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Ryan Aloysius Lavery
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Actor History
Other Names

Ryan Aloysius Lavery (full name; revealed Jan 2004)

Birth name was once stated to be John Ryan Curry (has since been changed)


Birthday is January 18, 1974

Would have been about 37 years old in 2006 when his sister, Erin, was killed; Ryan was said to be 11 years older than his sister.


Partner in the Myrtle Fargate Foundation with Zach Slater

Owner of the Seasons casinos, located in Las Vegas and Atlantic City

CEO of Cambias Enterprises (reinstated Mar 2009)

Former CEO of Cambias Enterprises

Former advertising salesman at WRCW (third time; quit twice)

Former owner of Fidelty, a yacht (possibly now known as Princess)

Founder/Former CEO of e-commerce venture, IncredibleDreams.com

Former promoter and bartender for Sounds of Salsa


The penthouse at 450 Old Cedar Lane, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Formerly at the Pine Cone Motel

Formerly a loft apartment

Formerly room 616, the Valley Inn

Formerly room 17 at the Pine Cone Motel

Formerly aboard Fidelity, a yacht

Formerly at a turret on the Wildwind estate

Formerly at 1421 Plumtree Road, #15E

Formerly at the Fargate Boarding House

Formerly in a residence above a dry cleaner in Des Moines, Iowa

Marital Status

Married to Greenlee Smythe [Engaged: Jan 20, 2011; married: Feb 14, 2011, marriage revealed to be invalid; remarried Jun 29, 2011]

Past Marriages

Gillian Andrassy (divorced; deceased)

Gillian Andrassy (Married: Apr 9, 2001; dissolved by her death)

Greenlee Smythe (Married: May 20, 2004; divorced: May 21, 2007)

Annie McDermott (2007; invalid)

Annie McDermott (Engaged: Mar 30, 2007; married: May 22, 2007; divorced: Jan 13, 2009)


Patrick Lavery * (father; deceased)

Gail Curry (mother; deceased; died Sep 26, 2001)

Braden Lavery (brother; deceased)

Jonathan Lavery (brother)

Erin Lavery (sister; deceased)

* In 2001, it was stated that Ryan and Braden were Gail's only two children and they had taken her maiden name of Lavery rather than Patrick's name. Ryan was also, for a time, believed to be Chris Stamp's child.


Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Liza)

Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Greenlee)

Emma McDermott (daughter; with Annie) (conceived via artificial insemination)

Spike Lavery (son; with Kendall; born 2006) (conceived via artificial insemination)

Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Annie)

Sara Erin Lavery (daughter with Madison; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Kelsey Jefferson (a "pretend" affair to make Scott Chandler jealous)

Hayley Vaughan

Greenlee Smythe

Gillian Andrassy Martin (deceased)


Opal Cortlandt (kissed)

Liza Colby (lovers; Aug 13, 2001)

Mia Saunders (lovers)

Kendall Hart (lovers)

Kendall Hart (engaged: Jan 27, 2004)

Julia Santos (flirtation; deceased)

Greenlee Smythe [engaged: Jan 2, 2009]

Erica Kane (lovers)

Madison North (dated)

Crimes Committed

Numerous cons; never convicted

Set up a "kickback" scam to bilk WRCW advertisers out of money

Arrested and pleaded guilty to raping Kit Fisher; charges dropped

Ran from the law

Adultery with Gillian Andrassy Martin

Stole a porcelain egg from Chandler Mansion; sold it to buy a motorcycle

Blackmail; threatened J.R. after J.R. hit Ryan's motorcycle with his car

Tied up Greenlee to prevent her from going to see Juan Pablo [2004]

Lied to the SEC, saying his marriage to Greenlee was out of love and not a business deal [Jun 7, 2004]

Shot Jonathan Lavery in the stomach in self-defense [Apr 12, 2005]

Strangled David Hayward until he blacked out [Jun 2005]

Took part in an illegal "fight club" [Jul 2005]

Staged his own death by plunging a motorcycle off of a cliff and into the ocean [Jul 18, 2005]

Unintentional bigamy; married Annie while still wed to Greenlee [2007]

Arrested for violating a restraining order that Annie had against him [Sep 26, 2008]

Pulled over for driving erratically and sucker-punched the arresting officer [Oct 15, 2008]

Assaulted a police officer and held a gun to his head [Nov 18, 2008]

Destruction of property/disorderly conduct; acted out in the casino after Greenlee's memorial service [Mar 2009]

Assaulted a police officer [May 18, 2009]

Arrested for lying to a police officer; charges later dropped [May 19, 2009]

Arrested for obstruction of justice [May 26, 2009]

Arrested for breaking and entering; charges were dropped [Jul 8, 2009]

Aided Kendall in fleeing from the law [Aug 3, 2009]

