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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on GL
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Monday, April 16, 2007

In their motel room on the road, Daisy has told Gus that she is in love with him. He sweetly tells her that she just has a crush on him. She tries to convince him that their connection is stronger than the one he has with Harley. He lets her know that he thinks of her as his daughter and nothing could ever happen between them. He leaves the room and returns with hot chocolate. When he brings up the crush again, she tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. He leaves again to retrieve more pillows and asks her to pick out a movie for them to watch. While he's gone, Daisy takes a capsule from a bottle in her backpack and empties it into Gus's hot chocolate. When he returns, she tells him he must think she's a freak for what she told him. He says he doesn't think that and shares a "crush" story he had on a newspaper advisor named Joyce. She insists that he drink his hot chocolate while she picks a movie. He wonders why Harley hasn't returned his calls. He discovers his phone is off and calls her. He tells Harley that everything is fine. He is very tired and can't stay awake. When the call is over, Gus passes out. Daisy takes his phone away and lights candles by the window. She lies down next to him and she puts his arm around her shoulder. Soon, however, the candles catch the curtains on fire and Daisy has to pull him from the room. When they arrive at the hospital, Gus is being admitted for smoke inhalation while Daisy starts to freak out a little. When the nurse comes to Gus's room and asks Daisy if there is anyone who should be notified, Daisy tells her that she is Gus's girlfriend and the only person he has in the world.

A somewhat drunken Alan-Michael runs into Ava on Main Street and asks her to help him bring Alan down. When she tells him to go find some other unsuspecting, naïve girl to help him, he tells her she is not naïve. He says that she left Coop to follow Alan-Michael, and she's now leaving him to side with Alan. He accuses her of climbing a ladder to success that will eventually be her ruin.

Jeffrey goes to see Olivia in her room at The Beacon. Olivia says she doesn't want to have anything to do with, but has him come into her room to sit with Emma while Olivia changes her clothes. Jeff sits on the floor and talks to Emma until Olivia returns. Olivia sends Emma out of the room so she and Jeff can talk. When Jeff says he wonders if Emma looks like Ava at that age, Olivia is offended and asks if he has forgotten their history. Jeff says no and apologizes. He says he will leave. Just then, Ava arrives seeking advice. She tells the pair that she doesn't want to be one of those people who uses others for her own gain. While Olivia and Jeff argue over the best course for Ava to take concerning her future at Spaulding, Ava decides to leave. When she's gone, Olivia ends up agreeing with Jeff that they work together to help Ava—then call it quits with one another.

On Main Street, Alan proposes to Beth for a second marriage. He says that his annulment from Doris will be final by week's end. She happily accepts. Alan starts handing out cigars to all who will take one since he's going to be a dad. Rick, who had been tipped off by Cassie about Rick being the actual father of Beth's baby, refuses to accept a cigar. He informs Alan that he is the actual father of the baby since the two had had sex several times while Alan was in a coma. Rick tells Beth that she is a shell of the woman he once knew. He is furious that she used him, while all along giving him hope for a future with her. When he leaves, Beth fears that Alan will reject her. Instead he is delighted that she knew exactly what to do to protect him while he was in a coma. He gives her a passionate kiss and the two remain determined to have a future with the new baby being raised as their own.

Alan-Michael runs into Alan and congratulates his father on having another child to ruin—one that would grow up to despise him just as his other children do. Alan responds that he will finally have a child worthy of his love. Alan-Michael returns to his room at The Beacon only to be jumped from behind. It is Olivia and Jeffrey who duct tape him to a chair.

After Cassie tells Rick about the baby's paternity, she goes inside Company and meets up with Harley. They swap stories of how their lives are going—Josh asking Cassie to back off and Harley sending her daughter off to boot camp. They are both second-guessing themselves. Cassie starts to leave when Ava arrives and lets her know she is going to be working with Alan. Cassie is offended by Ava's decision and takes a paper from Ava's files before leaving. Dylan comes into Company telling Harley he is going to move back to Springfield at work at Lewis with his dad. She tells him about sending Daisy to boot camp. While he wishes she had told him about it before now, he is okay with it. He doesn't think, however that Gus is a good influence on Daisy, given his past drug dependency.

When Beth leaves Alan and goes to confront Rick, she learns that Rick has already contacted a lawyer and has put paternity test proceedings in motion. Alan calls his attorney Clarence and insists the annulment from Doris be expedited immediately.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ashlee tells Buzz and Coop that she was kicked out of the Spaulding mansion. Ava comes in to apologize to Coop. While Ava begs Coop for their friendship back, she mentions that Alan-Michael hid the gun used to shoot Alan in a secret hiding place. Later, when a distracted Ashlee mentions a secret hiding place, Coop begins to see a connection between her and the gun used on Alan. Olivia and Jeffrey threaten Alan-Michael to stay away from Ava, but he declines. Alan-Michael suggests that he and Olivia work together to reclaim Spaulding. Olivia abruptly rejects his offer and they finally let him loose. Jeffrey fantasizes about an ideal family life with Olivia and Ava, while Olivia tells Buzz that his good nature is rubbing off on her. Later, Alan-Michael calls Jeffrey out on his feelings for Olivia. Harley and Dylan show up to the clinic where Gus is being treated, demanding to know exactly what happened with the fire. Harley grills Daisy, wondering why she told the cops she was Gus's girlfriend. Daisy lies to Dylan, blaming the fire on Gus, as Harley asks Gus what exactly went on in that room. Dylan thinks that Gus was high and started the fire. Dylan assures Daisy he's not going anywhere, as a semi-conscious Gus cryptically implies that the fire was his fault.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Inside the Light: Money

