One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica halted the adoption proceedings midstream and fled the courtroom after apologizing to the little girl. Nash followed a crying Jessica. Blair ended up going to Chicago with Todd, but Rex was hot on their heels to make certain that Todd didn't find anything. Nora convinced Paige to stay in Llanview. Natalie learned that John and Marty were seeing each other.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Rex and Adriana basked in the glow of some morning lovemaking when they were rudely interrupted by Tate bearing breakfast. Clint called Dorian and thanked her for a great date, and suddenly Nash was in his living room asking for his help. At the diner, Carlotta was thrilled to hear about the adoption hearing that was schedule for that afternoon. Marcie told Michael that she was put in charge of the school musical, Oklahoma!, which had coincidentally always been her favorite. Blair tried to butter up Starr with breakfast and apologized for not being there for her daughter when she was breaking up with Cole. Layla showed up at Evangeline's door just as she was leaving for Chicago, then recalled how much fun they had in Chicago when a former client of Evangeline took them all over town. Todd soon followed to plead with Vange not to go to Chicago with him.

Jessica looked as though she were about to lose her lunch as Antonio rubbed her shoulders and beamed about the adoption. Jess requested a moment to "pull herself together" while Antonio went to talk with his mom. Carlotta seemed to notice that something was off with Jessica, who quickly bolted so as to evade further scrutiny.

Clint was less than thrilled about Nash's impromptu visit and stated that Jessica's life was no business of Nash's. Clint seemed surprised to hear the adoption was happening so soon, but reminded Nash that Antonio is Jessica's husband and adopting Jamie is the next logical step. As Nash continued to bug Clint about helping Jessica see what she was doing — adopting Jamie to cover up her true feelings for Nash — Clint wasn't having any of it. Clint advised Nash to do the right thing and step aside. Jessica walked in and wasn't happy to see Nash there with her dad. Clint left the two of them alone to talk.

Todd tried to convince Evangeline that it wasn't smart for her to go to Chicago with him. Layla agreed, arguing that she'd either get hurt by him or get hurt somehow on the trip. Evangeline told her sister to butt out, but Todd reiterated that he wouldn't allow Vange to put herself in danger.

Tate explained that he came by to share some exciting news. Rex joked that he's getting a stadium named after him! No, said Tate, he's been offered a job as a sportscaster for channel 7. "LLANVIEW LIVE!?!" screamed Adriana, as though it were MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE. Tate gave Adriana a hug, practically giving Rex a coronary. When Adriana went off to take a phone call, Rex advised Tate to back off his girl. Tate said he could see why Rex is concerned, goading Rex into attacking him and making Tate look like the innocent party. As Adriana scolded Rex, Layla burst in to announce that Todd had a lead on his missing son. Rex was immediately concerned, asking Layla to keep an eye on Tate and Adriana while he went off to deal with Todd. Adriana told Tate that she blabbed to Rex about his interest in her, and Tate said it was no wonder Rex attacked him.

Blair told Starr how proud she was that she broke up with Cole to stop their families' sparring. Blair asked Starr to go easy on her father because he's been dealing with the loss of TJ and then revealed that TJ might actually be alive. Jack listened in from the doorway and overheard Blair tell Starr that their dad was going off to Chicago to look for his son and that Evangeline would be joining him. As soon as Starr left for school, a concerned Jack asked Blair if Todd was going to marry "Miss Williamson" and start a new family. Blair explained that nothing was going to happen between Todd and Evangeline and that his love for Starr and Jack was secure.

As Todd begged Evangeline not to jeopardize her career for him, Rex showed up and told Todd that he had to talk to him about his son. Todd explained that he got a clue from Spencer via Miles. Rex offered to go to Chicago for him, but Todd insisted on doing it alone. Evangeline tried to play the Blair card, but Todd said he didn't care what Blair thought either — he is going to Chicago and no one can stop him. Meanwhile, Marcie told a pensive Michael how she wished she'd had Tommy from the beginning.

Antonio's mami brought him breakfast, while he pushed it away, saying he was too nervous to eat. Carlotta asked if everything was okay with Jessica and Antonio. He admitted that things weren't the same since Tess. Meanwhile, Jessica yelled at Nash, reminding him of Tess. Nash explained that he was talking to Clint because he doesn't have a father of his own. He tried to get her to admit that she wishes she'd chosen Nash over Antonio and that the impending adoption is causing her to realize that more and more.

