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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on GL
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Coop has figured out that Ashlee shot Alan and confronts her. She accuses him of only being her friend so he could use her and storms off. Ava approaches Coop but he blows her off. In her car, Ashlee listens to a tape of the newscast announcing Josh's guilty verdict. Frank runs into her when she is getting out of her car. He apologizes, saying that he can't get the sound of that gunshot out of his head. It takes her a few minutes, but Ashlee eventually realizes he is talking about his shooting Marina, not Ashlee shooting Alan. She asks him how he can live with the guilt.

Coop arrives at Company, still pursuing Ashlee. Once again Ava shows up, trying to get Coop to let her back into his life. Coop says that that time has probably already passed. He tells her it isn't good that she keeps popping back up in his life. As Coop continues to leave messages for Ashlee on her voicemail, Ashlee arrives at Company. She confesses her crime to Coop. She recollects how hard it was for her mom to raise her on her own. She goes on to say that moving into the Spaulding mansion with a real family seemed like a dream come true. However when she overheard Alan on the phone after the wedding ceremony, she became furious that Alan referred to her and her mother as a joke. She says she knows that her mother is tough and mean, but she's all she's got. Coop corrects her, saying that she has him as well. He convinces her that she should turn herself in. He takes her to Frank. Ashlee approaches the Chief of Police and tells him that there is something she needs to tell him.

Harley has had Gus transferred to Cedars. Daisy questions the move. Harley said she wants Gus closer to home. Just after asking Daisy about what happened the night of the fire, Harley sees a doctor in the hall and leaves to ask her questions. While Harley is out of the room, Daisy thanks Gus for covering for her. She also tells him she is glad her feelings for him are out in the open. She tells an unconscious Gus that he is better off with her than with Harley. Gus mistakes Daisy for someone named Natalia and tells her that it is dangerous for her here. After Harley finds the doctor less than helpful, Cassie approaches Harley. She says she thinks Reva is after Josh. The two trade their suspicions, including Harley's reveal that she saw Reva kissing Josh at the prison. Daisy interrupts the two and assures Cassie that when she last saw Reva, all Reva could talk about was how she was going to see Josh in prison in order to make things better for Cassie. Cassie is happy and relieved. Daisy looks pleased with herself. Harley looks skeptical.

Dylan has arrived at Gus's hospital room and accuses him of still using drugs. Gus tells Dylan that he is just jealous that Daisy is close to Gus. Harley interrupts Dylan as he is yelling at Gus. Dylan tells Harley that Gus is a drug addict. Harley denies that Gus is still using. Dylan says that he has a problem with that. When Dylan leaves, Gus has a respiratory incident that is handled. Daisy returns to the room and Harley assures her that he will be okay. The two hug.

Dylan leaves the hospital and breaks into Gus and Harley's house. He finds Daisy's laptop and watches her video blog describing how she feels that while it may be wrong to want her mother's husband, she feels that Gus needs her.

At the prison, Josh and Reva lie in bed after having had a true "conjugal visit." They are comfortable with one another and agree that it was a good release for Josh. Josh is grateful that they made love because it took him out of the prison for a little while. He begins to get weepy, however, when he realizes that for the next fifteen years he won't see his kids or wake up next to the woman he loves. At the same time, they both realize that he is speaking of Cassie, not Reva. Josh tells Reva that while he knows Reva loves him and that he loves her, Cassie and RJ are his future. As the two dress, he says that what they did was wrong and it could never happen again. Reva is hurt but assures Josh that she will keep everyone posted on how he is doing and she will continue looking after her sister. Reva returns to Billy's hotel room and is visited by Cassie who wants to hear everything Josh had to say. While it seemed that Reva was going to tell Cassie about the actual visit, she instead told her sister that the only time Josh had a smile on his face was when Cassie's name was mentioned. Cassie looks pleased.

