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Monday, March 26, 2007

Annie turned away from Ryan and demanded he leave the bedroom. Ryan asked why, but Annie would not answer. Annie demanded that Ryan leave again and asked him to send Julia into the room. So, Ryan left and got Julia from downstairs. Julia went into the bedroom and looked at Annie. Right away Julia knew that Annie had chicken pox. Julia recommended a treatment and said that she would warn everyone downstairs. Annie then told Julia not to let Ryan upstairs. However, when Julia told all of the residents of Wildwind about Annie's condition, Ryan rushed upstairs. Annie refused to let Ryan inside, so he broke in. Annie hid under the covers as Ryan joked about her illness. Then, Ryan pulled the covers off of Annie. Annie had lotion all over her face and looked embarrassed. Ryan did not care and proclaimed that he wanted to be with Annie for better or for worse. Then, Ryan kissed Annie and got lotion all over his face. Annie and Ryan laughed together. Meanwhile, everyone else was downstairs hanging out. Julia was working on a contract negotiation between the nurses and the hospital, while everyone else played cards. Then, the doorbell rang. Jonathan answered it and Lily came inside. Lily wanted to speak with Aidan. Lily asked Aidan to run a background check on Barbara. Lily explained that Barbara disrupted her family, so Lily wanted her to leave town. Lily planned on blackmailing Barbara with the dirt Aidan might find. Aidan stated that blackmail was illegal and would not help Lily. So, Lily said she would find another plan and left. Meanwhile, Jonathan confided in Amanda that he was still not over Lily. Jonathan also told Amanda about his run in with Lily at Cambias. Amanda assured Jonathan that he would find another job. So, Jonathan agreed and said that he was quitting his job at ConFusion. Amanda thought this would be good for both of their careers.

Lily went home and saw Barbara in the living room. Lily announced that she wanted to blackmail Barbara, so Barbara would leave town. Lily further explained that blackmail would not work and that she devised a new plan. The new plan was to take the "direct approach". So, Lily told Barbara to leave Pine Valley. Barbara looked shocked.

Babe and Little Adam walked up to Bianca's apartment just as Bianca and Zoe were about to kiss in the doorway. Babe said she would come back another time, but Bianca insisted she stay. Then, Babe went inside and Zoe left. Babe said that Little Adam wanted to see his birthday twin. So, the two children played together as their mothers reminisced about their turbulent births. As Bianca and Babe laughed and watched their children, they reflected on their happiness over becoming friends again. They were also glad to see that their children were becoming friends too. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Zoe ran into JR. Zoe said that Babe and Bianca were having a special moment and warned JR not to interrupt. So, JR hesitated on entering, but eventually knocked on the door. Once inside, JR apologized for intruding and promised to leave if they asked him to. The women said nothing, so JR wished Miranda a happy birthday. Then, JR asked Babe if she needed help getting Little Adam home. Babe accepted the offer and they left. Then, Zoe returned with her birthday gift for Miranda. Bianca took a peek at the gift. It was a jewelry box that played the song Zoe wrote for Miranda. Bianca hugged Zoe and their eyes locked. Then, they kissed!

There was no power in the Chandler Mansion. Krystal called out for Tad, but Adam answered her instead. Adam explained that he would continue to shut off utilities as long as Krystal stayed. Krystal asked how Adam could do this to Little Adam. Adam stated that the boy would stay in his suite, which still had power. Then, Krystal asked about Tad's whereabouts. Adam claimed he did not know, so Krystal went to look for Tad. Krystal eventually found Tad tied up and gagged in a bedroom. As Krystal untied Tad, Adam shut the door on them. Then, Tad looked at the door and realized that Adam glued it shut. Krystal began to panic, so Tad told her to relax for the baby's sake. Meanwhile, JR and Babe came home and inquired about the power and Krystal's whereabouts. Adam claimed there was a power outage and that Krystal went to sleep. Then, Adam left and JR gave Babe an anniversary gift. The gift was a deed to a plot of land. JR said that he still wanted Babe to have her dream house, regardless of whether or not they got back together. Then, JR left and Babe stared at the deed.

