One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on OLTL

Jamie was struck by a car; Jessica couldn't bear to tell Antonio the truth while Jamie was in the hospital. Evangeline thought that she might be pregnant and took a home pregnancy test. Blair and Todd searched for the baby and grew closer together. A person wearing a mask attacked Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tate prepped in the green room on the set of THE VIEW with Adriana by his side. He lamented not bringing something for good luck, and stunned Adriana with a big kiss on the lips. Meanwhile, Rex left a message for Adriana about what was going on in Chicago. After agreeing to leave Chicago, Todd told Blair that he wouldn't leave without answers regarding his son, and reminded her that he'd never let the law stop him before. Evangeline admitted to Layla that she might be pregnant. Cristian caught Nash hanging around Angel Square and questioned him about why he was still in Llanview. Antonio asked Jamie what Jessica meant when she apologized for "the kissing."

Cole bolstered Starr's confidence after her audition. Marcie sent Starr on her way as Cole began his audition, whose song was sung in the key of Michael Bolton. Starr stuck around to gaze at Cole, who wowed the audience and Marcie. Britney then nailed her audition song and Henry gave her a standing ovation. Marcie thanked everyone for their hard work and wished them luck. Henry excitedly talked about spending more time with Britney now that they'd be working on the play and going to Heather's Sweet 16 together. Britney got Henry to agree to help her with a paper and stay home the night of the party. If he helps her with the paper, she'll give him a "special thank-you," she promised. He ran off to the library, and Britney revealed to a friend her scheme to ditch the study session. Marcie then returned to the auditorium to tell the students that a lack of funding might prevent the show from going on.

Blair tried to talk some sense into Todd, arguing that there's no way they'll get more info on TJ from the adoption agency. Todd called Evangeline for some legal advice. Layla assumed Evangeline might be pregnant with Todd's baby, but Vange scolded her sister for jumping to conclusions. If there's any baby, it'd be Cristian's, Evangeline insisted, then admitted that there was this one time.... "It only takes one time," said Layla, and advised her to tell Cristian right away. Evangeline admitted that she didn't want Cristian to find out because she didn't want him to get back together with her out of pity.

Jamie told her daddy that "the kissing" refers to all the attention Jessica showers on Bree, but that Jessica explained it doesn't mean she loves Jamie any less. When Antonio left to take a call, Jamie asked Jessica if she loves Nash more than she loves her papi. Jessica answered that she loves Antonio and Jamie very much, then sent the girl off to play in her room. Once alone with Antonio, Jessica began to explain her reasons for not adopting Jamie, but Antonio wasn't hearing any of it. His patience waning, he demanded a straight answer. An eavesdropping Jamie shuddered at her father's raised voice. Outside in the square, Nash cryptically declared to Cristian that if he leaves town again, it won't be alone.

Tate was late to the stage as he apologized to Adriana for the abrupt kiss and said they'd discuss it later. Adriana nervously watched backstage as Tate told hosts Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck that there was someone special in his life — his first-grade teacher, and he wanted to wish her a happy 70th birthday! "But are you seeing anyone under 70?" the hosts asked. Tate then turned the audience's attention to the Exposed line, and the terrific designer who truly inspires him. The hosts asked for more info, like a name, and Tate yelled out, "Adriana Cramer!" He told everyone how she is talented and brilliant, then couldn't help himself and jumped up onto the sofa and screamed, "Adriana Cramer is the most incredible woman I have ever known!" Adriana covered her face in shame.

Todd accused Blair of going to Chicago to disrupt his search, but Blair insisted that she was there to support him. Todd stormed out, and found Rex outside the hotel room. Rex claimed to be there to offer his assistance. After persuading Todd to leave town and let him do the work, Rex left Adriana another message. A woman from the adoption agency showed up at Todd and Blair's door, saying she might have more information on the missing tot.

