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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 2, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, April 2, 2007

Vienna asks Henry to marry him, but he doesn't know how to answer her proposal. Meanwhile, Katie asks Jack to breakfast, but when Henry announces he's marrying Vienna, Katie tries to talk him out of it. Later, Jack ribs Brad about Vienna's engagement to Henry, and it's obvious Brad's ego is bruised. Meg finds Faith throwing up outside, but she asks Meg not to tell Lily. Meanwhile, Lily forces herself not to take pill, declaring she's not an addict. Craig asks Lily to stay on at WorldWide, but Lily refuses. Later, Meg tells Lily Faith was being sick. Meg learns of Faith's bulimia and also that Craig destroyed her family. Meg blast Craig for playing everyone, but Craig confesses that Meg got under his skin and he tried to be the man he thought she wanted. When he saw her with Paul he realized his true path. Meg vows to Paul that Craig won't get away with his behavior.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dusty reluctantly agrees to help Susan look for Emily. Dusty arranges for a meeting with Cheri, who informs him that Emily's quit hooking. When Dusty questions Cheri about the girl Emily saw in the porn movie, she says she knows nothing. Emily barrels her way in to see Lance and informs him that she's there to talk to the girl in the poster Alison. Lance assures Emily that the girl is not her sister. When Emily gets tough, Lance threatens to have her thrown out. Emily leaves even though she is certain that the girl in the poster is Alison. Alison appears, grateful Lance has kept her secret as he reminds her that they're in this together. Tom reluctantly instructs Margo to put out an APB on Casey for jumping bail, but then Casey arrives to turn himself in. Maddie observes Casey being put on the spot by his parents, and steps forward to tell them she's to blame. Tom and Margo deliver the bad news that due to Casey's bail jumping he may be going to jail immediately. Gwen and Will arrive home to find Barbara demanding to know why Will signed over his trust fund to Iris. After getting Gwen to leave them alone, Will confides in Barbara that Maddie tried to kill Adam and Gwen helped bury the body. Barbara wants to take legal action against Iris, but Will urges her not to. Later, Gwen is upset when she realizes Will told his mother everything, but Barbara promises she'll make sure Gwen and Will's happiness is never again in jeopardy. Upon hearing the details about what's been going on at home, Jade wants to concentrate on her family. Luke senses, accurately, that Jade isn't ready to let her animosity against Maddie, Gwen and Will go. Later, Barbara corners Jade and tells her that if she utters a word about Adam, she will kill her.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Brad and Katie argue over the station contest as Jack arrives to talk to Katie about how to make things better with Henry. Jack's idea is to offer the farm as the sight for Henry and Vienna's wedding and to let Katie deliver the good news as an "olive branch". Brad overhears their conversation and tells them to not waste their time planning a wedding because he has decided that Vienna marrying Henry is a bad idea that he is going to stop. Brad believes that Vienna is marrying Henry on the rebound and that Henry is just a loser. Katie quickly jumps to Henry's defense and tells Brad that Henry is the best guy ever and then accepts Jack's offer to tell Henry and Vienna about the wedding at the farm.

Back at the hotel Vienna looks through wedding magazines and waits for Henry to return. Vienna believes Henry was out buying her a wedding ring and is disappointed when he appears with a box of donuts. Vienna thinks that Henry is upset after his fight with Katie and must make-up with her to be happy again. Vienna suggests that Henry make Katie his best man at their wedding. Katie arrives at Henry and Vienna's room and apologizes for her earlier behavior and is welcomed by both Vienna and Henry. She congratulates them on their marriage and tells them about having the ceremony at the farm. Katie asks to spend some time alone with Henry and the two leave together.

As Katie and Henry spend time mending their friendship, he asks Katie to be his best man and she agrees. Katie helps Henry pick out a ring for Vienna and he returns to the hotel. After her visit with Henry, Katie calls Jack to thank him for pushing her to make up with Henry. The two share a laugh over their failed relationships and Katie's impending role as Henry's best man. When Jack congratulates Katie she admits she still is not too happy about Henry's impending marriage even though she knows she should be.

Back in the hotel room, Vienna answers a knock at the door and opens it to find Brad standing there. Brad talks to Vienna about her choice in Henry as a husband and after condemning Henry to Vienna fails to change her mind, he grabs her and kisses her. As Vienna pushes him away, Brad continues to try to change her mind, but she quickly rebuffs his advances and as she wishes him good luck and gives him a goodbye kiss she falls backwards onto the bed taking Brad with her. Brad is convinced the fall was no accident and as he continues to try to seduce a protesting Vienna, Henry walks in and catches them on the bed.