Trapped Scott and Annie in an elevator at Fusion [Oct 30, 2009]

Conspired to have David Hayward kidnapped [Feb 16, 2010]

Kidnapped Greenlee Smythe and held her locked in the turret room [Feb 17, 2010]

Arrested for reckless driving [Sep 7, 2011]

Health and Vitals

Shot by a sniper whose target was actually Chris Stamp [2002]

Shot in the chest by Jonathan Lavery [2004]

Injured in a mine explosion [Apr 13, 2005]

Shot in the head by Hannah Nichols [Jan 2008]


Blood type is AB+ (revealed winter 2001)

Blood type is Rh- (revealed Nov 28, 2005)

Brief Character History

Ryan made has debut in Pine Valley Hospital's Emergency Room, on the night of the Crystal Ball at Wildwind. Nurse Gloria Marsh was rendering aid to victims of a bus crash, and Ryan claimed to be a passenger who had suffered whiplash. Gloria, a former con artist herself, saw right through him -- that he hadn't even been on the bus -- and warned him to drop the act or else. Dimitri was admitted that night, injured after being trapped under a tree. He had suffered massive blood loss, and there was a blood shortage of his type. Gloria realized that Ryan was a match and threatened to turn him in to the authorities if he didn't "donate" his blood. He did, and that helped save Dimitri's life.

With elaborate claims and figures, Ryan convinced Liza Colby to give him a chance to increase WRCW's advertising profits. After witnessing Kelsey's pathetic attempt at flirtation with Scott at WRCW, he volunteered to coach her in the love game. Ryan also went along with Kelsey's scheme to make Scott jealous by pretending to be her new love interest, to help her get Scott away from Princess Gillian Andrassy. Ryan was attracted to Gillian from the start, and what started as his helping Kelsey land Scott turned into Ryan trying to help himself to a piece of Gillian. It was just fun and games, though, and he and Gillian both enjoyed the double entendres and heavy flirtation that ensued.

When Ryan solicited kickback money from Erica Kane for Enchantment advertising, she went along with him just long enough to get the evidence to turn him in. When he realized the threat, he tried to seduce her into silence. Of course, she laughed at that, so he tried to accuse her of sexual harassment. Erica was not intimidated, and she went to Liza with a list of other victimized accounts, accusing Liza and the station of unethical practices, and threatening to go to the FCC. Liza finally convinced Erica that Ryan had acted alone, and that she would make recompense for the losses and take care of Ryan Lavery.

When confronted, at first Ryan tried to lie about, then to minimize, his crimes. Liza was deciding exactly what to do to him when she found out that Scott Chandler was about to marry Gillian in order to save her from being deported. She decided that Ryan and Gillian deserved each other, and blackmailed Ryan into either marrying Gillian or going to prison for his crimes. Liza reminded him that marrying a beautiful, rich princess was not exactly torture. However, Liza left out the little fact that Gillian was flat broke.

Liza concocted a scheme, and on the wedding day "proved" to gold digging Gillian that Ryan, truth be told, was really the heir to billions -- much richer than Scott. As Gillian and Scott were in the middle of taking their vows, Ryan charged down the aisle, declared his love, and literally swooped out the bride. He convinced her that he loved her and gave her a huge ring, which was cubic zirconia; she agreed to marry Ryan instead of Scott, to all the guest's -- and Scott's -- relief.

Ryan and Gillian had a few hot days of marital bliss before Immigration found them and their financial facts were revealed. Both were shocked and enraged. Gillian overheard Ryan arguing with Liza about his being tricked into marrying a woman with no money who meant nothing to him. She wanted to end the marriage, but was convinced by Ryan, her grandmother, Dimitri, and Edmund that the best thing for both of them would be to remain at Wildwind and make the best of things for the year-long period that Immigration required to prove the marriage was valid. Otherwise, both of them would suffer legal consequences.

Both of the young newlyweds started to fall for the other, keeping their feelings hidden, as neither of them thought the other cared. Ryan openly flirted with Hayley, angering Mateo and Gillian. Hayley and Ryan became good friends, and she and Eugenia convinced Ryan to profess his love to Gillian. Ryan was close to telling her a number of times, but was unable to actually use the word "love."

A frustrated Gillian flirted with slimy Dr. Hayward, and eventually ended up in bed with him. Ryan, ready to express his feelings to his wife, discovered them the next morning. Devastated, he ended up at a sleazy bar on Halloween and got tanked. He came on to and dirty danced with Pine Valley newcomer Kit Fisher. Soon after, she accused him of rape. The town was split over who was telling the truth, especially when it was revealed that Kit had previously falsely cried rape. Dimitri, Gillian, Erica, Tad, and Hayley believed Ryan's innocence, while Edmond and Jack stood adamantly behind Kit, who was revealed to be Jackson's supposedly dead baby sister.