Zach and Kendall stood in front of Ethan's grave as an unidentified person watched them from afar. Zach told Kendall that he regretted pushing Ethan away. Zach then explained that he denied his son because he did not want the Cambias curse to hurt him. Kendall assured Zach that the curse did not exist. Kendall then stated that their child would know all about Ethan through their stories of him. Then, Zach told Kendall that he did not want to miss out on one minute of his child's life. Then, they went home and got Spike ready for bed. Zach held the baby and joked that Kendall should have twins and then triplets, so they could start their own hockey team. Then, Spike went to sleep. Zach was amazed at how Spike trusted him enough to fall asleep in his arms. Zach wished that their next child would trust him also. Kendall assured Zach that he already proved his trustworthiness in many ways. Zach said no one loved him as much as Kendall, especially since she chose Zach's life over her own in Las Vegas. Kendall stated that she chose their life together, while being held hostage. Kendall further asserted that their life together would only get better. Then, they kissed and embraced each other happily.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At Fusion, Erica showed Kendall and Bianca how much she had done to keep Fusion alive during the serial killer fiasco. Bianca thought it was a good idea for Erica to be helpful at Fusion, but Kendall was skeptical. Kendall was afraid of the Erica Kane shadow and wanted to stand on her own. In the back room of Fusion, Sean tried to talk Erica out of a divorce. Erica told him that if Jack had chosen Barbara there was nothing she could do. He told her he wished they could stay together and no matter what she had made Jack happy. Sean went to Kendall and Bianca and told them to get Erica to change her mind about the divorce. Erica came back and her girls told her that she really needed to think about this divorce. Erica told them that she has always loved Jack and that he was the one determined to go through with the divorce. Kendall explained to Erica that she wanted a company she could call her own. Sean went to his mom and said it was time for them to go back to Seattle. Barbara saw through the suggestion and knew it was to keep her away from Jack. Barbara said some less than kind things about Erica and that she had slept with Jeff Martin. Jack came in and Sean asked if it was true, Jack told him it was true. Barbara told Jack that Sean blamed her for his divorce and continued on about Erica, but Jack told her to go. Erica went to see Jack.

Zach stopped by to get Lily on her first day of work and Jack was very amicable toward him. Lily ran by them, opened the door and was looking for a woman who had peeked in the window. Lily did some detective work and said that the woman was wearing four inch heels. At Zach's office, Lily saw footprints on the carpet and said that they matched the prints at her house. Lily said she would figure out the mystery when a woman came into Zach's office. Zach asked her who she was and she asked if she had changed that much.

Krystal's room was locked and J.R., Babe and Colby couldn't get the door unlocked. Tad had a smile on his face. Adam woke up in the board room stark naked. Security tried to remove Adam, but Jamie and Aidan came to take him home. Adam told everyone to leave, Jamie called Tad and the security guard brought him a fur coat to wear. They got Adam home and two nice young men in white coats came to take him away. (Ha-Ha) Krystal told Tad that he would not get away with this. Now dressed, Krystal told the men that Adam was not crazy but Adam wouldn't listen to any of them. J.R. said that maybe the men in the white coats could help Adam. He then disowned J.R. Adam went off on Jamie and amid the commotion, Jeff came in and said he had heard Adam had some sort of psychotic episode. Tad told Adam to take the jet and go on vacation but Adam said that if they didn't leave his house, he and Krystal would be very sorry. Krystal told Tad to stop this whole thing but he said he could not. They took Adam away and he swore revenge on all the Martins. Tad said after she had the baby he would have Adam released. At the sanitarium, in a straight jacket, Adam was greeted by none other than Janet Dillon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bianca was already at Fusion when Zoe arrived. Bianca told Zoe that Miranda was over the moon with her birthday present. So, Zoe said she was feeling the same way and slyly smiled at Bianca. Meanwhile, Kendall was trying to reach Zach, but Lily would not put her call through. Kendall tried to explain that even though Zach asked to not be interrupted, Lily could make an exception for Kendall. However, Lily would not budge. Then, Josh entered the office and asked if Babe was there. Kendall said Josh should care about his sisters and not just Babe. So, Josh asked if they needed anything. Then, his sisters pleaded with him to forgive Erica, but Josh refused. Zoe also told Josh to cut Erica some slack, but Josh still held a grudge against his mother. Then, Bianca, Kendall, and Josh went into another room to finish their conversation. While they were gone, a customer entered that needed help with an order he placed. However, when the customer saw Zoe, he was appalled and questioned Fusion's integrity. At this point, the Kane clan returned. Kendall told the man to leave because they did not want to do business with a bigot. So, Zoe went to thank her, but Kendall stopped Zoe and demanded that she find three orders to replace the ones they just lost. Then, Kendall left. Zoe declared that she realized why Bianca loved Kendall so much.

