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Greenlee Smythe
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Actor History

Born at San Diego Mercy Hospital on February 22, 1977, weighing 6 lb 4 oz.

Birthdate originally February 14, 1977

Presumed dead in a motorcycle accident [Feb 16, 2009 to Dec 23, 2009]

Other Names

Tammy Smith (alias used while she was recuperating in the hospital) [Jan 2010]


Co-owner of Pine Valley Hospital

Founder and co-owner of FUSION cosmetics

Former executive at Revlon/Giavanna Cosmetics [hHired May 2002]

Landlord; owns a loft apartment that she leased to Simone Torres for $1875 per month

Former assistant to Kendall Hart [demoted Apr 4, 2002; quit May 2, 2002]

Former employee at Enchantment Cosmetics [fired Nov 12, 2001; re-hired Dec 12, 2001; quit May 2, 2002]

Former business partner/owner in Incredibledreams.com

Former assistant at WRCW


450 Old Cedar Lane, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Formerly the Yacht Club

Formerly Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road), Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Formerly at a clinic in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Formerly 11 Atlantic Avenue, Pine Valley, PA 19010

Formerly an unknown location from 2005 to 2007

Formerly a loft in Pine Valley with Ryan

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, the Penthouse [also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly at her grandparents' mansion

Formerly 800 South Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA

Formerly Brookings Academy boarding school

Marital Status

Married to Ryan Lavery Engaged: Jan 20, 2011; married: Feb 14, 2011, marriage revealed to be invalid; remarried Jun 29, 2011]

Past Marriages

Leo du Pres (engaged: Apr 29, 2002; married: Jul 15, 2002; deceased)

Ryan Lavery (married: May 20, 2004; divorced: May 21, 2007)

Aidan Devane) [engaged: Apr 11, 2008; married: Aug 11, 2008; divorced: Jan 13, 2009]

David Hayward [engaged: Feb 5, 2010; married: Feb 25, 2010; divorced: Jan 24, 2011]

Ryan Lavery (invalid)


Jackson Montgomery (father)

Mary Greenlee (mother)

Lily Montgomery (half-sister; via adoption)

Reginald Montgomery (half-brother; via adoption)

Woodruff Greenlee (maternal grandfather)

Millicent Greenlee (maternal grandmother)

Travis Montgomery (paternal uncle; deceased)

Christine Montgomery (paternal aunt)

Bianca Christine Montgomery (paternal cousin)

Molly Montgomery (paternal cousin)

Sean Montgomery (paternal cousin)

Miranda Montgomery (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Gabrielle Amelia Montgomery (paternal first cousin, once removed)


Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ryan)

Flings & Affairs

Jon Webber (while in boarding school)


Scott Chandler (while in college)

Scott Chandler (second time)

Ryan Lavery

Leo du Pres (engaged; deceased)

Jake Martin

Leo du Pres [engaged: Nov 28, 2001; deceased]

James "Trey" Kenyon III

Carlos Reyes (dated; deceased)

"Jeremy" (gave her phone number to him at SOS)

Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de Vasquez (dated)

Aidan Devane (engaged)

Joshua Madden (deceased)

Ryan Lavery (engaged: Jan 2, 2009)

Crimes Committed

Sneaked into an "R" rated movie when she was only 15

Made a videotape of her and Scott Chandler having sex without Scott's consent

Stole an edited copy of Scott's documentary and replaced it with an unedited version to make it look like Becca had edited it incorrectly

Stole Gillian's journal

Plagiarism/impersonation; pretended to be one of Ryan Lavery's clients, Cynthia, and wrote a letter to Ryan by copying every word from several passages in

Gillian's journal to make Gillian jealous [Jun 1, 2000]

Lied about having a love affair with Ryan so that Gillian wouldn't pursue him

Impersonated Opal in a phone call to Becca

Disorderly conduct/assault; fought with Becca before a taping of Wave [Aug 1, 2000]

Destruction of property; nearly destroyed the Wave set from her catfight with Becca Tyree [Aug 1, 2000]

Agreed to a loan from loan shark Wade Randall

Lied about her dog, Happy, having run away

Pushed Laura overboard while partying on the Fidelity, a yacht

Blackmailed Bianca into silence about the Laura incident by threatening to expose Bianca's lesbianism

Arrested for attempted murder of Laura English; she pushed Laura overboard on Ryan's yacht; charges dropped [Dec 28, 2000]

Leaked news of Bianca's homosexuality to reporter Donald Steele in a private conversation at the Crystal Ball [Jan 2, 2001]

Faked a suicide attempt; tried to make it look like that she was dying of hypothermia by splashing cold water all over herself in a desperate effort to win Leo back [Jan 3, 2001]

Poked through Laura English's medical file at Pine Valley Hospital [Sep 26, 2001]

Impersonated Laura Kirk English in a psychiatrist's office [Oct 9, 2001]

Violated a restraining order to steer clear of Leo and Laura [2001]

Arrested for crashing Leo and Laura's engagement party [Nov 7, 2001]

Bribery; offered a police officer a gift bag from Enchantment to help Leo elude capture [Mar 29, 2002]

Aided and abetted Leo's parole violation; traveled to Paris with him when he wasn't allowed to leave Pine Valley [Jun 2002]

Disorderly conduct/assault; fought with Kendall at a bridal show [Jun 19, 2002]

Held a knife to Vanessa's throat [Jul 22, 2002]

Aided and abetted Leo's parole violation; traveled with him on their honeymoon when he wasn't supposed to leave Pine Valley [Jul 25, 2002]

Breaking and entering; snooped around Trey Kenyon's apartment [Aug 12, 2002]

Assaulted reporter Donald Steele [Oct 28, 2002]

Held Donald Steele at gunpoint [Nov 6, 2002]

Destroyed Kendall Hart's ad campaign presentation [Nov 2002]

Disorderly conduct; assaulted a bar patron and threw a drink at him [Nov 20, 2002)

Destruction of property; trashed an Enchantment display at Lacey's [Jun 16, 2003]

Breaking and entering into Kendall's condo [Jan 26, 2004]

Destruction of property/disorderly contact; ripped Kendall's dress off in open court [Feb 4, 2004]

Lied to the SEC, saying that her marriage to Ryan was out of love and not a business deal [Jun 7, 2004]

