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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 26, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Meg praises Craig for his generosity toward Lily, and a guilty Craig is taken back by the kind words. Meanwhile, Dusty doesn't agree with Lily's decision to involve Craig in WorldWide, but she defends her choice. Dusty confronts Craig and demands to see the papers Lily signed. Craig's attorney arrives, ready to file the papers, but off of Meg's faith in him, Craig asks him to hold off. Paul gives Faith and Parker a Ouija board and they hold a sťance. Meg arrives and playful Paul asks the board who Aunt Meg loves. The board says it's Paul, and the kids make themselves scarce as Paul moves in for a kiss. Meg gently reminds Paul that she's not ready to commit to a future with him but Paul's happy to stay in the present. Craig sees Paul and Meg kissing through the window. Gwen and Maddie debate the likelihood of Casey turning them in to the cops, but Will insists they run now and debate later. Maddie wants to come clean but insists that Gwen and Will. Before they can, Casey returns. Casey admits he couldn't turn them in, and given the fact that he's jumped bail, he'll have to join them as a fugitive. They intend to go to Canada and burn their IDs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Katie and Jack arrive for Henry and Vienna's party and realize they may be the only two guests. Jack and Katie are having fun until Jack is called way. When Brad arrives, uncomfortable Katie makes him stay to keep her company. The two seem to be getting along until Katie leaves the party abruptly. Brad finds Katie, and she confides her sadness about her love life. Jack sees the two and warns Katie not to get tangled up with Brad. Katie denies she's falling for Brad's charms and compliments Jack. Meg apologizes for Craig's seeing the kiss, but he says he's okay and leaves. But, Paul is worried Craig will make someone pay. Craig calls his lawyer. When Paul suggests to Meg they go to his cabin, she declines at first, but then agrees. Dusty is ready to call Lucinda when she arrives. Lily assures all WorldWide's problems have been handled and Lucinda and Dusty wonder how. Craig walks in and reveals that Lily has inadvertently sold the company to him. Lily can't believe his betrayal, and Dusty warns Craig to watch his back.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

While shopping in downtown Oakdale, Barbara runs into Iris who is hard at work spending Will's trust fund and Barbara questions her about where Gwen and Will might be. Iris tells Barbara that the kids, including Maddie, all went off together and by the way they packed it sure seemed like they weren't coming back for a while. Barbara heads off to find out if Maddie is really with Will and Gwen.

Tom arrives at the police station and informs Margo that Casey didn't come home and isn't picking up his cell phone. Margo tells Tom that Casey told her he would be staying at the dorms for a few days to try to work things out with his roommate, Elwood. The two go to Al's to enjoy breakfast and Tom lets Margo know that he is upset that Casey is not picking up his phone and that she let him go to the dorms. As they are discussing Casey's future Elwood walks in and asks them to get Casey's things out of the dorm since he is expecting a new roommate and hasn't been able to reach Casey. Margo questions Elwood about where Casey is and he informs them that he hasn't heard or seen Casey since he was arrested. Margo and Tom are alarmed by what they have learned and return home to try to track Casey down. By searching his computer and checking his credit card the two are relieved to find that Casey has not been gambling, but are still concerned about why they haven't heard from him. As they are discussing Casey, Barbara arrives and asks to speak with Maddie, but when Tom and Margo tell her that she is up visiting her sister Barbara informs them that Maddie might have lied to them about where she went and that she may be with Gwen and Will. Margo calls up to the institution where Maddie's sister is being held and learns from the warden that Maddie couldn't visit Eve since she doesn't have visiting privileges. Tom is convinced that Maddie and Casey have gone off together, but as they go over everything that has happened since Casey's arrest they begin to realize that something more must be going on. Margo is certain she has to report Casey as a fugitive, but Tom persuades her to wait with the idea that Casey has left to help Maddie.

