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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Craig awakes in the hospital and sees Meg. He wonders why she's there, and flashes back to drinking the coffee. Craig realizes Lucinda poisoned him and is furious, determined to seek revenge. Meg refuses to help him she's hidden the evidence. Meg asks Craig to stop the war, and Craig agrees to concede if Meg marries him. When Cleo startles Will, she ends up spilling the hot coco all over herself. Will sends an apologetic Cleo off to change into something of Gwen's. When Gwen comes home to find Cleo in her robe, Will explains the situation. Gwen fills in Will about Carly's situation, and the two begin to make love, as Cleo listens, yearning, at the door. Katie makes her case for Jack not to help Carly, but he's determined to spring his ex-wife. Katie leaves, upset as Tom and Jack let Carly know the charges against her have been dropped. When Carly tries to embrace Jack, he lets her know that he's involved with another woman. Later, Jack goes to see Katie, who's ready to let him off the hook. But Jack declares that he's over Carly and only wants her. Overwhelmed Katie goes into Jack's arms and they begin to make love.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carly tries to get Margo to tell her who Jack's new love is, but Margo's not saying. Tom informs Carly that the D.A. has dropped the charges, but she's still on parole. Later, Margo thinks back to the night that Carly and Simon made their escape and wonders to Tom if Jack let them go. Margo decides not to pursue her concerns about Jack and Carly's escape. Emma seeks to distract Parker, JJ and Sage by taking them on the postponed camping trip, but JJ takes some convincing. Carly arrives at the empty house, and is surprised by returning Parker who threatens to call the cops. Carly reminds Parker of the good times they had together and predicts that one day, he'll remember how much she loves him and vice versa. As Katie and Jack make love, Katie stops and asks to slow down. She worries about how she'll feel when Jack leaves her for Carly, but Jack insists he's not going back to her. Meanwhile, Brad greets Carly, who's surprised to see him. She doesn't believe him when he tells her Jack's involved with Katie. Later, Carly arrives at Katie's doorstep, and Katie confirms that she and Jack are together. Carly returns home to realize she's alone, as Jack and Katie begin to make love again. Brad toasts to the reuniting of Henry and Vienna. While Brad thinks Jack and Carly will reunite, Vienna believes that Katie will win Jack. Henry takes off on a mystery errand, and later returns to have a non-wedding ceremony with Vienna.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

After being out all night as one another's date to their prom, Maddie and Luke arrive at Al's to reminisce about the evening and finish their video diary for Casey. It turns out that Al's is the traditional place for classmates to go the morning after prom for breakfast and when Kevin, Luke's former best friend and crush, arrives Maddie asks if they talked last night. Luke tells her they did and everything between them was fine. Kevin and his date stop by the table to say hi and after they are gone Maddie asks Luke if he still has a thing for Kevin. Luke remarks that he is no longer falling for people he can't have. He goes on to tell Maddie that he wishes he could have someone that gets him the way Casey gets her. Luke gives Maddie a kiss on the cheek and thanks her for taking him to the prom and giving him the high school memories he always wished for. Maddie tells Luke how much she misses Casey and as much as she enjoyed the prom with him she wishes Casey could have been there. When Luke goes to get the car, Maddie records a final message to Casey telling him how much she misses him and can't wait to hold him again.

Gwen and Will wake up to breakfast in bed from their house guest Cleo. She thanks them for letting her crash on their couch and tells them she is looking for a job so she can make a new start somewhere else. Before she goes she asks the two if she can leave her things with them while she is out for the day job hunting. Gwen agrees to let her leave her suitcase with them and this initially upsets Will. Gwen reminds Will that Cleo is staying with them because he came to her rescue and that she only agreed to let her keep her stuff at their home while she looks for a job. After their discussion they head out to start their days.

Gwen arrives at her job at the Lakeview and when Lisa asks her if she knows anyone else who needs a job, Gwen suggests Cleo. At first Lisa is taken back at Gwen's request, but agrees if it isn't a problem for Gwen to work with Cleo. Will arrives and overhears Gwen's idea insists that higher Cleo is a problem. The two argue over Cleo, but Gwen convinces Will everything will be fine and the two get Cleo a job at that Lakeview. They go back home to tell Cleo the good news about her job as a maid as at the hotel. They explain that she will need to stay away from Gwen and once she has enough money she will need to leave town. Cleo agrees and seems pleased, but asks them for one more favor. She asks to spend another night at their house. After initially hesitating they agree to let her stay for one final night. Later Cleo accidentally walks in on Will changing his shirt and the two have a brief conversation. Seeing Will shirtless sends Cleo into a day dream where Will kisses her.

