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Passions Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on PS
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Endora is at the zoo on a play date with her friend Amy, and she promises Tabitha that she will not use any magic. It seems as if Amy's mom would rather be else where than be with her own daughter. She also frowns upon stay at home moms like Tabitha. She thinks kids are too needy. Amy tells Endora that she wishes her mom were more affectionate like Tabitha. Endora feels sorry for Amy and wants to do something about it.

While pointing to a gun, Chad tells Vincent that he is there to end their relationship. Vincent manages to seduce Chad as usual; moreover, Vincent has the sex tapes of them together. If Chad doesn't comply, Vincent will go to Whitney with the tapes.

Paloma is guilt ridden about helping Jessica with the dead john because she could lose her job. Noah comforts her. While Noah and Paloma are making love, they hear Chad and Vincent in the next room, but they don't know it's actually Chad and Vincent.

Whitney is at the Crane estate to prepare for Chad's surprise birthday party, but Theresa is distracted by the blackmailer's antics. She tells Whitney how he has been watching her every move. Theresa is a prisoner and the blackmailer holds all the cards. She has to do his bidding or else Luis and Miguel will not see the light of day, and Theresa will lose everything. Whitney tells Theresa to fight back and never mind that Ethan will discover the truth in the process since Ethan is entitled to the truth. Little Ethan is after all his son. Theresa is too worried about what Ethan might think of her if he finds out how long she has been holding on to the information. She also does not want to lose the Crane money and power. There is also the matter of having Jared's baby. It seems as if the blackmailer wants Ethan for himself. Theresa tells Whitney that it's possible that she is carrying Jared's child, and Whitney reminds her that Ethan could also be the father. Whitney springs a little surprise on Theresa; she might be pregnant with Chad's child.

Spike prepares to kill Miguel as the nurse gives him a medication to relieve his pain. After the nurse leaves, Spike begins smothering Miguel with a pillow. The nurse returns before Spike could do any damage. The nurse leaves again, and Spike resumes smothering Miguel. Fancy apologizes to Luis for what the guards did to him. The nurse tells Fancy that she has to fill out a report of what happened in solitary. Fancy keeps procrastinating, and the guard suspects that Fancy might have a thing for Luis. Fancy quickly tells the guard that she doesn't know Luis. Meanwhile, Julian is telling Fox that he should be celebrating, but Fox doesn't like the idea of Maria being without a father. Julian tells Fox to act like a Crane and do what he has to in order to win Kay over. Fox tells Julian that he doesn't necessarily want a woman who is determined to be with another man. He does have his pride. Julian tells him that the only way to keep his pride is to have Miguel killed. Fox doesn't want that on his conscience and that he is calling off the hit on Miguel. Julian tells him not to do anything rash. Kay walks in and asks what Fox doesn't want to do. Fox covers by telling Kay that he was planning a romantic get away but decides not to go through with it considering what's going on. It gives Kay the perfect opportunity to talk to Fox, but Fox is doing everything he can to prevent it. Julian intervenes and tells Kay that Fox is not up for any chit chat because of his treatment. Kay agrees. Julian tells Fox that it's imperative to have Miguel killed because Kay is determined to leave him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

At the zoo, Endora devises a magical plan to punish her friend Amy's mean mother.

Fancy dodges a suspicious guard's questions by telling him that she's interested in Luis because she wants to write a screenplay about him.

Whitney and Theresa, both suspecting they're pregnant, take pregnancy tests together.

As Noah and Paloma have a romantic rendezvous in a hotel room, they hear a violent disturbance in the next room. Next door, Chad pulls a gun on Vincent! He's determined not to let Whitney find out about their affair.

Julian tries to convince Fox to not stand in the way of his plot to murder Miguel. Meanwhile, Spike is carrying out the plan by suffocating Miguel in the prison infirmary!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whitney and Theresa plan a surprise party for Chad at the mansion. Theresa leaves a message for him requesting that he meet her in the living room. Ethan tries to talk to Theresa alone, but Jared interrupts and she escapes Ethan and leaves with Jared to dress for the party.

