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Passions Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on PS
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Jessica goes home to Sam, and he welcomes her with open arms. Sam asks Jessica to burn all the clothes that Spike has given her, and that will prove that she has put her past behind her. Jessica is very happy to be home, so she burns the clothes Spike has given her. Jessica suspects that she is pregnant, so she goes out and buys a pregnancy test.

Kay is committing adultery with Miguel with no regards for Fox whatsoever. Miguel doesn't understand why Kay can be with Fox given how they feel about each other. Miguel and Kay hear the bad news that his trial date has moved up.

While Luis is asleep in the hospital, Fancy tells herself that she knows that Luis is not guilty, and she feels that something is involved that's beyond their control. Today is graduation day for Fancy, but she is in the hospital with Luis. She reassures Luis that Ethan will find a way to free him. Fancy insists that she would rather be at the hospital with Luis than be at her own graduation.

Paloma is having a nightmare of her experience in the house of mirrors. Something very evil sent chills up her spine. Today is graduation day for Paloma. She asks Noah if it bothers him that Luis is with Fancy, and he tells Paloma that he is happy to be with her. Paloma and Noah buy cake and balloons for Fancy and decide to bring it back to the hospital to celebrate. Paloma thinks that Luis will be cleared and will be with Fancy. She also thinks that Miguel will be cleared and that Ethan will be with Theresa. Apparently, she hasn't heard the bad news that the trial date has moved up.

The blackmailer reminds Theresa that she has caused her brothers pain because of her selfishness. He is going to make sure that Ethan knows her secret and that both Luis and Miguel will die. Judge Reilly informs Ethan that Luis and Miguel's trial date has moved up, and Ethan is livid. Theresa goes to threaten Judge Reilly, and she realizes that the blackmailer holds all the cards.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jessica discovers that she is pregnant, and she doesn't know how Sam will take it, but she is happy about it. She doesn't know how Spike will react though. Meanwhile, Sam is downstairs going through some of her old baby clothes. Jessica gets downstairs and is overwhelmed when she sees her old baby clothes. It brings back memories of Grace. Sam tells her how happy he is that Spike didn't do any permanent damage with heroin and get her pregnant; all she needs now is to get a divorce and never has to see Spike again. Jessica then realizes how Sam feels about Spike and decides to withhold that she is pregnant.

Whitney wants to spill the beans that Vincent is having an affair, and Chad is supposed to prevent her from doing so, or else Vincent will tell her that he has been playing hanky panky with her husband. Whitney can't understand why Chad is defending such a jerk. Whitney tries to call Valerie again, and this time Chad grabs the phone. Whitney becomes even more agitated, but Theresa interrupts by calling her, so she leaves Chad to go to the court house to give Theresa moral support. As soon as she leaves, Vincent shows up. He threatens Chad again and tells him that secrets has a way of coming out. Whitney returns to get her purse, and Chad tells her to think things through before telling Valerie anything, but Whitney is dead set on telling Valerie. Vincent overhears and states to himself that Whitney will never get a chance to tell Valerie.

Luis, seated in a wheelchair, is wheeled into court by Fancy, followed by Miguel, Kay and Theresa. Theresa started crying and blaming herself for everything that is happening. Judge Reilly comes out, and Ethan is requests a change of venue in order to get a different judge appointed so that his clients can get a fair trial. Furthermore, Ethan tells the judge that all his clients are being blackmailed, so there is no way they will get a fair trial. Fox calls Julian and asks if he bribed judge Reilly, and Julian says he didn't. Fox is getting excited because whoever is bribing the judge, it's working in his favor. To everyone's dismay, their cell phone lets out a hysterical laugh from what appears to be the blackmailer. Judge Reilly's computer is also affected. The judge caves into the blackmailer's demands and tells everyone that the trial of Luis and Miguel will proceed. Fox taunts Miguel, and Kay fears that this is the end for Miguel. Outside the courtroom, Whitney searches for Judge Reilly's chamber. She walks past a construction zone, and a scaffolding that's set up starts to shake. A piece of material fell and hit her head.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vincent is disappointed when Chad saves Whitney from being killed by falling scaffolding at the courthouse. Eve arrives to lend a hand. Chad sees Vincent disappear and realizes that he caused the accident because he was trying to kill Whitney to keep her from telling Valerie about Vincent and his tryst in the motel room. Once Eve, Valerie and Chad return to his apartment, Chad leaves to go get a prescription filled for Whitney and search for Vincent. Hiding in the hall, Vincent holds a knife and vows that Whitney will not escape again. Whitney asks her mom if she should tell Valerie about Vincent. Eve agrees that she should and is called to the hospital. Vincent sees her leave. He knocks on the door and asks about Whitney's health. She tells him that she is still going to tell Valerie. Holding the knife behind his back, he advances menacingly while telling her he will do anything to keep her from telling. Chad arrives and sees Vincent advancing on Whitney who has turned her back to him. Chad rushes in and pounces on Vincent.

