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Monday, April 9, 2007

At Cedars, Beth informs Rick that not only has Alan recovered from his coma, but he is at the mansion smoking cigars. Rick is aghast. Beth shows him all the signs that she is going to try to get back with Alan. Rick pleads with her that, while the L-Dopa may have Alan playing the good guy for now, his Devil horns will soon be re-emerging. He tells her that he is still on board with their plan for him to raise Beth and Alan's baby as his own. Beth insists that everything has changed since Alan is a better man now. She tells him that she is different now. She is no longer the vulnerable teenager she was in high school. Rick accuses her of letting Alan's money sway her. At that, she slaps him. She then pulls back and tries to get him to hang on with her a bit longer. She tries to get him to remember their passion recently in a hospital bed. He says he doesn't want one-night stands. He wants permanence. Beth says she needs closure with Alan first—she needs to talk to Alan. Rick insists there will not be closure but if she does go to Alan, she should plan to keep her clothes on. Beth assures Rick that she will meet him later in his room. Later, in his room, Rick remains alone with a bouquet of roses as Beth is with Alan at the Spaulding mansion.

In their room, Mallet and Dinah discuss his plans to start a "not too late" program for troubled kids. Dinah tells him how noble she believes he is. Mallet says he has not always been noble. As the two embrace, Dinah spots Cyrus over Mallet's shoulder. She slams the door and she and Mallet begin to make love. It's interrupted, however, when Frank calls Mallet to tell him about Alan's recovery. Mallet has to leave to question Alan. Cyrus makes himself comfortable and pressures Dinah into going to Vanessa's room and don a "Vanessa" wig to fool the banker, Mr. Finch. Finch arrives and Dinah does a wonderful job impersonating Vanessa. As she's signing the bank transfer papers, she accidentally signs her own name, "Dinah," on the documents. When Finch points out the mistake, Dinah/Vanessa assures him that it was because she thought she had to include her security passcode name. She re-signs the papers and Finch is satisfied. Finch leaves and Cyrus comes into the room and plants a big kiss on Dinah. She pushes him away and tells him that he'll get the money from her and nothing more. Just then, Mallet arrives at Vanessa's door and is surprised to find Dinah there. She makes up an excuse for being there. Mallet says he is there because Vanessa's bank called about a large cash transfer. Mallet is being informed of any transactions of Vanessa's because of Cyrus' potential threat. He tells Dinah that Cyrus could possibly be involved in a large deposit into Vanessa's account so that he can later withdraw it. Mallet assures Dinah that if Cyrus is trying to scam her mother, he'll nail him.

Reva, having learned of Alan's recovery via a report on her car radio, soon finds Daisy hiding from Officer Peyton in the backseat of her car. Daisy begs Reva to help save her from boot camp. The two go to Company. Reva is on her cell trying to find out more about Josh. Peyton tracks the two down at the restaurant and Reva convinces him that she has the upper hand in dealing with her granddaughter and he leaves for now. After Peyton leaves, Reva gets a call from Cassie to meet her at the prison. When she arrives, Cassie tells her about Alan's recovery and how he came to the prison to make things worse for Josh. She also tells Reva about how Josh was hurt when he was apparently attacked. Reva says that Cassie needs to be able to get Josh alone to find out what happened. When Cassie says she and Josh could have a conjugal visit, Reva points out that only man and wife can do that. Proclaiming Reva a genius, Cassie says she will marry Josh. Reva looks less than pleased.

Earlier at the prison, Cassie refuses to leave until she knows if Josh is all right after he collapsed in the visitor's room. Alan appears and Cassie embraces him, thinking that he can now save Josh from prison. Alan says that he has called his lawyer's to help get Josh what he deserves. Alan is apparently going to try to help Josh, but Cassie misinterprets what his intentions are. She slaps him. Alan is immediately reawakened to his old self after the slap. Instead of once trying to help Josh, he now wants vengeance against those who have gotten in his way in the past. Cassie is livid and threatens Alan with his own cane. Mallet intervenes. Alan insists that Cassie be arrested for assault. Mallet denies seeing any such thing. Alan leaves while Mallet tells Cassie that Alan may soon recollect what happened at the shooting. Cassie is not convinced.

