him immediately. Leslie Coulson then cross-examined Liza, and then asked Liza about a conversation a few hours before the hearing, when Jake had offered to drop the lawsuit if Liza would guarantee Adam would have no part in Colby's life. "You can't leave him, can you?" she questioned Liza. Liza said she had married Adam because she felt she could bring out the best in him, but Leslie accused her of being addicted to Adam. Leslie then brought up Liza's trip to Monaco, accusing her of running away with Colby and not telling Jake where she was, or when she was coming back.

In another recess, Marian and Liza review the down side of her testimony. Stuart arrived to testify and Adam urged him to tell the truth, hoping that Stuart would reveal Colby's true paternity. Liza overheard and advised Stuart to just answer questions and not volunteer any information.

On the stand, Stuart testified how much Adam loved Colby. Then when questioned by Leslie, he praised Jake too. Eventually, he confessed that he believed that Jake would be the better father for Colby, to Adam's dismay. Joe and Jake smiled in triumph. Liza was almost in tears. Opal and Myrtle were comparing notes on the ups and downs of finding a long-lost child, when Rae arrived. She told Myrtle Erica was concerned about losing Myrtle's love. Myrtle replied, "I love that girl, but she doesn't know how to share!" As Rae and Myrtle chat, Erica appeared, David in tow. "You were in perfect health before Rae came here," Erica complained. "If only she would leave!" Myrtle reassured Erica that she loved her, but added, "I have room in my heart for Rae too. Don't make me choose." Rae brought Myrtle's coat and they left. David comfortingly put his arms around a dejected Erica.

Back in the courtroom, the judge decided she would like to talk to Adam Jr. She agreed to allow Dixie to stay in the room with a closed courtroom, and the court adjourned for thirty minutes. Outside in the hallway, Stuart apologized to Liza, who admitted her own testimony had been damaging. The Martins gathered around Jake in support. Adam took Tad aside, into the courtroom, and demanded to know why Tad hadn't told Jake the truth. But Tad was adamant that the truth would only hurt Jake. Ruth tried to console Gillian, who felt her testimony had hurt Jake's case.

When the judge questioned Junior, he said he loved his dad. But after gentle questioning by the judge, he admitted that after the boarding school trick, he sometimes was frightened of his dad. Adam was peeking through the doorway listening to his son's testimony.

Meanwhile, Liza thanked Gillian for not telling Jake the truth, but then went on to plead with her to get Jake to drop the case. "She is MY child, and you and Jake are not taking her from me!" Liza said tearfully. Junior came out from the courtroom, and Adam promised him that whatever he had said, it was all right and his dad would always be proud of him. An abashed Junior left with Dixie, then Ruth took him home.

Court reconvened with everyone present. The judge announced her ruling. In her opinion, Liza had made some bad choices, and therefore it would be in Colby's best interests for Jake to have custody! As the Martins jumped up and hugged each other, a distraught Liza got to her feet in tears, "No, you can't!" The judge apologized but said that was her ruling. Liza exclaimed, "And it's wrong! Jake is not Colby's father!" to the horror of the Martins and to Adam's delight!