At the cabin where the teens are hiding out they discuss their future plans to go to Canada to avoid getting caught for Adam's murder. Gwen and Maddie stick around the cabin to clean up while Will and Casey head into town to check on their fake passports and get supplies. Once alone the two girls discuss how safe they feel and then scare quickly as they hear approaching footsteps. The girls peek outside and see nothing and are convinced they probably heard a raccoon. Maddie heads out to find wood for the fire, leaving Gwen alone to clean up. As Maddie approaches the cabin with the firewood she loses a piece and as she bends down to pick it up is hit on the back of the head with a log and falls to the ground. Inside Gwen works on cleaning up an old bed frame she found, but is interrupted as the door opens and she comes face to face with Adam. Gwen screams and asks about Maddie, but Adam tells her he did to Maddie what she did to him and confronts Gwen about her role in burying him alive. Adam tells Gwen that he was the one who has been haunting her and then describes for her what happened to him when she and Maddie buried him out in the woods. He tells Gwen that when he first dug himself out of the grave they put him in that he believed that she had nothing to do with burying him. He goes on to say that he waited for her to return, but when she didn't come back he found her ring and he realized that the person he loved had helped bury him alive. Gwen apologizes profusely and lets Adam know that she never wanted him to be dead and that the night he was hit was a huge mistake. As their conversation continues, Adam and Gwen talk about their time together recording her demo and Adam softens his tone and tells Gwen they can share those times again as he tries to kiss her. Gwen knees him in the stomach and runs outside to help Maddie. As she tends to Maddie, Adam grabs her from behind and drags her back into the cabin. Once inside the cabin, Adam throws her to the ground and tells her he wants more with her. Gwen tells him that she loves Will and can't give him what he wants, but Adam is convinced that Gwen wants him. Adam grabs Gwen and tells her that he won't go anywhere until she admits she wants him and he starts kissing her forcefully as Gwen tries to get away. Gwen fights with Adam and tries to get free just as Jade arrives and tells Adam to get off of her. Jade attempts to pull Adam away, but he knocks her out. Adam then tosses Gwen to the ground and rips her shirt open and begins to kiss her as she screams and cries. Out in the snow Maddie begins to wake up.

At the country store, Will talks to the sheriff about the fake film their scouting as Casey calls his contact with the fake passports and learns he wants additional money to deliver the I.D.s. When Will learns about the extra money, he asks the sheriff if they could get some of their rent back by doing chores or odd jobs for the sheriff. He apologizes and simply tells the boys that his wife has the money now and there is no way to get it back. Faced with the prospect of not having the cash to pay for their passports, Casey sees a sign for a job at the mill and the two set out to get work. The two return to the local store after finding the mill closed and the sheriff mentions that may be the jobs were for tomorrow. The sheriff leaves to check out a stolen car report and tells the boys to shut the door behind them when they go. While alone Casey and Will think back on their memories of Adam. As they are getting ready to leave they look out and see Jade in the store window. When they go to confront Jade they find the door locked and get a little goodbye wave and smirk from Jade. The two find there is no way to get out of the store and try to call for help, but find the phone is also not working. Finally the two boys try to smash through the door with a table.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brad pitches using him and Katie as prizes in a contest, and gets it approved. When Jack sees Sage still reeling from Carly's absence, Katie suggests giving Sage a makeover. Jack asks Katie out for dinner, but Katie has to break the date because of work. Craig says unless Lucinda tells him where Johnny is, she can kiss her company goodbye. Craig brings guards to escort Lucinda out, and later Lily tells Craig she will do anything to help Lucinda. Will and Casey break down the door, and head for the cabin. Will barges in on Adam, and demands that he get his hands off Gwen. Gwen tries to keep Will from killing Adam. Casey and Will order Adam to leave and never bother them again. Maddie confronts Jade, and Jade says she won't say a word, but secretly resolves it's not over yet.

Friday, March 30, 2007

At Worldwide, Dusty walks in as Craig is preparing to hold a board meeting; Dusty leaves in disgust and finds Lucinda having a drink at the Lakeview bar. He joins her, and she tells him she's circling the wagons; he tells her the board is meeting with Craig right now. Lucinda says now they know what Craig really wants (to know where Lucy and Johnny are), and that gives them some kind of ammunition to use against him, even though she actually has no idea where they are. When Dusty blames Lily for Craig's takeover of Worldwide, Lucinda says it's her fault, for pushing Lily so hard when she was growing up; she tells Dusty she's going to go find Lily and apologize and tell her she loves her, and Dusty tells her she's a good mother. Dusty returns to Worldwide, where he gives Craig his resignation. Craig thinks Dusty should continue working at Worldwide, so he can see things from the inside, but Dusty says he's not interested. He tells Craig that he didn't win anything, because Lucinda will never tell him where Lucy and Johnny are just to get her business back. Dusty leaves, and as he passes the bookstore in Old Town, he sees Jennifer's reflection in the window; sadly, he says, "I've lost Johnny."