Alan goes home to his mansion where he encounters Beth. Beth, expecting to find the new and improved Alan, is instead reacquainted with the vengeful Alan. When she asks him about his new lease on life, he informs her that it is gone and asks her if she has a problem with that. She responds, "Actually, no." Alan tells Beth that he was all ready to set out for a life of redemption with all he had wronged until Cassie slapped him. Beth confides in Alan that she made up the story about being pregnant with his child while he was in a coma. While disappointed that there was not to be a baby, Alan is excited about the transformation of the new Beth. She suggests that they still have a baby together. Alan is thrilled that he can get a second chance at redemption through the birth of a new child. He proclaims that that is why he woke up! As he is saying how happy he is that the family can be together now, Beth lies and tells Alan that Alan-Michael had tried to seduce her and was ready to have Alan declared dead. Alan tells Beth that he'll take care of Alan Michael and then Doris. The two decide to work on having the baby right away and retire to "their" room.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinah's startled when Matt confesses to Dinah that he dipped into the company funds to woo investors and never replaced the money or told Vanessa. Dinah worries when the bank calls Mallet, wanting to speak to both of them about Cyrus. Dinah and Mallet are shocked to learn Cyrus listed them as references. Mallet wants to call the FBI, but Dinah stops him by telling him the truth about Matt. Cyrus pockets a transfer note from a Cayman's bank to the Springfield bank, when it seems as Marina has caught him. Cyrus tells Marina he's going to the bank to open up a bank account. Marina thinks Cyrus should take a room at the boardinghouse and he agrees to take the room next to Marina's. Ava is touched despite herself as Olivia and Jeffrey argue over whether or not she should pursue her career at Spaulding. Jeffrey tells Ava that Alan-Michael was hiding the gun that shot Josh, and Ava is appalled. Later, Jeffrey overhears Alan-Michael insulting Olivia and Jeffrey punches him, just as Ava arrives to see. Ava helps Alan-Michael up and later he pulls her into a kiss. Olivia helps Jeffrey and admits that she needed to have a villain in her life and for a long time, she used Jeffrey for that. They come close to a kiss, but quickly move apart. Alan turns on Alan-Michael and says that the real Alan is back, and is ready to take helm at Spaulding again. Alan writes him off as an executive and a son and throws him out of the house. Alan finds Doris and promises to keep the fact that Ashlee shot him a secret – if she promises to get out of his life at once.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inside the Light: Just Pretend

While in jail, Josh continues to be tormented by Vinnie Salerno and his gang. To the guards, Josh denies that anything is happening to him. He learns that he has a conjugal visit with his wife. When they open the door, Reva awaits him in a private room.

Earlier that day, frustrated Reva met Mel and Cassie at Company. Cassie expressed her concern over Josh's abuse in the prison. Since Josh isn't cooperating, Cassie wants to marry him and get in for a conjugal visit. She wants to take photos of Josh to use as evidence of the abuse by the inmates. Reva seemed uneasy about whether Cassie can get Josh to talk alone and married or not. They learn that there's a waiting period to marry inmates. Cassie gets the bright idea that Reva should go to the jail pretending to be married to Josh still. Uncomfortable about the idea, Reva tries to tell Cassie other people will remember they are divorced. It's a matter of public record that they are divorced. Cassie believes that Reva can just tell them that the divorce didn't go through at the last minute and they are reconciling. Cassie says that it's not like it's the first time she ever lied before, explaining that she didn't have a problem lying about Cancer for Josh's benefit. Now she can lie about this for his benefit.

Reva believes she has gall for saying that. Reva seems visibly shaken with emotion, even calling Cassie naive for not understanding the problem with Reva actually having to tell people she's still married to Josh. "It's just pretending," Cassie says. Reva huffs in disbelief. Recusing herself, Cassie admits that Reva is the last person that she wants pretending to be Josh's wife, but she knows Reva is the only one who can do it. She's the only one Cassie trusts to do it. She pens a love letter to Josh that she wants Reva to deliver to him.