Tuesday, March7, 2000

Wrapped in a cashmere scarf, Greenlee scurried to a far corner of SOS. Ryan, just behind her, teased her mercilessly about her garb. Apparently during the basketball game, a player chased a ball out-of-bounds and landed on Greenlee's lap. His shoe, unfortunately, ended up smacking her across her forehead. Tina stopped by the table to take their order and was immediately taken aback by Greenlee's appearance. "Girl!" she gasped. "You got hit with the ugly stick!" Greenlee was horrified, but Ryan advised her to learn something from the experience: her beauty was not her only gift. Across the room, Mateo offered Hayley some chocolate pudding to lift her spirits. To make his bride-to-be even happier, he said that he wanted to curl up in a dark corner of the club and finally set a wedding date. A broad smile appeared on Hayley's face. The smile was short-lived as Arlene swished over to greet the "love birds." Mateo rolled his eyes and reminded Arlene that he'd asked her to give Hayley some space. Arlene promised Hayley that she'd find another location for her AA meetings. Hayley thanked her mother for her concern, but noted that she wouldn't be sticking around town long enough for the meetings to become an issue. Arlene offered the pair free carpeting for the club as an early wedding present. Mateo thanked Arlene for the offer, but politely declined. Mateo and Hayley walked away to tend to their personal matters. Arlene turned around and focused on an attractive young man at the bar. She casually approached him with a wide smile. "Too bad you weren't on the Titanic," she cooed. "You're so hot that iceberg wouldn't have had a chance." Hayley immediately dashed over to save the man --- Ryan --- from her mother's clutches. Hayley forced a smile and introduced Ryan to her mother. Ryan immediately knew why Hayley had rushed to his side. Ryan returned to his where Greenlee wanted to know who the "tramp" was that had tried to hit on him. Ryan bit his lip gently and informed Greenlee that the woman was Hayley's mother. "Poor Hayley," Greenlee muttered. Greenlee mulled the idea of getting an Erica-like mask to cover her face. Ryan sighed heavily and blasted Greenlee for compared her hives and bumps to a severe facial laceration. Still, Greenlee saw herself more as "the elephant woman" than her usual self. Back across the way, Arlene turned down a drink offer from Tina. She introduced herself as Hayley's mother. Tina, not knowing the history between Hayley and Arlene, assumed that things were peachy between mother and daughter. Arlene said that she was proud of Hayley for being able to stay away from alcohol during her fallout with Mateo. Tina nodded and said that she was amazed that the couple was even able to get back together. Arlene lied and said that she and Hayley had been on the phone continuously during the ordeal. Now, she explained, she'd quit her job so that she could be with her daughter. Ryan told Greenlee that he enjoyed being with her more now than he usually did. Perhaps, he said, it was because she was not able to hide behind her perfect face. Hayley and Mateo took to the center of the dance floor to announce that she'd set a May wedding date. Arlene congratulated the couple, but, knowing that her presence wasn't really desired, decided to hit the road. Tina wondered over to congratulate the pair and told Hayley that it was a good thing her mother had quit her job so that she'd be able to stick around and help plan the wedding. Mateo and Hayley exchanged worried glances, with Mateo promising to find out what Arlene is up to.

In the park, both Myrtle and Rae realized that they had much to catch up on. "What if your little girl doesn't want this reunion to end?" Rae asked when Myrtle suggested that they try their hands at ice-skating. Myrtle urged Rae to continue her search for her daughter. "I want you to feel the way I am feeling right now," she beamed. Rae explained that she'd hired a private investigator to track down Dr. Prendergast's missing desk. Myrtle noted that there was still another lead they had not fully exhausted --- Lyle Wedgewood. Rae reminded her mother that the attorney had warned her to stop her investigation. "He didn't warn me," Myrtle grinned devilishly. Rae refused to let Myrtle out herself in danger, but Myrtle wasn't about to accept no for an answer. "Let me introduce you to Myrtle Lum: Con artist," she chuckled. As they walked off into the night, Myrtle announced her need for an "old, beat-up car."

Across town, a man sat alone at a desk in the less than lavish office of Lyle Wedgewood. He took a phone call from the attorney and was advised to shred any documents bearing Rae Cummings' name. As he hung up the phone, Myrtle appeared in the doorway. She begged to speak to Lyle, but the man informed her that the attorney was in his "uptown office." Myrtle concocted a bogus tale of being involved in a car accident. As she clutched her back, she said that the driver if a limousine has smashed into her car. The man was uninterested --- until, that is, Myrtle claimed that the car belonged to Palmer Cortlandt. Smelling a hefty windfall, the man asked Myrtle to show him her automobile. When they left the office, Rae scurried inside and began rummaging around for any additional information. She searched high and low, but her eyes never seemed to find a lone file folder on the man's desk. When it finally did earn her attention, it was too late. Rae paged through the folder until the door opened behind her. Myrtle called out to Rae and Rae proudly proclaimed that she'd her file. Myrtle calmly asked Rae to turn around for just a moment. When she did, she found that the man had escorted Myrtle back to the office --- with a gun pointed to her head.

