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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on GL
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Cassie is with Beth at the Warehouse District and is demanding that Beth make sure that Alan doesn't raise Beth's baby. Beth tries to leave and there is a struggle. Beth falls and is worried that her baby may be harmed. Cassie, rather than show concern for Beth or the baby, continues to try to pressure Beth to make Alan lose his child just as he caused Cassie to lose Tammy. A policeman arrives and they all go to Cedars.

Cassie calls Josh to have him meet her at the hospital. Josh is at the Lighthouse where Reva tracked him down. He confides in Reva that he is worried about Cassie's obsession with Tammy. Reva interrupts him and says it is unfair that he is using her as a sounding board about his problems with her sister, the one he's sleeping with. Josh says it is all unfair and receives Cassie's phone call. They both leave the Lighthouse to go to the hospital.

At Cedars, Beth is questioned by the police about the accident. She is also confronted by Alan. When Alan goes in to be with Beth, Josh and Reva arrive. Josh leaves the two in order to check in with Alan. Alan and Beth are told by the doctor that the baby seems to be fine. They are relieved. Josh confronts Alan in the hallway, telling him that if he goes after Cassie in this matter, he'll go full force in proving Alan's liability in Tammy's death. Alan tells the police that Beth slipped and the matter is closed. Alan returns to Beth and the two are told by the doctor that she feels they should do an amnio. Beth fears that an amnio would clear the way for Rick to be allowed a paternity test. Alan assures her that they need not worry. The test will be positive that Alan is the father.

Alan had gone to the hospital just after leaving Alex on Main Street. She had been berating him for sending Alan Michael away. After Alan left Alex, she fired her drive because he was always late. She looked across the way and saw Cyrus and hired him on the spot to be her driver. The two flirted a bit. Cyrus left a message on Marina's voicemail.

Marina left The Beacon and kept thinking she saw Cyrus everywhere she looked. Frank ran into her on Main Street and told her she needed to slow down and let others handle the investigation. Mallet showed up and agreed that Marina should take it easy. He also asked Frank to slow down the prosecution of Blake as the blogger. Blake had earlier asked Mallet to help her out with this matter. Frank said that the governor was a friend of Ross's and had ordered the investigation closed. A relieved Mallet called Dinah to have her relay the news to Blake.

Earlier in the day, Blake had made herself at home in Dinah and Mallet's suite. She replaced photographs, zoomed around on her scooter, and ordered flowers that she billed to Dinah's tab. With cryptic words, Blake had Dinah and Mallet on pins and needles. Everything she said seemed to be a reference to Mallet's not so stellar past. Mallet agreed to try to help Blake out of her legal troubles. With the two women left alone, Blake is clearly getting on Dinah's nerves. Blake says maybe should she be staying with Gus and Harley. Dinah assures her that her daddy would want Blake to remain with her and Mallet. Mallet calls with the news of the dropped investigation. Dinah gives Blake the news. Blake wants Mallet to come home so she can thank him but Dinah tells her that Mallet is tied up with work. Dinah leaves to run "errands." Blake peeks out the door after Dinah leaves and sees Dinah and Mallet together. She realizes that Dinah lied to her.

After Frank and Marina left Mallet on Main Street, they go to Company looking for their dad who had just been left at the altar. While the two discuss the breakup, Frank gets called away. Marina checks her messages and hears from Cyrus that he is on the other side of the world in Australia. Marina looks very disappointed and replays the message so she can hear his voice.

A musical/video montage plays and we see Marina alone, Mallet and Dinah together, Blake looking at a photo Ross, Beth and Alan comforting one another, Reva alone, and Cassie and Josh together.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The show opens with Mallet and Dinah sharing some alone time, a rare thing these days now that Blake is staying with them. Blake enters and encourages them to go out to have some breakfast without her, and they jumps at the chance. Blake makes a call to someone saying she needs to see that person now; we later learn it was to Matt. Blake, knowing that Matt's finances are hurting, offers Matt a job – building ramps in Dinah and Mallet's apartment. Matt suggests they should consult Dinah and Mallet, but Blake says she doesn't want to bother them with this, saying they are having problems. When a suspicious Matt questions Blake further, Blake suggests that Mallet's faith in Dinah is shattered and sees his career is compromised because of Dinah's connection to Cyrus Foley, the man who stole Matt and Vanessa's money. Matt defends Dinah, the only person who stood by him since he lost his money, his company and his family. Later, Matt sees Dinah at Company and lets her know what Blake has said, to which Dinah says it's all lies. Matt tells Dinah that he didn't believe Blake and that he is just informing her, and says that she was the only one who stuck by him in his hard times, and that he is there for her in return.

