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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Annie and Ryan were at a resort on the beach. Ryan wanted Annie to relax before their wedding day. So, they enjoyed the entire morning playing on the beach. They happily kissed, flew a kite, ate ice cream, and chased each other all over the seaside. Then, they returned to the hotel room. Ryan did not want to leave, but Annie had to. Kendall booked her a spa day for her wedding present. Then, they left, but not before kissing once again.

Kendall and Zach slept in because it was their one year wedding anniversary. They both wished they could stay in bed all day, but Kendall had to visit a spa for work. Zach kissed her and tried to get her to stay, but Kendall reluctantly resisted. Then, Zach gave Kendall an envelope that contained "anniversary paper". Kendall opened it and pulled out four paper dolls. The dolls said they were "Team Slater" and stated, "Always, only us."

Josh was in a steam room in only a towel when Hannah entered. She too was only in a towel. When Hannah saw Josh she perked up and said that he was just the man she had been looking for. Josh remarked that they could both take off their towels because they had nothing left to hide. Josh also informed Hannah that the gym had a separate steam room for women. Hannah did not care and revealed that Josh forgot to hand in the last page of a report. Then, Zach walked in and laughed at the sight of Hannah and Josh together. So, Hannah remarked that Josh's last performance was poor and incomplete. Then, Hannah left. So, Zach sat down with a smirk on his face. Josh then commented on how well Kendall was doing with her pregnancy. Zach agreed and got up to leave. However, before Zach left, Zach said he wanted to see Josh in his office. Zach wished to discuss what Josh and Hannah were doing behind closed doors. Then, Zach went to his office and met with Hannah. Zach congratulated her on a good deal that earned the company three million dollars. Hannah seemed very pleased as she left. Then, Josh entered. Zach told Josh to find out everything he could about Hannah and report back to him!

Kendall and Di visited a spa that carried only Fusion products. They introduced their new "green" line. The spa employee loved the new line and invited them to indulge in a free spa day. However, Di could not stay because of an emergency at work, but Kendall happily remained. Meanwhile, Greenlee showed up at the same spa. Greenlee told an employee that she needed every spa service to make herself gorgeous for a very special man. As Greenlee got ready for her spa day, she noticed that they used Fusion products. Greenlee was pleased and announced that she was the co-founder of Fusion. The employees were impressed and commented on how happy Greenlee looked. Greenlee said it was her special guy that made her happy. Greenlee further stated that although they had not seen each other in a long time, she was sure their reunion would be a big success. Then, Greenlee asserted that this man was the love of her life. Meanwhile, Kendall was placed next to Greenlee with only a curtain separating them. Kendall began to relax when she heard Greenlee's voice. Greenlee stated that she named the nail polish color "rhapsody in red". Kendall looked shocked and jumped out of her chair! Then, Kendall ripped open the curtain and saw Greenlee! Kendall grabbed the cucumber slices off of Greenlee's eyes and Greenlee slyly smiled!

Adam was rushed into the hospital as JR, Colby, Stuart, Marian, Babe, and Jamie followed him. Adam called out Krystal's name and everyone looked shocked. Immediately, Joe began treatment on Adam as the family waited outside. Then, Palmer sneaked into the hospital room. Palmer was delighted to see Adam in this state. Palmer encouraged Joe not to be a hero with Adam's life. Joe laughed and joked that he thought about taking a long lunch when he saw Adam was his patient. Still, Joe believed he had to remain true to his medical oath. Then, Adam began yelling into his oxygen mask. Joe removed the mask and Adam asked for "a real doctor". Joe just chuckled and put the mask back on Adam. Meanwhile, Babe and Jamie decided to leave and help look for Amanda. Then, Stuart said he was worried about Adam having another stroke, not a heart attack. Stuart felt that Adam's heart was too strong for this. JR remarked that Adam's heart was strong because it was made of stone. Colby was mad at her brother for joking about a serious matter. Colby worried that Adam might die and wished he would get well. Then, Colby admitted to Joe that she forgot to fill Adam's prescription. Joe looked at the prescription and realized it was for stroke medicine. Joe assured Colby that the heart attack was not her fault. Marian also consoled Colby and told her she was blame free. Then, Stuart went to see Adam. Stuart cried and apologized for getting so mad at Adam. Then, Joe announced that Adam had minimal damage and would not need surgery. JR asked if he could tell Adam the diagnosis. Joe agreed, so JR went to see Adam. Then, JR lied and told Adam that it was "touch and go". JR asked Adam if there was anything he wanted to get off his chest before he might die.