Tabitha decides to home school Endora in their craft, rather than sending her to an outside school for witches. Endora prefers play to study and tells Tabitha that she already knows her spells and proves it by creating a potion that explodes in their living room/classroom. Julian arrives and overhears Tabitha mention witch school. She covers by saying that she said "which" school. She informs Julian that she is home schooling Endora. Julian retorts that he has made an appointment for Endora to apply for a prestigious preschool. Endora tell Julian that she does not want him in Endora's life and that she will not be going to preschool. Before he leaves, Julian tells Tabitha that a committee from the preschool will be arriving to interview Endora. He tells her to charm the committee and give them an afternoon that they will never forget. With the combined power of two witches, she tells Endora, she is certain that the committee will definitely have an afternoon to remember.

Grace Nancier, a tough DA who does not mind playing dirty, takes over the prosecution of Luis and Miguel. Things look grim for the Lopez-Fitzgerald boys when Judge Riley (who has somehow managed to combine the prosecution of the brothers, despite the fact that the crimes are unrelated) starts the trial with a pre-selected, pro death penalty jury. Sheridan blames Fancy and Luis jumps to her defense. Ethan tells them they have to stick together and show solidarity if they are to save Luis and Miguel. Grace Nancier calls Sam as her first witness. She twists his words by using his prior statements out of context and forcing him to admit that he made the statements. Judge Riley continues to conduct the trial in such a grossly biased manner that it would result in a mistrial anywhere except Harmony. Outside the courtroom, Sheridan tells Fancy to make sure the jury finds Luis innocent or Fancy will have to answer to her. Later Nancier tells Fancy that she will be the star witness whose testimony will put Luis to death.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prosecutor Grace Nancier calls Fancy to the witness stand as Luis' trial gets underway. Ethan reminds Fancy to stay calm during her testimony so that the jury can be on Luis' side. After several prodding questions by the prosecutor Fancy breaks down and begins crying. Ethan calls for a recess. During the recess Ethan tells Miguel he needs to leave the table where Luis is sitting. Miguel leaves the courtroom and Kay follows him. Julian demands that Fox follow her. Theresa takes a minute to tell Ethan to discredit Fancy on the stand and an eavesdropping Ivy interrupts. Ethan tells Theresa and Ivy that he will not discredit Fancy because he needs the jury to see how much Fancy loves Luis. After the recess Fancy retakes the stand and Ethan begins his cross examination. For the moment it appears that Ethan has been able to reverse the damage caused by the prosecutor's questions. However, the prosecutor received an e-mail from the blackmailer on her PDA. Prosecutor Grace Nancy calls Sheridan to the witness stand and asks her why Fancy's sister, Pretty, left Harmony many years ago. Ethan objects and the courtroom onlookers whisper amongst themselves.

In one of the other rooms in the courthouse Miguel and Kay are speaking about their love for one another. Kay assures Miguel that she will tell Fox soon that she is leaving him. A knock comes to the door and Fox enters. He tells a stunned Miguel and Kay that he is going to lie on the witness stand and say that he isn't sure if Miguel was the one to hit him. He says the reason for this is because he knows Kay will need Miguel around when he dies. Julian walks in and tells Fox that he won't allow Fox to let Miguel get away with his actions.