Later, Blake hears Mallet outside of the door and decides she will try to stand as he enters the room, which leads to her stating to fall just in time for Mallet to catch her in his arms. As they remain in that position, Mallet tries to find out what she heard when he spoke to her while she was in a coma. He said that sometimes people hear things, but that if she did know anything, it would be old news. Blake responds, "Sometimes old news is the worst kind." They continue to talk, and Mallet comes close to getting more information from Blake, but Dinah walks in and their conversation stops. Dinah, feeling Blake's staying with them could cause more problems, feels Blake should move out, but Mallet disagrees, saying she should stay until they find out what she knows about his past. As Blake overhears this, Mallet continues, saying Blake trusts him and that if she knows anything, he's the one that's going to get it out of her.

Ava shows up at Company, tells Coop that Alan Michael is gone from Springfield and gone from their lives. Coop doesn't seem as happy as Ava thought he would be, and he tells her it would have been better if had left before Olivia and Buzz's wedding. Ava tries to talk Coop into a get-away for the two of them, saying maybe they need a break away, to spend time together and relax, even if it's just as friends. Coop sees her attempts to get back together with him, tells her she is shameless for trying to use his dad's pain to try to get him to go away with her. She tells him she knows he wants to be just friends and that he knows she wants more, but she thought they could both use some time away, and if something happens, fine, and if it doesn't, that's fine too. Coop strongly says nothing would happen, and a frustrated Ava snaps back with "What's the big deal?", to which Coop replies "I don't trust you, Ava. I can't blow off my job like you can. I didn't sleep with my boss to get mine." Coop walks away from a stunned Ava.

Harley and Gus go to the juvenile detention center to see Daisy, but Daisy refuses to see Harley, but she will see Gus. Initially, Gus tries to present a united front with Harley by saying Daisy will see both of them or neither of them, but Harley insists that Gus visit with Daisy. Gus, with his calm, friend-like tones, using his fine-tuned police questioning skills, asks Daisy if the guy she went to Chicago for was worth the trouble she got into for stealing the car. Daisy thinks this means Gus is jealous. Eventually Gus is able to catch Daisy say that she went to Chicago to find Natalia, and asks if she is trying to cause trouble for him. Daisy tells Gus that she only tired to do something nice by "hooking him up" with an old friend. Gus says he knows what "hooking up" means. Daisy rephrases to say "reunite," then says she sorry if Harley is freaking out about it. Gus says she's not, and Daisy figures out that Harley doesn't know that Natalia is an old girlfriend, and that Gus is keeping it a secret.

While Gus visits Daisy, Harley, sad that she is having trouble connecting with daisy, goes to Main Street/CO2 and meets Natalia again. Harley finds it easy to talk to Natalia and is befriending her, a person who she thinks is Gus' friend from the past. Natalia learns a lot about Gus' life now, how they are both police officers and partners, and Harley's kids and their various fathers. Mallet enters the scene and starts having fun with a new person who doesn't know about all of Harley's ex-husbands, Mallet being one of them, and which of Harley's kids belong to which ex-husband (Dylan, Phillip, and Rick), as well as the ex's that she had no kids with, and how Phillip, Alan Michael and technically Gus are all brothers. (this was a good history lesson/reminder even for long-time fans!) Harley, feeling comfortable and friendly with Natalia, says how when she first met Gus how she didn't like him at first, in fact she hated him, that he was a pain, and Natalia seems interested in this, along with the fact that Harley has had so many marriages. Gus returns to Harley at CO2. Harley leaves Gus and Natalia alone, saying she has to make a phone call. Gus tells Natalia he knows that Daisy went to Chicago to find her, and that it's no accident that she's in Springfield.

Dinah and Mallet run into Bob, the man who married them, who says what a wonderful job Mallet is doing on the crime commission while Dinah also sings Mallet's praises, both hinting that Mallet is on a fast track to bigger and better things.

Coop shows up at the juvenile detention center to teach, and Ashlee, knowing about Buzz's wedding being cancelled, wonders why Coop isn't with his dad and feels bad for Buzz being alone. She decided that Buzz should have her dog, Moxie, to take care, which will provide both with unconditional love, and starts to make a list of things to know about the dog. After class, Daisy talks to Coop, trying to dig for more information, especially about Natalia. Later, Daisy and Ashlee talk about Coop. Daisy notices that Ashlee likes Coop, and though Ashlee feels she doesn't have a chance with Coop because Ava wants him back and she feels Ava has a better look, Daisy gives her hope by saying that Coop already has been with Ava and now doesn't want her. Ashlee, thinking she is alone, expresses excitement over the possibilities of having a chance with Coop, but Daisy is lurking around the corner and sees this.

