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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 2, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, April 2, 2007

The girl that looked like Lily flirted with Aidan. Aidan was shocked and assumed that Lily was working undercover to solve a mystery. The girl laughed and kissed Aidan, so he realized she was not Lily. Aidan took the girl to a motel room, where she was ready to have sex with him for money.

However, Aidan took the Lily look-alike breakfast and only wanted to talk. The girl said her name was Ava. Aidan asked if she had ever been to Pine Valley. Ava said no and tried to seduce Aidan. However, Aidan continued to ask her questions, so Ava got nervous and ran out of the room.

Erica barged in on Jack and Barbara sleeping on the yacht. Erica was dressed like a French maid, spoke with a French accent, and had breakfast for them. Jack and Barbara were shocked, but Erica continued to offer them food. Jack began to eat the waffles, even though Barbara thought they might be poisoned. Barbara left to get dressed.

Jack revealed that he was very annoyed with Erica, but Erica did not care. Barbara returned and demanded that Erica leave, but she refused. Jack received a call from Sean stating that Lily was missing. Jack started to leave, and Erica wanted to accompany him. Erica stated that she would always be Lily's stepmother. However, Jack said he could handle it alone and left.

Barbara called Erica an eternal spoiled brat because Erica always wanted what she could not have. Barbara also said she would not leave town. Erica laughed at Barbara and left. Meanwhile, Jack was home, and Lily returned soon after. Lily explained that she had gone out to get rental listings so she could move out. Jack urged her not to move out but said it was too complicated right then to make Barbara leave.

Erica entered. Erica told Sean that Barbara had said she needed to leave town for a meeting. Sean and Lily were happy. Jack told Erica to stay out of his business, since she had decided to sign the divorce papers and be with Jeff. Erica said Jack was wrong, and she left. Aidan entered and announced that Lily had a double.

Lily and Sean tried looking up the family tree of her biological father with hopes of finding a relative. Also, Jack and Aidan planned to find Ava to help her get off the streets. Meanwhile, Barbara was still on the yacht. She looked out the window and saw the boat moving. She tried to leave, but the door was locked. Barbara began to scream.

Derek questioned Amanda about Janet's escape. Amanda swore that she had not been involved. Amanda wanted to help find Janet because she was worried that her mother had stopped taking her medication. Derek said a few cops would stay at Wildwind to keep a lookout. Derek left, and the other residents of Wildwind said they would help search the grounds. Jamie admitted to Amanda that he thought Adam might be involved in the escape.

Jamie left, and Jonathan comforted Amanda. Then, Jonathan also went to help look for Janet. Amanda began to walk the grounds as she called out for her mother. Amanda saw Adam and looked at him with suspicion. Adam asked Amanda to help him with Jamie again, but she refused. Adam explained that if Amanda helped him, she could also help her mother.

Josh and Adam announced that they were a new father and son team. Everyone else was annoyed by that and protested their union. Krystal interrupted the mass yelling and cautioned everyone to stop. Krystal said the family had turned into a circus and that everyone was using her marital problems for selfish reasons. Krystal further stated that she would continue to fight for her marriage. Krystal stormed out.

Babe grabbed Josh and told him to leave. However, Josh refused to leave and declared that he was really there to protect Babe. Babe said she did not need him. Josh disagreed and said Babe needed him as long as she stayed married to JR. Josh left the room and saw Tad.

Tad stated that Josh was just like JR because they used others to win over Babe. Tad asked if Josh cared about anyone other than Babe. Josh said he cared for Babe more than anyone else and stormed out. Jamie walked in and found Tad. Jamie warned Tad to get out of the house because he suspected that Adam was up to something very bad.

Meanwhile, JR confronted Adam. Adam revealed that he wanted to ruin Chandler Industries because of JR's betrayal. Adam began to rip up JR's mail. JR grabbed his mail and insisted that he was still Adam's son. Adam went into his bedroom and saw Krystal sleeping. When, Krystal awoke, she saw Adam staring at her.

Krystal believed the look in Adam's eyes meant that he still loved her. However, Adam disagreed and stated that he detested Krystal. Adam left, and Tad entered. Tad said Krystal was right to want the circus to end and urged her to leave the mansion. Krystal declared that Adam still loved her and that she would not give up.

Tad received a phone call that made him seem very distraught. After Tad hung up, he announced that Adam had burned his house down. Meanwhile, Babe told JR that she wanted to start the divorce process and figure out a custody agreement.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tad's house burned to the ground, and Jamie said the frat pranks were over -- Adam was his.