Paul shows up at the farm and talks to Holden about his relationship with Meg. He tries to convince Holden that he loves Meg and wants to marry her. Holden tells Paul he is getting "ahead of himself" and walks away. Holden explains his reservations with Paul and Meg by detailing his past vendettas against Craig and how they hurt Meg. He tells Paul that if he really loved Meg he would walk away. Paul informs Holden that he loves Meg and will never be separated from her again. He reminds Holden of all the good he has done recently to help his family, but Holden reminds him of the pain he caused to Rose and Meg in the past. In addition to his history with Rose, Holden reminds Paul that if he marries Meg she will become a target for Craig who will seek revenge against the two for tricking him into believing Meg and Paul were no longer together. He goes on to say that until everything with Craig is resolved Paul should leave Meg alone and asking for his approval to marry his sister is just a waste of everyone's time. Paul returns to his hotel room and gets out the wedding rings he purchased and has a vision of a groom slipping a ring on a bride's finger as the bride screams, "No".

Lucinda runs into Susan in Old Town and asks her how Craig is doing in the hospital. Susan is reluctant to answer, but after Lucinda reminds her Craig is in charge of her old company and is her former son-in-law, she lets her know that Craig survived a cardiac arrest. As Lucinda tries to dig deeper into the cause of Craig's heart attack, Susan cuts her off and tells her that information is confidential. Lucinda then asks Susan to think in the theoretical of what might cause a man like Craig to have a heart attack. Susan replies that if she had a patient "like Craig" she would order toxicology reports to find out what caused him to become sick. With that hypothetical conversation over Susan heads to the hospital; leaving Lucinda to worry about whether or not her poisoning of Craig will be discovered.

Meg delivers Craig's breakfast to him in his hospital bed and tells him she will not marry him. Craig tells her that he understands since he is still married to Rosanna, but that he can dissolve his marriage quickly and still retain a substantial part of Rosanna's wealth. Once he tells Meg she is running out of reasons not to marry him, she reminds him she has the best reason of all not to marry him; she doesn't love him. Craig tells her he will become a good man she can be proud of and that he knows she cares for him and together they could make a fresh start. He tells her that if she refuses to marry him she will call the police and turn in Lucinda. Meg tells him she won't "bargain her life away" for Lucinda's freedom, but then Craig sweetens his marriage proposal by offering to return World Wide to Lucinda. After his proposal, Susan arrives with his test results and informs him that he had an extremely high dose of a high blood pressure medicine in his system. When Susan asks if he knows how this happened, Craig smugly answers that he believes he knows exactly how. Craig tries to get an answer out of Meg before answering Susan and Meg hints she needs more time to think. With the hope that Meg could still say yes Craig tells Susan the overdose may have been his fault. She tells Craig to reevaluate his life and stress then receives a page to another room. Meg asks him why he lied and he tells her it was to give her time to consider his marriage proposal. Meg leaves to way her options and as she walks out of Craig's room she gets a phone call from Lucinda demanding to see her now. Susan releases Craig from the hospital with orders to rethink how he lives his life.

Meg meets up with Lucinda and tells her Craig knows that she is the one who "spiked his coffee". Meg informs Lucinda about Craig's proposal to return World Wide and Lucinda becomes excited about the idea of getting her company back. Meg tells her she isn't going to be Craig's wife and won't go any further. Lucinda encourages Meg to use her power over Craig and to temporarily marry him to get the company back.

