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Passions Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on PS
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Simone is still mourning Rae's death. She runs into Jessica, but Jessica tries to avoid her. Simone accidentally finds out that Jessica is pregnant because Jessica is going on and on about not letting Spike sell her baby. Jessica wants to run away so that Spike cannot find her. Simone tells her to stay where she can have the support of her family and friends, but Jessica thinks she has no hope. Simone tells Jessica to trust in her love for Sam because he would be there for her, no matter what the circumstance. Simone manages to talk Jessica into staying in Harmony, and Jessica is very grateful to her for being such a good friend.

Noah and Paloma agree that whoever is framing Luis and Miguel must have tremendous power because the media has not been covering Luis and Miguel's sentencing and the aftermath. Paloma wishes she could do something to help Miguel and Luis. Pilar couldn't sleep because she cannot stop thinking about her sons. She tells Paloma to go out and spend some time with Noah and to stop focusing on Miguel and Luis since it will put a damper on their romance. Paloma stays and chat with Pilar a little and then leaves to spend time with Noah. Noah makes an effort to ease Paloma's pain by telling her about his shady past. He phibbed a little here and there, but Paloma appreciated his story and loves him for it. Pilar prays for Luis and Antonio, and she was literally touched by an angel.

Fancy decides to become a prison guard in order to see Luis. She applies for the job, and her interviewer wants to know why she picks this prison since her resume is so impressive. Fancy comes up with a legitimate excuse. Fancy sees a guard from Luis' trial and hopes that he doesn't recognize her. She is worried that she might have been spotted. Meanwhile, the former guard who aided in the attack on Luis hoses Luis down in his cell. His clothes are all wet, and his bed is also wet. A guard returns, and Luis thinks it's the same one coming back to torture him. This particular guard looks mighty familiar to Luis. He gives Luis some dry linen, clothes, and a dry mattress. Luis wants to know if the guard is a friend of Sam's, and the guard tells Luis that he was sent by God. He is Luis' guardian angel. He tells Luis that he is very loved by many people, and he is at the jail to give him hope and strength. Luis is convinced that it's Antonio after he tells him to be a good brother, as he was to Antonio. He disappears after Luis realizes it's him, and Luis thinks it's all a dream. At the cottage, Sheridan is giving Spike his orders. She wants Spike to help her with Luis, and Spike makes it very clear that he is not able to break Luis out of Prison. Sheridan wants Spike to do something else for her, and Spike is able to arrange it, so the plan is set in motion. Luis gets a cellmate, and he sets some boundaries to prevent any problems. It turns out that his cellmate is none other than Sheridan. She kisses Luis.

Theresa carries out the blackmailer's wishes by telling Ethan that they cannot be together anymore. Ethan tells Theresa that if he catches the blackmailer, all their troubles will be over, but he is not able to catch the blackmailer. Theresa tells Ethan that the blackmailer promises her that Luis and Miguel will be free if she does his bidding; moreover, Theresa tells Ethan that she not only has to go back to Jared, she also has to have his baby. Ethan tells Theresa that it is not going to happen, and Theresa insists because Luis and Miguel's lives are at stake. Theresa tells Ethan goodbye.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Luis is shocked when his new cellmate, a disguised Sheridan, kisses him!

Julian and Eve share a touching moment together thinking about their long-lost son. Eve hopes the pain they've caused him hasn't hardened him.

Fancy, disguised as butch Fay, starts her job as a guard in the prison. She is determined to see Luis, and free him.

Sam is shocked to learn from Ethan that Theresa made a deal with the blackmailer to have her brother's convictions overturned. Sam tells Ethan not to give up like he did with Ivy. Theresa, however, follows the blackmailers demands, and tells Jared that she wants to have his baby!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

At the Bennett home, Sam and Eve have a talk about forgiveness. Eve wants Sam to forgive Ivy. She blames Alistair for their problems and encourages Sam to let go of his anger. Sam tells Eve that he can understand what happened, but that it is easier for Eve to forgive Julian than it is for him to forgive Ivy because her deception eventually led to the death of his wife, Grace. Sam relents and tells Eve that even though he swore he wouldn't, he will forgive Ivy because everything she did, she did for love. She says the same is true for Julian. They decide to go search for Julian and Ivy to tell them how they feel.

