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Monday, May 30, 2007

Tad, Jamie, and Amanda searched the cabin for Janet and Jenny, but they were no where to be found. Janet had stolen the couple's car and escaped. The couple trying to adopt Jenny was confused and swore that they thought the adoption was legal. Tad chastised them for not realizing the deal was illegal. Then, Jamie and Amanda went to look for Janet. Next, Derek showed up to interview the couple and look for clues. Then, Tad left to start his own search.

Jamie and Amanda went back to Tad's office. They had not found Janet, so Jamie wanted Amanda to wait for her call. However, Amanda wanted to continue looking. Jamie then asserted that Amanda would obey him because she was not good at making smart decisions. Jamie proceeded to blame the entire situation on Amanda. Then, Amanda reminded Jamie that Adam and Janet joined forces because Jamie falsely committed Adam into the sanitarium. Then, Amanda stated that Jamie was mostly to blame because of he could not let go of his vendetta with Adam. Jamie agreed that he should not have instigated Adam. Then, Jamie assured Amanda that Jenny and Janet would be fine.

Colby stood in front of Adam as Krystal pointed the gun at them. Adam tried to move Colby as Babe distracted Krystal and JR took the gun. Then, the gun went off, but no one was hurt. So, everyone went into the living room. Colby continued to plead with Adam to save their family by returning Jenny. Adam still denied involvement, but said he had to leave for an important meeting. Then, JR stopped Adam. JR said that Adam did not deserve a daughter like Colby. JR also demanded that Adam return Jenny. Adam explained that he could not help them if JR did not let him leave. Then, Tad came in. Tad angrily grabbed Adam and announced what happened at the cabin. So, Adam poured himself a drink and pretended to know nothing. Then, everyone left and Adam sat alone while looking at a picture of his family.

Ryan went to ConFusion to look for Jonathan. However, Del explained that Jonathan called in sick and never came to work. Ryan looked worried and left.

Annie was at home when she was startled by Jonathan. Jonathan was wearing a hood over his head and claimed he went for a run. Then, Jonathan happily announced that Alexander was shot. Annie was very suspicious and asked how Jonathan knew this. Jonathan said he heard it on his radio. Then, Jonathan began to play with Emma and Cathy. However, Annie looked concerned and stopped the girls from playing with Jonathan. Then, Jonathan took a shower and Ryan came home. Annie expressed her concern, but Ryan assured her that Jonathan did not shoot Alexander. Then, Emma called out from the kitchen. They rushed to their daughter and saw her standing next to a rifle. The little girls found it hidden while they were playing. Annie was very upset and did not want the girls to spend the night at Wildwind. So, Ryan told them to stay at his place. As they packed, Jonathan returned and saw Ryan with the gun. Ryan told Jonathan how it was found and that they were leaving. Jonathan assumed that Annie thought he shot Alexander. So, Jonathan insisted that he was innocent. Ryan said he believed his brother. Then, Emma came in and hugged Jonathan goodbye and they left.

Zach entered his office and found Hannah comforting Kendall. Zach looked distressed and immediately asked Hannah to leave. Then, Zach assured Kendall that he was not involved in Alexander's shooting. Zach said that he would not risk his family to get revenge on his father. Kendall was relieved and they kissed. Then, Kendall explained that Hannah really helped her relax. Zach wished Kendall would not make Hannah her confidant. Kendall asked why Zach did not want her confiding in Hannah. Zach claimed that he felt guilty because he should have been there with Kendall, not Hannah. Then, Josh brought Kendall home and Zach and Hannah spoke. Hannah apologized for discussing the past with Zach. Hannah also said that no one would blame Zach for the shooting. Zach smiled and asserted that he was not the shooter. Zach further explained that he made sure his father did not die, so he could suffer in jail. Zach believed that the shooter, "whoever he or she was", would not agree with his decision. However, Zach did not care.

Kendall and Josh sat outside the condo as they played with Spike. Then, Krystal, Babe, Colby, and JR walked up to Ryan's condo. When Krystal saw the smiling baby, she walked over to him. Krystal touched Spike's hand as Kendall touched Krystal's hand and smiled. Then, Zach came home and played with Spike too. So, Krystal went inside and shut the shades.

Janet was in the woods holding Jenny. Janet told the baby that everyone would regret trying to separate them!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Greenlee, still the consummate schemer, sent letters to Kendall and Ryan.