Judge Mayo banged her gavel and demanded that the courtroom come to order. Tad and Dixie urged Liza to accept the judge's decision. The judge was unmoved by Liza's outburst and warned her that her outburst had better not be "a desperate attempt on [her] part to regain custody" of Colby. "My daughter's father is Adam Chandler," Liza sobbed. Jake was stone-faced. Adam, though, sat quietly in his seat with a smirk planed firmly on his face. "This is ridiculous," Jake squawked as he stormed the front of the room. The young doctor felt that Adam had fed Liza misinformation so that she'd make the bogus confession. Jake told Liza that he could order a DNA test to clear up everything. Jack asked that court be adjourned so that he could talk to his client. The judge, however, felt that it was in everyone's best interest to settle the matter immediately. Liza took to the stand under the advisement that she was still under oath. The judge warned Liza that she'd hold her in contempt if her story turned out to be a lie. In order to tell her tale, Liza had to go all the way back to the very beginning. Liza said that she'd "suffered a lot of loss" before coming to the decision to be a single parent. She'd divorced Adam and suffered a miscarriage. After deciding that she wanted to undergo artificial insemination, Liza said that she'd headed to the Pine Valley Fertility Clinic. She'd selected a donor, but by a freak coincidence she learned the identity of the donor (Ryan) before undergoing the insemination process. That was when Liza first realized that having an anonymous donor might not be the best option. Jake, she explained, offered to the be the donor with "no strings attached." The judge promptly noted that Liza had no documentation to back up her claim that Jake had offered that kind of arrangement. Liza's story, though, still had not explained how Adam figured into the equation. Liza explained that Adam had purchased the clinic and swapped Jake's sperm sample with one of his own. An audible gasp sounded from the gallery. The judge looked to Adam and asked him if Liza was telling the truth. Almost proudly, Adam admitted to his trickery. Jake leapt into the air and again demanded a DNA test. Adam rose to his feet and reached into his pocket. He produced an envelope and announced that a DNA test had already been run. When he referred to Colby as his daughter, Jake jumped out of his seat and lunged in the multi-millionaire's direction. Jack and Tad helped pull Jake off of Adam as Gillian pleaded with her husband not to do anything foolish. The judge asked Joe to review the test results for authenticity. Joe admitted that the documents look authentic. Jake, however, insisted that Adam had forged the results. The judge admitted that it was a possibility and ordered another test. That done, she ordered a recess --- and mentioned the possibility of criminal charges being filed. Jake saw no reason why he should listen to what Liza was saying. "Because she's telling the truth," Tad said softly. Jake's lip quivered violently as the impact of the confession finally hit him. "I'm sorry Jake," Liza cried. "I wanted you to be her father." Jake was frozen in place, unable to say or do anything. Tad also offered an apology to his brother. Leslie promised Jake that she'd work on some legal maneuvering to arrange for a new hearing. Still unable to speak, Jake walked out of the courtroom. Jack angrily confronted Liza for keeping the truth from him. He recalled that Liza had visited him in November under the guise of doing research for a television report. The next time she needs a lawyer, Jake told Liza to "look in the Yellow Pages under ambulance chasers." Gillian told Dixie that she feared the worst. Marian blasted Adam for creating such a horrible mess. Joe asked Tad how long he knew the truth and said that Ruth would be heartbroken by the news. Adrian turned to Tad and asked to have a word with him in private. Adam attempted to comfort Liza, but Marian wouldn't let him bear her daughter. Jake returned to the courtroom and looked across the room at Gillian. Outside in the hallway, Adrian blasted Tad for keeping the truth from Jake. "Nobody has the right to lie to their children!" he hollered. Dixie walked over to Adam and cursed him for tearing out Jake's heart. "I did what I did for love," Adam proclaimed. "Don't make me sick," Dixie groaned. Adam again walked over to Liza. He put his arms out to embrace her, but Liza flinched and quickly pulled away. "Don't touch me," she snarled. "Don't ever touch me again." Back inside the courtroom, a tearful Gillian slowly walked towards her husband. "We'll get through this," Jake pledged. He thanked Gillian for standing by him. Gillian bowed her head and told Jake that she was sorry. Jake looked down at her and asked her what was wrong. "I'm so sorry," she sniffled. Until then, Jake had believed that Gillian had also been blindsided by the revelation. "Oh God," he said in disgust and dismay. "You knew?"

