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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Having been discovered naked on the couch by Margo, Casey tries to tell Margo it's not what she thinks. She lashes into him for his irresponsible behavior. Casey and Maddie try to apologize for their actions, but Margo orders Maddie to move out. Later, Margo's fearful of what will happen to Casey in prison. When Vienna is upset at the thought that she won't have a bridesmaid, Henry selflessly suggests they hold off the wedding until Vienna's best friend can attend. Maddie arrives, and is thrown to learn that Vienna and Henry are getting married. Vienna declares Maddie will be her maid of honor, and that they can get married right away. Jade waylays enthusiastic Cleo from greeting Gwen and Will. She pays off Cleo and tells her to go home, but Cleo stays and watches Will and Gwen. Gil arrives and reminds Gwen of a previous commitment to sing at Crash. Will, knowing she's still unnerved over the Adam mess, offers to cancel but Gwen hopes it's the first step to getting her life back on course. Later, Cleo receives a flyer from Gil about Gwen's show. Dusty confronts Alison as she tries to sidestep his accusation that's she's on crystal meth. Distraught Emily tries to get Alison to talk to her, but Alison makes for the door instead. Dusty tells Alison she either goes back to Oakdale or stays in Vegas and deals with the cops. Alison agrees to go home, for now, and while Alison's in the bathroom, Emily urges Dusty not to reveal anything about Emily's hooker activities.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

While Katie helps Vienna plan the wedding, they look up and see Henry's gone. Later, jittery Henry drinks, but assures Katie he's okay. Henry is invited to a high-stakes poker game, and misses his tux fitting. Brad offers to fit the tux, and Katie thinks Brad looks hot. A look passes between them just as Jack enters and sees. Later, Henry is arrested at the poker game, as Vienna sees. Lily assures Faith their family will be okay and encourages her to promise to start healing. The two women promise to work on their eating to get healthy again. Holden is suspicious of Lily's state of mind, and she wonders if she's lost him. Holden promises he's not leaving her, but he can't trust her right now. Lucinda discovers Craig is changing her company's name to Montgomery Enterprises. As Lucinda argues that Craig represents only a temporary setback, Craig declares that her glory days are over. Later, Lily points out that Lucinda still has her family, but Lucinda is cold and rejects her, leaving Lily devastated. Meg reveals to Paul she's on a mission to bring Craig down. Paul worries about Meg getting involved with Craig on her own, and says he'll help. Meg wants Paul to tell Craig he knows, from a vision, where Johnny is. Paul says Craig will never believe it, but Meg says that's what she's counting on. Paul goes to Craig and tells him about his "vision", leaving Craig rattled.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At home, Gwen tries on different outfits as she grows more nervous of her first singing engagement since the entire ordeal with Adam. Gwen confesses to Will that she is worried that Adam will show up at Crash to humiliate her and when Will says he will call Lisa to cancel Gwen stops him and says she has to sing to get over what Adam did to her and to get back to normal. Will reaffirms his support of Gwen and the two head off to Crash for Gwen's performance.

Jade and Luke arrive at Crash ready for a fun evening, but when Jade discovers Gwen is the night's entertainment she becomes frustrated that she can't get away from Gwen. After Luke convinces Jade to go into Crash she finds that not only has Cleo not left town, but she is at Crash waiting to hear Gwen sing. Jade rushes over to Cleo and asks her why she is still in Oakdale and not on her way back to California. Cleo tells Jade that she just wants to hear Gwen sing one song and then she will be on her way back home.

As Gwen and Will arrive at Crash they are greeted by Cleo who claims to be a big fan. Gwen thanks Cleo and makes her way to the stage and begins to sing just as Jade walks in. The sight of Jade stops Gwen singing dead in her tracks. Will confronts Jade and tells her to stay away from Gwen and Luke quickly jumps up and tells Will that Jade had no idea Gwen was that night's performer. Seeing Will deal with Jade comforts Gwen and she is able to sing and as she does Jade sees Cleo singing along. After her first song Gwen tells Will she is done for the night and asks to leave and the two go. Just then Jade gets a page to meet someone outside and when she does Cleo appears in a wig and tricks Jade into thinking she is Gwen. Jade takes Cleo outside to yell at her, but she is convinced by Cleo, that with a little work, she can be Gwen's double. The two agree to work together to turn Cleo into Gwen.

After leaving Crash, Gwen and Will return home where Will continues to be supportive of Gwen's singing. The two discuss the importance of Gwen performing to help her get over Adam's attack, but when Will asks her to go to bed with him Gwen pauses. Will notices Gwen's delay and quickly explains that he didn't mean have sex, but just meant fall asleep together because he knows the rest will come when she is ready. The two go to bed and cuddle up in each other's arms.