Ivy and Julian argue and Ivy blames Julian for her problems with Sam. Julian points out that Alistair had a hand in their difficulties, but they are adults and ultimately have to take the blame he tells her. They continue drinking and eventually make peace with each other. They discuss their love for Sam and Eve, and admit that their progress is slow. Julian tells Ivy that Eve has expressed to him that she made a bad decision when she returned to her marriage with T.C. instead of staying with Julian. Ivy and Julian drink, talk and laugh about incidents in their past. They grow closer as they talk about the night that Pretty was conceived. They comfort each other, apologize to each other, and start kissing. Sam and Eve arrive at the Crane mansion unannounced. They walk into Julian's bedroom and find him making love to Ivy. Ivy and Julian try to explain. Sam and Eve are not buying their explanation. They are disgusted by their behavior. They tell Ivy and Julian that any chance of getting back together is over. Ivy and Julian beg for another chance. Sam refuses to give one and so does Eve. Both walk out in disgust.

At State Prison, Sheridan tells Luis that she loves him, but Luis rejects Sheridan. She tells Luis that Fancy is lucky to have him and that she will be out of his cell as soon as she can reach her contact. She says that she has lost everything that she loves and holds dear. Luis comforts Sheridan and tells her that she is strong and will recover. Luis tells her to move on. Despite affirmations of her love for him, Luis tells Sheridan that he will not betray Fancy. Sheridan asks for one last kiss.

Fancy, a.k.a Fay, is nervous when another guard asks about her interest in Luis. Fancy tells the guard that she does have an agenda. She says that she wants to make Luis' life a living hell because that is what men who rape and murder deserve. The guard is impressed and says he will get Fancy reassigned to Luis' cellblock. She is gleeful with anticipation as she walks toward Luis' cell. She arrives just in time to see Luis and Sheridan kissing. She is horrified.

Ethan interrupts Theresa and Jared before they can make love. Just as Theresa is about to leave to talk to Ethan privately, Pilar interrupts. She takes Ethan away and lets Theresa return to Jared. He tells her that the blackmailer is calling the shots. Pilar tells Ethan to stay away from Theresa. Jared and Theresa talk about having their first baby. Ethan wants to know why Pilar is supporting the blackmailer's opinion. Pilar tells Ethan that nothing is more important than getting her sons out of jail. Ethan asks her if getting them out of jail is more important than Theresa's happiness. Pilar tells Ethan that all he has to do is wait until after the blackmailer gets Luis and Miguel released. Jared may be hurt, but that is a small price to pay for her son's freedom Pilar tells Ethan. Jared and Theresa interrupt the conversation, and before Pilar can leave and take Ethan with her, Jared shares the news that he and Theresa are trying to have a baby. In an aside to Pilar, Ethan tells her that this is the second demand of the blackmailer. Pilar is uncomfortable and says that she is surprised. She tells him that she will say a special prayer for them. Theresa, Ethan and Pilar all look unhappy and uncomfortable, but Jared is so wrapped up in his own happiness that he does not notice how the others are feeling.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jessica meets her friends at the local coffee shop. Paloma and Simone are ecstatic over Jessica's pregnancy and, after breakfast, want to take her shopping for maternity clothes. However, Jessica's joyous reunion with her best friends comes to a screeching halt when Spike arrives. Paloma and Simone tell Spike that Jessica's baby's daddy may really be one of the johns she was forced to sleep with. Spike says that if that is the case then Jessica would have a lot of explaining to do about why the father is now deceased. Spike takes Jessica to the side and tells her that she is to stay away from her friends and forces her to leave from a side door.

Julian arrives at Tabitha's home to escort Endora to her first day pre-school. Tabitha pleads with Julian to stay away from Endora. Julian reminds Tabitha that he said before that he is going to take his parenting role serious when it comes to Endora. Once Endora leaves the room Tabitha lets it slip to Julian that she knows that Sam and Eve walked in on him and Ivy while they were having sex. Julian is curious as to how Tabitha know about that. Tabitha gets off the hook when Endora returns. Once at school it's hard for Tabitha to leave Endora but the teacher pushes Tabitha out the door. Tabitha is able to spy from a window before the teacher catches her. Meanwhile, Endora has turned one of the students into a cat.

Fancy has flashbacks of seeing Luis kiss who she thinks is another man and is devastated. A drunken Esme joins Fancy in her bedroom and Fancy shares with Esme about Luis. Esme tries to tell Fancy that men sometimes get with other men in jail. Fancy decides to go back to the jail to see if what she saw is really real.