Wednesday, March8, 2000

The warning he'd received didn't seem to make any impact on Adam. As he again tried to reach out to Liza, he was met with resistance. "I said don't touch me!" squawked Liza. Adam assured Liza that things would calm down soon enough. "The Martins will never get over this," Liza snapped. "Do you realize what you have done?" Adam was unmoved and uncaring for what the Martin clan was going through. "We broke him," Liza sobbed. "We killed him." Adam argued that it was Jake who had killed them by bringing on the custody suit. Joe and Tad approached Adam with hate in their eyes. "If beating you were an option," Joe sneered, "my whole family would join in." Adam rolled his eyes and ignored what he saw as "empty threats." Adam claimed that he was not acting selfish and that everything he'd done was for the benefit of his daughter. Dixie walked over and asked Adam why he could not spare one of his children the "legacy of therapy" that the Chandler children are forced to endure. "Your children live in fear of you," she said softly. The implication made Adam very uncomfortable. He turned to tell Liza that it was time to go home, but Liza had abandoned him. "You lost her a long time ago," Tad remarked.

Inside the courtroom, Jake was furious that Gillian had held back the truth from him. It made matters worse that Gillian knew even before Liza. "I love you," Gillian offered as a reply. "You couldn't possibly love me," Jake snapped. He turned his back to Gillian and walked across the room. Gillian chased after him with a change in emotions --- she was now angry. Gillian admitted that keeping the truth from Jake was one of the worst things she could have done, but she blasted him for doubting that she truly loved him. Jake shook his head and said that it was easy for Gillian to concoct a tale now that everything had "blown up in [her] face." "Do you honestly believe I wanted this?" Gillian retorted. "This pain is what I wanted to avoid! I was trying to protect your heart." Jake once again fought back tears. He told Gillian that she should have told him the truth. Finally, Gillian revealed that she had tried to tell Jake the truth --- and nearly killed herself in the process. Without going into specifics, Gillian told Jake that when she learned the news she tried to tell him immediately and ended up in a car accident in the process. "I was desperate to tell you the truth," she said softly. When Gillian woke up in the hospital, she was unable to speak. "You were trying to hard," Jake said, tears welling in his eyes. Gillian said that she'd changed her mind when Jake "brought [his] dau... the baby" to visit her in the hospital. She saw how important Colby was to him and knew that she could never break his heart by telling him the truth. Gillian reiterated that everyone had kept quiet because they didn't want to hurt him. There were far too many people "in the know" in Jake's mind. He took a deep breath and barreled out of the courtroom. In the hallway, Joe and Tad tried to talk to Jake, but he breezed past them. A tearful Gillian found comfort in Dixie's arms. Dixie assured the princess that Jake would come around, but Gillian wasn't as optimistic. Joe returned and was a bit upset that Gillian had known about Colby's parentage and said nothing. "I'm sorry for what I've done to your family," Gillian cried. Joe took her by the arm and told her that it was Adam and Liza, not her, that had hurt his family.

At The Valley Inn, Arlene ordered two rum and colas from the bartender. "It's not a slip if no one sees you drinking," she told herself. Arlene sat down at a nearby table and had to scramble to hide her drinks when Adam wandered into the bar. She composed herself and sashayed over to her former lover's location. Adam was not at all pleased to see Arlene. He doubted Arlene's claim that she was drinking a soda. "How do you gauge your sobriety?" he asked. "By counting the minutes?" Adam walked past Arlene and sat down at one of the tables. Out of Adam's hearing range, Arlene asked the bartender to splash another hit of rum in her drink. She took a swig of her drink and followed after Adam. Arlene sensed that things hadn't gone well in court. She figured that Hayley had taken the stand and told everyone how he was a failure as a father. "What did you expect?" she asked rhetorically. "She comes from the two of us." Arlene tried to dig for details of what made Mateo and Hayley split. Adam, though, wasn't willing to part with any information. Arlene did manage to silence Adam by announcing that she'd "heard" that Hayley and Mateo had set a wedding date. Adam rose from the table and asked that Arlene turn and walk in the other direction if ever she saw him somewhere. After Adam left, Adrian entered the bar. He reflected on the harsh words he'd unleashed on Tad at the courthouse. Arlene looked on with a smile. She rose from her table and stepped up behind Adrian. "I've been watching you for ten minutes," she grinned. Adrian blinked his eyes once or twice and asked her why she'd been watching him. Arlene played it cool and remarked that Adrian was the type of guy who didn't know how much he turned on the ladies. From there, Arlene made veiled references to wanting to take Adrian back to her room. Flattered as he may have been, Adrian politely declined her offer. He plopped down $20 on the bar to cover his one drink and called it a night. Arlene promptly plucked the bill from the countertop. When the bartender returned, she flashed a frown and told him that Adrian had "stiffed" him for his tab. Not to worry, though. She ordered another round of drinks and said that she'd pay for her tab and Adrian's.