Katie arrives at the Lakeview to check on the final preparations for Henry's bachelor party and she is informed by the bartender that Henry has been arrested. Mean while Brad comes in and takes a few jabs at Katie's party planning skills before making a secret call of his own. Down at the police station, Jack talks to Henry about his arrest for gambling. As Jack continues to questions Henry, Vienna rushes in and claims that Henry was gambling so he could try to win money so that he could bring assets to the marriage. She tells Henry that he doesn't need money to make her happy and begs Jack to let Henry go. Jack listens to Vienna's pleas and agrees to let Henry off. Katie has come to the station to help her friend and overhears the entire conversation and is pleased by Jack's compassion. Katie comes into the room and congratulates Henry on his freedom and prepares to take him to his bachelor party, but before they leave Vienna insists that Katie help her write her vows. After Vienna leaves Katie pulls Henry aside and tries to find out what is wrong with him. Henry maintains that he is fine and leaves to work on his own vows. Katie also gets set to leave the station, but she stops by Jack's desk and thanks him for his help with Henry before she goes.

At the farm, Katie is stumped by Vienna's vows when Jack arrives and asks to hear what she has written. Katie reads the vows she has written, about finding love after a broken heart, but when Jack questions if they are right for Henry and Vienna she throws out what she wrote and the two start working together to write new vows about love sneaking up on you. The two share a sweet moment talking about how love can creep up when you least expect it and then Jack rushes out leaving Katie to finish.

Back at the hotel, Henry sips martinis and tries to write his wedding vows when Maddie arrives and Henry begs for her help writing the vows. Maddie agrees to help and starts to question Henry about how he first felt when he saw Vienna. Henry has a hard time answering and tells Maddie to avoid being specific and as they start to get down to work they are interrupted by a call from Vienna to Maddie begging for her help in finding the perfect wedding gift for Henry. Maddie is encouraged by Henry to go help Vienna and claims he will finish the vows on her own. Later at the farm Vienna and Maddie find the vows Katie wrote for her and Vienna says they are perfect. Maddie comments that no one knows her brother better than Katie. Left alone in his hotel room, a conflicted Henry remembers and recites the vows Katie once spoke to him and then drowns himself in more martinis. Before long Katie and Jack arrive for the bachelor party, but soon Brad appears and says he has a peace offering for Henry. A knock at the door then brings in Henry's peace offering from Brad, a stripper dressed as a police officer. Henry enjoys the dancer's performance as Katie looks on in horror. Katie puts a stop to the performance because she fears an intoxicated Henry may be having too much fun. She then confronts Brad about why he crashed Henry's party and then brought a stripper. Brad leaves with the stripper and Katie becomes worried about how drunk Henry is and decides to pack up the party before Henry gets more inebriated. Once the two are alone Katie tries to stop Henry's drinking and comfort him with talk of how much Vienna loves him. Henry tells Katie that their wedding was the happiest day of his life and he gave everything to her and didn't care. Katie asks Henry if that is how he feels about Vienna and Henry finally admits that all of this is just going too fast for him. However he says that he promised to marry Vienna and he is going to do it. Even when Katie questions Henry's choice to marry Vienna, he tells her he is going to marry her. Katie puts a drunk Henry to bed and tells him she will always be there for him. In the back of the hotel room Jack has returned and looks on to see how caring and supportive Katie is being to her best friend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maddie interrupts Gwen and Will, and becomes even more anxious when she finds out Barbara knows about Adam. Maddie reveals that Margo kicked her out, and Gwen tells Barbara that she has to butt out. Barbara offers to replace Will's trust fund, but Will and Gwen want to stand on their own. Jade arrives ready to give Cleo a shot at impersonating Gwen, but Cleo wants to know what her intentions are. Jade refuses to go into details about her designs on Gwen, prompting Cleo to demand a thousand bucks. Jade asks Lily for the thousand bucks, telling her it's for night school. Lily agrees, and later when Cleo presses, Jade admits she doesn't like Gwen and this is payback. Lily reaches out to Faith, offering to let her go to Henry and Vienna's wedding without a chaperone. Parker reveals that all the wedding prep is reminding him of Jack and Carly's wedding in Montana. Jack talks to Parker and he agrees to go to wedding. Seeing Henry's lack of enthusiasm, Katie wonders if he's going to go through with the marriage. Henry arrives and the wedding begins. Vienna recites her vows, but when it's Henry's turn, he finally admits he can't go through with it. Henry tells Vienna that he doesn't love her the way she deserves and exits, leaving Vienna devastated.

Friday, April 13, 2007

At the Lakeview, Emily and Alison sit down to wait for Susan to meet Emily for breakfast. Emily wanted to surprise her with Alison's presence. Emily decides to go look in the lobby to see if Susan's there, and while she's gone, Alison gets up and runs into Will, who's waiting for Gwen. Will is happy to see that Alison is back in town. When Alison starts reminiscing about how Will used to feel about him, he tells her he's married now, and she's surprised to hear Gwen is his wife, since their first date was such a disaster. Gwen walks up to find Alison and Will hugging, and when she greets Alison and asks about Aaron, Alison tells them she's not with Aaron anymore and that she's been living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Gwen asks if she has a boyfriend now, and Alison says no and that since Will's taken, she'll have to look elsewhere. Emily walks up and tells Alison they need to go back to their table and wait for their mom. After they walk away, Will realizes from Gwen's comments that she's actually jealous of Alison. Will teases her a bit, and then they decide to go to Al's to get some breakfast.

