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Monday, April 16, 2007

Bianca and Zoe decided that they did not want their relationship to end. However, they did not know how they were going to have a relationship together. Zoe explained that although Bianca was the inspiration in her life, she still had other priorities besides their relationship. Bianca understood because of her main priority as a mother to Miranda. Still, Bianca was very sad that Zoe was going to London. Then, Zoe asked Bianca for a gift. Zoe took out her hormones and handed them to Bianca. Zoe explained that she could not take her first dosage alone and wanted Bianca to share the moment with her. So, Bianca poured Zoe a glass of water. Bianca also crossed out the name Freddy on the pill bottles and replaced it with Zoe. Zoe smiled and swallowed the hormones. Zoe said she was scared and excited at the same time. Then, they cuddled on the couch and watched a movie together.

Lily asked Ava who she was. Ava explained that they were half-sisters. Lily believed that she found Ava, so Ava explained that Aidan really found her first. Lily wondered why he lied to her. Ava believed it was because of her shady lifestyle. However, Lily did not care about Ava's indiscretions. Lily explained that she also ran away from home and understood what it was like to beg for money. Then, Lily asked how Ava got her bruises. Ava said a creep did it. Lily asked if he wanted to have sex against Ava's will. Ava was surprised by Lily's candor and assumption. Then, Lily explained that she encountered a creep also. Lily believed that she could have averted the situation with T if she was better at reading faces. So, Lily proposed that she teach Ava math and Ava teach her how to tell if a man wants to have sex. Lily also asked if Ava wanted to have a real relationship as sisters. Ava said she did. So, instead of shaking hands, they banged spoons together and laughed.

Zach was appalled that his father might get away with murder. Kendall asked how this was possible. Zach explained that Alexander was going to plead mental insanity. Zach declared that he had to stop his father and went to leave. Kendall wanted to join him, but Zach refused. Zach did not want Kendall near Alexander because of his obsession with Kendall and Spike. Then, Zach left and Kendall called Ryan. Ryan and Annie came over immediately. Kendall explained the situation and begged Ryan to make sure Zach did not do something stupid at the courthouse. Ryan agreed and left.

Adam was happy to find Colby in her bedroom. However, Colby was not happy to see Adam. Colby chastised her father for leaving Krystal. Adam stated that he gave Krystal a phone to call for help. Colby was disappointed that Adam took his anger out on an innocent baby. Then, Colby announced that she was moving in with Krystal and the baby, Jenny Colby Carey. Adam believed that Krystal was trying to take away Colby as a revenge scheme. Colby disagreed and said that she and Krystal bonded over the baby. Colby wanted Adam to forgive Krystal so they could be family, but Adam refused. Adam further stated that if Colby left, she would no longer be his daughter. Colby was disgusted by Adam's actions and left. Adam called out that he needed Colby, but she did not come back.

Krystal was in her hospital room as she held her baby. Tad entered and announced that he created a trust for child support and reserved Krystal a room at the Pine Valley Inn. Then, Tad suggested that Krystal and Jenny move in with him after his house was rebuilt. Krystal was annoyed by Tad's plans and told him that he was not in charge of her life. Meanwhile, Babe and JR were also at the hospital. Babe thanked JR for his help, but reminded him that they were no longer on the same team. Babe also inquired about the delay in their divorce due to JR's attorney misplacing their tax returns. JR promised to look into it. Then, JR saw Jamie and asked if he stopped his vendetta against Adam. Jamie stated that if Adam was done then he was too. Meanwhile, Babe entered Krystal's room and overheard Tad asking about Krystal's plans. Babe assured him that she would provide for Krystal and Jenny. Then, Tad got a phone call and rushed off as Babe and Krystal fussed over Jenny. Babe stated that it was her turn to take care of Krystal. Then, the nurse took Jenny and Babe turned on the TV. A news report gave information on Alexander's trial, so Babe left for the courthouse. Then, Krystal looked up and saw Adam standing in front of her!