"I don't understand," Greenlee sighed as she and Ryan sat down on a park bench. "I'm ugly and tormented and you're more interested in me than ever!" Ryan smiled and told Greenlee that confusion could be a good thing. She took offense to Ryan's claim that Greenlee's "lack of pretense" made her easier to be around. "It's damn hard work being under grandmother's magnifying glass," snapped Greenlee. Ryan mused that Millicent's idea of punishment was not allowing Greenlee to buy new shoes for a week. Greenlee bopped Ryan several times with her fists and told him that she did not appreciate being mocked. "You think you know who you really are," Ryan said with a bit of mystery. He asserted that Greenlee was "deprived" of all things cultural. Greenlee refuted the claim, saying that she's gone to the ballet, several operas, and a handful of symphonies. Ryan confessed that he liked those types of things and hinted that he wouldn't be opposed to accompanying Greenlee. It was getting late and Greenlee knew that she had to go home. She reverted to her old ways for just a second as she invited Ryan to join her in her grandparent's empty house. Ryan puckered his lips and said that he wanted to focus on being Greenlee's friend.

Adam returned to the courtroom. He sat down in the front row and vowed that his fight to win back Liza would not end. "Then I'll have everything I want," he said icily. "Everything I deserve."

The gunman pushed Myrtle into the office and confronted Rae for breaking and entering. Rae was quick to note that she hadn't broken in --- the door was wide open. As for the file she was holding, Rae said that she was going to help alphabetize the documents. Myrtle clutched her chest and fell against the wall. Rae panicked and pleaded with the gunman to call the paramedics. What Rae didn't know was that Myrtle was faking her illness. Finally, Myrtle winked to clue Rae into her scam. Unfortunately, the man also saw the wink and knew what was going on. Myrtle stopped the act and took a decidedly different approach. She said that she would stay and let the man shoot her if only he'd allow Rae to leave with the file. Rae was stunned by Myrtle's offer. The gunman was too. While he tried to figure out what was going on. Myrtle kicked him in the groin. Myrtle handed Rae a tape dispenser and ordered her to clobber the thug with it. She did and the man collapsed to the ground --- on top of the folder that they needed. The two women looked at each other and sighed. They bent over and struggled to roll the man over. Rae plucked out the file and carefully paged through its contents. Regrettably, there was nothing of use in the file. Myrtle told Rae that there was still hope because the private investigator might uncover a new lead. That said, Rae placed the folder back under the thug and she and Myrtle headed home.

Ryan passed through the park on his way home. He saw Gillian sitting alone on a park bench and sat down beside her.

Marian tried to comfort Liza, but nothing Marian could say would make Liza feel any better. Liza sat silent, gently stroking her daughter's head . Liza thanked her mother for trying to help and asked for some time alone. Marian nodded understandingly at went on her way. A short time later, Jake burst into the room. "How could you do this to me?" he asked, his voice cracking.

Thursday, March9, 2000

"You've been crying," Ryan noted softly. "Where's Jake?" Without saying a word, Gillian looked sorrowfully at Ryan. "Oh my God," Ryan gasped. "He knows." Sobbing, Gillian buried her head in Ryan's chest. When her crying subsided, Gillian explained how everything had gone down in court. Ryan wondered how Jake had taken the news. "He didn't believe it at first," Gillian replied. She said that Jake was forced to accept the truth when Adam produced DNA test results. Ryan smiled slightly and said that Jake was fortunate to have Gillian by his side. "Jake doesn't want me," Gillian sniffled. Ryan argued that Gillian was not at fault for anything; it was Liza and Adam who had perpetrated the paternity lie. "Your heart was in the right place," Ryan praised. "I wanted Jake to be her daddy," Gillian nodded. She claimed that Adam would be a terrible father because his love of riches and power always comes first in his life. "Money can't tuck you into bed at night," she chirped. It was then that Ryan realized how much Gillian wanted Colby's life to have a "happily ever after." Ryan looked deeply into Gillian's eyes and urged her not to give up on Jake. Jake, he said, would stay angry for awhile, but soon he'd realize that Gillian had only wanted to protect him. "No man can look at you and not fall in love with you," Ryan smiled tenderly. Ryan took his former wife by the arm and escorted her back to Wildwind.