After Reva left the prison, a guard allows Josh to use a cell phone to call Cassie. He gets her voicemail and is telling her he was calling to hear her voice. Someone approaches the prison cell and the guard abruptly takes the phone away. As the guard is escorting Josh to solitary, they are confronted by Salerno. Salerno tells Josh that seeing Reva brought back a lot of memories that he can never forget. He threatens Josh, but doesn't say what he is going to do.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mallet finds Dinah's wig and asks how she and Cyrus got away with the money. Dinah admits she helped Cyrus, and Mallet is shocked to hear that she did it for him. He tells Dinah she was never supposed to know about that time in his life and they begin to make love, needing each other. Mallet and Dinah make a pact to find a way to get the money back and keep Cyrus quiet. Matt gets in Doris's face, wanting information about Cyrus, and later goes to Vanessa and asks for another chance. Fearing for her safety, Matt walks away from Vanessa should the loan shark come after them. Ashlee tries to tell Frank that she shot Alan, but he rushes off to the hospital. When Ashlee asks Coop to have a day to just be, Coop prepares a feast for her at Company. Doris overhears Ashlee tell Coop she's strong enough to handle the situation on her own. Doris talks down to Ashlee, calling her helpless as she tries to sway her into keeping quiet. Marina wants to check out of the hospital and get back on Cyrus's tail. When a doting Frank and Buzz leave, Cyrus reveals himself. Marina wonders if Cyrus is in town only because he can't access the money. Cyrus pulls a gun on Marina and demands that she get him into the warehouse so he can get the money.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Inside the Light: First Love

Today is Gus's release day from the hospital. Harley plans a welcome home party for him. She is pleased to learn from Jude that Daisy already set up all of Gus's favorite things and cleaned around the house. She thinks Daisy is finally coming around, thanks to Gus. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daisy visits Gus. He jokes around with her about the cigarettes he found in his jacket before he tells her that they need to talk about how she told him that she loves him.

Daisy tells him that she was just being overly dramatic. Gus clearly states that Harley is his wife and that Daisy is his daughter. She assures from him that he didn't tell Harley about what she said or about the fire. Gus didn't tell her because it was an accident. Daisy leaves after Gus says he needs to get dressed. Outside his door, she leans against the wall with a dreamy smile on her face.

Meanwhile on Main Street, Dylan has a meal with Billy. He expresses his concern for Daisy and shows Billy Daisy's web cam diary. Billy brushes it off as a schoolgirl crush. Dylan is concerned about the "kiss." He sees it as a guy who took his daughter to a motel room, lit some candles and popped some pills. Billy believes Gus is clean and wonders if Dylan is overly concerned because of the family that he is lacking in his life. Dylan only wants what is best for Daisy and he doesn't believe that it's Gus.

Frank and Buzz pick Gus up from the hospital. With a moment alone, Gus expresses his concerns over Dylan's attitude toward him to Frank. Frank believes Dylan's just being protective. Gus says that Dylan is Daisy's father. As far as Frank is concerned, so is Gus. Meanwhile, outside the room, Daisy questions Buzz about nurses who hang out at Company and wonders if any are named Natalia.

When Gus arrives home, Harley readily tells Gus how Daisy called a truce with her and is helping so much around the house. As Harley and Gus sit cozily together on the couch, Daisy lurks nearby, constantly insinuating herself between them. Dylan arrives at the party. Frank doesn't think it's a good time for him to come by. Daisy invites him in. Harley murmurs to him to behave. Dylan wastes no time in letting Gus know that he spoke to Billy and learned that Billy was one of his sponsors.

Harley makes a toast to her husband, which is immediately followed up by Daisy, who toasts to Gus for teaching her so many things, including the meaning of love. Dylan jerks his head up to see her kissing Gus on the cheek. Olivia and Buzz are also at the small party and Olivia toasts to the Coopers for taking her into their family. In the middle of her toast, Dylan rushes Gus. Frank pulls him back before he does anything to Gus. Frank tries to kick Dylan out. Dylan wants to talk outside. Harley hustles him out the door. An angry Dylan tells Harley he had a toxic screen done on Gus and learned that he was high that night at the hotel with Daisy.