While the police searched for Janet at Wildwind, Adam told Amanda that he and her mother had become good friends. He threatened Amanda by saying that he would frame Janet for attempted murder if she didn't help him take down Jamie. She said she wanted to see Janet, but before Adam could respond, Derek walked up and wanted to know what was going on. Amanda told Derek not to hurt Janet if he found her.

A blindfolded Amanda went with Adam to see Janet. Amanda removed the blindfold and was relieved to see that Janet was safe and sound. Janet said Adam had promised her a new life. Janet explained how she and Adam had become friends at the sanitarium and how he had vowed to keep her in the lap of luxury forever. Adam told Janet that he had bought a little villa in the Canary Islands for her -- complete with medical care.

Janet went to the other room, and Adam asked Amanda what her decision was for her mother: maximum-security or paradise. Amanda asked what would happen if she didn't get the goods on the Martins. Adam informed her of how he would frame Janet for attempted murder. Amanda lashed out, calling Adam "evil," but Adam countered by warning her that he would show her true evil if she crossed him.

Ryan told Kendall that Annie had accepted his proposal. Kendall said she was happy for him.

Hannah dropped in on Ryan, and Kendall introduced them. He told her that Ethan had been a good man, but Hannah hadn't stopped by to chat about Ethan -- she wanted information on Zach. He told her that Zach wore many hats, and she said he had offered her a job at the casino. Hannah asked if Zach was like his father, and Ryan said he couldn't really answer that. She said that when they had been kids, "Alex" had vowed never to become like his father.

Ryan questioned why Hannah had shown up in Pine Valley then, of all times. She said she'd had a soft spot for Zach, but there was incentive that Alexander was behind bars and that Zach had taken over Cambias. She assured him she had no designs on Zach.

Aidan went to Zach's office and told Zach and Lily about Ava. Zach asked about Lily's father, and Aidan said he blamed her mother for her autism and left. Zach suggested that Aidan tell Lily he'd investigated but found nothing, however, Aidan said he really felt like Ava was in trouble. Zach offered Aidan money, but he said he didn't need it and left. Kendall went to Zach's office and told him that Ryan and Annie were getting married, and she wanted to plan a party for them. Kendall then admitted that she was a spiteful control freak who didn't want anyone but them to be happy. Hannah stopped by the casino and told Zach and Kendall she would take the job for the right money.

Babe told JR that they needed to talk about their divorce, and it had nothing to do with Josh. She said too much had gone down between them, and they could be better friends if they just admitted it was over. They both admitted guilt in the demise of their marriage, but JR still wanted to work things out. He said he had changed and suggested they build a house away from their families.

Babe said she'd never stopped loving JR, but they had both made many mistakes, and she couldn't make another one. She said she didn't want to fight anymore, and he said he wanted their son to have both his parents. Jamie and Tad entered and demanded to know where Adam was. Tad entered and told them that Adam had burned his house to the ground, and that was why Krystal needed to get out of the mansion.

Krystal overheard the conversation and told Tad, JR, and Jamie that Adam had been driven to his actions and that she was staying. She said if they would just leave, she could reach Adam. Outside the Chandler mansion, Jamie hit Adam on the head with a vase. He fell to the ground, and Jamie told Tad that he'd thought he would catch him before he hit the ground. Tad replied, "Why?" He then said that if they couldn't move Krystal, they would move Adam.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Adam lay unconscious while Tad and Jamie tried to figure out where the mysterious door led to. They searched Adam and found the key to the secret room. They decided they would stash Adam there. Meanwhile, Janet was in the room, painting a portrait of Amanda, when she heard Tad and Jamie. Janet hid as Tad and Jamie entered with Adam.

Tad and Jamie wondered if Adam planned to stash anyone in the room, since it was fully stocked with food. They left Adam. Jamie was annoyed that the room was too nice for Adam. Tad explained that stashing Adam was not for revenge but for keeping his baby safe.

Meanwhile, Adam awoke to Janet tending to his head injury. Adam instantly freaked out when he realized they were locked in the room together. Janet tried to relax Adam with yoga, but Adam was still furious. Adam said deep breathing would not change the fact that Krystal was carrying Tad's baby. Janet said that betrayal was very difficult to get over. Janet called Krystal cheap, and Adam snapped. Adam demanded that Janet not speak badly about Krystal.