In the car, a slow song plays as Reva places into her purse a lipstick tube with a spy camera in it. Thoughtfully she slides on her old wedding rings. She closes her eyes, quenched as if she'd found the "one ring to rule them all." At the prison, Reva requests the visit and is immediately questioned about being divorced. Reva explains the history she has with Josh, knowing each other since being children. She explains that no one else has the kind of connection they share. The warden asks for her purse. Reva hesitates but hands it over. The woman searches it and discovers a note from Cassie, who just visited Josh yesterday. She demands an explanation for why Reva came there today with a love letter to Josh from her sister.

Reva purports to be upset about the letter and Cassie's visit. She acts as if she is angry with Cassie for sneaking a note into her purse just before she left for the prison. She continues to explain what happened with her cancer and how she tried to push Josh and Cassie together because of her impending death. She says that ever since she beat the cancer, Cassie won't back off from being with Josh. Reva asks the warden if she can believe that a sister would steal the husband of a dying cancer patient. The warden certainly can believe it; her best friend made a play for her husband a while back. Reva asks the warden if she is still her friend. "Hell, No!" The warden laughs and grants Reva a visit that very day.

Back in the room, Josh is surprised to see Reva. She hugs him until the guard leaves. With a sneaky smile she explains that he and Reva have a conjugal visit. Josh is glad she is amused, but doesn't think Cassie will be. Reva tells him that it was Cassie's idea. Cassie's concern for him brought her there. Cassie wanted to come but it was spouses only. He started to object when Reva bitterly cuts in with, "I know. I'm not your spouse any more," but they had to find a way to meet with him in private.

Reva notes that he doesn't look good. He's lost the sparkle in his eye. He says he's fine. He tells her that Cassie misunderstood everything. He only slipped on some water after someone mopped. He asks about RJ, but Reva interrupts and demands he open his shirt. Josh refuses to show her his chest. He walks around, talking about Shayne. Reva touches him. He winces but still won't let her see. She forces the shirt up to reveal terrible wounds on his sides. Josh finally explains that some guy roughed him up in a one-time brawl and it's over. Reva knows better than that from the wounds she sees. He can barely breathe. He might even have cracked ribs. She demands that he take the shirt off or get a worse beating—from her.

He painfully removes the shirt and Reva cleans the wounds. She tears up to see him like this. Cleaning his chest, she mutters why did this happen and what is he doing here. Josh reaches for her, speaking softly to calm her. Reva sobs, begging him to stop being so strong for everyone. Josh caresses the nap of her neck, saying that he can't stop being who he is. As their foreheads fall together, Reva cries that she knows and that's why she loves him. They sit with their heads touching. Josh caresses her face in his cupped hands and then he passionately kisses her.

Meanwhile, worried Cassie runs into Harley on Main Street. After she explains to Harley what's happening, Harley wonders if she can trust Josh and Reva together in a room with a bowl full of condoms when Josh is alone and desperate. Cassie affirms that this was her idea. Something had to be done to get Josh to talk. She trusts them both. Josh's life is at stake and both and she Reva will do anything to keep him safe.

Harley finds it hard to believe that Cassie will let Reva of all people sub for her. Sarcastically, Harley quips that Reva was probably really protesting it. Cassie replies that she really was. Cassie had to talk Reva into it. She defends Reva and wonders why Harley is so down on her. Harley denies being harsh on Reva. Harley says that she is Cassie's friend and very protective of her. Cassie replies that Reva is her friend also and Daisy's grandmother. Harley rolls her eyes. Despite how difficult the situation is, Cassie says that Reva is still her sister. She believes that Reva wants the best for her and for Josh.

Meanwhile, Josh apologies for kissing her. Reva shrugs it off to razed emotions from being in jail. He asks about Cassie and Reva says she's upset and scared. At his concerned look, Reva tries to explain that she doesn't rely on him to take care of his child like Cassie does. An awkward moment passes and Reva changes the subject, suggesting they get him transferred. If she wants to help him, Josh asks her to lie to Cassie about what she has seen today. Being new in jail draws negative attention. He just has to suck up and just take it. Reva doesn't think so. He can be moved. Josh says no matter where he is, "he" can find him.