Harley doesn't believe a word Dylan says. Dylan wonders if Harley doesn't believe Daisy and Gus are hiding something about that fire. Harley defends Gus and his relationship with Daisy. He wonders what kind of relationship it is when they are checking into hotel rooms and lighting candles. He then hands her a laptop and tells her to watch it. He leaves. Harley sinks down on the bench outside and plays the clips of Daisy's diary.

Later, the party winds down and a subdued Harley bids Olivia and Buzz goodbye. Frank plays with Jude while Harley observes Gus and Daisy's interactions. Daisy fusses over him more and he politely bats her away. Gus goes over to Harley and asks her what happened outside. Harley asks Frank to take Jude and Daisy for ice cream. Once alone Harley explains that Dylan brought up all kinds of questions about the hotel scenario the fire. When Gus defends that the fire wasn't Daisy's fault, Harley breaks her façade and asks him outright if he kissed her. When he denies it, Harley hauls out the video clip.

After he watches it, he tells her it wasn't a kiss. He explains that Daisy was upset about the photo album from Reva. He went to kiss her on the cheek and she moved. He calls it an awkward moment. Harley tells him that he needs to straighten that out because Daisy thinks it's something else. Suddenly Gus realizes that this is the reason Daisy told him that she was in love with him. Harley's expression falls flat and she shakes her head.

He thought that Daisy was just experiencing a harmless crush. He is still trying to learn how to be a father. He says that he clearly drew the lines with Daisy, but he kind of feels sorry for her. He wonders what he did to make her think this. The only thing he can think of is constantly defending and encouraging her. Harley then asks about the fire. He admits he was covering for Daisy about the fire. Candles aren't something he would do. It's a girl thing. Harley then brings up the toxic screen. She asks if he is using again. Gus gets angry that she believes Dylan—who stole his records—that he's using. He swore that he was not using any drugs. Suddenly he starts to remember how well Daisy took his let down. He remembers how they were about to watch a movie. He got very tired. He felt like he couldn't move his body. "She did this," Harley concludes.

Harley asks if his cup was ever out of his sight. He admitted that it was. Harley concludes that Daisy planned to drug him and have her way with him because she was rejected, but the room ended up catching on fire. Harley asks if he now sees that Daisy is out of control.

Meanwhile, Daisy lies to Frank that she forgot a shift at the hospital. She ditches him and Jude on Main Street. She returns home with ice cream for Gus—with sprinkles. He asks if sprinkles are all she put in there. Daisy says she can't afford fudge on her salary. Gus wonders about her job perks, like access to drugs. Daisy looks confused. Harley slinks up behind her and says that Gus told her everything.

Appalled Daisy tries to leave. Harley won't let her go anywhere. Daisy can't believe Gus told her about the conversation at the hotel. Harley asks her if she put something in his cup. While Daisy pretends to be outraged, Gus explains that it was found in his blood tests and now Dylan thinks he's a druggie. "Well, maybe he should if you started that up again!" Daisy yells. Gus says that Daisy knows that he's not using. Daisy tries to tell Harley that he's just making it up. He's in love with her, too. He kissed her. Harley shakes her head. She knows all about it and that's not what really happened. She orders Daisy to her room till they figure out what to do next. Daisy calls Harley a B* and advises Harley to just lock her up since she sucks at being a mother. She leaves, slamming the door.

Frantic Harley wants to hop on the phone with Frank to track Daisy down. She also is now certain the child is going to boot camp. Gus sees that Daisy is just outside and asks Harley for two minutes to talk to her. Against her better judgment, Harley lets him go out there.

Gus goes outside and explains to Daisy that he wasn't trying to rat her out. She thought he promised not to tell Harley. Gus says he promised that before he got drugged. He tells Daisy that he can't be her hero any more. He also has to learn not to try to be everything to everybody. Harley was happy today. He explains that Daisy actually made her happy. Daisy retorts that Harley is happy when she gets her way. Love isn't about getting your way, Gus explains. It's about giving. Daisy wonders if that's how he felt about Natalia.

