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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on GL
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Monday, May 21, 2007

On Main Street, Marina is disappointed that Cyrus hasn't called her, when he suddenly appears. He reveals that he is working for Alex. Marina says he should be in jail, but Cyrus reminds her that she had had plenty of opportunities to arrest him in the past. When Alex comes up, Marina warns her about Cyrus. Alex says that he's both a good driver and good to look at. Marina calls Cyrus' bluff and has him arrested for kidnapping. Alex is dumbfounded as she is left alone with a limo she cannot drive.

At the juvenile hall, Reva and Josh run into one another. She is there to visit Daisy. He is there to visit Rafe, the hoodlum that tried to mug him. Josh reveals to Reva that he has checked in at juvenile hall as Rafe's clergyman and is considering becoming a minister.

Later at Company, Josh and Reva continue talking about his idea of joining the church when Rev. Rutledge joins them. Josh confesses his infidelity against Cassie with Reva to the reverend. Rev. Rutledge warns Josh that joining the church isn't the way to squash his guilt. He tells Josh that he needs to be honest with Cassie before he can move on. Reva tells Billy about Josh's idea of becoming a minister. Billy is stunned. He also is concerned about Cassie's mental state right now. Reva acknowledges that it could get ugly if Josh reveals all to Cassie, but she's willing to deal with it.

At the hospital, at the insistence of "Tammy," Cassie changes the paternity test results to show that Rick is the father, not Alan. Meanwhile, Alan and Rick wait impatiently while sniping at one another. Rick is relieved when they learn he is the father. Alan looks perturbed, but not fazed, when Cassie rubs the news in. Later at the farmhouse, Cassie tells "Tammy" that she's at peace with what she did.

At The Beacon, Beth tells Alan that she wishes that he were the father. Alan says that he will treat the child as his own and that he will "take care of" Rick Bauer. Alan makes arrangements for Beth to stay at the hotel.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The show opens with Mallet and Dinah in their apartment, getting ready for court, where Cyrus Foley will be appearing after being arrested by Marina. Dinah is feeling a little nervous that he may decide to reveal something from her or A.C.'s past, if it will help himself today in court.

At the courthouse, Cyrus, who has waived his rights to a jury trial, meets with his lawyer, a public defender who seems to be inept. Mallet and Dinah arrive, as does Marina, and while Mallet goes over his testimony with the lawyer, Dinah talks privately to Cyrus and tries to convince him not to bring up anything about Mallet's past, a past that seems to be tainted, though viewers still don't what it is. Dinah tells Cyrus she is willing to take the fall for her past if he will leave A.C. alone.

As the trial begins, Alexandria Spaulding, who recently hired Cyrus to be her driver, walks in with a new lawyer, Mr. Donavan, to help Cyrus. The public defender eagerly agrees to step down from this case, and court recesses so that Cyrus can meet with his new lawyer. He asks Alex why she is doing this for him, and Alex light-heartedly replies that she hates losing a good driver – it makes her cranky! The trial starts again, and Marina is being questioned. It is revealed how she initiated a kiss a few days prior between herself and Cyrus.

In the end, the judge believes Cyrus did steal the Reardon's money but that his guilt wasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and therefore found that Cyrus was "Not Guilty." Marina looks relieved and satisfied, seemingly happy that he faced his responsibility and had a favorable outcome. Dinah and Mallet are happy for now, but fear that Cyrus still holds all the cards and could cause them trouble at some point in the future. As Cyrus talks to Alex after the verdict, he says he owes her, she tells him to be a very good employee, he tells her "whatever you need," which she seems too pleased to hear, exiting with a dreamy grin on her face. Dinah talks to Cyrus, and he tells her that he is done with the "payback game," her debt is paid, and that she doesn't have anything to worry about anymore. When Dinah asks why she should trust him, he tells her "honor among thieves," but has an interested look as he catches a glimpse of Marina standing in the background, looking sheepish yet happy. This seems to be a new start for Cyrus in a crime-free life.

It's Parent's Visiting Day at the juvenile detention center, and Ashlee, disappointed to discover that her mom, Doris, won't be coming, tells Daisy she should be happy that she has a mom who cares. While Ashlee and Daisy are mopping the floor, a new group of delinquents arrive, including Rafe, the kid who tried to rob Josh. As Ashlee and Daisy look on, Daisy and Rafe see each other, and Daisy freezes in her steps for a moment, then tries to ignore that instant attraction she just felt. Another girl from the center periodically appears to give Daisy trouble, by stealing her earrings and bumping Daisy as she walks by.

