One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on OLTL

Rex convinced Adriana to give their relationship another try. Cristian, Evangeline, Talia, and Nora were trapped inside Cristian's vandalized studio and were slowly poisoned through the ventilation system. Everyone recovered except for Evangeline. Jessica's health continued to deteriorate, but she decided to tell Antonio the truth about Nash.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, May 14, 2007

While having dinner at the Palace, as they are waiting for test results, Viki and Clint begin to argue. He's annoyed that Viki is able to eat when they should be worrying about Jess. She's hungry, she has a heart condition and there's no sense in her getting sick too, she retorts. She prefers to stay positive and while he wants and needs definite answers, they're just not available now. He, on the other hand, will probably have a stroke, she snaps. Maybe she wants him to, Clint snarls. At a nearby table, Britney is with her parents. They urge her to move on and get over Henry. She merely picked the wrong person to do her homework, her father says. She wants to head over to school to check the cast list for the musical, which gives her parents something else to criticize and mock. She just wants to have fun and she's already the school pariah. She's not hungry and finally persuades them to let her leave, swiping a bottle of wine from another table on the way out.

Miles runs into Dorian at Rodi's as she stops to pick up dinner for Starr. He inquires after Blair and Todd and confesses that he's worried and feeling responsible. Should he call Blair? he asks. No way, Dorian quickly tells him.

John runs into Nat and Bree in the park. After talking about Jess, Nat apologizes for being hard on him. He understands; he was a jerk, John responds. She loved him and she still does, Nat confesses. She doesn't want to. Surprisingly, John knows the feeling well. A part of her always will love him, she says. Him too, he admits. They play with the baby and John advises her that everyone at the station misses her. Britney stops and pulls the bottle out of her purse but she's almost immediately spotted by Cole. He calls to her not to do it and immediately drags her off to the coffee shop, even though she insists she hasn't had any yet. Miles comes along and sits with the girls. He will feel responsible if Todd is dead, and he feels bad about lying, he divulges. Nat agrees with what Marty said, that he's not responsible though he should never take advice from her, she lectures him. He lied about having a date, he clarifies, but he really doesn't. She's free, Nat admits, and once she takes Bree home, she'll go out with him. Then he won't be lying. Miles readily agrees and they decide on Rodi's. He has to promise to make her laugh, Nat orders him.

Britney and Cole chat about her parents who are just greedy, she tells him. They are suing the school and would probably sue Henry's family if they could. He tries to tell her again that it's not Henry's fault, that he was on drugs. Yes, he had some problems but he knows first-hand what drugs can do. It's also not her fault. She asks him to hang out but he wants to head to school to view the cast list. He tells her just to be nicer to everyone, not just her sidekicks. In answer to her question, he admits that he still loves Starr.

Marcie posts the cast list at school and Starr is upset to find that she has a major role and that Britney is merely her understudy. She can't do it, she tells her teacher. She can't be around Cole. Marcie chides her gently. Starr was the best and she and Cole hardly have any scenes together. Besides, they're in school together all of the time anyway. When Langston plays a song she has written on the piano and Starr gives in and sings it, it's decided. The song is beautiful, Starr shows great emotion and she is wonderful. She is quietly observed by Cole and Britney, who is disappointed to see that she hasn't received the role. Marcie and Langston leave and Cole and Starr declare that they miss each other. Starr acknowledges that she feels alone with her father missing. Cole leans in for a kiss and Starr readily kisses him back as Britney watches from nearby.

Dorian arrives at the Palace and when Clint asks her to join them, Viki moves to another table. She apologizes sarcastically for eating. Dorian introduces an acquaintance to Clint and mentions that he's had 5 wives. The man heads to Viki's table and offers to buy her a drink, or bring her to his place for some tea. She declines but accepts his offer to accompany her to her car. It's obvious that Clint is quite jealous but he turns down Dorian's offer to stop at her place. He's too upset about Jess and would prefer to be alone.