The name doesn't register with Gus, but Daisy claims he was calling for Natalia—not Harley—while he was coming out of his coma. He reminds her that it was a coma due to her drugging him. He does remember a Natalia from high school. Presently the only person he has a thing for is Daisy's mother. He encourages her to go inside and talk to Harley. Daisy barges straight through the house, ignoring Harley's attempts to talk.

While Gus and Harley hold each other, talking downstairs, Daisy finds Gus's yearbook. She looks up Natalia and finds her last name, Rivera. She calls information, gets her number and calls her. As the woman on the phone tries to figure out who is calling her, Daisy asks if she knows Gus Aitoro. Natalia does not. Before she hangs up, Daisy asks if he knows Nick August. Natalia remembers Nick. He was the love of her life.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ashlee confesses to shooting Alan. She called Jeffrey to represent her. The Coopers are paying for Jeffrey. He helped add more details to her confession to explain how Alan threatened Doris. Doris tried to stop her from signing the confession, but Ashlee proceeded. Ashlee makes a list of things that need to be taken care of while she's involved in these proceedings. Coop promises to take care of everything for her. Ashlee asks Coop to send her his re-writes of his chapters – he tells her no. He'll bring them to her when he visits her. Doris tells her they're ready to process her – leads her away, right to a reporter where Doris tells him she's suffering from bi-polar disease. Coop overhears, asks Ashlee if she's ok with what Doris is doing, she tells him no, she's not. Coop then talks to the reporter and gives a statement directly contradicting everything Doris told the reporter. Ashlee tearfully says goodbye to Coop.

Cassie meets up with Beth on Main Street and asks her if she's sure Alan is the father and not Rick. Beth thinks Cassie is obsessed and stalking her and Alan. Later Beth goes to Company and in walks Cassie again. Beth warns her she and Alan will do whatever it takes to protect their baby. Beth figures out it was Cassie who caused Rick to ask for a paternity test. Lizzie walks in at the end of the confrontation and vows to protect Beth's baby the way she couldn't protect Sara.

Beth talks with Lizzie about the possibility of Rick being the baby's father. She asks if she is in love with Rick. She tells Lizzie her heart doesn't go pitter-patter, but neither does it do that with Alan. She wants to have the baby feel protected. Lizzie tells her that she has to stay with Alan – he'll protect them. Lizzie tells Beth she's done research on amniocentesis and how there's a slight chance of harm for the baby – that Rick can't force her to do this.

Josh receives mail - a picture from RJ and a note from Salerno. He also receives a visit from Reverend Rutledge. The Reverend tries to convince Josh to put his doubts into the hands of God – He hasn't abandoned him. Josh gets on his knees and prays that God helps him be strong and to help him help the people the he loves.

Reva tells Billy she slept with Josh. Reva tells Billy if Josh weren't in prison she'd be fighting Cassie for Josh. Reva and Josh leave to go to a baseball game and run into Cassie in the hallway. She wants to know what is going on with Reva and Josh. Cassie tells Reva how she found herself following Beth. While they're talking, Jeffrey bounds into the room and tells the three of them that there's a good chance Josh will be set free – that Ashlee confessed to shooting Alan. Cassie wants to have a party to thank everyone for their support, especially Reva. Cassie asks Reva to be her maid of honor at their wedding. Reva asks her if they can talk about it another time – they have to concentrate of getting Josh home.

Jeffrey visits Josh to tell him he's going home. He tells Josh about Ashlee – Josh reaches down and picks up his prayer book.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Olivia gets a call from a detective concerning the incident with Alan-Michael and asks to see her at the police station. Unbeknownst to Olivia, it is actually Alan-Michael placing the call. Olivia rushes off to see Jeffrey who is in bed with a younger woman. When Olivia tells him about the call, Jeffrey states that if the police really knew what happened they would have arrested her instead of requesting an appointment. He then hurries her into the hallway where she berates him about the woman in his bed. Olivia tells him that he cannot be a good father figure by "doing Sherri". Jeffrey argues that while he does want to be a good father to his grown daughter he is not going to set a good example. When Mel arrives, the argument ends and Olivia leaves.