Myrtle and Rae returned to the boarding house, their adventures at Lyle's office now behind them. They each praised the other's antics in subduing the gunman. Rae was beginning to wonder if the perpetual roadblocks in her search for her daughter were sign that she was supposed to give up the quest. "If you believe that, you are no daughter of mine!" Myrtle squawked. Pointing her finger scoldingly at her daughter, Myrtle ordered Rae not to "wimp out" on her. The older woman suggested that they regroup of a cup of tea. As they passed by the telephone, Myrtle noticed that someone had scrawled down a note for Rae. While they were out, the private investigator Rae had hired had hit "pay dirt." He'd managed to track down Dr. Pendergrast's desk to an antique shop in New Orleans. Rae phoned information and asked for the shop's number. She placed a call to the shop, but it had already closed for the night. Rae feared that the desk would be sold before she could contact the owner. That in mind, she decided to book a flight to New Orleans. There was only one glitch in the plan --- Rae wasn't ready to leave Myrtle. There were also others in town --- like Tad and Alex --- to which Rae still felt an obligation. Myrtle pursed her lips and assured Rae that those people and their problems would still be waiting for her when she returned to town. Rae tried to convince Myrtle to go with her, but Myrtle wasn't ready to uproot. The two women headed upstairs to pack Rae's bags. They returned downstairs just as the taxi pulled up outside. "When you find your little girl, I hope she brings you as much joy as you've brought me," Myrtle smiled. Rae cocked her head to the side and asked Myrtle if she was everything that she'd imagined. Nodding her head, Myrtle said that Rae was more than she'd hoped for. Myrtle set her camera to snap off a picture of herself and Rae. When it came time to leave, Rae opted to say, "See you at midway," carnie-speak for goodbye.

"Was I the last to know?" Jake snapped. He felt as though the entire town knew the truth about Colby's paternity. Liza tried to sympathize with Jake, but it didn't do any good. "Your life goes on," Jake grumbled. "Colby was my life. You cut my heart out!" Liza took a deep breath and asked Jake why he'd come by. Jake looked at a photograph of Colby and recalled that the baby had his mother's smile and his Grandma Kate's laugh. He felt like such a fool for seeing things that weren't reality. "You are her father," Liza said insistently. "I want you to be her father." Liza went on to say that she would honor their original visitation agreement if she was given custody of Colby. A chuckle escaped Jake. He told Liza that she was kidding herself if she believed that Adam would allow him anywhere near Colby. Adam, Liza snapped, has no say in the matter. "He will force her to be a Chandler," Jake retorted. Liza explained that allowing Jake in Colby's life was the perfect way to stick it to Adam. Jake refused to be "a pawn" Liza uses against Adam. "You want to hurt him as much as he hurt you!" Jake observed. Liza made no attempt to hide behind a lie. "I didn't want a child with Adam," Liza said tearfully. She blasted Adam's belief that the end result was okay --- because it wasn't. It was drive Adam crazy to see that another man was a better father than him. Tears welled in Jake's eyes and Liza explained that his determination to take the custody matter to court was what had made go terribly wrong. Jake was no longer able to hold back the tears. In the distance, Colby started to wail. "Go," Liza encouraged. "Colby needs you." A few minutes later, Jake returned to the room with the infant. He determined that Colby was crying because she was teething. "I don't want her to feel pain," Liza said, a subtle innuendo that she was also upset that Jake was hurting. "I wouldn't changed one second of my life with you," Jake said softly to Colby. "The first year of your life was the best year of my life." Jake handed Colby to her mother. Liza and Colby sat down on the bed and played around for a few moments. Liza looked at her daughter with a big smile and asked her if she'd like her daddy to read her a story. But when Liza looked up, Jake was gone.