Thursday, June 31, 2007

Shaken Paul decides to test the wedding rings again and this time sees Meg as the bride. A distraught Paul runs into Barbara in the corridor and tells her Meg's about to be hurt and it's his fault. Barbara insists the rings are to blame get rid of the rings and he solves his problem. Paul buys two new rings and tests them. When no visions ensue, he's immensely relieved. Lucinda insists that Meg only needs to stay married to Craig long enough for her to assume control of WorldWide then she can divorce him. Lucinda insists that if they don't bring Craig down, he'll use his power to destroy Meg when she goes back to Paul. Meg still believes there's good in Craig, but Lucinda says Craig is evil and must be brought down. Tom is annoyed to discover that he's been summoned to tend to Craig. Craig persuades Tom to look at a document Craig's drawn up. Tom is surprised by the contents, and questions Craig. Craig calls for Meg, and gives her the doc he asked Tom to check. Craig is giving WorldWide to her, and wants Meg's answer at dinner tonight. Meg arrives to talk to Paul and finds Barbara, who's inquisitive. Jack is annoyed to discover that Carly has interrupted Katie and him to make a visitation schedule but she persuades him to stop by Milltown. Jack assures Katie that nothing's changed he'll meet her at JJ's softball game. When the game is canceled, Carly asks Jack to let her have the kids at Milltown tonight. Katie is crushed when she hears Jack say that Carly can spend the night at the farm, but Jack sets Carly straight she'll be at the farm with the kids, he'll be with Katie. When Katie finds out it was Brad who tipped Carly off, she's furious and orders Brad to stay out of her business. A disgruntled Brad tries to enlist Kim to put the kibosh on Katie's relationship with Jack. Kim is onto Brad and tells him to leave Katie alone.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Alison runs into Susan sitting outside drinking coffee in Old Town. Susan explains she's waiting for the afternoon shift to leave at the hospital so she won't have to talk to her friend Evelyn, who lately keeps asking what Susan's 2 beautiful daughters have been doing; she says she has to keep thinking of new lies to tell her. Alison apologizes to Susan, but Susan says she's just worried about Emily. At that moment, Dusty walks up, and Susan stops him and says she wants to know why he used Emily like he did. Alison excuses herself, and Dusty tells Susan again that Emily and he had an understanding of what their relationship was; Susan disagrees, and Dusty asks what Emily told her. Susan says she told her that Dusty hurt her feelings by saying nothing could ever happen between them because he knew who she really was. Dusty says he'll call Emily; Susan says, "Don't," and walks away.

Meanwhile, Alison runs into Lance Barton, her porn movie producer, and he again tries to get her to agree to return to Las Vegas with him. When she refuses, he shows her a copy of one of her movies and threatens to show it to her mother if she doesn't agree to go back with him. She still says no, and he walks off, as Dusty comes into view and thinks Ali has hooked up with Lance again; she tells him she hasn't and says she needs his help. He thinks it's an act, but she finally convinces him that she really wants his help and tells him what Lance has threatened to do. Dusty asks where he can find Lance, and Ali says he's staying at the Lakeview. Dusty says he'll go talk to him, and Alison wants to go with him because Lance "is sneaky," but Dusty tells her not to worry, because "I have anger issues." He goes to the Lakeview, where Lance is telling the desk clerk he wants his room for another night, but Dusty tells the desk clerk that "Mr. Barton" will be checking out. Lance turns and asks why Dusty is involved in any of this, and Dusty warns him not to threaten Alison again and to leave on the next plane out of town, or he'll take Lance down and enjoy doing it. He goes back and finds Alison and tells her he got Lance to leave; Alison is afraid he'll come back again, but she says she'll be stronger next time. She thanks Dusty and then asks if she can ask him something personal; he says no, but she asks him anyway if there really is something between him and Emily. He asks if she heard him say no personal questions, but Alison continues, saying she thinks he's good for Emily. Dusty tells her to call her sister, then he leaves.

At WOAK, Maddie and Luke look at some more of the video Maddie shot of them at the prom with her cell phone, and Luke leaves to go try to find the new intern. A young man walks in and sees Maddie and says, "You!" When she asks if he knows her, he says no, and that's why he thought she was getting a little too personal with him. He shows her his cell phone, where the video message Maddie made for Casey about wishing they could be together has somehow been delivered to him instead of to Casey. Maddie is horrified, and the young man introduces himself as Noah, the new intern. He makes a reference to an old movie, and Maddie is stunned to find a guy who can talk about old movies like he can; he's equally happy that she understands what he's talking about. They work together, talking about old movies the whole time, and he tells her he's an Army brat and old movies were a constant in his life. Luke walks in complaining about the new intern, only to learn that Noah's the intern, and he is miffed and tells Noah he's way behind on everything. Maddie says she'll give Noah a tour of the studio; when Luke asks why she'd want to do that, she says because Kim told her to and so that she can have some time alone with Noah to explain that Luke's not always such a jerk. After their studio tour, Noah asks Maddie who the video she accidentally sent to him was intended for, and Luke overhears and interrupts, saving Maddie from having to give Noah an explanation. Noah walks out of the room, and Maddie thanks Luke.