Janet began interviewing Tad and Krystal about their parenting skills. Janet declared that parenthood was a privilege and that she did not think either of them was worthy of it. So, Krystal started to call Janet crazy, but Tad stopped her. Tad then calmly spoke to Janet. Tad said that Janet was an expert on parenting and that they would be willing to answer any questions if it meant they could have Jenny back. Then, Tad's phone rang. Tad went to answer it, but Janet stopped him. So, Tad stated that it was Jamie and that no good parent would ignore their child. Janet agreed and let them speak. Then, Tad cryptically let Jamie know that he was with Janet. Jamie then informed Tad that he was looking for Amanda in the area where they tracked her cell phone. Then, Janet continued with her questions. Tad politely answered them. Janet proceeded to ask when they were getting married. They said they were not getting married and still had no custody arrangements. Janet believed this lack of planning was a bad sign. Then, Tad pleaded with Janet. Tad reminded her of the good times they shared with Trevor and Dixie. Then, Krystal reminded Janet of when Amanda was taken from her. Krystal said she felt the same pain by being separated from Jenny. Janet began to tear up and finally told them where Jenny was. So, Tad called Jamie. Jamie and Babe went to the warehouse and heard Amanda calling for help. They unlocked the door and Amanda revealed that the baby was sick. Jamie realized the baby was congested and could not breathe. So, Jamie hollowed a pen and used it to clear the baby's nasal passages. This worked and the baby was breathing. Then, Krystal and Tad arrived. Krystal rejoiced as she held Jenny.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Janet apologized to Tad for taking Jenny and said she didn't know the baby would get sick. While it looked like Tad was about to berate Janet, he instead said thank you and told her she took good care of Jenny. Janet told him that he would make a good father to Jenny. They took the baby to the hospital and when they arrived, Tad was going to go pay Adam a visit. Jeff stopped him although he didn't want to. Jamie went to Tad and he said that this whole thing made him think of when he and Babe took Little Adam. He said no one deserved to have their child taken away but it felt good to help Jenny. As a precaution, the nurse said she wanted to run some blood cultures on the baby. Colby told Krystal that Adam had a heart attack, but that he would be alright. It was all smiles from the Martin's and the Carey's as they gathered around Jenny, but in the next hospital room, was a lonely, sad Adam laying in the dark.

At the hospital, J.R. tried to fake out Adam and told him that his condition didn't look good and if he had something to say to him this would be the time. Adam asked for help and held out his hand. He then told J.R. that he felt fine and knew he wasn't dying. He then said his biggest mistake was not locking J.R. out of the house when he had the chance. Adam then said he was a real man unlike him and to get out. Amanda went in and was fuming mad. She picked up the shock paddles and threatened to use them on him. He said go ahead and make herself feel better, but in her frustration about what he did to her mother, she threw the paddles and said she hated him.

Erica went to Jack's and Sean answered the door with an unbuttoned shirt. She stopped to chit chat but Sean said he was busy and opened the door for her to leave. Of course, Erica wanted to bond with Sean. She said that she knew he had been through a lot, but she really did care about him. He said that he was ok with the divorce between her and Jack and then Ava came in and wanted him back in bed. Ava sucked up to Erica and said really stupid stuff. Sean was quite embarrassed and Erica left.

Kendall saw Greenlee at the spa and was taken by surprise. Kendall asked her why she was there and Greenlee said that she had stayed away too long and wanted to come home. She said that she saw the Fusion press conference after all the serial killer trauma and it made her miss Fusion and everyone. Greenlee said she wanted the reunion with her and Ryan to be special. Kendall realized that the Fusion Green idea was from Greenlee. Kendall asked if she came back to blow up Ryan's wedding, but just then they heard Annie in the other room who arrived for her diva bride spa experience. Greenlee made a beeline for Annie, but Kendall stopped her. Greenlee asked how Ryan could marry that woman and Kendall said that they had all moved on. Kendall told Greenlee that it wasn't about them anymore and she wanted her family to be happy. Greenlee said she wanted to meet Spike sometime and Kendall made Greenlee swear she would not ruin Ryan's wedding. Greenlee said that Ryan deserved to be happy and then asked about their friendship. Kendall said that she didn't know how to be friends again. She also told Greenlee that they had to get her out of town. After realizing that there were no open arms for her, Greenlee said to forget that she ever saw her.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kendall tried to call Ryan and warn him about Greenlee being in town. However, Jonathan took his brother's phone and would not allow him to have any calls, especially from Kendall. Jonathan wanted Annie to be the only woman getting Ryan's attention on his wedding day. Meanwhile, Kendall was very annoyed. So, Kendall voiced her frustration to Zach. Kendall worried that Greenlee might try to ruin the wedding. Zach told Kendall to stay out of it because it was none of her business. Regardless, Kendall worried that Ryan might be devastated by Greenlee's unexpected return. Zach wondered if Kendall was really the one that could not handle Greenlee's return. So, Kendall admitted this was true. Kendall was a little uneasy over the fact that she almost gave Spike to Greenlee. Kendall was also hurt that Greenlee deserted her. Zach consoled Kendall, but still warned her not to get involved. Then, Zach kissed Kendall goodbye and went to work.

