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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Krystal dreamed that Adam was next to her in bed. Adam said he still wanted her and Charlotte. So, Krystal called out Adam's name. However, when she opened her eyes, Tad was sitting in the room and reminded Krystal that Adam left her. Krystal was disappointed that she was finally leaving. Tad offered to help her pack, but Krystal wanted to be alone. Meanwhile, JR and Babe were in bed together. JR watched Babe sleep and kissed her. When Babe awoke, JR asked for another chance and kissed her again. However, Babe stopped him and asserted that their marriage was over. So, JR stormed out and Babe began to cry as she reminisced about the happy parts of her marriage. Then, Tad came in and comforted Babe. Tad suggested she find distractions, so Babe decided she would go to work later. Meanwhile, JR called his lawyer and reiterated that he wanted the divorce stalled. Then, JR went to see Krystal. JR wished that things turned out differently. Krystal regretted that JR lost Babe and Adam. Then, JR stated that he wanted a peaceful divorce. Krystal was happy. JR also said that he would still be a part of her baby's life because it was his stepsister. Then, JR, Tad, and Babe came to help Krystal pack. Colby entered also. Colby was annoyed that Babe and Krystal were giving up. Colby also asked to be called when Adam came home and then she left. Then, JR got an important call from work and left. Krystal then told Babe to go to work because Tad was there to help. However, when Babe left, Tad got a phone call from Amanda. Amanda explained about the accident and said Jamie was in the hospital. Tad then rushed to see if Adam was still locked in the room. When Tad got to the door, Adam demanded that Tad let him out. Tad was relieved that Adam was not behind the accident and left. Then, Adam gloated to Janet about tricking Tad and gaining the upper hand. Janet found Adam's brains and brawn very sexy. Adam looked concerned over Janet's compliments.

Bianca went to Zoe's apartment and was glad to see Zoe dressed as a woman. Zoe explained that her mother accepted her as a woman. Zoe then thanked Bianca for her help. Then, Josh came in and gave Zoe a gift that was delivered for her. The gift was from a secret admirer. Zoe did not want to open it because she thought it was from a crazy fan. But, Bianca encouraged Zoe to open it and she did. It was a very luxurious candle. Josh asked if Babe would like a gift like this. So, Zoe and Bianca urged Josh to give Babe space and concentrate on his own life. Then, Zoe went to work and Josh asked Bianca if she was the secret admirer. Bianca admitted it and said this was only the first phase. Then, Bianca left and JR entered. JR accused Josh of starting a dummy corporation to steal a big deal from Chandler Enterprises. Josh denied any involvement, but showed JR a fax that would lead him to the real culprit.

Ryan and Annie watched Emma practice her flower girl duties at Wildwind. Then, the little girl went to eat breakfast and Ryan announced that he wanted to get his vasectomy reversed. Annie was happy, but stated that she would not be upset if it did not work. Then, they left as Del and Jonathan came home with boxes of Cathy's possessions from her old house. When Julia saw them, she asked if they had seen Jamie. They said they had not seen Jamie or Amanda. Then, Julia got a phone call from Tad. He explained about the accident and told Julia that Jamie was at Penn General, not PVH. Julia felt guilty for thinking Jamie was a jerk for staying out all night.

Erica was at Fusion because Kendall wanted to repay Erica for helping during the murders. Erica did not want to take the money, but Kendall insisted. Then, Barbara came in looking completely disheveled. Barbara screamed that Erica was a "contemptible bitch" and accused Erica of locking her on the yacht. Erica denied this and claimed that Barbara stole the yacht to take a joy ride. Barbara then stated that she and Jack's relationship was only beginning and stormed off. So, Kendall asked Erica if she did this because she hated Barbara or because she wanted Jack back. Then, Ryan and Annie entered and announced their engagement to Erica. Erica pretended to be pleasant, but when they left, Erica begged Kendall to save Ryan. Then, Bianca and Zoe entered and Erica told them about Ryan and Annie. Bianca was happy for them, so Erica felt her daughters were going crazy. Then Babe entered and everyone, except Erica, warmly welcomed her. So, Babe chastised Erica for trying to ruin many lives. Erica thought Babe should be grateful that she saved Babe and Krystal at the police station. Babe said Erica did that for selfish reasons. So, Erica stated that Krystal was an adulterous tramp that taught Babe everything she knew. Then, Jack entered, grabbed Erica by the arm and dragged her away. Kendall and Bianca looked at each other and agreed that their marriage was not over yet. Then, Zoe got another gift from her secret admirer. It was a beautiful rock, but Zoe did not want it because it was from a "stalker". So, Zoe gave it to Annie and walked away. Then, Bianca admitted that she was the admirer. Kendall, Babe, and Annie encouraged her to not give up.