Jack was at the courthouse. Jack replaced the district attorney since he led the special task force that helped catch Alexander. Then, Di, Del, Aidan, and Jonathan arrived. They were irate that Alexander might evade prison. Jack explained that Alexander got three psychiatrists to testify that he was not mentally stable to stand trial. However, Jack felt that he had a good chance of disproving this during the upcoming hearing. Jack was especially pleased that a fair judge was presiding over the case. Nevertheless, Jonathan wanted Alexander to pay. So, when Ryan arrived, he tried to calm his brother down. Then, Jack asked Ryan to research the doctors testifying for Alexander. Meanwhile, Zach arrived and saw Tad. Zach believed that Tad was wrong by stopping him from killing his father. Tad, however, felt that Zach made the right decision. Then, Kendall entered and Zach told her to leave. Kendall refused because she wanted to prove to Alexander that their relationship was stronger than ever. Then, Kendall put Zach's hand on her stomach and he smiled. As they entered the courtroom together, Kendall saw Hannah. Kendall stated her desire to be the first witness to testify against Alexander. However, Hannah warned Kendall not to antagonize him because they did not know who his next target was yet. Meanwhile, Zach discussed the case with Jack. Jack explained that Zach might have to bust his father's act on the stand. Then, Alexander was wheeled into the courtroom as he sang like a child. Everyone in the courtroom fiercely stared him down!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Julia, Amanda and Kathy went through Kathy's boxes, unaware that Kathy's adoption papers were amongst her things. Julia told Amanda that everyone at Wildwind supported her, and Amanda hoped they would find her mother before something awful happened.

Adam showed no sympathy for Krystal, and demanded she stay away from Colby. Krystal was surprised by the news that Colby planned to live with her, but claimed Colby was free to do what she wanted. Adam told her she and Jenny would be sorry if she didn't stay away from Colby, and Krystal retorted she would kill him if he ever touched Jenny.

Colby and Sean looked at Jenny in the nursery. Colby filled him in about Adam, and Sean comforted her. As they hugged, Adam spied them, and told Colby to stay away from both Sean and Krystal. Alone, Adam looked in on Jenny. Joe arrived and chased him off, warning him not to hurt his family.

At the hospital, Julia caught Josh stealing drugs. Josh told her she should turn a blind eye if she wanted to make sure Alexander paid for his crimes. Joe walked in and insisted he wouldn't let Josh commit a crime.

Alexander's hearing began, and he spewed out nonsense rhymes while everyone looked on in disgust. As Jack insisted to the judge that Alexander was faking, Del jumped up to attack Alexander, but the guards subdued him. Jonathan told Ryan that he would have been faster than Del ó he could have gotten to Alexander. JR thanked Del for speaking up. Jack questioned one of the doctors, who said there was no medical cause for Alexander's mental problems. Kendall got woozy and left the room. Hannah came out and told her that after today Alexander would never hurt anyone again. Jack questioned Alexander, while everyone in the courtroom reflected on the murders. Jack called Zach to the stand, who announced that he was Raymond Jenkins' son, not Alexander's, hoping Alexander would react and blow his cover. Alexander didn't crack. The judge said he believed Alexander was faking, but since he had no proof, he would have to remand him to a sanitarium. Outside of the courtroom, Zach admitted he lied on the stand ó Alexander was his father.

Colby went to see Krystal, who asked about her wanting to live with her and Jenny. Colby thought Krystal didn't want her, but Krystal insisted she was welcome and told her, "I would be so honored if you would become part of my family."