Emma and Cathy woke Annie up by jumping up and down on her bed. The little girls were happily yelling that Annie was getting married today. Then, Julia and Di came in and shared in the excitement. Annie then revealed that she a great night of sleep because she had a sexy dream about Ryan. Then, Ryan and Jonathan walked by the room and saw the women. Di ran to shut the door, so Ryan could not see Annie. Then, Di, Julia, and the little girls gave Annie presents in the wedding tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Next, the women left and Annie got ready. Ryan then called to Annie and explained that even though he saw her, they would not have bad luck. Ryan stated that nothing could jinx them. Meanwhile, Kendall came to Wildwind to warn Ryan. Jonathan tried to make Kendall leave, but she refused. Then, just as Kendall was about to tell Ryan, the nanny distracted Ryan with a request for Emma. So, Ryan left and did not find out Greenlee was in town. Then, Jonathan chastised Kendall for trying to make Ryan and Annie's day all about her. Jonathan suspected Kendall of trying to ruin the wedding. Kendall asserted that she wanted Annie and Ryan to be happy, but Jonathan did not believe her. So, Kendall called Jack, but he did not answer. Then, Kendall called Zach. Kendall wanted Zach to send some of his men to the wedding to watch out for Greenlee. However, Zach still refused to get involved. So, Kendall vowed to save Ryan from Greenlee herself.

Greenlee was having breakfast at the yacht club. Greenlee looked depressed as she tore up the letter she wrote to Ryan. Then, the letter fell on the ground and Hannah picked it up. Hannah asked if the letter was Greenlee's and if they could share a table. Greenlee said yes to both. Hannah then inquired about the significance of Greenlee's unique ring. Greenlee explained that Ryan gave it to her as a symbol of their bond. Greenlee further explained how perfect Ryan was. Greenlee also stated how much she regretted leaving him, especially now that he was marrying someone else. Hannah said she understood how Greenlee felt. Greenlee then explained that her best friend betrayed her and wanted her to leave town. Hannah thought Greenlee should fight for her love. Greenlee stated that her best friend told her that Ryan truly moved on. Hannah wondered why she would believe someone that betrayed her. Greenlee agreed and decided to fight for Ryan. Then, Greenlee revealed that her best friend's name was Kendall Hart Slater. Hannah looked shocked, but did not admit that she knew Kendall. Then, Hannah encouraged Greenlee to stay in town and hoped they might run into each other again.

Greenlee wrote Ryan another letter and put her ring into the envelope. Greenlee then had a messenger deliver it to "Mr. Lavery". However, the messenger gave the letter to Jonathan, the wrong "Mr. Lavery". When Jonathan saw the letter, he thought it was from Kendall. So, Ryan told the messenger he did not want anything to do with the letter or the woman that sent it. So, the messenger returned the letter to Greenlee, along with "Mr. Lavery's" harsh words. Greenlee's jaw dropped open! Meanwhile, Jonathan and Ryan went outside to where everyone was gathered for the wedding.

Erica was nervous that Jack might not show up for their New Beginnings show. However, Jack did show up, but refused to go by Erica's script. Erica looked nervous. Then, Erica introduced the topic of celebrity divorces to her audience. Erica wondered why the public enjoyed celebrity splits so much. Erica thought maybe it was because of the drama that resulted from a public divorce. Then, Erica showed her own tabloid headlines over her divorce. Erica explained to the audience that although she was getting a divorce, it was a peaceful one. Erica believed that the end of a marriage did not have to be the end of a friendship. Erica then brought Jack out to discuss their pleasant divorce. Then, when they went to a commercial break, Jack told Erica that he would only tell the truth on her show. Erica encouraged honesty and explained that she was always candid with her audience. Then, Erica's producer surprised both Jack and Erica with memorable pictures from their past. So, they reminisced nostalgically about their relationship. Then, Jack asked the audience if they wanted to know the real reason behind their happy divorce. The audience cheered, but Erica looked concerned. Then, Jack admitted that he and Erica were able to be so civil because they were still in love!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