After setting Olivia up, Alan-Michael pays a visit to Company where Buzz makes it clear that he is not welcome. Alan-Michael points out that he was the injured party and brings up the gagging incident. Alan-Michael goads Buzz with the knowledge that Olivia will never change. He then tells him that Jeffrey and Olivia are two of a kind. Buzz warns Alan-Michael not to hurt Olivia. Alan-Michael then goes out and runs into Olivia. When Olivia asks if he told anyone what happened the other day, Alan-Michael states that he told someone who told him to let it go. Alan-Michael suggests that she see see him. Olivia returns to Company where an excited Buss tells her that used the internet (which he hates so that should probe how much he loves her) to plan a wedding for next week. Shocked and a little weirded out by the prospect of invitations sent through email, Olivia agrees.

Alan-Michael runs into Jeffrey when he returns to the Beacon. Jeffrey warns Alan-Michael not to stir up trouble for Olivia and mentions that she is marrying Buzz next week.

Harley and Gus are at Cedars having a tense discussion about Daisy. Gus wants to help pick out furniture for Daisy's new room at Dylan's but Harley does not want him involved. Just then, Daisy (who has decided that Gus deserves better than Harley) passes by and while talking with her mother pockets Harley's car keys. When she leaves, Harley tells Gus they have things they need to figure out later. Harley mentions that Dylan is decorating Daisy's room which Gus objects to. Gus points out that Daisy is getting a lot of grief lately and suggests that they do something productive for her--like get her an internship. Harley likes the idea and tells him she will run it past Dylan. Gus does not like the idea of him running ideas past her that have to go past Dylan. A frustrated Harley points out that Daisy has two parents; that is enough. Harley immediately realizes that she could have phrased that better but Gus's hackles are already up and he maintains that he does not want to be a "sideline parent." Harley reminds Gus that he kept information about Daisy from her, leading Gus to admit that sometimes he cannot always tell her the truth because she has a tendency to be judgmental. They argue about his role in raising her kids and asks if it will be this way with Rick or Phillip should he return. Gus tells Harley that he has always been there for her kids. Harley lashes out that he was there for Daisy too and let her fall in love with him.

Daisy goes to Chicago goes to the home of Gus's old flame--Natalia. Daisy introduces herself and informs her that Gus (Nick to Natalia) is in trouble and needs her. Daisy explains that Gus is married to her mother but they are having problems. Daisy states that Gus is a a low point in his life and she wants to throw him a party. Daisy tells Natalia that Gus uttered her name while he was in the hospital and Daisy looked her up in the hopes that she would tell her about things like Gus's taste in music or old friends she can invite to the party. Natalia tells Daisy she cannot help her and declines Daisy's invitation to the party. When Daisy leaves, Natalia looks at an old photo of Gus.

Harley visits Dylan who apologizes for how he handled things with Gus. Harley confides in Dylan about her argument with Gus and informs him that she told Gus he could not be a parent to Daisy. Dylan thinks Harley made the right decision and reminds her that they cannot get Daisy under control with Gus around. Harley defends Gus and then laments that she feels ill-equipped as a parent. Dylan assures Harley that she is a wonderful mother; Daisy is just hard to handle because she is part Shayne, part Lewis and part Cooper. As Daisy assures Harley that he will be there for Daisy, Daisy enters.

Back at Cedars, Gus runs into Daisy who, although she was supposed to be working all day, is out of breath. Gus realizes that Daisy swiped the keys that he and Harley had been searching for all day. Daisy makes up a story about taking the car so she could go to lunch, but Gus does not buy it. He blasts her for swiping the keys, especially after what happened weeks ago with Zach. Daisy tries to convince Gus that it would be best if Harley did not find out about this, but Gus says he will not lie for her. Later, Gus is at CO2 when a car suddenly speeds by and crashes into a pole. He goes to check on the driver and is shocked to see Natalia.

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