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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Kendall assumed that Zoe and Bianca were hugging because they were saying goodbye. However, Erica informed Kendall that they were not saying goodbye because they would both be in Europe. Then, Erica and Zoe had to leave to get ready for the show. Kendall looked annoyed as Bianca laughed. Bianca stated that Kendall's plan blew up in her face. Kendall still did not want Bianca involved with Zoe, but finally gave up. Then, Bianca expressed her concern that Erica would destroy Zoe on New Beginnings. Kendall assured Bianca that their mother was a professional. Then, Erica came back into her office to quickly grab a file. Bianca pleaded with Erica not to embarrass Zoe. Erica just looked at Bianca and left. Then, Kendall left and Zoe entered. Bianca admitted that she did not want Zoe to go on the show. Zoe said she was an old pro with interviews. Still, Bianca worried because this was her first interview as Zoe. Zoe asserted that she wanted to tell her real story, instead of having the tabloids speculate. Zoe also said that ignorance and bigotry would always be around, but she refused to hide from it. Zoe wished that Freddy could have seen someone like Zoe and understood that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Then, Erica told Zoe it was time for wardrobe.

Hannah was upset that Zach was so calm about his father's insanity plea. Zach explained that his father did not win because he was trapped in his world of fake incompetence. Still, Hannah did not feel this was true justice. Hannah then asked Zach what he would have done if he knew about her pregnancy before Alexander. Zach did not want to answer a "what if", but Hannah insisted. So, Zach said he would have run away with her and protected their son. Zach also said that he needed to let go of the past to secure his future. Hannah did not want to let go of the past and wished that Zach shared her anger. Zach said that Alexander fed off his anger, but would die on his indifference. Hannah wished she could let go as easily as Zach. Zach then announced that Kendall, Spike, and his new baby helped him. Hannah looked shocked over the baby news. Then, Kendall entered. Hannah congratulated her on the baby and left. Then, Kendall playfully reprimanded Zach for his role in Bianca's move to Paris. Zach laughed and asked if Kendall would be mad for a long time. Kendall said no and they kissed. Meanwhile, Hannah was in her office. She wondered when she would get her second chance with a new family and a baby. Then, she threw everything off of her desk in a fit of rage. Josh came in to check on her, but Hannah told him that her personal life was none of his business. Hannah then said that she did not associate with underlings and told Josh to leave. Josh just smirked at her and left.

Stuart went to see Krystal and Jenny. Krystal advised Stuart to tell Adam to stay away from her baby. Stuart tried to explain that all of Adam's love turned to pain when he found out the baby was not his. Krystal apologized for her mistakes and for hurting Stuart. Then, Stuart wished that Krystal would stop hating Adam and left. Meanwhile, Tad, Jamie, JR, and Joe questioned a temp nurse about who was in the nursery the night before. The nurse said she remembered a young woman, a middle aged woman, and a man with white hair. Then, Babe and Stuart entered. Babe overheard that Jenny was missing and became worried. Stuart, however, said he was not in the nursery the night before. Tad and Jamie thought Adam was responsible, but Joe warned them not to jump to conclusions. So, Tad wondered if Janet or a young mother that lost her baby might be responsible. Regardless, Tad, Jamie, and JR rushed off to check if Adam was stashing Jenny in his secret room. Meanwhile, Babe went in to see Krystal and stall her from finding out about Jenny's disappearance. However, when Babe gave Krystal multiple excuses for why they could not leave, Krystal became suspicious. So, Krystal left her room and busted into the nursery. When Krystal did not see Jenny, she interrogated Joe. Finally, Joe gave in and told Krystal the truth. Krystal looked terrified.

Janet was in the secret room holding Jenny. Then, Adam entered. Janet asked him if this was Krystal's baby and why he gave Jenny to her. Adam said he had to save the baby from her horrible parents. Still, Janet was reluctant to go along with Adam's plan. So, Adam explained that he did not kidnap the baby. Instead, he claimed to rescue it from Tad and Krystal. Adam said he wanted the baby to have a great mother, like Janet. Janet believed that Adam still loved the baby. Adam said this was true. Adam further asserted that he wanted Janet to raise Jenny because she was such a good mother to Amanda. Adam then said he would raise the baby with Janet and kissed her on the cheek. Janet was overjoyed and promised to raise the baby as if it were her own.