Breaking and entering, and burglary; broke into a fertility clinic and stole Ryan's sperm specimen [Jun 17, 2004]

Planned to kidnap Spike Lavery [Summer 2007]

Held Richie Novak hostage at knifepoint [Jul 1, 2008]

Complicit in using an illegally copied key to gain access to Annie Lavery's post office box [Aug 2008]

Pulled a gun on Annie Lavery [Dec 2008]

Ordered Pete Cortlandt to hack Erica's computer [Feb 3, 2009]

Planted a worm in Fusion's computer system [Feb 1, 2010]

Arrested for aiding and abetting David Hayward [Mar 23, 2010]

Perjury; stated under oath that she'd told David to not to tell anyone that she was alive [Feb 16, 2010]

Framed Erica for embezzling funds from the Miranda Center [May 18, 2010]

Obstruction of justice; forged suicide notes from David [Sep 2010]

Snooped through Madison North's medical files [Dec 20, 2010]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized for hypothermia after a faked suicide attempt [Jan 2001]

Hospitalized overnight after being hit in the head by a basketball [Mar 2001]

Hospitalized after being held hostage by Vanessa and nearly falling off a cliff [Oct 2002]

Suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and other injuries after being struck by an elderly motorist [Oct 17, 2003]

Suffered a miscarriage that left her unable to carry a baby to term [Aug 8, 2005]

Received hormone treatment in preparation for having her eggs harvested for surrogacy [Summer 2005]

Hospitalized after ingesting toxins from a wild plant, tannis root [Jan to Feb 2008]

Suffered from nausea and itching after coming into contact with poisoned Bella perfume [Sep 2008]

Suffered an injury to her right arm during a tornado [Oct 2008]

Was kept in a medically induced coma following a motorcycle accident [Feb 16, 2009, to Dec 30, 2009]

Paralyzed from the waist down following a motorcycle accident [2009 to 2010]

Went into cardiac arrest during surgery to correct her paralysis [Jan 11, 2009] Miscellaneous Information

Blood type is Rh - (revealed Nov 28, 2005)

Social Security number is 144-70-4923

Brief Character History

Greenlee, named after her mother's maiden name, was a rich debutante from one of Pine Valley's most prominent families. She had an affair with Scott Chandler at college, and wanted to resume it when they returned home to Pine Valley. Scott had eyes for Becca at that point, but that didn't stop Greenlee from trying to take her competition out of the picture. She made snide comments and insinuations about Becca, and made sure that Becca saw an incriminating videotape of Greenlee and Scott having sex. The tape was made at college without Scott's knowledge, and Greenlee mixed it in with tapes from work that were at Scott's apartment, so it looked like he'd made it and liked to watch it. Becca broke off ties with Scott, but his father convinced her to go see him at the Chandler cabin. Greenlee got there first, and talked Scott into sex. Once the thrill of seducing Scott had subsided, Greenlee moved on to her next male conquest.

Greenlee was crazy for Ryan almost from the first time she laid eyes upon him. Greenlee buddied up to Ryan with a claim that she could help him find his new calling in life -- an Internet venture. Greenlee had her grandfather set up an elaborate cover so that he could fund Ryan's fledgling Internet company. Greenlee hoped that it would endear her to Ryan, but Ryan had eyes for only one person -- Gillian. Greenlee and Ryan were intimate on many occasions, but Ryan insisted that they were only having sex and not making love. As it became clearer and clearer that Ryan wasn't going to fall for Greenlee, Greenlee developed a relationship with Leo du Pres. The two fooled around, but neither one put much thought into the fact that they could have a relationship with each other. The pair even teamed up on a bet as to whether or not Leo could seduce Becca Tyree into giving her virginity to him.

Greenlee covered for Ryan when he "borrowed" two million dollars from his Internet company's tills. She got involved with a sleazy loan shark, who had ties to the underworld, named Wade Randall. Wade loaned Greenlee the money to cover Ryan's debt so that Ryan would not be arrested for embezzlement, but Wade immediately took Greenlee to task by demanding that she introduce him to her grandfather. Greenlee feared that Wade would kill her grandfather.

She got some extra time to honor Wade's deadline because of an unlucky turn of events --- Woodruff Greenlee suffered a mild heart attack. During that time, Greenlee learned that Ryan had borrowed the money to run off with Gillian and rescue Jake Martin in war-torn Chechnya. Greenlee went to the police and told them of Ryan's dipping into his company's money. In the process, she cleared herself of any possible connection. When Ryan returned to the US, he was promptly arrested. The ordeal seemed to help Greenlee get Ryan out of her system for good.

Greenlee's trouble with Wade, though, was anything but over. Wade somehow managed to regain his freedom, and he immediately went after Greenlee for turning him in to the cops. He held Greenlee at gunpoint and demanded that she get him a sizeable chunk of cash and a passport out of the country. Greenlee tried her best to get Leo out of the way by telling him that she didn't care about him and wanted nothing more to do with him. Nevertheless, Leo continued hanging around and almost got shot in the process.

Wade later captured Greenlee and held her hostage for one million dollars in ransom. Woodruff agreed to drop off the money at the boathouse in order to win his granddaughter's freedom. Leo happened upon the scene and tried to muscle Wade into submission. He failed, and Wade locked Leo and Greenlee in a faulty elevator. Leo helped Greenlee escape the elevator before its cable snapped; Leo wasn't as lucky, though he did manage to escape before the elevator totally bottomed out.

Afterwards, Leo and Greenlee were closer than ever. Leo took Greenlee to the tropics to toast their new relationship. What Greenlee didn't know was that Leo was using her grandfather's ransom money to fund the getaway. When Greenlee learned the truth, she and Leo returned to Pine Valley, and Leo was subsequently arrested for theft. Greenlee asked her grandfather to have the charges against Leo dropped. Woodruff only said that he'd talk to Leo.

Woodruff visited Leo in his jail cell and said that he'd drop the charges against Leo if Leo agreed to take the rest of the ransom money and fly to Europe -- and never see Greenlee again. Leo refused and won Woodruff's respect in the process. Greenlee, however, thought that Leo had accepted the offer and severed her ties to Leo. She later learned from her grandfather that Leo hadn't accepted the offer, but by then, Leo was furious with Greenlee and was questioning whether or not he really wanted Greenlee in his life. Greenlee remained persistent and determined to win over Leo. In the process, she accidentally learned that Bianca was harboring a deep secret -- Bianca was gay.