Adriana seemed distracted as Layla talked about Rex running off to help Todd. Rex rushed into the diner and asked to speak with Michael right away. As Todd's plane prepared for takeoff, a stewardess two rows back told Blair to buckle up.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

At the gym, Natalie ran into Marty, who was quick to apologize for interrupting her conversation with John the other day. Natalie said it didn't matter — they're broken up. Cole asked John for a letter of recommendation to play on the school baseball team. Starr freaked out at school over her breakup with Cole, and Britney overheard the news. When Rex saw that Marcie was with Michael, he claimed that he really needed to talk to Michael about a fight he'd just had with Adriana. Blair surprised Todd on the plane and informed him that she was there to help him find his baby.

Nash still couldn't get a straight answer from Jessica about her feelings for him vs. Antonio. Jessica refused to admit that she made a mistake by marrying Antonio. He tried to make her imagine what their life as a family with Bree would be like and to convince her that it's not right for her adopt Jamie. She told him that they'd been through this a million times, and that her decision is firm: She chooses Antonio. Well, then if her decision is made, he'll make his, Nash declared. The only way to make things better for all of them would be for him to leave, he said, even if that means leaving Bree behind. The only reason he'd stay would be for Jessica, he admitted.

After eavesdropping on Marty's exchange with Natalie, Miles asked Marty why she couldn't trust him with her problems. He then went on to explain that he didn't reveal the contents of the letter because it contained sensitive info regarding Todd's missing son. Marty was amazed to hear that Todd's son might be alive.

Marcie excitedly told Michael that she had to run to talk to the principal about the musical. When Marcie was gone, Rex told Michael about the clue that Miles got, and explained that it must be bogus because it sent Todd to Chicago.

John gave Cole some advice about sparring: Never challenge a guy twice his size. Cole talked about how he loved to be physical, no matter the sport, and John explained that's because of the endorphins and the "natural high" they give you and likened it to being a cop. Cole broke down and admitted that the only thing he really cares about right now is Starr. Not so great in the advice department when it comes to love, John continued to give Cole pointers on how to get involved in sports again, likening it to getting back his badge. When Marty saw Cole with John, she immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion — that her son was in trouble. Cole showed his mom the letter of recommendation, but wasn't willing to accept her apology and ran off. Marty lamented her changing relationship with Cole to John.

Britney implied that Langston was a lesbian because of her "pent-up passion" for Starr's plight. Marcie broke up the squabble. Britney informed one of her followers that Cole was finally free ... to date her. In class, Marcie could barely contain her excitement as she announced the upcoming musical, then had to explain the difference between the words "thespian" and "lesbian" to Britney. No one wanted to participate. After class, Cole asked Marcie for a letter of recommendation. She agreed, but under one condition, that he audition for the school musical.

Blair asked Todd where his new "girlfriend" Evangeline was. Todd made a Freudian slip about Blair playing "hooker," er, hookie, and told her he didn't need her help. Blair insisted that she was there for herself because Todd's son is also sibling to her own children. A dense fog delayed the plane's landing, giving Blair more time to get on Todd's nerves. When she suggested playing a game, Todd cracked about joining the Mile High Club with her. She was talking about mind games, Blair explained. Oh, right.

Michael told Tommy his story would end happily ever after, while Rex called Miles to press him about the information he gave Todd. As their plane prepared for landing, Blair told Todd that she sincerely hoped he'd find his son. Jessica challenged Nash to leave if that's what he thinks is best. She stiffened as he leaned in to kiss her, so he walked away, presumably for good.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At the police station, Marty calls Cole to apologize. John tells her to give it some time and Cole will come around. At that point, Marty realizes that she doesn't know her own son. She's then shocked to learn that Cole talked to John about Starr and that John's talked to Cole before that, too. She wants to know what John is doing that she isn't so she can get Cole to talk to him. John tells Marty that he saw Cole at the gym trying to spar with someone. Marty leaps to the conclusion that Cole is on steroids again, but John assures her that Cole isn't. He tells her that Cole was just working out some aggression. Marty wants to know what else she doesn't know about her son, so John shows her the letter of recommendation he wrote for Cole, which impresses her. She becomes a little upset that she's not the one helping Cole out with getting letters of recommendation and feels that now that Cole needs her, she's doing everything wrong. She asks John for advice on what to do now. John tells her that the only thing he knows about parenting is what he learned by watching his mom, but he convinces Marty that Cole will be just fine. Marty thanks John for listening and writing the letter for Cole. Then she invites him out for a beer.