Adam entered Krystal's bedroom and was glad to see her packing. Adam then revealed that he saw Krystal and Tad together the night before and that Tad abducted him. Adam also accused Krystal of stealing from him because he paid for all the clothes she was packing and taking with her. So, as Adam threatened to call security, Krystal slammed the door shut and declared that she and Adam were going to have it out once and for all. Krystal said she hated herself for betraying Adam and hurting his ego. Krystal also wished that the baby was his and that they could be happy again. Then, Adam called Krystal a lying slut, but Krystal continued. Krystal begged Adam not to disown JR because JR was only trying to help him. Krystal also urged Adam to swallow his pride and consider giving their marriage another chance. Then, Krystal's water broke and Krystal announced she was in labor. Krystal told Adam she needed help as Adam stood there speechless.

Kendall got a phone call at work that stated Simone's shares of Fusion were either missing or being cataloged. This made Kendall concerned because a quarter of Fusion's shares were floating around somewhere. Meanwhile, Simone's shares were sitting on a desk next to a pin of a green butterfly!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Fusion girls advised Bianca how to go about telling Zoe that she was the secret admirer. Kendall told Bianca that Zoe was complicated and that it was crazy to get involved with her. Babe and Annie continued to tell Bianca how great it was. Kendall told Bianca that there was no way it would work because Zoe had a "male" body. Bianca told her to stop talking. Annie went to Bianca and said that it took a lot of courage to do what she was doing and that she thought it was great. Bianca told Babe that it is hard to end any relationship and if she needed anything she would be there. Zoe and Ryan came in and there were smiles all around. When Ryan and Annie left, Bianca told them to wait, she had to go run errands. Babe gave Zoe Bianca's next secret admirer gift, but Zoe was skeptical. It was Zoe's favorite record and Babe told him to meet the admirer at the yacht club and he said he would because he was curious.

Jack took Erica to their yacht and told her he had sold it. She was surprised he sold it so quickly and when she turned around she saw that the new owner was Adam Chandler.

Jack left after the papers were signed and Erica called him slime and said this was just payback because she wouldn't put Krystal and Babe in jail. He said he could use a trip on the yacht and Erica told him not to let them break him. She said that he did the impossible and gave his heart to a woman with no motive or expectations. Erica told Adam that she knows he will stay and fight and win. She told him to choose to win again and he smiled and said that she just wanted her damned yacht back. Erica told him he was back and and he said he was never gone.

Di brought Ava to Wildwind and Aidan was clearly not happy. Di told him that she couldn't leave Ava on the streets. Aidan told Di that Ava had to go before Lily saw her. Ava disappeared somewhere and Aidan and Di went to look for her. Aidan found her rifling through a bedroom and accused her of stealing. Jonathan came in and witnessed the scene.

J.R. busted in at Zach's office to confront him about a business deal. Josh went to Zach and asked for a job. Zach told him to bring down the Chandlers on his own time. Zach declined his offer but Josh told him he wouldn't give up. Zach brought Hannah in and introduced Josh as the "new hire". Josh babbled on about facts and figures but Hannah told him that she really didn't care about what he had to say. She told him to shut-up, listen and learn.

