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Passions Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on PS
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Paloma is trying to convince Whitney to reply to Vincent's text message, but all Whitney wants to do is to concentrate on her new baby that's on the way. Paloma is curious to know because of the shooting at the motel. Chad tells Noah to forget everything that has happened because he and Vincent are over. All he wants to do is to focus on Whitney. Noah cannot just forget about it because he and Paloma heard a gun shot, and that's not easy to ignore. What Noah wants is for Chad to come clean to Whitney, but Chad has no intentions of doing so. Chad asks Noah to swear that he won't say anything to Whitney, but Noah tells Chad that Vincent is the one he has to worry about. Whitney approaches Chad about Vincent's text message because she thinks Chad knows something. Chad sits her down and starts telling her that sometimes people make mistakes. Whitney is getting worried because Chad seems serious. Paloma senses that Noah knows something about Chad and asks him, but Noah does not want to betray a confidence. Noah finally tells Paloma that Chad is the one who fired the gun, and Paloma is left trying to figure things out between Vincent and Chad since Noah did not fill her in on that detail. She tells Noah that she has to arrest Chad for attempted Murder, and Noah is upset because she did promise not to file charges against Chad since he is a friend.

Sheridan kisses Luis without a care in the world, even though Luis would rather she not kiss him. Fancy sees this on her nanny cam and decides to go down to the jail to confront Sheridan. Fancy mistakes another nun for Sheridan, but that does not stop her from seeking Sheridan out. Esme follows Fancy to the jail because she has the hots for prison men with muscles. Meanwhile, Sheridan is trying to convince Luis to make an escape with her. She wants to take him out of the country so that they can start a life together. Luis tells her that he is not deserting Miguel and that he loves Fancy and wants to stay with her. Fancy walks in, and she gets into it with Sheridan. Fancy then slaps Sheridan and tells her not to ever come back. Sheridan is angry that Fancy is with Luis. She tries to find the nanny cam that Fancy uses to spy on Luis. She finds it and sees Fancy kissing Luis, then she breaks Fancy's computer.

Ethan tells the blackmailer that he is cornered, and the blackmailer hints to Ethan that he knows a secret that Theresa also knows. Ethan doesn't care. All he wants to do is to catch the blackmailer. Theresa, realizing that the blackmailer might let out her secret, tells Ethan that she has something to tell him, but Ethan tells her that whatever it is won't change his feelings for her. Theresa doesn't see it that way because too much is at stake; her brothers are still in jail, so she needs the Crane money and power to get them out. Telling Ethan the secret is definitely not an option at this moment. The blackmailer tells Theresa that he wants Ethan just as much as she wants him, which is why he is making her life difficult. Ethan and the guard manage to get the door to the mausoleum open, so it's open season for the blackmailer. Ethan and Theresa go after the blackmailer, but he manages to escape and leave them trapped inside. Both Ethan and Theresa don't understand how the blackmailer knows so much about the Crane estate. Only Alistair knows this much since he had it built. Theresa's phone rings, and it's the blackmailer. She worries that he might say something that she doesn't want Ethan to hear. Ethan promises her that nothing will change the way he feels about her. The blackmailer tells Theresa that her time is up and that she and her family will pay dearly. Ethan and Theresa try to get out of the locked room to no avail. The room catches fire, and they are trapped inside.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tabitha warns Endora: no magic during her sleepover. Endora zaps her friends into real life "Michelle" dolls while unknowing Tabitha entertains the girls' mothers.

Whitney questions a very nervous Chad about Vincent's mysterious text message. Paloma is shocked when she overhears Chad mention his affair with Vincent.

Ethan and Theresa are trapped inside a burning hidden room within the mausoleum. Noah, Paloma, Chad and Whitney go looking for Ethan and Theresa, but are confused to find the mausoleum empty.

Spike arrives at the prison to give testimony for Miguel's case. Kay and Pilar are furious when Spike tells Judge Reilly he cannot deny that Fox saw Miguel driving the car on the night of the accident.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tabitha has to cover for the magical beach party in her living room when the parents of Endora's preschool classmates arrive to find their children turned into teenagers!

After Miguel is released from prison, Kay struggles to tell him that she can no longer be with him.