Alex and Edmund returned to Wildwind. "It's good to be home," Alex beamed, though she admitted that Pine Valley was only her home "for now." Tad burst into the parlor through a back entrance and asked the pair if either had seen Jake or Gillian. Since they'd been out of the country, neither knew why Tad was so frantic. Tad didn't think he had the time to fill them in on what had happened, but Alex and Edmund demanded that Tad tell them what he knew. Tad relented and brought the pair up to speed. Alex still didn't how Adam could be Colby's biological father. Tad explained that Adam had bought the fertility clinic and swapped sperm samples. Suddenly, Alex realized why Adam had been so opposed to using Colby's stem calls in Dimitri's therapy. Tad felt badly because he'd failed in trying to talk Jake out of pursuing the custody hearing. "Your intentions were good," Edmund responded. Tad shook his head and muttered that he couldn't imagine what it felt like to lose a child. "I do," Edmund replied softly. Alex quickly asked Tad to join her on a search of the house. Edmund walked over to a photo of Maria and looked longingly into space. He recalled how he had had to confront Maria at the airport when she'd wanted to flee the country with Sam rather than give him back to Kelsey. Alex returned to the room some time later and told Edmund that Tad had left. Edmund, though, hadn't heard a word she'd said. She slowly walked over to her brother-in-law and told him that she knew he missed Maria. Edmund looked up and carefully set the photo back into place. He told Alex of the pain he and Maria had gone through. "Nothing prepares you," he said softly. "The pain is unimaginable." Gillian and Ryan slowly entered the parlor. Alex took Gillian upstairs and Ryan assured Edmund that he hadn't been stalking Gillian --- they had bumped into each other in the park. Edmund sensed that Ryan knew the truth about Colby and that that was why he'd interrupted the wedding. "I wanted to stop her from making a mistake," he replied. "You did what you could," Edmund smiled. "How do you protect someone you love from getting hurt?" Ryan asked softly. Edmund took a deep breath before replying, "Sometimes you can't."

Jake walked into the bar at The Valley Inn and ordered "a beer and a shot of vodka." An out of breath Tad scurried inside and breathed a sigh of relief upon spotting his little brother. Tad told Jake that he'd spoken to Leslie Coulson and learned that it was possible to file another custody suit. If they could show that both Adam and Liza were incompetent parents, a judge might award custody of Colby to him. Through Tad's speech, Jake said nothing. He drank his shot of vodka and took a few sips of his beer. Then, without so much as acknowledging Tad's presence, Jake turned and walked away.

Friday, March10, 2000

Special thanks to Jill RC Moore for filling in today's recap for me.

Alex bounces in to Wildwind, greeting Edmund. He comments that she's slept well and she answers yes, but not everyone did. Gillian left early for the courthouse. Edmund says that a couple days ago Gillian was a happy, married woman looking forward to a happy life. Now, she doesn't even know if she'll stay married. Alex tells Edmund, casually, that she bought him a horse. She tells him she saw this horse and had to buy him. He's gorgeous. Edmund says he does have another horse but she says they can ride together now. And this horse is beautiful; reminds her of a horse she rode as a teenager, wild and exciting. She wants to leave the past behind and live in the moment. This new horse is a part of that. Does Edmund want to see him?

Gillian enters the courthouse, a solitary figure until she finds Joe, Ruth, Tad and Dixie. She asks where Jake is but they thought he'd be there. Gillian is worried because Jake didn't stay at the Martin's last night. Were IS he? Gillian called looking for him all night and she's frantic. The Martin's try to reassure her, he had a lot to work out, etc. Adam arrives and says Gillian is one of the people who lied to Jake; why should he believe her? She says he's mad cause his nasty little secret is out but he says it's *their* secret now. Adam is convinced he'll get custody just on blood. Gillian lunges at him but Tad stops her. Tad then turns to Adam, smiles and punches him in the face.

The Nanny is with Colby when Jake comes in. She tells him Liza told her the story. She goes to get Colby's bottle while Jake stays to visit with her.

Alex and Edmund are at the stables, having just seen the horse. They agree that he is magnificent. Edmund says he's a long term commitment though and Alex assures him she intends to be around to see him meet his potential - months or even years. Angus, the groomsman, has left to handle a family emergency with Peggy so they'll be needing someone. Alex says she'll do it in the interim; she's mucked out stalls before. Edmund heads to the tack store to look for a groomer/trainer and Alex stays to clean the stalls.

