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Monday, May 14, 2007

Jack called the police station and demanded that Ryan be freed by the time he got there. Then, Jack asked Lily about Ryan's arrest. Lily looked nervous and stated that she did not witness the arrest. Then, Lily left and Ava came in. Ava was still dressed as Lily and tried to pretend with Jack. However, Jack immediately realized it was Ava and was very angry. Jack made Ava promise to stop impersonating Lily. Ava agreed and Jack left. Then, Ava told Lily about the wedding. Ava could not believe how nice everyone was to her. Ava envied the respect Lily got from her friends and family. Then, Jonathan came over. Jonathan wanted to check on Lily, but Lily was cold towards him. Then, Ava said hello to Jonathan and he told her to shut up and leave. Lily was mad at Jonathan for being rude to Ava and asked him to go. Ava stated that Jonathan was a great example of someone who treated her like garbage, except when she posed as Lily. So, Ava asked if she could pretend to be Lily again.

Jonathan was at the police station waiting for Ryan to be released. Amanda showed up to inquire about Adam. Amanda was very upset to hear that there was no evidence found that could put Adam in jail. Then, Jonathan asked Amanda if she was ok. Amanda felt guilty for the kidnapping because she did not stand up to Adam from the start. Jonathan consoled her and said it was not her fault. Then, Jonathan expressed his guilt over Ryan's arrest. Jonathan now realized that Kendall was trying to help Ryan, but he prevented her from doing so. Amanda returned the favor and told Jonathan he was not to blame. Meanwhile, Ryan was inside an interrogation room with Greenlee. Ryan assumed that Greenlee was out for revenge. Ryan said this was classic Greenlee because she had to create collateral damage. Then, Ryan explained that he was devastated when she left. Ryan further apologized for hurting Greenlee, but stated that he finally moved on. Then, Ryan asked Greenlee if she was happy about ruining his wedding and frightening his daughter. Greenlee said she was not happy. So, Ryan asked for the real reason behind the arrest. Just as Greenlee went to answer, Jack walked in. Jack announced that the charges were dropped and Ryan could leave. When Ryan left, Jack hugged Greenlee and welcomed her home.

Greenlee and Jack went to the park to talk. Jack asked why Greenlee had Ryan arrested. Greenlee admitted that she thought Ryan would see her and take her into his arms and never let go. Then, Greenlee explained that she tried to forget about Ryan, but could not. Everything reminded Greenlee of Ryan, like a motorcycle or a comic book store. This was why she never signed the divorce papers. Next, Greenlee said it was hard to get over the pain Kendall and Ryan caused her, but she finally did. Greenlee was very sad that Kendall treated her like a stranger. Then, Greenlee began to cry because she lost Ryan. Greenlee then asked Jack how this could happen. Jack said that time had passed and everyone moved on. Jack said everyone was not frozen in time from a year ago. Greenlee stated that she was living as if she was frozen in time.

Annie was still in her wedding gown at Wildwind. Julia and Di urged her to change, but Annie would not. Annie said that she would stay in the gown because it was still her wedding day. Then, Annie began to cancel her honeymoon plans. Julia and Di comforted Annie and tried to relax her. Then, Ryan returned and Julia and Di left. Ryan told Annie that she was the most beautiful bride in the world. So, Annie asked if she was actually a bride and if they were legally married. Ryan explained that she was his wife in every way that counted. Still, there was a clerical error with the divorce papers, so they were not legally married. Annie was sad, but Ryan assured her that they would make it down the altar again soon. Then, they made love and Annie was happy once again. Then, Ryan secretly brought the wedding cake into the room and they ate it together in bed.

