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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Annie called Di because she wanted to say good night to Emma. Di said that Emma was already asleep and asked Annie what she was doing. Annie said she was unpacking. Di was surprised and wondered why she was not enjoying the beautiful location with Ryan. Annie explained that Ryan was on the beach with Greenlee. Di warned Annie not to trust Greenlee. Annie said Ryan could handle Greenlee. Still, Di encouraged Annie to spy on them from her balcony. Annie refused because she trusted Ryan completely. Then, Annie assured Di she was fine and hung up. However, Annie looked sad as she lay on the bed alone. Meanwhile, Ryan and Greenlee were talking on the beach. Greenlee declared that she sent Ryan the divorce papers so he would come and fight for her. Greenlee also said she came back and it was not too late for him to still fight for her. Ryan explained that he was devastated after Greenlee left him. Nevertheless, he was able to finally move on because of Annie. Greenlee believed Ryan was with Annie because of their child. Ryan asserted that Emma was not the reason he fell in love with Annie. Greenlee could not believe Ryan was happy with his instant family, especially because he drove off a cliff to avoid one with her. Ryan apologized for hurting Greenlee in this way. Ryan further explained that after Greenlee left, so much happened that changed him. Ryan now saw Spike and Emma as a second chance to do things right. Ryan also said that he signed the divorce papers because he loved Greenlee. Before Greenlee left him, she accused Ryan of taking away all of her decisions. So, Ryan thought that giving Greenlee her divorce would finally let her make her own decision. Then, Ryan said that Greenlee had to accept the way things were and left. Greenlee just sat in the sand and cried. Then, Ryan went back to his suite. Ryan told Annie that things were done with Greenlee and kissed her. Annie looked very happy. Then, the next morning, Greenlee went to Ryan's suite and signed the divorce papers.

Jonathan was very mad at Di for not telling him that Ava was at the wedding. Di explained that she did not want to blow Ava's cover because she knew what it was like to be judged constantly. Di said people assumed the worst of her when she was stripping. Jonathan believed that Di was better than Ava, but Di disagreed. Di said Ava pretended she was Lily because she wanted to feel loved. Then, Jonathan told Di that Ava kissed him. Di said this was probably the only way that Ava knew how to get attention. Jonathan asserted that Lily could get attention without touching anyone. Di snapped at Jonathan and told him to stop comparing every woman to Lily. Di explained that people have flaws and that he should know this better than anyone else.

Erica and Jack were very upset to find Ava and Sean half naked on the couch. Sean was embarrassed, but Ava was happy to see that she might be on camera. So, Erica kicked the cameraman and Pam, her producer, out of the house. Jack then asked if Lily was home because he did not want her disturbed by this. Just then, Lily walked in the front door and asked what was going on. No one told her the truth, but Sean announced that he would be staying with his mother for a few days. Jack assured Sean that he was not kicking him out, but Sean thought it would be best for Lily. Then, as Sean walked out, Erica stated that she warned Sean not to play with fire. Then, Ava and Lily went upstairs and Jack and Erica began to argue. Jack was very upset that Erica knew this was going on and did not tell him. Erica stated that it was no longer her place to be a "den mother". Erica also believed that Jack should have expected this from Sean and Ava. Jack then calmed down and admitted that Erica was right. Jack explained that dealing with these teenagers was difficult without Erica's help. Erica was touched by this comment. So, Erica suggested that Jack enforce ground rules in his house. Erica stated that if Sean and Ava wanted to partake in adult acts then they had to act like adults too. Jack thanked Erica and she left. Meanwhile, Erica and Jack did not realize that Pam was still taping them, even after she left. When Erica went to work she was annoyed to find this out. Pam said Erica could delete the footage because she had editorial rights, but encouraged her to air the footage. Then, Pam asked Erica about the picture Jack stared at after Erica left the house. Erica said it was their wedding picture. Meanwhile, Jack had a talk with Ava the next morning. Jack said he saw a condom the day before and asked if they always used protection. Ava said yes. Still, Jack wanted Ava to stop fooling around with Sean and urged her to take an Htest. Ava refused and claimed that Lily would take her side. Jack did not want to get Lily involved, but felt that Lily would see the logic in Ava taking the test.