Ryan hid out when a DNA test matched him and the rapist at 80%. Hayley and Gillian devised a plan to get Ryan and his wife out of town, but Hayley was jailed for refusing to give up Ryan's whereabouts. Gillian, desperate for the money that Hayley was supposed to leave for her, swallowed her pride and went to David Hayward for money. David agreed, as long as Gillian would sleep with him. She did, and David followed her and led the police to the Lavery's hideout, as well as cruelly telling Ryan how Gillian had gotten the money.

An extremely sick Ryan was jailed. He was surprised when his brother Braden went to visit him, and they reminisced about growing up with their abusive, alcoholic father. Ryan was horrified when something Braden said -- "Score one for the kid" -- made him realize that his brother had committed the rape, and confessed to the crime, feeling he owed Braden for saving him from his father's wrath. Tad and Dixie, suspecting Braden, found the connection between the Lavery brothers, and cleared Ryan's name.

The lies and unspoken feelings between Ryan and Gillian began to take their toll, and Hayley's defense of him and their shared childhood created a strong bond between her and Ryan. Ryan eventually filed for divorce from Gillian, and she reluctantly signed the divorce papers. Ryan began working at Hayley and Mateo's new nightclub, Holidays, and Hayley and Ryan continued to get closer when Mateo's attention was taken by his first wife and newfound son, Max. Ryan continued to be there for Hayley as she got closer to losing her sobriety, and they kissed on the beach on the Fourth of July. Gillian spied the kiss, and eventually Mateo found out. Mat and Ryan became fast enemies, and Ryan was fired from the nightclub and rehired at WRCW by Liza.

Ryan once again left WRCW after establishing his own Internet startup company, IncredibleDreams.com, an Internet site that helped fulfill users' dreams and fantasies. Ryan and Gillian also found their way back to each other --- but that road was not as smooth.

Gillian and Ryan were involved in a car accident after Gillian learned that Jake was not Colby's biological father. As a result of her injuries, Gillian was left unable to speak. Jake stood by her side and helped nurse her back to health. As a result, Gillian was unable to tell Jake the truth that she'd learned. Gillian and Jake were later married, but when Jake learned the truth about Colby -- and that Gillian had known the truth and kept it from him -- he went on a rampage.

Jake left Pine Valley, and during that time, Gillian and Ryan found their way back to each other. Gillian anxiously awaited Jake's return to Pine Valley so that she could tell him that she wanted a divorce. What she did not count on was Jake being injured while trying to rescue dozens of orphans in war-torn Chechnya. Gillian didn't want to hit Jake up for a divorce while he wasn't in tip-top shape... and Ryan slowly started to drift away as Gillian devoted most of her time to Jake. Finally, in October 2000, Ryan told Gillian that their relationship was over.

On February 23, 2001, Ryan and Gillian were engaged and there were plans to have an elaborate wedding in Hungary. However, money problems forced the couple to consider eloping at Town Hall. Dimitri caught wind of their plans and threw a wedding to remember for the couple

Married life proved rather uneventful for the couple. In fact, Ryan and Gillian acted as young adults, offering advice and other assistance to the likes of Laura, Leo, and Greenlee. Troubled by Laura's life-and-death battle, Gillian decided to become an organ donor. It was her way of showing Laura that she was wishing her the best. At about the same time, Gillian befriended television producer Ilene Pringle, a woman who produced a reality television show set on Ryan's yacht. Ilene promised Gillian easy money if Gillian would allow her to produce a biography of Gillian's life.

Wanting to be able to help Ryan with his financial difficulties, Gillian agreed -- against Ryan's wishes. As it turned out, Ilene was not a television producer, but rather an assassin hired by Charlotte Devane to gun down Anna Devane. On Monday, June 18, 2001, Ilene mistook Gillian, who had her back turned towards her, for Anna, and shot and mortally wounded her. On June 25, Ryan made the difficult decision to have Gillian removed from life support so that her heart could be donated to Laura English.

Life after death proved extremely eventful for Gillian, who refused to believe that she was really dead. Jesse Hubbard, Natalie Dillon, Harold the dog, Jeremy Hunter, and Travis Montgomery -- all beloved Pine Valley residents who had passed away -- showed up in a pre-Heaven waiting area to help guide Gillian to Heaven. Gillian remained convinced that she could return to life and to Ryan and reached out to Opal to deliver her messages to Ryan. As a coping mechanism, Ryan found comfort in the arms of an equally distraught Liza Chandler, who had just learned that her husband, Adam, had been cheating on her. The pair made love on several occasions. Ryan was devastated when she miscarried his child after a fall down the stairs.

