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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on GL
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Monday, May 7, 2007

While trying to head to the warehouse, Cyrus attends to a weak Marina. As they make their way out the door, Cyrus and a feverish Marina kiss. Cyrus cuffs Marina to the steering wheel, before he goes to get the money. Two cops move in on the car that Marina is in and are about to shoot because they think Cyrus is in the car, too. Harley meets Natalia just as Gus learns that she's working at Company. Gus assures Natalia he's going to tell Harley all about their past, soon enough. Reva storms over to Harley, outraged that she dumped Daisy in juvie and Harley begins to feel guilty. Reva catches Cassie talking to Tammy and insists that Josh needs to know. Cassie bursts out that she's sick of Reva angling to get Josh back. Meanwhile, Josh asks Remy why he's wasting his life and offers him a job at Lewis. Later, Cassie goes outside and sees Tammy, telling her that she needs her and she'll never let her go. Ashlee prepares Daisy for life in juvie, including lockdown mode. Ashlee and Daisy learn Coop is their new teacher in juvie. Later, Reva tries to visit Daisy, but is turned away by Mrs. Hannigan.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ava thinks the rift between Jeffrey and Olivia will remain if he doesn't come to the wedding. Jeffrey is affected but still declines. Ava hugs Jeffrey after he agrees to ask Olivia for her forgiveness. Ava gets the room ready as Jeffrey looks at the wedding invitation. Alan-Michael has a pile of pictures and news clippings of everyone who's crossed him. He accidentally gives Alan Buzz's wedding invitation along with the clippings and Alan calls his son out on planning a "wedding day surprise." Later, Alan-Michael tries to apologize to Ava, but ends up insulting Coop. Dinah is touched that Mallet has come up with an alibi for her so that she can't be named as Cyrus's accomplice in stealing Matt and Vanessa's money. Mallet is about to head to the station, when Frank calls and tells him that Cyrus got away and had been holding Marina hostage. Later, Dinah and Mallet search the warehouse, but Dinah refuses to believe that the money is gone. Cyrus gives himself up, fearing that the cops will shoot Marina by mistake. While one cop escorts Marina to the ER, Cyrus blows up a car and makes his escape from the other cop. Cyrus finds the money he stashed, and starts packing it away. Meanwhile, Alan tells Frank that Alan-Michael might try to sabotage Buzz's wedding to hurt Olivia. Cyrus finds Marina's SPD badge on the floor and is unable to get her out of his head. Later, Cyrus realizes that all the bills are marked, as Marina thinks of Cyrus.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Inside the Light: All Dressed in White

Today's show films from the point of view of a Belinda, the wedding planner. Belinda is the camera, meaning we can't see her, but we see everywhere she goes and everyone she sees. The residents of Springfield talk to her by directly speaking into the camera. The affect of this is that we the viewers are Belinda.

At the Beacon, Olivia is frantic the day before her wedding. Ava helps her get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Buzz seems to be even more frayed when Belinda comes to check on him. She assures Olivia that Buzz will be wearing pants and promises Buzz that all of her weddings end happily. In the hallway, she runs into Alan-Michael. He pretends to be Rick Bauer in order to get an itinerary of the wedding from her.

Belinda roams around the hotel and finds Coop wrapping wedding gifts with Christmas paper. Ava sends Belinda to rewrap the gifts. She goes to do so, but winds up eavesdropping on them instead. The camera angel shows almost all the Beacon walls. One gets a sense that it's a real room. Coop and Ava discuss what great deals she got on their honeymoon, but notices what a mess that Coop's socks are. She ends up knocking him down to get his socks off of him. Belinda leaves the room, wondering why she can't get a good man like Coop.

In the reception hall (which is that place where Reva and Cassie had wine the other day), she overhears Harley and Frank discussing how Alan-Michael might try to ruin the wedding. Harley assures a concerned Belinda that there will be no problems. She runs into Coop again and shamelessly flirts. She wanders to Buzz and Olivia as they gather everyone to speak before dinner.