Later, after Coop is done with class and is doing paperwork at Company, Ava storms in, angry about what he said to her earlier, about sleeping with Alan Michael. Coop apologizes for saying that, saying he was out of line. Ava confesses that she asked Coop to go away because she didn't know how to ask for a second chance and she doesn't want to grovel or beg. They end the conversation on a light tone, and Ava leaves, she tells Coop that she never slept with Alan Michael.

Harley tries to call to talk to Daisy, pretending to be an old college friend. Harley tries to make daisy know that she loves her, but when Daisy hears that it's Harley, she hangs up. Harley looks shocked and sad.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inside the Light: Faith

Josh explains to Billy why it's so important for him to fix the bells on at the lighthouse. The bells used to provide comfort to Springfield residents and help sailors find their way through the fog. Billy comes onboard to help him, warning him that they will both be deaf when the thing finally starts working. Remy assists them and Josh encourages him to have faith about the project. After a while of working on it, the bells chime through out the dark night drowning out Billy and Josh's cheers.

At Company everyone celebrates Josh's accomplishments. In the middle of cheering, the bells sound off again. Billy says they are only supposed to chime once a day. Josh realizes it's only been thirty-seven minutes. With Remy and Billy, he goes up to check on the bells. Exactly thirty-seven minutes later, they start chiming again. All day the bells are still sounding continuously it seems, bringing the residents anything but peace. Harley and Gus seem most dismal about the noise as they lay in bed that night, staring at the ceiling. Meanwhile, Josh continues to toy with the gears.

Day two, Natalia and Marina comment on how disturbing the bells are as Cyrus peeks at her over a fence. Cassie gets grief about it from the ladies once they go inside Company. Annoyed, she assures them he will fix it. The bells start again, zapping Josh out of a nap. When Billy joins him, Josh is concerned that everyone will be angry with him. Unfortunately, Billy can't get the bell engineer to fly down no matter what he offers him.

At the farm, exhausted Cassie sees Tammy again. They talk about the bells. To her, they seem to be marking the time that passes as Alan leads a happy life while she has to miss Tammy. Josh interrupts her conversation with Tammy. She asks him to stay with her for a while because she feels haunted by the bells. She informs him that they have angry messages on the machine, but she believes he'll fix it. He can fix everything. Josh holds her with an unsure expression on his face.

Later, he relieves Billy up at the lighthouse. Miserably he mutters that he can't fix everything. Billy doesn't think he's talking about the bells any more. He sighs, wondering if he should tell Cassie the truth about what happened in the jail. In Billy's opinion, Cassie is much too fragile for that and he has to protect her. Josh admits that he thought he was doing the right thing, but now he doesn't know. He feels there's something out there for him somewhere and he just has to find it.

On day three of the bells endless chiming, irritated Gus comes to the top of the lighthouse with a sledge hammer, ready to clobber the problem. Josh calms him, yelling unnecessarily because he must be losing his hearing. He asks Gus if he's okay. Gus asks him if he can keep a secret. Josh says he never plans to leave the lighthouse because everyone's so upset, so his secret is safe. Gus wonders if Josh had a soul mate that he let go of because he was too stupid to know any better. Before he can answer, Gus mentions someone like Reva—"the everything girl." Reva was Josh's everything girl. Josh agrees that she was. Gus admits that his everything girl is here in town, putting down roots. Even though he dearly loves his wife, he hasn't told her about it. Josh learns that Josh is talking about Natalia. Gus tells him that she was his one true love, besides Harley. He doesn't want Harley to be upset by it. Josh tells Gus that he hasn't done anything wrong. He needs to just tell Harley now and then they can deal with it together. Gus nods for a while and murmurs how it really is just that simple. He leaves. Josh sighs and calls himself a hypocrite.

Meanwhile, Harley finds Marina at Company. Seems that the bells are straining on people's consciences everywhere. On the edge of her sanity, Marina confides in Harley that she thinks she's in love with Cyrus. Harley immediately cancels that out and tells Marina to get a grip. She'll get over that. Meanwhile at the farm, Cassie holds figment Tammy. Josh enters and she turns with a tear in her eye. Josh tells her that they need to talk. At the Beacon, Gus sits Harley down. He explains to her that Natalia and he were once in love as kids. Marina returns to her room at the Beacon. Cyrus creeps out from the shadows and startles her.