Zach took Kendall to work and promised no more bad surprises. Annie told Kendall that Emma found a gun at Wildwind. Annie then said that she thought Jonathan shot Alexander Cambias. She said she loved Ryan and wanted a future with him, but not if Emma was in danger. Kendall defended Jonathan and said she didn't think it was him. Annie said that her instincts were so wrong with Terry and she didn't want to be wrong again. Kendall told her to focus on her future with Ryan and Annie said she wanted that more than anything. Kendall told Annie how Ryan wouldn't believe Greenlee about Jonathan, but that he did listen to her and moved her out of the house. Di came to work and told Kendall and Annie that the gun belonged to Del. Annie then felt badly about the way she treated Jonathan. Kendall told Annie to go get ready for the party for her and Ryan. The delivery man came and handed Kendall the letter from Greenlee. It was a card and poster with an idea for a "green" (environmentally friendly) make-up. It was the next great idea for Fusion, but no one knew who sent it.

Ryan told Julia that they didn't know whose gun it was they found at Wildwind. She went into a self righteous rant about how she wanted no violence in her house and Ryan promised to check it out. Jonathan told Julia that the gun was not his but Julia didn't believe him. Jonathan told Ryan he wouldn't ruin another relationship for him, but Ryan told him his real friends knew he was an honest man. Ryan opened to door to leave and heard Del tell Di that yes it was his gun. Julia went off on Del and he said there was nothing wrong with a little protection. Ryan asked Del if he shot Alexander and Del said no. Julia told Del that she wanted his key to the house. Jonathan asked Julia is that was a bit harsh, but Julia said she had to protect her daughter. Del handed over the key and Julia again asked if he shot Alexander. Aidan then came in and confirmed that Del's gun did not shoot Alexander.

Sean was on his laptop when Ava came into the room. He began talking about things and she interrupted him and said she needed to go shopping. Sean told her that he needed to go to school. Ava told him that he could just give her some money and she would go to the mall alone, but he passed on that idea. He left the room to get dressed and Ava went through his wallet which had no money.

Josh walked in on Hannah while she was half dressed. He said "Oops", left some documents and went back to his office. When Zach got to his office, Hannah asked about Kendall, but Derek interrupted and told Zach that Alex Sr., was in the lock down wing of the infirmary. Derek said that his caseload was so high, Alexander's case would have to go on the back burner and it may become a cold case. Hannah left abruptly and went back to her office with Josh hot on her heels. He told her if she needed anything at all he was available. She said this was not a bar and she was not a bimbo and she was serious about work. He told her that it didn't have to be personal and shut the office door. Zach and Derek witnessed the closing of the door. A serious make-out session began and after all was said and done Hannah told Josh to leave and he did. Ava came to the office and wanted Lily to go to lunch, but she said she couldn't go for while. Lily then gave Ava her credit card to go shopping and said that she wanted to make her sister happy. Zach warned Lily that Ava may just be using her. Hannah then went to the pier and threw the gun she used to shoot Alexander in the water. As she turned around, she saw Zach standing in the shadows.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stuart found Adam sitting outside. Stuart believed Adam could not sit inside because the house was so empty. Stuart stated that Adam pushed away everyone that loved him. So, Adam asked if he pushed Stuart away also. Stuart said that he could not stand to be around Adam, but he would not leave him forever, because they were twins. Then, Stuart urged Adam to return Jenny and left.

Babe and Colby encouraged Krystal to keep the faith. Krystal made Babe and Colby promise to never leave her. So, they hugged as Tad entered. Colby and Babe left. Krystal proceeded to blame herself because she foolishly loved and trusted Adam. Tad told Krystal to stop. Tad explained that Adam was solely to blame for Jenny's kidnapping. Tad then said that Krystal could blame herself for not telling the truth about Jenny's paternity. Still, Tad said that issue could wait because they had to be a team now. Krystal thanked Tad and he left. Meanwhile, Babe and Colby saw JR playing with Little Adam outside. JR was sad because he only got to have dinner with his son. So, Babe thanked JR for being so understanding about them splitting time with their child. Then, Babe and JR commended Colby for standing between the gun and Adam. They called Colby brave and heroic. Then, Sean came to see Colby. Colby explained what she did with the gun. Sean was impressed, but wished Colby would not put herself in danger again. Meanwhile, Babe brought Little Adam inside. Little Adam asked Krystal where the baby was. Krystal looked sad and Babe apologized. However, Krystal said that Little Adam was the main reason she was able to get through her day.