Buzz makes a speech professing his love for Olivia, who makes, "young men want to get older and older men want to go out and get pharmaceuticals."

After Buzz's loving speech, Belinda manages to sneak into a lot of conversations. She spies on Olivia receiving a phone call from Jeffrey. Olivia says to him that she doesn't care if what he has to say is urgent. She tells him to get a life and hangs up with him. Buzz pulls her away to dance. As they party-goers laugh and dance, Belinda wonders who Jeffrey is and takes Olivia's phone off the table.

Later, the party seems to be winding down. Harley (Gus is not with her) finds Belinda passed out on the floor from too much Greek wine. She helps her up. She wanders into a conversation that Ava and Olivia are having about Jeffrey's phone call. Olivia reminds her daughter that it isn't that easy for her to just let go of the past, but she will call Jeffrey back-after her honeymoon.

Belinda prepares to go to her hotel room and sleep off the wine before the wedding tomorrow. She stops short when she sees Ava and Coop outside Ava's room. Ava tries to entice Coop inside. They kiss for a while against the door, but Coop pulls away, thinking they both are just drunk. Coop admits that he wants her, but he feels burned from the last time. He wants to get his life back together before he gets back into a relationship. They kiss goodnight again.

Belinda, while still trying to find her room, finds an open hotel room. Inside, Harley cries. She always cries at weddings, she explains to Belinda, who comes in and listens. Harley talks about how she sent Daisy away. Belinda gets away from her by saying she'd going to check on the bride. Through another door and around another corner, she finds Buzz and Olivia kissing good night. With a watch in his hands, he says he's counting the minutes. "Good night, Mrs. Cooper," he says. She bids Mr. Cooper goodnight. Once he's on the elevator, she tells Belinda to come out from hiding.

They enter her hotel room. Olivia has decided she won't wear her veil tomorrow. She asks Belinda to get it out of the room, so she won't keep debating it. Belinda discovers some gifts out on the patio. When she goes to retrieves them, there's a knock at the door. Belinda turns to see Olivia opening the door for Jeffrey.

Out of sight on the balcony, Belinda listens in on the conversation. Jeffrey promised Ava that he would talk to Olivia before the wedding. Olivia wants to know if he called her from a bar. He says that he was leaving a bar. She accuses him of being drunk. He wonders if she has been drinking. Olivia says that she's celebrating her wedding. Jeffrey decides he's celebrating his courage to come and knock on her door. He admits that he hates the past as much as she does. He knows that he can't be sorry enough in her eyes. Olivia acts a little tipsy, telling him to go. Jeffrey is discouraged at her attitude. He's trying to be nice to her.

Jeffrey admits that he's lost a lot of sleep thinking about her and how she must have been so lost and alone when she was pregnant. He wonders if she saw Ava before she gave her up. Slowly Olivia nods that she did. He tells her that he keeps thinking of that moment, that goodbye. It must have been hard-and then to see Ava again after all these years. Jeffrey respects Olivia because she's gotten passed it and now she's building something real with Ava. He struggles to tell her that, "I just thought...that...that before you spend the rest of your life..." He sighs and Olivia huffs. "Tomorrow you'll be Mrs. Buzz Cooper and I'll be sober. This is the last chance for...for us..."

Jeffrey stares at her before cupping her face and kissing her. A camera clicks. Belinda looks over her shoulder. Alan-Michael has gotten onto the balcony and is photographing them. He asks Belinda to be quiet and continues photographing.

After a long kiss, Olivia pulls away, swearing that he doesn't get to ruin her life a second time. She charges out of the room and Jeffrey goes after her. He pursues her into the courtyard. When he tries to touch her, she whacks him hard across his face and tells him to leave her alone. From the balcony, Belinda wonders if she is okay. Olivia yells at Jeffrey for his actions. He defends that maybe he kissed the bride a little early. He wishes her a happy wedding and stalks out. Belinda comes down to make sure Olivia is okay. Belinda tries to tell her that Alan-Michael was in her room. Olivia is too distracted, thinking Belinda refers to Jeffrey when she says there was a man in her room. Olivia doesn't want her to worry about Jeffrey. She keeps trying to tell Olivia that Jeffrey is not of whom she speaks, but Olivia just storms off, wanting to go to bed.

