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Kendall Hart Slater
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Actor History
February 24, 1993 to July 3, 1995
January 3, 2002 [as mystery person]; January 8, 2002 to September 23, 2011

Originally stated in 1993 to have been born September 25, 1970

Birthday was revised to September 25, 1976, in 2002


Author of the book Charm

CEO of Enchantment Cosmetics [appointed Sep 16, 2003]

Founder and co-owner of Fusion cosmetics

Board member of the Miranda Montgomery Foundation

Former nanny for Petey Cortlandt [hired Aug 2002]

Formerly employed by Revlon/Giavanna Cosmetics

Former assistant to Greenlee Smythe [hired Aug 2002]

Formerly Erica's assistant at Enchantment [hired Apr 4, 2002]

Former waitress at Sounds of Salsa [hired Mar 26, 2002]

Erica's former assistant at Enchantment

Former waitress at McKay's restaurant

Former assistant to Brooke English at Tempo [Oct to Nov 1994]

Former assistant to Dimitri Marick [May 1994 to Aug 1994]


450 Old Cedar Lane, Pine Valley, PA

Formerly aboard a yacht in Majorca

Formerly 105 Garden Drive #2; a condo in a development near a park

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F [Also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 3G [Also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly 140 Calvert Street; the Fargate Boarding House

Formerly Room 17, the Pine Cone Motel, with Ryan Lavery

Formerly Room 18, the Pine Cone Motel

Formerly at the Hunting Lodge at Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Formerly Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Formerly at Linden House

Formerly in Florida

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Zach Slater [Married: Jun 4, 2009]

Past Marriages

Anton Lang (divorced)

Zach Slater [Engaged: Apr 21, 2005; Divorced: Sep 20, 2005]

Zach Slater [Married: May 4, 2006; Divorced: Apr 14, 2009]


Bill Hart (adoptive father)

Alice Hart (adoptive mother)

Richard Fields (father; deceased)

Erica Kane (mother)

Ben Shepherd (paternal half-brother)

Joshua Madden (maternal half-brother; deceased)

Bianca Montgomery (maternal half-sister)

Eric Kane (grandfather)

Mona Kane (grandmother; deceased)

Mark Dalton (half-uncle)

Silver Kane (half-aunt; deceased)

Julie Rand Chandler (cousin)

Miranda Mona Montgomery (niece)

Gabrielle Amelia Montgomery (niece)


Spike Lavery (son; with Ryan)

Ian Slater (son; with Zach)

Flings & Affairs

Dimitri Marick (crush/obsession)

Del Henry (engaged)

Ryan Lavery (engaged)

Aidan Devane (lovers)

Trey Kenyon (kissed)

Adam Chandler Jr. (kissed)

Michael Cambias (lovers; deceased)

Jonathan Lavery (one-night stand)

Ryan Lavery (engaged: January 27, 2004)

Ethan Cambias (engaged; deceased)

Adam Chandler Jr. (lovers)

Aidan Devane (affair)

Ricky Torres (briefly engaged in May of 2011 so Kendall gather prove Ricky had killed Zach)

Griffin Castillo (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Falsely accused Dimitri Marick of raping her

Didn't tell anyone that Bianca had gotten locked in the Marick family crypt

Perjury; falsely claimed that Erica knowingly stabbed Dimitri because she was jealous that he had seduced Kendall; sentenced to jail time

Forgery; forged documents stating that Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth, which would mean that Corvina and Anton would inherit the Marick fortune

Suicide attempt; tried to make it look like she overdosed by taking a few pills; it was a lie

Burned Erica and Dimitri's divorce papers [1994]

Blackmail; threatened Dimitri by saying she would tell Anton who his real parents were

Child endangerment; left Bianca alone with Richard Fields [1994]

Kept quiet about knowing that Jane Cox was really Janet Green [1994]

Attempted to write a tell-all book about Erica [1994]

Called a minor's parents and lied about the girl's alcohol use

Arson (or almost arson); nearly burned down the Pine Cone Motel twice [Jan 2002]

Lied to the landlord at the Pine Cone Motel about moving in with Ryan in order to skip out on the money she owed for rent [Mar 2002]

Provided alcohol to a minor (Bianca) [Apr 26, 2002]

Called Donald Steele to leak the news that Bianca had gotten into an accident while driving drunk [May 2001]

Corporate espionage; took secret Enchantment files to Revlon [May 2, 2002]

Perjury; lied by saying that Bianca had stolen the alcohol [May 2002]

Broke into Erica's home and snooped around Bianca's room [2002]

Held Erica at gunpoint [May 3, 2002]

Arrested and charged with arson [May 2002]; charged were dropped

Destruction of property; destroyed Greenlee's gown and other items at a bridal show [Jun 19, 2002]

Disorderly conduct/assault; fought with Greenlee at a bridal show [Jun 19, 2002]

Stole Aidan's clearance pass to the Enchantment construction site [Jun 28, 2002]

Theft; stole Bianca's key to Erica's office at Enchantment [Aug 8, 2002]

Assault; whacked a bar patron in the head with a beer bottle [Nov 20, 2002]

Aided fugitive Aidan Devane's flight from the authorities [Jan 2003]

Knocked Michael in the head with a vase [Jun 2003]

Breaking and entering; broke into Michael's condo, unsuccessfully tried to steal money from his safe [Aug 8, 2003]

Did not call the police upon finding that Michael Cambias had been shot [Aug 29, 2003]

Upon the conclusion of Michael's trial, Kendall was accused of the following crimes:

Arrested for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery [Nov 4, 2003]

Hid inside a large trunk so that she could eavesdrop on Ryan and Greenlee [Jun 2004]

Lied to the SEC; said that Ryan and Greenlee's marriage was out of love and not a business deal [Jun 7, 2004]

Had Greenlee falsely arrested for kidnapping Spike [2007]