Adam paid a visit to Amanda, and she accused him of trying to kill her and Jamie. Adam threatened Janet's life, and told her that if she wanted to keep Janet safe, she had to give him something he could use against Jamie or Tad. She gave him a box of Kathy's things that Julia and Jamie said was important.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Adam was searching the box that Amanda gave him for damaging information on Jamie. Then, JR entered the office and saw Adam. Adam was glad to see JR and announced that he wanted to work things out between them. JR looked skeptical and asked how this was possible. Adam said that he understood JR better than anybody else. Adam further explained that JR was alone because he lost his wife, his mother, and his son. JR said he was sharing custody of Little Adam. Still, Adam thought this was a harsh blow for JR. So, Adam suggested they avoid their loneliness by mending their relationship. JR wondered how Adam wanted to do this. Adam said JR should give him back Chandler Enterprises. JR, however, knew Adam wanted more. So, Adam asked if JR would speak to Colby and get her to come home. JR asked Adam what he would do in return. Adam said he would try to get over his anger and forgive JR. Then, they could become father and son again. JR was not interested and told his father to drop the act. Then, JR asked if Adam cared more about his company or Colby. Adam said that Colby was his first priority and that JR was no longer a priority at all. So, JR stormed out of the room. Then, Adam threw papers from the box all over the room. Cathy's adoption papers fell to the ground, but Adam did not notice them because Amanda entered. Adam was enraged with Amanda because she had not kept her end of the bargain. Adam demanded that Amanda start producing or he would do a lot worse than run her off the road!

Tad entered Krystal's hospital room and immediately picked up Jenny. Tad held his baby and seemed upset. Then, Tad told Krystal about Alexander's hearing. Krystal was outraged. Then, they apologized to each other for fighting and promised to focus on Jenny. Krystal also admitted that Tad was right about Adam. Krystal said that at first she wanted Adam to be the father of Jenny, but she was now grateful that Tad was the father. Tad held the baby as tears filled his eyes. Then, Tad left and Colby entered. Colby brought food for Krystal and gushed over Jenny. Then, Babe entered. Colby told Babe about her plans to move in with them. Babe looked stunned and confused. Colby proceeded to explain about her fight with Adam. So, Babe said she was excited to live with Colby. Then, Babe and Krystal taught Colby the Carey motto, "We deserve the best and together we can get it!"

Zach visited his father in prison. Zach congratulated his father on fooling the doctors and the judge. However, Zach explained that his father made a mistake by pleading insanity. Zach stated that Alexander's new prison would be his fake insanity. Zach said that Alexander could never get out of his wheelchair or read a magazine because then he would have to stand trial. Then, Zach laughed and said that the great Alexander Cambias would be remembered for having the brain power of a potted plant. Zach also said that Alexander may have done all of this for the bastard child of Amelia's lover. Then, before Zach left, he placed his old teddy bear next to the prison cell. As the bear played the song "Let's Go to Red Rock", Zach walked away. Then, Alexander gripped his wheelchair tightly, but did not say a word.

Kendall, Babe, Annie, and Ryan were at Fusion. They angrily discussed the outcome of the hearing. None of them could believe that Alexander evaded prison. Then, Kendall looked ill and ran to the bathroom. Annie followed Kendall as Babe and Ryan began to talk. Babe congratulated Ryan on his engagement and also reminisced about Erin. Ryan believed that Babe felt guilty that she survived and Erin did not. Babe said this was true. Babe felt that Erin did not deserve to die because she was such a good person. Then, Babe called herself a trouble maker and a bad person. Ryan consoled Babe and said that she was a good person and deserved to live. Babe thanked Ryan and left. Meanwhile, Annie helped Kendall with her nausea. Kendall told Annie to leave, but Annie refused. Then, they sat on the bathroom floor together and talked. Annie said that she understood how Kendall felt. Annie explained that T tricked everyone and escaped justice. Annie also admitted that when she was in hiding, she prayed every night that T would die. And, now she was grateful that he was dead. Kendall wondered if she should pray for the same thing. Then, Zach came into the bathroom to check on Kendall. Annie left and Kendall assured Zach that she was fine. Then, Kendall asked Zach why he looked so good. Zach said he went for a walk, so he would not fall apart in front of her. Kendall said he could fall apart with her because she was his wife. Zach knew this and said he did not fall apart because of her, Spike, Myrtle, and their unborn child. Then, Zach admitted that he saw his father. Kendall was concerned, but Zach said it was beneficial. Zach stated that his father finally had no power over him. Then, they went back to the office with Ryan and Annie. Kendall told Annie that she wanted her to lead a national campaign for Fusion. Annie was flattered and invited Kendall and Zach to dinner. Kendall needed to go home to Spike, but insisted on a rain check. Zach and Ryan were shocked by their friendliness. Then, Kendall and Zach left and Ryan seemed worried. Ryan expressed his concern over Jonathan's anger. Ryan hoped that Jonathan would not do anything irrational.