Sam orders Paloma to leave the courthouse because he needs a patrolman to watch over the wharf due to the latest attacks. Noah is concerned for Paloma's safety but she tells him that she needs him to go back to the courthouse so that he can watch what is happening with her brother's trial. Paloma goes to the wharf. She realizes she is being followed and hides behind some crates. Her follower walks past and she knocks him to the ground.

Chad walks in on Vincent and Whitney. He thinks that Vincent is trying to kill Whitney and he attacks him. Whitney yells for Chad to stop. Whitney tells Chad that the reason Vincent had a knife was because he was peeling an apple for her. Vincent tells Chad the only reason he stopped by was so that he could apologize to Whitney about the motel incident. Miles begins to cry and Whitney goes to check on him. Chad warns Vincent to stay away from Whitney. Vincent jokes to Chad about what would happen if Whitney found out about his love partner. Whitney overhears and asks Chad if he's sleeping with the same person that Vincent is. As Vincent questions Whitney about whether she is going to still speak with Valerie, he hides the knife in his hand.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Paloma scolds Noah for being too overly protective of her. In the midst of their arguing, a mugger tries to attack them. Paloma proves her skills as a cop by creating a diversion before apprehending the mugger. Noah is so fascinated with Paloma's skills as a cop that he arranged a very romantic evening for her with Sam‘s help.

Vincent tries to get Whitney's word on not telling Valerie the truth about him. Whitney agrees not to tell Valerie for now, but Vincent is not convinced. After Whitney walks out of the room, Vincent threatens Chad that he will tell Whitney the truth about them if he does not stop Whitney from telling Valerie the truth. Chad manages to talk Whitney out of telling Valerie. She kisses him and tells him that she is happy that she does not have to worry about him being unfaithful. Chad hugs Whitney knowing that he is being unfaithful to her. Chad leaves. Upon his return, he overhears Whitney thanking Valerie for coming by, and he is frantic that Whitney is about to tell Valerie.

Tabitha is livid over Julian's meddling into Endora's life. Julian arranges a meeting at Tabitha's house with the representatives from a private school for Endora. Tabitha makes sure that their visit will be something that they will never forget by using witchcraft to scare them off. At the Bennett's house, Jessica is happy that she is pregnant, but her happiness is short-lived after Spike found out. He threatens to sell Jessica's baby. Spike tries manipulating Jessica again, and she resists him this time around. She outsmarts Spike by going to Tabitha for help. Spike looks like a babbling idiot in front of the school reps because he keeps reaping that Tabitha is a witch and that she should be burned at the stake. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora are having a field day by making Spike squirm. The school reps are spooked and decide it was time to leave, but not until Endora provide them with the final treat, a few live strawberry looking ghastly men. Tabitha has had her fun, so she kicks the school reps and Spike out of her house. After all the mayhem, Endora wonders what it would be like to go to school with the other children.

Fox is pretending to be a martyr by attempting to lie on the witness stand to protect Miguel. He wants Kay to think that he really cares, but he has ulterior motives. He'll do and say anything to make Kay happy, as long as he is the one who has Kay. Chris is wondering why Sheridan is called to the witness stand. Ivy feels that if Pretty is brought up in the questioning of Sheridan, it will not look good for Luis' case. Grace questions Sheridan about Pretty, and she gives Grace the ammo she needs to bury Luis in that Fancy has lied in the past about her male friends, so it's quite possible that she maybe lying about Luis. Ethan cross examines Sheridan to discredit her by having her admit that she is still in love with Luis. Sheridan blurts out that she cannot stand to see Fancy with Luis and that she loves him and he is the only man she will ever love. Chris witnesses all of this and grows a tad smaller in his seat. He is not very pleased with Sheridan, and neither is Luis. Chris tries to get Sheridan to explain to him why she said what she said, but Sheridan was too busy trying to find Luis. Chris walks out, giving up on Sheridan. Sheridan finally catches up with Luis, and tries to apologize. Luis ends up calling her a bitch, and the look on Fancy's face was delightful. Sheridan, on the other hand, wasn't so pleased. Luis will never forgive her. Since it's a double trial, Fox is called to the witness stand to testify against Miguel. Ethan did discredit Fox, but unfortunately, there is a guilty verdict for both Miguel and Luis because of the blackmailer's wishes.

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