Dusty informs Emily that Craig has taken over World Wide and that he has quit. Emily freaks out after learning about Craig's take over and after lashing out at Dusty he tells her he knows she quit hooking, but doesn't know why. Dusty explains about his meeting with Cheri to put Susan's mind at rest and then questions Emily curiosity with the girl in the porn video. Dusty storms out of the office after telling Emily she isn't worth his effort. Emily receives a phone call from Susan saying she needs to talk to her about Alison. Susan and Emily meet at Al's where Susan tells her that Alison's phones have all been disconnected and she has left her apartment. Susan is concerned that something bad has happened to Alison. Emily tells Susan not to worry and that she will find Alison. In an attempt to get through to Alison, Emily calls the Vegas porn producer and asks him to get a message to anyone who might know Alison and tell her that her mother is very sick and they don't have much time. As Susan returns to the table with Emily she receives a phone call from Alison asking if she is o.k. When Susan confirms she is fine she begins to questions Alison about what is going on in her life, but Alison makes excuses and gets off the phone. Susan is comforted by the call from Alison, but Emily realizes that the call confirms she is working with the porn producer. Back in Vegas Alison asks her boss to make sure he never tells anyone where she is. After learning for sure that Alison is part of the porn industry, Emily finds Dusty and tells him that Alison is the girl in the video.

At the farm, Lily conveys her disdain for Craig to Meg who tries to comfort her. Holden arrives home from his business trip and tells Lily he will get their family back together. When he offers to call Lucinda to try to set things right, Lily tells him he can't. Lily defends Lucinda's right to be angry, but refuses to tell Holden that part of the reason Lucinda is angry is because of how the diet pills affected Lily's ability to make good decisions. As Lily pauses to rethink the past and considers Holden's early disapproval of her taking diet pills, Meg jumps in and relays the story of Faith's recent binging and purging at Al's Diner. Faith overhears the conversation and runs into the kitchen and yells at Lily to tell Holden the truth. Faith lashes out at Lily and tells Holden that Lucinda is angry with Lily because of the diet pills. At first Holden tries to defend Lily, but then demands that Lily tells him the truth. Meg takes Faith out to the barn so Lily and Holden can talk and then Lily admits to Holden that she is still taking the pills. Holden is angered by Lily's choice to take the pills and that she lied to him about them. The two fight over how the pills affected Lily and her recent choices in dealing with Faith and World Wide. As the fight continues Holden explains that he feels he is losing his wife and family and can't figure out what to do. Outside Meg and Faith discuss her guilt about causing her parents to fight and as she gets up to leave she collapses into Meg's arms. Meg calls for Holden and Lily and they arrive to find Faith on the ground. As Faith comes to Meg questions her about when she last ate and they learn that accept for her earlier binging she hadn't eaten in days. Lily's guilt is compounded with the knowledge that she hadn't realized that Faith wasn't eating.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

When Dusty refuses to help Emily find Alison, she offers him her prostitution money. He won't take her money, and after hearing Emily out, he finally agrees to help her. Dusty asks Emily a few questions and concludes that they need to leave for Vegas. When they don't find Alison, Dusty announces that the next step is to go into the porn biz. Brad has maneuvered Vienna into bed just as Henry comes through the door with an engagement ring. Vienna extricates herself and insists that Brad come clean. Brad admits nothing happened but needles Henry about being out of Vienna's league. Henry hands Vienna the ring, but tells her the wedding is off. Jack and Katie agree to stop talking about their exes and help Henry and Vienna plan their wedding at the farm. Henry arrives, and they question his demeanor. He reveals that he caught Brad in bed with Vienna. Henry admits that nothing happened but fears that eventually something will. Jack exits to deal with Brad, while Katie encourages Henry to marry Vienna. Jack punches Brad and gives him a shiner. Casey tells Maddie he's been released with an ankle monitor and is on house arrest until he's sentenced. Will and Gwen arrive to cheer up Casey. Tom tells them they're not fooling anyone and that they're teen adventures can end up haunting them for years to come. Gwen and Will leave troubled, as Casey and Maddie get romantic. Jade, angry off her encounter with Barbara, confronts Gwen and Will. Will and Gwen try to talk Jade down from spilling their secret. Later, Jade gets an idea when she sees a Luke doppelganger. Jade secretly takes a picture of Gwen. She posts Gwen's picture online and offers money to anyone who can play her twin.

Friday, April 6, 2007

At the Hughes' house, Margo tells Casey that house arrest is not going to be an easy thing for him; she wants him to know it means no TV, no computer games, no goofing off. She wants him to do chores around the house and study and realize what a deal he's been handed because Tom worked every angle he could to keep him out of jail. Casey tells her he knows that and appreciates it and is really sorry for everything he's put them through. Margo leaves to go to work, and Maddie comes in and tells Casey she's sorry about what just happened, but Casey says he deserves it. They make out, although Maddie pulls back, feeling a little guilty about the whole situation.