Rex goes into Rodi's to get a beer and notices Nash at the bar. Nash mentions to Rex that he's going to get as far away from Llanview as he can to protect Jessica, which surprised Rex. Rex then relates Nash's troubles with Jessica to the time when Adriana had a stalker. He wonders if running away is the best solution to Nash's problems. Nash tries to end the conversation. Rex tells Nash that he is envious of Nash's position. Sometimes he wishes he could just leave town without worrying about who he might hurt by leaving. Rex then asks Nash where he's going to go, but Nash isn't even sure. Then Rex is curious about Bree. Nash insists that Bree would be better off without him in her life. Rex isn't as easily convinced, given his upbringing with Roxy. Nash is certain that this is for the best because he's well on his way to becoming the embarrassing drunken biological father. Rex then asks Nash who is going to take care of the vineyard. Nash offers it to Rex, but when Rex refuses the offer, Nash assumes that Antonio will take care of it. Then Rex asks Nash what it feels like to lose everything, and again worries about Bree missing Nash when he's gone. Nash abruptly ends the conversation and leaves the bar.

Cole balks about trying out for the play because he'd feel stupid trying to learn to sing and dance. Marcie then asks him how many letters of recommendation he needs to get. He mentions that he needs two more, and has asked other teachers, but they've refused. After Marcie hears this, she refuses to write one for him. Eventually Cole relents and signs up to audition in exchange for a letter of recommendation.

Outside Marcie's classroom, Britney tries to eavesdrop on their conversation. As Starr walks by, Britney loudly says that Cole will need someone to lean on now that Starr dumped him. Starr counters by saying that she wants to see Britney go after Cole just to see Cole shoot her down. Henry walks up to offer Britney his algebra notes. Starr continues fighting with Britney, telling her that her plan won't work because Cole hates her. Henry says that Britney's his friend, but Starr tells him that Britney is just using him. Britney says that Henry should become Starr's friend so that Starr could maybe introduce him to her rapist father. Starr then slaps Britney.

Britney threatens Starr as Marcie and Cole walk out of the classroom. Langston and Starr walk away as Marcie asks people to sign up to audition. Britney refuses at first until she hears that Cole signed up. When Marcie goes back into the classroom, Henry asks Britney if she wants to work with him on their history project. She blows him off in order to prepare a song for her audition. Britney then puts her name on the sign-up sheet and tells her friend that she's going to let Henry do all the work on their project. She looks forward to spending lots of time with Cole when they're both in the play together.

Meanwhile, Langston asks where Starr's assertiveness came from. Starr is simply fed up with Britney's attitude and has nothing left to lose. She wants to get out of the school to avoid seeing Cole again as he walks up to them. Langston leaves them alone by going to Marcie's classroom to pretend that she forgot something. Cole tells Starr that he's worried about her, but she assures him that everything is fine. She then leaves before they can talk some more. As Langston is leaving Marcie's classroom, Marcie tries to convince her to sign up to audition. Langston isn't persuaded, but then Marcie mentions that Cole and Britney already signed up. Langston feigns interest, and then when Marcie walks away, she signs Starr up to audition instead.

Jessica meets the Vegas at the diner before their appointment at the courthouse. Jess bought Jamie a bracelet that has Jamie's and Keri's names on it. Jamie and Cristian made her a collage of happy memories between Jamie and Jessica. When Carlotta, Jamie, and Antonio go to check on something, Cris asks Jess if she's happy about becoming Jamie's adoptive mother. Jessica insists that she's happy and that she's fighting for her marriage to Antonio. She also says that she only put Keri's name on the bracelet so that Jamie wouldn't think Jess was trying to take Keri's place. Cristian isn't convinced that Jessica is being completely honest and asks her if she is having, or wants to have, an affair with Nash. He presses her to tell him the truth because he can see she's hurting. She tells him that Nash finally took the hint and is leaving town. Cris can't admit that he's sad to see Nash go. Jessica wants Cristian to back off of her now that Nash is out of their lives. Cris apologizes for pressuring her. Antonio, Carlotta, and Jamie come back from the kitchen and they all prepare to leave for the courthouse.