Tate couldn't contain his enthusiasm, and after some Tom Cruise-style fist-pumping, excitedly ran off to the green room to get Adriana and pulled her onto the set against her will. Rex was lying on his hotel bed and awoke to see his girlfriend on national TV ... and Tate introducing her to America as "my Adriana." Rex's jaw dropped as Tate summoned a shower of confetti onto the stage.

As Jessica and Antonio's arguing became more heated, Jamie sneaked out the back door. She wandered out into the square just as Nash told Cristian that he and Jessica are in love. "Antonio and Jessica are married," Cristian reminded him. "Maybe they still are," said Nash, as Jamie ran out and the sound of tires screeching were heard. In the loft, Jessica was about to confess to Antonio what happened at the quarry when she heard sirens and Nash burst in to tell Antonio that Jamie was hit by a car!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cole commented that Mrs. McBain was going to have a stroke as she yelled on the phone to the school board about the pulled funding for Oklahoma! Henry interrupted Britney and her friend to say that he thought of a way they could attend Heather's Sweet 16 together. Marcie returned and explained that the school board couldn't pay for the rights to use Oklahoma! or any other play. Before everyone left the auditorium, Marcie thanked the students for their help and challenged them to the rise to the occasion. No one seemed to care, so Marcie used a little reverse psychology herself to lay a major guilt trip on the kids. Henry surprised Britney by coming up with a great idea: Write the show themselves! Starr volunteered Langston, suggesting that her poetry would be great for songs. Just moments later, everyone was reading photocopies of Langston's work and praising its musical potential. Langston reluctantly gave her OK for them to use the work.

The woman from the adoption agency, Ms. Bromley, said she was willing to share information on a particular adoption case, but only if Todd could prove that the child is his. Todd admitted to Mrs. Bromley that he'd never even seen his son and has no way to prove anything other than that he really cares about his son. Todd started to get angry so Blair stepped in, talking about the disreputable agency that sent her from foster home to foster home as a child. Mrs. Bromley was sympathetic as Blair explained how wrong it is to keep a child away from their loving parents. Blair was sweet as pie as she convinced Mrs. Bromley that she'd be doing the right thing by retrieving the file. She left behind a photo of TJ, which Blair handed to Todd.

Rex frantically called Adriana, while flashing back to Tate's display on THE VIEW, then threw his phone at the TV. Adriana was asked to sign a release for her unscheduled appearance on THE VIEW and seethed over how Rex would react to the footage. Jamie was rushed into the hospital and Michael attended to her. Cristian held an emotional Antonio back as he tried to intervene. Rex regretted throwing his phone once he realized it didn't work. "If that dumb jerk has hauled her off to his private batting cage..." he mumbled as he called directory information to reach THE VIEW. Meanwhile, Adriana reamed out Tate for parading her around on national TV like she was his trophy girlfriend. Tate tried to pass it off as a publicity stint. Adriana was especially furious because of how Rex might interpret the situation. Tate threw her for a loop when he claimed that everything he did on set was for real. Rex reached Adriana via the hotel phone and asked if he'd just been dumped. Rex accused Adriana of wanting "the Tate," and jumped up and down on his hotel couch as he asked what all that jumping was about. Adriana explained that it was out of her hands, and Tate asked to speak with Rex. "The Rex" requested to speak first. Rex threatened to doctor some photos that would ruin Tate, which seemed to rouse a little fear in Tate. Adriana and Rex smoothed things over, and Adriana headed to the limo. A dejected Tate replayed the footage while the production assistant informed him that he still had his mic on when he was arguing with Adriana. "You were fun," the PA commented. Adriana sighed and got into the limo.

Vincent showed up at the Palace and approached Viki, asking if she'd seen Natalie lately. Viki remarked how odd it was that Vincent had such an intense interest in her daughter, then balked when he asked if it was odd that Natalie was friends with a black man. He apologized, saying he was keyed up over the hate-crime arsons. They turned the conversation back to Natalie, and Vincent expressed his concern over Natalie's breakup with John. Natalie needs to focus on herself now, he declared.