Adam refused to help Krystal even though she was in labor. She continued to try to convince him that he still loved her but he wasn't moved. He handed her his cell phone and told her to call Tad. Krystal tried to call Tad but the phone went dead. She cried out for help, but Colby walked by and couldn't hear the cries of anguish because she had on ear phones. Krystal crawled to the door and Colby saw her. She called 911 and told them there was no way she could deliver this baby. After she hung up, she told Krystal she would call Babe and J.R. and tried to leave the room but Krystal stopped her. She told Colby that she could help her and that she had total faith in her. Krystal told Colby that the baby and her would be just fine because she was with them. Colby got a blanket and other items needed for birthin' babies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Zach told Lily to go home because she had already finished three days of work in only one day. Lily said she had one more project to finish and then she would leave. Then, Kendall entered Zach's office. Kendall asked Zach to get rid of someone for her. Zach looked concerned. Kendall said she wanted Zach to send Bianca back to Paris for work. Kendall claimed that Bianca needed a break from helping her family and friends in Pine Valley. However, Zach did not believe Kendall and asked if the real reason was Zoe. So, Kendall admitted that she had reservations over Bianca and Zoe's relationship. Zach asked if Zoe being transgender was an issue. Kendall said that she accepted Zoe, but knew others would not. Kendall wanted Bianca to have an easy relationship with the perfect woman. Zach wondered if Zoe was the perfect woman for Bianca. Then, Lily entered and inquired about their conversation. Kendall briefly explained the situation. Lily did not want to see Bianca hurt like she was with Jonathan. Then, Lily left for the night. Kendall then stated that she wanted Bianca to find "the one" just like she did with Zach. Zach wished for Bianca's happiness also, but refused to send her away. Then, they hugged. However, Kendall seemed displeased as she left to go home.

Bianca was at the yacht club preparing for her surprise date with Zoe. Bianca had a beautiful table set up outside. An employee wondered if they should move the table inside due to the chance of rain, but Bianca liked it outside. Then, Bianca went into her hotel room to change. Adam then came across the table and sat down. He was drinking and toasted to his life without Krystal. Meanwhile, Zoe entered and saw Adam at the table. Zoe assumed that Adam was playing a terrible joke on her. So, when Adam offered her a drink, Zoe threw it in his face. Adam laughed and asked if it was "that time of the month". Then, just as Bianca entered, Zoe turned the elegant table over in anger. Bianca realized the mix up and yelled out that she was the secret admirer. Adam stated that now he had seen everything and left laughing. However, Zoe did not believe this and thought Bianca was trying to spare her feelings. So, Bianca explained the meaning behind the gifts and finally convinced Zoe. Bianca also said that she wanted to spoil Zoe and make her happy on their first date. Bianca further stated that Zoe fell at first sight, but she needed a few blinks. Zoe was smiling and could not believe this was happening. Then, Bianca asked Zoe to dance. And, as they danced, it began to rain. They rushed into the hotel room soaking wet as they laughed. Then, Zoe gently caressed Bianca's face and they looked into each other's eyes.

Jonathan thought Ava was Lily, so he threw Aidan off of her. Then, Jonathan tried to calm her down by counting. Ava was freaked out and went to leave. So, Di tried to stop her, but grabbed her purse by accident. When the purse fell, Di's jewelry spilled out. So, Aidan explained that Ava was not Lily. Jonathan was upset with Ava and said she was nothing like Lily. Ava agreed and wanted to leave, but Di still wanted to help her. Then, Ava sat down because she felt nauseous. Di brought Ava something to eat. Then, Di and Jonathan discussed the fact that Lily did not know about Ava's devious lifestyle. Jonathan was concerned for Lily. Meanwhile, Aidan told Ava that he wanted to help her. Aidan stated that he would put her up in the Pinecone Motel and get her a legitimate job. Then, Ava asked why everyone worshipped Lily. Aidan explained about Lily's autism, her family history, and her marriage to Jonathan. Then, there was a knock at the door. It was Lily asking if Aidan had found her relative yet!

Colby tried to stall Krystal from pushing until the ambulance arrived. However, Krystal asserted that she could not wait and began to push. Colby was hesitant to look at or touch the baby, but eventually embraced her midwife duties. However, when Colby saw the baby's head, the baby got stuck. So, Colby had to grab the baby's shoulder and ease the little girl out. Then, the baby cried and Colby held her up to see Krystal. Colby then handed the baby to Krystal as they congratulated each other. Then, JR and Babe rushed in. They were glad to see the baby, but were disappointed that Adam left Krystal.