Forged journal entries in which she posed as Greenlee claiming to want Spike [2007]

Held Richie Novak hostage at knifepoint [Jul 1, 2008]

Copied a key to Annie Lavery's Post Office box without permission and used it to illegally gain access to her mail [Aug 2008]

Reckless driving, causing Greenlee to drive off a cliff [Feb 13, 2009]

Attempted murder of Adam Chandler [May 15, 2009]

Bribery; told D.A. Henry North that, if he dropped the murder charges against her, she would help him get elected Governor of Pennsylvania [Jun 23, 2009]

Arrested for the murder of Stuart Chandler [May 28, 2009]

Arrested for breaking and entering; charges were dropped [Jul 8, 2009]

Hit Liza over the head with a laptop [Aug 25, 2009]

Complicit in Aidan Devane's kidnapping of Annie Lavery [Oct 7, 2009]

Held Jake and Amanda at gunpoint [Oct 16, 2009]

Theft; stole Liza Colby's car keys and then stole a briefcase from Liza's car [Sep 9, 2009]

Destruction of property; burned the contents of Liza's briefcase [Sep 10, 2010]

Shot David Hayward in the chest [Nov 30, 2010]

Held Ricky Torres at gunpoint [May 27, 2011]

Health and Vitals

"Suicide" attempt; took a few pills and made it appear that she'd tried to overdose, which resulted in her having her stomach pumped [1994]

Injured after being trapped during a tornado [1994]

Received hormone treatment in preparation of being a surrogate mother to Greenlee and Ryan's child [Summer 2005]

Coma following a construction collapse orchestrated by JR [May 2006]

Emergency cesarean section to deliver Spike [May 2006]

Suffered injuries that rendered her unconscious during a tornado [Oct 2008]

Received a heart transplant [Jan 21, 2009]

Miscellaneous Information

Blood type is O- (revealed Oct 16, 2009)

Brief Character History

Kendall Hart first appeared in Pine Valley as a fragile young woman who sought out her idol, Erica Kane, at Enchantment in hopes of finding employment. Erica hired Kendall as her personal assistant, and Kendall took up residence at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house. As Erica's assistant, Kendall became very involved in Erica's personal life as she helped to coordinate Erica's wedding to Dimitri Marick. It was during that time that Erica's mother, Mona, made a startling discovery. She noticed a familiar birthmark on Kendall's neck and realized that she had seen that birthmark once before.

Twenty-three years prior, Erica had been raped by Richard Fields, an actor friend of her father's, and had become pregnant. She was only 14 years old and, since abortion was not legal at that time, she had been forced to give birth to the child and put it up for adoption. Before the infant was given to the adoptive parents, Mona had held her briefly and noticed the birthmark.

Erica however, buried the painful memory from her consciousness and, as an adult, she was not ever aware she had borne another child. The truth became known when a jealous Kendall blurted out the truth when Erica's daughter Bianca was hurt in a riding accident.

The mother and daughter reunion did not go well at all. Kendall had become obsessed with finding her biological father, but Erica forbade Kendall to look for him--after all, he was the monster who had raped her. Kendall ignored Erica's warning and managed to con Dimitri, who was Erica's husband, into helping her locate Richard Fields, who was Kendall's biological father. When Erica learned of Kendall's continued pursuit, she told Dimitri that Kendall was no longer welcomed in their home, Wildwind. Dimitri, unaware of Kendall's lies, challenged Erica's decision, and as a result, Erica asked Dimitri for a divorce.

Kendall was secretly falling for Dimitri. One evening, she spent the night with Anton Lang, a medical student from Hungary whom Dimitri was fond of, and she ran to Erica and lied that Dimitri had raped her. In an enraged moment, Erica, believing that Dimitri had raped Kendall, confronted him and plunged a letter opener into his chest.

During the trial, Kendall tried to unnerve her mother by wheeling the elderly and ailing Richard Fields into the courtroom. She also testified against her mother and claimed that Erica knowingly stabbed Dimitri because she was jealous that he had seduced Kendall. Later, Kendall learned the truth about Richard Fields when he tried to force himself on Bianca. Seeing the error of her ways, she finally told the truth at Erica's trial, but she was sent to jail for committing perjury.

Early in 1994, Kendall befriended Del Henry, a writer with a secret, and she teamed up with him to write a scandalous tell-all book about the life and loves of her mother, Erica Kane.

After her short stay in jail, Kendall fell in love with Anton. He proposed and she accepted. Kendall discovered that Anton was really Dimitri's son by Corvina, whom Anton believed was his older sister. Being the schemer that she was, Kendall wanted Anton to claim his birthright. With Corvina's help, she forged documents stating that Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth, which would mean that Corvina and Anton would inherit the Marick fortune.

Kendall's scheme failed, and Anton divorced her. She continued to work on the book with Del, and he slowly began to make her realize that there were more important things in life than getting back at Erica and that she would only harm herself in the end. He even helped her mend her relationship with her adoptive family in Florida, whom she had resented for keeping her adoption a secret. Despite everyone's warnings to Del about Kendall's true character, he believed she had finally changed. Kendall fell in love with her friend, Del Henry, and they planned to marry. They left Pine Valley after receiving the sad news that her adoptive father, Bill Hart, had died. They left for Florida to live with Alice Hart, but not before Kendall and Erica were able to reach some sort of understanding. Erica finally accepted Kendall's apology for all the evil she had caused.

Kendall returned to Pine Valley in January 2002 when Erica was on trial for the murder of Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone. Hell-bent on revenge, Kendall hoped that her testimony about how she and her mother did not get along would send Erica up the river -- permanently. What Kendall didn't know, however, was that Erica had hoped for the very same thing. Kendall's damning testimony would, in Erica's mind, protect Bianca -- the person Erica really believed killed Frankie.