As Ryan tried to accept Gillian's death, he was hit by yet another loss. On September 26, 2001, Ryan's mother died of lung cancer. Shortly after his mother's death, Ryan learned that his mother had been keeping a secret from him. Gail Lavery had engaged in a sexual relationship with Christopher Stamp. Nine months after the affair, Gail had delivered a baby -- Ryan. Ryan's life was turned upside down when he learned that Chris, a man whose arrogance he loathed, was his father. Things were further complicated by the fact that Chris had shot and killed Ryan's abusive "dad," Patrick Curry, during a drug bust several years prior.

When Erica's daughter, Kendall, returned to Pine Valley, she became Ryan's neighbor at the Pine Cone Motel. Their mutual antagonism eventually turned to affection. Ryan got caught up in the Proteus investigation and was shot by a sniper who was aiming for Chris. After he recovered, Ryan returned to a job bartending at SOS.

Chris went to Ryan with a letter he had received posthumously from Ryan's mother, in which she talked about her love for both of them and her guilt over keeping Ryan from his real father. Chris gave Ryan a ring that he had once given to Ryan's mother. When Kendall accepted his marriage proposal, Ryan gave the ring to his new fiancée, and they made plans to leave Pine Valley as soon as her name was cleared. Ryan's faith in her innocence became a source of contention between him and Chris. On his wedding day, Ryan looked for his father to invite him to the ceremony but he instead found Kendall trying to seduce Aidan Devane. Instead of leaving Pine Valley with his new wife, Ryan roared out of town on his motorcycle -- alone -- as Kendall stood in the rain, begging for him to stay.

Ryan returned to Pine Valley in 2003 and called a secret meeting to announce that he had become the owner of the multi-billion dollar Cambias Enterprises fortune from the late Alexander Cambias, who he had met somewhere in the desert. The only thing that would prevent him from inheriting it all was if the sleazy Michael Cambias had fathered a child. When Bianca learned that she had gotten pregnant following Michael's sexual assault on her, things turned upside down. Kendall agreed to pretend that she was pregnant in order to divert attention from Bianca.

However, Ryan believed that Kendall was claiming that she was pregnant as a way to get the Cambias fortune. While Ryan was determined to find out the truth, Kendall and Bianca panicked about the baby. They told David, and David offered to help make Kendall look as though she was pregnant. Ryan blabbed the news of Kendall's pregnancy to Greenlee Dupres, who informed her archenemy, Erica. Ryan forced Kendall to take a pregnancy test to determine if she was lying and to settle the dispute about the Cambias will. Maria Gray performed the test as everyone watched. Bianca created a distraction outside, and David quickly swapped Kendall's blood sample with one he had drawn previously from Bianca.

As that was happening, Kendall was arrested for Michael's murder, although everyone in Pine Valley seemed to think she was innocent -- even Erica. Ryan approached Bianca about Kendall's pregnancy and told her that he had known Kendall would pass the DNA test. He never actually said it, but Ryan implied that he knew that it was Bianca who was pregnant. Despite Ryan's willingness to help, Kendall constantly turned him away. Later, however, Kendall agreed to let Ryan help out. He hired a top-notch doctor, who agreed to conduct a non-invasive paternity test on Bianca and say that she had conducted the test on Kendall. The test results satisfied the court, but there were still those who doubted that Kendall was really pregnant.

In the middle of court, Greenlee duPres yanked Kendall's dress off, revealing a pregnancy pouch. The incident turned everything upside down. Everyone put two and two together and realized that Bianca was carrying Michael's child. Ryan did the honorable thing -- and one required by law -- and signed over the Cambias estate to Bianca's child. However, later when Bianca's baby was believed to be dead, lawyers for the Cambias estate took it upon themselves to put the wheels of justice in motion and return everything to Ryan.

Ryan and Kendall tried to build a future together, but Kendall couldn't accept Ryan's friendship with Greenlee. When Kendall barred Greenlee from working at Fusion because of Greenlee's ties to Bianca, who had become co-owner of Cambias, Ryan suggested a platonic marriage to Greenlee. Kendall tried to stop the ceremony, but when Ryan realized that her anger at Greenlee had not abated, he married Greenlee as planned. Before long, he found himself falling in love with Greenlee, and the two decided to make their platonic relationship real. Around the same time, Ryan's brother Jonathan showed up in Pine Valley.

Ryan was shot at Zach Cambias' party, and initially suspected Ethan Ramsey, a newcomer in town who claimed to be Zach's son, and who quickly became involved with Kendall. After being shot at again, Ryan began to believe that Zach, and not Ethan, was the culprit. When Greenlee began acting strangely, Ryan began wondering if Kendall might have done it, especially with Jonathan pointing the finger of blame at her, although Greenlee believed she was innocent. During that same time, Ethan was proven to be a real Cambias, after all, and Bianca's daughter, Miranda, was found to be alive and well. Ryan signed Cambias over to the rightful owners, Ethan and Miranda, which infuriated Jonathan.