Back at the Courthouse, Adam is picked up and Liza and Barry Shire enter. Tad asks where Jackson is. He quit when he found out he'd been lied to so Barry is it. Adam insists the judge will just rubber stamps him through. Liza had the look of a woman with a plan (to me anyway). They bicker with Adam's mouth running constantly. Liza re-enters the room, walks to Adam and asks if he EVER shuts up. She says what he did is indefensible. Barry takes him away. Liza apologizes profusely and sincerely to Joe and Ruth who graciously tell her she and Colby will always be part of their family. Her phone rings. It's the nanny; Jake and Colby are gone! All are very worried and, of course, Adam stalks off to launch an all out assault.

Alex, in the tack room recalls Maximillian's death and Edmund's reaction. Edmund returns with Guy Donahue, their new trainer. He claims good experience and seems to be perfect; he tells them he doesn't train with violence. They take him to meet his new charge.

In Colby's room, Derek is trying to reconstruct what happened to Colby when Adam and Liza rush in. Adam berates her but she says Jake has been Colby's father and she felt sorry for him. Adam starts to fire her but Liza interrupts and ask if Harried can go. Derek agrees and Nanny Harriet leaves. Adam rants about Jake being gone with Colby but Liza disagrees. She says she trusts Jake; he did not kidnap Colby. Adam asks how she can believe that and she says because Jake isn't HIM! Adam looks wounded.

At the court house, the Martins try to figure out where Jake could have gone. Leslie arrives and says they still have a very strong case. They fill her in and she's concerned. Tad and Dixie go to make some calls and Leslie leaves. Gillian suddenly remembers something - she knows where Jake is.

Colby's room in Jake and Gillian's new house - Jake, holding Colby, enters. He talks to her about his dreams and plans for her and wanders around her room.

Back in Colby's other room, Liza and Adam bicker and Lisa is confident that she can trust Jake. She insists that Jake will bring Colby back much to Adam's outrage. As Adam demands Derek set up roadblocks, APB's, etc., Liza disagrees with him and says *he* is the reason Colby is gone. At the new house, Jake is rocking Colby and talking to her as Ruth and Joe stand silently in the door way listening as he tells her her entire Life story. Joe finally speaks up. Ruth tells him they are all worried and sad. Jake continues to expound Colby's virtues.

At the court house Gillian rushes up to Tad and Dixie asking if they found Jake. They didn't. They try to comfort Gillian who is blaming herself. Gillian says Adam is ripping the whole Martin family apart and enjoying it. She says Jake will forgive them - but not her. Tad and Dixie say she's wrong! Jake loves her - but she can't get past the look in his eyes when she told him she knew.

Back at Wildwind's tack room, Alex and the new trainer are discussing the new horse as Edmund looks on. He likes competition and gives them some professional history. They discuss training the horse. Edmund excuses himself for a meeting. As Alex prepares to leave too, Guy asks the horse's name. he says Scorpio although she's not clear as to why... Guy tells her it's nice working for people who care about their animals. He also tells her that Edmund said he could stay there - if it's alright with her. She says it is but looks uncomfortable. She exits.

Back with Jake, Ruth and Joe listen and attempt to comfort him. Ruth tells him that the kind of love he shares with Colby has nothing to do with genetics. He can't understand how Colby could not be his. Jake wants what's best for her - and that's to be a Martin. Ruth Says he'll always part of their lives; they love her too. Jake says Adam won't allow him to have a relationship with Colby - she's Adam's now. Ruth calls to let everyone know he and Colby are fine. Gillian wants to talk to Jake but it's not the time. Joe asks Jake if he's ready to go. "Where do I go from here," Jake asks.

At Wildwind, Alex tells Edmund she was surprised he said Guy could stay there. Edmund tells her he checked out his references and they were good. Does she mind? She says no, he is good with horses. Edmund asks if she's named the horse yet. She asks if he wants to do that. He says she has such a connection, he thought she'd want to name him. She tells him she was thinking of Scorpio. He approves.

Back at the tack room, Guy is doing a computer search - on A. Devane. The hearing resumes with Lisa and Adam as well as Jake late. Both attorneys offer assurances that they will be there very soon. Adam and Lisa immediately arrive with Lisa and Tad exchanging looks; Adam, of course, asks what THAT was all about. She's disgusted with him. As Adam stands up to start crying kidnapping Jake and Colby walk in with Ruth and Joe. The Judge says he's late and he apologizes. The judge asks if Jake agrees to a new hearing and Leslie looks to him to answer. Jake doesn't seem to know...



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