After New Beginnings, the producer tells Jackson that she enjoyed the way he handled Erica's show. Erica tells Jackson that he sabatoged her show, but he believes he told her audience the truth – that they still love each other. Jackson tells Erica he did not come onto the show to destroy her, but she believes he plotted the entire speech. Jackson told her that he should have warned him about the pictures because it brought back old memories. Erica said she was just as shocked as him about the slide show. They reminisce of old times, such as when Jackson caught Erica before she fell through ice on a snowy day. Jackson asks Erica why she had to move out of the house. Erica tells him that she needed time to find herself, but did not leave him for Jeff. Erica reminds him that Barbara slipped into Jackson's life conveniently too. The producer comes back ranting about all the media coverage her television show is getting. A few minutes later, reporters come into the studio ready to dish with Erica and Jackson. Jackson agrees to sign on for additional appearances on New Beginnings but Erica is leery of the idea.

At Jackson's house, Ava walks into Lily's room as she prepares to attend Ryan and Annie's wedding. As Ava toys with the gold dress, Lily admits that she is nervous about going to the wedding because it will remind her of the failed marriage to Jonathan. Ava thanks Lily for allowing her to use her credit card, but it would have been better if Jonathan hadn't ruined her trip. Lily gives Ava the dress since she is not attending the wedding. Ava suggests that she go to the wedding disguised as Lily, but needs a few pointers on how to act like her.

Annie takes Emma's hand and they walk down the aisle toward Ryan. Emma tosses the flower pedals to the ground with Annie following behind. As Zach takes a fussy Spike away from the ceremony, Dell tells Kendall that Greenlee did not check out of the hotel. Emma puts Ryan and Annie's hands together as they each give her a kiss on the check. Kendall excuses herself to go to the bathroom, but secretly rushes off to find Greenlee. The preacher begins the wedding ceremony and Annie is the first to say her vows. She tells Ryan that he has made all her dreams come true. When it is time for Ryan to say his vows, he tells Annie she showed him that love can bring hope to life. Emma tells her parents that she loves him and they can be a family now.

Greenlee speeds into the driveway at Wildwind and runs to the wedding site. As soon as she spots Kendall, Greenlee starts running the opposite direction. Kendall follows her to the gatehouse and closes the door behind them. Greenlee tries to get past Kendall but she pushes her onto the couch and blocks the door. Kendall tells Greenlee that she should have known better than to believe she would not ruin the wedding. Greenlee says that she can make Ryan happy, but Kendall reminds her she is the one who left town and broke his heart. Kendall scorns Greenlee for not being there when Erin died. She admits that she was not Annie's biggest fan, but now thinks she is the perfect stepmother for Spike and soul mate for Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee about Ryan being the biological father of Annie's child. Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan has moved on, but in minutes, Greenlee is on her feet and ready to tackle the door.

Kendall returns to the wedding after locking Greenlee in the gatehouse. Ryan and Annie exchange wedding rings and are pronounced husband and wife. Ryan kisses the bride and walks down the aisle with his new wife. Ava shows up at the wedding and immediately smiles at Jonathan. Kendall and Zach go back to the gatehouse, but find the door open and Greenlee gone. At the reception, Ryan toasts to his new wife.

Friday, May 11, 2007

JR, along with the newly merged Carey-Martin clan gets Jenny ready to go home. Everyone seems excited except for Krystal, who is holding her breath, hoping that nothing goes wrong this time to get in their way.

Barry visits Adam in the hospital and tells him that there is no evidence linking him to Janet or Jenny's disappearance from the hospital, leaving recovery from his heart attack as the only thing left to do. Adam notes that it will be easier to do that without all of the distraction around him, just as Tad enters the room. Barry tries to send him on his way but Adam vetoes that, saying that he needs a good laugh. Tad notes with a smirk on his face that he was going to tell him to stay away from his family, but seeing that Adam is in no position to do much of anything, he decided to refrain and will just take his new daughter home for good. He goes out into the hall and finds Babe incensed that Adam won't be charged for his crimes. Tad reminds her that with no evidence, there's no case.