Tad and Amanda brought Jamie to PVH because they felt he left the other hospital too soon. However, Jamie claimed that he was fine and wanted to find Adam. Jamie believed that Adam ran him down and that Janet was working with him. Tad was skeptical because he believed Adam was locked up. Then, Jamie fainted, so Julia put him into a room. Next, Amanda began to confide in Tad about her worries over Janet. And, just as she was about to tell Tad about Adam's involvement, Krystal was brought into the hospital. Tad immediately rushed to her side as she was brought into a room. Then, the nurse brought the baby out to see Tad. Tad held the baby and smiled. Then, the nurse took the baby to get checked out. JR explained that Adam left Krystal. Tad looked furious as he stormed out of the hospital. Then, the nurse brought the baby back to Krystal. The nurse announced to Krystal and Babe that the baby was in perfect health. So, Babe joyously held her baby sister. However, Krystal looked upset and stated that her marriage was finally over. Meanwhile, Julia went to check on Jamie. She said Jamie only had a concussion, but would have to spend the night in the hospital. Then, Jamie realized that he was restrained to the bed. Julia slyly smiled as she announced that Jamie was a big brother.

Adam stood alone in the bedroom where Krystal gave birth. He stared out of the window as the power went out. Then, when lightning lit up the room, Tad was seen standing behind Adam with a wicked look in his eyes!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

On the boat, Bianca tries to remove Zoe's wet clothes, but she is turned away. Bianca apologizes for being forward, but Zoe says she still isn't comfortable being in a man's body. Bianca says she is attracted to Zoe's soul, not her body. Zoe admits that is she worried she may disrupt Bianca's life because she is going through so many emotional and physical changes. Bianca says those things do not matter because she will be by Zoe's side through every step of her journey. Feeling shut out, Bianca rushes from the room. Zoe catches up and apologizes for hurting Bianca. Bianca tells Zoe that she is just making excuses for them not to be together. Zoe tells Bianca she loves her more than anything in her entire life, but does not feel worthy of her affection yet. Zoe takes Bianca hand and offers to take her home.

As Ava listens in the living room, Lily asks Aidan if he found her sister. After Di invites Lily inside, Ava hides. Aidan insists there is nothing to tell Lily, but he handed her picture out to the locals incase anyone sees Ava. Aidan tells Lily that he doesn't want her to get her hopes up if she never meets Ava. Aidan explains that Ava's life might not be interested in being friends because they come from different lifestyles. Sensing that Aidan is hiding something, Lily wonders if there is something is not telling her. Aidan says he is not lying and promises to tell Lily if Ava calls him. After Lily leaves, Aidan tells Di that it is Jack's decision to tell Lily the truth.

Jonathan drags Ava outside to tell her that Lily does not need to be around her. Ava says that Lily sounds pretty normal to her, but Jonathan claims she has no idea who Lily is. Ava agrees that Lily must be challenged if she married a creep like him. Jonathan insists that Ava lower her voice as she walks toward the door. Jonathan grabs her before she gets any further. He tells Ava that Lily is not rich, so why bother sticking around Pine Valley. Ava says she ticked some people off and it's not safe for her to return home. She admits that her dream to be a Hollywood star with lots of money. Jonathan books Ava a flight to Los Angeles and gives her money so she can start a new life. Ava holds her hand out as as Jonathan continues to pull the money out of his wallet. He comes back into the room after Lily leaves and tells Aidan and Di that he sent Ava on a flight out of town. Di gets angry at the men for not considering what Lily or Ava want. Jonathan and Aidan share a beer, commending themselves for keeping Ava a secret.

Jamie tries to remove the strains on his arms as JR walks in the room. Jamie asks JR if he is on his or Adam's side. JR refuses to bust him out of the hospital, making Jamie think he is trying to protect Adam. Jamie says JR is more Adam's son than his brother. JR says he is through with Adam after he left Krystal for dead. He tells Jamie that if he is released from the hospital, he may do something he will regret. Jamie tells JR about Janet and Adam possibly working together to kill him, but JR has a hard time believing it. Jamie thinks JR is giving him empty promises, but JR insists he has already lost Little Adam and Babe, so he can't lose anyone else he loves. JR asks Jamie to let him handle Adam and leaves.

Colby asks Julia how Jenny is. She is relieved when Julia assures Colby that the baby is fine and maybe she should pursue a career in medicine.

Babe and Krystal "oh" and "ah" over baby Jenny. Krystal tells Babe that she finally realizes how much Adam hates her because he turned his back on him when she was giving birth. Krystal says that she was blinded by her love for Adam in thinking he would forgive her betrayal. Babe reminds her mother that she went back to JR several times before finally deciding to divorce him. Babe leaves Krystal to get some rest and runs into JR.