Antonio cried and flailed around as Jamie was wheeled off to the trauma unit. Jessica, Antonio and Cristian sat outside wringing their hands as Antonio questioned how this could have happened. Carlotta and R.J. arrived after hearing the news. R.J. was livid to hear that no one was supervising Jamie when she left the loft. A guilty Jessica told R.J. that if he wants to blame someone, he can blame her. Playing the blame game is pointless, they all agreed. Paige arrived to deliver the good news that Jamie had pulled through, but Michael explained that she wasn't out of the woods because of pressure around her brain. Nash asked Jessica if he could stay, but Cristian pushed him aside. Meanwhile, Antonio told Jessica he needed her to be there. They agreed to not fight anymore, and Jessica stated that Jamie's all that matters now as Nash looked on.

After Mrs. Bromley left, Todd and Blair toasted beers to the potential good news. Blair offered to look at the photo first, but Todd seemed more concerned with Blair's history in horrible foster homes. It could be worse, Todd noted. "What if the people who adopted my son are turning him into ... me?" he pondered. Blair assured Todd that she would provide a good life for his child. Todd told Blair that Starr and Jack only turned out okay because of Blair, which she took as a compliment. Alone, Todd looked at the photo of TJ as an infant, while Michael called Blair to tell Marcie he loved her and would be home soon.... Antonio and Jessica's hands touched as they sat vigil over Jamie and Antonio whispered a Spanish lullaby. Nash watched from the window.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Natalie is getting stuff from her locker when John comes into the locker room from the shower. They have an awkward conversation. Natalie then says that there's only one way to deal with the tension. John asks what her plan is, and she responds that she's going to stop living in the past. Natalie takes the picture of her and John down from her locker, and they both reminisce a bit about their past. Natalie puts a stop to it and tells John that she'll see him around. After she exits the locker room, John takes out a picture of her from his wallet and stares at it longingly.

Rex barges into Bo's office and asks Bo to arrest him because he'll kill Tate if he gets the chance. Rex then tells Bo about seeing Tate on The View and how Tate was showing off Adriana to everyone. He asks Bo for advice on what to do about Tate. Bo advises Rex to let whatever is going on between Adriana and Tate to just blow over. Rex asks Bo what he would do if someone were pursuing Paige. Bo responds that he would fight fire with fire and get in the guy's face and warn him to back off. Rex is incredulous that that is Bo's version of fighting fire with fire. He wants to get Tate out of the picture. Before Bo has a chance to talk Rex down a bit, Natalie comes into the office. After Rex leaves, she tells Bo that she's quitting her job.

Outside The View studio, Adriana tries to get the limo driver to go back to Llanview, but he waits for Tate to get into the car. She tries to get out when Tate gets in, but the driver locks her in the limo. She asks the driver why he won't let her out, and he tells her that he only takes orders from Tate. Adriana tells Tate about her stalker experience last summer and explains that she gets a little irrational when people try to keep her against her will. He apologizes for everything that happened in the limo and on the show, but then says that he thinks that she's been sending him signals. He also wants her to own up to the fact that she enjoys the attention she's getting from him. Adriana says that Tate was just using her, and he replies that she's using him, too. Adriana concedes his point. She thinks that Tate is like two people, one that is larger than life and one that is sweet and sincere. What she doesn't know is if the sincere one exists only to get Tate what he wants. At that moment, Tate gets a call from an editor of a fashion magazine wanting to talk to his Adriana. She balks at being called Tate's, until she hears that the magazine wants to do a cover story for her company. Then she says that she is, in fact, Tate's Adriana.

Viki is sitting at the Palace bar when Clint greets her and asks if she's heard anything from Jessica, which she hasn't. Dorian arrives for her date with Clint. She and Viki proceed to throw barbs at each other. Viki then excuses herself to go meet Nora and Marty for dinner.

Miles arrives at the Palace bar and notices a woman making googly eyes at him.

Dorian tells Clint that she's glad that Jessica is alright. Clint thanks her for helping to find Jessica and for not getting into a fight with Viki as they were looking for Jess. Then Dorian says that she now understands why Viki needs to see a psychiatrist, hence her meeting Marty for dinner. Miles overhears Dorian mention Marty being at the restaurant and quickly pays for his drink.