Kendall's plot to send her mother to jail was thwarted when Erica was found not guilty. Kendall was furious, but found some comfort in an unlikely friendship with Ryan Lavery. The "opposites attract" friendship resulted in the pair living together for a short time -- though it was strictly platonic. Kendall soon decided to move into Myrtle's boarding house to offer care for Chris Stamp, Ryan's dad -- and to play mind games with her half-sister, Bianca.

Kendall became Ryan's neighbor at the Pine Cone Hotel. Their mutual antagonism eventually turned to affection. Ryan eventually proposed marriage to Kendall and gave her a ring once given to his mother. Kendall and Ryan made plans to leave Pine Valley as soon as her name was cleared. Kendall had been accused of torching Erica's home. Ryan's faith in her innocence became a source of contention between him and Chris. Kendall was eventually cleared when Erica learned that Myrtle had seen Kendall at the boarding house at about the same time that the fire was started. Erica sat on the news for several weeks, but she eventually came clean.

On his wedding day, Ryan looked for his father to invite him to the ceremony, but he instead found Kendall trying to seduce Aidan Devane. Instead of leaving Pine Valley with his new wife, Ryan roared out of town on his motorcycle -- alone -- as Kendall stood in the rain and begged for him to stay.

After Ryan left, Kendall set her sights set on another man in town -- Palmer Cortlandt and his sizeable bankbook. Palmer took a liking to Kendall who, much to Opal's chagrin, hired Kendall as Petey's nanny. Petey was the perfect child as long as Kendall paid him off. After Kendall threatened to go to the Bar Association about Trey's illegal tactics, Trey agreed to let Kendall move in with him. Trey and Kendall began to compare childhood experiences and the two began to bond. They kissed, but Kendall broke away from Trey.

Chris Stamp told Kendall that someone had burned Erica's house to cover up the theft of Chris's Proteus files and that person had set up Kendall. Trey tried to get Kendall to not cooperate with Chris, but it made Kendall suspicious that Trey was the person who had set the fire. Vanessa learned that Trey and Kendall were bonding and warned Trey to stay away from Kendall, because she was poison.

When Kendall told Bianca about her suspicions that Trey had been the person who had started the fire at Erica's house, Bianca arranged a meeting with Jackson. Jackson called in Chris Stamp and, after many questions, the two decided they believed Kendall. Kendall forced Trey to admit that he had burned down Erica's house, and Kendall agreed with Jackson to have the apartment bugged and to get Trey's confession on tape. In the meantime, Kendall told Trey that he reminded her of her father, Richard Fields. Trey suspected that Richard Fields was his father, too, and after receiving no information from Vanessa, Trey and Kendall had a DNA test and learned that they were indeed brother and sister.

Kendall overheard Trey and Vanessa talking, and Trey telling Vanessa he cared for Kendall. Kendall softened on Trey. She told Trey not to go into the bugged apartment and chose not to press charges against Trey for framing her. Kendall did force Trey to make a list of every lie he'd told since arriving in Pine Valley. Kendall continued to protect Trey. Erica offered Kendall a position at Enchantment in exchange for Trey's written confession but Kendall chose not to betray her brother. Trey told Kendall about Vanessa's missing diamonds and they went to Miller's Falls, where Kendall went into the water and retrieved the diamonds. Kendall reluctantly agreed with Trey to turn the diamonds over to the police.

Kendall and JR became close and shared a passionate kiss. Kendall told JR she wouldn't let anything happen between her and a "kid." JR continued to admire Kendall and developed a crush on her. They remained friends. Petey learned of a kiss between Kendall and JR and blackmailed Kendall.

Kendall and Aidan were very attracted to one another, but Kendall wondered who was special to Aidan. She spied on Aidan and notified Jackson that she had found Maria Santos Grey. Aidan was furious with Kendall for turning in Maria. Kendall told Aidan she did it because she was jealous of Maria. They kissed. Kendall and Aidan were on-again, off-again and she continued to be jealous of Maria. After Kendall filled in on Aidan's job as bartender, Aidan went to thank Kendall and they made love. Aidan told Kendall to stop the revenge against her mother and grow up. Once again, they decided to only be friends.

When confronted by Erica, Greenlee pretended to hire Kendall as her assistant at Revlon, but once Erica was out of sight, Greenlee wanted nothing to do with Kendall. Kendall tried to get Greenlee to hire her, but Greenlee continued to not want anything to do with Kendall. Kendall ingratiated herself to Greenlee by hiring a top spokeswoman away from Enchantment and took her to Revlon. Greenlee still wouldn't hire Kendall, but when a co-worker went to the office, bowed to Greenlee, and told Greenlee she was bowing to greatness, Kendall took advantage of the opportunity and introduced herself as Greenlee's assistant.

After Leo's death, Kendall tried to cover for Greenlee at work. Greenlee thought Kendall was trying to steal her job. A huge argument ensued in the office, and both Kendall and Greenlee ended up losing their jobs. The two continued to fight, and Trey suggested the two start a business together. Trey asked Kendall to find out about the ownership of a building Greenlee had asked him to acquire.

Petey overheard the conversation and offered to tell who owned the building for money. Kendall realized that Palmer must own the building. Kendall met with Palmer and leased the building for a few dollars per year. Greenlee was furious when she found out but reluctantly agreed to team up with Kendall if she could have the corner office. They formed a cosmetics company. Simone later joined the company and, with help from JR, Kendall arranged for a meeting with Liza, who provided the financial support needed. The new company was called Fusion.

Michael Cambias raped Bianca. He had also tried to rape Erica and Kendall, but was not successful. Bianca didn't tell anyone about the rape, although everyone noticed the drastic and unhealthy change in her behavior. In order to cover up her rape, she told everyone that she had broken up with Lena and that was why she was so upset. Shortly after, she discovered from a routine checkup with her doctor, David Hayward, that she was pregnant with Michael's child. She chose not to tell anyone about the pregnancy for some time, but when she told Erica, Erica tried to convince her to abort the pregnancy. Erica didn't want Bianca to suffer through the pain she had experienced when she had Kendall, who immediately became scorned as a "child of rape."