Adam grabbed his chest and looked weak. Then, he poured himself a drink, but Colby saw this and scolded him. Colby found out that Adam went to Chandler Enterprises. Colby felt this was too much stress for Adam. Colby also reminded Adam that he was supposed to stay away from alcohol. Adam claimed that the doctors knew nothing and that he knew what was best for him. So, Colby sat Adam down and told him that she loved him. Colby said she would not allow Adam to kill himself. Colby wanted Adam alive so he could send her to college and walk her down the aisle. Adam smiled and promised to listen to her. Then, Colby got Adam his medicine. As Adam took his pills, he vowed that he would not let JR hurt their family. Colby encouraged Adam to forget about his feud with JR. Still, Adam did not want JR to damage Colby's inheritance by ruining Chandler Enterprises. Adam promised he would protect Colby. Colby then hugged Adam and went to bed. Then, Sean knocked on the door and Adam answered it. Adam refused to get Colby and slammed the door in Sean's face. So, Sean text messaged Colby to open her window. When she did, Sean climbed in. Sean said he needed a place to stay, but did not tell her why. So, Colby let Sean sleep on the floor in her room. The next morning, Adam knocked on Colby's door to bring her breakfast in bed. Colby and Sean looked at each other nervously.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Adam knocked on Colby's door to give her some breakfast not knowing that Sean was in the room barely dressed. Adam barged in with his no cholesterol breakfast on a tray while Sean hid under the bed. Colby tried everything to get Adam out of the room, but he wouldn't leave. Adam sat in her room to enjoy his breakfast as he told Colby how happy he was that she had returned home to live with him. He asked her if she knew that Sean pounded on their door late last night. She said she didn't know he did that but she did need a prom dress. Colby asked Adam if he would go with her to the mall but Adam said that he would hire a professional shopper and they didn't even have to leave the house. Adam then told Colby that Sean was an opportunist and that Sean did not deserve her. Colby defended Sean to Adam and said Sean was a nice guy. Just then Sean got a text message and Adam heard the phone. The message said, "I want UR hot naked body".

Hannah waited outside the Slater home until they left and then let herself in as soon as they were gone. She walked around rather aimlessly as she looked at Spike's things and other belongings of the Slaters. When she turned around, Josh was sitting there.

When Kendall got to Fusion, Babe and Di told her that they had secured a deal with Zoe's record label to provide her music for their campaigns. The Fusion ladies, giddy with excitement about Zoe's music, continue to plan their new campaign. Just then Greenlee came in and said that she was the majority share holder now and if they didn't like it they could leave. Greenlee announced that in the contract that Babe signed, if the Fusion stock fell below a certain level, Babe was out and Greenlee took over Fusion again. Kendall called Zach and told him to get to Fusion. When Zach arrived he told Greenlee that he would sign over his shares of Fusion to Kendall which now made them equal partners. Greenlee was not impressed. In the other room, it was the Kendall/Greenlee showdown. Greenlee brought up past baby history, Kendall threw in that Greenlee didn't come back during the Satin Slayer fiasco. Kendall told Greenlee that she didn't belong there and Greenlee said that it wasn't true. Greenlee told Kendall that she took her life and her baby from her, but Zach stepped in said not to blame Kendall, but to blame him. Zach then confessed to making the blackout happen.

Greenlee tearfully told Ryan and Annie goodbye and explained that she would not be flying back with them. Ryan then told Annie that he wanted to marry her immediately. The officials from the island come to their room and Ryan and Annie were married right there.

Josh walked in on Zach as he scoured Hannah's computer. Josh told him he would find out what Hannah was up to, but Zach said they were out of time. Josh asked why Hannah had resigned but Zach had no answers. He said that Hannah had a lot of resources and that he would find out what she was up to and then decide whether or not to let her get away with it.

At Wildwind, Jamie and Julia are with the little girls planning a party for Ryan's divorce. When the happy couple returned to Wildwind, Jonathan warned Ryan that Greenlee did not know the meaning of surrender. Ryan said that he and Annie were married now and there was nothing Greenlee could do about it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hannah was surprised to see Josh waiting for her in Zach and Kendall's condo. Josh questioned why Hannah was in the condo. Hannah claimed she was there to see Zach about work and quickly hid Spike's shirt in her coat pocket. Josh did not believe this and would not let Hannah leave. Then, Josh pulled the baby's shirt out of Hannah's pocket and insisted that Hannah tell him the truth. Hannah began to cry because Zach had a baby, but she did not. Hannah then explained that she came to Pine Valley to be closer to Ethan, but this did not work. Hannah was still distraught that her son died so young. Josh realized that Hannah was very upset and offered to take her back to her hotel room. Hannah accepted the offer as she secretly took Spike's baby shirt again. Then, when they were in Hannah's hotel room, Josh helped Hannah get undressed and put her to bed. Then, Josh went to see Zach. Josh told Zach that Hannah was in bad condition and urged Zach to see her. So, Zach went to Hannah's room and found Hannah in only her bathrobe.