JR was at ConFusion. JR looked at the liquor behind the bar. JR recalled Babe rejecting him and Adam telling him he was alone in the world. Then, just as JR was about to order a drink, Jamie approached him. JR became defensive and said it was his sole responsibility to stay sober or get drunk. Jamie agreed and said he was not there to hassle JR. Jamie proceeded to apologize to JR for kidnapping Little Adam. Jenny's kidnapping made Jamie realize that taking Little Adam was very wrong. Jamie also apologized for not realizing he was so wrong until now. JR was still hostile and coldly accepted the apology. Then, JR saw Amanda and started fighting with her about Janet. Amanda stated that the only difference between Adam and Janet was that Adam had money and Janet had a heart. Then, Jonathan came in. Jonathan expressed his grief over his visit with Lily. Jonathan did not understand how Lily could smile at him at the wedding and then act so distant at her house. Amanda snapped at Jonathan and told him to get over Lily and give her space.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ryan goes to Jack wanting to end this mess with Greenlee as soon as possible. Jack believes that Greenlee will be reasonable and urges Ryan to talk with her. Meanwhile, Greenlee shows up at Fusion and declares herself a partner again since she is in possession of Simone's shares of the company. Babe refuses to betray Kendall by aligning herself with Greenlee, who is speechless over the fact the two women no longer loathe each other. Annie arrives to go to work and takes the high road when Greenlee tries to provoke her. Greenlee is further thrown to see that Annie is heading up the Fusion Green project. Ryan arrives at the office to have things out with Greenlee. Adam wants Zach to be his silent partner as he makes his move to reclaim Chandler Enterprises from JR. Adam makes a persuasive argument as he points out it would be the perfect way fro Zach to get revenge on JR for what he did to Kendall. JR finds Amanda using a punching bag to work off her fury at Adam. JR brags that he beat his father by stealing the company and tells Amanda not to get caught up in feelings and emotions. Amanda and JR end up physically close but quickly break the moment. Erica is envious of Jack's growing popularity with the fans. Erica agrees to be interviewed by a famous newscaster and is thrown for a loop when Jack also arrives for the taping. Jack turns the tables on Erica, who gets trapped into turning her and Jack's impending divorce into an ongoing news story.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Colby was visiting Krystal and Jenny at the condo. Krystal was hungry, so Colby left to get her food from the yacht club. Then, Tad entered with a gift in his hands. Krystal assumed the gift was for Jenny, but Tad said it was for her. Krystal opened it and saw a diamond necklace with three circles. Tad explained that the circles represented Krystal, Jenny, and him. Tad thought it was a sign of their new beginning together. Krystal was shocked and cried as Tad put the necklace on her. Then, Tad went outside and Stuart entered. Stuart was happy to see Jenny and asked to hold her. As Krystal watched Stuart hold jenny, she looked sad. Stuart realized that he looked like Adam holding the baby. Stuart said that Adam did bad things, but it was not a sin to continue loving him. Krystal disagreed. Meanwhile, Tad, Joe, and Jamie were outside talking. Jamie announced to Tad that he was returning to medical school. Then, Josh came by looking for Kendall. Kendall was not home, so Tad invited Josh to meet his new cousin. Josh was hesitant at first, but agreed to see Jenny. So, the Martin men went inside the condo to visit with the baby.

Sean and Ava were flirting at the yacht club when Colby arrived. Ava left them alone to talk. Sean asked how Colby was doing. Colby stated that she was living with her father again. Colby further explained that she felt caught between Adam and Krystal. Colby said she was very stressed out. Sean encouraged Colby to relax and then asked her to the prom. Colby was very excited that Sean asked her and could not wait to buy a dress. Meanwhile, Ava approached Aidan. Ava claimed that Lily told her everything about the wedding. Ava then pretended that Lily said there were a lot of "hotties" at the wedding. Aidan did not believe Lily would say this and called Ava a liar. Then, Di showed up and Ava walked away. Aidan stated that Ava was still causing trouble. Di was agitated by this comment. So, Di decided to leave and not have lunch with Aidan. Meanwhile, Ava overheard Colby talking about the prom. After Colby left, Ava made fun of Sean for going to the prom because it was "so high school" of him. Sean got annoyed and left.