Greenlee's 2001 was filled with more lows than highs. Greenlee landed a job at Enchantment, but she didn't know that Erica had hired her only to get her out of Pine Valley. Erica's plot was to avenge Greenlee's poor treatment of Bianca. Greenlee, however, proved she was quite valuable --- and was subsequently fired and rehired several times. Greenlee was determined to win back Leo, who had agreed to marry a dying Laura English. Laura lived, and Leo found himself trapped in a loveless marriage.

Greenlee was tossed in jail after violating a restraining order to steer clear of the married couple. During Leo's married days, Greenlee became very close with Jake, but in her heart, she knew that she really loved Leo. After Leo refused to renew his wedding vows to Laura, he freed himself to return to Greenlee. Greenlee went to bat for Erica during Erica's trial for the murder of Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone; she helped keep things running, though she did offend the Lacey's chairman. As the year ended, Greenlee was desperately trying to rid Leo of another troublemaking woman in his life -- his mother, Vanessa.

Greenlee became torn between two men -- Jake Martin and Leo. And neither man wanted to be "the other man." Leo proposed to Greenlee, and she accepted, but the engagement was later broken when Greenlee admitted to having feelings for Jake. Greenlee wound up trapped on an island with Jake after Vanessa Cortlandt drugged her and left her for dead on a sinking boat. Greenlee and an also-drugged Jake escaped their watery near-grave, but Greenlee's unwillingness to commit to Jake resulted in Jake walking away.

In March 2002, Revlon showed interest in luring Greenlee away from her job at Enchantment after a trade publication touted her as the "next big thing." Erica refused to let Greenlee get away and arranged through some trickery to hold on to Greenlee.

As Greenlee tried to deal with Leo's need to stay in Vanessa's life and the constant revolving door of his newfound relatives, she and Leo finally managed to marry in July 2002. Greenlee's father, Roger, who had continued to worm his way back into her life, even after disappointing her countless times, was shot by drug operatives. A few hours before he died, he accidentally slipped out to Greenlee that he was sleeping with her roommate and close friend, Simone Torres. After he died, Greenlee's pain was intensified when she overheard her grandfather telling her mother, Mary, who had recently returned to Greenlee's life and claimed to want a reconciliation, that he knew she was only interested in Greenlee because she wanted to be put back in his will. Greenlee's dependency on Leo was magnified and they went off on a brief honeymoon. The happiness was not to last.

When they returned to town, the couple became embroiled with Kendall Hart and Leo's previously unknown brother, Trey, both of whom Greenlee despised, in a quest to track down the missing Proteus drug money. The paper trail ended in worthless stocks and with Vanessa being shipped off to a federal prison, and Greenlee seized the opportunity to convince Leo to move to Paris with her. Even though Vanessa had supposedly given way to a kinder, gentler split personality, Greenlee didn't trust her for a second. She was proven right as Vanessa kidnapped Greenlee immediately before Greenlee and Leo were planning to leave the country.

Leo obeyed Vanessa's demands to find her diamonds in order to free Greenlee, but realized Vanessa had no plans to leave her longtime enemy alive. Greenlee struggled for control of the gun, was knocked aside, and as she began to fall off the cliff, Vanessa shot a few rounds at her. Mother and son struggled for control of the gun and both fell into the raging river. Trey managed to pull Greenlee to safety, but she was beyond despondent when she realized her beloved Leo was gone forever. The only silver lining was that she and her mother managed to mend fences, or at least made the attempt.

While mourning, Greenlee decided to form a new cosmetics company to rival Enchantment. Enlisting Simone, Kendall, Liza, and Mia for the partnership, Greenlee created Fusion Cosmetics. As she tried to get the company off the ground, her behavior, which had always been abrasive and hostile at best, became downright abusive and cruel. Greenlee realized that she was close to being all alone for the rest of her life, and entered therapy in an attempt to bring closure to her many demons.

While Greenlee worked through her pain and grief, her friends tried to push her back into romance. Although Trey was interested and kissed her, she did not share those feelings. Only when Greenlee began receiving anonymous poems through her email account did she start to open up. Around that time, Fusion's quiet, hunky handyman, Carlos, declared his passion for her. At first put off by his lowly job status, Greenlee warmed to him when she learned that he had sent her the emails. His tenderness and gentle manner helped her move beyond Leo.

Soon after, on a night of romance, Carlos confessed that he had not sent the emails, that his sister had put the words together for him. Although Greenlee was furious, she had grown to care about Carlos for himself, not the poetry, and she welcomed his attempts to show her more about his life and what made him who he was. However, Greenlee's romance with Carlos went sour when she used his relationship with Diane Lacey, owner of Lacey's department store, to score Fusion points for herself. She manipulated Diane and made her think that Carlos had spilled her secret to Greenlee. Worried that her secret would leak out, she took the Enchantment display off the front counter at Lacey's and replaced it with Fusion.

When Simone accidentally blurted out what Greenlee had done, Carlos became furious. He stomped up to the hotel room he had rented for a romantic night with Greenlee and barged in. He confronted her about her scheme and she admitted to it, but told Carlos that she had never betrayed him. She'd done it to make Fusion better and to knock Enchantment out of the water. Carlos didn't listen to her excuses -- he told her that their relationship was over. Soon after their breakup, he quit working at Fusion and went to work for Stuart Chandler at his art gallery.

Greenlee also befriended Juan Pablo, a handsome, wealthy man who arrived in Pine Valley, looking to invest in Fusion. She wasn't sure if she could trust him because he seemed to be wiggling his way into all of the Fusion girl's lives.

Greenlee became suspicious when her mother started sneaking back into her life and trying to become close with Jackson. When Jackson was hospitalized for a heart condition, Mary rushed herself and Greenlee to the hospital to donate blood. Fortunately, Jackson found a donor, and his life was saved, but not from the hands and obsession of Mary. She made it very clear to Jackson's fiancée, Erica, that she wanted him for herself. She asked Greenlee to deliver a special note to Jackson because Erica wouldn't let Mary get near him. Greenlee took the note to Jackson the day before the wedding, but his friends told him not to read it. Jackson gave the note back to her. She decided to read it for herself and got the shock of her life.