Bianca was torn between terminating the pregnancy and keeping the child to raise as her own. She decided to have an abortion and made an appointment with David immediately. When she got to the clinic, she ran into Kendall. Kendall realized why Bianca was there and said that Bianca needed to do what was right for her, even if it meant terminating the pregnancy. In the short time they spent together at that clinic, Bianca formed a close bond with her sister and finally understood all the pain that Kendall had been living through because of how she was conceived. Kendall told Bianca she loved her and would support whatever decision Bianca made. After a long discussion with David and the kind words from Kendall, Bianca decided not to terminate the pregnancy.

Kendall's sisterly act soon turned into a nightmare for Bianca when Kendall announced that she had married Michael in Las Vegas to obtain his money, and to get back her cosmetics company that he had stolen. Kendall waved around her marriage license like it was money and flaunted her news to the entire town. Everyone resented her and thought she was lying. Shortly after becoming a newlywed, Michael showed up dead in the freezer of an abandoned warehouse that Kendall had purchased the day before.

Soon, everyone in Pine Valley became a suspect, even Bianca. Bianca swore that she was with Reggie, Jackson's adopted son, the entire night of the trial. With Michael's death, Kendall thought she would be the lucky inheritor of his riches, but Ryan Lavery sidetracked her plans. Ryan announced at a mysterious dinner that in the will written by Alexander Cambias, Michael's father, Ryan, would be the sole heir of the Cambias fortune, unless Michael had a child.

Even with that news, Bianca still refused to tell anyone the truth. The last thing she wanted from the Cambias family was their money. Kendall approached her to try to explain that Kendall had married Michael for his money and never slept with him. Kendall told Bianca over and over again that what she did, she'd done to protect Bianca and Erica. Bianca believed her and their relationship grew stronger.

When Kendall went to visit Bianca in her new apartment, she found a baby book in a stack of books on a coffee table. When she picked up the baby book, Bianca's first sonogram tumbled out. Bianca was forced to come clean and told Kendall that she'd never aborted the pregnancy. She said that after their conversation, she couldn't terminate the pregnancy without terminating Kendall also. Kendall understood her reasoning and agreed that Erica shouldn't know about the baby.

Kendall planned a funeral for Michael to throw the cops off and get them off her back. She expected no one to show up, but everyone in Pine Valley did. They all spit their demons onto his casket and watched it lower to the ground. When Bianca and Kendall were standing by the grave, Bianca became weak and fainted. Ryan ran to her side and helped her stand up, but noticed the sonogram that fell out of her purse. He immediately asked her whose sonogram it was, and Bianca was silent. He continued to question her, and Kendall jumped to her defense. In a desperate attempt to protect her sister, she told Ryan that she was pregnant with Michael's child.

Ryan refused to believe Kendall's story and figured she'd made it up to save her from the cops. By that time, they were considering Kendall a primary suspect and if she'd married Michael and had sex with him that night, then she could not have killed him. While Ryan was determined to find out the truth, Kendall and Bianca panicked about the baby. They told David, and David offered to help make Kendall look as though she were pregnant.

Bianca didn't want to go along with the plan and put Kendall in more danger, but Kendall refused to let Erica know the truth. She swore to Bianca that she wanted to protect Bianca, and keep the baby from living with the stereotypes as a child of rape. Maggie soon discovered their plan and thought it was extreme but, out of love for Bianca, agreed to help. Bianca even confided to Lena about her pregnancy because she didn't want to lie to her. They were finally starting to form a friendship and, when Lena heard the truth, she continued to stand by Bianca's side and keep her secret.

Of course, Ryan blabbed the news to Greenlee Dupres, who informed her archenemy, Erica, about Kendall's pregnancy. Bianca stood by and watched her mother bash Kendall for carrying Michael's child. Bianca pretended to hate Kendall, as well, for the sake of their plan, but deep down, she hated how her mother treated Kendall. Erica acted as though carrying Michael's child was the most disgusting and selfish thing anyone could do. Ryan forced Kendall to take a pregnancy test to determine if she was lying and to settle the dispute about the Cambias will. Maria Gray performed the test as everyone watched. Bianca created a distraction outside, and David quickly swapped Kendall's blood sample with one he had drawn previously from Bianca.

As that was happening, Kendall was arrested for Michael's murder, although everyone in Pine Valley seemed to think she was innocent -- even Erica. Ryan approached Bianca about Kendall's pregnancy and told her that he knew Kendall would pass the DNA test. He never said it outright, but Ryan implied that he knew that it was Bianca who was pregnant. Despite Ryan's willingness to help, Kendall constantly turned him away. Later, however, Kendall agreed to let Ryan help out. He hired a top-notch doctor, who agreed to conduct a non-invasive paternity test on Bianca and say that she had conducted the test on Kendall. The test results satisfied the court, but there were still those who doubted that Kendall was really pregnant.

In the middle of court, Greenlee duPres yanked Kendall's dress off, revealing a pregnancy pouch. The incident turned everything upside down. Everyone put two and two together and realized that Bianca was carrying Michael's child. Erica was outraged and blasted her daughters for having lied to her. Kendall and Bianca both claimed that they had been doing what they thought was best for Erica, but Erica didn't believe them.

Slowly but surely, Bianca started to recall that she might have more information about Michael Cambias' murder. The pieces finally fell together and she realized that she had been the one who'd shot and killed Michael. She had visited Michael's condo while toting Reggie's gun. When Michael again tried to harm her, she shot and killed him. Following Bianca's confession, the judge presiding over the case leaned hard on the prosecution not to press any charges against Bianca.