Greenlee was furious with Zach because he caused the blackout. Zach explained that he did not want Kendall carrying Greenlee's child, so he triggered the blackout. Greenlee then slapped Zach across the face. Kendall immediately leaped at Greenlee, but Zach stopped her before she could harm Greenlee. Then, Kendall explained that Zach did not deserve the blame because she decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. Greenlee then blamed both of them for ruining her life. Greenlee felt that she would have a baby and Ryan if Kendall and Zach did not meddle with her life. Then, Greenlee stormed to the elevator to leave, but when the doors opened, Spike was there with his nanny. Greenlee smiled and stared at Spike. Greenlee stated that Spike was supposed to be her baby. Then, Kendall saw Greenlee with Spike and quickly removed the baby. Kendall told the nanny never to bring Spike to Fusion because she did not want the baby near Greenlee. Meanwhile, Zach proposed to buy Greenlee's stock in Fusion. Greenlee refused to let Zach take anything else away from her. Zach reiterated that the blackout was his fault and that he underestimated Kendall's loyalty to Greenlee. Zach said that Kendall loved Greenlee so much that she was willing to give up her own child. Greenlee did not believe that Kendall loved her because Kendall forgave Zach for the blackout. Zach explained that Kendall left him and that she almost put Spike up for adoption. Then, Zach stated that after Greenlee left, the world kept spinning and everyone eventually moved on. Babe and Di told Greenlee that she should not fault Kendall for falling in love with her own child. Then, Greenlee declared that she came back to town to forgive Kendall and Ryan. However, Zach said that it seemed like Greenlee returned to settle a score with them instead. Greenlee then changed the subject and suggested that everyone join her to celebrate Fusion's new brain child. Kendall, Di, and Babe refused the invitation, so Greenlee went alone. Then, Zach left and Josh entered. Kendall then assured Babe that she could still work at Fusion, even though she did not own stock. Kendall also asked Josh to help them get rid of "hurricane Greenlee". Meanwhile, Greenlee went to ConFusion. Greenlee ordered a drink from Del and he told her that the bar was doing very well. Greenlee saw this as another example of how everyone moved on without her. Then, Greenlee drank her strong drink and began to recall the day she left Pine Valley. She then toasted Kendall, her deceitful best friend that stole her life. Just then, Kendall, Di, Babe, and Josh entered the bar. So, Greenlee stood on a chair and toasted her "unwelcome home party". Then, Greenlee toasted Ryan. Greenlee toasted Ryan as the invisible man that promised to love her forever. However, Greenlee did not realize that Ryan had just walked in with Annie!

Colby was still trying to get Adam out of her room when Krystal stormed in holding documents. Krystal immediately saw Sean hiding and became speechless. Adam asked Krystal if she was having a senior moment as Colby motioned to get Adam out of the room. So, Krystal dragged a protesting Adam out of the bedroom. Krystal and Adam then went into the office. Krystal was outraged that Adam was suing for her stock in Chandler Enterprises on the basis of fraud. Adam said he based this on the fact that she was a lying tramp. Krystal stated that Adam knew this before they were married, so it was not fraud. Adam proceeded to explain that he would take her to court and drag Jenny into it. Krystal did not want this, so she gave up her shares willingly. However, Krystal said that she would take half of everything else Adam owned. Adam vowed that Krystal would get nothing. Krystal said this would not matter because Babe could support her, since Babe was a partner at Fusion. Then, Krystal declared war and Adam stated she would regret it. Krystal said she only regretted falling for Adam. Then, Krystal stormed out, but heard Adam wheezing in pain. So, Krystal went back to check on Adam. Krystal claimed she was helping Adam for Colby's sake. Then, Krystal gave Adam his pills and called the doctor. Krystal then handed Adam the phone and stated that she did more for him than he did when she was in labor. Meanwhile, Colby read Sean's text message that said, "I want your naked body." At first, Sean claimed it was a joke from his guy friend. But, when Colby wanted to write something dirty back, Sean admitted it was from Ava. Sean said Ava was just trying to get attention. Colby asked if Sean moved out because Ava tried to get with him. Sean avoided the question by telling Colby that he would much rather be with her than Ava. Colby was happy and asked Sean to stay. Sean joked that Colby was holding him hostage as they played video games together. Colby beat Sean and he began tickling her. Then, just as they were about to kiss, Krystal came in. Krystal told Colby to get herself together because the doctor was coming for Adam. Then, Krystal secretly looked in on Adam one more time before she left.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When Zach asks Hannah what is bothering her, she shows him Spike's shirt that she stole from his home. Hannah tells Zach that she came to Pine Valley to be with Ethan to hurt Alexander. But now, Alexander is locked up and Hannah still feels as if her life is empty. She tells Zach that he should blame himself for Ethan's death because he never wanted him in his life. Hannah tells Zach that she wants him to conceive another child with her and promises to leave Pine Valley.