The note was dated to Jackson before Greenlee was even born. The note revealed that Jackson, not Roger, was Greenlee's real father. Greenlee couldn't believe her mother had lied to her again and let her grow up with a man who despised her. She took the crumpled note and fled to her mother's room at the Valley Inn only hours before the wedding. Mary admitted that Jackson was Greenlee's father; Mary had lied because he was poor, and Roger was rich. Greenlee noticed the stationary the note was written on and discovered it was the same as the Valley Inn. Knowing she was caught, Mary said she had forged the note, but the words were true. Then she showed Greenlee a journal entry written exactly nine months before Greenlee was born and the last time Mary and Jackson had made love.

Mary said that Greenlee's blood type matched Jackson's, and Greenlee was the one who had saved his life. Realizing her mother's twisted lies were true, Greenlee decided she never wanted to speak to her mother again. Before she could leave, Mary begged her to stop the wedding and tell Jackson the truth. She pleaded with Greenlee not to let him marry Erica because Erica had been blackmailing Mary. Mary used Erica's blackmail as her excuse for keeping Greenlee from the truth. Mary manipulated Greenlee enough to get her to go the wedding, just as Mary wanted, hoping to get Jackson back into her arms and out of Erica's life.

Greenlee stormed into the wedding and told Jackson the truth. At first, he didn't believe it -- he thought it was a scheme and Mary had used Greenlee to get her way. Then Greenlee read the portion of the journal her mother had shared with her. Jackson, Erica, and the guests were in shock. Greenlee told him she didn't want him to be her father, and told him to leave her alone before she stormed out of the room. She got into her car, ready to drive away from Pine Valley, when Juan Pablo stepped inside. She told him to get out, but he wouldn't listen. They drove off to Atlantic City, where Greenlee could play the casinos and forget about her problems.

Back in Pine Valley, Jackson discovered from Dr. Joe Martin's files that Greenlee was the donor who had saved his life. Joe said that only family members could have the same rare blood type as his, meaning Greenlee would have to be Jack's daughter. Jackson and Erica's engagement fizzled, and he went looking for Greenlee. Using Tad, he managed to find Greenlee in Atlantic City. When he showed up at Juan Pablo's hotel room, Juan Pablo denied knowing her.

Jackson stepped inside and saw the dress Greenlee had been wearing on his wedding day, laying on a chair. He demanded to know where she was. Juan Pablo said he didn't know and that she had gone for a walk. Jackson stalked out and found Greenlee on the rainy beach, with her ankle stuck in a rock, and her tongue lashing out at God. He managed to remove her ankle, and she pretended that she could walk, but she didn't get very far. Jackson picked her up, and they found a closed restaurant to hide in, until the storm went away.

While they shared some coffee and bowls of soup, Jackson tried to make a connection with Greenlee. She realized that he wasn't such a bad guy, and it wasn't his fault he'd been left out of her life. They decided to give a relationship a chance and to spend more time together. She returned to Pine Valley, ready to tackle Fusion. The Fusion girls expected her to be distraught and angry at the news, but she was just the opposite. She wanted to start over and decided to even give Juan Pablo a fair chance.

Tad discovered that Juan Pablo and Carlos were actually brothers. When Greenlee confronted both of them, they admitted it was true. Juan Pablo told her that Carlos had killed a rapist in Argentina and they'd fled to the United States to hide. Carlos said he'd killed the rapist in self-defense. Carlos realized that he'd scoffed at Greenlee for her lies, when, in fact, he had been keeping secrets from her as well. They agreed to forgive each other and try to start over. Greenlee forgave Juan Pablo, also, but she was not interested in another romantic fling with Carlos.

When Mary's father, Woodruff, found out about her latest scheme, he disinherited her from his will and gave it all to Greenlee. That left Greenlee a very rich woman and her mother broke, homeless, and all alone. She begged for Greenlee to forgive her and let her borrow some money. Greenlee didn't listen to Mary and said she would never forgive her mother. In an act of desperation, Mary told Greenlee that Jackson had always known Greenlee was his child. She said she'd never told Greenlee because she didn't want her to think badly of Jackson. Greenlee wasn't sure if she should believe her mother. After all, Mary was probably lying just so she could use Greenlee for her new wealth. Greenlee wanted to believe her mother, but decided she could only get the truth if she created a test for Mary to pass.

With the help of Juan Pablo, Greenlee's test would either prove that her mother was lying or Jackson was scum. Juan Pablo was to seduce Mary into going away with him, and Greenlee was to act as though she really needed Mary to stay and comfort her. As expected, Mary failed the test miserably. As soon as Juan Pablo took Mary on his personal jet and asked her to go away with him forever, she said yes. Greenlee stepped out from behind the jet's curtain and was outraged that her mother would choose a man over her daughter.

Greenlee begged for Mary to stay because she didn't have anyone, especially since Jackson had always known about Greenlee. On that note, Mary admitted she was really lying about Jackson, and she could go away with Juan Pablo, since everything was cleared up. With a smug smile, Greenlee and Juan Pablo told her she wasn't going anywhere with him. After Mary learned about the test, she told both of them that she would get them back, and she left. Juan Pablo supported Greenlee in further manipulations by her mother as well as Michael Cambias' hostile takeover of Fusion. Greenlee found herself falling in love with Pablo.

Greenlee was shocked and hurt when Juan Pablo began to treat her cruelly. Unbeknownst to her, Pablo was trying to alienate Greenlee in an effort to keep her away from the Calatravas, an Argentinean gang that was trying to kill Pablo and his brother. Pablo hoped that by driving Greenlee away, the Calatravas wouldn't target her. A hurt Greenlee began to turn to old friend and former lover Ryan Lavery for emotional comfort. This helped to fuel the animosity between Kendall and Greenlee, which had been reignited when Kendall had claimed that she had married the recently deceased Michael, and thus controlled Fusion. Unwilling to accept that Kendall had married a rapist, Greenlee and her former friend immediately clashed.

After Carlos' death, Greenlee and Pablo were almost killed by the Calatravas. With Ryan's help, they managed to overcome the evildoers, and Pablo confessed why he had driven Greenlee away. Relieved, Greenlee was horrified shortly afterwards when she thought Pablo had been killed in a car explosion set by the Calatravas. Despite her strong feelings for Pablo, Greenlee's fears of losing a man she loved led to the two parting amicably. Ryan was supportive, and Greenlee grew to lean on him more and more, only deepening the bond between them.