Erica's producer announced that because of the "New Divorce" and the interview with Larry, Erica and Jack were very popular. So, the producer suggested they do a reality TV show that documented their divorce. The producer felt it would be compelling TV because everyone was so intrigued to see if they would actually finalize the divorce. Then, the producer left and Erica secretly turned on a camera in her office. Jack protested the idea of cameras invading their privacy. Erica asserted that they would have total control because she would produce the show. Erica also threatened that she would do the show with or without Jack. So, Jack finally agreed to do the show. Then, Jack warned Erica that if she pulled any tricks that he would leave the show. Erica agreed and Jack left. Then, the producer told Erica that the network already approved the show. Erica was very pleased and announced that she already taped the pilot. The producer was impressed by Erica's secret video and brought the tape to editing. Erica slyly smiled.

Ryan told Greenlee that they had to handle their situation immediately. Greenlee suggested they speak privately on the roof. On the roof, Greenlee reminisced about the nights they spent together under the stars. Then, Greenlee declared that she owed Ryan an explanation. Ryan still assumed that Greenlee wanted revenge and urged her to stop. Greenlee said she did not hate Ryan. Then, Greenlee realized that the roof was where Erin died. Greenlee expressed her sorrow over Erin's death. Greenlee wished she could have been there for Ryan during that difficult time. Ryan said that Annie helped him. Greenlee then apologized for ruining his wedding. Greenlee further stated that she did not mean to hurt Ryan and volunteered to make it up to him. So, Ryan asked Greenlee to accompany him to the Caribbean for a quickie divorce. Greenlee looked disappointed, but agreed. Meanwhile, Kendall was downstairs warning Annie about Greenlee. Kendall explained that Greenlee could win people over with her humor, but would eventually stab them in the back. Annie knew that Greenlee did not play fairly and asserted that she had a few tricks of her own. Still, Annie felt like playing the "nice girl" role was more effective right now. Kendall believed this was a smart strategy. Then, Kendall told Babe not to submit to Greenlee. Kendall wanted Babe to keep her Fusion shares and her personal opinions. However, Babe worried that Greenlee still might gain control of her shares. Kendall dismissed the idea and would not even discuss it. Then, Ryan and Greenlee returned. Ryan and Annie left quickly, so Kendall demanded to know what Greenlee said to Ryan. Greenlee explained that they were getting a divorce, but Kendall was skeptical. Kendall yelled at Greenlee and accused her of not being honest about the divorce. Greenlee snapped and told Kendall to stop. Then, Greenlee stormed out. Then, Greenlee went to the private jet that was going to take her and Ryan to the Caribbean. When Ryan arrived, Greenlee joked that all they needed were some pina coladas. Then, Annie entered and said that she liked drinks with more of a kick. Greenlee looked shocked to see that Annie was joining them!

Hannah and Josh had spent the night together in Hannah's hotel room. So, they went to get something to eat at the yacht club. As they looked at the menu, Josh asked Hannah personal questions. Hannah became annoyed and announced that Josh was good in bed, but bad at spying. Hannah then told Josh to take the day off and left. Next, Hannah went to work and busted angrily into Zach's office. Hannah told Zach that if he wanted to know something that he should come to the source, instead of sending Josh. So, Zach asked Hannah why she came to Pine Valley. Hannah asserted that her intentions never changed. Hannah wanted to learn everything she could about Ethan. Hannah was still distraught that she never had a relationship with Ethan. So, Hannah asked Zach to recall his last moments with their son. Zach said that Ethan died in the arms of a loved one. Zach hoped that this would give Hannah some solace. Zach further explained that sometimes he wished Ethan never found him and sometimes he wished he had more time with Ethan. Zach regretted the bitterness that came between them. Zach asked Hannah if she felt closer to Ethan now that she was in Pine Valley. Hannah said no and doubted that she ever would.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

As Jonathan is looking at a picture of Ava from the wedding, Di comes in. She asks him if he is going to scold her for Ava crashing the wedding. After Jonathan realizes that Ava was impersonating Lily, he tells Di that Ava is bad news. Di says Ava only wants people to like her and is similar to Lily in many ways.