Nash lurks by Jess' hospital room and when the coast is clear, he tip-toes in to see her. She's ashamed but he softly tells her that he loves her. He hides when Paige stops back in to check Jess and afterward, he tells her he will be staying the night with her. Remember how Tess stayed with me when I was hurt? he asks her.

As Marty stops at John's desk to leave him a note, she spots an open case file on Spencer. Glancing at the material out in the open, she suddenly has some kind of flashback when she sees the picture of the scissors and blood. John startles her when he returns and she has a panic attack. He catches her as she feels faint and admits she hasn't eaten and is feeling dizzy. They decide to head to Rodi's.

At Rodi's, Nat and Miles chat about different things. Miles insists that Marty is just a friend, until she walks in with John. It's obvious that he really still cares about her. John isn't feeling the love, as he tells Marty that he just doesn't trust the guy. He gets a call and goes off and Nat decides that she wants to spice things up. She pulls Miles into a kiss for Marty's sake, just as John returns.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Starr breaks from her kiss with Cole when they hear Marcie approaching. Although she wants to be with Cole with all her heart, Starr sticks to her resolve and tells him they can't keep sneaking around to be with each other. Cole is clearly disappointed and storms off when Dorian arrives to take Starr home. Dorian is proud of her niece for the brave choice she made and understands the heartbreak she feels. John confronts Natalie about kissing Miles to try to make him jealous and they are soon arguing. Miles realizes that Marty didn't feel jealous when she saw Natalie kissing him. Marty is plagued by a disturbing memory. Adriana is livid when Tate tells her that Rex is still trying to dig up dirt on him. Roxy warns Rex that he'll lose Adriana if he doesn't give up his Tate obsession. Adriana walks out on Rex when he won't agree to lay off Tate. Lindsay is impressed by Cristian's latest work and is sure it will be a huge success. Evangeline is happy to learn Cristian is painting again and goes to the studio with him to get a firsthand look. Cristian and Evangeline are stunned when they find that his studio has been ransacked and his work destroyed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Antonio and Nash clash over Jessica when Antonio bars him from seeing her. Although sympathetic to Nash's feelings, Clint puts his foot down and demands that Nash stay away while Jessica gets her diagnosis. Jessica and her family get the results of her biopsy from Michael while Paige delivers the news to Nash. Dorian tries to give Starr a pep talk as she tells her she did the right thing where Cole is concerned. Meanwhile, Cole empathizes with Britney when she explains that she's become an outcast with no friends at school. Britney shows real honesty and vulnerability when she asks if Cole will be her friend. Starr brings Langston up to speed about what happened between her and Cole at the gym. Langston delivers some crushing news to Starr. Marty has another panic attack in front of John when she sees the crime scene photos from Spencer's murder. John suspects there is more troubling Marty than she is saying.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jessica and her family, as well as Nash, learns just how dire her condition is and what needs to be done to try to save her life. Dorian does her best to bolster Nash. Although not allowed to see Jessica himself, Nash brings Bree to see her mother. Talia finds a threatening letter from OPP among Cristian's ruined artwork. Cristian, Evangeline, Nora and Talia realize they've been set up. Blair returns from Chicago and is frustrated by what she perceives as a lack of interest on the part of the police in Todd's disappearance. Bo and Blair listen to the tape found at the scene of Todd's disappearance. Blair decides to take matters into her own hands. Adriana reaches her breaking point when Rex refuses to stop trying to dig up dirt on Tate.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Jessica's family rallies around her and hope one of them will be able to give her the help she desperately needs. Jessica is wracked with guilt as Antonio declares his undying love for her. Jessica prepares to make a painful confession to her husband. Bo races to Cristian's studio after a 911 call is traced to that address. Nora, Cristian, Talia and Cristian cheat death but Evangeline remains in dire straits. Rex pleads with Adriana not to break up with him. Tate is surprised, and not entirely thrilled, when his father Kirk arrives in Llanview for a visit. Adriana meets Tate's father. Miles turns to Jordan for advice on how to win Marty's heart.

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