Zach tells Hannah that he saw her throw the rifle into the water. Hannah claimed she did not have a rifle, but Zach told her to stop. Zach wondered if he should be nervous that Hannah might shoot him too because he let Alexander live. Then, Zach swore that he would protect his family, even if it meant firing Hannah. So, Hannah yelled that she could not move on and began to sob. Hannah further explained that she was amazed with Zach's composure and ability to move on. Hannah wanted Alexander to lose everything, like he made her lose her son. Zach said his family helped him, so Hannah wished she had similar distractions. Zach assured her that she too would find a family. Then, Hannah asked if Zach would turn her in. Zach said he would not and invited her to Ryan and Annie's shower.

Jonathan urged Ryan to call Annie to let her know that the gun was Del's. Just then, Annie, Julia, and Di came in. Annie apologized to Jonathan in front of everyone. Jonathan insisted she stop apologizing and concentrate on her wedding. Then, everyone left Annie and Ryan alone. Ryan sensed that the gun was not the only thing troubling Annie. So, he promised her that, despite their violent past, he and Jonathan would never hurt Emma. Ryan said the cycle would stop with them. Then, they kissed.

Josh went to ConFusion and found Kendall setting up for Annie and Ryan's wedding shower. Josh joked about Kendall throwing her ex a shower. So, Kendall made fun of Josh's obsession with Babe. Josh asserted that he was no longer interested in Babe. Kendall was glad and wondered if Josh might meet someone at the party or at work. Josh just smirked. Then, Jack and Lily arrived. Kendall told Jack that Erica was working and could not come. Jack laughed about being at the shower because he was against Ryan and Greenlee getting married. Then, Kendall admitted that she missed Greenlee, but was glad that she did not have to give up Spike. Jack believed everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Meanwhile, Lily saw Jonathan and said she was angry with him for being mean to Ava. Jonathan said he was just worried about Lily. Lily stated that he should not worry about her anymore and walked away. Then, Zach and Hannah showed up together. Kendall welcomed Hannah and asked her how Josh's performance had been at work. Josh choked on his drink and Hannah walked away. Then, Kendall asked Zach why he was late. Zach evaded the truth by telling Kendall that Derek caught the man working with Alexander. Kendall was relieved and they kissed. Then, after all the guests arrived, Ryan and Annie walked in. Kendall proceeded to announce them as the future Mr. and Mrs. Lavery. Then, Jonathan toasted them. Jonathan was happy that his brother "had it all" because of Annie, Emma, and Spike.

Greenlee wrote an invitation for Ryan. It cordially invited him to a renewal of love and laughter!

JR went to Tad's office. When JR saw Amanda, he began to blame her for Janet kidnapping another child. In turn, Amanda blamed JR for Adam's actions. Then, Jamie broke up their fight. Amanda then remembered her relationship with Janet as a little girl. When Janet was in the hospital, she would tell Amanda to send her messages through the moon. So, Amanda looked at the moon and wished Janet would be found.

Janet was hiding in a warehouse filled with dolls. Janet told Jenny that Adam and Krystal did not deserve a baby and that she would get revenge. Then, Janet renamed Jenny as Maura because it was Amanda's middle name. Just then, one of the dolls began to cry and Janet freaked out. So, Jenny began to cry also and Janet yelled at her to stop. Finally, the baby calmed down and so did Janet. Then, Janet saw the moon shining through the window and imagined Amanda standing there. Amanda told Janet that she needed her help and Janet looked concerned.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

At Annie's bridal shower, Kendall and Zach talked about Alexander, and Kendall felt like he was leaving something out. Di interrupted, suggesting Kendall make a toast. Before she did so, they discussed Ava. Kendall couldn't help worrying about Lily, but Di asked her to give Ava a chance. Kendall toasted Ryan and Annie, and emotionally admitted she was mistaken about Annie and she's thankful Annie is in Ryan¹s life. Ryan made a speech about how wonderful Annie was; she opened a door in his heart that no one else had been able to open. The party started to break up. Alone, Kendall again asked Zach what he wasn't telling her. Zach hinted that Hannah was Alexander's shooter. Ryan told Annie their evening wasn't over yet, and a car arrived to pick them up.

Jonathan ran into Ava at the mall, and flipped out when he realized she had used Lily's credit card. He demanded she return everything, and attempted to force her to, but a guard stopped him. Ava sent the guard away but warned Jon not to mess with her.

Jamie and JR continued working to find Janet, and Amanda feared Janet wouldn't check in. JR left, and Jamie and Amanda talked about their parents. Jamie insisted Amanda wasn't responsible for Janet's sickness. Amanda left to visit Babe. Outside Krystal's condo, she apologized to Babe and cried in her arms. They talked about Janet, and Babe excused herself to go back inside and take care of Krystal.