Viki and Natalie are preparing to go to the courthouse. Natalie is worried about Viki having a headache, and about Viki's reaction to seeing Clint at the courthouse. Viki assures Nat that she's handling things well, and that she's not going to change her life just to avoid Clint. She asks Natalie if she'd quit her job to avoid seeing John. Nat admits that she's considered it because she dreads the next time she has to see him. Viki comforts Natalie, and tells her that this may be for the best. Natalie can now focus on remembering who she is. Natalie then comforts Viki. She says that she thinks Clint is making a huge mistake and that he's an idiot. At that moment, Clint walks in.

Natalie apologizes to Clint for calling him an idiot, but she still thinks that he made a terrible mistake. Viki tells Nat to go get her stuff so they can go to the courthouse. Once Natalie leaves, Clint asks Viki how she's doing. Viki snips that she's fine. Clint wonders if they can possibly be friendlier. Viki tells him that that isn't possible because he took back his offer of becoming more than just parents right when she had decided that that's what she wants. Clint would like to talk things out with Viki, but she'll have none of it. They start to fight, but Viki cuts it off and asks him to leave. Before he goes, he asks Viki if they can at least be civil while at the courthouse. Viki tells him that he doesn't know her as well as he thought if he has to ask her that.

At the courthouse, R.J. is livid about Jamie becoming a member of the Buchanan family. While he's ranting, Dorian starts waxing poetically about the Buchanans, which tips R.J. off to the fact that she's seeing Clint. R.J. is surprised by this development. He tells her to be careful because he doesn't want to see her get hurt. He then wonders how Clint is going to explain things to the Buchanans. Dorian states that Clint will simply tell them that whatever feelings he had for Viki are now dead and buried.

The Vegas arrive at the courthouse for the adoption proceeding. R.J. gives Jamie a hug and tells Antonio and Jessica that Keri would approve of the adoption. Clint enters the court room and is surprised to see Dorian there. She explains that she feels really close to the Vega family. They walk to get a seat together as Viki and Natalie arrive. Dorian congratulates Viki, but Viki blows her off.

Jessica is looking at her picture as Antonio comes up to her, which startles Jessica. Antonio mentions that he'd like Cristian to make a collage of the entire family, including R.J., the Buchanans, the Vegas, and Nash. As the judge enters the court room, Antonio asks Jessica if she's ready for this, and she confirms that she is.

The judge welcomes everyone to the proceedings. She gets the process started and asks Jessica if she intends to adopt Jamie. Jessica hesitates, then says that she can't go through with it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

As the adoption proceedings continue, Jess is unable to respond to the judge. Finally, crying out, "No, I'm sorry, I can't do this," she runs over to Jamie. She can't adopt her because she doesn't deserve her, she tells the little girl. She will only cause her pain and Jamie doesn't deserve that. Everyone is perplexed as she runs from the courtroom. Antonio tries to talk to her but she can only cry how the family pictures that Jamie put together are a lie. She does love their family but she will hurt everyone. As the Vegas and Buchanans, plus Dorian, attempt to help her, she can only yell at them and run. Antonio tries to explain to the judge who is short with him. She put them on the docket as a favor because of their friendship, however she will re-evaluate the case and even see if Jess needs further psychiatric counseling. Antonio tells his daughter that Jess didn't feel well. He feels that Cris knows something and implores him to tell what he knows. She's been acting strange around Nash as well. Carlotta feels that Nash and Jess share more than a daughter and she spends an awful lot of time with him. Antonio has noticed. Clint and Viki, along with Dorian, decide to search for Jess. It's raining hard and she could be out driving around.

Marty and John duck into Rodi's for a beer. She misses hanging out in places like this, Marty confides. They talk about Patrick and how difficult it's been for Cole to lose his dad. Responding to Marty's question, John explains how he had his father's partner around to help him out after his father died. She hesitantly asks him to help Cole out in the same way. She believes he can help her son and he understands him better than she does. He no longer listens to her. John feels she's doing a better job than she thinks but he'd be willing to help out if she thinks he can. John keeps looking around for Natalie, explaining that they always hung out at Rodi's and he's expecting to see her walk in. Marty spies the darts and challenges John to a friendly game. She's terrible and reminisces how Patrick used to help her out. After tossing a dart into the bartender they call it quits. Probably the time zone, she jokes. She used to play an awesome game in Ireland. The pair genuinely seem at ease with each other as they joke and have a pleasant evening. She's even learned that John has a sense of humor, Marty teases. John asks her to keep it quiet. They head for the back door when they leave, just as Natalie arrives through the front, hoping to find Jess. She's just missed John, she hears from the bartender. He left with a lady and went out the back. She can probably catch him.

