One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica ended up in the hospital; Antonio prevented Nash from seeing her. Michael surprised Marcie with a gift. Rex accused Tate of being gay. Rex demanded that Adriana and Tate announce that they weren't a couple. Britney and her friends continued to ridicule Henry. Blair searched for Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, May 30, 2007

Nash and Jessica made love in her office. The two got dressed and Jessica immediately put on her guilty face and began talking about her husband and two kids. Nash agreed that people would be hurt, but in the long run it was the right thing that Jessica tell Antonio the truth.

Cris and Evangeline were relieved to learn that she wasn't pregnant. They speculated on what they would have done if she had been. Cris mentioned Todd and the two began arguing. Evangeline said their breakup baggage was preventing them from being friends.

Cole and Starr shared a slow dance under the watchful eyes of Brittany and Langston. Langston was happy that Brittany was on the sidelines. She wondered what Henry would do if he learned Brittany was at the party while he was at home writing a paper for her. Starr tried to explain to Cole her frustration with wanting to kiss him, but knowing they could get in trouble if her parents found out they had been at the same party. Starr begged him "to let go of me" and left the party. Henry called Brittany and said that someone (Langston) had sent him a photo of her kissing Garrett. Henry asked her if she was using him and proceeded to delete her paper from his computer. A furious Brittany called him a skid mark and hung up.

Talia asked Antonio about Jessica and told him that Antonio could "unload on her." Antonio assured Talia that the problem was not with Jessica. Talia said she was just checking in with her boss/friend. Antonio said the first thing he needed to do "was to get rid of Nash." He explained that his main purpose is to protect "my girls." Talia hoped that Antonio wasn't planning on using violence to get rid of Nash. She left and bumped into Jessica while on the way to see Jamie. Jessica returned the necklace that Antonio had given her. She said that she had to return everything he had given her, and started to tell him about what had happened at the quarry.

Blair woke up from her nap and couldn't find Todd. Meanwhile, Todd had been stabbed. Blair called Starr hoping to learn that Todd had called her. (He hadn't.) In a disgusting apartment, Todd pulled himself to where he heard the sound of a baby (possibly Todd Jr.) crying. Todd knocked over the crib, only to find a tape recorder. Todd managed to answer his cell phone (it was Blair) but could only make "I'm in pain" sounds. Blair panicked.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Michael was relieved to learn from Rex that Todd hadn't found out anything about his son. Rex assured Michael that Todd and Blair had been banished from Chicago and that all roads would lead Todd to that "phony death certificate." Michael headed back to the hospital and Rex continued to do online research about Tate. He eventually found a little tidbit: Tate had been married.

Adriana began to open up to Dorian about Rex; she was worried that he hadn't returned any of her calls. Dorian thought Adriana was working too hard to prove to Rex that there was nothing between her and Tate. Dorian reminded her daughter that "Rex adores you." Dorian shared or shall we say gushed that she had been seeing Clint. She would not go so far as to say they were in love.

Jessica explained to Antonio how she ended up at the quarry the day of Jamie's custody hearing. However, she then keeled over with a killer headache. She said she had run into Nash. "It was fate," she said. Jessica kept getting dizzy but insisted on telling Antonio about Nash. Antonio kept putting words in Jessica's mouth. "He has feelings for you, Jess," he said. Jessica collapsed in Antonio's arms before she could continue telling him the truth. She was admitted to the hospital and Michael began running tests. Jessica's family gathered at the hospital and started to look very worried.

A dapperly dressed Nash ran into Vincent at the bar. Nash remained certain that Jessica would be leaving Antonio to start a future with him. Vincent wished him the best as Nash waited and waited and waited.

Natalie told Viki she was going to be working for Buchanan Enterprises. Viki asked Natalie if she was ready to get involved in another relationship, perhaps with Vincent. Natalie dodged the question, saying she was looking forward to working with Asa.