Cyrus explains to Marina that he decided to stay in Springfield because he got a legitimate job. He wonders how things would have been had she not been a cop and had he not been who he is. Marina doesn't but half talk to him because she's exhausted. She falls on the bed. He heads out the way he came in. She grabs his hand as he passes. He kneels down to her and they kiss.

Josh apologizes for Cassie for not being around because of the bells. She doesn't want him to apologize for who he is. As he holds her on the couch and she tries to sleep, Billy calls him back up to the lighthouse. As soon as he leaves, Tammy reappears, noticing that Cassie never tells Josh about how her imagination conjuring her daughter. Cassie won't tell him about it because she doesn't want to let it go—just like she won't let go of this thing with Alan. Back on her vendetta against Alan, she wishes there was a way to stop him. Figment Tammy says that there is.

Meanwhile, Harley takes the news about Natalia like a trusting wife. She learns that they were together a long time. Gus left her when his father died and he couldn't handle his anger over it. Harley is not thrilled to have Natalia around, but she understands that she is not Gus's first love. She's confident that she will be the one that he loves from now on. They hold each other.

At the lighthouse, Josh learns that they almost got the bell engineer out there, but his train got derailed. Josh is about ready to smash the bells with the sledgehammer that Gus brought up. Billy pleads with him to stop. Josh screams that he tried to bring something positive to people's lives but he can't even do that right. Billy yells back that smashing the bells is about his issue with Cassie. Josh screams that it's as good a reason as any. He clobbers the bell gears. The bells cease.

In the welcomed silence, Cassie snuggles on the sofa to sleep with Tammy watching her. Cyrus pulls the covers over Marina and leaves. When Cassie opens her eyes, Tammy is gone. Cassie seems empty, staring around the house. Harley and Gus creep from beneath the covers in relief.

When it's over, Josh and Billy stretch out on the deck of the lighthouse. He admits he chickened out on telling Cassie because of her fragile state. He doesn't know what to do. Billy advises to let faith kick in. He encourages Josh that he's blessed. Josh just wishes he had a sign. He lifts one of the busted gears and discovers an inscription: "There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own." He deems this his sign.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rick checks in on Beth and the baby, while Alan rocks Mel with the news that Beth's pregnant and that Rick thinks it's his. Later, Alan confides in Beth that he's trying to nudge Rick and Mel back together. Rick is touched as Mel offers to represent him if he tries to get custody of the baby. Alan tells Beth that if the paternity test were to be taken tomorrow, he's guaranteed that the result would read his name. Jeffrey leaves Mel his half of the law firm before he moves to New York. Later, Ava is hurt that he was going to leave without saying goodbye. Ava impulsively hugs Jeffrey and admits that she wants him to stay, but he thinks he's doing what's best for her by leaving. Jeffrey's about to leave when Cassie comes to him and asks him to help her punish Alan. Cassie, slightly manic, tells Josh she thinks that Beth's baby isn't Alan's and wants to stop him. Josh lovingly urges Cassie to slow down, and reminds her that she needs time to heal. Later, Frank asks if Cassie had any reason to want to hurt Beth, but Reva defends her. Lillian asks Reva to be the face and personality that saves the Springfield Cancer Society. Reva says she's going to raise money by blackmailing people unless they give her a check. She warns Josh she'll tell Cassie they slept together unless he donates – but Josh thinks it may be better if she said something.

Friday, May 18, 2007


While walking back to the Lighthouse after lunch, Josh is held up by a teenaged kid holding a knife. Josh tries to talk the kid down. Suddenly the boy panics and accidentally slashes Josh's hand. This freaks the kid out and he starts blasting Josh for what he made him do. At that point, a cop arrives at the scene and arrests the boy. Later, Josh visits the boy at juvenile hall. Josh inquires if the kid has any family but the kid does not respond. Josh tells the kid that he knows he didn't mean to cut him and asks why the kid needed the money. When he does not get an answer, Josh asks for the kid's name. It is Rafeal-or Rafe. Josh then introduces himself and gives Rafe his business card; telling him to call if he needs anything. Rafe does not say a word but fingers the card once Josh leaves.