As the rain pours, Tad tells Adam that he can't forgive Adam for leaving Krystal behind when she was in labor. Adam says he knew Krystal would call Tad, so he handed her a telephone, allowing plenty of time for him to get there. Tad says Colby is the one who had to step in and help Krystal before the paramedics arrived. Immediately, Adam realizes Krystal may have been in danger so he demands to know what happened. Tad tells Adam that Colby, 16, delivered the baby, despite her fears. Adam starts crying from relief when Tad tells him that Krystal and the baby survived. Tad tells Adam he knows he ran Jamie and Amanda off the road. Adam says if he wanted to take Jamie away from him, he would already be dead. Tad warns Adam that if he ever hurts one of his children, he will rip Adam's heart out himself. Adam tells Tad to go home and say his prayers. He sits in the dark house alone, but is startled when Winifred comes by with Little Adam. Babe and JR follow behind, claiming they are all moving out of the mansion. Winifred even quits, but is hired by Babe to be Little Adam's nanny. JR tells his father that he is no longer Little Adam's grandfather and they all leave. Adam sits in the house all alone, remembering the good times he shared with Krystal - and how he didn't help her deliver Jenny.

Tad goes back to the hospital and holds Jenny as Krystal sleeps. Tad tells the baby that he will be there for her every minute of every day. Krystal wakes up and overhears Tad promising to always be in Jenny's life. When he asks Krystal if they can name the baby Jenny, after his sister, she says OK. Tad jokes that between the Martin and Carey genes, the world better watch out for Jenny. Colby, JR and Babe join the party, giving Krystal a chance to announce the baby's new name. Krystal and Tad agree to make Jenny's middle name "Colby." Julia wheels Jamie into the room so he can see Jenny. Colby gets a chance to hold Jenny, joking that Jenny already recognizes her. From the door, Adam sees his family surrounding Krystal and Jenny.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Kendall uses her son to tell Zach that she is upset with him because he didn't grant her wish and send Bianca away. Zach plays the game and responds that helping someone and interfering in their life are two different things. Kendall assumes the worst, saying that ZoŽ is not what Bianca needs right now. They go back and forth a little longer in the same manner through breakfast, and all the while Zach continues to try to get Kendall to talk directly to him. He finally gives up, hands over the boy and goes into the bedroom. Kendall quietly tells her son that Zach wouldn't break her right before she hears Zach call out in distress. To her amusement, she finds that her husband is scared of spiders. She pokes fun at him for it, and he admits that at the very least, it got her to talk to him. He then tells her that she needs to let Bianca and ZoŽ work things out, and have some faith. Kendall admits that while she does believe in Bianca, she has trouble trusting ZoŽ. Zach then relates what happened with ZoŽ at Ethan's grave Ė that she saw through all of his pain and anger and understood him, and helped. They are then interrupted by a phone call, and when he answers it, he hears some unsettling news and tells the person on the other end to put a stop to what is happening. He ends the call, and throws on his jacket in preparation to leave, much to Kendall's alarm. He stops long enough to tell her that his father might actually get away with murder.

Babe finds ZoŽ sitting alone in the Fusion break room and after she gives congratulations on her new sister, ZoŽ asks Babe to help her stand strong behind her decision that her that for her own good, she ended things with Bianca. She notes that from day one, all she is done is ask Bianca for love, support, understanding. She doesn't think that a relationship right now would be fair while she still has issues surrounding her transition. Babe tells her that she is not giving Bianca enough credit as she is a lot stronger that ZoŽ might think, and that she wouldn't hang around if she didn't want to. ZoŽ tells her that there is no reason to go into a relationship when she knows that things could go wrong. Babe presents the flip side, saying that uncertainty is part of the fun. ZoŽ then says that Bianca already gives so much to everyone else, and she shouldn't be asked to give more but Babe goes to bat for her once-again best friend and says that Bianca wants a chance, and ZoŽ should take the opportunity and give back. ZoŽ then notes that she might not be able to give back as much as she receives, and fears that the possibility of never having a woman's body might cheat Bianca out of the happiness she truly deserves. Babe asks if she is really considering not fully transitioning, and ZoŽ tells her that there are so many factors that she hadn't considered before reading books and talking to doctors and going to support group. She says that it will take time before she finds out what variation will work best for her. She then informs Babe that in talking to her manager, she decided that she needs to move to London to work on her next album. Unexpectedly, Babe responds by telling her not to be a coward. ZoŽ tries to convince her that she is being practical but Babe calls her bluff and ZoŽ finally admits that she has never been so scared in her life. Babe lets it go then, saying that she needs to go visit her mother, and leaves ZoŽ to decide on her own. Once alone, ZoŽ considers all that was said for a few brief moments before grabbing her purse and heading for the exit.