As Bianca's due date approached, after a storm, she found herself trapped in the middle of nowhere with Babe. Babe called Paul and asked that he fly his medical helicopter to take her and Bianca to the hospital. Paul initially refused, but later agreed. When he arrived, he helped Babe deliver her baby. He then administered an unknown medicine to Babe, which left her groggy. During that time, Paul staged a chopper crash.

When Babe awakened, Paul told her that her baby had died during the crash. However, when help arrived and Babe's family threatened harm to Paul if anything had happened to Babe's child, Paul changed his story and said that Bianca's baby had been thrown from the chopper. He had hidden Babe's baby in a nearby cabin and planned to give the baby boy to Kelly so that she could pass the baby off as her own. Bianca's baby was then given to Babe, which left Bianca and her family to believe that her child had been killed.

The truth eventually came out that baby Bess Chandler was really Miranda. Kendall refused to believe that JR was connected with keeping her sister's baby from her, and reserved all her hatred for Babe. Her relationship with Ethan Cambias fell apart when he could not let go of his vendetta against Zach, but just when Ethan came to her and told her that he had chosen Zach over her, at Jack and Erica's wedding in Florida, Zach dropped a bombshell on his son -- he and Kendall had just gotten married! Kendall and Zach soon began to have genuine feelings for each other, although neither was willing to put it into words. When Kendall was determined to help Greenlee, who had learned she couldn't have children, have a child of her own, Zach seemed to reluctantly support Kendall's plan to carry Ryan and Greenlee's baby for them. The night before Kendall was due to be inseminated, a blackout occurred in Pine Valley. Concerned, Kendall went to the clinic, where she convinced Madden to inseminate her that night.

Greenlee was thrilled that Kendall was having her baby, although disappointed that Kendall had done it without her being there. Shortly after Kendall's pregnancy was confirmed, Ryan, who had been believed dead when he drove his motorcycle off a cliff, returned to Pine Valley, alive and well, followed by his brother, Jonathan, and sister, Erin. Greenlee and Kendall agreed to keep the truth from Ryan, but blurted it out during a fire at the roadhouse bar to make sure that Ryan saved Kendall and his child. Shortly after, on Thanksgiving, Greenlee announced that Kendall had actually used her own egg rather than Greenlee's. Kendall tried to explain that the blackout had destroyed Greenlee's eggs, and she had fully planned to give the baby to Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee wasn't interested in anything Kendall had to say and left town.

Kendall was left with the awkward decision of whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. After a Christmas visit from first Bianca and then Father Clarence, Kendall decided to go through with her pregnancy. She and Zach also grew closer, but learning that Zach was responsible for the blackout that had necessitated using her own egg, Kendall ended her relationship with him. She grew closer to Greg Madden, and decided that his suggestion to give the baby up for adoption was the right one. She agreed to go to an island that Madden ran, where there were a number of pregnant women ensconced. Zach showed up on the island and "kidnapped" her -- the two remarried in a romantic ceremony on the boat. Kendall and Zach returned to Pine Valley very much in love, but before Kendall had a chance to talk to her family about how much she wanted the baby, whom she had nicknamed Spike, and Zach, she stopped by Fusion, where she agreed to talk to JR on Babe's behalf. When she showed up at a meeting that was supposed to be between Babe and JR, she was trapped under falling construction.

Kendall ended up in the hospital, where she lay in a coma while her friends and family tried to decide whether to put her life or Spike's life first. Zach barricaded himself in her room in an attempt to save her, while Kendall, able to hear and understand everything while in her coma, pleaded in her own mind for her friends and family to save her son. Spike was delivered early, but luckily he had been in the womb long enough to survive. Kendall awoke from her coma to find Ryan and Bianca by her side because Zach was in jail, and was awed to see her son for the first time. She went to court to testify against JR, who had confessed to his heinous actions while she was unconscious, but her word wasn't accepted because she had been in a coma at the time. After Babe lied to protect JR in court, Kendall was determined to make both of them pay. She was initially furious with Zach for helping Dixie, but Zach made her realize that Dixie was only a woman trying to find her own lost child, and Kendall vowed to help Dixie in any way that she could.

Kendall began to grow jealous of the attention that Ryan gave to Annie McDermott and her daughter, Emma. As far as Kendall was concerned, that was time Ryan was not spending with his son, Spike. When Kendall learned that Ryan was actually Emma's biological father---thanks to a sperm donation years earlier---she didn't know what to do with the information. The truth was soon exposed, and Ryan was furious with Kendall for keeping it from him.

A serial killer began targeting the women of Fusion, and murdered Simone Torres and Erin Lavery. The killer was Alexander Cambias, Sr., who had faked his death years earlier and was out for revenge on his son, Zach, for faking his death as a teenager. Alexander Sr. kidnapped Kendall and nearly killed her, but Zach saved her life. The difficult time was only brightened by the news that Kendall was carrying Zach's baby.

Greenlee returned to town shortly after. It was awkward for Greenlee to be around Spike, since he was supposed to have been Greenlee's. Despite that, the two friends slowly made inroads back to each other. On a road trip to New York, Kendall went into premature labor. Kendall asked Babe to drive her to the hospital, and for Greenlee to follow in her car with Spike. At the hospital, Kendall's labor was staved off. However, Greenlee momentarily kidnapped Spike and got into an accident, which resulted in the child going deaf. When Spike was rushed to the hospital, the stress caused Kendall to give birth to a dangerously premature boy. She and Zach named him Ian.

Without any evidence, Greenlee was not charged with kidnapping. Kendall became obsessed with making Greenlee pay. She pretended to want reconciliation with Greenlee while secretly plotting to set her up for another kidnapping of Spike. Kendall went through with her plan, and Greenlee was arrested. Guilt-ridden, Kendall was prepared to step forward and confess her role, but Greenlee went on the run with Aidan. Shortly after, Zach went missing because he had been hit by a car. Greenlee found the nearly dead Zach and began to drag him to safety when the two became trapped in an underground bomb shelter.