Adam was back at the mansion. Adam got a phone call from the adoption broker. The broker said that a couple wanted Jenny, no questions asked. Meanwhile, Tad, Jamie, and JR broke into the secret room, but there was no sign of Jenny. So, they rushed into the mansion. Then, Tad saw Adam and grabbed him by the collar. Tad threatened to kill Adam if he did not hand over Jenny!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Krystal, in denial that Jenny had been taken, insisted that a mistake had been made and the baby was still in the hospital. After she realized the baby was gone, she suspected Adam. Joe and Derek continued to try to find clues as to the whereabouts of Jenny and who took her. Tad and his posse returned to the hospital and argued about procedure with Derek. They found Jenny's ID bracelet in elevator #3. In Krystal's hospital room, Tad told her that they had not yet found Jenny. Babe went out in the hall and Amanda asked her what was wrong. Babe told her that Jenny was missing. Amanda asked if Janet was the one who took her and after Babe went to be with Krystal again she called Adam and demanded to know where the baby was. A condescending Adam told her to stay strong and hung up. Adam talked to his people and the new family was ready for the baby. Janet then called and wanted a few things for the baby. As he talked to Janet, Colby came in to talk to him. Adam told Colby he was surprised to see her and she asked if she could come home. A very happy Adam said of course she could come home. They hugged and Colby then said to please give Krystal back her baby. Babe and J.R went out to talk and then Jamie came and said this was all J.R.'s fault because he and the board wouldn't pay the proper staff. After speaking with Amanda, Jamie knew she had information about the whereabouts of Jenny.

Tad Jamie and J.R. came up with nothing at the Chandler mansion and after threatening Adam a few times they left. Adam called Janet and asked how the baby was and she asked how she could ever thank him for the wonderful bundle of perfect he had given her. Stuart went to visit Adam and demanded that he return the baby now. Adam pleaded innocent but Stuart saw right through him.

Zoe went on New Beginnings with Erica and a very enthusiastic audience. Erica asked her why she had been so secretive about her life and why she agreed to be on New Beginnings. Erica asked her if she minded being exposed on television and Zoe said no because it was nice to be honest. Zoe said she had met someone in Pine Valley and thanks to her she was ready to grab life by the horns. Erica opened up the show to take questions from the audience and after a couple of thoughtful questions, Bianca stood to ask something. She asked Zoe that if the person she had met in PV wanted to pursue a relationship would she be open to that. The last question was from someone who was not a fan and asked Erica why she would let this piece of filth on her show. She went on to say that Erica was only interested in ratings. Erica told the audience that she understood what the lady was saying and anything new was scary but she knew Zoe personally and said that Zoe appeared on the show to give others hope. They embraced and it was a lovely moment indeed. Zoe who somehow channeled David Bowie, then performed for the audience. The producer of the show, clearly irritated, asked Erica why she didn't attack Zoe like the lady in the audience. He said that it could have worked well for the show, but Erica fired him on the spot. Bianca then went to her mother and said she would be lucky to be just like her.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Adam was very upset that Colby believed he kidnapped Jenny. Adam claimed that Krystal brainwashed Colby. Still, Colby continued to beg Adam to return Jenny. Colby even felt responsible for Adam's actions. Colby said that if she never left him then he might not have taken Jenny. So, Colby proposed that Adam give back Jenny and then she would move back in. Adam told Colby to call the police if she really believed he did this. Colby stated that she did not want Adam in trouble. Colby also said she would pretend she took the baby to get him off the hook. Still, Adam denied any involvement and said he could not give Colby what she wanted. Then, Colby left.

Jamie believed that Amanda knew more than she was willing to admit. Then, Tad, Babe, and JR joined in the interrogation. Finally, Amanda gave in and told them everything she knew about Adam and Janet. Tad was horrified that Jenny might be with a mental patient. Amanda then told them about the room Janet was in, but Tad said they already checked there. Then, Colby entered and announced that she might know where Adam took the baby. So, Tad and Jamie rushed off. Then, Amanda called Adam and demanded to know where Janet and Jenny were. Adam said he could not help Amanda because she did not finish her chores. Adam then hung up on Amanda, so she threw her phone. JR saw this and explained that once Adam got a hold of your life, it would never be the same.

Ava went to the New Beginnings set. An employee assumed she was Lily, so Ava went with it. Ava said Erica left some stuff for her. The employee said he would leave her alone to pick up her stuff. Ava then stole jewelry from the show's wardrobe department. Then, Ava pretended she was a celebrity and that Erica was interviewing her.