Greenlee felt that Kendall was mistreating Ryan. Coupled with Greenlee's distrust of Kendall and anger over what she felt was deplorable favoritism of Kendall, despite Kendall's horrific actions of marrying a rapist, Greenlee set out to prove that Kendall was not pregnant with Michael's child as Kendall claimed. She exposed Kendall in court by ripping off Kendall's dress, which proved Kendall's pregnancy was a lie. Ostracized by the town, Greenlee discovered that Kendall's duplicitous actions had all been to protect Bianca. Guilt-ridden, Greenlee fell down a mineshaft. Ryan found her near death and nursed her back to health. Greenlee vowed to repair the damaged relationships in her life, all the while growing closer to Ryan.

Greenlee's friendship with Ryan continued to be a source of conflict in Ryan's relationship with Kendall. Kendall did not want Greenlee to have any part of Fusion, which had become a Cambias-owned company. Kendall revealed at a Cambias board meeting that she'd had her sister, Bianca, who was at the time, the head of Cambias Industries, insert a specific clause barring Greenlee from working at any Cambias-owned company -- namely, Fusion. Furious with Kendall for her latest manipulation, Ryan broke up with her and asked Greenlee to marry him. Ryan, who was then head of Cambias Industries, explained that as his wife, Greenlee would be able to work at Fusion because she would be co-owner. Touched by Ryan's gesture of friendship, Greenlee agreed. Greenlee had begun to develop feelings for Ryan, but did not want to jeopardize their friendship by revealing them, for fear Ryan did not feel the same. After Kendall's last-minute scheme to stop the union was thwarted, Ryan and Greenlee were wed.

Ryan and Greenlee moved in together to quell any suspicions of Cambias board members who thought the marriage was in name only. Greenlee's feelings blossomed into love, but she still kept them to herself for fear of Ryan's reaction. Kendall tried to interfere in their relationship by blackmailing Bobby Warner into seducing Greenlee, but Bobby was unsuccessful. Greenlee realized Kendall's scheme, only building the enmity between the women. Eventually Greenlee was honest with Ryan and thrilled to learn that he also loved her. Blissful, the two made preparations for the future and began talking of children.

At a fundraiser for the Miranda Montgomery Center, hosted by Zach Slater, an unknown assailant shot Ryan. Greenlee, fearful that she would lose another husband, kept vigil at Ryan's side. Ryan recovered, but he and Greenlee worried that someone was trying to kill him. Some time later, Ryan and Greenlee were shot at, only sealing their conviction that someone was trying to kill Ryan. They suspected Zach, who had been revealed to be the presumed-dead Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Greenlee began experiencing blurry vision, states of catatonia, and lack of impulse control. Her behavior increasingly erratic, Greenlee sought medical treatment, but nothing could be determined. Ryan stood by her and vowed to find the cause of her problems. Greenlee's condition worsened, culminating in a near nosedive off the Fusion roof as part of an imagined trapeze act. Kendall saved Greenlee, who experienced a total break from reality.

Ryan was forced to commit Greenlee, and it was revealed she had an excess of anti-psychotic drugs in her system. Ryan realized his wife had been poisoned and vowed to find the person responsible. Ryan managed to pull Greenlee out of her psychotic state, and she quickly recovered. Ryan suspected that Kendall, with her history of unstable behavior, might be the party responsible for Greenlee's condition. Greenlee recalled Kendall saving her on the Fusion roof, and vouched for Kendall's innocence. Kendall and Greenlee slowly began to repair their damaged friendship.

Greenlee began to suspect that Ryan's brother Jonathan was responsible for poisoning her. She shared her theory with Kendall, and the two teamed up to expose Jonathan. Fearful of Ryan's reaction, Greenlee kept her suspicions quiet. Eventually Greenlee confessed to Ryan that she thought Jonathan was guilty, but Ryan insisted on his brother's innocence. Unconvinced, Greenlee and Kendall slipped Jonathan truth serum to get him to confess, but Ryan stopped their plan.

Jonathan revealed that the eldest Lavery brother, Braden, was responsible for poisoning Greenlee, as well as shooting Ryan, and murdering Edmund Grey. Ryan vowed to find Braden and turn him in to the authorities, so he could never hurt Greenlee or anyone else. Despite her fear that Braden could kill Ryan, Greenlee promised to support him in his quest to find his brother. Jonathan kidnapped Lily Montgomery, Kendall, and Greenlee, and confirmed that he was, in fact, behind the rash of crimes in Pine Valley. Before Jonathan could kill the women in a twisted attempt to "save" Ryan, Ryan was forced to shoot his brother.

Ryan was devastated after killing his own brother, and his behavior grew more volatile. Greenlee believed that a baby might give Ryan hope and revitalize him, so she suggested getting pregnant. Ryan adamantly refused, telling Greenlee that his family stock was littered with rage-filled abusers; Ryan's own angry behavior and capability of shooting his brother proved that he had that within him. He would not risk hurting a child. Greenlee refused to believe Ryan could hurt her or their child, and remained determined to get pregnant. Ryan had a vasectomy to insure that never happened, and when Greenlee found out, she was furious.

Greenlee learned that, years earlier, Ryan had made a sperm donation at a local fertility clinic. Greenlee attempted to get Ryan's sperm from the owner, Greg Madden. Her attempts failed, so she enlisted Simone's help to break into the clinic and steal the sperm. Greenlee learned that Ryan had been participating in fight clubs at night to release his aggression, which only convinced her more that a baby was the key to making Ryan realize what a good person he was. After stealing the sperm from the clinic, Greenlee was inseminated by David Hayward. Tests soon confirmed she was pregnant.

Greenlee was confident that Ryan would feel different about being a parent once he learned about the baby, and would drop any notions that he was tainted or dangerous. She broke the news, and Ryan went on a rampage. He nearly hit Greenlee and once again raged about how he would be a parent that could potentially hurt the child. A furious Ryan sped off on his motorcycle and went careening off a cliff. His body was never recovered, and Greenlee was told her husband was dead.