Kendall and Aidan, who was looking for Greenlee, became convinced the two were stuck together somewhere and vowed to find them. After a long time searching, it seemed all hope of finding Greenlee and Zach was lost. Despondent, believing their loved ones dead and needing to be close to someone, Aidan and Kendall impulsively had sex. Shortly after, they found plans for the hidden bomb shelter where Zach and Greenlee were trapped. Kendall and Aidan rescued Zach and Greenlee, who were near death. Guilt-ridden, Kendall confessed to framing Greenlee for kidnapping. A recovered Greenlee told the judge that she had driven Kendall to her actions, and Kendall got off with community service.

Kendall came out with a new book titled Charmed. She decided to go on a promotional tour across the country to promote the new book. Zach, not knowing that Kendall and Aidan had a one-night stand while he and Greenlee were stuck in the bomb shelter, hired Aidan to be her bodyguard. The owner of a hotel in Los Angeles, where Kendall stopped on her tour, attempted to sexually assault Kendall one night, but Aidan saved her. That was also a time when Ryan flew to California to see Kendall and tell her he remembered loving her four years before. Kendall told Ryan she was happily committed to her husband and her children.

Kendall eventually revealed to Zach that she and Aidan had slept together one night while he was trapped in the bomb shelter with Greenlee. She told Zach that she and Aidan had both lost hope and had grief sex. Zach told her he already knew she'd done the deed with Aidan and was more upset at her not believing she could tell him. Kendall, Aidan, and Zach decided it was time to tell Greenlee the truth. All three revealed Kendall and Aidan's one-night stand at Jesse and Angie's wedding. Greenlee told Kendall that they could not be friends but, shortly afterwards, Greenlee forgave Kendall.

Kendall started to verbally attack Annie when she felt that Annie was hiding something. Annie had implicated Kendall's husband, Zach, in Richie's murder to throw the police off in their investigation. When Annie had cramps that eventually led to a miscarriage, Kendall felt that Annie was faking it. Kendall's wish came true when Ryan got custody of Emma after Annie confessed in court that he would be a better parent. In reality, Kendall's husband, Zach, tricked her into seeing a psychiatrist who would get her to confess to Richie's murder.

On the night of the tornadoes, Zach went off to the store and left Kendall, Spike, and Ian at home. Kendall called Zach and told him to return home. When Zach arrived at their damaged house, Kendall lay unconscious. She was in a coma. Erica told Zach she found a specialist up in Canada who could help Kendall. The specialist said she could not do much when she saw Kendall at a hospital in Canada, so Zach took Kendall back to the United States.

Things were not looking good for Kendall. Her doctor, David Hayward, said she had only moments to live, and she needed a heart transplant. One night, Josh Madden returned to town and robbed Zach's casino. During a shootout, Zach shot Josh. Through testing, David told Zach that Josh's heart was a perfect match for Kendall. Zach persuaded Erica to sign the forms to take Josh off life support so his heart could go to Kendall and save her life. Erica agreed, and David performed the surgery. Kendall woke up about a week after getting Josh's heart. When she woke up, Zach told her that she'd gotten Josh's heart, since Josh was in an accident. That was also when Bianca revealed to Kendall that Zach had donated his sperm to make a baby with Bianca so Bianca could raise her with Reese. Kendall was shocked at the news but did not blow up upon hearing it.

Kendall went home from the hospital and noticed the way Zach and Reese looked at each other. Kendall told Zach that she wanted Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle out of her home. Kendall then said she did not want to attend Bianca and Reese's double wedding with Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall told Bianca she would attend on one condition: she, Reese, and Gabrielle would leave town and go back to Paris after the ceremony. Bianca agreed but, after a talk with Erica, Bianca decided she would stay in Pine Valley. That infuriated Kendall so much that she did not go to the wedding and, instead, got into her car. As she drove recklessly, she almost hit Greenlee with her car. Greenlee swerved and went over a cliff. She was presumed dead and her body washed away. Zach told Kendall he would confess to being the driver of the car.

Although Zach protected Kendall, the two remained on opposite sides regarding Reese. When Reese was blinded by shards of glass, Zach left Greenlee's memorial to be with Reese at the hospital, and he continued to offer his friendship and support after she was released. Kendall and Ryan grieved Greenlee together, and they were both upset with Zach. After identifying Greenlee's remains, Ryan and Kendall comforted one another with sex. They began an affair and flaunted the relationship in front of Zach.

Kendall considered moving in with Ryan, but while she was considering, Ian, her child with Zach, went into cardiac arrest. Ian seemed to get better, and Ryan and Kendall continued their affair. Kendall divorced Zach and told Ryan she loved him. Zach slept with a stranger he met in the casino and made sure Kendall knew about it. The woman was Liza Colby.

The war between Kendall and Zach was pushed aside when Ian needed a heart valve replaced. The Chandlers had a new heart valve prototype that David Hayward was skeptical to use on Ian. When the prototype failed, Zach and Kendall witnessed Ian flatline. They believed their son was dead, and they blamed Adam for the defective heart valve. Kendall and Zach went to the Chandler mansion separately with the intention of shooting Adam. However, someone had already been there and mistaken Stuart, Adam's twin brother, for Adam. The shooter had meant to kill Adam, but had killed Stuart instead. Jake Martin saved Ian's life.

Kendall was the prime suspect in Stuart's murder. Zach believed Kendall was guilty and confessed to the murder to protect her. Zach and Kendall had both been present at the Chandler mansion; they remarried so they could not be forced to testify against one another. They both remembered hearing a gunshot before they'd had the chance to shoot Adam. Ryan let Kendall go without a fight. He believed Zach and Kendall were not over one another, even though their marriage was a legal maneuver.