Reva asks who that is and Josh won't answer. Reva tells him that lying to Cassie won't work. She has her own plans get in here and make him talk. Josh says the only person "married" to him is Reva, so Cassie can't get in. Reva explains that Cassie is trying to get permission to marry him as they speak. He talks about the wedding that he and Cassie dreamed of. Josh won't marry Cassie in prison. She deserves better than the conjugal visit room as a honeymoon suite. Reva decides that she'll just keep coming back then until he tells the truth. He asks Reva for her honest opinion about marrying in prison. That's his call, not Reva's, she tells him. Knowing both of them as well as she does, he again asks her opinion. Reva tells him that it's what Cassie thinks she wants, but honestly, it will just make her more depressed. Reva says that it's a bad idea.

Harley goes up to the prison and speaks to officer Paten, the one who took Daisy. Once he explains that Reva has the child, Harley is livid that he released her to anyone else's care without telling her. He has to leave after he is beeped but asks her to bring Daisy back and they'll do it properly. "Reva!" Harley growls.

Meanwhile, Reva ruffles Josh's curly hair as he understands that Cassie will never have her own life. She's never back away from him. Josh begs Reva not to let Cassie's life or her life be about this. He tells her that no one is after him. The guard pounds the door, calling time up. They stroll into the hallway together and he asks her to take care of Cassie. As the guards look on, they kiss in the hallway. Harley scowls when she sees them and then slinks away.

As she leaves, one of the guards asks Reva if her husband is the man who built the veterans hospital. Reva nods. He explains that his brother is a veteran who returned home without a leg. Solemnly, he says that he has information for her.

In the car, Reva shakes her head. "Vinnie Salerno. I should have known," she says to herself. Before she can leave, Harley jumps into her car and lights into her about kissing Josh. Reva disdainfully shakes her head, saying that she owes Harley no explanations. They argue about that and about Daisy. Reva sees that Daisy is being abandoned at a time when she's crying out for help. Harley screams that she is trying to help her. The child stole the car. Reva's not mother of the year and didn't do a great job with Marah, Shayne or Jonathan. The kids turned out so well, Harley claimed, because Josh was there, because she was there. "I was there, remember!" Harley yells at her. Then, Reva rejoins, Harley sent Daisy off to boarding school, threw her in jail and now is shuffling off to boot camp. "Do you see a pattern here?" Reva wonders. The pattern Harley sees is Daisy rushing to Reva for sympathy and attention because Reva is anti-mother. Reva agrees that Daisy runs to her, but she does so because Reva listens and is understanding. Harley snickers that she bets it is the same for Josh. Reva throws her out of the car.

Back at Company, Reva reveals to Cassie that Salerno is behind the beatings. Reva believes Salerno is going this because of her, because Reva is the one who got him put away. She got photos. Between that and what the guard said, Reva believes Cassie can get him transferred. Cassie smiles and rubs Reva's back, thanking her for what she did. Reva stares at her reticently. Cassie asks how Josh responded to the note she wrote him. The note hangs slightly out of Reva's purse. "The note?" Reva says, seeming to remember that she forgot to give it to him. "He loved it," she says quietly. "It meant the world to him."

Back in prison, Josh has a meal in the cafeteria. Inmates leave him alone at the table when Vinnie approaches. Vinnie stares at him, walks away and pats another inmate on the shoulder and smiles.

Out on Main Street, Cassie asks a lot of questions about the visit, but Reva avoids the questions, saying that there wasn't a lot of time. Noticing her attitude, Cassie wonders if there is anything wrong. Reva admits Harley jumped to conclusions and accused her of a lot of things. Cassie wants to talk to Harley about it, but Reva tells her to please don't. Cassie asks her not to let Harley get to her. She reassures Reva that she is the one she wants helping her with this. Just then she gets a call. Thinking it's about the wedding, she rushes off to take the call.

In her car, Reva thoughtfully stares at Cassie's letter. She places it on the dash and then holds her left hand with her rings on it to her heart. After a tug, Reva wryly says, "It's stuck." She twitches her lips and slips the note back into her purse. In her eye is a determined twinkle.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Olivia asks Buzz to marry her. He has one condition – never keep anything from each other. They arrange a family get together to celebrate their plans. Marina arrests Cyrus and takes him with her to her family gathering. Cyrus makes a call to Dinah telling her to find a way to get Marina to cut him loose. Jeffrey shows up during the celebration, not realizing it was a private party. Buzz offers to let the past go and invites Jeffrey to join the party. Olivia gives a heartfelt toast, thanking them for welcoming her into their family. Jeffrey watches and listens with a distraught look on his face, makes a quick toast and excuses himself. Cyrus asks Jeffrey about retaining him as his lawyer. Cyrus tells the family he's being stalked – by Marina. Frank tells Marina she needs to back off with Cyrus – Frank thinks she's getting too attached. Cyrus kisses Marina. Olivia runs out after Jeffrey. Olivia asks Jeffrey to be sure he knows what happened between them was nothing.