During a board meeting at Chandler Enterprises, JR fires one of the members for betraying his trust. He tells the other members they will face the same fate if they cross him as Adam walks in. JR tries to act like the loving son by asking his father if he needs anything to eat or drink. An employee brings Adam a box filled with some of his past memories at Chandler. Adam goes through the box, finding old drawings from JR as a child. Adam says he had hoped his children would take over the company one day, but not to destroy him. Adam tells JR he will regain control of Chandler Enterprises and walks out. JR crumbles up the drawing and throws it in the trash.

At home, Zach helps Kendall throw away a trash bag of clothes, papers, cards and mugs. She says it is getting rid of items that remind her of Greenlee. Kendall explains that she found one of Greenlee's old sweaters in the closest tucked behind a pile of shoes. Kendall said she initially took the sweater out of spite, but eventually learned to love the sweater and Greenlee. Kendall said that when Greenlee found the sweater, she told her to keep it. Kendall says that she took more than just a sweater from Greenlee – she took her child and crushed her dreams. Zach reminds Kendall that she was willing to give up everything for Greenlee. Kendall says that it is a matter of her having everything and Greenlee having nothing. Adam speaks with Zach on the telephone to see if he will accept his offer. Zach tells Adam they have a deal. Kendall tells Zach that she wants Greenlee out of town.

Ryan explains to the pilot's crew that there are two Mrs. Laveries onboard. But as the plane loses slight control, Greenlee and Annie fall onto the couch, each clutching one of Ryan's arms. The crew member asks the trio to stay in their seats with their seatbelts. Greenlee tries to break the uncomfortable tension by asking about Lily and Jackson's divorce, but Annie and Ryan are silent. Greenlee endures Annie and Ryan kissing and flirting before asking why Annie has come along for the trip. Annie tells her that they are going to spend their honeymoon on the island after the divorce is finalized. As Annie rests her head on Ryan's shoulder, Greenlee envisions Ryan proclaiming his love to her on the beach. Annie begins having an asthma attack as Ryan searched for her inhaler in a bag, but is unable to find it. Greenlee begins searching through Annie's bag to find the inhaler. She finds the inhaler in a secret pocket in the purse and hands it to Annie. Annie and Ryan thank you for helping Annie.

Aidan tells Lily that the boat belongs to Adam Chandler, not Jackson, and she was breaking and entering. Aidan tells Lily he will stop following her when she stops causing trouble. Colby calls Sean and asks him to come to her house, leaving Ava a chance to hit on Aidan. Aidan tells Ava that if he could go back to the past, he would not have helped her at all and walks off. Once Ava gets home, she tells Lily that she thinks Aidan hates her. To calm her down, Lily suggests Ava put on her hat so she can feel good about herself, like she did at the wedding. Lily hurries off to work and a few minutes later, Jonathan comes to visit and tries to make small talk with Ava, knowing that she pretending to be Lily. When Jonathan begins talking bad about Ava, she grabs his arm with anger. Ava says that her life skills class has taught her how to learn to touch people without being afraid. Jonathan begins making references to the times he took the class with Lily and Ava gives the wrong answers. Jonathan snatches the wig hat off to reveal it is Ava.

Aidan finds Di at Wildwind and apologizes for hurting her feelings. He tells her that he wants their relationship to go back to being fun and exciting. Di gives Aidan a passionate kiss and leads him upstairs.