Harley tells Gus that although she loves how well he gets a long with Daisy, she feels Dylan should go to the Parent's Visitation Day, since he is Daisy's real father and he is in town. Gus is disappointed and asks why she waited until the last minute to tell him this. Harley says because she didn't want to hurt him, but Gus suspects that Harley is jealous and that this is backlash over Harley's recent discovery that Natalia was a former love in Gus' life. Dylan, still angry that Harley put Daisy in "juvie hall," arrives to meet Harley so that they can go to visit Daisy. Harley tries to explain to Dylan how she felt she had no other choice, and tells Dylan that they need to be on the same page when they see Daisy, to present a united front. Dylan agrees to try to do that.

Harley and Dylan arrive at the detention center to see Daisy. In a light and quirky kind of scene, Harley introduces Ashlee, now a resident in the detention center, to Dylan as a girl who sometimes babysat with Zack and Jude and is now roommate with Daisy. Dylan seems to find this information a bit concerning! Harley tries to give Daisy a package that has some of her favorite snacks, but Daisy still refuses anything from Harley. Dylan firmly tells Daisy she needs to show Harley the respect she deserves, saying Harley would give up her life for Daisy, and that she almost did once before. Dylan goes on to tell Daisy how hard it was for he and Harley to give her up as a child, and how they almost ran away with her because although they wanted a better life for her, they also didn't want to give her up, but they also realized that they would get caught (and in that way, Harley risked her life for Daisy) so they made the tough but wise choice to not run, but that didn't stop them from wanting to. He tells Daisy that he told Harley to tell the judge that she needed help with Daisy and that if Daisy wanted to blame anyone, it should be him. Daisy is changed by hearing this, later telling Ashlee that she may have been wrong about Harley. Privately, an appreciative Harley thanks Dylan with a hug, as they seem to begetting closer, working together as parents very nicely.

Remy and Natalia are talking in the diner after Natalia reacts rather strongly to receiving a bad tip from a customer. He thinks she might be a little low in funds and offers to help. He is also interested in getting to know her better and asks Natalia out on a date. Natalia seems a bit guarded. Remy senses she has bigger problems and asks if she is in some kind of trouble, and offers to help, saying that his sister is a lawyer and would probably help her, pro bono. She declines, somewhat hesitantly, saying she doesn't want to dump this on him. Just then, Gus arrives and tells her to dump it on him, and asks if she is in legal trouble. Natalia says "nope" with a strong conviction in her tone, to which Gus responds, "Are you going to shut me out too?" As they continue to talk, Gus tells how Harley shut him out of visiting with Daisy. Natalia says it's a shame how he and Harley never had kids of their own. Gus responds by saying "I guess it just wasn't in the cards for me." There is a sense that Natalia continues to both gather information as well as hold back some information. Gus again tries to help Natalia by asking her what's going on, and she admits how she could never keep anything from him. Just then her cell phone rings and she takes the call outside, privately. She tells the caller she needs help and agrees to meet the caller someplace, as Remy overhears this from lurking nearby. Natalia leaves, Gus steps outside of the diner, realizes she is gone and sees Remy, asking him where she went. Remy reveals the name of the place and asks if Gus is going to "fix this," to which Gus replies "Fix what?" with an "I don't know what you're talking about" tone, and leaves, following Natalia to their old neighborhood. Natalia meets a man named Tommy who gives her an envelope with cash and looking for something from her, as he starts to touch her sensually. Natalia resists and tells him to stop, but he continues. Gus walks in and "advises" Tommy to watch where he puts his hands.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inside the Light: It takes a Man

At the Beacon, Gus tosses down his coat and talks to someone about his history with Natalia—the "everything girl." He surmises it's been about fifteen years and he never looked back. Maybe he should have because then he would have seen her coming. Gus tells this person about something what happened to him that led him to come to the room to talk.

At a diner in Chicago, Natalia tries to get a loan from some scumbag named Tommy. It seems Gus has followed her and comes in just in time to stop her. They sit down in a booth where they used to spend a lot of time as kids and reminisce a bit. Gus wants to know if she's in some kind of trouble. He begs her to talk to him. She doesn't feel she has the right to talk to him because he's with Harley now.

Gus attempts to leave Harley a message that he's in Chicago helping Natalia when Harley shows up right behind him at the entrance to the diner. She heard from dispatch where he was going. He nods that he told the station just in case he hit trouble. With a weary expression, Gus asks Harley if he has hit some trouble. Harley smiles, kisses him and informs him that she's not there as his wife. She's there as his backup.