Cassie meets with Rev. Rutledge to see if he could speed up the process of the wedding. She then finds Jeffrey and shows him the photos of Josh's injuries. He promises to do what he can to help Josh. Cassie goes to visit Josh, however she was turned away – at Josh's request. Cassie assures the guard he's mistaken. The guard asks her to leave.

Reva takes Daisy to Billy's so they can figure out how to handle the situation. Billy asks Reva why she's wearing her wedding ring. Daisy tells them she's going to get some food at Company. Reva fills Billy in on his visit with Josh and her posing as Josh's wife. Her ring got stuck on her finger. He accuses her of it not just being the ring that is stuck. Billy tells her she's playing with fire. Reva pried the ring off. She cries to Billy telling him how awful Josh's injuries are Billy tells her taking care of Josh is Cassie's job. Reva lets it slip that she still loves Josh – she can't fight it anymore. Billy tells her it's too late and she has to back away before it's too late. She tells Billy she kissed Josh during their visit. Reva tells him Cassie is too much of a mess to protect Josh. She says he needs her. As she's fighting with Billy, she takes a call from a frantic Cassie – telling her she was turned away at the prison. Reva agrees to meet her at CO2. Reva doesn't think it was because Josh was hurt; she believes it's because Joshua is putting distance between him and Cassie. Billy warns her to let Josh go.

Daisy stops at Company, gets some fries and offers to delivery a take out order for him. Daisy returns with the food and asks if she could live with Billy. He tells her no. He does agree to talk to Harley and Dillon about her situation. Daisy takes the opportunity to bring up Dillon's divorce and how she worries about him.

Reva meets Cassie and tells her she thinks Josh is alright. She tells Cassie that Josh thinks she can't handle it. Cassie defends herself – she's stronger than everyone thinks she is. Cassie asks Reva to go in for another conjugal visit. Reva tells her she can't do that for her. Cassie begs her to visit him again to tell him about the meeting she had with Rev. Rutledge. She agrees to go back in to see Josh, hugging Cassie and, with a smirk, puts her wedding ring back on.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Lillian sees Beth at Cedars and sees Beth's pregnancy test results. She is confused about why Beth needed confirmation that she was pregnant. Beth makes up an excuse about not really knowing for certain but Lillian sees right through it and asks who the father is. Realizing that Beth had faked her pregnancy all along, Lillian scolds her and points out that she is just like a Spaulding. She blasts Beth for being selfish and asks if Rick is the father. Unbeknownst to them, Cassie has heard the entire conversation.

Upon seeing Rick, Alan slyly accuses him of trying to kill him. Rick points out that if he wanted Alan dead, he would be dead. Alan concedes the point but points out that Alan would have been thrilled if he never woke up. Rick responds that only his Hippocratic Oath stopped that from happening. Alan tells Rick to stop trying to steal his wife. Rick brings up Doris's name but Alan states that he knows who he means-Beth. Alan tells Rick that Beth made her choice to be with him. Rick accuses Alan of blackmailing Beth into going back with him. Alan denies it and sates that Beth's feelings for Rick were mere nostalgia, Alan is her future.

