One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica planned to tell Antonio the truth about Nash, but she was beaten out when Jamie told her father first. Jamie had witnessed Jessica and Nash kissing. Evangeline was disappointed to hear that Blair had accompanied Todd to Chicago. The victims of the arsonist decided to get together and attempt to lure the criminal into the open. Cole and Starr tried out for the high school musical.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, April 16, 2007

John and Natalie had an awkward run-in at Rodi's. Natalie admitted being jealous of the time John was spending with Marty. John assured her it would take him a long time to get over Nat and start being with someone else. Asa interrupted and misunderstood the proximity of Natalie and John. Natalie said that no one was getting married and explained that the celebration Asa had been invited to was Jamie's adoption party. That, of course, was canceled, but no one remembered to let Asa know. Asa saw Nora and Lindsay chatting and focused his attentions on them. John and Natalie continued their uneasy conversation and agreed it would be hard to see the other out on a date.

A teary Marty told Cole she was afraid he was turning away from her. They talked about missing Patrick and both confessed to being angry at Patrick for leaving them. Cole didn't think Patrick would be too proud of him now. Marty didn't think that was true. Cole said he got a letter of recommendation from Mrs. McBain if he promised to audition for Oklahoma!. Marty thought that was a wonderful idea. However, Cole didn't think too much of singing in the school musical.

Starr tried to explain to Langston that she meant it when she split from Cole. Starr brought her up to speed on the Todd-searching-for-his-son saga and why she didn't want to upset her father by sneaking around behind his back. Langston mentioned that Brittany was going out for the lead in Oklahoma! but didn't add that she'd already signed Starr up on the audition list. It didn't hurt that Cole's name was already on the list.

Soaking wet but happy, Nash and Jessica agreed they would have to tell Antonio the truth about their relationship. Nash suggested they tell him together and tonight. "The sooner we can get on with our lives," he said. Jessica thought she should do it alone, because Antonio would be very angry with Nash, after all. Elsewhere near the quarry, Antonio began hunting for Jessica but failed to find her. Jessica returned to the loft and looked quite guilty when Antonio walked through the door. Nash happily drove Bree off to his place, overjoyed that they'd finally be a family.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today's edition of One Life to Live was pre-empted today for ABC News coverage of the convocation ceremony at Virginia Tech. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this pre-emption and regular programming will resume tomorrow, April 18th.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

John stops by Marty's to retrieve his notebook. Cole is shocked to overhear that Marty and John went out drinking and playing darts. As John is about to leave, Cole invites him to stay to toast Patrick's birthday. While Marty is hanging up his jacket, John asks Cole if there are any other special traditions he should know about. Cole mentions that they usually sing and read poems, and Marty says that it's not so much a poem as a prayer. John recites his father's favorite Irish blessing, which happens to be the one that was Patrick's favorite as well. Marty, John, and Cole toast Patrick. Marty and Cole start to reminisce about the various stories Patrick told them, which prompts John to think about his father. After reminiscing, John thanks Cole and Marty for inviting him to share their traditions with him. As he's preparing to leave, John gets a text message. After John leaves, Cole asks Marty if she was on a date with John. Marty tells Cole that she's not trying to replace Patrick. Cole tells her that he doesn't mind if she goes out on dates, even if it is with John.

Michael is impatiently waiting for Rex to call him with information on Todd and Blair. As he starts to call Rex, Marcie asks him who he's calling. Mike tells her that he's checking on a patient. Once Marcie gets Tommy back to sleep, she asks Michael how his patient is. He clumsily forgets that that is what he told her when she caught him calling someone, and changes the subject to Tommy. He thinks Tommy had a nightmare. Marcie doesn't believe that. Tommy has the perfect life. Michael promises that Tommy won't have another nightmare.

Todd and Blair sneak into the adoption lawyer's office building in Chicago. Rex trails them. As Todd is trying to pick the office door's lock, he hears a strange noise. It's Rex's phone vibrating because Michael is trying to call him. After Todd successfully picks the lock and gets in the office, Rex calls Mike back and tells him that Todd and Blair have gotten into the office and could potentially find information about Tommy's adoption.

As he's talking to Rex, Marcie walks in and asks Mike if anything is wrong. He evades her questions, and Marcie realizes that Michael is lying to her again. Marcie begs Michael for the truth. While he's trying to come up with his version of the truth, John arrives. Mike wants to know why John is there. Marcie explains that she invited him over because she's worried that Michael's in some kind of trouble. Mike is upset by this and walks out. Marcie apologizes to John for getting him involved in this, and then asks him if Mike has confided in him at all. John tells her he doesn't know anything and tries to reassure her to have faith in Mike and that this problem between them will pass. Michael returns. He and Marcie apologize to each other for snapping and walking out and for getting John involved, respectively. After John leaves, they talk things over and comfort each other.