Hannah was visibly upset when she entered her office. So, Josh suggested that they blow off work and play basketball to relieve stress. Hannah asserted that she had no time for games or the people that played them. Then, Josh tried to comfort Hannah by saying that he understood. Hannah then snapped at Josh and said he had no idea about how she felt. Then, Hannah left and went to ConFusion. She ordered a double scotch and remembered all of the terrible things Alexander did to her. Meanwhile, Tad and Derek were also at ConFusion having a drink. They were both upset about the hearing, but wanted to move on. So, they toasted Tad's new baby, Jenny.

Del was outside dressed in all black as he loaded a rifle with bullets!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hannah drowns her sorrows in alcohol while Ryan, Annie and Di celebrate Ryan and Annie's engagement at ConFusion. Del comes over, upset that his friends are so happy considering Alexander's latest stunt. Di tells Del not to let Alexander ruin their evening, but he just rolls his eyes. After Derek and Tad toast over Jenny, Derek walks over to the other clan and cautions them not to try to handle Alexander on their own. Jonathan tells Derek that his comments are directed toward only him. Jonathan assures Ryan and the rest of the gang that he is not going after Alexander.

Erica stops by Jackson's house to tell him and Aidan she saw Ava at the hotel instead of Lily. When they walk in the house, Lily introduces them to her sister, Ava. Lily tells everyone how she found Ava, but Ava thinks it is best to leave when Jackson and Erica question her motives. Lily tells her family that she wants to get to know Ava and if Ava leaves, she will too. When Lily goes off to make Ava a sandwich, Jackson, Erica and Aidan begin questioning Ava. Ava apologizes to Erica for lying, but says she was star struck when she met her. Jackson tells Ava that Lily is very impressionable and they are afraid she would hurt her. Ava tells Aidan that the only person who has been nice to her in town is Di. She realizes that Aidan gave the impression she is a hooker, but explains she steals wallets from men and does not have sex with them. Jackson tells Ava that Lily already admires her, but Ava said her life is nothing to be envied. When Sean comes in, Erica and Jackson introduce him to Ava. Jackson tells Ava that she can stay there, but if any problems arise, she is out the door. Lily comes back with the sandwich for Ava. Jackson tells Lily that he is letting Ava stay with them temporarily. Outside, Ava tells Aidan that she has no intentions reimbursing Jonathan since he treated her like dirt. Aidan reminds Ava that no one owes her anything. Erica tells Jackson that Lily and Ava look identical. Jackson says Ava is nothing like "their daughter." Erica tells Jackson that Bianca and Kendall had a rough start, but eventually became friends.

Jeff tells Julia that the board is no closer to making a decision. When JR overhears Julia complaining, JR explains that the hospital needs new equipment. Julia says that the nurses need more pay or they walk. Jamie walks up and tells JR that as long as he stays with Adam, he will always consider him an enemy. Julia gets upset when Jeff says the hospital has called in temporary staff to be cautious. Tad tells Jamie that he should not act so righteous, considering Tad slept with Krystal. Jeff announces to all the nurses that the hospital is not going to increase their pay so the nurses go on strike.

Babe and Colby leave Krystal to go get her some ice cream. Josh comes by to check on Krystal, who tells him that she is heartbroken over losing Adam. Babe overhears Josh telling Krystal that he has learned to let go of Babe and start a new life. Krystal finds Josh's speech hard to swallow, but says she understands why he wanted her to tell Adam the truth about Jenny's paternity. When Josh walks out, Babe thanks him for his kind words. Josh tells Babe she is still the most beautiful woman he ever met and leaves. JR comes to see Krystal, who is eating a big bowl of ice cream with Babe and Colby. JR tells them that he has leased out Ryan's old penthouse for Krystal and the girls. JR and Babe finalize the visitation arrangements for Little Adam. Babe goes back with the girls feeling at peace with JR.