Bianca goes to the apartment that her brother shares with ZoŽ and is dismayed to find that the object of her affection had already left for work. Josh admits that he heard what happened the night before, and Bianca begs him to help her convince ZoŽ not to shut the door on possibility completely. Josh informs her that it may be too late, as ZoŽ has plans to leave town. Bianca is disbelieving, but Josh tells her that ZoŽ is apparently going to do another album and, after talking to her manager this morning, decided that she needs to move to London Ė soon. Bianca muses aloud about the possibility that she may have pushed ZoŽ into leaving, and Josh suggests that perhaps that wouldn't be a bad thing. Bianca thinks that both he and Kendall have it in for ZoŽ because she is transgendered, but Josh tells her that fact isn't an issue for him. He reminds her that she told him to give Babe space when she had a lot going on and suggests that she might want to follow her own advice. He also says that ZoŽ will be going through enough with therapy, possible reactions to the medication and body image issues that it might be too much to handle that and a life-changing relationship. Bianca asks if he thinks that she should just forget about ZoŽ because it would be too hard, and Josh notes that might be the best course of action. Bianca insists that she isn't asking for the world Ė just a chance, and an offer of support during one of the hardest times of ZoŽ's life. Josh worries that she will get hurt in the process and says that just because she can identify with what ZoŽ is going through doesn't mean that they need to be together. Bianca says that there is something between her and ZoŽ, and they will never be satisfied not knowing what it is. Josh continues to compare Bianca's "could be" to his "what happened with Babe", but Bianca doesn't buy that the two situations are similar. She insists that if Josh found another way to hook Babe, he would do it in a heartbeat Ė but he tells her that he finally got the message and has backed off from Babe for good. He tells his little sister that he finally understands that both people have to want the relationship for things to work. Bianca tells him that she and ZoŽ bring light into each other's lives and she can't just let that light go out without fighting for it.

Later, ZoŽ returns home and finds Bianca sitting on the couch, waiting. Bianca tells her that she had talked to Josh and he had advised her to let ZoŽ go. ZoŽ counters by saying that she talked to Babe, who encouraged her to not let Bianca go. With a hint of a smile on her face, Bianca asks what they should do.

Lily and Sean show up at a convention at the Valley Inn and, after checking in and a few wisecracks from Sean, Lily asks him if he can help her ascertain if someone is lying. She fills him in on what happened with Aidan, but Sean thinks that she would have better luck by asking people closer to him. Lily points out that since Sean is good at lying, he would know better than her. Sean asks why Aidan would do such a thing, and Lily tells him that he probably did it for the same reason that Jonathan did Ė to protect her. The problem, she notes, is that the only thing lying ends up doing is hurting her.

Jack arrives at the Valley Inn with Barbara in tow, insisting that she can no longer live under his roof because of the trauma she inflicts on Lily. Barbara tries to worm her way out of it but Jack refuses to lose his daughter. He takes her to the concierge so that she can be checked in as his guest and promptly leaves.

Aidan makes a call to find out if Ava boarded the flight to Hollywood, as planned. Simultaneously, Di berates Jonathan for being the benefactor that provided the ticket. Unapologetic, Jonathan tells her that he did so to protect Lily, prompting Di to ask who will protect Ava, and what will happen to her when the money runs out. She tries to convince him that even though Ava has done bad things, the answer could be family Ė someone to hang on to that can ground her. Jonathan tells her that family is not always a good thing, and uses himself as an example. Di does, and says that she doesn't think that Ava will go around blowing up people in caves. She starts to storm out but Aidan enters the room just then and informs them that Ava never got on the plane. Jonathan is outraged, but Di tells him that he got what he deserved. The two men fear that she remained in Pine Valley and is closer to Lily than ever.