Cyrus and Marina both contemplate the allure of money. While Cyrus is fascinated by what money can do, Marina denounces the evil lengths people go to for it. Dinah holds a photo of her family and thinks of how some times money costs too much.

Cyrus runs into Marina on Main Street and groans as she reads to him "The Psychology of a Thief." He again declares that he did not steal the Reardon money. Marina believes he did steal it, but he just can't get access to it yet. She plans to figure it all out.

Later Cyrus calls Dinah to talk about how Marina is "stalking" him. Dinah assures him that she has taken care of it. After Marina is accosted by Mallet on Main Street, Dinah explains to Cyrus that she talked Mallet into intervening with Marina's off duty investigation of Cyrus. Mallet lures Marina to Company for a surprise birthday party.

Meanwhile, Cyrus explains to Dinah that Marina foiled his attempts to withdraw money from the bank. Because she was watching him, he had to open an account there. Now he fears he can't return to the bank withdrawing on a different account. He wants Dinah to go to the bank in disguise. He reminds her of how they met. He had caught onto a scam of hers where she appeared to want to jump from a bridge. Once he took pity on her and saved her, he surmised that she planned to rob him. Dinah admitted her scam and revealed that she was on the run for murder. It was at the time that Cyrus proposed a scam for her to dress in disguise to steal a diamond ring. As Dinah puts on the wig, Cyrus reminds her that he taught her how to have a life while on the run—until Vanessa took his life away. Just then, Vanessa enters and catches Dinah in the wig.

Cyrus disappears and Dinah lies about wanting to role play with Mallet to spice up their marriage. Vanessa says that Matt has been very despondent since the money was stolen. She's hoping that a dinner with the four of them can help him relax. Either that, or Mallet can get him to open up. Dinah thinks it's a terrible idea to gang up on him. She tells Vanessa she can't help because she's going to surprise party for Marina, and she ushers Vanessa out of the hotel room.

While Marina is preoccupied at her surprise birthday party (her birthday isn't for another week), Dinah and Cyrus pretend to be a Georgia couple transferring their holdings out of the Springfield bank. They take care of the necessary paperwork and the bank presents them with a rolling suitcase full of cash. Cyrus gleefully smiles at the money as Marina blows out her candles. Dinah grimaces.

Later at some warehouse, Cyrus is on a high about pulling off the swindle, but Dinah is sickened by successfully robbing her mother and Matt. She proclaims she's not the person she used to be. Cyrus claims that it's all about the money. Back the Beacon, he hands her back her bracelet and bids her farewell. Dinah warns him not to come back.

At the party, Frank tells Marina that he learned there was a large cash withdrawal from the bank. Marina is ready to leave when Frank explains that the suspects were described as a male and female. When Marina talks to Mallet, she learns that Dinah is late for a party. Mallet explains that having the party a week early was Dinah's idea. Marina murmurs that Dinah is full of surprises.

When Dinah finally arrives at the party, she finds Mallet. She makes excuses for being late and not returning his phone messages. Meanwhile, Cyrus is at the warehouse smelling his money. Marina approaches the closed door with her gun drawn.

At Company, Frank gets a lead and takes off from the party. Dinah notices that Marina isn't around. Coop thinks she's in the bathroom. Matt and Vanessa arrive at the party. Dinah offers to go find Marina for them. When Vanessa questions Mallet about the theft investigation, Matt grows jumpy. Dinah returns, stating that she can't find Marina.

Down at the docks, Marina enters the warehouse and calls for Cyrus to freeze and kick the bag of money over to her. He tries to distract her with flirtatious banter, but Frank blaring on a bullhorn outside catches both of their attention. Cyrus shoves Marina. She falls. As boxes collapse on her, she fires her gun. Cyrus Foley snatches up the suitcase and runs. Frank yells from outside for Cyrus to drop the gun. Up close Marina is unconscious and appears to be shot in the shoulder. Cyrus doubles back after losing the cops. He stumbles upon Marina on the floor.

At the party, Mallet becomes suspicious that Marina and Frank are both missing. He returns with news that Foley made a move for the cash. Mallet offers to take Dinah home before joining the chase. When they get outside, they overhear Matt and Vanessa discussing an investor. Matt finally admits that he got the backing for their project from a man with who doesn't use legitimate business channels for his income. This man holds them personally responsible for losing the money and he's threatening Matt.