Zach realized that the mystery woman was Hanna, Ethan's mother. They hugged and Zach stated that he tried to find Hanna many times. Hanna said Zach was not the only person that was good at hiding. Then, Hanna admitted that she had been in town for a few days and was checking up on Zach. Hanna also said that she knew about Ethan's death. Zach apologized, but Hanna was glad to hear that Alexander was behind bars. Hanna then explained that she was living in China and working in the import business. By the time she heard that Zach and Ethan were alive, her hopes of a reunion were ruined because of Ethan's untimely death. Zach apologized again, but Hanna said she did not hold anything against Zach. So, Zach asked why Hanna was in town. Hanna said that Zach invited her. Then, Hanna showed Zach her resume, with her changed name on it. Hanna explained that she was invited for an interview for a position at Cambias. Zach said that she could have the job. However, Hanna wanted to get to know everyone that knew Ethan before she accepted the position. Then, Kendall came in and Zach introduced Kendall to Hanna. Kendall looked shocked!

Erica and Jack waited for their lawyers to come. As they waited, Erica remembered happy times she spent with Jack. Then, Erica asked Jack if they could proceed with their divorce without any drama and Jack agreed. Then, Livia and Erica's lawyer arrived. Erica's lawyer wanted them to sell their house, but Erica refused. Erica insisted that Jack keep the house because his family still lived there. Then, they discussed their yacht. Erica wanted Jack to keep this as well, but Jack refused. So, they decided to sell it and split the profit. Finally, the division of assets ended and Erica went to leave. However, Livia stopped her and asked if Erica and Jack were truly ready to end their marriage. Erica said yes and left. Next, Jack stood alone in his house. He had a drink in his hand, while he looked at Erica's picture. Then, Barbara came home and Jack asked her to stay with him. Barbara comforted Jack and they kissed! Meanwhile, Erica went to her office and found Jeff inside. Erica immediately told him that their relationship was over!

Krystal's stomach was cramping, so Jeff examined her. Jeff assured Krystal that it was indigestion and that she needed to walk around. Then, Babe and Tad went outside to talk. Babe told Tad that he should not threaten to take the baby. Tad said there was no way he would allow his daughter to grow up in the mansion. Babe stated that Krystal was an excellent mother. However, Tad could not get over Krystal's betrayal. Tad also said that he resented Babe and JR for keeping the secret as well. Babe said she understood that it was hard for Tad to forgive because she was having a hard time forgiving JR. Meanwhile, JR and Krystal were talking inside. JR admitted that he was glad Krystal decided to stay because this meant Babe would stay too. JR then proposed that he and Krystal team up to win back Babe and Adam.