Although Jonathan's behavior was getting more and more erratic, Ryan refused to believe that his brother was anything except the shy little boy he remembered. Greenlee even suspected Jonathan of poisoning her, but Ryan just couldn't believe it. Ryan finally accepted that Jonathan was out of control not long after learning that Patrick Lavery, and not Chris Stamp, was his biological father. Jonathan pointed the finger at Braden and insisted he was the one poisoning Greenlee, but after Greenlee, Kendall, and Lily were kidnapped, Ryan learned the truth -- Jonathan had killed Braden and was behind everything himself.

In order to save the women, Ryan shot Jonathan, who was then buried in an explosion he had set up in the mines. Ryan could not get over the guilt at having killed Jonathan and began participating in no holds barred fights at underground clubs. He also planned to have himself sterilized so that he could never create future Laverys. Ryan had the vasectomy, but Greenlee wasn't prepared to take no for an answer, and she, Kendall, and Simone broke into the clinic where Ryan had stored his sperm years earlier. Ryan was furious when Greenlee told him she was pregnant and nearly hit her before taking off. He drove his motorcycle off a cliff and was presumed dead.

Ryan had actually managed to walk away from the crash, but allowed his friends and family to believe he was dead, with Zach's help. He was able to trace his sister Erin's last known whereabouts to Nova Scotia, Canada, and headed up there to make sure she was okay. Erin was less than pleased to see him, and Ryan was determined to find out what secret she was hiding. It turned out that she had been hiding Jonathan in her cabin, and was trying to help him.

Together, the siblings finally figured out that Jonathan's madness had a biological cause -- he had a brain tumor. The tumor was successfully removed and, after overhearing a visiting Greenlee tell Erin how much she loved Ryan and learning of her miscarriage, Ryan decided to return to Pine Valley. Ryan crashed his own memorial service, and although Greenlee was initially thrilled to see him alive, once she learned about Jonathan, she was furious and threw Ryan out. Ryan was soon faced with another bombshell -- Kendall was carrying his and Greenlee's baby. At Thanksgiving, Greenlee told the whole town that the baby was biologically Kendall's and not hers, and left Ryan and Pine Valley. Ryan was initially angry with Kendall, but finally grew to understand that she had done it because she loved both him and Greenlee.

Although neither Kendall nor Ryan was certain they were prepared to raise the child, they agreed to continue with the pregnancy, and Ryan offered to do everything he could to help Kendall. When he exposed Zach for creating the blackout that had ruined Greenlee's eggs and prompted Kendall to have herself implanted with Ryan's sperm, Kendall was furious with him. She eventually forgave Ryan, and even offered him the chance to have a place in his son's life. When Kendall was seriously injured in an accident at Fusion, Ryan sided with Erica in wanting to save Kendall and take the baby early, and also realized that he had fallen back in love with Kendall, but talking with Zach helped Ryan realize that Kendall really did want to put the baby first. Luckily, both Kendall and Spike made it through just fine. After Spike's birth, though, Ryan was tormented with the thought that Greg Madden might have used his own sperm, rather than Ryan's, to inseminate Kendall.

Ryan started to become attracted to a new woman named Annie McDermott. Annie was running from her abusive and pedophilic ex-husband, Terry. Ryan assured Annie she would be safe. However, Annie accidentally shot Ryan when he entered his penthouse, because she thought he was Terry. Fortunately for Annie, Ryan survived. Ryan and Annie got even closer when it was revealed that he was the father of Annie's daughter, Emma. Annie had been artificially inseminated with Ryan's sperm to create Emma. Ryan wished to begin a family with Annie and Emma, so he proposed to her. On Annie and Ryan's wedding day, Greenlee attempted to crash the ceremony when she returned to town. Kendall locked her in a shed on the Wildwind property. Ryan and Annie married in a beautiful ceremony.

Ryan was devastated when Greenlee got into a car accident with his son, Spike. He blasted Greenlee for her carelessness and for causing Spike to go deaf. However, Dr. Joe Martin revealed a couple of months later that Spike had already been going deaf and Greenlee's car crash had nothing to do with it. Ryan started to befriend Greenlee again shortly after this.

On the night of a party between Ryan, Annie, Aidan, Greenlee, Zach, and Kendall, Hannah Nichols aimed a gun at Kendall in hopes of shooting her, since she felt that Kendall had stolen Zach from her. Ryan saw the gun and leaped in Kendall's way, getting shot in the head. Ryan survived, but he was left with no memory of the previous four years. The last memories he had were of loving Kendall and Greenlee in 2004. He had no memory of his life with Annie.