In his jail cell, Luis tells a disguised Sheridan that she must leave but Sheridan says she won't go. Miguel wakes up in the cell across the hall and can't believe that his brother is with a man. Sheridan pulls on her mustache to show Miguel who she really is. They both tell Sheridan that jail is not the place for her and Luis wants her to talk with the guard that let her in so that she can get out. Meanwhile, another guard comes down the hall and yells that everyone must get ready to take a shower. Sheridan realizes she's going to get caught if she's forced to take a shower.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Paloma and Simone are worried that Spike may have gotten a hold of Jessica, and she is now under his thumb. Paloma and Simone's suspicions are correct. Spike is with Jessica, and he is holding the dead johns over her head so that she could stay with him. Spike wants to sell Jessica's baby, but Jessica doesn't want any of it. Spike in turn tries to manipulate her psychologically by telling her that she will be a terrible mother just like Grace who ran off to be with another man. Spike is threatening to put Jessica back on the street, but Jessica refuses. Spike keeps reminding Jessica about the dead johns as a way to push her back into prostitution. Jessica keeps telling Spike that she doesn't remember killing those johns. Spike manages to get Jessica into hooking again and insists that Jessica takes a drink. She refuses because of her condition. Spike then offers her a soda, but he laces it with drugs. Jessica does her trick in a drugged out state then tries to wake up the john and discovers that he is dead. Meanwhile, Paloma and Simone are looking for Jessica. They suspect that Spike may have managed to get her into hooking again, even though she is pregnant.

Tabitha is viewing Endora in her magic bowl just to keep an eye on her, and Kay thinks that she is being overprotective. Tabitha reminds Kay that Endora is at a school for mortals, and she is very mischievous when it comes to magic; however, she did promise her mom that she would behave and not perform any magic spells on the other kids. There is just one problem; Endora did not keep her word to Tabitha because she turned one of her classmates into a cat. While Tabitha is worried about Endora, Kay is devastated over losing Miguel. She is hopeful that one day they might be together, but Miguel tells her not to hold out for him and to be with her husband, Fox, instead. Kay does not want to let Miguel go. Fox is eaves dropping on Tabitha and Kay's conversation. Tabitha reminds Kay that she can choose to stay with Fox and live a privileged life instead of going back to work for the cannery. Kay decides to stick with Miguel, no matter what, and Fox is not happy at all. Tabitha wants Kay to figure out her predicament on her own, so that she can go back to keeping an eye on Endora in pre-school. Meanwhile, Ms. Lucy, Endora's teacher is looking for Tina, who Endora turned into a cat. Tina, the cat, is captured by an officer and is about to be taken to the pound. Endora waves good bye to Tina the cat while Ms. Lucy is going out of her mind at Tina‘s absence. Tabitha shows up at the school to check on Endora and finds out that Endora has turned Tina into a cat.

Sheridan is caught in a bind. The prisoners are ordered to take showers, and Sheridan is wondering how to get out of this one. Sheridan tries the "losing her contact lenses" routine, but the guard refuses her request to go back and look for them. Miguel and Luis decide to stand in front of Sheridan and make the shower as quick as possible, but the guard sees them, and tells them that he is on to them.

Eve gives Jared the go ahead to resume his regular activities, and he is excited. Meanwhile, Theresa receives a video message from the blackmailer reminding her that she has to have Jared's baby or else. Ethan walks in the kitchen and starts badgering Theresa about making love to Jared. Theresa admits that she has not slept with Jared, but she will in order to conceive his child. Ethan is very upset with her decision and tells Theresa that he won't let her do it because he cannot stand it. Theresa joins Eve and Jared and asks Eve what's the quickest way to get pregnant. Eve tells Theresa that she never has any problems getting pregnant before but tells her about an Ovulation Kit. It tells a woman the best time to conceive. Eve is suspicious about Theresa's behavior and asks her for the truth. Eve tells Theresa that she is not being fair to either Jared or Ethan. One of the maids gives instructions to buy an Ovulation Kit for Theresa, and Ethan overhears it. Eve runs into Julian on her way out of Jared's room, and Julian tries to explain to Eve why he was in bed with Ivy, and Eve refuses to hear Julian out. Julian wants to take matters into his own hands and calls in a favor because he cannot accept that it's over with Eve.

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