Tad and Krystal enjoy a night on the town by going to Roadside bar and getting drinks. Opal, Joe and Jamie join the party a few minutes later. They place their orders as the bar fills up quickly. Sensing that Krystal is upset, Tad asks her what is wrong. Krystal apologizes to everyone for trying to keep them away from Jenny when she was pregnant. Opal says that they are family and that is behind them now. Tad shows everyone pictures on his cell phone of Jenny sleeping.

Erica talks about the new divorce to reporters and her camera crew as they walk towards ConFusion. Jackson comes up, wishes her a "Happy Anniversary" and kisses her in front of everyone. Erica's producer informs them that a anonymous donor put $1 million into an escrow account that is to be donated to The Miranda Center once their divorce is final. Erica says the money is in the bag since they are going to get a respectable divorce.

When Ryan tries to remove Greenlee from the top of the table, she tells him she enjoys looking down on everyone. He sits her on the floor as Kendall and Josh suggest she leave. Greenlee says, as part owner, she can leave whenever she wants. Amanda tells Babe to put Greenlee in her place, but Babe explains how Greenlee took her shares back. Greenlee begins insulting Babe, calling her a "baby stealer," as Ava comes into the club. When Kendall tells Greenlee to stop chugging down the alcohol, she rants about the black-out Zach caused. Amanda warns Greenlee to back off, but instead, Greenlee brings up Amanda drugging Jamie to get him to marry her. Greenlee calls Jonathan a murderer and turns to Ryan so she can remind him of all the horrible things he did. Greenlee tells the crowd that Pine Valley forgave everyone for their sins, but no one can forgive her for coming home. Everyone starts leaving the bar as Greenlee's scene comes to an end. Di checks on Ava, who asks about Greenlee. Di explains that Jackson is Greenlee's father. She tells Ava that she pretended to be her sister and it was the biggest mistake of her life. Ava asks Di how she won the town's approval and admits she wants people to like her for herself. Aidan comes up, upset that Di knew Ava was pretending to be Lily at Ryan and Annie's wedding. Di tells him she is tired of arguing about Ava and walks away.

Kendall grabs Greenlee's arm and leads her outside. Greenlee goes on about how Kendall ruined her life, but Kendall reminds her that she chose to leave town instead of working out their problems. Angry, Greenlee walks out with Ryan following behind. She goes to the roof and throws out the butterfly pendant out.

Jackson and Erica walk in as Greenlee continues insulting everyone. They suggest taking her home, but she would rather talk about how no one loves her anymore. Jackson and Erica walk out of the bar. He gives her a kiss on the cheek before she heads home.

Babe goes into the bar as the bartender quits and walks out on the customers. Krystal and Babe take over the bartending duties as the crowd cheers them on. After the crowd is gone, Babe and Krystal lock up and head home with the family.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Greenlee refuses to accept that what she and Ryan had is over. Ryan agrees that he and Greenlee loved each other deeply but insists he's moved on with Annie. Greenlee is slammed when Ryan tells her that he and Annie were legally married on the island. Ryan ends up kissing Greenlee to try to ease her pain but quickly breaks it and goes home to his wife. Greenlee refuses to give Ryan up without a fight. Annie assures Kendall she is tough enough to handle anything Greenlee dishes out. Zach tells Josh that Hannah has left town for good but doesn't offer and details. Zach returns home and pulls his wife into a passionate kiss. Jonathan extends himself to Ava and apologizes when she comes upon him at the boathouse. Ava is hesitant to buy Jonathan's words at face value. Jonathan and Ava end up in a kiss. Sean isn't completely truthful when Colby questions him about Ava. Sean and Colby end the evening in a tender kiss.



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