At the warehouse, Cyrus curses silently as he chooses to help Marina. He tends to her and discovers a pulse. She revives long enough to tell him that he's under arrest. As she goes faint again, Cyrus pleads with her to stay awake. If she wants to figure him out, he prods her to stay awake and listen. He tells her why he is the way that he is. He grew up poor. At fourteen, his mother grew sick and died on her birthday. The last thing she told him was to do whatever it took to take care of his brother. He began stealing meals to provide for them. As his schemes grew, he swore he'd never be poor again.

Marina coughs that he's a liar. She asks him about some dog tags around his neck that are engraved with what appears to be a birth date. He implores her to save her strength. Marina struggles to breathe.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Billy visits with Josh and brings him Miss Martha's prayer book. He tells him Jeffrey is talking with the higher-ups and they're trying to protect him – by getting him transferred to solitary confinement. Josh doesn't want to go into solitary confinement, but he knows he'll be safer in there than in a regular cell where they can continue beating him.

Cyrus is taking care of Marina until the paramedics arrive. He hears the sirens and he wants to take off with the money, but Marina handcuffs herself to the suitcase. He tells her he promised himself he'd never see the inside of a prison again, kisses her on the cheek and leaves her and the money. The paramedics arrive telling her an anonymous call alerted them as to her whereabouts.

Frank tells Mallet Cyrus wasn't alone when he withdrew the money – he had a female with him. Frank questions Dinah as to whether or not she knows who the woman may have been. Mallet tells Frank he's not able to get in touch with Marina.

Cassie goes to see Reva to find out she's going somewhere. Reva tells her she's worried about Josh, and thought she'd go back. But, now she's thinking it would be better if she didn't go, but even if she wanted to, Cassie couldn't stop her. Cassie talks herself into believing everything will be ok.

She runs into Billy outside Company. She's in a hurry to pick up RJ – Billy offers to go with her and she tells him no and leaves. She drives to Chicago and tells a hotel rep, she's with Spaulding and bribes him to get her into the room next to Alan.

Reva goes to visit with Josh for another conjugal visit. Josh tells her as this may be their last visit for a long time, she should give him all the news and stories she can and they need to make the most their time together. Reva tells him she can do that. Josh decides he's changed his mind - that it's a bad idea and Reva should leave. She won't leave. She tells him to think of this as a last chance – the bachelor party before the wedding and takes a bottle of bourbon out of her bag. They start drinking.

Matt tells Vanessa their investors are criminals. Vanessa is furious and Matt said he did it for her. He wanted her to feel secure again after what had happened to them in Europe. She keeps badgering her until he tells her how he truly feels – this was his shot to prove that he was something – anything. Matt tells her there's more to it than she thinks. Matt tells Vanessa he used Maureen's trust fund for proof he would pay them back. Vanessa breaks down – they have nothing – less than nothing – they owe. She tells Matt to get out. Matt goes to Dinah to find out where Cyrus is right now – he's the only thing that can help Matt. Mallet gets a call that they found Marina shot. Matt tells Dinah she needs to help him because they're in the situation they are in because of Dinah. Vanessa comes to Dinah's room carrying Matt's suitcase – telling him to get out. Dinah tries to keep peace, but Vanessa tells her to be quiet.

Frank arrives at the hospital. He assures Marina she's going to be fine. He asks if Cyrus did this to her. She tells him she was in the warehouse with Cyrus. He then realizes he's the one who shot her. He's devastated. He promises her he'll get Cyrus and the money back. Marina tells her the money is with her right there. Frank opens the suitcase and it's empty. Frank promises to get Cyrus. Marina tells Frank Cyrus stayed with her until the paramedics arrived – saving her life.

Cyrus opens a crate, but hears someone coming and closes the crate. Cyrus is still at the warehouse and has a police radio. He hears Mallet tell someone over the radio that Marina is at the hospital and she'll be fine.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wanting to find out the truth, Coop tells Lizzie he wants to write a story about her. Coop gets Lizzie to open up about Ashlee but starts packing up his things in a rush after Lizzie says that she'd found Ashlee crying after Alan was shot. Alan asks Lizzie to be on his side if and when Rick tries to claim custody of Beth's baby. Lizzie agrees, but it seems as if she's a little too eager to have a new baby in the family. Ashlee's guilt deepens upon hearing that Josh is being sent to solitary. Ashlee is trying to stuff her guilt when Coop begins to interrogate her about her experience as a Spaulding under the guise of doing research for his story. Coop asks Ashlee if she shot Alan. Josh and Reva are lost in memories and a drinking game when they hear the guard's voice and are brought back to reality. Reva gives Josh the letter from Cassie and gives him a moment to read it. Josh speaks to "Cassie" and says that he misses her. Josh tries to throw Reva out again, but she refuses to go. Reva and Josh are in a charged argument, when suddenly Josh kisses her passionately and they begin to make love. Cassie visits Alan with a gift for the new baby, a bit manic as she asks him to tell the police that Josh is innocent. Alan begins to sympathize with Cassie but then is frightened by her behavior, as she seems to speak to herself and he shows her the door. Cassie realizes Reva went to see Josh and didn't tell her. Cassie teeters on the edge, trying to stay in control of her emotions as she wonders why Reva went to see Josh when she said she wouldn't.

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