Cassie is at Jeffry's apartment telling him that Alan plans on rigging the paternity test. Suddenly, she notices the bags and he tells her that he is going to New York. When she accuses him of running away from home, he states that he never really thought of Springfield as home to begin with. Cassie pleads with him to help her stop Alan. When it does not seem as if her pleas are working, she asks him to do it for Tammy. Cassie reminds Jeffrey that he loved Tammy and tells him they need to protect one child since they were unable to protect another. Jeffrey agrees to help and tells her he will do whatever it takes to make it right. Jeffrey takes Cassie to Company where he says all the lab rats hang out. His idea is to watch the customers and see if it looks as if someone has come into a lot of money-flashy clothes, new shoes, expensive watch, etc. While they are watching the door, Cassie asks how Ava is taking his leaving. Jeffrey replies not very well but he is convinced it is the best thing in the long run. Cassie does not agree. She tells him she would give anything to be able to spend five minutes with Tammy and knows that eventually he will regret leaving his daughter. As they are talking, some guy suddenly bursts in wearing flashy clothes and offering to buy lunch for everyone. Jeffrey asks Lynn about the guy and she tells him that his name is Norm. He's usually a tightwad so he must have inherited money from a dead aunt or something. Jeffrey and Cassie realize that is their man and they hustle him outside to speak with him. Jeffrey tells Norm that sources tell him that he is planning on performing some illegal tampering of a DNA test on behalf of Alan Spaulding. Norm denies it but soon confesses when Cassie starts threatening to yank his teeth like you see in the movies. As he is being dragged back to Cedars, Norm drops his access card which Cassie picks up.

Beth and Alan are looking at the sonogram, reveling in the fact that Beth is having a girl. When Beth starts to worry about Rick, Alan assures her that everything will be fine. The test will prove that he (Alan) is the father. The tests are taking a while and a hungry Beth wants to leave but Alan insists that he is not leaving until it is confirmed that he is the father of her child. Soon Buzz arrives with lunch. When a huffy Alan leaves the room, Beth admits to Buzz that she is nervous about Alan's reaction should the child not be his. As Beth states that she is afraid something will go wrong,

Rick is outside ready to go to Cedars when he gets a call from Lizzie. Lizzie seems to be having a panic attack and urges Rick to come and help her. Rick goes to Lizzie's penthouse where she has lit candles for Sarah. Lizzie starts talking about how Rick probably thinks that is crazy and starts talking about how everyone is focusing on the new baby. It is as if Sarah never existed. Lizzie starts to rant about how she has no one. Rick tells Lizzie that she is allowed to grieve for her daughter and assures her that she is not alone. As Lizzie starts weeping about how much she misses her father, she gets a phone call. It is Alan reminding her to keep Rick detained until the tests are done. After she ends the call, Rick can see that she will be okay and starts to leave. Suddenly, Lizzie asks if he has ever wondered what Heaven is like. When she starts talking about how much she misses Sarah, Rick tells her that she is strong; she will get through this. Rick goes on to tell Lizzie that she is like a daughter to him. Rick then starts talking about how lonely he is. His daughter is still not talking to him and Jude is too busy in after school activities. Rick admits that he regrets that he does not have an active part in his children's lives and admits that if he had to do it again, he would do it differently. Lizzie cannot take it anymore and tells Rick he needs to go to Cedars right away. She admits that Alan used her to detain him while Beth is at Cedars having her tests.

Jeffrey arrives at Cedars with Norm. Jeffrey informs Beth and Alan that there was a report of illegal tampering and a new tech will be handling the procedure. Alan tries to object but can't object too strongly without admitting what he had done. Suddenly, Rick and Lizzie arrive. Rick presents Alan with a court order demanding a paternity test. Beth insists that the baby has to be Alan's. In the meantime Cassie has arrived and is hanging out in the hallway. When Jeffrey leaves the room and sees her, she states that she wanted to come and see how it ends. Jeffrey states that it ends in a fair test-that is what she wanted, isn't it? When he leaves to go home and finish packing, Josh comes to Cedars. (To have his hand checked out) Both lie about why they are at the hospital. Later, Beth sees Cassie. When the conversation leads to the maternity of Beth's baby, Beth insists that this is Alan's child. She claims to have realized she was pregnant the moment she conceived. A disgusted Cassie tells Beth she hopes she gets what she deserves. Later, Beth tells Lizzie that she hopes her baby gets all that she deserves-confirming that it is a girl.

Lizzie is now at CO2 discussing the new baby. Lizzie informs him that Beth is having a girl. Lizzie starts gushing about how much fun she will have with her little girl, prompting Buzz to correct her. "You mean your sister." Lizzie quickly shrugs off her mistake.

Later, Cassie uses the stolen access card and sneaks into the DNA lab. She accesses the test results which do confirm that Alan is the father. Cassie's finger hovers above the "delete" key while she ponders changing the name in the computer file.

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