Meanwhile, Susan comes into the dining room and sees Emily, who tells her she has a surprise for her and points to Alison sitting at the table. Susan is happily surprised to see Alison, but when Alison claims to have returned to Oakdale to stay for a while, Susan says, "Oh-oh, you must be in some kind of trouble!" Ali reassures Susan that she's not in any trouble, and Susan suggests they go back to her house so she can make Ali's favorite breakfast of French toast. When they get there, Susan realizes she needs some eggs, and she asks Emily to go get some; the tea kettle whistles, and while Susan's gone tending to that, Alison tells Emily not to worry about her while she's gone, that she doesn't have any meth to use. Emily tells her she knows she doesn't, because she went through Ali's purse and suitcase the night before while Ali was sleeping. She then hands Alison a card and says she's made an appointment for her to go to a drug treatment center the next morning, and if she doesn't go, she'll tell their mom the whole story. Ali walks out of the room, complaining that Emily has gotten all frigid and probably hasn't had any sex in ages. Emily says to herself, "If you only knew!"

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jade comes to visit Cleo, bringing with her suitcases full of clothes and things for Cleo to use to learn to act like Gwen. Later, Jade quizzes Cleo on the people in Gwen's life, and Cleo does an excellent job of remembering all the important people in Gwen's life, except that she calls Rosanna "Rowena." Jade is impressed by how much she already knows about Gwen, including the fact that she knew the names of Gwen's 2 nephews and her niece even though she doesn't remember telling Cleo what their names were; Cleo says she studied by herself last night. Jade says now they just need to fix Cleo's teeth and help her learn to talk like Gwen. To fix the teeth, Jade has brought a partial plate for Cleo to wear; to help her learn how to talk like Gwen, she's brought CDs to listen to that have Gwen singing and talking. When Cleo protests that she's starving, Jade says they can take a break for something to eat, but then she refuses to let Cleo go out with her, telling her she has to stay at the motel so no one will see her. Cleo asks what Gwen would eat, and Jade says that's a good question, and she doesn't know the answer. She leaves, and Cleo decides that maybe she can find out what Gwen would eat all by herself. Cleo goes to Al's, where she sees Gwen and Will sitting together. She sits down at the table next to them and listens to Gwen's order, then copies it when her waitress asks her what she wants to eat. After eavesdropping on Gwen and Will's conversation, about how much they mean to one another, Cleo drops her notebook intentionally, and while bending down to pick it up, she stares at Will, who notices her and stares back. Jade returns to the Wagon Wheel with some food for Cleo, but she quickly realizes Cleo's not there.

Katie and Jack look for Henry in Old Town but don't find him, even though he spots them and hears them talking about him and Vienna. Jack thinks Henry ought to feel bad after what he did to Vienna, calling off the wedding in the middle of the ceremony; Katie thinks it's Vienna's fault for rushing things and for not seeing the signs that Henry wasn't ready for marriage. Meanwhile, at Emma's, Brad and Emma come into the kitchen only to find Vienna hiding under the kitchen table, drinking wine, which she has apparently been doing all night long. Upset, she says she should have listened to Brad when he said the marriage was a bad idea, then she grabs the cake knife and slashes at her wedding cake, destroying it in the process. Emma calls Jack and says Vienna's very upset and has a cake knife, and she wants Jack to come over to help calm her down. Jack tells Katie he has to go, and Katie ends up following him there. When they arrive, Brad says he's already gotten Vienna calmed down, and Jack and Katie ask him to go to Old Town and try to find Henry for them. He doesn't want to go, but Jack points out that the alternative is having to listen to Vienna's bouts of hysteria. Brad leaves, and Jack and Katie go inside, where Vienna erupts in anger the moment she sees Katie. She tells Katie that she's the problem, saying she's ruined her life. Jack tries to calm Vienna down, but Katie says if it helps Vienna to attack her, to go right ahead --- so Vienna literally tries to attack Katie. Jack stops her, and Vienna sobs, saying she's attacking Katie because she's the closest thing to Henry, and Henry's not there; Katie again says it's okay, she understands that, and Vienna then rushes at Katie again, this time cutting her cheek. Seeing what she's done, Vienna breaks down and apologizes, saying she knows it's not Katie's fault that she's the only woman Henry will ever truly love. Emma takes Vienna out of the room, and Katie wonders aloud to Jack if perhaps Vienna is right, that once a person loses their true love, they never get a relationship right again. She tells Jack she doesn't want to believe that, that she wants to believe that you can find a place in your heart for someone else. She asks Jack, "Don't you want to believe that? Don't you want to have that hope?" In response, Jack kisses Katie.

Back in Old Town, Henry realizes Brad is looking for him, and he ducks into a store to hide, but one of his cufflinks falls onto the bench he was sitting on. Brad sits down and finds the cufflink; pocketing it, he walks away, but when Henry walks out of the store, Brad grabs him. He tells Henry he has to come back and face the music with Vienna, but Henry tries to tell Brad it would only hurt Vienna more if he did that. He thinks it would be best if everyone thought he had left town for good. Brad says he's not Henry's messenger, but Henry says with him out of the picture, Brad can make a play for Vienna himself. Henry walks away, leaving Brad standing there by himself.

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