Viki joins Nora and Marty at their table and they start to discuss their love lives, or lack of them. Viki wonders why men can just go and pick up a woman anywhere if they want a date, but a woman picking up a man is a faux pas. Nora and Marty then discuss that their sons are the only men they need in their lives. Marty mentions missing Patrick and doesn't think she'll find that kind of love again. Viki encourages her to try to find someone else because love can be even better the second time around. Miles interrupts their discussion and compliments Marty. Nora and Viki look at each other knowingly.

Clint commends Dorian for using a non-derogatory statement to make a derogatory statement about Viki. Dorian waves this off and turns the discussion to their relationship. She wonders when they are going to make love. Clint tells her that he wants to take things slowly and really get to know her before they make love. Dorian tells him that she finds him incredibly sexy at that moment, and Clint proceeds to get the check.

After Miles excuses himself, Viki and Nora begin to tease Marty about Miles's crush on her. She explains that she told him that they can only be friends and that Miles got a little physical with her the last time they went out together. Nora asks Marty if there's ever been a time where she's wanted someone next to her in bed at night. Marty clearly does, but is more upset about what she's lost than what she could gain. She asks Viki for advice on how to stop comparing men to Patrick. Viki says that one can't just compare men because everyone is different. All three women then reminisce about their dead husbands and how passionate they were. While they're talking, Miles eavesdrops for a time, and then leaves.

At the hospital, R.J. wants Nash to testify on his behalf if he takes Antonio to court for being negligent with Jamie. Nash asks him not to do that because Antonio doesn't deserve to have Jamie taken away from him, too. R.J. wants to know what that means, but Nash skirts the truth. R.J. wonders if Nash is causing a distraction for Jessica and Antonio. Nash counters that by bringing up Brennan. R.J. gives up on his line of questioning and tries to find a doctor to give him information on Jamie's condition.

Meanwhile, Jessica holds and kisses Antonio's hand as they're sitting by Jamie's bedside. Jess wants to go call Viki and Clint to tell them about the accident, but Antonio wants her to stay by his side. He then says that he knows about Nash. She doesn't understand what he knows. He says that Cristian told him everything, and he thinks that she didn't do anything wrong. Jessica is shocked by this, and is about to say more when Paige comes in with Jamie's test results.

Paige, R.J., Antonio, and Jess gather in the hallway outside Jamie's room. Paige gives them the good news that Jamie is most likely going to be okay, but may suffer some retrograde amnesia. Nash overhears this news and tells Antonio and Jessica how happy he is for them. Antonio growls at Nash, telling him to not pretend to be a good friend. Antonio continues that he thinks the reason Jessica ran out of the courtroom is because Nash pressured Jess to choose between Jamie and Brennan. Jessica tries to correct him, but Antonio won't let her get a word in. He then asks Nash to leave, and Jessica gently encourages him to go. Antonio then tells Jessica that he's going to court to find a way to prevent Nash from seeing Jessica.

After she's done with some more tests on Jamie, Paige tells Antonio that Jamie is progressing wonderfully and she should be able to go home with him tomorrow. Jessica returns from calling Viki and Antonio happily tells her this news. Jessica goes down the hall to call Clint, but runs into Nash who sweeps her into a kiss.

Viki interrupts Dorian and Clint's date to tell Clint about Jamie's accident. They both rush off to the hospital to be with Jessica. Meanwhile, Miles talks to a hotel worker about buying a date and John finds Marty at the Palace and is very glad to see her.