Erica brought Bianca and Zoe to the yacht club for dinner before they left for Europe. Then, when they walked in, the whole family yelled surprise! Kendall, Zach, Myrtle, Josh, Jack, Lily, and Sean were all there. Erica told Bianca that her family would not let her leave without a goodbye dinner. Then, everyone began to talk and have a good time. Erica thanked Jack for coming and they agreed that it was nice to have the whole family together. Also, Zoe told Zach that he looked happier. Zach said his father no longer cast a shadow over him. Meanwhile, Kendall and Bianca expressed how much they would miss each other. Then, lily told them that she wanted to have a relationship like theirs with Ava. So, Bianca and Kendall explained that it took them a long time to build a close relationship. Meanwhile, Myrtle told Erica that she was just like her mother. Myrtle was especially happy with Erica's kindness towards Zoe. Then, Myrtle encouraged Erica not to give up on the love of her life, Jack. And, as Myrtle said this, Josh informed Jack that Erica dumped Jeff. Then, everyone sat down for dinner and began to toast Bianca and Zoe. However, no one knew that Greenlee was spying on them. As Greenlee observed the dinner party, she reminisced about her relationships with everyone at the table. Then, after Greenlee recalled her and Kendall discussing Ryan's baby, she left. Then, Tad busted in and announced that Adam might have kidnapped Jenny and stashed her on Jack's old yacht. So, Zach found the harbor master. The harbor master said that the yacht left earlier that day, but had no destination listed. Tad stated that he needed the coast guard's help.

Krystal was asleep at the hospital. First, Krystal dreamed that Adam called the baby Charlotte and wanted to take her and the baby home. Then, Krystal dreamed that Adam stole the baby and declared that she would never see Jenny again. Meanwhile, Bianca and Zoe came to show their support. Bianca went to see Krystal and expressed her empathy. Krystal cried and apologized to Bianca for stealing Miranda. Krystal felt that this was her punishment. However, Bianca believed that Krystal deserved to have her child and that they would find Jenny. Meanwhile, Zoe told Babe that she would delay her trip to Europe, but Babe refused. Babe told Zoe to go, even though she would miss Zoe very much. Babe further stated that she had faith that Tad would find Jenny. Then, Babe, Bianca, and Zoe put Krystal back to bed.

Annie asked Ryan if she turned into a bridezilla because of her wedding planning. Ryan said no and announced he had a surprise. Then, Louis from Dancing With the Stars entered. Ryan said that he wanted their wedding day to be perfect, so he got them private dancing lessons. Annie was very excited. So, they started their lesson and had a great time together. Then, after Louis left, Ryan and Annie slow danced and kissed. However, they did not know that Greenlee was spying on them. As Greenlee watched them, she recalled Ryan telling her that he loved her and that no one could ever replace her. Then, Greenlee slyly smiled.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bianca finds Zoe taking the stage one last time at New Beginnings because it is the place she introduced "Zoe" to the world. Bianca compliments Zoe on her performance and gently strokes her face. Bianca pulls away before getting close enough to kiss Zoe and hers a letter. Zoe tells Bianca that the response has been positive since she came out on New Beginnings. Zoe opens the letter to find it is from her father. With tears streaming down her face, Zoe reads the letter from her father, who wants to love his daughter as much as he loved his son.

Josh accidentally runs into Hannah and almost spills his coffee on her. She threatens to fire him if he is late to work again. Josh asks Hannah to do administrative work, but when Josh disagrees, Lily rushes into the closet in fear of hearing them yell. Hannah tells Josh that she will treat him as an assistant until he proves his worth. When she begins to walk off, Hannah accidentally trips and Josh catches her in his arms.

Kendall stops by the casino to visit Zach, but is nervous because Alexander is getting transferred to the mental hospital that day. Zach assures Kendall that she and Spike will be safe. Kendall makes Zach promise not to go near Alexander today. Zach admits he wants to there, but would does not want to hurt his marriage to Kendall. Kendall admits that she thinks Alexander still has more tricks up his sleeve. After Kendall leaves, Zach receives a picture of Kendall when Alexander kidnapped her. On the bottom of the picture is a note saying "See you soon" from Alexander. Kendall comes back with Chinese food for dinner, but Josh tells her that Zach is gone.

Derek goes to transport Alexander to the mental patient, with the teddy bear from Zach in one hand. As Alexander is about to be put in the car, shots are fired.