At the farm, Emma tells Lily that Holden called, and he's coming home a little sooner than planned. Lily isn't happy to hear this, wishing she had more time to prepare herself before having to face Holden after what's happened with Worldwide. Emma tries to make Lily feel better, as Faith listens from the porch. When Emma leaves to go check something in the barn, Faith comes in; Lily sees her and tells her she really can't take hearing one more person tell her how she's ruined their lives today. Faith says nothing but walks up to her mother and gives her a big hug, which brings tears to Lily's eyes. They talk about what's happened with the baby food, and Faith is concerned about how her father will react; Lily assures Faith that she and Holden love each other very much, and even when they have fights, they know that they will always be there for one another. Somewhat reassured, Faith leaves, and Lily reaches for more diet pills. As soon as she has taken some, Lucinda comes in. Lily tells her mother she is sorry for what happened with Craig and the company, but Lucinda says she's sorry, too, for having gone on vacation, for not being there, and for being so judgmental. Lily tells Lucinda she can't take back all the things she said earlier at Worldwide, that the damage has been done. Lucinda just wants to know why Lily didn't call her when things were falling apart, and Lily responds that she wanted to try to fix it herself. As Lily moves away from the counter, her diet pill bottle falls to the floor, with the pills spilling everywhere. As Lily scrambles to pick up the pills, Lucinda grabs the pill bottle and says now she has her answer. Lily says it's an over-the-counter drug, but Lucinda says even those can be very dangerous, and she asks if Lily even read the label. Then, Lucinda realizes that Craig probably knew Lily was taking diet pills, and he would have known how that could affect her judgment. Lily insists she doesn't have a drug problem, as Faith creeps up by the door and eavesdrops. Lucinda wants to know how long Lily's been taking the pills, but Lily doesn't give her a straight answer, instead offering her excuses for using the diet pills to make part of her life simpler. Lucinda tells Lily she needs to call Holden and tell him what's going on, or else she'll do it for her. After Lucinda leaves, Faith comes out but sees her mom sobbing, and she retreats back into the other room.

At the cabin, Casey says he has to go back to Oakdale and face the music, but the rest of them (Maddie, Gwen, and Will) don't have any reason to go back or to run anymore, because they aren't in any trouble now that they know Adam's alive and he has agreed to leave them all alone. Maddie asks for some time alone with Casey, so Gwen and Will go to the see the sheriff to pay for the damage to the door of his store. When they get there, Will gives the sheriff $50, and the sheriff tells him to keep his nose clean. Gwen thinks she sees Adam, but when Will grabs the man's shoulder, it's someone else. Outside the store, Gwen tells Will they should probably do what Casey says and go back to Oakdale, because Will's family is all there. Will says, "You say that like that's a perk." He tells her he doesn't care where they go, as long as they don't live in the past. Will tries to kiss Gwen, but she flinches and moves away. She apologizes, but Will says one day, they'll have to talk about what Adam tried to do to Gwen; Gwen says they will, as long as it's doesn't have to be tonight. Will tells her they have the rest of their lives, because he's not going anywhere.

Back at the cabin, Casey tells Maddie that he has to go back home, with or without her. Maddie tells him that if he goes back, this might be the last night they get to spend together in a long time. She asks him to play the game, "What would you do if this was the last night of your life?" He asks what her answer would be, and she tells him she'd want to make love to him. When he says that this might not be the best set of circumstances for that, she argues that there's always more trouble coming, so why not now. She lights some candles to try to make the cabin more romantic, and she tells Casey he's the kind of man who shows love and patience and forgiveness, and he is in her heart. Casey tells her, "I love you," and she responds in kind as they kiss and lay down on the floor together.



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