Jack goes to Wildwind and finds out about his daughter's half-sister. In almost the same breath, he finds out about Ava's history, the fact that Jonathan paid her to leave town, and that they no longer know where she is. He asks Aidan what his take on Ava is, and Aidan sums her up by saying that she is a challenge. Jack confirms that Lily doesn't know that she and Ava are related or that she has been in town, and Aidan assures him that Lily only knows that they are looking for her. He then asks Jack if he wants Ava to be tracked down again, and if he wants the two young women to meet. Jack recounts that he used to make all of Lily's decisions for her, and eventually, he made the wrong one when he cut Jonathan out of her life. He notes his regret, and thinks that his wrong move, in addition to the attack that she survived, caused something to be lost in her. He thinks that what she might need is a human connection not unlike what she had with Jonathan. Di offers that perhaps Ava could be that connection.

In a room at the Valley Inn, Ava emerges from the shower and admires her makeup job that deftly hides her facial bruise. Moments later, a knock at the door marks the arrival of room service. She holds the door open so that the employee can pull the cart in, allowing just enough time for Erica, who was merely passing by in the hall, to spot her and mistake her for Lily. She asks a series of questions to find out what is going on, and Ava mutely agrees with everything in an attempt to save herself. The employee asks for a signature from "Mrs. Lavery", setting off alarm bells for Erica. When he leaves, Erica notes aloud that she knows what is going on. She announces that she thinks Barbara is at the root of all of Lily's problems and that she is using her married name so that no one can find her. She tells "Lily" not to worry because she will take care of everything, and then exits the room with a small smile. On her way downstairs, she runs into Barbara in the hall, who tries to convince her that it was her idea to move out of Jack's house. Erica smiles smugly, not believing a word, and fairly skips the rest of the way to the main floor.

Back at her room, Ava opens the door once more and finds the concierge with the laptop she requested. He asks after her credit card, noting that he bent the rules enough allowing her to check in while she searched for it in her luggage. She tells him that she still hasn't found it, but that she had called the company and will bring it down as soon as she finds it or hears back from them. Trusting her, he takes his leave. She takes the laptop over to the desk and does an internet search for Erica. She finds pictures of her wedding on The Exposer website and discovers that her half-sister is also Erica's stepdaughter.

Lily confirms with Sean that he can go talk to Aidan after the conference moments before Erica approaches their table and announces that she just saw Lily upstairs in her room. Confused, Lily asks for an explanation, but Erica avoids doing that by quickly announcing that Barbara checked into the hotel, meaning that Lily can move back home Ė and then leaving. Barbara enters the room shortly thereafter and asks for a moment alone with her son. Sean asks Lily not to leave but she tells him that she needs to be alone to solve the bigger mystery. She leaves, and Barbara and Sean take a seat. Sean really doesn't want anything to do with her but Barbara insists that she wants her son back. Sean calls her on her act, saying that she knows he has never really been a son to him, and is in fact only using him to get at Jack. Barbara attempts to be outraged but Sean lays it out for her: to Travis, he was a son, and loved as such; to Barbara Ė he was the answer to his older sister's bone marrow problem. He tells her to stop playing the family card because he is done dealing with it Ė and her.

In the foyer, Lily writes down all of the peculiar instances that came out of her encounter with Erica, and comes up with one question: who could Erica have mistaken her for upstairs in the hotel? She starts to write out a plan to find the person that Erica saw, and is interrupted by the concierge, who asks if she found her credit card yet. Lily quickly realizes that the man must also be mistaking her for her look alike, and gives him a credit card. She asks if she could get an extra key and if the room number would be printed, and he tells her the room information for #416 will be on the slip for her records.

Di and Jonathan continue to verbally spar over whether Lily meeting Ava would be a good thing, and Jack stops them by asking to speak with Aidan alone. He then advises the investigator to find Ava and bring her to see him so that he can ask her some questions. They are cut off by a knock at the door. Aidan attends to it, and ends up letting Erica in. She tells Jack that his office told her where he was and then asks why he didn't tell her that Lily was staying at the Valley Inn. He tells her that he saw Lily at the house this morning, and that she must be mistaken about Lily moving there. He then gets a call and when he ends it, he says that Derek's call was about Alex Cambias Sr.

Ava closes the laptop just before there is a knock at the door. Without thinking, she flings it open and comes face to face with her half-sister.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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