Nash wants Jessica to tell Antonio about their relationship now, but she wants to wait until Jamie gets home. He understands, and she goes off to Jamie's room. Antonio pulls her into a hug as Nash watches through the window.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nat breaks some news to Bo; she's quitting her job and promises she won't ask to have it back. Yes, part of it is John, she responds in answer to his question. But she just can't see herself shuffling papers for the rest of her life though she has no idea of what she might do instead. They will miss each other. Vincent is at the station on behalf of Sean's grandparents and the arson case and runs into Evangeline. He can tell that she's preoccupied but she doesn't want to talk about it. She does advise him not to do anything stupid as far as the arsonists go. He sees Natalie packing her things and is happy to learn that she's quit but Nat is quite cynical about it. She has no other job. Vincent is quick to give her some encouragement by pointing out all of her great traits. This gives her an idea. Before he heads out, Vincent stops in Bo's office and offers his services on the arson investigation. He has resources that the police don't have and he'd like to join forces. Bo expresses his thanks but would like the charges to stick and wants everything legal. Vincent understands and only hopes that Bo finds the suspects before he does.

John runs into Marty at the Palace bar and they end up discussing a case. When John is able to read Marty's psych profile on a suspect, he immediately calls it merely generic and ruffles Marty's feathers. She calls him rude and he does apologize but she offers to hear him out; she can tell that something is bothering him. He thinks that Michael is involved in something. She thinks it's something else and asks about Nat, calling him "snarky." He is not amused and she promises not to tease him again. She was trying to get a reaction out of him. They move to a table; she thanks him again for helping Cole, mentions her own somewhat turbulent teenage years that she won't mention to her son, and learns that John never had the chance to be anything other than the man of the house, much like Cole has to be now. John assures her that things will be better for Cole than they were for him. Marty says one has to move on and not have regrets which sparks quite a reaction in John. He hates the term moving on and it's not always possible. Things will be fine for Cole thanks to her, he says. Upstairs, Miles receives a visit from a hooker named Jordan. He asks her to teach him how to pleasure a woman because he's in love. She finds it quite difficult to believe that he's a virgin. She guides him step by step and he does extremely well, while Miles praises her teaching skills.

Todd insists that the baby's picture is merely that, a picture of a baby. There are no distinguishing features. He and Blair argue over her being there but she insists that she's there to help and they're not leaving until they get answers. She looks at the picture and swears she sees a resemblance to Jack which causes another argument. She's just trying to get him to have feelings, he complains. And he's just been failing his son from the beginning. Blair keeps urging him to look at the picture again but he refuses. He can only see Margaret and believes that holds true for Blair as well. She really doesn't see Jack or Starr. She sees hope and promise, she replies. He thinks that's very touching but how would he explain to his son how he came to be? That wouldn't be any kind of hope or promise. It's better if they don't find him. Plus, he wouldn't be able to raise the boy by himself. She points out all of the support that he would have and tells him what a wonderful father he is. He's only lacking as a husband and human being, she teases. He asks her to help him raise the baby if they find him and she promises she'll be there. For as long as he needs her, she cries. When Todd holds the baby they will know each other.

Cris is sitting in Angel Square and having an erotic daydream about Evangeline when he sees Layla. When he mentions that he's upset about the baby, Layla is shocked that he knows but quickly recovers and asks what baby? She learns about Jamie's accident but Cris heard what Layla said. He pushes, she won't answer. Finally, he asks if Evangeline is pregnant. He's advised to get in touch with her himself. He tries to reach her by phone and is unsuccessful. Suddenly, there she is and he asks her point blank. She has nothing to tell him, she retorts and as she walks away he grabs a bag from her hand. Inside is a home pregnancy test.

The Buchanans celebrate the good news that Jamie will be alright and there's good-natured teasing going on regarding Nora's continued residence at the Buchanan mansion. Renee receives a phone call that a high class hooker has been spotted on the premises of the Palace and apologizes for having to leave. As she heads out, Natalie arrives to see Asa alone. She wants to work at B.E. she tells him. He's thrilled.