Babe goes to see Krystal, who is distraught that Jenny is still missing. Babe tells her mother she is getting released from the hospital, but Krystal does not want to go anywhere without her daughter. As Babe and Colby pack up Jenny's belongings, Krystal grips onto a green outfit that Jenny was supposed to wear home. To try to raise Krystal's hopes, Babe tells her that police have a lead.

Jamie tells Amanda the coast guard has been looking for Jenny all evening, but no luck. As Amanda apologizes to Jamie for scheming with Adam, Jamie tells her she is just as much to fault for his family's pain as Adam and Janet. Tad begins questioning the coast guards, but gets angry when they don't have any answers for him. Amanda tries to explain that she was scared about her mother's safety, but Jamie tells her she should have come to him when Adam threatened Janet. After Jamie asks Amanda to leave, Tad confesses that he is worried Jenny may not even be on the boat. He looks toward the stars and asks Dixie to help him find Jenny. Moments later, the coastguard tells Tad they have found the yacht. Jamie wants to rush over to Adam's house, but Tad suggests they use the media to alert the public about Jenny's disappearance.

Amanda comes to see Krystal and immediately blurts out that Janet has her baby. Krystal is horrified after Amanda explains everything to Krystal. Babe tells her mother that Janet never hurt Little Adam when she kidnapped them. Amanda rushes out and Jamie tells her that Tad has a plan to get Janet out of hiding. Colby admits she feels guilty for not protecting Jenny, but Krystal says she is not to blame for what happened. Krystal sends Colby to school and rushes off to find Jenny.

As Adam fumes in his home, Erica comes by for a visit. Lt. Perry from the police department follows behind her to question Adam. Lt. Perry said a witness has come forth claiming he helped break Janet out of the mental hospital. Adam says the witness is lying to try to hurt him, but it is not enough to convince Lt. Perry. Perry serves a search warrant and his men begin scouring through the house. After the police's search comes up empty handed, Erica asks Adam to be honest with her about the baby. Adam tells Erica she is only there to pin the kidnapping on him, but Erica claims they are on the same side when it comes to Krystal. Erica says that Krystal deserves to lose her child after stealing Miranda, but Tad should have his daughter. Erica suggests the best revenge for Krystal is kicking her out of Adam's life altogether. The police tell Adam not to stay in town and leave. Adam gets a call from the potential new daddy for Jenny and they set up a time to meet that evening. Krystal comes to his door, points a gun in his face and demands to know where Jenny is.

Erica finds Zoe and Babe at the New Beginnings studio. Zoe thanks Erica for allowing her to finally show the world who she really is. Erica and Bianca hug as Miranda comes rushing in the studio. Erica hugs Miranda and they all walk out holding hands. Tad comes rushing in and asks if he can use her television show to find Jenny.

Janet cradles Jenny in her arms at their new home, but wonders why Adam has not shown up yet. Janet sees Erica on the television saying that Amanda is in trouble. Janet immediately calls Amanda, but is interrupted by a visit from Jenny's new parents before she can talk to her daughter.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ripping the Chinese food out of her brother's hands, Kendall worriedly demands more information on Zach, who left the office shortly after she did and hadn't been heard from since. As they walk into his office, Josh tells her that he assumed Zach had a meeting outside the office, as he had many times before. She tells him that today is the day that Alexander was being transferred to the sanitarium, just before spotting the picture of her that was sent to Zach. Kendall gets all worked up, imagining who Alexander could have on the inside working for him. Josh reminds Kendall that all of this stress is not good for her baby, but she's already on a roll, worrying that somehow, Alexander will harm her son. Josh assures her that neither he nor Zach will let it happen. Then, Hannah bursts into the office and asked them if they'd heard about Alex being shot. Kendall asks if the old man perished but Hannah tells her that she doesn't know any more information. Kendall then works herself up again, concerned that Zach is responsible for the shooting. Josh assures her that there are many people in Pine Valley with a grudge against Alex and then, while looking directly at Hannah, notes aloud that any one of them could be responsible. Hannah gets the implication and swears that she not only doesn't know how to shoot a gun, she would also never take her hatred of Alex to that extreme. Kendall continues to let her imagination get the best of her, and Hannah goes off to find something that will help her calm down. Kendall then tells her brother that if Zach is responsible for what happened to Alex, they will most assuredly have no recourse when it comes to getting him out of their lives for good.