Janet envisioned Amanda in the warehouse. "Amanda" complained that Janet was trying to replace her with Jenny. Janet says if she can't have both she'll get rid of Jenny. "Amanda" reminded Janet what it was like to have her baby taken away.

Tad arrived at the Chandler manse to confront Adam again. He reminded Adam that Janet was off her meds and Jenny's life was in danger. Adam, in return, reminded Tad that he turned his son against him, helped Liza take Colby away and helped Babe hide his grandson. Tad was a pro at hiding children, the Chandler patriarch ruefully remarked. When Adam continued to deny the kidnapping, Tad handcuffed himself to Adam — so that when Janet finally got in touch with him, he'd be there.

Greenlee put her invitation in an envelope addressed to Mr. Ryan Lavery.

Friday, May 4, 2007

After going a few rounds with her publicist over some bad press, Erica has an opportunity to see the security tape of the studio from a few nights ago. Although the staff seems to think the subject of the tape is Lily, Erica needs only one look to determine otherwise. A short time later, Erica escorts Lily into her office and asks about her relationship with her sister. The young girl seems to think things are going swimmingly, and takes offense when Erica suggests that Ava's lack of boundaries is problematic. Erica then shows her the security tape and points out that all of the things Ava was wearing that night were stolen from the set. Lily offers to pay for them, but Erica doesn't want her money, because that isn't the point. Lily wisely informs her soon-to-be ex-stepmother that money isn't the point when you have it, but often is when you don't. She goes on to say that Ava is stealing because she doesn't have a job that would give her money to afford things. She suggests that Erica offer her a job at the studio, and then abruptly leaves so that she wouldn't be late for her own job. The publicist returns and they go over some ideas for upcoming shows. Erica rejects the ones offered, instead suggesting that they should deal with the bad press she has been getting in a more direct fashion. The publicist asks how her plans would affect Jack, but Erica tells her that he will be just fine. Later, at Erica's request, Jack shows up at the New Beginnings and she tells him that the kind of bond they have, forged with history and family, just doesn't dissolve overnight. She notes that she would be devastated if she lost him, and therefore refuses to do so. Confused, Jack wants to know exactly what Erica has in mind and after some verbal runaround, she reveals that she believes in the concept of "new divorce" – where formerly married couples don't have to be enemies. She insists they can do it better than any other couple has before, and feels he should join her in this "new beginning". Having seen the tabloids, Jack knows exactly why she wants to do a show on this topic, and Erica offers him the opportunity to think about it. He tells her there is no need, and agrees to collaborate with her.

Sean accidentally walks in on Ava, who is freshly out of the shower. He stumbles over an apology and backs clumsily out of the room, even though Ava doesn't seem to mind one bit. She waits a few moments and then sneaks over to a nearby bathroom where water is running. She surprises Sean in the shower, under the ruse that she simply needed her face scrubber. She finds herself amused when Sean is unable to hide his reaction to her naked form, and then leaves as quickly as she appeared.

JR walks in to see Adam offering up empty threats in an effort to get Tad to let him out of the handcuffs. The younger Chandler applauds Tad for his brilliant move, while Adam begs his on-again son to call a locksmith. Reminding Adam that he no longer has a living heir, he denies the request. In a last ditch effort, Adam pretends to feel a stroke coming on, but neither Tad nor JR buy the act, and Tad stomps on the mogul's foot to cure him of his ailments. They manage to sleep through the night, although they awake as cranky as before. Adam thinks the treatment is inhumane, as he can't shower or use the restroom with Martin chained to him. He doesn't think that Tad will keep up his tactic, but Tad assures him that he would do that and more to get his daughter back. Tad tells him that he deserves much worse than what he is getting for stealing Jenny and trying to sell her off to complete strangers, but Adam thinks the real crime was that Krystal tried to sell Adam the line that the baby was his.

Krystal tries and fails at falling asleep, the worry for her youngest daughter consuming her. Babe tries to convince her that everyone that can be out looking for Jenny is, and that she should rest up now while she can, as Jenny will surely give her many sleepless nights once she is home. Krystal rails against Babe's insistence but eventually lets herself be guided back to the bedroom.