Devastated, Greenlee held onto her unborn child as the link she still shared with Ryan. Soon after, she miscarried. Greenlee asked Greg to use Ryan's remaining sperm so she could try again. Greg informed her that she could conceive, but would never be able to carry a child to term. Greenlee sank into depression. Kendall, hurting for her friend and upset herself at Greenlee's loss, offered to act as a surrogate to Greenlee and Ryan's fertilized egg. Touched by Kendall's gesture and hopeful for the future, Greenlee agreed. The two decided to keep the surrogacy a secret from their families, particularly Jack, who felt that Greenlee needed to move on from any reminders of Ryan. Greenlee remained unaware that Ryan had faked his death, as he was convinced that he was saving his wife from a dangerous man by walking away.

Kendall was implanted and soon discovered that she was pregnant. Greenlee was ecstatic at the thought of bringing Ryan's baby into the world. She held a memorial service for Ryan, and was shocked when he showed up to it, very much alive. Ryan explained to Greenlee how he had faked his death in order to protect her, but he realized what a mistake it was. Greenlee, devastated and furious that the man she loved would let her mourn him, walked out. Kendall urged Greenlee to try to work out her problems with Ryan, but Greenlee was too hurt. She planned to keep the surrogacy from him and get Ryan out of town, convinced that he would have no reason to remain in Pine Valley were she to give them no hope of a future.

Greenlee and Ryan slowly made inroads with each other, but any progress was thwarted when she learned that Jonathan was really alive, and that Ryan had been caring for him. Hurt at another lie, let alone Ryan continuing to protect the man that had nearly killed her, Greenlee kept quiet about Kendall's surrogacy. The truth finally came out when Greenlee and Kendall nearly died at a fire in the Roadside bar, but shortly after, Greenlee learned the shocking truth that the baby Kendall was carrying wasn't Greenlee and Ryan's, but Kendall and Ryan's. She washed her hands of both of them and left Pine Valley.

Greenlee returned to Pine Valley some time later, ready to reconcile with Kendall and Ryan. She was shocked to see Ryan had married Annie McDermott. Greenlee dropped the bomb that she had never legally divorced Ryan. Ryan told Greenlee he had no interest in reconciling with her, and the two officially divorced.

It was difficult for Greenlee to be around Spike, Kendall's son -- the son that was supposed to be her child with Ryan. When Greenlee learned that Zach was responsible for the blackout that began the domino effect resulting in Kendall carrying Spike as her own, she freaked out. Slowly Kendall and Greenlee began to repair their relationship, but the Spike issue gnawed at Greenlee. She felt the child belonged with her. On a road trip to New York, Kendall went into premature labor. Babe Carey drove Kendall to the hospital, with Kendall asking Greenlee to follow in her car with Spike.

On the road, Greenlee's torment over wanting to mother Spike reached a boiling point. In an impulsive moment, Greenlee turned the car around and prepared to run with Spike. A clear head prevailed some minutes later, and Greenlee planned to bring Spike to Kendall, but got into a car accident. Spike was gravely injured, and Greenlee cared for him. When Spike and Greenlee were rushed to the hospital, the resulting stress caused Kendall to give birth to a dangerously premature son. Soon after, Spike was diagnosed as deaf, a result of the accident.

With no evidence to prove her guilt, Greenlee was not charged with kidnapping, but Kendall wanted revenge. Aidan Devane was charged with keeping Greenlee away from Kendall. What started as an antagonistic relationship quickly blossomed to affection, as Aidan saw how sorry Greenlee was for her actions. The two fell in love.

Meanwhile, Kendall hatched a scheme to make Greenlee pay. She'd pretend to want to reconcile with Greenlee, only to get close enough to frame Greenlee for a kidnapping attempt. Zach, worried about Kendall's obsession with revenge, used JR Chandler to make Greenlee believe that her fertilized eggs had survived the blackout, and that Zach was holding them. Tempted to have the baby she should have had years earlier, Greenlee considered JR's offer of her eggs for her shares in Fusion, and thus her only continued contact with Kendall.

Kendall went through with her plan and framed Greenlee for kidnapping. In short order, Greenlee was arrested and learned the embryo ruse was all a ploy by Zach. Angry, Greenlee swore revenge. Aidan broke her out of prison to prove her innocence. On the run from the cops, Greenlee and Aidan were separated. Greenlee found an injured Zach, near dead from being hit by a car, and started to drag him to safety despite her hatred for him. The two fell in an underground bomb shelter and were soon after sealed in by Richie Novak, the man who had hit Zach.

Trapped together with the man she hated most, Greenlee was shocked to learn that Kendall had been guilt-ridden after Greenlee's arrest. She was furious to learn Zach had stopped Kendall from confessing. As their time together lengthened, Greenlee and Zach began to see each other in a new light. The two were near death when Kendall and Aidan finally found them. While recovering in the hospital, Zach apologized to Greenlee for all his actions against her. Kendall confessed to setting up Greenlee for kidnapping. Greenlee told the judge she'd driven Kendall to it, and Kendall got off with community service.

Greenlee got engaged to Aidan, but she broke it off once she found out that Aidan had slept with Kendall while Greenlee was trapped in the bomb shelter. Greenlee forgave Aidan, and they got engaged again. They married at a Las Vegas chapel.

Right after they married, Greenlee started to have feelings for Ryan. Aidan realized this and broke up with Greenlee. Greenlee slept with Ryan during the tornadoes, thinking they would not make it out alive. To get revenge on Greenlee, Aidan participated in Emma's faux kidnapping with Annie Lavery. When Aidan told Greenlee of his involvement, Greenlee filed for divorce and was free to pursue a relationship with Ryan.

Annie started stalking Greenlee for taking Ryan from her. One night, she broke out of Oak Haven and confronted both Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee goaded Annie to attack her, but the police arrived, and Annie was escorted back to Oak Haven.

Ryan proposed to Greenlee, but she had visions at that time of Annie killing her if she married Ryan. To get assurance that marriage with Ryan was all right, Greenlee went to Opal for a tarot card reading. Opal told Greenlee that everything would go fine on her wedding day. However, not all of the cards were in the deck, and Opal realized she'd given Greenlee the wrong reading. Greenlee went back to Ryan and asked him to propose to her again. Ryan did, and Greenlee accepted. Opal told Greenlee that she'd misread the cards; Opal told Greenlee that her wedding day to Ryan would be her last and encouraged her to not get married. Greenlee told Opal that everything would be all right, and she was going through with her wedding.