They rejoin Krystal in the hospital room, and Joe gives Jenny a clean bill of health. Krystal begs Joe to tell her that she will have no reason to worry or look over her shoulder once she leaves the hospital. The chief of staff does the best he can by assuring her that she and her daughter are surrounded by love. He leaves, and Tad soon follows, and asks his father that Adam not be on the loose while his daughter is leaving the premises.

Barry offers to call Adam a car to get home, but Adam dismisses him saying that he has other people to take care of those things. Barry leaves but the Elder Chandler is alone for mere moments before Joe comes in and informs him of his discharge orders and the advice that he should have a friend or family member escort him home. This hits a nerve and Joe says aloud what is running through his head: Adam has no one to call on. Emotionally injured, Adam covers with bravado and takes a crack at Tad to make Joe leave. In retaliation, Joe tells him that they are waiting on his test results and the lab is horribly backed up. As he leaves, he passes Colby, who had been able to hear the exchange. She steps away from the room and is soon rejoined by her brother and sister-in-law. She lets on that she feels guilty because Adam is alone, but the both remind her that he brought it on himself. In addition, JR applauds her for breaking out of the Chandler mold that Adam tried to force her into and notes his hope that she doesn't get sucked back in. The trio then goes back to Krystal's room to help her pack it in and leave. Tad catches up with them, but before they go, Krystal locks eyes with a very lonely Adam.

Krystal and crew arrive back home, but the new mother refuses to let go of Jenny. JR tries to ease her anxiety by letting her know that Winifred isn't far away in a back room, taking care of Little A. She reluctantly allows Colby to initiate some baby massage, which is supposed to encourage bonding, but only really lets her guard down when she realizes that Colby isn't 100% there. The young girl admits that she feels bad that this group is together and happy while Adam has no one. She knows that she shouldn't care but she does. Krystal tells her that she is a wonderful and loving person and that she should do what she feels she needs to do, despite all of the horrible atrocities that Adam inflicted upon them. She tells the young girl that no matter what happens between family members, you can't just turn your feelings off. She says that it's not too late to smooth things over with her father and urges her to go. Colby does as asked, allowing Tad to come out from his hiding place in the hall. Together, the new parents muse about all of the firsts that Jenny has brought them, and Krystal finally lets her guard down, saying that she would be more than happy to let him be the one to get up for the 2 a.m. feeding.

Back at the hospital, Adam barks orders into the phone as a means of getting a car sent to pick him up. Babe joins him, uninvited, and asks if his heart attack was a life-changing experience for him like it was for so many people. He throws out caustic one-liners to keep her at bay, but she tells him she is aware that he asked for Krystal when he was rolled in, and knows that he couldn't keep his eyes off of her as they were leaving. Adam continues to assert that he wants nothing more than Krystal and her baby out of his mind and out of his life, but Babe doesn't believe him. She reminds him of all of the ways that he tried to break Krystal and how he lost every time. Before walking out of the room, she tells him that his failures make him a loser and that her mother deserves better than that.

Colby returns to the hospital and tells her father that she has come to take him home. He reminds her that the last time she made the offer, it was a trick. She assures him that she is being straight up this time, because she still loves him and doesn't want him to be alone. Grateful, he embraces his youngest child tightly.

Kendall is frantic at knowing that even though she locked Greenlee away to prevent her from ruining the wedding, she still got out. Zach tries to convince his wife that she should take that as a good sign, and that Greenlee probably left after knowing that she couldn't get what she wanted. Kendall tells him that there is no way that Greenlee would give up that easily, and storms out to track her down.

In the garden, Ryan dispatches all of the guests to the reception area inside so that they can get the party started. Meanwhile, he announces, he will giving his new bride a surprise gift. They do as they are told as Ryan leads a bewildered Annie to another part of the garden. When she spies his gift, she is hesitant to give in, but he convinces her that she can do it. She comes face to face with a beautiful horse, Othello, and allows Ryan to lift her into the side saddle and lead her around the beautifully landscaped grounds. After a few moments, unbeknownst to the newly wedded couple, Greenlee shows up and watches them from behind a tree.

Inside as the guests mill about and talk amongst themselves, Ava (as Lily) excuses herself, and Aidan starts to suspect that something is amiss when he catches her paying a little too much attention to a passing waiter.

Kendall and Zach arrive at the reception, and take relieved, Kendall admits that Zach may have been right about Greenlee taking her lumps than leaving. She doesn't have time to ponder any alternatives, as the bride and groom finally arrive to mingle with all who came to wish them well.