Back at the hotel, Gus laments that is was good to back to his old turf. Everyone knows who he was before he was in Springfield. They knew his father and he was "Natalia's Nick." It defined him. It was tough then, but simpler. Gus wants to keep his past in one place and his present in another and never to have the two mix. Gus continues to toll over being in love with two women in one lifetime. It's okay to love two, he realizes. He just can't do it at the same time.

He explains to the person how he sweats it out at the bar as Harley and Natalia talk together away from him. Harley figures out that Daisy is the one that got Natalia to come to town. Harley tells Natalia that Daisy was hoping she'd wreck her marriage. Gus rejoins them and they ask Natalia about her problems. When Harley learns she's having money problems, she's happy to give Natalia money to help her. If Gus trusts her, then Harley trusts her. She drags Natalia off to go to the bank, leaving Gus at the diner. As the owner of the diner reminds him that he had a forever love with Natalia, Gus tries to convince him that Natalia is the past. The owner says that that kind of love never dies. Gus thinks of how he killed it when he left her because of his father's death.

While the ladies are out, Gus gets a phone call from Daisy, saying that she's in trouble. The connection goes bad and he leaves the diner to go see about Daisy. At the detention center, Daisy bubbles and giggles when Rafe asks her to move so he can use the phone. Daisy gets into a fight over Rafe with the girl who stole her earrings. Rafe punches Coop and a small brawl begins. Daisy is hurt. When Gus gets to the center, he can't do anything because he's not her legal guardian. He tries to call Harley and Dylan to get forms signed about her wrenched ankle, but he just gets voicemails.

Back in the hotel room, Gus explains his quandary about not being able to help Daisy. He loves her as if she were his own. He has three women who need him and he doesn't know what to do. He says that this is why came to him. He needs a rule breaker and no one can break them better. The camera pans to Alan Spaulding who has been listening to Gus off screen the whole time.

Alan appreciates that Gus will trust him with this. Gus reminds him that he wants him to be devious. Alan knows—it's one of his strengths. He's just glad Gus feels that he can come to him. Gus is one of the only children he has left. Living at the mansion was unbearable for Alan because of the reminders of all he's done wrong with his children. He feels that he's lost his chance. He asks Gus if he feels the same way—as if he's lost his chance. Gus has Harley's kids to take care of. Alan tells him that all the caring for them in the world doesn't make them his children. Gus points out that Phillip wasn't Alan's child but he treated him as if he were the favorite son. He encourages Alan that he can love Beth's baby as his own. Alan picks up the phone and calls Doris.

Meanwhile, as Daisy whines about her pain, Rafe shoves a pack of ice through the vent. Ms. Hannigan comes in to let her know Gus got permission to sign off on her medical paperwork. Daisy wants Gus to stay until the pain goes away. Hannigan quips that she might as well let him or she'll get "a phone call." With an Oil of Olay bottle behind her, Daisy is floored that Gus would help her after all she's done. He tells her that he loves her and he'd so anything for her. She's the daughter he never had. Daisy reminds him that he said he would stop being everyone's hero, but she tells him that she doesn't think he knows how.

At Company, Gus finds Natalia and wonders where Harley is. Natalia doesn't know where she is. Gus presses her to learn what kind of trouble she's in. She doesn't want to talk to him about it. He promises her that everything will be okay. Natalia turns to him and asks him if there is anything she can tell him to make him leave Harley.

Meanwhile, Alan finds Harley on Main Street and explains the situation with Daisy. When Harley learns that he helped, she hugs him. "Whoa! I thought you were attacking me for a moment," Alan says. Harley wonders what his help will cost them. Alan warns that he'll show up when she least expects it—like an old girlfriend.

At company, Natalia retracts her question. Gently Gus tries to explain that he did things wrong with her. He was just a kid. He wonders if he wasn't so angry and if he could have just buried his father and been at peace—but to answer her question—no. There's nothing she can say. He won't leave Harley. Natalia gives him a small kiss and goes right back to work. Gus watches her for a moment as she grows tearful and then he leaves.

In a hotel room after making love, Gus thanks Harley for the special time together. She thanks him for going to Alan, but she believes they haven't heard the last of it. Gus believes that Alan might have done it just for the good of the kids. When Harley mentions that she's surprised that he talked to Alan about Natalia, Gus reminds Harley that she's his best friend. He wants to talk to her like one. Gus tells her that he feels guilty about how he left Natalia and he wants to help her. He doesn't want anything from the past coming in to hurt his future. Harley asks if Alan and Natalia know this. He says that they do know.