Amanda went to visit Janet, but was shocked to see Adam in a straitjacket. Janet tried to talk with Adam, but he coldly dismissed her. Then, Jamie entered and Janet and Amanda left. Jamie demanded that Adam leave Tad, Krystal, and his new sister alone. Adam laughed as he stated that Jamie would lose this battle. Then, Jamie went to speak with a nurse. However, Colby was already talking to the nurse because she wanted to see Adam. Colby told Jamie to stop messing with Adam. Jamie ignored her plea and told her to go to school. Meanwhile, Amanda saw Adam again. Adam said that Amanda owed him for unleashing her crazy mother on Pine Valley. So, Adam asked Amanda for information on Jamie. Amanda refused and proceeded to warn Jamie. Then, Adam saw Janet and apologized for being rude earlier. Adam then proposed that he and Janet help each other.

Colby ditched school and went to the park. Sean ditched too and met up with Colby. Sean apologized for having sex with her on the yacht. Sean also advised Colby not to do anything like that again. Colby was confused. Sean explained that Colby might have kids one day, so she should not tarnish her image. Colby was still confused. Finally, Sean announced that Erica cheated on Jack and that Barbara was after him. Sean said the only way to stop Barbara was to leave town. However, Colby begged him not to leave because he was the only person she could depend on.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still struggling with the chicken pox, Annie tries to forget about her desire to itch by wearing mittens. Ryan comes into her bedroom, with a tray of food, declaring that she not to give into her desires to scratch. Emma rushes into the room, showing off her newly caught chicken pox. She even paints chicken poxes on Ryan's face with a marker. To distract Annie from scratching, Emma and Ryan put on a show for Annie. After Ryan leaves, Annie indulges herself by ripping off the mittens and scratching. Soon after, Ryan draws an oatmeal bath for her. Annie isn't crazy about the idea, but gives it a shot. After the soothing bath, Ryan tells her that he has never been so happy before.

Zach introduces Kendall to Hannah. Kendall tells Hannah she and Zach were worried Alex had gotten to her. Hannah says she may have escaped Alex, but never got a chance to know her son, Ethan. Kendall catches up Hannah on some of Ethan's life as Zach rushes off to handle a business matter. When Hannah thinks that Zach abandoned Ethan, Kendall tries to explain that Zach thought it would protect Ethan by hiding his true identity. Kendall fills Hannah in on the details surrounding the Satin Slayer murders. Kendall tells Ethan that he knew Hannah loved him before he died. When Zach comes back, Hannah promises to think about his job offer and leaves.

Hannah pays Alex a visit in jail. At first, he does not remember her, so she brings up old memories to make him remember exactly who she is. Hannah recalls how he tried to make her abort Ethan, leaving her no choice but to run away. She adds that although it was awful giving Ethan up for adoption, it was worth the sacrifice because he never ended up like Alex.

Jack pushes Barbara away when she tries to devour him with more kisses. He tells Barbara that just because he has divorced Erica, it does not mean she can have him. Barbara tells Jackson she can help him, but he grabs his car keys and goes to the yacht. As he is sitting on the bed, Barbara walks in to check on him. When Barbara makes her move to seduce Jackson, he does not push her away.

Erica tells Jeff their relationship has run its course, but Jeff refuses to believe their romance is over. Erica says their only connection now is Josh, but Jeff wants it to be more. Erica explains that the divorce was finalized that day. It made her realize that she still loves Jack, and will always want him, Erica said. Jeff asks what will happen if Jackson does not take her back. Erica says, if that is the case, she will fall on her face, but not rush back to a man to heal the pain. Jeff kisses Erica cheek and leaves. When she goes to the yacht, she sees Jackson and Barbara in bed together.

At Fusion, Zoe makes one of three deals she promised for Kendall, but her happiness is interrupted by a visit from her mother, Marjie Luper. Mrs. Luper awkwardly hugs Zoe, explaining that she wanted to come when the police thought she was the Satin Slayer, but was confused by rumors of her transformation. Zoe's mother tells her that it is wrong for her to go through with the change. Zoe says he tried to be a man, but it was never the right choice for him. Marjie urges Zoe to come home, so they can be closer and he can be a man. Upset, Zoe rushes out of the building with Bianca following behind. Bianca catches up with Zoe at the park and explains how her mother negatively reacted when learned Bianca was gay. Zoe thinks her mother does not love her, just the image of a man he portrayed. Bianca admits that she hope Miranda never has to go through the prejudice they have experienced from society because of their sexual orientation. Bianca encourages Zoe to give her mother a chance.