District Attorney Henry North was determined to prosecute Kendall for Stuart's murder. His case became stronger when Emma, Ryan's daughter with Annie, claimed she had seen Kendall pull the trigger. Kendall's attorney, Jackson Montgomery, learned Kendall had driven Greenlee off the road and refused to represent her. Zach blackmailed Liza Colby into becoming Kendall's attorney. Liza could not find anything to prove Kendall's innocence, so Kendall confessed. Kendall began to believe she had killed Stuart and then blocked out the memory of it. Zach believed the killer was Annie Lavery, Ryan's ex-wife.

Kendall was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but she did not go to prison. Zach hired a look-alike to take Kendall's place in prison. Zach hid Kendall upstairs in their home. She was still able to see her children and Zach, but no one else. From her hidden room, she was able to see Liza's interest in Zach, and Kendall did not like it. Kendall tried to seduce Zach, but he could not forgive her affair with Ryan. While she was hiding, she wrote Charm, a romance novel.

Kendall's life in hiding did not last long when her jealousy of Zach and Liza took hold. Liza and Zach were partners for the televised dance-a-thon at Fusion, and the camera footage showed them flirting and dancing close. Aidan Devane, a private investigator, spotted Kendall when she showed up at Fusion. Aidan agreed to keep Kendall's secret. Shortly after the dance-a-thon, Kendall's double was stabbed in prison, and she refused to go back. Kendall went on the run with Aidan. At the time, Kendall was not aware of Aidan's feelings for her. She was focused on making contact with Zach, which she did using a poetry website. She and Zach connected and became closer despite the physical distance, much to Aidan's dismay.

A friend of Aidan's, Kat, agreed to help him end Kendall's love for her husband. Kat and Aidan intercepted messages between Kendall and Zach and made Kendall believe Zach and Liza were becoming more than friends. When Zach was on his way to see Kendall, Aidan drugged her. His plan worked when Zach saw them in a compromising position. Zach believed Kendall had slept with Aidan. Although frustrated with Kendall's supposed infidelity, Zach continued to search for Stuart's killer in order to free Kendall. She had remembered she was not the killer.

Since Annie had a history of mental instability, Zach focused on gaining information from Annie and her daughter, Emma. Neither Annie nor Emma had killed Stuart, but they knew who had -- his brother Adam. The charges against Kendall were dropped, and Kendall was free to go home, but she refused to emerge from hiding. Aidan was obsessed with Kendall and would not let her go. He convinced Kendall the people she loved would not be safe if she left him. Kat realized Aidan was dangerous and turned him in. Aiden wanted Kendall to feel the pain he had felt when he lost Greenlee. When Kendall returned home, she and Zach took the boys, Spike and Ian, on a trip around the world to reconnect as a family.

Upon learning Ryan had an aneurysm, Kendall returned to Pine Valley. She learned shocking news: her best friend, Greenlee, was alive. Kendall was thrilled to have Greenlee back, but Greenlee wanted nothing to do with her. Greenlee accused Kendall of purposely driving her off the road so Kendall could make a move on Ryan. When Greenlee's husband, David Hayward, was facing charges for faking Greenlee's death, Greenlee used her time on the stand to blame Kendall. Since Ryan had recovered and Greenlee wanted nothing to do with Kendall, Kendall returned to Spain to be with her family. Eventually, Greenlee realized David had manipulated her and dropped the charges against Kendall. Once the charges were dropped, Kendall and Zach returned home.

Kendall's return to Fusion, the company she shared with Greenlee, did not go smoothly. Soon after Kendall went back to work, she learned about Greenlee's role in framing Kendall's mother, Erica Kane, for embezzling money from the Miranda Center. When Erica was involved in a plane crash and was missing, Greenlee protected David instead of fully cooperating with the police. Erica returned home safely, and Kendall supported Greenlee's decision to end her marriage to David and reunite with Ryan. There was, however, no need for Greenlee to end her marriage to David, because he was presumed dead after someone murdered him. When Ryan was arrested for David's murder, Kendall tampered with evidence that would possibly incriminate Ryan. She did not tell Zach about her arrest. Kendall was considered a flight risk and was released into Ryan's custody.

Zach was out of town, dealing with upset business partners. They were unhappy he was selling the casino. When Zach returned home, he assured Kendall he loved her, despite her actions in protecting Ryan, her ex-lover. Zach got involved in helping Ryan and Greenlee prove David had faked his murder as a way to frame Ryan. Zach was killed in a plane crash while flying to help Ryan and Greenlee.

After the news sank in, Kendall grieved for her husband. Greenlee and Ryan wanted to help her, but seeing them happy and in love was too painful. Kendall took her anger over losing Zach out on Greenlee. She tolerated Ryan because of their shared son, Spike. To place more space between herself and Greenlee, Kendall decided to focus on the Miranda Project, picking up where Zach had left off before his death.

Ryan was still accused of David's murder, but David showed up alive when Greenlee was convicted instead of Ryan. David had planned to punish Ryan for taking Greenlee away from him. Zach's death had been in vain, and Zach's family and friends blamed David. Unbeknownst to Kendall at the time, she shot David, and then blocked it out. Erica confessed in order to cover for Kendall so Kendall could concentrate on healing and taking care of her children. Kendall felt guided by Zach to forgive Greenlee when she found a Christmas present he had left for her.

Kendall continued to mourn Zach and ignored her own health. She began to have dizzy spells, and was hospitalized with pneumonia. She had two new men in her life, encouraging her recover, Ricky Torres, a minister, and Griffin Castillo, her doctor. Griffin's sister, Dr. Cara Castillo, moved in with Kendall temporarily while Kendall recovered. Kendall also dealt with the official ruling on the cause of Zach's plane crash. Ryan suspected foul play on the part of Zach's business partners, but the transportation board found a part malfunction to be the cause.