Harley tells him that he's a hero. Gus calls Joe August the hero. Harley believes that Joe would be proud of Gus because it takes a real man to back down and let Dylan be a father to Daisy. It takes a real man to humble himself to ask Alan for help and to allow Harley to give money to Natalia. Gus asks what she needs the money for. Harley doesn't know but she believes that Natalia is running from trouble.

Down at the detention center, Natalia comes for a visit, but Hannigan says she's too late. Natalia cries that she tried to get off work early. Rafe appears. Natalia throws her arms around him, saying that she got the money for a good lawyer. As guards jerk them apart, Rafe yells at them not to hurt his mom.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mallet tries to figure out why he was choking Dinah in his dreams. Dinah is concerned, but Mallet assures her the dream was no big deal. Later, agonized, Mallet stares at the mysterious contents of a case. He has no idea that Blake is watching him and his little secret. Dinah's concern for Mallet grows so she calls Cyrus, needing a favor. Olivia gives Buzz her engagement ring back. Buzz tries to get Olivia to keep the ring, but she says it's too painful. Olivia realizes that Jeffrey is leaving town because of Buzz's advice, but, Jeffrey shoves his empty suitcase into the closet. Olivia sees Jeffrey and realizes he stayed in town, but wonders if it's for Ava's sake or hers? As Cassie plans their honeymoon, Josh prepares himself to tell Cassie about sleeping with Reva. Cassie is so busy picking a date for the wedding that Josh doesn't have the opportunity to break the news. Josh informs Reva that he's planning to tell Cassie tonight. Later, Billy reminds Josh that no matter what he does, Reva won't give up on him. Meanwhile, Reva sees Cassie upset and assumes that she knows about her and Josh. Reva inadvertently reveals the secret, as she apologizes for sleeping with Josh.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Gus and Harley arrive at juvenile hall to take Daisy to Cedars to get an MRI done on her foot. Before going in, Gus suggests that Harley go easy on the mothering. Harley tells him she will be fine; their last visit was exceptional. Later, at Cedars, Harley talks to the nurse requesting that Daisy be allowed to listen to music to soothe her and that Harley be allowed to sit in with the technicians in case Daisy panics. When the nurse objects to that, Harley insists by threatening to go over her head. Harley then gives the homemade music mix to Daisy and gives her a stuffed bear. It reminds Daisy of the ones she used to get at Christmas when she was little and she realizes that Harley must have sent them to her. When she asks Harley why she never sent a card, Harley states that she did not want to confuse Daisy so she told the Lemays not to tell her. Throughout this exchange, Harley is obviously trying to assure Daisy that she is not being pushy or overeager and Daisy does appreciate the effort.

As Gus is waiting around, Alan barges into Cedars bellowing demands that another paternity test be done. Gus intervenes and asks Alan what happened to that nice guy at the hotel who helped him with Daisy. Alan states that that man was weak. When talks turns to Daisy, Alan points out that she is not even Gus's kid. Gus states that she and Harley's boys are the closest he will ever come to having kids. Besides, if biology really mattered either he or Alan-Michael would have been Alan's favorite. It was Phillip, probably because he was the most like Alan. Alan does not deny it and asks Gus if Daisy reminds him of himself. When Alan sees Daisy, he tells her to tell her stepfather not to be a stranger and leaves.

Remy arrives at Company and asks Natalia if Gus found her. Natalia realizes he sent Gus after her to help her with her problem and assures him that her problem is taken care of. As she is telling him not to worry about her, Remy suddenly grabs her and kisses her.. When a surprised Natalia asks why he did that, he responds that it looked like she wanted him to. Natalia begins to warn Remy that he does not know what he is getting himself into. Suddenly, Josh arrives looking for Cassie. When he sees Josh making a call, Remy tells Josh he should be looking for Alan. Josh is not concerned; he tells Remy that Cassie is through going after Alan. When Remy remains skeptical, Josh gets up and walks out. Outside, he calls Wanda and tells her to track down Alan.

Before even exiting Cedars, Alan runs into Josh who is looking for Cassie. Alan brings up the fact that Cassie was deliriously happy when she heard that he was not the father of Beth's baby and warns Josh that she changed. Before leaving, Alan warns Josh not to cross her.