Back at Fusion, Josh tries to make Marjie understand how Zoe is feeling, but she believes she knows Zoe better than anyone else. She asks Josh to fix her son, but Josh says that Zoe's mind is female in her heart and soul. Now, she just wants the outside to match. Marjie begins to think she is to blame because something must have medically happened while she was pregnant with Zoe. Zoe asks his mother to just be grateful that Zoe has found true happiness.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Annie digs the engagement ring out of Ryan's pocket and places it on her finger shortly before he returns bearing soup. She hides her hand before she allows him entrance, then waits for him to set the tray down before telling him that she has a surprise for him. Ryan appears perplexed, not knowing what she could have done from her bed. Before she could explain, their daughter runs in demanding a story. Needing to shift gears, Annie tells Emma that once story time is over, she will need to go back to bed. She weaves a tale for the young girl, and at the end, she reveals the ring on her finger and Ryan realizes that Annie had finally accepted his proposal. Emma joins in the celebration and soon, Ryan sends her off to fill everyone else in. They come in force, bringing champagne and good wishes. They have ideas about where the ceremony should take place but she makes it clear that the most important thing is that she not be covered in spots on the big day. A short while later, alone again, the couple revel in their good fortune, even though Annie worries that she will unwittingly harm Ryan with her ring while they sleep. The next morning, they find that there was no need to worry, as they survived the night unscathed. He thanks her for being the reason that he can now believe that every day will be amazing, exciting and filled with love. Downstairs, the gang attempt to ingest breakfast but fail miserably. They are interrupted by a visit from Derek, telling Amanda that her mother had escaped from the mental facility.

At the Chandler mansion, after not being able to access information about Adam, Krystal tears into Tad once again about his culpability. Unfazed by her tirade, he manages to tell her that her blind devotion to Adam has him reconsidering whether he put the right Chandler under observation before Babe barges in and asks if they know where JR is. They don't but Tad suspects that his stepson might be trying to use the current situation to cash in. Then, there is a knock at the door and Tad answers it, and signs for an envelope. The fighting picks up again, and when Tad continually balks at calling his daughter Charlotte, Krystal feels compelled to remind Tad that his participation in the creation of their daughter was minimal, so he therefore has little say over her name. Tad retorts that Adam was not involved at all and notes, as he hands over the envelope that was delivered, that her refusal to accept that fact is why they are going to court. She balls up the paperwork and throws it in his face but he tells her that having seen how horribly he treats his own children, there is no way that he will allow Adam Chandler to do the same thing to the baby that Krystal is carrying. Babe makes her mother sit down and try to relax but she continues to rage at Tad, swearing that she will not let her youngest daughter become a pawn in the game of revenge between the Martins and the Chandlers. Tad tells her that her opinion is why the decision is no longer up to her. He leaves the room and Babe follows, saying that she understands where he is coming from, but needs for him to do his part to keep Krystal as relaxed as possible. Realizing that it would be in the best interest of his daughter, Tad agrees. Back in the living room, Babe tries to get her mother to understand where Tad is coming from and uses her lifelong desires to have a real father as supporting evidence. Krystal tells her that she doesn't need Babe to tell her who the better man is, nor does she need emotional blackmail. Babe insists she is only delivering the truth, a truth that Krystal will have to face whether she likes it or not. Frustrated, Krystal stalks out of the room.