Daisy sees Reva getting all dressed up and assumes she is going out on a date. Reva tells her that she is going to visit Josh. Daisy is confused since they are no longer married but Reva states that they will always have a bond. Daisy asks how you know someone is your soul mate. Reva tells her you just follow your heart. Before Daisy can tell her why she is asking, there is a knock at the door. It is Harley and Gus who are there to collect Daisy. Daisy steadfastly refuses to go and tries to back away. Harley confronts Reva about not letting her know Daisy was there; Reva states that she just needed time to figure things out. Harley things it should have been pretty easy---she is her mother. Gus tries to assure Daisy that it is only for six weeks but Daisy keeps refusing to go and needs to be practically dragged off. When Reva objects to Daisy being manhandled, she and Harley argue about Harley's parenting style. Suddenly, Harley gets a call: Jude is sick with a fever. Gus volunteers to take Daisy to the camp and Daisy agrees to go with Gus. When she and Gus leave, Reva wishes Harley luck with Daisy and tells her she will need help if she wants to regain Daisy's trust. Later, as she is going out, Reva gets a visit from Alan. He asks her to join him for a drink so they can discuss their little adventure while he was in a coma. Reva is not interested and tells him that she has to leave to see Josh. Before she goes, Reva tells Alan to do the right thing and clear Josh or else he will have to answer to her.

After Harley gets Jude checked out at Cedars, she talks to Rick about Daisy's situation. Rick thinks sending Daisy to boot camp is rather extreme. When he starts talking about how he would like to have another chance raising kids, Harley assumes he and Mel have gotten back together. Rick reports that he and Mel are over. Harley realizes that he was talking about Beth and cannot understand why men just flock to Beth. After she warns Rick that he is better off without her, Harley leaves.

Daisy and a very tired Gus stop at a hotel for the night. Gus calls Harley, leaving a message informing her that they have pulled over for the night. While Gus leaves the room to get some snacks for Daisy, Daisy shuts his cell phone off. When he returns and lies down to sleep, Daisy starts to tell him something. Gus tries to get her to tell him tomorrow, but Daisy insists that it has to be tonight since tomorrow she will be locked up. Gus gets up and tells Daisy that she is not being locked up. He states that this is merely a six week retreat. Daisy does not really want to talk about that. She starts talking to Gus about her feelings and starts talking about what a great guy he is. Gus starts to realize where this is going and tries to end the conversation but Daisy goes on to tell him about their connection and confesses that she is in love with him.

Just prior to a visit from Cassie, Josh is beaten up by Salerno's men again. When he sees Cassie, he lies that the guards have been protecting him from Salerno's men. When asked how she is, Cassie replies that she is between a mess and a wreck and talks about how much she worries about Josh. Josh does not like the idea of Cassie worrying and tells her that something has got to change. He tells her that they need a break. Cassie is adamantly against the idea. Josh tells her that seeing her makes everything worse because he can see her fading away: "between a mess and a wreck". Josh tells her he wants her to live her life and stop worrying about him. Cassie argues that not seeing him is not going to make things any easier for her but Josh thinks it might. He states that he is doing this for their future. When he walks out of there, he does not want them to be two bitter people. Cassie tries to dissuade Josh but he is convinced and after professing his love, he tells her goodbye.

Cassie, walking around, ends up in front of Company and runs into Beth. The pair argues about the fact that Alan should be the one in jail. Beth tries to tell Cassie that Tammy would have wanted her to move on but Cassie refuses to hear it. Suddenly Alan arrives for his dinner with Beth and snidely tells Cassie to tell Josh he said hello. Later, inside Company, Beth tells Alan that she is pregnant and shows him the test. Alan wonders if this is actually good news; after all they are trying to rebuild their relationship. Beth convinces Alan that this is what she wants. Although reluctant at first, he warms to the idea.

Cassie goes to see Rick at Cedars and warns him that if he is not careful, he will be Alan's next victim. Cassie informs Rick that Beth is pregnant; she was lying the first time she stated that. Rick realizes that means he could be the baby's father. Cassie agrees and tells Rick that he can't let Alan get away with taking another child.

Reva visits Josh in jail. Upon seeing him, she guesses that Salerno's goons attacked him and blasts the guard for letting it happen. Josh tells her that his demeanor isn't about getting beaten up; he sent Cassie away and she did not take it very well. He tells Reva that he needs Cassie to live her life. Reva understands-otherwise all of this was for nothing. Reva offers to leave him alone, but Josh asks her to stay longer. He confesses that when he thinks about his time in prison, he does not think he can make it. He confides that he needs help; he needs to see a friendly face. Reva guesses that he wants her to pose as his wife and set up a conjugal visit. Josh admits that he needs to see someone without the guards watching his every move.

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