Blair rang Viki and asked if she'd heard from Todd. Viki promised she get back to Blair if she did. An exasperated Blair tried to think through what might have happened. She used that old detective trick of rubbing a pencil over a piece of paper, thereby revealing the address where Todd had gone. Blair headed to said address and gingerly entered the room. "Todd, are you in here?" she said. She saw blood on the floor and then looked down the barrel of a gun. "Get up slowly," demanded a man's voice. He turned out to be a detective who encouraged Blair to leave. "This is a dangerous part of town," he said. Blair left. They took a sample of Todd's blood (or what Blair thought was his blood) and were going to test it at the lab. Blair, we soon saw, didn't left the building. She returned to the room and stared at the blood on the floor. While talking to herself, she found an old photo of herself and the kids, and realized Todd had been there. "Oh Todd, where are you?" she wondered aloud.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rex shows up at Adriana's apartment with breakfast. Layla lets him in and asks if he's alright as he's throwing his breakfast on the counter. He says he's fine and turns on the TV, which happens to be showing the clip of Tate and Adriana on The View. Layla asks again if Rex is okay, and he confirms that he's fine. He then says that he needs to make the next move. Before Layla can get an answer to what that means, Adriana comes out of the bathroom fresh from the shower and greets Rex. The tension between Adriana and Rex causes Layla to go get ready for the day. Adriana then explains to Rex that she lost her phone before she went to New York. She then says she wants to spend the day with Rex so they can talk about what happened. Rex tells her that he's gotten over what Tate did, but hasn't gotten over what she didn't do. He's mad that she didn't put an end to Tate's lies on national TV. Adriana explains that the suddenness of it all combined with a bit of stage fright stopped her from saying anything. Tate then shows up at the apartment with coffee and says he stopped by to make sure that Rex and Adriana were okay. Rex asks him if he's disappointed that they are fine together, but Tate says he's relieved. Rex then tells Adriana that they can't spend the day together because he has a meeting to get to. He gives her a long, deep kiss before leaving.

Adriana and Layla want to know the real reason Tate stopped by. He reiterates that he just wanted to make sure that Rex and Adriana's relationship hasn't suffered. Layla starts to blast him, but Adriana thanks him for his help getting publicity. She then warns him that if anything like that ever happens again, he's fired. Layla offers to leave with Tate, but Adriana says that she's fine with him staying. As Adriana walks Layla to the door, Tate sneaks Adriana's phone out of his pocket and pretends to find it on her couch. Adriana thanks him, but before returning all her calls, she wants to know why he called her out on national TV. He apologizes for being impulsive, and then says that if he had to do it over again, he wouldn't change a thing. Adriana is furious by this statement, but Tate says that everything he did was just to help her, which she can't deny.

Meanwhile, Rex meets with Paula, Tate's ex-wife. He starts to question her about Tate and their marriage, but she shuts him down pretty quickly. Rex wants to know why she decided to meet with him if she's not going to give him any information. She tells him that she was curious because he's not a reporter. She then explains that she and Tate got married when they were very young. Then Tate got scouted and the marriage fell apart from there. Rex asks her for more details, like if they had kids. Paula says that they thankfully had no kids, and then mentions something about rumors. Rex asks for some clarification. She qualifies that they weren't rumors as much as rumblings that Tate wasn't the marrying type. Paula tells Rex that if Adriana is involved with Tate, Adriana's in for a world of hurt. Before she leaves, Rex asks her what the grounds for the divorce were. She says the grounds were fraud, which leads Rex to believe that Tate is gay.

Cole visits John at the shooting range to thank him again for the letter of recommendation and to mention that he made it on the baseball team. John realizes that that isn't all Cole is there for and asks him what else he needs. Cole also thanks John for being with him and Marty during Patrick's birthday celebration. John tells him that no thanks are necessary for that and asks him if there is anything else he wants. Cole asks John for advice on what to do about Starr. John jokingly suggests transferring schools, and then says he empathizes with what Cole is going through. Cole doesn't want Starr to keep pushing him away, but John explains that that's what women do when they love someone they can't be with. Cole seems surprised that Starr may actually still love him. Cole then asks John why girls seem to say one thing but appear to want something completely different. John tells Cole that once he finds the answer to that question, he should tell John.

Cole watches John practicing shooting at a target. John talks about what it's like to face down a guy with a gun pointed at him, and Cole remembers how much pain and violence was in him when he was kicked off the football team. Cole then heads off to baseball practice and thanks John for the talk.

Miles calls Jordan to thank her for the "lesson." She flirts with him a bit and then asks him if he's calling for another "lesson." He tells her he's not because he'd feel like he was cheating on the woman he really loves. She's impressed by he values and tells him that if he ever needs to see her again, all he has to do is call. After they hang up, he knocks on Marty's office door and asks for a few minutes of her time. Marty asks him why he wanted to see her. He tells her that he was with a woman last night. Miles then talks up his time with Jordan, presumably to make Marty jealous. She tells him that she's proud that he's making such good progress, and encourages him to call Jordan again.

Then Miles apologizes for coming on to Marty so strongly, and Marty apologizes if she sent out mixed signals. He then asks her to dinner, but she turns him down because she has plans with Cole. He then leaves her office to call Jordan to tell him about his progress. Miles tells her that when he does get to make plans with Marty, he's going to sweep her off her feet, just like Jordan taught him to do. He quickly hangs up and hides when John walks up. Miles looks on jealously when Marty warmly invites John into her office.