Eventually, Kendall remembered shooting David as her health continued to decline. She was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. She collapsed at the park and needed emergency surgery. The surgery was delayed when the ambulance was involved in an accident with a car, which Annie Lavery was driving. When Kendall arrived at the hospital, Griffin and David performed surgery to save Kendall's life. After Kendall was released from the hospital, Griffin and Ricky continued to keep a close watch over her.

Both Ricky and Griffin had secrets they kept from Kendall as they each continued to spend time with her. Kendall didn't know Ricky had been involved in Zach's death. He and his partner, Diana, switched the last page of a letter Zach had written to Kendall in the event of his death; the letter explained the troubles with the casino partners. Kendall realized something was off with the last page of the letter, but she did not realize Ricky had stolen the real page. Ricky was jealous of the time Kendall and Griffin were spending together, working on the Miranda Center. Ricky set Griffin up to look like a drug dealer, but Kendall continued to bond with Griffin. After she bought a date with Griffin as part of a hospital bachelor charity auction, Ricky framed Griffin for the murder of his partner, Diana.

Griffin was arrested for murder and stolen drugs were found in his room. Kendall believed Ricky was the man she could trust and shared with the police that Griffin was stealing medication from the hospital to ship to third world countries. Griffin was stabbed in prison and taken to the hospital. While he recovered, Kendall realized Ricky was not who he seemed when she found the actual last page of the letter Zach had written to her and suspected Ricky might have killed her husband. Kendall apologized to Griffin and made arrangements for him to escape police custody. He agreed as long as Ryan promised to look after Kendall.

Despite protests from Ryan and Griffin, Kendall decided the best way to expose Ricky was to pretend to enter a relationship with him. Bianca knew Kendall's plan and led Ricky to believe Zach and Kendall had only reconciled for the sake of their children. Ricky immediately made his desire for Kendall known and she faked feeling the same way about him. Griffin hid from the police in Pine Valley so he could watch over Kendall. They worked together to gather evidence against Ricky.

As Griffin and Kendall continued to find information that implicated Ricky in the death of Diana and Zach, Ricky proposed to Kendall. She accepted his proposal to prevent any suspicion but did not tell her sons about the engagement. Ricky promptly made plans to marry Kendall and he surprised Kendall with an impromptu wedding. Kendall was shocked and tried to talk her way out of marrying Ricky at that very moment. He refused to accept any of Kendall's protests and the ceremony started. During the ceremony, Kendall professed her love to Ricky and was able to convince him that she wanted to wait to marry him after she had time to plan the perfect wedding.

Ricky had arranged for a honeymoon on a yacht. Although the wedding did not take place, Kendall still joined Ricky on the yacht and she was able to seduce a confession out of him. Ricky admitted to killing Zach. He explained Zach's murder was solely business related and he had not planned to fall for Kendall but his feelings for her were real. Kendall pulled a gun on Ricky and told him she never cared about him. They struggled over the gun and Ricky gained control of it. He started to kiss and caress Kendall and stated he still loved her. Kendall was saved when Griffin and the police arrived and arrested Ricky.

Despite his role in Kendall's rescue Griffin was also arrested but released shortly after when Ricky was charged with Diana's murder. Kendall was disappointed when Griffin planned to leave town after all the charges against him were dropped. Before Griffin left, he admitted he cared for Kendall and wished they had met a different time in their lives.

Kendall was thrilled when Griffin decided to remain in Pine Valley and they decided to slowly enter into a relationship. Ryan informed Kendall that Griffin was involved in David Hayward's mysterious Orpheus project and she immediately confronted Griffin. She demanded complete honestly from him regarding his work with David if they were going to have a chance at being together. Griffin initially hesitated to share what he knew but he decided to confide in Kendall. He explained that David was performing experimental medical procedures and that David had hinted that Zach was still alive. Kendall assumed David was playing a cruel joke and refused to believe it.

Kendall remained adamant that she would not allow herself to think about the possibility that Zach could be alive even after Dixie Cooney was revealed to be alive thanks to David's Project Orpheus. Kendall stopped by the hospital to pick up medication for Spike and was shocked to see Zach wheeled in receiving medical attention. Griffin and David tended to Zach and he was able to make a full recovery. Kendall was overjoyed to be reunited with her husband and she supported his decision to partner with David in Project Orpheus although she wondered if David had somehow brainwashed her husband.

Zach's support of David turned out to only be ruse meant to trick David into admitting he had known about the plan for Zach's plane to crash. Kendall and Zach were glad to see David behind bars and they focused on spending time together as a family. Greenlee pitched a new concept for Fusion to Kendall but she explained she would be stepping back at work for awhile to enjoy her family. Greenlee understood and confessed she was throwing herself into work instead of completely opening herself to Ryan in case she ever lost him like Kendall had lost Zach. Kendall convinced her best friend that fully loving someone was worth the risk and the women thanked each other for what their friendship brought to each of their lives.

Zach and Kendall hosted a family barbeque to welcome home Zach. Although Kendall was surrounded by the love of her family, she was preparing for a confrontation with her mother. Erica had revealed her most personal moments in her new book and the book was being adapted into a screenplay. Bianca and Kendall both worried about how much of their private life would be shown on the big screen. Zach calmed Kendall down and encouraged her to speak to her mother about her concerns. Erica initially refused to make any changes but compromised with her daughters. After the screenplay was written, they would revisit how Erica presented the pivotal moments in the lives of her daughters.

Kendall and Zach joined many other Pine Valley residents to welcome home another of David's Project Orpheus patients. Stuart Chandler had been saved and his brother Adam hosted a party at his mansion to welcome him home. They celebrated family, friends, and neighbors as a shot rang out.

In the months that followed, Kendall and Zach's marriage became strained when the Russian mob tried to wedge itself into Zach's casino.

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