Babe wanted JR to agree to a peaceful divorce. JR did not want a divorce, so he poured himself a drink. Babe urged him not to drink, so JR put the glass down. JR said that if he could quit drinking, then anything was possible. JR asked Babe for another chance.

Babe explained that she and JR could not repair the damage in their relationship. Babe said Little Adam was the best of both of them and that he would be a reminder of the happy times they'd shared. JR finally agreed to a divorce. Babe was glad and attempted to discuss some details, but JR did not want to talk about it and left. JR called his lawyer. JR told his lawyer to give Babe whatever she asked for but to stall the divorce for as long as possible.

Josh had been eavesdropping when Babe and JR had discussed their divorce. Josh seemed happy and approached Babe. Josh said he wanted to hold and kiss Babe, but Babe denied him. Josh said he was confident that Babe no longer needed his help and announced that he was moving out.

Tad and JR ran into each other. JR told Tad about the divorce and assumed Tad was happy about it. Tad said he was not surprised that JR's marriage was ending. Tad also said he no longer knew JR because he was no longer the sweet boy Tad had raised.

Babe went upstairs to see Krystal. Babe told Krystal about the divorce and encouraged her mother to follow her example. Krystal wanted Babe to support her decisions, like she always supported Babe's. Babe said she would back Krystal's decision to fight for her marriage. Babe left, and Tad entered.

Krystal had not been able to find Adam all day, so she accused Tad of hurting him. Tad denied any involvement in Adam's disappearance. Krystal believed that Tad wanted her to lose the love of her life, just like he'd lost Dixie. Tad looked hurt by the comment, so Krystal apologized. Tad said he did not wish his pain over losing Dixie on anyone.

Tad apologized for being so hard on Krystal. Tad asked if they could call a truce. Krystal just looked at him then showed Tad a sonogram. Krystal put Tad's hand on her belly. They both smiled as Tad felt the baby.

Bianca went to see Zoe's mother, Marje, at the Pine Valley Inn. Bianca asked if Marje was leaving. Marje stated that she did not know what to do. Marje explained that she wanted to help her son but did not think it was possible. Bianca said she understood because she was a mother, too, and wished she could shield her daughter from all suffering. Marje said she only knew her son and did not know Zoe.

Marje asked Bianca about Zoe. Bianca spoke of Zoe's laugh, creativity, and kindness. Marje said her son had been like that while growing up. Bianca stated that Zoe had not changed and that Marje still knew her child very well. Marje wondered how she could help her son. Bianca believed that Zoe needed love.

Zoe was at ConFusion while Amanda was bartending. Zoe drank as she vented about seeing her mother. Amanda sympathized with her and explained the situation with Janet. They decided not to discuss their sad mom stories and exchanged more fun ones. A man asked to buy Zoe a drink, and she accepted. Then, the man toasted Zoe as a freak and complained that ConFusion had become a horrible bar because of people like Zoe.

Del went to throw the man out, but Zoe stopped him. Zoe gave the man a toast. Zoe said that her parents wished they had a son like that bigot. Zoe also toasted strapping men and normalcy. Then, Del kicked the man out, and Zoe went home. At home, Zoe looked at herself in the mirror and seemed distraught.

As Zoe put on makeup, there was a knock on the door. Bianca and Marje were outside. They looked concerned when they saw that Zoe had made her face look like half a man and half a woman. Zoe told her mother to leave. However, when Marje turned to go, Zoe ran after her and begged her not to leave. They embraced.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

At Cambias Industries, Hannah handed Lily a bunch of papers to file and copy. Lily told Hannah that she couldn't work on those items right then because she had to stay on schedule with Zach's work. Hannah told Lily to put that aside, and when she touched Lily's arm, Lily began to panic. Zach rushed out of his office when he heard Lily screaming, "Don't touch." Lily began counting to calm herself down and eventually went in Zach's office.

Zach told Lily that they needed to revise her plan. Zach suggested maybe they could place her in another office that didn't have as many people who could distract her from work. He gave Lily a key to her new office as Hannah walked in. Zach apologized to Hannah for not explaining Lily's condition. Hannah asked Zach how he could be so nice to Lily but yet so awful to Ethan. Zach explained that he'd thought Ethan would have a better life without him.

Hannah pressured Zach to tell her about the night Ethan had died. Zach told Hannah he had known Ethan had been dying when Ethan had claimed to see his mother. She asked him if Ethan had meant her or Edith, but Zach was silent. Knowing Ethan had meant Edith, Hannah walked out.