Ryan told Greenlee, on their wedding day, that he wanted to get married separately from Reese and Bianca -- all four had planned to get married in a double wedding -- since he did not wish to marry next to a couple that had secrets and lies between them. Greenlee took off on a motorcycle, still wearing her wedding dress. Ryan yelled for Greenlee to stop, but she continued down the road. On the same road, an angry Kendall was driving her car erratically. As the motorcycle approached, both Kendall and Greenlee were forced to swerve to prevent a collision. Greenlee's motorcycle flew off a cliff and crashed into a creek below. Though a team of police divers and investigators scoured the scene, there was no trace of Greenlee's body.

Over the next several months, David Hayward was shown to be tending to a mystery patient in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In December 2009, the patient's identity was finally revealed as Greenlee. Under the watchful eye of David's crony, Nurse Gayle Walker, Greenlee was kept in a medically induced coma. As her condition improved, David determined that it was safe to allow Greenlee to awaken. David explained that he had refused to allow Greenlee to die because his brother, Leo, would have wanted him to do everything in his power to keep her alive.

David fed Greenlee some untruths about what had transpired in Pine Valley while she was "dead," prompting Greenlee to want to get back to town as soon as possible. A bone fragment had wedged into her spine and rendered her paralyzed, which hampered her recovery. Once her condition stabilized, Greenlee underwent a risky procedure to remove the bone fragment. The surgery was a success, and after some intense physical therapy, she was able to walk again.

Greenlee was anxious to get back to her old life with Ryan. When she regained her strength, she went to see Ryan, but he was not alone. Greenlee saw Ryan being intimate with Erica Kane, but Greenlee sneaked away unseen. Greenlee was devastated that Ryan had moved on. She was also hurt that Ryan had chosen Erica, an enemy of Greenlee's, to have a relationship with. Greenlee punished Erica by erasing files at Fusion. Then Greenlee devised a plan to return from her supposed death in a manner that would hurt Ryan -- as someone else's bride. Greenlee asked David to marry her. She chose the date that would have been her anniversary to Ryan.

David announced that he was engaged, but he kept his fiancée a mystery. When Greenlee revealed herself as the bride, everyone was shocked to learn she was alive. Ryan and Jack tried to talk Greenlee out of marrying David, but Greenlee refused to listen. Jake Martin helped Ryan kidnap Greenlee. They took her to the castle where she and Ryan had first fallen in love. Ryan believed he could win Greenlee back, but it did not work. Greenlee married David, and they consummated the marriage.

Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that they could return to what they once had, but Ryan realized Greenlee had changed when she protected David and went after Kendall instead. Greenlee learned Ryan and Kendall had engaged in a brief affair shortly after her accident. When David faced charges for faking Greenlee's death, Greenlee used her time on the stand to accuse Kendall of purposely running her off the road. Greenlee claimed Kendall had wanted Ryan and needed Greenlee out of the way. The charges against David were dropped. Ryan realized Greenlee had changed, and he began dating Madison North.

Soon after, Greenlee thought she was pregnant with David's child. She remembered the pain of losing Ryan's child, and did not want to go through that again. Greenlee was relieved when she realized she was not pregnant. David was disappointed, but he was more concerned with the time Greenlee and Ryan were spending working together at Fusion. Greenlee was jealous of Ryan's new relationship with Madison so Greenlee asked David for space in their marriage. She wanted to sort through her feelings. When Ryan had an aneurism, Greenlee decided she did not want to waste any more time being apart from Ryan, the man she truly loved.

David sensed he was losing Greenlee so he blackmailed her into staying with him. Greenlee struggled to work with Erica at Fusion, so David arranged for Erica's plane to be tampered with. Erica disappeared when her plane crashed. Greenlee suspected David was involved, but she covered for him. David had evidence that linked Greenlee to Erica's plane crash, so Greenlee was forced to remain married to him. When Ryan tried to reconcile with her, Greenlee lied and said she loved David. When Ryan figured out David was blackmailing Greenlee, Ryan helped her prove David was behind Erica's crash. The relationship between Ryan and Greenlee remained platonic, and Ryan continued to date Madison.

When David realized he could not stop Greenlee from loving Ryan, David faked his murder. David set up Ryan to look guilty, but Greenlee tried to cover for Ryan. Greenlee and Ryan suspected David had faked his death to frame Ryan, and they confessed their love for one another as they searched for proof of Ryan's innocence. Kendall's husband, Zach, helped them investigate and was killed in a plane crash. Kendall was devastated by the death of her husband, and she blamed Greenlee for involving Zach in the mess Greenlee had made with David. Kendall eventually forgave Greenlee.

Despite the investigation that Greenlee, Zach, and Ryan had done to prove David had faked his death, Greenlee was found guilty of David's murder. David entered the courtroom and claimed he wanted Ryan to be punished, not Greenlee. Kendall shot David, and he went into a coma. Greenlee was still legally married to David, but she agreed to marry Ryan. When David recovered, he and Greenlee divorced so she was free to marry Ryan.

Although Greenlee was engaged to Ryan, she was concerned about the presence of Ryan's recent ex-girlfriend, Madison, in his life. Ryan and Madison had parted ways as friends, but Madison was still in love with Ryan. Greenlee made a deal with Scott Chandler. When Scott was released from prison, Greenlee secured a job for him at the hospital. In return, Scott pursued Madison romantically. The plan worked until Greenlee learned Madison was pregnant with Ryan's child. Madison claimed she did not want Ryan in the child's life, so Greenlee offered to help Madison create a new life outside of Pine Valley. Madison refused the offer. Greenlee kept the news of Madison's pregnancy from Ryan.

On February 14, 2011, Greenlee married Ryan. Greenlee was conflicted about the secret she was keeping from Ryan, so she blurted out that Madison was pregnant. When Scott claimed he was the baby's father, neither Madison nor Greenlee corrected him. During Ryan and Greenlee's reception, Emma's mother, Annie, kidnapped the child. Emma turned to Madison instead of Greenlee when she was rescued. When Ryan learned Madison was having his baby, he made plans with Madison to be part of the child's life. Greenlee believed Madison intended to use the baby to break apart Greenlee's marriage.

When Ryan broke the news to Greenlee that he was the father of Madison's baby, Greenlee allowed Ryan to assume this was new information to her. Greenlee convinced Madison not to reveal to Ryan she had known the baby's real paternity. In exchange for Madison's silence, Greenlee agreed to allow Madison to head up a new organic line of products for expectant mothers at Fusion.