Having the old memories intact, Ryan pursued both Kendall and Greenlee, even though he promised to Annie that he would be committed to being a family with her and Emma. Kendall and Greenlee told Ryan they were not in love with him, and were sticking with their significant others, Zach and Aidan. This turn of events started to unravel Annie. Ryan got his memory back after about six months of not remembering anything of the previous four years.

Ryan eventually found out from both Kendall and Greenlee that Annie had kept quiet on the fact that the doctor who had performed his vasectomy had not actually done the procedure. That was when Annie revealed that she was pregnant with Ryan's child. Unfortunately, Annie lost the baby.

Ryan started to see Greenlee more often, and it was right around the time the tornadoes pummeled through Pine Valley that they admitted they loved each other. During the tornadoes, they made love and reunited. To get revenge on Ryan, Annie faked Emma's kidnapping. Ryan realized, after he got Emma back, that Annie had masterminded the whole thing and confronted her about it. Annie, in turn, held a gun on him and then leaped off the balcony of his penthouse. Ryan next saw Annie at the ConFusion fundraiser where, in a dazed state, she thought they were getting married. Annie walked around with a knife in her hand and Ryan, while "reciting vows" with her, got the knife away from his wife. Before Annie was carted off to Oak Haven, she thought that Ryan was her father.

Ryan proposed to Greenlee around Christmastime of 2008, but Greenlee did not accept his proposal because she was haunted by visions that Annie would kill her. To assure herself that marrying Ryan was the right thing to do, Greenlee went to Opal to have a tarot card reading. Opal revealed that Greenlee's wedding day would be filled with much bliss and happiness. Greenlee went back to Ryan, and he proposed again. This time, Greenlee accepted Ryan's proposal.

Opal told both Ryan and Greenlee that she had not had all the cards with her and that she saw in her reading there would be doom and gloom on their wedding day. She told Ryan and Greenlee that, if Ryan married Greenlee, it would be Greenlee's final day. Ryan and Greenlee did not believe Opal and decided to go through with their wedding plans. Ryan divorced Annie, and Greenlee divorced Aidan. Since Reese and Bianca were planning on marrying around the same time as Ryan and Greenlee, all four decided they would get married together.

The day before his wedding, Ryan saw Zach and Reese share a kiss. He told Greenlee on their big day that he wanted to get married separately from Reese and Bianca, since he did not want to get married next to a couple with secrets and lies between them. Greenlee agreed. When Ryan next saw Greenlee, she had left the place where they were originally supposed to get married in her wedding dress, wearing a jacket. Ryan shouted after Greenlee, but she did not listen. Kendall ended up driving erratically, and it caused Greenlee to drive off a cliff. Zach claimed to have been the driver, and this made Ryan vow to get revenge on Zach.

Ryan began his revenge by taking over Zach's company, Cambias Industries. Ryan and Kendall grieved Greenlee's death together, and Kendall leaned on Ryan as her marriage crumbled. On the day they identified Greenlee's personal effects, Ryan and Kendall slept together. Their affair continued, and Kendall's marriage ended. Ryan asked Kendall and her children to move in with him. Kendall stalled in making a decision when Ian, her son with Zach, needed heart surgery.

Zach and Ryan were united over protecting Kendall when she became a suspect in the death of Stuart Chandler. Stuart was murdered when someone had mistaken him for his brother, Adam. Adam's company was responsible for the defective heart valve that had almost killed Zach and Kendall's son, Ian. Many Pine Valley residents, including Kendall and Zach, had motive to want Adam dead.

Zach and Kendall remarried so they could not testify against one another. Kendall was the prime suspect. Ryan realized Kendall and Zach were still in love and let Kendall go. Instead, Ryan focused on a different suspect in Stuart's murder, his ex-wife, Annie McDermott. Annie and Emma had been at the Chandler mansion the night of the murder, and Emma had drawn a picture of Annie holding a gun.

Ryan was convinced Emma knew something about Stuart's murder, but she refused to share what she knew. Ryan petitioned the court to prevent Annie from seeing Emma, but Annie found ways to make contact. Ryan overheard a phone conversation between Emma and Annie where Annie made Emma promise not to tell what she knew. Emma was afraid of Adam Chandler and the Chandler mansion. She was upset her mother was living there and planning to marry Adam. Zach was desperate to clear Kendall's name and learned Emma knew something about the murder. Ryan's feud with Zach escalated when Zach set up secret meetings between Emma and Annie, and when Zach questioned Emma without Ryan's consent. Emma claimed she had seen Kendall shoot Adam, and Kendall was sent to prison.

