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Passions Recaps: The week of April 2, 2007 on PS
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Monday, April 2, 2007

Fancy was devastated that Luis was the person she had shot, and Sam tried to calm her down. Simone discovered that the bartender was dead, and she blamed Luis. Sam asked Fancy if she had helped Luis escape, and she told him no. Simone wished that Luis would die because she thought he had killed Ray and Dylan, the bartender.

Luis was fighting for his life. Simone smelled gasoline on Luis' shirt and thought that was proof of his guilt. Sam thought it was circumstantial. The odds were stacked against Luis due to his latest escape and being found at the scene of the latest crime.

Theresa was proceeding with the wedding even though a part of her was waiting for Ethan to rescue her with good news about Luis. Julian and Ivy realized that someone other than Theresa and Jared was making sure the wedding would take place. Meanwhile, Ethan was trying his best to get to the hospital on time to stop the wedding. Theresa and Jared were finally married. Ethan had gotten to the hospital too late.

As soon as the wedding ended, Theresa went to see Ethan. He badgered her about why she had married Jared. Eve told Theresa the terrible news about Luis being shot. Ethan convinced Theresa to follow him to the blackmailer's apartment so he could show her the evidence he had discovered. Ethan was under the impression that once he got proof, he could finally be with Theresa. However, Theresa was already married to Jared, and she told Ethan it was too late. Ethan refused to accept that.

Jared interrupted Theresa and Ethan's conversation and let it be known to Ethan that he was Theresa's husband, so Theresa didn't have to go anywhere with Ethan. Theresa explained that Luis had been shot, and she had to go. Jared was satisfied with the explanation, but he wanted to accompany Ethan and Theresa. Theresa managed to discourage him from tagging along.

Ivy was not pleased that Jared agreed to let Theresa leave with Ethan. Ethan told Theresa that the blackmailer was behind all the latest crimes in Harmony, and he wanted to show her the proof. They arrived at the blackmailer's apartment, and they were about to enter.

Vincent blackmailed Chad into sleeping with him again. If Chad didn't comply, he would send an X-rated DVD of them in bed to Whitney. Chad apologized to Whitney to himself because she did not deserve what he was doing to her. Whitney realized that Chad had left the hospital. She begged a nurse to tell if she knew where Chad was headed, and she found out that Chad had left to go to a motel. Whitney was suspicious and went in search of Chad.

Meanwhile, Vincent was telling Chad that he could not get enough of him and would always return for more. Whitney heard Chad's voice outside one of the motel rooms and was determined to investigate. She managed to bribe one of the maids to let her in. She entered the room and knocked on the bathroom door, insisting that Chad step out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Whitney's suspicions of Chad deepened as she went looking for him at a motel room. She banged on the door and demanded that he step out with the woman. Whitney did not know that Chad was in the motel room with Vincent. Chad tried to make a run for it, but Vincent said that if he left, Vincent would tell Whitney the truth.

Whitney was shocked to see Vincent at the motel. He covered by telling Whitney he was there with Valerie, but it didn't end there. Whitney wanted to see Valerie, so she insisted that Valerie get out of the bathroom. Chad was terrified because he did not want Whitney to know that he was having a gay relationship with Vincent. Vincent managed to get Whitney out of the room without her discovering that Chad was there.

Sheridan reassures Chris that she wanted to be with him, but she couldn't stop thinking about Luis and how she felt about him. Sheridan had the perfect excuse to run to Luis. She heard on the news that he had been shot, and that was all it took for her to go be near Luis, even though he had Fancy to comfort him. Fancy blamed herself for Luis being shot, since she had mistaken him for a perpetrator.

Eve gave everyone good news about Luis' injury. Since Luis had been on the run, Sam cuffed him so he wouldn't escape again. Luis explained to Fancy that he had not killed the bartender, but Sam did not believe a word Luis said, since his clothes reeked of the scent of gasoline. Sam began to wonder about what Grace had told him, and he thought there had to be some connection to what had been going on.

Sheridan got wind of the incident, and she couldn't wait to tell Luis that it was Fancy who had shot him. Luis didn't know because Fancy had never gotten around to telling him. He understood, though, since Fancy had only been doing her job.

Ethan tried to take Theresa to a room filled with clues about the blackmailer. When they arrived, Ethan was amazed that the room was empty. That didn't surprise Theresa, since the blackmailer was always one step ahead of them. Ethan wanted to take matters into his own hands because he wanted the blackmailer caught. He whipped out his phone to call a forensics team, and Theresa took the phone away because she knew there wouldn't be any clues.

Ethan talked Theresa into getting an annulment so they could be together. They began a makeout session, but the blackmailer interrupted. The blackmailer told Theresa to leave Ethan alone and go back to Jared. She began to leave, and Ethan stopped her. He hated her being in bed with another man.