Reva is at CO2 with Cassie trying to explain herself. Reva explains that when Josh was in jail, he was sad and angry and he needed a connection -- they're making love just happened. Upon Cassie's shocked expression, Reva points out that surely Josh told her. Cassie sarcastically makes it clear that he had forgotten to. Reva explains that she did not go to the prison planning to seduce Josh and then asks to talk somewhere in private, but Cassie wants to have the argument right there. After being yelled at by Cassie, Reva gets defensive and blasts Cassie for letting Josh go to prison for her to begin with. This makes Cassie even angrier since that means Reva and Josh sleeping together is now her fault. Yelling at the top of her lungs, Cassie accuses Reva of wanting this to happen, which seems more apparent when she learns Reva smuggled in a bottle of bourbon. Cassie tells Reva that she used to feel guilty for being in love with Josh, but says that Reva does not even care. As a furious Cassie rants about Reva taking josh right from under her, Reva slaps her. Reva reminds Cassie that she begged Reva to visit Josh; she refused at first because she knew it would be hard on her. When Reva says she is sorry that Cassie is hurting, Cassie replies that she (Reva) is not sorry for sleeping with Josh. Cassie then stalks off. Suddenly, who else but Alan shows up, telling Reva about how Cassie reveled in his misfortune; it felt good to see her suffer. Alan taunts Reva about hurting Cassie and snidely asks if she told her about she and Josh by accident or did she want to hurt her.

Josh, still looking for Cassie, arrives at his place at the Beacon. Soon, who else but Cassie arrives? Josh tells Cassie he was looking for her. He has flowers and champagne--he wants to celebrate their future. Cassie takes some champagne and makes a toast--to the three of them, with the third person being Reva. Cassie tells Josh that he forgot to tell her that they slept together. She informs him that Reva told her. Josh explains that he wanted to tell her but he was afraid and wanted to protect her. Cassie gets upset that he is blaming this on her. She is too fragile, too unstable. Josh explains that it was only one night and it does not matter. Josh asks her to consider the circumstances -- he was in prison. He had no hope for the future. He felt worthless . He had nothing. Cassie points out except Reva. Josh asks her to let him make this up to her. He begs her to choose them. Cassie tearfully states that she did but it is not enough as long as Reva is in his heart. When Josh denies it, Cassie angrily throws his vase of flowers against the wall and storms out. She then goes back home and after screaming and throwing things, Cassie breaks down on the bed in tears.

As Reva is hanging around downtown deep in thought, Josh finds her.

After Daisy's MIR, Daisy waits with Gus while Harley is filling out paperwork. Gus seems to be a little uncomfortable being physically around Daisy. When he shows his support by patting her on the head, an amused Daisy assures him that she is not going to want to jump his bones. Daisy tells Gus that she regrets giving her mother a rough time and making things so complicated. Daisy admits that she was the one who brought Natalia to town and got Dylan to return. Gus is understanding. She wanted to break up him and Harley. Gus points out that it does not matter since they are "unwreckable" Gus tells Daisy that although she is Harley and Dylan's daughter, she is his Peaches. Finally Harley arrives in a hurry--they have to get Daisy back to juvenile hall before curfew ends. Harley reports that Daisy has a bad sprain--that is all. When Harley realizes that she has to pick Jude up, she suggests that Gus take Daisy back to juvie and offers to hold on to Daisy's stuffed bear (who Gus helped name Giuseppe) until she comes home. She warmly assures Daisy that she is coming home.

Natalia is at juvenile hall talking to Rafe. She tells him that she gotten a good lawyer. Rafe realizes that this means they are staying. Natalia tries to assure him that everything will be fine but he does not seem very convinced. When her scheduled visit is terminated, she is greeted by Remy who followed her there. Now he knows whey she needed the money. Natalia blasts Remy for butting in. Natalia claims that she has done okay on her own. When Remy asks about the father, Natalia states that he left as soon as she told him she was pregnant and he is still in Chicago. When Remy keeps asking questions, Natalia sternly tells him to back off. He does. Just as she is about to leave, Natalia tries to go back in to give Rafe something but the guard will not help her. Seeing his mother being ignored, Rage approaches her which leads to a scuffle with the guard. Natalia gets them to settle down and assures the guard she just wants to give something to her son. At the same time, Gus and Daisy are arriving at the fall. Neither see Natalia, but she does see Gus and asks Rafe if there is another way out. When she is told there is not, she sneaks out without Gus seeing her. Remy, who has been lurking, notices.

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