During that time, Ryan began spending time with Erica Kane, Kendall's mother. The pair flirted during business discussions regarding Fusion and Cambias Industries. Erica stepped in to run Fusion in place of Kendall, and she and Ryan teamed up to investigate Annie's actions the night of Stuart's murder. Erica also began spending time with Emma. Ryan agreed that Emma might open up to a woman about what she had really seen.

Ryan was appreciative of Erica, and they continued to work together to protect Emma. They even shared a kiss before Erica left to do charity work in Africa. Ryan missed Erica while she was gone, and he dreamed about her. He still missed Greenlee, especially when he received anonymous gifts linked to times he and Greenlee had shared. When Erica returned from Africa, Ryan and Erica organized a charity dance event together.

Ryan and Erica entered the competition as dance partners and used the event to pry information about Stuart's murder out of Annie. When Ryan and Annie danced, she told him their daughter, Emma, had killed Stuart accidentally. Annie also taunted Ryan and Erica about their relationship, pointing out the significant age difference. This prompted Ryan and Erica to talk about their friendship. They both admitted they had romantic feelings for the other and began to act on them.

Stuart's real killer was revealed. It was his brother, Adam Chandler. Annie married Adam, and he bribed a judge to give Annie joint custody of Emma. Erica comforted Ryan and tried to convince Adam not to trust Annie. Ryan and Erica's relationship became public, and they became lovers. When Erica's ex-husband Jackson Montgomery returned to town, Ryan and Erica realized they each belonged with someone else. They parted ways as friends.

Ryan's attention soon refocused on Greenlee. David Hayward was planning a wedding to a mystery bride. His bride-to-be was Greenlee. David had rescued Greenlee on the night of her car accident and hidden her away. He helped her recover from her significant injuries.

Greenlee needed a risky surgery. She did not want Ryan and her family to find out she was alive only to lose her again. Once she survived the surgery and was recovering, Greenlee tried to contact Ryan and made her way to him. She saw Erica and Ryan in a compromising position and decided to get revenge on Ryan. She planned to marry David on the date that would have been her wedding anniversary with Ryan.

Jake Martin assisted Ryan in kidnapping Greenlee before she could marry David. Ryan had planned to marry Greenlee at the castle where they had originally planned to marry years before, the location where Ryan had fallen in love with her. Greenlee admitted she had wanted to return to him, but felt betrayed by his relationships with Kendall and Erica. Greenlee refused to marry Ryan. Instead she married David. Ryan saw how much Greenlee had changed when she accused Kendall of purposely driving her off the road. Instead of protecting Kendall, she protected David.

Ryan was finished with Greenlee, although David was not convinced Ryan and Greenlee were truly through. David was worried when Greenlee and Ryan took a business trip together. Ryan purchased Zach's casino and hired Madison North. David learned Madison needed money and tried to make a deal with her. He would pay Madison to seduce Ryan. Madison did not take the deal, and instead told Ryan about David's offer. Ryan and Madison became friends and began to causally date.

Madison fell in love with Ryan as Greenlee realized she wanted Ryan, not David. Greenlee confessed her love for Ryan. Then Ryan suffered an aneurysm and dreamed of Greenlee. When he recovered from surgery, he planned to tell Greenlee how he felt, but Greenlee decided to remain with David. David was blackmailing her so she had to stay with him. He had falsified evidence so it looked like Greenlee was behind Erica Kane's plane crash. Greenlee let Ryan believe she had feelings for David and wanted her marriage to work. Ryan continued to move on with Madison and they became lovers.

In time, Ryan learned Greenlee was staying with David because of blackmail, and he decided to help her turn the tables on David. As they began working together, David was murdered, and Ryan and Greenlee were both suspects. Ryan remained with Madison but began spending more time with Greenlee as they tried to find David's real killer. They suspected David had framed Ryan. Zach helped Ryan and Greenlee go on the run to track down proof that David was alive. Ryan and Greenlee professed their love and reunited. Their happiness was bittersweet. As they celebrated their love, Kendall lost her husband. Zach's plane went down and he was killed while helping Greenlee and Ryan.

David returned to Pine Valley, very much alive. During a fight between David and Ryan, a stray bullet hit Madison. Madison learned she was pregnant with Ryan's child, but she did not tell him. She allowed Ryan to believe Scott Chandler was her baby's father. Ryan and Greenlee were remarried on Valentine's Day at ConFusion. Annie kidnapped Emma during the reception and went on the run with her. Ryan was grateful for all Madison was doing to help locate Emma. Emma contacted Madison a few times, and while they were searching for Emma, Ryan learned Madison was pregnant with his child. When Emma returned home, she wanted to spend time with Madison, not Greenlee.

Ryan struggled to understand why Madison lied about the baby's paternity but he forgave Madison and wanted to be fully involved in the child's life. He immediately offered Madison a place to live and financial support, both of which she refused. Madison was overwhelmed and Ryan agreed to give her space. She responded by allowing Ryan to attend a prenatal appointment and they heard their child's heartbeat together.