Aidan told Ava Benton that he knew all about her. When he began rattling off facts about her life, Ava tried to run away, but Aidan grabbed her arm. Aidan told Ava that her father had married another woman, and they'd had a daughter, Lily, who was her half-sister. He pulled out Lily's pictures and showed them to Ava. Aidan told Ava that Lily had autism but simply saw the world in a different view.

When Ava asked Aidan if Lily knew of her, Aidan said yes but wasn't sure if the two girls should meet. Ava realized Aidan worried about the influence she might have on Lily. Ava explained that she wasn't a hooker or drug user -- just a scammer who flirted with men and stole their wallets. Ava tried to put the moves on Aidan, but he pushed her away. Aidan asked Ava to go back to Pine Valley with him. She didn't take his offer but asked Aidan to tell Lily hello for her.

Ryan paid a visit to Erin's grave to tell her about his engagement to Annie. He thanked Erin for getting Annie into their lives and wished she could be there at the wedding. Ryan took his Dynamite Kiddo comic and placed it in front of her gravestone. He told Erin she was his hero and left.

At Wildwind, Kendall took Annie a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on the engagement. Annie was surprised at the gesture, considering Kendall hadn't been thrilled with the idea in the first place. Kendall agreed that they drove each other crazy, but maybe it was time to make nice with each other. Kendall said they should get along for their children's sakes.

Annie showed Kendall the fairy tale she'd written for Emma but also as a wedding present for Ryan. When Ryan walked in, he was surprised to see the two women not at each other's throats. Kendall quickly hid the story and congratulated Ryan on his engagement. Kendall told them she was going to throw a huge engagement party and rushed off. Ryan and Annie lay in bed, talking about Erin and their wedding.

Zoe walked out of her room, dressed as a man, and asked to speak to her mother alone. After Josh and Bianca left, Zoe told her mother that she would no longer dress like a woman. Zoe called himself Freddie again and offered to go home with Marje. Marje realized Zoe was lying about wanting to be a man, but Zoe insisted that she wanted to be a man. Zoe grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened to cut her hair, but Marje took them away.

Marje admitted that she was scared of Zoe's change and the way other people would treat her. Zoe confessed that she, too, was scared and had tried to make it go away by doing more manly things, such as playing sports and being a rocker. Zoe said that she had finally realized she hadn't been able to stop what had been happening to her unless she'd killed herself. Marje was horrified when she heard Zoe confess that she had wanted to die.

Zoe told her mother about when she had begun feeling like a woman trapped in a man's body. Zoe remembered sobbing when she'd gotten her luscious long locks cut off as a child because people would no longer mistake her for a little girl. When Marje asked Zoe if she still felt like dying, Zoe said she did not feel that anymore when she was dressed like a woman. Zoe told her mother that she didn't want to lose her but couldn't be a son like her mother wanted. Marje embraced Zoe and called her by her new name.

When Bianca and Josh went to Bianca's apartment, Bianca told Josh about Zoe putting makeup on to appear as half man and half woman. Bianca said it was not right for Marje to try to dictate Zoe's life or try to make Zoe be someone she was not. Josh told Bianca that Zoe would get past the problem, but Bianca worried that Zoe would revert back to being Freddie to make her mother happy. Josh was confident that the time alone would help Marje and Zoe reconcile.

To pass time, Bianca showed Josh all the neat little things she'd gotten Zoe to show that she was not alone in the transgender process. Josh realized that Bianca had a crush on Zoe. Bianca admitted she was falling in love with Zoe.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Aidan returned home and found an eager Lily waiting for him, hoping for good news about Ava. She fired off a bunch of questions at him, and he told her he couldn't say anything for certain but would keep investigating. Di asked why Lily was interested in that other girl, and Lily said that while part of it was that the situation was like a mystery to solve, most of it was that her family was complicated. She said she often wondered what it would be like to have a biological connection with someone. She then ran off to think up more questions, leaving Di and Aidan somewhat stunned.

Aidan told Di that because of how different Ava was from Lily, he was still deciding what to reveal. He listed off all of Ava's unsavory characteristics, prompting Di to ask what he thought of her, since she'd spent a year in jail. Aidan told her that her law-breaking days were long gone and that she had a whole new life, but Di retorted that when she had been younger, she had done what she'd had to for money -- just like Ava. Aidan justified keeping what he knew to himself by saying that as Lily's friend, he needed to protect her, but Di thought Lily had a right to know her own flesh and blood.