When Sean goes to see Colby, she tells him that she bought a bunch of prom dresses, but doesn't think of any them will look right. Sean tells Colby she will be beautiful no matter what she wears. When Sean sits beside Colby, he gives her a kiss and then immediately backs away. He tells her that he doesn't want to hook-up for fun because he respects her too much as a person. Secretly, Sean doesn't feel comfortable being with Colby because of his relationship with Ava. Colby models the dresses for Sean until they find one that looks good on her.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Erica is shocked to see her producer show up at the Yacht Club with a cameraman until she sees Jack stroll in with Barbara on his arm. Hiding behind a menu, she demands that they sit somewhere other than the open table next to her. As always, Jack does exactly what he wants and takes the seat closest to Erica, playing up their accidental meeting for the camera. Erica is forced to play along, and can't help but taking a jab at Barbara's attire. The one-time fling fires back, noting that Erica appears to be dining solo. At that moment, Del shows up and starts to tell Erica about his new book, and Erica takes the opportunity to make it seem like they had planned all along to have dinner together. As Tad watches from behind his hand, Del holds Erica's seat out for her and prepares to settle in. She asks a few insipid questions before Tad can't take anymore and makes up an excuse to get Del to leave. He then pretends to be on a passionate date with Erica, which prompts her to invite Jack and Barbara over to their table. An additional film crew arrives with the intent of getting more footage for Divorce Watch, goading both parties to play it up for the camera. The petty jabs fly uninhibited around the table until Tad accidentally spills some wine on Barbara's lap. Indignant, Barbara storms out, leaving the responsibility of who would take Jack home bouncing between Erica and Tad. Erica finally caves in so as to appear in the best light. Before leaving, she plants a sultry kiss on Tad, who then endures a mock slap on the arm from Jack for his part in the evening's shenanigans.

Jonathan readies himself to tear into Ava for impersonating Lily but is stopped abruptly when she tells him that Lily advocated the switch. She takes the liberty of adding that Lily must have been in favor simply because she didn't want to look at her ex-husband. Jonathan blasts her, saying that she hasn't known Lily long enough to know what she wants, and that she will never know her sister as well as he does. Ava mocks him, citing the fact that he couldn't even spot a fake when it was right in front of his face. Jonathan fires back, saying that her ire springs from the fact that as a liar and a con, no one will ever truly love her or make her feel worthy as a person. Ava tells him that the way she understands history, he is the liar and the con and notes that he is angry because Lily doesn't want him anymore and that he can never have the kind of relationship with her that a normal guy might want. Cut deeply, Jonathan quietly demands that she get away from him but Ava is just getting started. She tells him that he is angry because she is Lily's family, and is loved for who she is, while Jonathan is no longer of any importance to his ex-wife. Angered, Jonathan tells Ava that she is just trying to take over Lily's life, but that no matter how many times she dresses herself up in Lily's clothes or uses Lily's credit card to buy things – she will never be accepted. Ava then starts to speak like Lily and notes that Jonathan can't stop looking at her, causing her to believe that what he really wants is to kiss her. She leans into it, and he doesn't resist. It goes on for a moment, breaks off, then resumes. Suddenly, Jonathan rips himself away, realizing how wrong the set up is. He warns her not to hurt Lily, and tells her that she is never to touch him again before storming out. A short time later, Sean joins Ava in the living room and tells her that he is fine with hanging out with her, but he doesn't want to sleep with her anymore. She doesn't believe him and even though he protests, she continues to put the moves on him until he gives in.

In the car, Jack and Erica squabble over the scene at the restaurant – Jack telling Erica that since their divorce is so amicable, she had no right to be as upset, and Erica refusing to be "cross examined". She tells him that she simply wants to drop him off, check on Lily and Sean and go home for some peace and quiet. When they arrive at the Montgomery residence, Erica tells Jack that if he wants to play along with her reality show, he should be nice and courteous as soon as they get out of the car, since the cameras would be on them. They exit the car, unceremoniously slam the doors and approach the front door. Erica immediately turns on the charm and starts to talk about the kids as they enter the house. All acting goes right out the window when they see Sean and Ava making out on the couch. Jack demands that they stop what they are doing as Erica frantically covers the camera lens so that they can't capture the action.

Ryan and Annie arrive at their island hotel before Ryan broaches the subject of Annie understanding why he fell in love with Greenlee. They have a brief sighting of the almost ex-wife in the hall and take the conversation inside their room. Annie stands by what she says, and follows by noting that she doesn't understand why Ryan divorced her. Ryan reminds her that just because Greenlee did a good deed while in midair doesn't mean that she is completely reformed. Annie admits that she has heard stories about every evil thing that Greenlee did, but says that the bottom line is not that Ryan signed the divorce papers not because he stopped loving Greenlee – he did it because she left. Ryan tries to skip the end of the story by saying that what matters is that Greenlee is the past while Annie is his present and future – and he wants to be married to Annie. Annie tells him that the situation shouldn't be treated so flippantly, and urges him to find Greenlee and finish writing their final chapter together before the divorce is truly final.