Perched over Alexander's motionless body, Derek orders his reluctant men to go to the roof in an attempt to locate the person responsible for shooting their inmate. They go, and Zach shows up, coldly asking if the bastard is dead. Derek informs him that there is still life in Alexander's body but at the rate he's bleeding, that might not last for long. The dispatched officers return with word that they didn't find the shooter, and Derek immediately sends them back up to look for a shell casing. They leave again, and Derek admits that after all Alex had done, including jeopardizing his daughter's life, he's finding it hard to remember the oath he took which commands him to find the person who fired the gun. He then asks Zach why he was in the area and Zach assures him that it was just to make sure the transfer went off without a hitch. As a father and not as police chief, Derek leaves the scene to see if his men found anything. Zach takes the opportunity to have a chat with his dying father. In it, he tells him that he will find the person who is working for him, and asks if he will choose to become lucid again and ask for help, or if he will die as he is, crazy. In response, Alex starts to sing the Red Rock song, much to Zach's chagrin. He calls Derek back and tells him to summon an ambulance. Derek reluctantly does so as Zach tells him that things shouldn't end like this – Alex should be made to suffer. Derek advises the mogul to vacate the area but Zach tells him that not one of the three of them can erase the fact that he was there.

Hannah returns with a cup of chamomile tea for herself and Kendall, and sends Josh on his way to finish a menial task she had given him. When alone, Hannah properly congratulates Kendall on the new baby and offers sincere wishes for the best for her and Zach. Kendall follows by apologizing for all that Alex put her through and repeats that Ethan was an amazing man. They clasp hands just as Zach returns to his office. Seeing his old flame, Zach recalls Hannah's meltdown over the fact that Alex shattered lives and would get off with a mere slap on the wrist.

As Annie listens in, Ryan gets in touch with Tad via phone and offers to help search for Jenny if needed. Tad is gracious but hopeful that Erica's public plea will prompt Janet to turn herself in. He ends the phone call and the couple immediately checks in with their own daughter. After doing so, they return to the living room and Annie admits that the current events bring back horrible memories. She notes that she should have been more compassionate to Tad and Dixie when they were searching for Kate, and admits that she is scared for Tad and Krystal now. She then asks Ryan to promise a series of admittedly unreasonable things – the complete and utter happiness of their combined family until the end of time – which he finds slightly amusing. He tells her that instead, he will do his best to put a smile on her face every day. She asks if he thinks Jenny will be found, and Ryan tells her that he can't believe anything but that. A short time later, Ryan returns to the living room, and interrupts the work Annie was doing on his wedding present. He shows her a printout of a recent headline about Alex being shot, and notes that the authorities have no idea who is responsible. Annie wonders if Jonathan could be to blame but Ryan tells her that he talked to his brother after the hearing and Jonathan promised that he would stay away from Alex. Annie admits that she has been worried about Jonathan, but Ryan tells her that there is no need – Jonathan just needs more time to grieve their sister.

At the hospital, as the newly returned nurses settle back in, Joe gives Derek a brief sketch of where they are with regard to Alexander, and promises an update when they know more. Ryan shows up and asks Derek who he has to thank for the shooting. Derek notes that they can't leave anyone out, and points out that both he and his brother could be considered suspects. Smirking, Ryan points out that the chief himself could be in the lineup as well. Derek breaks away to take a quick phone call, and when it ends, Ryan tells the chief that Jonathan has an airtight alibi, and that he plans on working to make sure that the chief doesn't automatically blame his brother every time a violent crime happens in Pine Valley.

In a secret location, with gloved hands, the shooter looks at the supplies used to take down Alexander.

Amanda frantically calls her mother's name into her phone, unaware that Janet had set her phone down to answer the door. Babe encourages her to put the call on speaker and to turn the volume up. When she does, she clearly hears Janet talking to a couple that insists that their lawyer finalized everything for their adoption of the baby girl that Janet has be en watching. Janet tells them that they have to leave because there has obviously been some sort of mix-up, but the woman pulls out the picture that was sent to them as proof that they are in the right place. Frantic, Janet grabs her phone and leaves a voice mail for Adam telling him that he needs to call her back so they can straighten the whole mess out.

Nervously, Babe notes aloud that Krystal's cell phone goes directly to voice mail. On the other side of the room, Amanda frets about the fact that she lost her signal. Tad and Jamie show up, and they pump Amanda for information that she doesn't have. Babe, the clearer headed of the two, relates that there were a couple of voices that they didn't recognize talking about taking the baby away. JR enters the room just as Amanda chimes in, saying that nothing showed up on the caller ID, and Janet hadn't been on the phone long enough to tell her where they were staying. Tad rushes out into the hall to tell Aidan that he needs to trace Janet's call, and Babe snags JR to help her locate Krystal. Shortly thereafter, Aidan phones back, giving Tad a 2 mile radius just outside of Pine Valley in which they can search for Janet. Tad tears out of the room with Jamie and Amanda trailing quickly behind.