Aidan realized that the conversation had shifted from being about Lily to being about Di. She admitted as much, saying that because other people had decided it had been best for her not to have her blood family around her while she'd been growing up, she had made really bad choices. She believed that if she'd had Dixie's influence, her life would have been much different.

Aidan believed that Ava had a choice in the wrong path she was walking, but Di insisted that even though the man who had bankrolled her had been all about high-class, underneath he had still been a predator, just like the men that Ava ran into. She asked him how long he thought it would last before she ran into someone she couldn't handle. Aidan admitted it wasn't his call -- it was Jack's. She begged him not to turn his back on Lily or Ava, but Aidan hotly told her to drop it and stormed out. After a moment, Di grabbed her jacket and keys and stormed out as well.

Ava took a series of potential johns in to scam them for more money. With the last one, she found his wallet and tried to run off, but he caught her just before she did and started to beat her up. He left her bruised and battered, alone in the hotel room.

Amanda gained access to Jamie's financial records and saw just how much he was worth, moments before he found her going through his things. She gave him a bogus story about having received a bunch of lanyards from her mom to send to people she knew from the institution and looking for the list of names in his car. She said she'd had a feeling that one of the people on the list might be hiding her mother. Jamie bought it and told her that he still thought Adam was connected to Janet's disappearance and that they no longer had to worry about him.

Jamie closed the door before Amanda could ask what he meant, and she quickly struggled to exit the car to try to find an answer to her question. He told her that Adam had always gone after his family, but "this time" they were fighting back. After noting that he hadn't given her a real answer, she suggested that if he and Tad backed off, there was a chance that Adam would calm down. Suspicious, Jamie asked why she cared.

Krystal fretfully paced the floor as Babe tried to get her to settle down and get some rest. Krystal begged her daughter to check one more time to see if Adam had returned, but before Babe could leave, a text message arrived on Krystal's cell phone from Adam saying that he would not return home until she left. Babe attempted to offer comfort, but despondent over the finality of the message, Krystal turned out the lights and asked to be awakened when the day was over.

On the other end of Adam's phone, Tad finished sending the message, and he only had seconds to contemplate what he had done before JR showed up and asked if he had hurt Adam. Tad told JR that there was no need to worry about Adam, but JR, understanding that the last time Tad had been that angry, he had buried a man alive, disagreed. JR noted that while the action would be understandable, he needed to know that Tad hadn't put his father in any real danger. Tad assured JR that Adam was safe and comfortable, had everything he needed, and would only be locked up until after the baby was born.

Babe walked out into the hall just then and updated JR and Tad on Krystal's stressed-out condition. Tad announced that if he had to use a forklift, he would make that Krystal's last night in the Chandler mansion. He ducked into the room where Krystal was trying to rest, and when the door closed, Babe told JR that if Tad succeeded, it would be her last night in the house as well. She went into the bedroom she and JR had once shared and began to think about packing. She asked JR to grab a suitcase, and while he did, she saw some framed photographs of their wedding day.

JR returned to the room, and as he helped Babe pack, they reminisced as they saw items that sparked memories. They got to a rolled picture that JR had drawn for her when they had flown off to the south of France, and he asked if she could keep it, since it reminded him of one of the happiest times in his life. Looking at his face, Babe asked what he was doing, and JR told her he had already agreed to everything -- the divorce and her leaving the following day -- and said that she needed to forgive him if she saw a little bit of how ripped apart he was.

Babe told JR to take anything he wanted -- she recognized how hard it was for him and appreciated how giving he was being. She then asked if he would mind if she took their son with her to the Valley Inn for a while but picked him up later -- until they hammered out a custody agreement. Ignoring the question, JR asked what they would tell Little A. She offered that they tell him a simplified version of the truth.

JR said the only right way to do it was to talk to Little A before she left the house. They went to get the toddler, and he was quiet as they explained what would be happening. When they were done, Babe offered to tuck him back in, but he said he wanted to sleep with Mama. JR said he was off to bed, as well, and Little A said that he wanted Daddy to sleep in the room with them. They agreed but lay in bed with the boy between them.

As Adam tried to find a way to get the door open, he ranted on about how he would pay back both Krystal and Tad for their betrayal. Janet walked up behind him and noted lovingly that there were many other women that would love to be locked up with Adam, including Janet. After he roughly removed her hands, she told him that he needn't be hostile and pointed out that they were alike in that they had been betrayed by their loved ones, and she would be much better for him.