Jamie and Julia reconnect at the reception, and she tells him that since Kathy has settled in well at Wildwind, she thinks the time has come to take a trip out to California to introduce her to the Santos portion of the family. Jamie thinks it's a great idea for Kathy to be such an integral part of large network of people who love each other. He then tells her that he decided to return to medical school and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Julia instantly knows that his work at saving his baby sister's life was what pushed him back into it, and his glowing façade is proof. She tells him that she will do whatever she can to help him, and he reminds her that her most important role will be stress reliever. Cheekily, she agrees to accept the challenge. A little while later, Jamie finds Amanda and she tells him that although the damage had already been done, it reminded her that she can never truly relax or let her guard down, lest life smack her in the face and remind her of her true station. Jamie offers that positive thinking about her cool house, friends, and fantastic job could help her out of her perpetually negative cycle.

Jonathan approaches Ava, believing her to be Lily, and offers her a drink. After making him sit it on the bar so she wouldn't touch him, she justifies her lateness by offering that she didn't want to interrupt the ceremony. He then tells her that he is glad she is talking to him, especially after his bad run-ins with her sister. She defends herself in a very Lily-like manner, and Jonathan buys the whole thing. From across the courtyard, Aidan and Di watch them, and Di reminds him of his disparaging opinions regarding Ava, and how it doesn't seem that she has had an ill effect on Lily. They start to argue the point, but Del interrupts them and redirects their attention to the bride and groom's first dance. Ryan and Annie proceed to show off the fruits of their salsa dancing lessons, and then invite the others to join them on the floor. A few moments later, Kendall is able to make her way over to Ryan, and she tells him that he has no idea how much he owes her.

A short time later, Kendall and Di briefly talk about the cute scene before them in which all of the kids clamber over each other for a chance to dance with Ryan. Their conversation doesn't last long as Zach shows up to steal his wife away. He takes her on a walk and shows her a private bridge on the grounds. She is amazed that he always knows exactly what she needs, but he tells her that it's his job. She notes that Greenlee's return has made her so crazed that she has had to force her smile all day. He tells her that he wants her to smile for real, and sweeps her into his arms before lowering both of them to the ground for some afternoon delight.

Annie dances with her new brother-in-law and thanks him for believing she could be with Ryan before she believed it herself. She tells him that she wants him to have the same kind of thing, not just by living through them. As he gazes at the woman he believes to be Lily, he notes that he had an amazing love once and it was one that he will never forget.

Jonathan asks Lily to dance with him as they'd done before but not knowing how to react makes Ava extremely uncomfortable. She tries to escape the situation by saying she needs to go to the bathroom, but Aidan interrupts her flight by telling her that she looked uncomfortable and he wanted to check on her. She nervously asks why they are both being so nice to her, but before she completely falls apart, Di swoops in and saves her, noting that the loudness might be getting to her. She whisks her away inside, but as they round the corner, a waiter drops a tray. Ava's reaction of putting her earplugs in is too slow and knowing the difference, Di coaches her to start counting backwards from 100 before she is found out.

Back in the courtyard, just after Ryan announces again how lucky they are for this day and the celebration with their friends, the authorities show up with a warrant for Ryan's arrest. He makes them go inside, where they explain to him that he is being charged with bigamy, as there is proof he is still married to his former wife. Annie comes in, demanding a good explanation, as Emma fears she will be taken away again. Ryan tells her exactly what happened, and tells her that it boils down to a clerical error. He promises that he won't be gone long, as he needs to rush back and feed his new bride some wedding cake. He kisses her and then dashes off with the police, his little brother following closely behind. Annie makes her way back out to the yard, where everyone but her closest friends had cleared out. Barely holding back her tears, she tries to act as if everything would be fine, but asks if someone can explain to her what had happened to mar her previously unflawed wedding day.

JR visits his mother's grave, and says that he has no right to be there because he failed to grant her dying wish. He tells her that a lot of pain could have been avoided if he had just done what she asked. He apologizes, and asks her how he can make it right and become a son that she can be proud of.

Kendall and Zach return to the courtyard to find out that Ryan had been arrested. Without hearing any details, Kendall immediately recognizes it as Greenlee's handiwork.

Ryan and Jonathan arrive at the station with the authorities, and Jonathan immediately calls Jack and requests that he come downtown and act as Ryan's legal counsel. Ryan thinks it's a colossal mistake, but the authorities swear they have proof. They lead him into the interrogation room and soon after, the person who filed the charges follows suit. Ryan turns and finally comes face to face with the woman he believed was his ex-wife – Greenlee.



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