At the Snyder farm, Jack comes downstairs ready for his date with Katie, waiting for Carly to arrive to stay with the kids. JJ and Sage have been going through a box of cards and pictures they've been saving for the past few months to show to Carly when she returned. Parker wants nothing to do with that. JJ and Sage ask Jack if he can stay for just a while after Carly gets there, so they can be together again like they used to; as Jack tries to find a good way to explain why he can't do that, Parker interjects with, "He's got hot plans with Katie." Carly, on the porch, hears this and marches into the kitchen, acting cheerful and trying to distract the kids by joking with Jack about wanting $10 an hour to babysit them. Jack says he'll see them in the morning, and Parker says, "Have a nice sleepover!" Jack gives him a look but leaves anyway. Carly asks JJ and Sage to go out to the car to bring in some grocery sacks so she can have a talk with Parker; when they leave, she asks Parker if he thinks it was nice to embarrass Jack like that in front of the kids and reminds him that it's her he's mad at, not Jack. JJ and Sage return, and they start filling Carly in on some of the things that have happened in their lives while she was gone; Sage suddenly remembers she needs to take her allergy medicine, and Carly is surprised to find out she now has allergies that require medication. She decides to call Jack to ask him about it, which prompts Parker to ask if she's accusing them of lying; she says of course not but wants to talk to Jack anyway.

Katie, at her house getting ready for her date with Jack, finds Jack's watch. When Jack arrives, he sees the watch and tells her it looks better on her than it should, since it's a man watch; she says she's just "flairful" that way. They kiss, and the watch ends up caught on Jack's shirt; Katie takes it off and notices the loving inscription inside from Carly to Jack. That makes her sad as she thinks about what he's given up or lost lately, but he points out that there are plenty of reminders of Simon and Mike around them right now, too. Katie apologizes and promises not to get upset about Carly again. Jack's cell phone rings, and it's Carly, wondering if Sage is really supposed to be taking prescription medicine for her allergies. Jack says Dr. Bob prescribed them for Sage, and Carly says she just wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing before she gave her the medicine; Jack sarcastically says, "That's a first," then apologizes immediately, but Carly tells him she deserved that. She says she won't bother him again, and she hangs up. Jack asks Katie why Carly can make him feel guilty about things after all she's done, and Katie wonders if part of it is that he's with her, a woman who tried her hardest to get Carly locked up away from her kids. Jack says no, and he doesn't want to talk about Carly anymore.

Looking around the kitchen, Carly realizes Parker isn't there, and JJ and Sage tell her he left. She goes outside to look for him, but when she can't find him, she is forced to call Jack once again and let him know what happened. Katie overhears Jack telling Carly that he'll come over so they can look for Parker together and then have a talk with him; Katie says that's fine, and she wants to go with Jack. Katie tells Jack she never knows what will happen on a date with him, and she kind of likes that. They arrive at the Snyder farm, and Carly says she wants to go with Jack to look for Parker. Katie says she'll stay with JJ and Sage, so Jack and Carly leave, with Jack telling Carly that Parker has done this several times before. He calls Holden to see if Parker has called Faith, and Carly is surprised to find out Parker and Faith are friends now. Jack says she's missed a lot. Jack glances in the window of Al's Diner and sees Parker; when he says he'll go talk to him alone, Carly says, "But he's my so-..." and Jack says, "He's yours, huh?" and asks if that means she thinks he doesn't know Parker as well as she does. She says that's not what she meant, and he probably does know Parker better than she does now. He tells her to go back to the farm so the other kids can have some time with her, and he'll come home with Parker later. After she leaves, he goes in and sits down with Parker, who apologizes for screwing up Jack's date with Katie. Jack just wants the games to stop and says he has to accept that he's dating Katie now. Parker says that's not the problem at all, that he likes Katie --- it's that he can't stand being around his mom. He tells Jack if it had been up to him, he'd have had Carly locked up for good.

When Carly returns to the farm, she tells Katie and Sage that they found Parker; Katie suggests that Sage go upstairs and let JJ know. Sage asks if Katie can braid her hair first, but Carly says she'd like to do that; Sage says Katie does it the best, but Katie says Carly hasn't had the chance to do it in a long time. Sage agrees and goes upstairs, telling Katie good night first and hugging her. Carly says, "My, my! When I left, you were conniving and vindictive; now you've got this whole Mary Poppins/Mother Theresa thing going!" Katie tells Carly there is a lot that has happened since she left, but Carly says she screwed up royally and doesn't know how to make it up to her kids or to Jack, but she doesn't want Katie to think for a minute that she's forgotten what she did or who she really is. She warns Katie that she's not going to let someone else step in to play mommy to her kids, particularly not Katie.


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