Langston and Starr talk in the park about how Britney is using Henry and how Starr is still in love with Cole. Starr tells Langston that that is precisely the reason she can't be with Cole. Langston tries her hardest to get Starr to stop thinking about Cole. Starr picks up her phone, and Langston teases her about checking to see if she got any messages from Cole. She's actually calling Blair.

Blair gives Detective Morris the picture she found in the warehouse. He tells her that the picture doesn't prove anything regarding Todd's whereabouts, and then encourages her to go back to the hotel to get some rest. She's determined not to leave until she finds Todd. Morris doesn't want to leave Blair alone in the warehouse, but she's adamant about staying. Just then Dorian arrives to take Blair back to Llanview, but Blair refuses to leave.

Blair's phone rings. Starr asks her for an update on the baby search. Blair lies that things are gong well. When Starr asks to talk to Todd, Blair says that Todd stepped out for some coffee. Starr then asks Blair to call her if they find out anything new, and they hang up.

Dorian tries to convince Blair to go home because her kids need her, but she thinks Todd needs her more. Blair demands to know why it's taking so long for the lab to analyze the blood she found. Morris makes a call to the lab. Blair tells Dorian what she thinks happened while she was napping in Todd's room. She then tells Morris to check in on the adoption agency. Blair has a feeling that something bad happened in the warehouse.

Henry walks up to where Langston and Starr are sitting and tells them that he's meeting Britney there. They try to convince Henry not to talk to her, but he insists on meeting her. Gabe walks by and mentions Britney's history paper. Henry's dismayed that everyone knows that he's doing Britney's work for her. As Britney arrives, Starr and Langston hide on the other side of a fence in case Henry needs backup. Britney hopes that there's a good reason Henry wanted to see her. He offers her the backup copy of the paper he wrote for her, much to Starr and Langston's shock. Britney tears into him about how she was just using him and how the idea of her going out with him is ludicrous. She grabs the disc and leaves. Starr and Langston come back to console Henry, but he's convinced that he'll just become a nobody again and storms off.

As Starr and Langston look on, Britney brags about how easy it was to get Henry to do her work for her. They walk away hoping that someone gives Britney what she deserves.

Morris tells Blair that no one from the adoption agency talked to Todd since they were at the police station. Blair knows that's a lie and wants to confront the agency. He tries to convince her to leave it to the cops. Dorian agrees with him. Blair wants to handle things on her own, and wants Dorian to help her find Todd. Dorian balks until Blair brings up the children. Just then Morris gets a call from the lab confirming that the blood found in the warehouse was Todd's.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Detective Morris informs Blair that the blood she found tested positive for Todd's DNA; therefore, he is opening an official investigation into his disappearance. He will be available 24/7 should she need anything. She refuses to leave the abandoned building though and Dorian promises to stand by her. Blair wonders who could have done such an awful thing to Todd, who could hate him so much. As she ponders her question, she comes up with an answer. Spencer. There's no proof that he's actually dead, she insists.

Viki, Natalie and Antonio wait for some news concerning Jessica's tests, talking quietly in her room. Sedated for the tests, she awakens slowly, asking "Is he here?" She looks directly at Antonio and confirms a little too quickly that she was looking for him. She wonders what time it is and admits she's tired and achy. Natalie steps into the hallway to speak with Clint on the phone and runs into Miles, who had been visiting Marty. She makes him aware of Jess' condition. A little later, when Nat is alone with Jess, she questions her on the real scoop with Nash. She reminds her sister that she's Antonio's wife. Jess claims that she and Nash are only close due to their daughter. John stops by Marty's office to tell her that Cole visited him. He thinks she should know that he was at the firing range, not an especially great place for kids to be. He knows how anti-violence Patrick was and how his son follows in his footsteps. Marty is quite surprised that her son has opened up to John but thinks that maybe his troubling days are behind him. They agree that he's really a good kid. She believes that Cole looks at John as a role model, having been through a similar situation. John is looking pretty ill at ease over that thought, but thinks it'll be good for both of them. He receives a call from Blair and offers to fly to Chicago to help in the search for Todd.