The adoptive couple asks for Janet's name but refusing to give it to them, she tries to quickly think of a stalling tactic. She tells them that she was shocked that a new set of parents was found so soon for the baby, and that she wasn't sure how she would manage to part with her. She sets Jenny down in her bassinette and says that they could proceed without Mr. Prince. She opens a drawer and pulls out a large butcher knife, promising that they could wrap up dealings right away. She uses the knife to slice up some coffee cake which she forces them to take as she tells them the things that the baby likes. She continues to lose her grip on reality as they watch, starting to talk about Amanda as she remembers Erica's message. Uncomfortable, the young couple offers to take care of the baby if she wants to get some rest. Janet blows off the suggestion and picks up Jenny, saying that she is just going to freshen her up before they take her away. Moments later, Tad and company burst in and quickly find out that although Janet had been there, she had recently absconded with the baby.

Holding Adam at gunpoint, Krystal demands that he return her child immediately, unless he wants to get a bullet to the heart. Appearing unfazed, Adam tells her to get off of his property and slams the door in her face. With one shot, she blows the lock out of the door and kicks it open. She assures him that she has four bullets left, but only needs one if he forces her hand. She tells him that she doesn't play victim, and that he can do whatever he wants to her to make sure that she pays enough for betraying him – but she will not let him take her baby without a fight. Adam swears that if Janet had a hand in Jenny's disappearance, he had nothing to do with it. He starts to walk off, but Krystal fires off a second shot, effectively stopping him in his tracks. She tosses the phone at him and tells him that he had better call the FBI right away and tell them where he stashed Janet and Jenny – or enjoy his last breath. Knowing he has the upper hand, Adam wryly offers to wear a sandwich board that will constantly remind her that he does not know where her baby is. Krystal pushes him down on the couch and warns him to wise up, but he informs her that if he has information, it would die with him if she went through with her plan. Adam tells her that if she wanted to kill him, she would have done so by now, and gets up with the intent to walk away again. She fires shot number three into one of his decanters and asks how they managed to get to such a place from where they loved each other. Adam starts to imply that if the tables were turned, she would have responded similarly, but she tells him that even though she would have been more than angry, she would have found a way to love his child – not because she is a better person but because she loved him with everything she had in her body. She asks to be forgiven for being such a fool, and he tells her that she was no bigger fool than he was. Emotionally, he opens up and tells her that even though he knew she was lying when she said nothing happened between her and Tad, he chose to ignore his gut, and he discarded Colby's claim that Krystal was hiding a secret. He admits he did that out of love, and notes that it was all a big joke. Krystal reminds him that neither of them are perfect, but that when they were together and things were good – it was as close to perfect as she had ever known. With Adam facing away from her, Krystal doesn't realize that as she tells him that he was the love of her life, she succeeded in bringing a flood of tears to his eyes. Adam turns and sees Krystal seated, shoulders slumped in defeat and thinks that his moment has arrived to disarm her. She proves him wrong, launching to her feet, re-aiming the gun and telling him that she wants her baby. Adam encourages her to find the child, and insists again that he had nothing to do with it. Just then, their children arrive, wondering what had happened to the front door. They barge into the living room and find it deserted. Colby shows up just as Babe spots the shattered decanter and notes that the sight does not bode well.

In the tunnels, Adam complains of hunger and wonders how long Krystal plans on keeping him stashed. Colby happens upon them just then, and Adam begs her to go and call the police. Krystal negates that order, insisting that Adam knows where her daughter is and holding him at gunpoint is the only way to negotiate. Colby yells at both of them as a way to stop the damage they are inflicting on each other. She recounts how she felt when she first got to town, and how she grew into the hope that they could have the perfect family. Krystal tells her that she needs to go, but Colby refuses to leave until everything is over and done with. Krystal tries again to get the young girl to vacate the tunnels, but she refuses. With neither parent willing to budge, Colby notes that she has nothing left to live for, and places herself between the gun and her father, just as Babe and JR find them.

Annie picks up Emma's toys in shadowed parts of the downstairs of Wildwind, and is startled when Jonathan returns, dressed in muted clothing, complete with a hooded sweatshirt.

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