Ethan demanded to know Theresa's secret, but she did not tell him. She had to protect her family per the blackmailer's wishes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Whitney went to the sleazy motel, looking for Chad, but found Vincent instead. While Chad hid in the bathroom, Vincent let Whitney think he was with Valerie. When Whitney demanded to talk to Valerie, Vincent confessed that it was another lover, not Valerie, in the bathroom. Whitney chastised Vincent and told him what a wonderful, monogamous husband Chad was. Vincent almost gagged but kept a straight face. He then pretended to try to seduce Whitney, who became uncomfortable and left.

In her kitchen, Tabitha brewed a potion to counteract the effects of the happiness bugs that Endora had let out of the jar. Fox spied on Kay and Miguel, who were kissing in the front room. Ethan arrived with bad news. Fox was delighted to hear all the bad things that were happening to Miguel. Tabitha's spell succeeded, and she recaptured all the happiness bugs except one, which Endora sent to Fox. However, before it could affect him, he destroyed it. After Ethan left, Kay and Miguel vowed their love. Fox overheard them and plotted Miguel's destruction.

At the hospital, Sheridan blamed Fancy for Luis' problems. When Sam said that Luis would be sent to the state prison hospital, Sheridan interceded with the governor and used her influence to keep Luis in Harmony Hospital. Sam would not allow her to stay with Luis and sent her away. He placed a guard on Luis, but Sheridan, dressed in a nurse's uniform and a brown wig, slipped past him. As Luis slept, she vowed her love for him. Fancy entered the room, recognized Sheridan, and threatened to call Sam.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Noah confessed to Paloma that he was sick with love for her. Paloma told him that she couldn't believe her best friend's boyfriend had become the love of her life. After making love, the two decided to celebrate at the Harmony Carnival and made their way to the wharf. While in the House of Mirrors, Paloma got a cold chill in her spine. As the lights flickered, she screamed when she caught a glimpse of the half-man/half-woman in the mirror.

Spike caught up with Jessica, who was also at the carnival. Spike shared with Jessica that he had just been scared out of his wits while in Tabitha's basement and that he knew Tabitha was a witch. Jessica thought Spike was either under the influence of drugs or had food poisoning because of the bizarre things he was saying. Spike assured her that other than being scared to death, he was fine. Jessica told Spike that she was leaving him and going home to live with her father. As Jessica walked away, Spike told himself that he'd make Jessica return to him.

Tabitha and Endora were also at the carnival. Whitney saw Tabitha and joined her and Endora. A confused Whitney sought advice from Tabitha as to whether she should tell her friend a secret that she had just learned. Tabitha told Whitney that at some point, the truth was always revealed, and she should go ahead and be honest with her friend immediately. Whitney called Valerie and left a message that she had something important to tell her.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Chad were at the hotel. Chad continued to tell Vincent that their relationship was over. Vincent was not concerned because he'd heard that story before. Chad told Vincent that he'd better hope Whitney didn't tell Valerie about Vincent's cheating. Vincent warned Chad that if Whitney didn't keep her mouth shut, then both she and Chad would pay.

Ethan returned to the hospital to talk with Theresa. Theresa reminded Ethan that they could not be together. Ethan asked Theresa what she would do when Jared was strong enough to make love. Even though she knew he would be hurt, Theresa told Ethan that she would make love to her husband. A nurse interrupted their conversation by telling Theresa that Jared was asking for her. Ethan didn't want Theresa to leave him, but Theresa said goodbye and walked into Jared's room.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Chad was sitting up in bed next to Whitney with a guilty look on his face. He had a new haircut and was ready to turn over a whole new leaf with Whitney. She confessed to Chad that she'd had her doubts and had gone to the motel, looking for him. She was asking Chad for forgiveness when Chad was the one who should be on his knees because he was the one having an affair.

Ethan made an early morning visit to Theresa's bedroom, and they made love like it was nobody's business. Meanwhile, the blackmailer was in another room, spying on them. He said Luis and Miguel's lives were in Theresa's hands, and she would pay for disobeying him.

Kay awoke while fantasizing about Miguel, but Fox was in bed next to her. She pulled away, and Fox questioned her reasons. She made up a lame excuse, but Fox knew that Kay had been expecting Miguel to be in bed beside her. Miguel went to Kay's room to surprise her in bed with breakfast, but he saw Fox with her, and he was not a happy camper. Fox left for work, and Miguel went in for the kill by trying to convince Kay that Fox was faking his illness.

Tabitha was getting more signs that things were running amok, and it was not her doing. Fox tried to get Judge Reilly to move up the trial date for Miguel to the next day, but he told Fox that he answered to Theresa, and she wanted to delay the trial date as long as possible. After witnessing Theresa and Ethan in bed together, the blackmailer sent an instant message to Judge Reilly, insisting that he move up the trial date to the next day -- or else. Fox had gotten his wish.

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