While Todd and Blair are searching the office, Blair worries that Spencer sent them on a wild goose chase. As she's trying to convince Todd to give up if they don't find anything in this office, they hear a noise out in the hall. Todd peeks outside, sees nothing, and then continues searching. He finds a file on adoptions in Llanview. Meanwhile, out in the hall, Rex calls the police to report a robbery. While Todd and Blair are looking through the file, an officer bursts into the office and arrests them, while Rex still sneaks around in the hallway.

Viki, Dorian, and Clint are driving around searching for Jessica. Viki and Dorian bicker about how Dorian could have taken her own car to help the search because they could have covered twice as much ground that way. As they're bickering, Viki has an epiphany as to where Jessica might be. Clint wonders why Viki would think that Jessica is with Nash. She thinks that Jess's behavior at the adoption hearing has something to do with Nash. Dorian asks if there is anything going on between Nash and Jessica. Clint had assumed it was only one-sided, which prompts Viki to ask if Nash had talked to Clint about his feelings for Jessica. Viki then says that she knows Jess is worried about how Tess's feelings are factoring into her life. As Clint heads toward Nash's cottage, Dorian suggests that they call first. Viki tells her that obviously they're not going to barge into Nash's house. Clint agrees and adds that calling them would just give Nash the opportunity to lie about Jessica's whereabouts, or Nash's involvement in her disappearance, as Viki thinks. Viki also says that she didn't think that Jessica was capable of what she did at the hearing unless she was under an enormous amount of pressure.

Nash brings Bree to his cottage, and happily waits for Jessica to arrive, while telling Bree how special things are going to be now that Jessica is moving into the cottage with them. He hears a knock at the door. Expecting that it's Jess, he rushes to open the door, and is surprised to find Viki, Clint, and Dorian waiting for him. Viki and Clint ask Nash if he had anything to do with Jessica's decision at the hearing. He evades the questions, and then wonders if Jessica not adopting Jamie is such a bad thing. As Nash continues to not give them any information about Jessica, Clint grows frustrated and leaves. Before they go, Viki asks Nash to have Jess call them if he does hear from her, and then tells him to let Jessica make up her own mind about her decisions about Antonio and Jamie.

While they're driving back, Dorian wonders if there is anything going on between Jessica and Nash. Viki tells her that if there is, it is certainly none of her business.

Before Jessica has a chance to bare her soul, Antonio tells her that he's the one that's going to start their discussion. He asks her where she was and why she didn't call. She tries to explain things to him, but he rips into her for hurting Jamie by not going through with the adoption. Jess says that she thought she was doing the right thing by not going through with the adoption, which leaves Antonio incredulous. He tells her that the best thing is to keep Jessica as far away from Jamie as possible. Jessica insists that she does love Jamie. Antonio wonders what, or who, kept her from adopting Jamie. Jessica tries to explain what was going through her mind while she was in front of the judge, but Antonio doesn't let her finish. He then asks her if she loves Jamie as much as she loves Bree. She says that that's a horrible question, and she absolutely loves both of them equally. Antonio doesn't understand how Jessica could change her mind in court like that if she loves Jamie as much as she loves Bree. Jess tells him how badly she felt after leaving the courtroom, and explains how everything changed after she left. Antonio berates Jessica because she was screaming in the rain while Jamie was off crying herself to sleep that night. She tells him that she saved Jamie more pain in the long run by not adopting her, which Antonio doesn't believe for a minute. She insists that she would have caused both Jamie and Antonio more pain, and tells him that he has to hear what she's feeling. Before she can tell him anything more, he tells her that he's spending the night at Carlotta's so Jamie doesn't think her other parent abandoned her. Before he leaves, he tells Jessica that they found her car near the quarry, and that they also found her necklace. After he leaves, Nash sends Jessica a text message asking her if she told Antonio the truth.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eavesdropping at the police station in Chicago, Rex tries to hide so that he can learn how much information Blair and Todd have found at the adoption agency. He manages to swipe jackets with a homeless man to pretend that he's been robbed by a junkie, so that he can pretend to be filing a report. The pair have been charged with breaking and entering and the cop in charge is in no mood to dismiss charges with their long rap sheets. He doesn't care to hear Todd's reason and he is annoyed when Blair tries to make a deal. The director of the adoption agency, Dr. Morris, checks to see if there's anything missing. Todd relates his true but unbelievable story, citing the fact that he has names and dates. He's merely looking for his kidnapped son, he explains. The director, finally feeling compassionate, agrees to drop all charges, however he won't pursue any of the information without a court order. Todd is ordered to pay damages and leave the city immediately.

Adriana gets a call from Rex, advising her that he's called the cops on Todd and Blair to prevent them from obtaining any files from the adoption agency. She's having a rough business day and is not happy when she's interrupted by a visit from Tate. He has news though; he's going to appear on "The View" and promises to hype her company. He asks her to come along to New York with him, alluding to the extra publicity she can have. It will help the terrible bids that she's been getting up to now from the manufacturing companies. To his disappointment, she decides to go but calls Layla to make the trip with them. His disappointment quickly turns to glee when Layla declines, unable to leave the meeting she's involved in for the business. When Adriana goes off to take a quick shower before leaving, Rex calls, to update her on the Todd in Chicago situation. He is forced to leave a message but Tate pockets the phone.