Adam continues to deny any involvement in Jamie's car accident to Amanda. He tells Amanda that they should be thankful to be alive, considering so many terrible things can happen to people at any given moment. Adam tells Amanda that the box he gave her was worthless. She tells him that she thought the box held important information. Amanda begs Adam to tell her how Janet is, but Adam refuses to divulge any information until he gets the dirt on Tad or Jamie. Adam throws the box in the corner and tells Amanda to leave. Stuart checks on Adam and is surprised to learn Colby has moved out. Stuart hands Adam a note from the messenger. The note is from Tad who wants Adam to take a paternity test to prove Jenny is not his. Adam thinks if he takes the test it will only embarrass him. Stuart tells Adam that if he goes to the hospital he will tell Jenny she loves her, even if he is too stubborn to admit it. Adam says he will get Jenny out of his life one way or another.

Jamie finds Derek at ConFusion. He tells him about Adam running him off the road, but Derek says he can't go after Adam without any evidence. Amanda stops by and begs Jamie to leave Adam alone so they can search for Janet. Julia tries to forget her sorrows by partying with Jamie at ConFusion.

Tad goes to the hospital and visits Jenny. He tells her about his sister and promises to always protect her. Tad is excited when he gets to feed Jenny her first bottle. He rushes over to Krystal and tells her about the experience.

A woman sits in front of her computer looking at a picture of Ryan and articles about Alexander. Beside her computer is a green butterfly pin.

Adam goes to see Jenny and pretends to be Stuart.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Emma makes her debut in her flower girl dress, much to the delight of her parents. Annie then asks Ryan if he would like to go over some wedding details with her, and although he seems less than enthused, she ropes him in anyway. She heads out of the room to gather some things, and Emma announces that she has a surprise. She pulls an Annie Original Book out of its hiding place and presents it to her father: the latest story in the saga of Queen Annabelle finding her true love. Annie returns just then, sends their daughter off for a snack, and reveals that the book was supposed to be his wedding present. Only mildly disappointed, Annie beams when her betrothed tells her that the best part of the story is yet to come. He reveals that he talked to the doctor and the odds of having biological kids are in his favor if he has the surgery to reverse his vasectomy. Pausing but a moment, Annie covers his face with kisses, letting him know that she approves of his plan. She then tells him that if his only reason for having kids is to make her happy, he doesn't need to, as she is happy with their life the way it is. Ryan explains to her when he had the first surgery, he was in such a different place than he is now Ė one where he couldn't get over his past to see that he could be a good father. Now, knowing differently, he is ready to fill their home with joy and love. She agrees happily, and then adds that she would like Ryan to formally adopt Emma. She tells him that she wants to be safe in the knowledge that if anything ever happened to her, Emma would be automatically in his care. Ryan agrees wholeheartedly, telling her that her offer is the best wedding gift he could have asked ever gotten. Their daughter then rejoins them, and they play a game that quickly dissolves into a heap of tickling and fun on the floor.

Erica listens to some music with her publisher, and they both agree that having ZoŽ on her show would be a brilliant move. Before Erica can verbally confirm that she could convince the rock star to make an appearance on New Beginnings, there is a knock at her office door. On the other side is the singer herself, and Erica asks to be left alone with her. Once the publicist shuts the door behind him, ZoŽ interrupts what Erica had planned to say, assuming that she had concerns about Bianca. She plows through and says that while she and Bianca don't want to lose each other, ZoŽ still admits to having to find herself, and not wanting to hurt Bianca in the process. Erica is grateful for how delicately she handles Bianca and notes that her youngest is very lucky to her ZoŽ in her life. She deftly switches into businesswoman mode, and tells ZoŽ that she just heard the demo for her new song and would be thrilled, nay honored, to have her perform it on the show. Unable to say no to Erica, ZoŽ agrees to the performance. Erica praises her courageousness and promises that the singer will have nothing to fear.