Paloma's investigation of the gunshot that she heard at the motel leads her to Vincent's room. He denies knowledge, even after Paloma digs a recently fired bullet out of the wall. Outside, Noah is returning with food and wine and sees Chad leaving the courtyard. He calls out but Chad does not respond. Paloma has no choice but to let Vincent go. She returns to Noah's room. Her cell phone has a message inviting her and Noah to Chad's party.

Fox gets squeamish about using Spike to murder Miguel and calls it off. Julian tells him that it is the only way he will ever have Kay. As Fox whispers his new scheme to Julian, Kay enters Tabitha's living room. She tells them that Whitney is throwing a surprise party for Chad at the mansion. She leaves to get dressed, while Julian and Fox plot.

Julian, Kay and Fox are the first to arrive at Chad's party. Jared, Theresa and Eve are already there and other guests arrive shortly after. They hide in the living room and turn off the lights. Chad stops in the foyer long enough to conceal the gun he is carrying. He is very surprised when he enters the living room and all his friends jump out at him. Chad is happy until he notices that Vincent has crashed the party. Whitney wants to toss him out, but Chad is afraid that Vincent will reveal that they are lovers, so he tells Whitney he wants to keep things mellow and would rather ignore Vincent. Whitney toasts Chad and tells him that she is carrying his child. Vincent is very upset to hear the news.

While Fox slinks around, Julian confronts Kay about her infidelity with Miguel. Fox eavesdrops as Julian tells Kay that he can get Miguel out of prison. Kay tells him she will do anything he wants. He tells her that she must stay with Fox and be completely faithful and never see Miguel again.

Ethan goes through with his plans to get Theresa alone. He hires a look-a-like to stand on the terrace, pretending to be him while he grabs Theresa and takes her to another room.

Endora and Tabitha are at the Zoo with Endora's friend Amy and her mother. Endora turns Amy's mother into a gorilla to teach her a lesson, so that she will appreciate Amy and take care of her instead of being so selfish. Despite the arrival of the zookeeper, who tries to subdue the female gorilla with a tranquilizer, Endora returns Amy's mother to her human form. Amy's mom learns her lesson and Tabitha and Endora leave the zoo without anyone getting wise to Endora's powerful magic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Various Harmony residents are gathered at the Crane Mansion to celebrate Chad's birthday. Chad is stunned when he hears Whitney confess to the guests that she is pregnant. Before Vincent leaves he grabs Chad and warns him that he will pay for sleeping with Whitney. While the party goers congratulate Whitney, Chad tries to leave to go after Vincent but Noah stops him in his track. Noah begins questioning Chad about being at the motel with Vincent. At first Chad denies being there but then when he drops the gun he is trying to conceal, he decides to talk with Noah to keep him from going to Paloma.

Ethan and Theresa are in the closet. Ethan informs Theresa that he needs to be with her and that they are safe from being caught because he hired a body double. At first Theresa is nervous but then she gives in to desire. Ethan and Theresa make love. Ethan tells Theresa that his body double has a GPS device and will give a signal if the blackmailer shows. After some time the device goes off and Ethan is eager to catch the blackmailer. He and Theresa begin their search for the blackmailer.

Julian informs Kay that he has found an investigator that has given him information that would free Miguel and that he will use that information if Kay accepts his proposal. Kay is excited, however, when she learns that Julian wants her to stay silent about her love for Miguel and finally be a real wife to Fox she refuses to accept. Julian tries every trick in the book to force Kay into the proposal but she doesn't budge. Fox joins Julian once Kay leaves and talks with his father. Julian reassures Fox that Kay will one day accept the proposal.

Pilar receives a call on her cell phone that Miguel has been attacked. Kay darts out the door with Pilar and Fox follows.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pilar and Kay go to see Miguel as soon as news about his near death surfaced. Fox and Julian follow because they want to keep tabs on Kay. Pilar is shocked that such a thing could happen to Miguel. Julian and Fox worry about someone being able to finger Spike as the person who tried to kill Miguel. Lucky for Fox and Julian that Luis was only able to see a shadow. Pilar is the only one who has a clue that someone is trying to kill Miguel. she wants to do something to protect Miguel, and Kay is beginning to rethink Julian's offer, which is agreeing to stay married and faithful to Fox so that Miguel can go free. Kay accepts Julian's offer.