Madison continued to be a presence in Greenlee's marriage not only due to the pregnancy, but also because of Emma. Despite numerous attempts to bond with her step-daughter, Emma kept pushing Greenlee away and instead leaned on Madison. Emma accused Greenlee of keeping her away from her real mother and suggested that her father should divorce Greenlee and marry Madison. Greenlee worried she and Emma were headed toward a relationship filled with animosity like the one she shared with Erica.

Greenlee and Ryan faced another obstacle when they learned their marriage was not legal. Ricky Torres, the man that had married them, was not the reverend he claimed to be. Greenlee and Ryan agreed they were married in their hearts and would make the marriage legal as soon as possible. The plans for the wedding were set aside when Ryan accidently learned from someone at the hospital that Greenlee had known about Madison's pregnancy prior to Christmas.

When Ryan confronted Greenlee she confessed she had known Ryan was the father of Madison's child all along but had been waiting for the right time to tell him. She also admitted she had tried to bribe Madison to leave Pine Valley and had arranged for Scott to have a position at the hospital in exchange for his involvement with Madison. Ryan was shocked by what Greenlee had done. David picked up on the troubles in Greenlee's marriage and reminded her that his love came with acceptance. She refused David's advances and he retaliated by telling Madison about the arrangement Scott and Greenlee had made.

Madison was heart-broken when she learned why Scott pretended to be interested in her. Greenlee and Madison encountered one another at the park and Madison unleashed her fury on Greenlee and the two women argued. Shortly after, Madison was involved in a car accident which forced her to deliver her baby several weeks early. The baby died shortly after birth and Ryan pushed Greenlee away while he grieved his child with Madison. David witnessed Ryan and Madison bonding over the loss of their child and again offered to be there for Greenlee. She insisted her relationship with Ryan was fine.

The loss of the baby reminded Ryan how close he had been to losing Greenlee after her car accident and he surprised her with a wedding in their home officiated by Tad Martin. Emma warmed up to Greenlee and she helped Ryan plan the impromptu ceremony. As newlyweds once again, they teamed up to figure out what David was up to. He had somehow convinced Erica to reinstate him as chief of staff at the hospital and Greenlee caught Erica in David's bed. Greenlee worried her father would be crushed by Erica's actions. Erica's strange behavior was explained when everyone learned she had been kidnapped and a doppelganger took her place. Greenlee was relieved Erica had not broken her father's heart once again.

The investigation of David's relationship with Erica led Ryan and Greenlee to discover David's mysterious Orpheus Project. Ryan suspected David's secret project involved the use of illegal medical procedures. Greenlee privately confronted David about how he had brought her back from the brink of death after her car accident but he refused to reveal details on the procedures she underwent. He believed she was only gathering information for Ryan to use as ammunition against him. Greenlee admitted she was having unusual symptoms and David became concerned. He confessed her symptoms could be related to her prior medical procedures and he agreed to treat her in secret. Greenlee was hesitant to place her trust in David and did not want to go anywhere with him. She changed her mind and went with David to his secret medical facility after he hinted to Greenlee that Leo may still be alive.

David drugged Greenlee so she would not know where he had taken her. Under the influence of the drug she had been injected with Greenlee had a vision of Leo. When she regained consciousness she discovered Zach, not Leo, was in the room with her and he was alive. They were locked in the room together and Zach was disoriented. Greenlee calmed him by allowing him to believe she was Kendall until help arrived. Ryan had been frantic when Greenlee disappeared but he forgave her when she explained her disappearance with David had led them to Zach. She was grateful Zach could be reunited with Kendall and his children.

Ryan's first reaction to the news that David had saved Zach was to investigate how David had been in position to rescue Zach from the plane crash. Greenlee urged her husband to let his vendetta against David go and to be thankful Zach had survived regardless of David's involvement. Greenlee visited Zach while he recovered in the hospital and she ran into David. She questioned David about why he had allowed her to believe that Leo was alive and what he had given her to conjure a vision of Leo. David smirked that her subconscious knew Ryan was not the man for her and he only helped point that out. Greenlee dismissed David's comment and he hinted that perhaps Ryan's true love Gillian was another person he had saved.

Greenlee shared her worries about Gillian being alive with Kendall. She confessed she and Ryan had already faced so many obstacles in their relationship that there was no way they could survive Gillian's return. Kendall reminded Greenlee that David's goal was to plant doubt about her relationship with Ryan and she reassured Greenlee that she and Ryan were meant to be. Their conversation prompted Greenlee to discuss Leo and Gillian with Ryan. They discussed their past loves with one another but declared the present and future to be about their relationship.

Greenlee was frustrated with Ryan's constant pursuit of David but she agreed to help Ryan, Zach, and Griffin obtain a confession from David. Zach pretended to lend his full support to David and he pretended to murder Griffin because he was an obstacle in the path of Project Orpheus. Ryan and Greenlee followed Zach and David to a location where Griffin's presumed dead body was. David, Ryan, and Zach argued and Zach shot Ryan. Greenlee tried to call for help for her injured husband until Zach destroyed her phone. David told Zach he had gone too far and stated he should have allowed Zach to die instead of saving him. He admitted he was a silent partner and had known about the plot to kill Zach and had intervened for his own reasons. After the confession, everyone acknowledged they had set David up and the police escorted him away.

Once David was arrested, Greenlee visited Kendall in the middle of the night and she shared her new concept for Fusion. She was disappointed when Kendall stated that she planned to take some time off to focus on her family. Greenlee admitted that seeing Ryan get shot by Zach, even though it was never real, had reminded her she could lose Ryan at any time. Kendall reassured her that Ryan was not going anywhere for a very long time and Greenlee thanked her best friend for being there for her. Kendall returned the sentiments and the women acknowledged the love and friendship they shared.

Greenlee and Ryan attended a barbeque Kendall and Zach hosted. Ryan and Greenlee surprised Zach and Kendall by arranging for them to have a romantic weekend in New York. After they left, Ryan and Greenlee went to the park and they discussed how truly happy and in love they were. Later, Ryan and Greenlee attended a party at the Chandler mansion to welcome home Stuart Chandler after he was revealed to be alive as part of David's Project Orpheus. They were present at the party when a shot rang out.

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