In the Chandler Board Room, JR cites his father's recent retention at the local mental facility as reason to remove him from the Board. However, before the motion can be carried, Adam walks in and asks if he gets a vote. He insists that the rumors of his deteriorating mental health are greatly exaggerated He tries to explain that his behaviour as of late are due to being drugged by two of JR's friends, but his son denies having any such knowledge. They then take turns slandering each other in front of the board before they decide that they need to hash out their issues privately. Once alone, Adam harshly berates his son for his betrayal, but JR doesn't crumble. Instead, he calls Adam on his inability to sustain meaningful relationships. He goes so far as to say that Adam requires a dysfunctional family so that he can maintain his feeling of superiority, and then announces that Adam has ruined all of his children, despite his belief that they are his greatest legacy. Adam demands that he stop and raises a fist as a threat. JR dares him to do it, saying that he'd already done everything else to him. Backing down for once, they talk over their options and JR gives Adam the opportunity to retain his power at Chandler by offering to rescind the motion if Adam agrees to act civilly toward his wife. Adam refuses to make deals with someone who has betrayed him, and tells him to bring on the vote, as he welcomes the opportunity to rub JR's defeat in his face. JR invites the other board members back in and after they revisit the motion, Adam finds himself on the losing end of the vote.

Erica shows up at the yacht and silently witnesses her now ex-husband lying in bed with Barbara in his arms. He wakes up, sees her in the doorway, and holds her gaze until Barbara stirring causes her to leave. Realizing the depth of his mistake, he gets up and readies himself to leave. Barbara tells him that he doesn't need to sneak off and not to make more of the situation than it is simply saying that he wanted comfort and she gave it. She then tells him that she wants to get back to the person that she was years ago and if, after doing so, he wants her to leave, she will. She apologizes if she made things harder, and says that she doesn't want to see him suffer. She then tells him that because of the late hour he should come back to bed, to sleep, and leave in the morning.

Josh returns home, turns on the television and sees a clip of his mother's show. He stills the show on her face, and remembers back to when Erica told him that she loved him and begged him to give her and the rest of his family a chance. A short time later, there is a knock on his door and he opens it to find his mother now on the other side. She asks after Bianca, saying that she planned to take over her Paris apartment for a while. He asks if her choice to flee had anything to do with Jeff or Jack, but she tells him that both men are now in her past. Josh admits that he didn't inherit the ability to accept rejection like his father did, and Erica asks after Babe. Her son tells her that Babe is at the Chandler mansion, with JR. She asks if Babe has given him any indication that she will leave JR for him, or if he plans to let her go. Josh is quietly optimistic about still having a relationship with Babe someday, saying that if you want someone enough, you don't let pride get in the way. He calls her out on her escape plan, saying that running away is definitely a new twist for Erica Kane. She bristles at his words saying that she never runs and always survives. Her son tells her that he wants to do more than just merely survive, and she thanks him for saying what she needed to hear so that she could get back on track.

JR returns home and tries to explain his takeover actions to his wife. She thinks that they should have talked things over before acting but JR tells her that he thought things would be simpler than they turned out to be. Babe tells him that since he has now taken his father's company and power away, he will be bound for vengeance even more than before. Across town, Adam shows up at Josh's doorway and invites himself in.

Sean witnesses Lily packing to move out of the Montgomery house, and tries to convince her that she is making a mistake. Lily tells him in no uncertain terms that she can no longer live with Barbara, and that because she is an adult, she can do as she pleases. Aidan shows up and Sean begs for assistance. Aidan tells Lily that she can just as easily leave after a good night's sleep and a better plan as to where she is going. She notes that her father wouldn't approve and that he would make it more difficult to leave, but Aidan promises to run interference. She finally agrees and takes her things upstairs. Aidan notes that he will be in Philly for a stakeout overnight but will call Jack in the morning, and Sean agrees to pass on the message.

Having stayed the night, the sun illuminates the room where Jack and Barbara lay sleeping. They are soon awakened by a visit from Erica, dressed as a French maid delivering breakfast in bed. Back at the Montgomery homestead, Sean wakes up to find Lily gone. In Philly, Aidan wraps up his stakeout and prepares to leave when he is approached by a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Lily.

At Casa Chandler, the troops have gathered in the living room and Babe tells Colby that he father hadn't returned the night before. Just then, Adam walks in and announces that he brought his son with him: Josh!



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