Ryan finds Greenlee on the beach and after some small talk, they briefly discuss how much each of them changed. Greenlee tells him that when he died, they both died – or so she thought. When she left town, they were so far from where they started and she couldn't see them ever finding their way back. They each relive what it was like out on the road, trying to outrun the pain, and agreeing that they couldn't because the pain was inside. Ryan then asks if she is done punishing him, but Greenlee claims to be the victim. Ryan reminds her that he had nothing to do with the stunt that Kendall pulled at the fertility clinic, and refuses to apologize for the result of that. Greenlee tells him that she is talking about the here and now – how he smacked her down from the beginning and hasn't stopped. Completely flummoxed at her claim, he demands more details, so she tells him about how he rudely rejected the Dynamite Kiddo ring that she sent to him on his wedding day. In that moment, Ryan realizes what happened and tells her that he wasn't the culprit – Jonathan was. He asks why she sent him the ring, and she tells him that wanted to remind him of who they once were to each other and what they once had. Ryan tells her that things have changed, and that they only thing that made sense was that she wanted to hurt him – punish him for making the choice to live a life without her. Tearfully, she explains that she sent the divorce papers not because she actually wanted a divorce – but because she wanted him to come find her, hold her and make her believe that things between them could be good again. She wanted him to fight to get her back. He tells her that signing the divorce papers killed him because he still loved her as much as she ever loved him.

Kendall admits to her husband that Greenlee is a threat to everything that she loves. Zach is mildly surprised that his strong and independent wife is so affected by her old best friend. Then, with a deadpan look, he asks if she would like him to get rid of her. Kendall is mildly perplexed, and Zach clears things up by saying that if Greenlee makes his wife unhappy, he can take steps to make her go away. Kendall hesitates, and Zach asks her if she truly wants her best friend completely out of her life again. Kendall tells him that if there is any doubt as to where she stands with regard to Greenlee, then she has gone completely soft. Zach tells her that with being pregnant she really needs to take care of and focus on herself, and offers to take care of Greenlee for her. Kendall tells him that she can handle it herself and will have a blast doing so. She then questions what happened to her, saying that becoming a mom shouldn't have completely changed her as a person. Before Zach can address that, there is a knock at the door. When he answers it, he finds Hannah on the other side, poised to tender her resignation. Kendall asks why, thinking that it might be the benefits or the boss. Hannah tells her that it is nothing so easily defined. She tells her that she didn't come to Pine Valley to make new friends or find a job – she came back for her child...and if she could reclaim what she lost, she would. Kendall says that she completely understands Hannah's motivation, given all of the losses she has suffered. She suggests that perhaps what Hannah needs to do is have another child. Kendall then steps out of the room to take care of Spike, and Zach tells Hannah that he plans on taking over Chandler, so now might not be the best time to resign. She is intrigued, and tells him that she will let him know if she decides to stay. Kendall returns to the room with babe in arms and Zach gets distracted long enough to allow Hannah to steal a set of keys off of the table. Zach mentions the acquisition of Chandler again, as a means to lure her back in, but instead of immediately rising to the bait, she dismisses herself for the evening. Once outside, she looks longingly in at the little family, wanting it for herself more than words could ever say.

Alone in the hotel room, Annie is tortured by how long Ryan is taking with Greenlee and starts to run to the balcony to see if she can spy them. She stops short, assuring herself aloud that all would be okay. She then hears Kendall's voice in her head, talking about how easily Greenlee takes people in, and how she didn't notice the knife in her back until it was too late.

Greenlee asks if knowing the real reason behind her sending the divorce papers will cause Ryan to fight for her now as he should have back then.



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