With the fire in the mausoleum burning, Theresa admits to Ethan that little Ethan is his son! Chad and Noah rescue Ethan and Theresa from the fire as the mausoleum itself begins to fall.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Theresa is with Whitney at the mansion. Theresa tells Whitney that since Ethan didn't hear her confession about Little Ethan then it is a sign from God that he isn't supposed to know. Whitney disagrees. Julian interrupts the two friends to deliver a package to Theresa that was left at the front door. Once Theresa opens it she is stunned. Julian demands to know what the letter says. Theresa vows that Julian will never see the contents. She heads upstairs to hide the letter showing the DNA results of Little Ethan's paternity. After Whitney shares with Theresa that Vincent is sending her text messages, the two go in search of Chad.

Noah and Paloma are at the local bar with Chad to give him moral support as he prepares to break it off with Vincent once and for all. Outside the bar, Vincent is busy sending Whitney text messages to entice her to the bar for a surprise. After some time, Noah and Paloma leave once Vincent joins Chad inside. Chad informs Vincent that their affair is over. While trying to stall for time, Vincent accepts Chad's demands that they won't be together ever again and convinces Chad to have one last drink. Vincent notices that Whitney has arrived and embraces Chad in a close hug. Whitney is stunned by something she sees.

Noah and Paloma continue their conversation about true love outside on the wharf. Paloma cannot understand how the couples in Harmony have been so unlucky in love. Noah comforts her by planting a kiss on her lips.

Kay informs Miguel that she is staying with Fox. Miguel is confused by her change of heart and prods for answers. Kay won't show her true feelings. Miguel decides to let Kay go. Julian talks with Fox and congratulates him on finally winning Kay back. Julian receives a text message himself advising him to have a DNA test on his son but isn't sure what the message means.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ivy goes to comfort Ethan due to the fire incident at the Crane mausoleum. She tells Ethan that Theresa is hazardous to his health and asks Ethan to promise to stay away from Theresa. Rebecca could not help but to stop by and rub salt in Ethan's wound. She tells Ethan that trouble follows Theresa wherever she goes and that Ethan deserves whatever is coming to him for chasing Theresa. Neither Ivy nor Rebecca are able to sway Ethan's stance on how he feels about Theresa, so he excuses himself and leaves. Rebecca thinks there is a way to keep Ethan from seeing Theresa, and that is to find out Theresa's secret and expose it. If only they have that USB stick that JT was using to blackmail most of the citizens of Harmony.

Sheridan feels guilty about choosing Chris over Luis and now she thinks that Fancy has brainwashed Luis into being with her. Sheridan is green with jealousy that she will go to any length to get Luis back. She sees Luis and Fancy on the nanny cam becoming intimate, so she puts in a call to the warden. The warden sends a guard to deliver a message to Fancy. She is told that she is relieved of her duties. Moreover, the guard tells Fancy that the tip the warden received came from outside. Sheridan is excited that things are going her way. Fancy tells Sheridan how selfish she is because now that she is not at the prison to look out for Luis, he could get hurt. All Sheridan cares about is winning Luis over, and if she can't have him, no one else can. The prison guard tells Luis that his life will be hell as a result of breaking the rules.

Vincent is prolonging his goodbye to Chad, long enough so that Whitney could catch them in a compromising position. Whitney and Theresa arrive at the gay bar, and she realizes the clientele of the bar. Theresa thinks that Vincent is coming out and wants everyone to know, but Whitney does not care about Vincent. She detests him. They look for Vincent but couldn't find him. Meanwhile, Chad decides to leave the bar but sees Whitney. He tries to figure out how to get out of the bar without Whitney seeing him. Vincent decides to help Chad, and Chad tries to figure out why Vincent would want to help him when he has been trying to tell Whitney about them for weeks. Well, Chad is right to have his doubts since he thinks Vincent is the one who asked Whitney to come to the gay bar. While Whitney and Theresa are on the way out, Whitney receives a note, and Theresa assumes it's from Vincent. The note tells her to go to the storage room, so Whitney and Theresa go to the storage room. To Whitney and Theresa's amazement, Chad is in the storage room having sex with Vincent.

Julian goes to see Eve in regards to the cryptic message he receives from the blackmailer. Eve refuses to see him at first, but as soon as Julian mentions a son, she decides to see Julian. Eve tells Julian that Fox may not be his son since Ivy has lied to him in the past about Ethan's paternity. To be on the safe side, Eve decides to run a DNA test. Fox and Julian are a perfect match, so that leaves Little Ethan (LE). Eve runs the test against LE and finds out that he is not a match. LE is not Julian's son, and Julian is mad at himself for not figuring things out earlier. He does have a hunch as to the paternity of LE though.

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