Gwen awakens from a nightmare, but when Will wakes up, too, and tries to hold her, she shies away from him. After she gets dressed, she tells Will she needs some alone time and wants to go check on Maddie and Casey. After she's gone, Margo comes to the door and tells Will she just got a call on her cell phone from Adam, although he didn't stay on the line long enough for her to try to trace the call. She tells Will she tried to talk Adam into coming home, but he hung up. Will tells her he appreciates how good she's always been to him, and Margo apologizes for how both of her sons have treated Will and Gwen. Will reminds her that since Margo has watched him grow up, she's also seen him at his worst, and he says that people change, and maybe Adam will change, too. Margo thanks him for saying that and leaves, asking him to let Gwen know about Adam's call and how sorry she is about everything that happened.

Gwen goes to Tom and Margo's house, where she realizes she's interrupting a passionate moment between Casey and Maddie. Casey goes upstairs while Maddie follows Gwen outside to find out why she's upset; Gwen says things aren't good between her and Will because of how upset she still is about what happened with Adam. Maddie tells her that will change with time, and that Will knows that and will be patient with her. Gwen says Will said the same thing, but it's hard to believe right now. Maddie says she's living proof that you can get past something like that, since she's now gotten past what happened with Louis enough to be able to be with Casey. Gwen is obviously upset about that turn of events, and when Maddie asks why, Gwen says Maddie's being stupid, taking chances being with Casey like that in his parents' house, where they might walk in on them like Gwen just about did, and when Casey's under house arrest. Maddie angrily tells Gwen that they don't know how long Casey will get to remain at home before he might have to go to prison, and they're in love and aren't going to waste the time they have together. Gwen asks if they're at least using condoms, and Maddie says she's not stupid no matter what Gwen might think. Gwen apologizes and says she's happy for them. Her cell phone rings, and it's Will, calling to see if she can come home so he can talk to her about something. She tells Maddie goodbye, asking if they're still friends, and Maddie says of course they are.

When Gwen gets home, Will tells her about Margo's visit and Adam's phone call, and Gwen is upset again, saying she's scared that Adam might come back, and she's mad at herself for being scared. Will reassures her that it's okay to be scared but says that she's strong, and she'll get through this, and he'll be there for her.

Casey comes back downstairs, and he and Maddie start undressing and getting ready to make love, when Margo walks in unexpectedly.

In Las Vegas, Emily hides in another room in the hotel suite while Dusty talks to Lance, the pornographic movie producer, about hiring some of his "girls." After deciding that Dusty is a legitimate producer, Lance calls the girls and tells them to come on up; Dusty tells him to leave, because he wants to talk to the girls alone. Alison comes in with 2 other girls and is surprised to see it's Dusty; Dusty pays the other 2 girls to leave, and then Alison says Emily should go ahead and come out, because she knows she must be there somewhere. Emily comes out, and they ask why Alison is there, making porn movies. They want to know if Lance has something on her and is forcing her to be there. Alison says this is her chosen career now, and that she's a big girl who can take care of herself. She says she came to Vegas with a guy who promised to take care of everything but then left her there, and that after feeling rejected by the Snyders and her family in Oakdale and now this guy, she just wants to be in control of her own life, and this is how she's doing it. Emily says if she's so satisfied with how her life is going, she won't mind if Emily calls their mom and tells her what Alison is doing. Alison tells her to go ahead but to bear in mind that news like this might be enough to drive Susan back to drinking. Emily backs down but says she won't leave unless Alison comes with her; Alison tells Emily that she and Dusty need to go back to Oakdale and leave her alone or she'll call Susan herself and leave Emily to deal with the fallout from that. She says she has to go "freshen up," and while she's out of the room, Dusty tells Emily that Alison's in more trouble than they thought. When Alison comes back out, Dusty grabs her purse, saying he noticed it doesn't really go with the rest of her outfit, and when he empties it out on the floor, a vial full of drugs falls out.

At the Snyder farm, Jade is looking at her laptop while Luke waits for her to be ready to go to the mall with him. He leaves to go check the mouse traps for Emma, and Jade sees she has a message from a girl saying she's the look-alike Jade's been looking for, and that she'll meet her in front of the book store in Old Town. When Luke comes back in, Jade says she can't go to the mall, and Luke is upset, accusing Jade of not caring about the family. He says yesterday she was worried about Faith, but today, she seems uninterested. Jade protests that Faith is with Lily and Holden, and she says she doesn't think they want her butting into that situation right now. Luke apologizes, and Jade promises she and Luke can go to the mall tomorrow. She leaves and goes to Old Town, where a dark-haired girl approaches her, lugging a large suitcase and saying she's the girl Jade's been looking for. Jade takes one look at her and says no, she's not, but the girl won't take no for an answer and ends up following Jade to Al's Diner. Inside the diner, she tells Jade she came from a town called Turlock, thinking she could make a new life for herself in Oakdale, and she wants to know why Jade wanted to hire a look-alike and when she'll get to meet her "twin." Jade says, "Never," but just then, Will and Gwen walk in, and the girl, whose name is Cleo Babbitt, jumps up, excited to see her "twin." Before she can go over to Gwen, Jade stands up and blocks her way.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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