Amanda casts one final wish to the moon for her mother to return, and then goes to leave the courtyard. Before exiting completely, she turns to look forlornly at the night sky again, offering Janet the opportunity to knock her out with a tennis racket. She takes her to the warehouse and lays her unconscious daughter on the floor. She manages to sneak out moments before Amanda wakes up, and finds herself in the same room with baby Jenny. She comforts the little girl and then sees a note from her mother by the carrier. In it, Janet notes that she will be back soon but left snacks for "both" of her daughters to subsist on in the meantime. Incensed at her mother's behaviour, she is determined to get them both out of there and back home. She looks for her phone and finds that her mother stole it. She then tries to open the door but soon realizes that they are locked in. With no recourse, she decides to try to soothe the fussy baby with some formula, only to find out that the root of the problem is actually a fever. She pours water on a rag, in an attempt to cool the little girl down, and repeatedly asks aloud for her mother to return soon, as she believes that Jenny can't survive much longer without seeing a doctor.

The next morning, joined by Winifred and Colby, Krystal avoids eating breakfast, and urges Colby to go to school, as staying home to pace the floors would do no good. As Winifred takes Little Adam for his bath, Colby starts to head out the door, running into Jamie on the way. They hadn't found the baby yet, so Colby keeps going as he asks Babe and Krystal if they'd seen Amanda. Babe tells him that Amanda stopped by the night before, and Jamie lets on that the tracer in Amanda's cell phone alerted Aidan and his crew that the phone hadn't been used in hours. Jamie fears that Amanda dropped out of sight to help her mom get away.

Colby shows up at Casa Montgomery, hoping to find salvation in Sean since she can do nothing but think of the missing baby. They only get to talk for a few minutes before Colby finally gets to meet Ava face to face.

Tad and Adam hurl insults at each other until JR rejoins them and shares a chuckle with Tad as Adam resumes exhibiting heart attack symptoms. Adam's cell phone rings, and when he answers it, he finds Janet on the other end, calling him out on his dirty deeds. He tries to hang up on her but one-handed, he fails to do so, allowing Tad to snatch it from his grip and hear her threatening words. He listens silently as she unknowingly gives the wrong man a big clue as to where her next step will take her. When she abruptly ends the call, Tad prepares to leave. Adam begs for help, but after crying wolf so many times before Tad remains unalarmed when Adam falls to the floor.

Krystal is irate over the fact that Babe can still be sympathetic to Amanda, even after finding out about the role she played in how far Janet was able to get away from them. She goes to lie down and Jamie thinks back to how they must have made JR feel when they went on the run with Little Adam. Babe admits that she has apologized many times for what she'd done, but Jamie says that he hasn't. Babe advises him that it's never too late, and she goes into the back to let Krystal know they are leaving. Once gone, Janet sneaks up to the door from behind some bushes and gives a knock. Moments later, the mother come face to face. Before Janet can say word one, Krystal grabs a hold of her and demands to know where Jenny is. Janet stares at her with a slight accent of incredulousness, and tells her to calm down, as her baby has been well cared for. Krystal flips out, completely unwilling to entertain Janet's charade. Insulted, Janet starts to leave but Krystal realizes this may be her last and only home for finding her daughter. She belatedly invites Janet in, hoping somehow for a break in the search efforts.

Adam continues to assert that he needs a doctor as Tad ignores him and asks JR to get the handcuff key from the hall drawer. JR goes to do so, stopping only to open the door when he hears a knock upon it. He finds his brother and his wife on the other side and easily invites them in. They all return to the living room and Jamie determines that the attack Adam is having is real. Tad unlocks himself and leaves the house, unconcerned. Jamie jumps back into medical mode and demands an aspirin and that 911 be called. Babe stops them briefly to point out to Adam that if they were the horrible people he claimed they were, he would be lying on the floor alone – not at all unlike how he left his wife in labor. She then hands over the aspirin in her purse and JR makes the call to the paramedics. Across town, Colby is briefly delighted by Ava's tales of being a model and having contacts in Hollywood that will make her famous. Her cell phone rings just then, and when she answers, Babe tells her that she needs to get over to the mansion as soon as possible. After she leaves, Ava turns up the heat with Sean, insisting that Colby would go a little crazy if she knew what was going on without her, moments before she lays a kiss on him. Their make out session leads them back to the shower, although with very different intentions this time.

Krystal barely holds herself together as Janet prattles on about random things, intertwining them with notes about baby Jenny – and how she would not let her become as she did: the second-rate, unloved, second born child. She would have continued her tirade if she didn't take notice of Krystal's eyes flickering toward the door – silently announcing Tad's arrival. He demands to know where Jenny is but Janet fashions herself a warden, one that determines if parents are fit to be so. She tells them that her process is lengthy, so they should plan to settle in for a long visit.

Colby gets to the Chandler pad just in time to hear Jamie say that they traced Amanda's cell phone number to a location nearby, and to see her father carted off to the hospital.



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