Zach and Kendall arrive at the Fusion offices and after greeting Bianca, Kendall desperately attempts a last-ditch effort at trying to get Zach to send her sister back to Paris. Zach refuses and Kendall finally agrees to let go and stop acting like her mother. She goes off to fetch herself from coffee, and Bianca comes over just then and asks Zach to have Cambias send her back to the Paris office. Amused at the sisters' parallel thoughts, Zach tells a startled Bianca that he will get the paperwork started. He teases her a bit about the distance between her and ZoŽ until she reluctantly admits that ZoŽ will be in London recording her new CD. She then confesses that she is worried about Kendall's reaction but Zach promises that he will let her sister down easy. A short time later, Kendall returns to the main part of the office to find Zach trying to convince Bianca that she needs to go to the Paris office for the good of the company and, in compliance with their ruse, Bianca protests, wondering what effect it would have on her family here. Zach drags Kendall into the conversation and makes her be the voice of wisdom to her sister. Bianca finally caves and asks them to wish her luck in breaking the news to Erica. Kendall offers to accompany her, but Bianca says she will call if she needs backup. She makes her way out of the office, leaving Kendall behind to celebrate the sheer brilliance of her husband. She asks what changed his mind, and he tells her that he thought about what she said and decided that Bianca's happiness would be worth convincing the young mother to go. Kendall swears that she is on to his tricks, and tries to make him admit that he asked Bianca to go because of his unending love for her. Zach doesn't get to respond, as Derek shows up at that moment with news about his father. Kendall takes the opportunity to excuse herself, saying that she planned to catch up with her sister. After she leaves, Zach tells Derek that he doesn't care where Alex ends up as long as he can't hurt anyone. Derek admits that he wish he could think like Zach but the memories of his crimes flood back at the mention of his name. Zach tells the police chief that he refuses to waste his time and energy on the man that once was his father.

Erica makes a phone call and tells ZoŽ that they were able to reschedule today's guest and asks if ZoŽ would be able to perform today. Just as spontaneously, ZoŽ agrees, seconds before Bianca barges into the office. Erica tells her that with ZoŽ going to London, it would be hard to say goodbye, but that a performance on the show would be a lovely sendoff. Bianca then informs both of them that not everyone would be saying goodbye. Erica is immediately in a tizzy, realizing the implications of once again having her daughter overseas. Bianca tells her it's a done deal...unless ZoŽ thinks it's a bad idea. Quickly, ZoŽ jumps on the bandwagon and the two giddily chat about all of the things they can do together on the other side of the pond. Upset and stunned, Erica remains silent even after Kendall arrives and sees her sister caressing ZoŽ's face.

In the nursery, two provisional nurses note flippantly that the Carey baby is missing and chalk it up to her being with the family. Mere feet away, Babe makes her way through the throng of disorderly temp staff so that she can get to her mother's room. Bearing the cutest baby outfit the hospital had seen in years, she readies herself to help her mother and baby sister check out. Colby and Tad soon join them and, after a moment, Krystal thanks them all for helping her be in a good place with her newest addition, despite all the bad that came before. A few minutes later, JR shows up with the keys to the condo and informs them that he had the kitchen fully stocked so they have nothing to worry about. Thankful, they all continue to pack and Krystal sends Colby off to school, despite her protests. After the teen leaves, JR commends her on calling Colby on her stunts, saying that living with the Careys will probably be the best thing that has ever happened to her. Then, Opal shows up and asks to see her new granddaughter. JR offers to go find out what the hold up is. While he's gone, Opal tells Krystal that although they have a rough history, the appearance of baby Jenny in the world is a key to a new beginning for them Ė to a place where they can be a bit more like a family. She hands the new momma a box, and when it is opened, it reveals a rattle that Opal gave her own Jenny once upon a time. Immediately teary, Krystal wraps Tad's mother in a brief hug of thanks. Tad notes that he is going to find his own Jenny before overdosing on sweetness.