As a frantic Nash waits at Rodi's for Jessica, making phone calls, Evangeline meets up with Layla. She confirms that she's not pregnant though it appears that neither of the women are actually relieved about it. Evangeline was nervous but excited, she admits, though it's probably better this way. Layla was kind of looking forward to being an aunt and she can see that her sister was really ready to step up if need be. When Miles arrives and overhears Nash asking about Jess, he is quick to let him know that Jess has collapsed and is in the hospital. Shortly after, Evangeline receives a call from Blair, asking if she's heard from Todd and to please let her know if she does. When Miles hears that Todd is missing, he runs out of the bar. Layla turns the tables on Evangeline and decides she's not good parent material after all; here she is now, all concerned with Todd. She and Cris aren't good together anyway, since they were fighting all of the time. Big sis is annoyed and points out that they never fought until Todd came into the picture and she thinks Layla is being rather blunt. Mr. Right is out there, Layla assures her. At least now she knows she does want a baby, states Evangeline, but agrees that she should take care of herself for awhile. Everything else will fall into place, Layla confirms.

Starr and Langston feel pretty badly over Britney's treatment of Henry and when Cole arrives and gets filled in, he berates Britney as well. She's only thinking that perhaps she and Cole will be the leads in the school show. Henry returns to the park with a gift for Britney; he's bought a pair of earrings that she liked. Britney is her usual ugly self and tells him how ugly they are, that she never really liked them. She is rude and brutal and makes fun of him. The good guys point out what a worthless bitch she is and try to tell Henry as much. He really can't hear them but can only go on about how no one ever likes him, that it's always the same no matter where he goes. All of it will go to crap, he's a loser and an idiot to think she liked him, he continues. No matter what Cole or Starr or Langston say to him, it's of no use. They're worried that he'll do something extreme. He flees the park and at home on his computer, writes of his plan. He ignores the phone when Starr tries to call him and instead, grinds the earrings into his hand, cutting himself. Stick to the plan, he tells himself as he types.

Miles runs to Marty, telling her that it's his fault that Todd is missing. He gave him the clue from Spencer. Marty tries to assure him that he's not responsible, that trouble finds Todd always. Jess goes back to sleep while Nat and Viki discuss her stress levels and the unhealthy situation with Nash. Nash shows up at the hospital also but when Antonio sees him, he yells at him to leave. Nash gives him a hard time but when security shows up, Nash is physically removed. "JESSICA," he yells. "Nash," Jess mumbles.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Nash insisted to Bo that he wanted to press charges against Antonio. "Jessica's sick and he won't let me see her," he said. Bo explained that as Antonio is Jessica's husband, he can call the shots. Talia came in with a letter they had received from One Pure People. Bo read it aloud to Talia and Antonio (via speaker phone). They felt that this most recent attack was directed towards Bo.

Someone wrote "Loser" on Henry's locker. Henry began to clean his locker, pretending not to be upset. He remained convinced that Britney wasn't behind it, and in fact he immediately gave Cole, Starr and Langston the brush off when they tried to befriend him. Britney cornered Starr in Mrs. McBain's classroom and asked for a truce. Starr wasn't interested in being friends. Langston suggested to Henry that he show Britney that he doesn't want to take her crap. Henry pondered that advice. He stormed out, got into his driver's ed car and downed a handful of pills. Britney slipped into the passenger seat and start hinting that Henry should help her study for their Hamlet quiz. Starr asked Brit to get out of the car. She refused. Cole and Starr piled into the back seat and Henry started the car and drove off.

Marcie woke up late, but Michael took care of everything and gave his wife breakfast in bed. Then he gave her a necklace (available at and read her a poem/letter he'd written.

Natalie, Antonio and Viki hovered around Jessica's room. Viki wasn't sure that Antonio kicking Nash out of the hospital had been a good idea. Natalie and Antonio both blamed Jessica's illness on Nash. Antonio told them that Nash is in love with Jessica. He explained that he was keeping Nash away from Jess so she could concentrate on getting well. Nash snuck into Jess' room. Viki immediately asked him to turn around and he left under the watchful eyes of Antonio and Natalie. Michael arrived with Jessica's test results. The news wasn't good.

John met Blair and Dorian at the Chicago police precinct. John asked Detective Morris if he could interview Ms. Bromley, the woman from the adoption agency. They brought her in and began the interrogation. She denied having met Todd anywhere other than at the police precinct. Blair claimed she was lying. John asked Ms. Bromely for an alibi for the time Blair claimed Bromley was meeting Todd and Blair. John reprimanded Blair for interfering in the interrogation. John didn't want any more help from Blair, and told her, "There is nothing more for you to do." Blair remained determined to find Todd before returning to Llanview.

Rex made it clear to Tate and Adriana that they had to publicly deny their relationship. The press had named them "Tatetiana." Rex taunted Tate, clearly implying that he knows Tate is hiding something. (Rex met Tate's ex-wife yesterday.) Rex accused Tate of using Adriana as a beard and brought up Nora's former husband Daniel, a closeted homosexual/murderer. Adriana thought Rex was nutty and she went to get ready for the mall appearance with Tate.

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