When Belinda wanders to her room, she finds a door open. Buzz and Olivia are in there kissing. Olivia really wanted to be with him but didn't want to jinx them. Buzz says, "jinx me now!" as he kisses and maneuvers her out of view.

When Belinda turns, Alan-Michael is there. She demands from photos from him, calling him Rick Bauer. Alan-Michael lies that he bet Jeffrey that he couldn't kiss the bride before the wedding. He says he lost but they will have the pictures to laugh about.

The next morning, Belinda awakens Olivia on her wedding day with a love note from Buzz. She again tries to tell her about Alan-Michael on the balcony. Ava interrupts and Olivia expresses how almost angry she is about her sending Jeffrey over here. Ava giggles that she's really not angry. Olivia admits that it helped her see how much she has with Buzz.

In Buzz's room, Belinda tries to tell him about a man taking unnecessary pictures. Buzz says to fire him. Before Belinda can explain more, Coop interrupts. As they talk, Jeffrey shows up at the door with a gift. He offers his congratulations and a gift as a peace offering. He wishes them the best of luck and leaves. Buzz asks Coop to trash Jeffrey's gift.

Later Emma, Ava and Harley help Olivia into her wedding gown. Belinda leaves and goes to the courtyard. There she sees Alan-Michael asking an attendant to give an envelope to Buzz. Belinda rushes off to Buzz's room. When she arrives, Frank and Coop are helping Buzz get prepared for the wedding. Belinda again attempts to tell him about the man taking pictures. The attendant arrives with the envelope and Buzz tips him. Belinda begs him not to open it. Buzz opens it and pulls out photo after photo of Jeffrey and Olivia kissing. Belinda whimpers that she was trying to tell him about this. Buzz roars at her to get out. She goes out the door still trying to explain.

Buzz slams the door in her face.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buzz goes to his room and takes pictures out of an envelope showing Olivia and Jeffrey kissing. He summons Olivia to his room. Ava is helping Olivia get into her dress and having a heart to heart talk telling her she's perfect for Buzz. Olivia goes to Buzz's room where he shows her the pictures. She asks Buzz where he got them from. She tells Buzz it's Alan Michael's doing. Olivia begs Buzz to forgive her the kiss was a mistake. She tells him he came to her room drunk and he kissed her and she pushed him away nothing else happened. Buzz wants to know how long the kiss was because there was more than one picture. He demands the truth that's in her heart. She tells him he is in her heart and she wants to marry him. She asks him to forget the pictures and to let them just move forward. He asks her to leave. Ava comes in, asks what's going on. Buzz tells her to tell everybody he's sorry.

Alan Michael goes to see Ava (while Coop is with her) asking her to go have a drink with him. Coop tells Alan Michael that Ava and the whole town is through with him. Alan Michael pays another room-service person for another task. He gets the Spaulding jet fueled and ready to fly to Paris and he won't be traveling alone. There's a knock at the door Alan Michael opens it thinking it's Ava. It's Buzz who punches him in the face and throws a few more and knocks him to the ground. Alan shows up and tells Alan Michael that he has to go. Buzz excuses himself and says he has a marriage to save.

Marina asks Dinah about Cyrus' past. Dinah tells her he saved her life. Mallet joins them and Dinah tells him how she's asking questions. Marina gets woozy and Mallet takes her to Harley's room to lie down. Cyrus shows up in her room. Cyrus tells Marina he burned the money because it was marked. Mallet comes in to check on her with Cyrus hiding behind the door. Mallet tells her the wedding has been called off. Marina is flustered and he leaves. She comes back into a room to find a note from Cyrus saying "I'll be seeing you."

Dinah gets a call from Blake's doctor that she needed to come to the hospital immediately. Dinah arrives to find Blake's bed empty and thinks the worst. She goes into the hallway and finds Blake sailing around in a scooter. She tells Dinah she's ready to leave the hospital. Blake tells Dinah there's been a change of plans as to where she was going to live during her recovery period. Mallet calls Dinah and tells her the wedding was called off. She tells Mallet Blake wants to move in with them.