In the hall, JR runs into Joe and Jeff Martin, and they bang heads over the fact that the board was to cheap to accommodate the demands of the nursing staff. JR says that they didn't want this chaos, and that perhaps the problem lies with management. Jeff urges the young man to have the board talk to the union before the accident waiting to happen becomes reality. Tad joins them in the hall just then, and breaks up the argument Ė telling his son that the decision had been made and the damage had been done. JR agrees to let things lie for now and accompanies Tad to find his baby sister, leaving Joe more than dissatisfied with the exchange. They continue the disagreement on the way to the nursery but Tad tells JR in the end that nothing matters except his daughter. He turns to the window and sees the empty bassinette, causing both look around frantically to try to locate her.

Back in the hospital room, Joe visits with the Carey women and Opal, telling the last of the three that he thought he saw a dimple on baby Jenny that is much like the one her namesake had. An urgent page interrupts them and Joe excuses himself. He sees Tad and JR in the hall and tries to avoid them because of the page. They stop him, admit they were the ones that sent it, and inform him that Jenny had disappeared. Joe glares at JR and says that if she was taken to the wrong floor, it's probably because of the temporary staff they had to put in place. The three then rush off to track the newborn down.

Krystal shows off pictures of baby Jenny to Opal and assures her the boys should be back with her any minute. After cooing over the precious bundle and insisting that she has the same cheeks Tad had when he was little, she regrettably notes that she has to leave. Before hugging her goodbye, she asks Krystal to give her a call when Jenny shows up so that she can pop back in. Krystal agrees and sends her on her way. The two Carey women then marvel at the miracles that Jenny is already setting in motion.

Stuart cautiously exits the elevator and is still unable to avoid a run in with one of the new staff members. Marian finds him as he picks up the stack of smocks that fell to the floor, and she immediately notices that there is something off. Stuart tries to blame it on the chaos of strike but Marian calls him on his claim, and he admits that he is worried about his brother. He tells her that he is afraid that with all the anger and betrayal Adam is feeling, he doesn't know what his brother will do next.

In the Chandler mansion, Adam enters the library and looks around the room blankly, deep in thought. He reflects on what his brother told him the previous night, and imagines Krystal showing up, baby in arms, telling him that he will come to care for Jenny. He tells the illusion that he will never accept them into his life, prompting Tad to appear and agree Ė noting that Adam could never get over the fact that his wife fathered a Martin child. Adam makes a sinister promise that the child wouldn't be theirs for long. Soon after, Jamie snaps Adam back into reality by barging into the room and demanding to know where Janet is. Adam feigns innocence, but Jamie doesn't bite. He makes it clear that he knows Adam is responsible for using Janet as bait and running him and Amanda off the road. Adam responds not with a confession but with information Ė saying that he doesn't issue warnings, and that if he wanted to take the two of them out, he would have. Jamie warns him again not to mess with him or his family, and then cuts deep by telling Adam that Jenny looks just like Tad. He leaves, and Adam is once again alone with his thoughts. He mentally recalls telling Krystal that the one thing she could do to save their marriage is to get rid of the baby.

Later, Marian finds her husband in the nursery, flustered, and tells him that she needs his assistance. He refuses, mysteriously saying that he has to do something to protect the baby from Adam before rushing out. In the hall, JR tells his brother about Jenny's disappearance and Joe tries to ascertain by phone the last person was that handled Jenny. He hangs up the phone and tries to make a beeline for the head of security but Tad stops him, insisting that he be told of his daughter's whereabouts. Joe insists that he can provide no more information until he talks to security and tears himself away. Tad's two sons insist that their sister needs to be in the building somewhere, and Tad hangs his head low, disbelieving the turn his life is taking.

Greenlee looks at the latest news from Pine Valley on her computer, and after flashing back to the initial success of Fusion, and her relationship with Ryan when it was good, she sentimentally touches the green butterfly pin he gave her. She then picks up the phone and orders a one-way plane ticket to Pine Valley.

In the hall, Joe meets up with his son and grandchildren again and informs them that Jenny is nowhere to be found in the hospital, but that they are doing everything they can to find her.

Adam calls a Mr. Gates and discusses placing children for adoption, no questions asked, all the while gazing at baby Jenny.

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