Paige stops by Bo's office to inform him that she's decided to take the overseas job. She can't bear to see children dying from a cholera outbreak. She is honoring Hugh's memory as well as making up for mistakes she made with Spencer. She will be gone for 3 months or more. Bo doesn't want her to go. Matthew and Nora arrive to see Bo; they accuse each other of needing to talk about the fire. Unfortunately, Matthew hears that Paige is leaving before she has a chance to tell him about it herself. He's assured that she loves him and Bo and she'll be back but it hits him hard. It's apparent that Matthew is in a bad way due to the fire and loved ones dying or leaving him. His teachers are treating him like a baby and his friends are making fun of him. He's cynical and angry.

Jess drives and cries and remembers past conversations with Nash. Stopping her car on the side of the road, she gets out and just runs in the rain. She finds a spot and just sits in the downpour, screaming and crying in anguish. "What do I do?"

Nash drives in the rain, talking to a picture of Bree that he has on the dashboard. He can't be a good daddy now but he's not leaving forever. He will be back. Suddenly, he thinks he sees Jess dart across the road and he pulls over. He sees her car and goes off in search of her on foot, finally finding her sitting and sobbing.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Blair p.o.'d Todd by arriving at his hotel door, while Tate boasted to Adriana that he could roll his own sushi. Rex walked in and demanded to know what the hell was going on! Natalie went to ask yet another Rodi's bartender — Billy — about who left with John. Meanwhile, John and Marty toweled off from the rain at her place. At a nearby table, Bo told Lindsay about Paige's new job, while Nora found Paige at the coffee shop and pulled up a chair. Having time to stop for coffee, Antonio continued to grill Cristian about what's going on with Jessica, who was screaming to Nash at the quarry. Nash tried to get her to leave, but Jessica shrieked that she couldn't go back to Llanview and that everything he'd said about them was right.

Marty insisted that John stay while his coat dries. They had some coffee, but John seemed antsy about the condition of his leather jacket, which Marty informed him would take HOURS to dry. Well, it doesn't have to be completely dry, he said, and then they exchanged a few more veiled comments about the wet jacket before he escaped the awkward situation. He thanked her for the coffee and she thanked him for helping her with Cole.

Rex was upset to see Tate and Adriana on the floor ... eating sushi! He claimed that he was just there to get an extra battery for his computer. Tate referred to himself in the third person as he talked about his new sportscaster job, and read a fortune that said something about winning the prize (presumably Adriana). Cool fortune, said Rex, but not as cool as getting one that says you're going to kiss an elephant on the lips ... or something. "Look out, Bob Costas!" Rex called out as Tate went off to his new gig. Done with the quips, Rex broke it to Adriana that he has to leave town for a few days to follow Todd. He'd promised Michael that he'll never let Tommy fall into Todd's hands, so he has to go to Chicago.

Natalie asked Bo and Lindsay if they'd heard anything about Jessica's whereabouts, but they weren't even aware that she was missing. Lindsay offered to keep Bo company while he sulked about Paige leaving. She remarked about how well they were bonding and reached for his hands, causing Bo to misinterpret her intention. Meanwhile, Nora tried to persuade Paige not to leave Llanview, telling her it was selfish to hurt Matthew like that. Paige interrupted a warm moment between Bo and Lindsay to tell Bo that she had decided to stay in Llanview.

Antonio became more and more enraged as he thought about Jessica running out on Jamie. When she wants to talk, she'll call, he tried to assure himself. Nothing's going to change her decision, remarked Cristian. Antonio demanded that his brother tell him what he knows, and Cristian blurted out that perhaps things would change now that Nash is leaving, leading Antonio to believe that Jess must have gone after Nash. As Cris was about to dish more, Antonio got a call about Jessica's empty car by the side of the road.

Jessica continued to sob and run her hands through her wet hair as she hollered to Nash that she couldn't lose him and that he was right about her marriage and Jamie's adoption. Nash listened intently as she explained that she needs to be with him. They hugged and she made him promise to never leave her again. They declared their love for each other, then got down to some serious lovemaking on top of a giant tarp.

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