Alan Michael tells Alan he hasn't lost and is not being forced out. Alan tells him tomorrow morning he will find a large sum of money in his account framing him for embezzling. Alan promises to not allow him to sink so low he can't save him. He assures Alan Michael it's for his own good. Alan asks him if Ava is worth all of this. He tells him it's his opportunity to make a fresh start. Alan Michael grabs Alan, hugs him and breaks down in tears. Alan leaves to attend the wedding.

Jeffrey finds Olivia upset. She tells him it's over because of him. He tells her he wasn't alone in that room. Olivia tells Jeffrey she doesn't want him and has never wanted him. She tells him Buzz is the man she wants. She hits Jeffrey repeatedly. He grabs her hands and they kiss just as Buzz walks in. Olivia tells Jeffrey to get out. Buzz tells her not to touch him. Buzz asks her to be honest with him. She cries telling him she doesn't know why she kissed Jeffrey. She tells Buzz there are a lot of unresolved issues with Jeffrey. She tells him she needs a more complicated life. Buzz tells her he came down to tell her he wanted to go on with the wedding. Olivia tells him he should have stayed upstairs she's not good enough for him. He tells her he accepts her as she is. She tells him she can't marry him. She tells him not to follow her he tells her he won't. Alan comes in and tells Buzz they need to get a drink.

Coop meets Ava at CO2 and she tells him she thinks maybe she has something to do with this that she's been pushing Jeffrey and Olivia work out their differences. Coop assures her she did not start this and it's not her fault. He apologizes for leaving her with Alan Michael. Ava is upset over what has happened between Buzz and Olivia and wants to know if they can't make it who can. Coop tells her she has to believe.

Alan Michael sees Alan and Buzz sitting at the bar and walks out. Alan tells Buzz even the biggest lie has even the smallest kernel of truth.

Olivia goes to Company and Jeffrey finds her there.

Friday, May 11, 2007


As Buzz is throwing out all the wedding paraphernalia, Ava approaches and asks if he is just giving up. Buzz coldly tells her to either help him or get out. Ava tells Buzz he needs to make a Cooper grand gesture but Buzz is resigned that this is the end.

Jeffrey sees Olivia outside Company and asks what happened. Olivia points out that she is walking around in her wedding gown and tells him to make a guess. Jeffrey tries to apologize for what happened but an angry Olivia doesn't want to hear it. She brings up their lousy history and blasts him for ruining her life. Because of him she will never have a shot at a normal life. Jeffrey asks Olivia if she will ever stop playing the victim. He admits that he feels like a bastard for what happened and offers to set Buzz straight and fix it. Olivia yells that he cannot fix it. She has tried to fix it for twenty years. What he did is a part of who she is and she cannot let it go. Jeffrey asks if she really wants to get past the anger. He thinks she needs it. Jeffrey tries to suggest that she needs to move on. Olivia starts talking about that night. She has a memory of an alcohol-tinged teenager who took her clothes of. She had no idea who that boy was and had no one to direct her anger to and so she had to bury it by focusing on other men, money, anything. She imagined that this boy grew up to become a monster. Then she saw him with Ava. She saw how kind he was to her and realized that he was not totally evil. She hates him even more for taking her anger away. Jeffrey points out that both he and Olivia are damaged goods; it is something they both understand. When Olivia points out that she just lost the kindest, most decent guy she had ever known, Jeffrey suggests that maybe that is not the kind of guy she needs. Olivia then goes home and starts sobbing. Soon there is a knock at the door. She thinks it is Jeffrey and tells him to go away but it turns out to be Ava. Olivia blasts Ava for sending Jeffrey to her earlier. Ava apologizes and states that at the time she thought it was a good idea. Ava tells Olivia not to give up. She knows this can be fixed. Olivia still loves Buzz and Buzz is devastated so that means he still loves her. Olivia admits that Buzz made her feel safe and secure and that is why she cannot go after him. As she removes her engagement ring, Olivia admits that she is certain that she will only hurt Buzz in the end. She figures it is best to get out before that happens. The conversation turns to Jeffrey and Olivia admits that she needs to hate him and she needs to forgive him.