While Ryan awaited the arrival of his new child, he and Greenlee helped Kendall investigate Ricky Torres. They suspected he had been involved in causing Zach's plane crash. During the investigation, Ryan and Greenlee realized that their marriage might not be legal because Ricky had officiated. They decided they would marry again to ensure it was legal.

Ryan stalled the plans to remarry Greenlee when he discovered Greenlee knew about Madison's pregnancy and that he was the father for months and had never planned to tell him. When Ryan confronted Greenlee, she explained she was going to tell him about the baby when the timing was right. Ryan did not believe her and became further enraged when Greenlee confessed she had tried to pay Madison to leave town and that Greenlee had encouraged Scott to date Madison in exchange for giving him a job at the hospital. Ryan planned to inform Madison about the deal between Scott and Greenlee but he decided to leave it a secret when Scott convinced Ryan he truly cared for Madison.

Even though Ryan, Scott, and Greenlee had decided to spare Madison the pain of knowing how her relationship with Scott started, she found out when David Hayward overheard a conversation about the deception. Madison was heart-broken by the news and was distracted behind the wheel. She lost control of her car and crashed. Due to the accident, Ryan and Madison's baby was born extremely premature. They named their daughter Sara Lavery. Madison and Ryan were able to visit their daughter once before she succumbed to pneumonia and an infection in her blood. Ryan shared the tragic news with Madison and they grieved their daughter together.

Losing Sara reminded Ryan of how close he had been to losing Greenlee after her car accident and he surprised her with a wedding in their home officiated by Tad Martin. The newly remarried couple teamed up to investigate the strange relationship developing between Erica and David. They discovered David was working on a mysterious medical project he called Project Orpheus. When Ryan confronted David, he refused to reveal any information.

Griffin Castillo was also involved in David's project and Ryan convinced him to share what he knew. Griffin did not know the extent of what David's work entailed but he explained David had discovered a way to use stem cells to revive tissues that were no longer alive. Griffin suspected David had tried the procedure on some Pine Valley residents. Ryan realized David had most likely experimented on Greenlee after her car accident. Ryan also wondered if David had experimented on Zach.

Greenlee confessed she had been feeling tired lately and she visited David for answers. He admitted he had performed a medical miracle on her but the treatment she now required could only take place in a secret location. Ryan objected to Greenlee receiving any treatment from David and Ryan thought Greenlee agreed with him until she disappeared. Ryan threatened David but he refused to reveal Greenlee's whereabouts.

Ryan located Greenlee at David's medical compound and was shocked to discover she was not alone. She was with Zach Slater, another one of David's mystery patients in his Project Orpheus. Zach needed immediate medical attention and was taken to the hospital. As Zach recovered, Ryan questioned how David was in position to save Zach after his plane went down. Ryan was surprised when Zach publicly instructed him to leave David and Project Orpheus alone and announced his partnership with David in the project.

Greenlee also asked Ryan to back off of David and she admitted David had hinted that Ryan's former love Gillian might still be alive. Ryan assured Greenlee she was the love of his life but he privately reminisced his time with Gillian.

After Zach left the hospital he continued his full support of David and Ryan continued to look for proof of David's involvement in illegal activities. Griffin agreed with Ryan that David needed to be stopped and he threatened to take his knowledge of David's experimental medical treatments to the FDA so Orpheus would be shut down. Before Griffin could carry out his threat, he disappeared. Ryan believed Zach was involved in Griffin's disappearance.

Ryan and Greenlee followed Zach and interrupted a meeting between Zach and David. Zach confessed his had killed Griffin to prevent him from shutting down Orpheus and he shot Ryan as well. David was shaken by the lengths Zach took and admitted he should not have saved him when his plane went down. David spoke about his involvement as a silent partner with the group that had planned Zach's murder. Ryan and Greenlee made sure the police heard David's confession and Zach, Ryan, and Greenlee revealed they had worked together to trick David. The shot Zach had fired into Ryan had also been part of the act.

David was arrested and Ryan and Greenlee joined their family and friends at a barbeque at the Slater home. Everyone celebrated Zach's return and Ryan and Zach announced their plans to work together in a charity named after Myrtle Fargate. Afterward, Ryan and Greenlee took Emma to the park. While Emma played, Ryan professed his love to Greenlee and admitted he was the happiest he had ever been and was finally able to move past his troubled childhood thanks to her.

The good news in Pine Valley continued when Stuart Chandler was also revealed to be alive as part of Project Orpheus. Adam Chandler hosted a party to welcome Stuart home and Ryan and Greenlee attended. They joined in the toasts that celebrated live in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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