Adam told Janet he wouldn't go from marrying a slut to marrying a psychopath, and she demanded that he not use such terms, especially since her daughter was risking everything for him. She asked what Amanda's assignment was, and although Adam refused to tell her the specifics, he did tell her that if Amanda did her job well, they would all be going to a paradise. He then asked about the craft that she was working on, and Janet described her lanyard, saying that as individual strands, they were weak -- but that when woven together, it became much stronger.

Considering Janet's words for a moment, Adam began to rip up sheets and asked Janet to perform the same task. She told him that she thought he might have been deceitful earlier and that he just used women and then tossed them aside. He apologized for the tone he had taken with her and said it might be a defense mechanism born out of pain. He told her he was using her -- but only because she had endless talent. She balked at the thought of taking on such a sizable task, but he told her that he believed in her until she believed in herself. She got the rope done and helped to lower him down to the ground, all the while extolling his virtues.

Tad sat at the end of the bed and gently woke Krystal. Although he'd been expecting peaceful words, based on the truce they had reached the day before, he was surprised when she lit into him again, blaming him for the destruction of her marriage. He told her that she couldn't blame everything on him, as she had lied to her husband for eight and a half months. She picked up whatever she could reach and started to throw things at him, causing Tad to dive for cover. He hid until she ran out of steam and collapsed into tears.

Tad gingerly approached the bed and offered a comforting embrace so Krystal could let go. She did, and unbeknownst to them, Adam witnessed the most damning part of the entire scene from the tunnels. He closed the hidden door just before Krystal disentangled herself from Tad's arms and admitted that although in her head she blamed everyone else for the end of her marriage, in her heart she knew that she was the only cause. She admitted that she'd thought over their night together and had concluded that since Tad had been mired in pain and grief, she was the one that should have kept her head about her.

Tad told Krystal not to beat herself up because no matter what happened with anyone, she needed to remember that she had seen a friend in need, and she had done what she'd thought she'd had to do to make things better. She reminded him that she hadn't thought about the consequences, and that made her a fool. She admitted that even though she had broken her marriage vows, she'd thought that she and Adam had been invincible -- that if she'd tried hard enough, she could have convinced Adam to stay, and he would have eventually gotten over the betrayal. He then tucked her back into bed, assuring her that whether she wanted him or not, he would always be there to lean on -- as would Jamie, JR, and Babe. He told her that she was loved, and the baby would be loved. She sadly noted that it just wouldn't be by Adam.

Adam returned to the place he'd escaped from, and although Janet joyously welcomed him back, she realized soon that his mood was much too somber for a celebration. He told her that he believed Tad to be at fault for stealing his daughter, his wife, and his future. He noted that because he had chosen to do so, he planned to show Tad what true suffering was, what it felt like to lose everything.

Amanda nearly flew off the handle, interrogating Jamie about what he knew. She insisted that since he had intimated that Adam might have had a hand in Janet's disappearance, he needed to take her where Adam was stashed so she could look him in the eye and find out what he knew. The phone ringing interrupted her tirade, and Jamie stepped outside to take the call. When he did, he found Janet on the other end, informing him that she had escaped. He asked if Adam had helped her, and she denied it, saying that Adam was too scary a person to be around.

Janet told Jamie that she needed his help as Adam listened to her side of the conversation from a few feet away. She spun a tale of why she'd had to run, and Jamie encouraged her to call the cops. She rejected that idea, saying that she could no longer trust Derek. She told him that when he had gone to visit her with Amanda about the Satin Slayer, she'd felt she could trust him. He asked why she hadn't called Amanda, just as the young woman exited the house and eavesdropped on the phone call.

Janet noted that she didn't want Amanda to get blamed, so Jamie said he would go there and get her. She directed him to a mill outside town and told him to go alone. He ended the call, and when he turned and saw Amanda, he told her that he thought they had a break. He then got into his car, and Amanda jumped in too. Jamie tried to discourage it, but she promised to stay in the car. She said she needed to see with her own eyes that her mother was okay.

Back in their hideaway, Adam praised Janet for the glorious job she had done. He started to head off to meet up with Jamie, but before he did, she gave him the lanyard she had originally worked on, for luck. He kissed her cheek in thanks and went away, leaving Janet to revel in the glow of Adam Chandler's kind of love.

In the car, Adam sped along the road, determined. In another car, Jamie and Amanda tried to flesh out why Adam was such a danger to Janet. They saw a car approaching quickly behind them, right before it hit them. Fearful, they wondered what was going on right before Adam sped up and rear-ended them even harder.



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