Buzz goes to Company to find Jeffrey inside. Jeffrey invites Buzz to hit him but instead Buzz wants a favor; Jeffrey owes him one. First, he wants to know why Jeffry thinks he can give Olivia what she needs. Jeffrey admits that he does not. He is taking a wait-and-see approach. Buzz says Olivia deserves more than that and suggests that if Jeffrey really cares about Olivia, he would walk away now. Jeffrey goes home and starts packing. Suddenly, Olivia arrives to talk and he informs her that he is leaving town. Olivia reminds him that he said he was going to stay for the long haul. Jeffrey replies that he is sick of being hated and having his mistake rubbed in his face all the time. Jeffrey admits that if he stayed he would only end up hurting her. After stating that he is not what she needs, Jeffrey wishes her a good life and leaves.

Cassie is on the top of the Lighthouse holding a white dress. She can feel Tammy's presence and tells her that the dress she ordered for her has come in. Suddenly Josh arrives and tells her that he will need to work late. Apparently, the Lighthouse, which he volunteered to help work on, needs more work than he thought and tonight he wants to start fixing the bells. Josh notices Cassie's quiet mood and asks if she is alright but she shrugs off his concerns. As Cassie is holding Josh, the dress flies out of her hands and snags on the balcony. Cassie talks about how this isn't just a job to Josh; it sounds like a mission. Meanwhile, Remy arrives-he accepted Josh's offer to help. As he and Josh are talking, Josh sees Cassie dangerously leaning over the balcony (she was trying to retrieve the dress) and drags her back up. Cassie hurriedly leaves and Josh asks Remy if she seemed okay to him. An upset Remy starts talking about how Alan Spaulding is out living the good life as if he never killed Tammy, so he doubts Cassie will ever be okay again. Josh does not believe that; he has to believe that Cassie will get through this. A bitter Remy is not optimistic, but Josh refuses to believe that our lives are dictated by the bad things that happened. Josh points out that he wishes he could have saved Tammy or Jonathan or even helped Reva through her cancer but you do the best you can and move forward. Josh insists to Remy that life is a precious thing. That is why they need to fix the bell tower, because at least they know that will count for something. Later, Josh calls Cassie and gets her voice mail. Afterwards, he find the dress hanging from the balcony.

Lizzie and Beth are out shopping for baby things but Beth needs a rest. Lizzie keeps insisting that they keep going, but Beth wants to just call it a day. After all, she is not giving birth tomorrow and they do not even know the baby's sex yet. When Lizzie starts rattling off what they still need to buy, Beth looks at her list and realizes that this is everything she got for Sarah. Lizzie states that she just has a feeling Beth is having a girl and states that she just needs something positive to focus on. Lizzie tells Beth about how much she is looking forward to teaching the baby and going to Mommy and Me classes. This startles Beth and she points out that she is the baby's mother. Beth warns Lizzie that she is starting to sound obsessed like Alan and tells Lizzie that she needs to heal and focus on her own life. Hurt, Lizzie walks off leaving Beth stranded since she has the car. Just then, Cassie happens by and offers Beth a lift. Beth refuses. Cassie apologizes for her behavior the other day and insists that Beth allow her to give her a ride. Instead of taking Beth home, Cassie drives her to a warehouse and says she needs to show her something. Beth is very reluctant but Cassie is able to convince her to go inside by asking to talk to her one mother to another. Inside, Cassie admits that she lied about wanting to show Beth something. Instead she wants to talk to her about Tammy. Cassie pleads with Beth to take Alan's baby away just like he took hers away. As a frightened Beth starts to walk away, Cassie gets more insistent and begs her to promise to get her baby away from Alan. As Beth is trying to get away, Cassie gets closer and Beth accidentally falls on the ground.

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