Fancy finally believes Luis about seeing someone trying to kill Miguel. Luis is giving up on ever being released from death row, and Fancy tries to encourage him. Fancy fills Esme in on Sheridan's scam, pretending to be a prisoner in order to be near Luis. Sheridan meets Spike outside the jail and demands that he gets her back in so that she can be near Luis. Spike tells her that it's near to impossible, but Sheridan threatens him by likening herself to Alistair, and Spike agrees to follow orders. Sheridan fantasizes about breaking into the prison to save Luis, and she has a knock down brawl with Fancy and uses a gun to shoot up the prison in order to free Luis. Spike manages to get Sheridan in as a nun, and the first thing she does is to bring food for Luis in the infirmary. Fancy sets up a camera in Luis' room in order to keep tabs on him. She leaves the room and tells Esme to keep an eye on the nanny camera. Sheridan, dressed as a nun, goes by Luis' bedside and leans over to kiss Luis. Luis tells her to stop because he loves Fancy, and Sheridan ignores him and tells him that he is just confused. Esme sees this and tells Fancy. Fancy is livid at Sheridan's behavior.

Whitney is surprised how quickly Chad's party ended, and she senses that Paloma has something on her mind, but Paloma did not reveal that Noah saw Chad at a motel. Whitney goes on and on about how she and Chad are perfect for each other. She tells Paloma about seeing Vincent at the same motel Paloma and Noah were staying for their hot night of passion. Paloma then tells Whitney that she saw Vincent there. Whitney receives a text message from Vincent telling her that he has a surprise for her. Whitney says that she wants nothing to do with him, and Paloma wonders what surprise Vincent has in store for Whitney. Noah asks Chad to come clean about being at the motel, and Chad hesitates. Noah threatens to go to Whitney, so Chad has no choice but to come clean about his secret. Chad admits to Noah that he is living on the Down Low (DL). Noah admits to understanding that type of behavior, but Chad is married, so he cannot condone what Chad is doing. In addition, Noah asks if Chad is gay, and Chad tells him that he is not gay. He tells Noah that he got involved with Vincent when he thought that Whitney was his sister. Noah tells Chad that he is having an affair, and Chad is in denial about the whole thing in that he tells Noah that it's all about sex. Chad has gotten himself into a huge mess, and Noah suggests that he tells Whitney everything. Chad thinks that's a horrible idea. He is worried that Whitney would not understand and that she would cut him out of her life and take Miles with her. In addition, Noah warns Chad about the STD's that he could pass on to Whitney, and on top of that, Whitney is pregnant. Chad wants to get rid of Vincent because he doesn't know what else to do, and Noah asks him if he intends to use the gun on Vincent. Chad tells Noah that he only wants to scare Vincent, but Noah thinks that will solve nothing. He thinks the best thing to do is to tell Whitney the truth and asks for forgiveness. Chad refuses, and Noah wonders if Chad wants to give Vincent up. He goes as far as asking Chad if he loves Vincent. Chad keeps insisting that he is not gay and tells Noah that it's all about sex and nothing to do with love.

Ethan plants a GPS on his stand in so that he could track the blackmailer. Ethan is alerted and he and Theresa are in pursuit of the blackmailer. The blackmailer laughs a devilish laugh and states that they will never catch him and that he will kill "them" all. Ethan alerts Crane security about the blackmailer, and the blackmailer vows that Ethan and Theresa will pay. The blackmailer breaks into the Crane mausoleum and locks himself inside. Ethan wants to go after the blackmailer, but Theresa wants to stop him before the blackmailer tells Ethan the truth about Little Ethan being his son. Ethan thinks that tonight is the night he will get the blackmailer so that he can start his life with Theresa, and Theresa thinks that her life will be over.

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