Jamie asks to see "Mommy" as she sits in the diner with Carlotta and Antonio, who tries to explain that Jess is not sick and that he lied a little bit. Jess is confused but loves her, he assures his daughter. Does Jessica still want you? she asks her dad. Stunned, he replies that grownup love is complicated but families stick together. He doesn't want her to think she can't go home so he plans on taking her there until he gets called to the station unexpectedly. He's annoyed but asks Carlotta to take her instead. Jamie is afraid that Jess will be there but Antonio is sure she's at work since she didn't answer the phone. He assures her that they will work everything out.

When he's unable to reach Jess on the phone, Nash heads to Antonio's place, leaving Bree with a sitter. He learns that Jess has not said anything to Antonio about the two of them. Jess is still torn and is feeling guilty about breaking Jamie's heart. She tried to tell Antonio but he wouldn't let her talk, she declares. Nash feels that Antonio is trying to make her feel obligated. I AM obligated, she explains. We're married and I've betrayed him. She can't go back and change anything though so there's no sense in dwelling on it. She would certainly change lots of things. Nash persists in knowing what it is she would change. She would change that things weren't so hard, she responds. Antonio will be furious and humiliated, but she can't bear to be without Nash. He leans over to kiss her as Carlotta and Jamie return home. The little girl is witness to their passion.

The jocks in school make fun of Cole's musical theater sign-up and he's rude to Starr when she tries to help out. Britney is by to try to convince Cole how wonderful it'll be to audition, as she orders around her friend Henry (who also decides to try out to be near Britney). Cole tries to tell everyone that he's only auditioning so that Mrs. McBain will give him the recommendation for baseball. Starr learns that Langston has signed her up as well and she's bent on getting out of it. All she thinks about is Cole and how she can't see him. Langston tries to get her to stay, suggesting that she will be happy that she did. There are also a bunch of loitering students who are forced to sign up by Marcie or get detentions. Cole and Starr are both miserable. Marcie throws her weight around to the assembled students who hope she won't be so awful during rehearsals. She won't be if I have anything to say about it, Britney brags. Starr is called up for the first audition and she sings her heart out. The kids are all pretty impressed and Cole walks in to look at her in amazement.

Friday, April 20, 2007

An awe-struck Cole watched Starr audition for the school musical. Starr saw him and stopped singing. Marcie said she'd give Starr another chance to try out, much to Brittany's chagrin. Starr realized that Langston had signed her up because she knew Cole had signed up. Cole explained that he agreed to audition in return for a letter of recommendation from Marcie. Marcie said Cole didn't have to audition. Cole left the room along with the rest of the teenagers. "A one-person show," Brittany sniped at Starr. Marcie asked the teens if they always followed Brittany's lead. Yes, they nodded in unison. "Now I'm the guy that ruined the school play," Cole said. Cole and Starr wondered if being in the same production would be the same as seeing each other. Cole announced to the pack of Brittany-followers that he changed his mind. He'd be auditioning anyway. Marcie wondered how this play would be interpreted by their parents. Starr explained that she didn't know how her parents would take it because they were hunting for Todd Jr. Marcie thought that was wonderful; no child should be taken from his/her parents.

Adriana and Tate started off to New York in a limo for Tate's appearance on THE VIEW. Adriana reviewed some possible questions for Tate. He confessed that he'd never been in love and that he wouldn't discuss his love life on the air. Adriana encouraged Tate to let the real guy out.

Bo told a disappointed Nora that their lead didn't pan out. He reminded Nora that they were dealing with terrorists, but assured her they weren't out of options. Talia asked about bringing Jessica in to help with the investigation. Antonio replied tersely, "I don't even know where Jessica is." Bo asked Vincent, Sean and Sean's grandfather for their help in finding the arsonists. Bo said the mayor asked them to keep the hate crime element out of the press. Bo didn't agree with the mayor's decision and asked them to be part of a press conference. "Are you talking about baiting them with our lives?" Vincent asked. Matthew also asked to be part of the press conference. Nora wasn't too keen on it, but Bo thought it was a good idea and gave a moving speech about fighting the terrorists. At the rally, Cris was surprised to see Nash, who was pleased as punch to tell him he was staying in Llanview.

Jessica and Nash feared Jamie had seen them kissing. Carlotta arrived and things became very uncomfortable. Carlotta said she'd stay and coolly invited Nash to leave. Nash reminded her that this was Jessica's home and threatened to call Antonio. Nash left. Jamie was about to tell Carlotta what she saw, but Jessica interrupted. Jessica asked Carlotta for a few moments alone and begged the little girl for forgiveness. "You mean kissing Nash. Was that the mistake?" Jamie asked an astonished Jessica. Jessica admitted she shouldn't have done that. Antonio came home. "Jessica's sorry about the court and the kissing," she told her astonished Papi.

Evangeline and Layla ran into Cristian at the gym. Vangie was surprised to learn from Cristian that Blair had accompanied Todd to Chicago. Then she hinted to Layla that she might be pregnant.

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