Renee runs into Jordan as she exits Miles' suite and demands to know what she's doing there. She knows who Jordan is as she has quite a reputation. Jordan is quite surprised and first says she was visiting a friend. After Renee compliments her and agrees to let her slide this time, she admits to feeling badly at taking money from Miles since he's such a sweet guy.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Starr confessed to her parents that she was at the same party as Cole. Jamie asked Jessica if she and Bree would still be living at the loft when she returns home. Jessica covered by advising Jamie not to worry about anything but getting better. Jamie told Jess that she still wants her to be her mommy. Natalie found Nash at the hospital and asked what he was doing there. He insisted that he wasn't there to harass Jessica, he just wanted to see how Jamie was doing. "Send a card next time," Nat advised him. Natalie informed John that she quit her job at the station. Layla found her apartment door slightly ajar ... and Vincent sitting inside in the dark. Cristian confronted Evangeline about why she hadn't mentioned that she might be pregnant. He asked whether Evangeline was even sure that he would be the father, suggesting it might be Todd's.

Blair and Todd advised Starr to have fun at the party, but stay away from Cole. Starr told her father to be careful on his search. After Blair settled in for a nap, Todd received a call from Mrs. Bromley and wrote down some info on a notepad. Todd stroked a sleeping Blair's face before heading out.

At the party, Cole gazed at Starr from across the room. Clad in a straw skirt and two coconut shells, Britney was staring at Starr, too. Henry called Britney's cell and wondered about the noise in the background. She coughed and pretended to be sick. Langston overheard Britney lie to Henry and thank him for finishing the paper. Heather explained to Starr that she invited Starr and Cole when they were still dating, then pointed out some other potential hook-ups. Langston called out Britney on her deception. Britney countered by saying she'd blab Langston cheated on her mid-term. Starr and Cole both seemed miserable. Langston informed Starr about what Britney was doing to Henry. "Well, sometimes people will do stupid things when they like someone a lot," Starr commented, just as Cole approached.

Jessica seemed anxious in Jamie's hospital room. "We still need you," he told her. Jessica was saved by a call from The Sun office and told Antonio she had to go help out in Todd's absence. Jess ran off, and Natalie remarked to John how stressed her sister seemed.

Evangeline was upset that Cristian would even ask about her and Todd, but he felt it was a valid question. She tried to kick him out, but he apologized for not believing her and said whatever the outcome was, he would support her. Evangeline went to take the test.

Vincent told Layla he was there to make sure she was okay since there was a racist arsonist on the loose. They discussed Tate's move on THE VIEW, and Layla noted that the Exposed phones hadn't stopped ringing. Vincent pointed out that everything in Layla's life seems perfect — except that she doesn't have a boyfriend. "I don't need a man," she declared, prompting him to turn her words into song lyrics. He advised her to think about giving the men of Llanview a shot ... and to think about locking her doors.

John pointed out that it was kind of a coincidence that Natalie quit right after their awkward moment in the locker room. She said it had more to do with her and her future, like getting involved in Buchanan Enterprises. John said he thought she was making a big mistake by putting herself Asa's thumb, but she said she was actually excited about working for her grandfather. "As long as you're happy," he told her. "That's all I've ever wanted for you."

Langston threatened to embarrass Britney by "planting a hot one" on her at the party. Henry called again to tell Britney that he finished the paper ... and that he misses her. Langston then made another comment about "sucking face" with Britney if she didn't stop staring at Cole and Starr. Cole admitted to Starr that it felt right to be hanging out with her and asked her to dance. Starr was torn and admitted that she didn't know how much longer she could go on without giving in, but asked if it was really worth it. She started to walk away, then turned to face Cole as a ballad played and everyone watched.

Antonio flashed back to Jamie saying Jessica was sorry about the "court and the kissing." He thanked God for saving Jamie and bringing Jessica back safely. "I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost them," he said aloud. Meanwhile, Nash burst into The Sun offices to say he couldn't stand being without Jessica for another second. After some convincing, Jessica locked the office door and jumped Nash. They got down to business on Todd's desk.

Todd wandered around a dirty tenement building following the sound of a baby crying. Getting closer to the sound, he broke down the door and spotted a bassinet across the room. Blair sighed Todd's name in her sleep, just as a masked person stabbed Todd in the side and left him lying on the floor.

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