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Kendall's testimony damaged Erica's credibility. Jake rescued Greenlee after she got trapped in the steam room at the gym. Leo was badly beaten after confronting Larry about his affair with Vanessa. Simone informed Hayley that Mateo was missing. Proteus ordered Mateo to kill or be killed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Adam questions Liza about the divorce papers. He asks her if it's some kind of joke. She responds, "If it's a joke, you deserve it." He pleads with her to tell him what caused this, after they just made love. She tells him that the papers shouldn't have arrived now. She did want to wait until after the holidays. She tells Adam that she's afraid of how close he's becoming to Colby, and what effect it might have on her. Liza makes references to Adam's other children, pointing out his lousy track record with kids. Adam tells her that he can't promise loving Liza won't someday hurt Colby. He goes on to say that he can't make any guarantees, and if Liza really wants this divorce, he'll sign off on it. She hesitates, and Adam tells her that it'll be unpredictable if they stay together. He won't insult her intelligence by insisting nothing bad will happen to Colby. He then gives her the choice of "Take me or leave me." Liza responds by ripping up the divorce papers. As Adam goes to embrace her, she stops him and tells him that she won't promise she won't call her divorce attorney in the future. Adam responds that he'll just have to make sure she doesn't have to. Finally, they kiss.

David holds the syringe in front of Anna and accuses her of not trusting him. He accuses her of thinking he faked the attack to prove he wasn't Proteus. They discuss the traits of Proteus, and Anna says that he does fit the bill. David responds, "So do you." Anna says they are attracted by their mutual distrust for each other. David drops the syringe and crushes it under his foot. He says that he won't let his secrets get out. He promise that someday Pine Valley will look up to him as he gets the Nobel Prize. He tells Anna that she could benefit as well if she joins him. Anna appears to consider it, as she asks him how his medicine works. He tells her she wouldn't understand it. She assures him that she won't tell anyone, and he has nothing to worry about. David replies, "Thank you," but Anna isn't convinced that he trusts her. Later, at the Valley Inn, David spots Vanessa sitting in her Limo. He climbs in and asks her why she's lurking about. Vanessa says she wanted to see him. She tells him about an interesting conversation she had with Roger Smythe the other night. As David looks on in disgust, Vanessa tells him that Roger told her everything. David gets upset and tells her how important this is to him. Vanessa tells him that she can get him what he wants, because Palmer sits on the board of the hospital, as long as he breaks it off with Anna. David tells her to forget it, because he won't bend to her blackmail. He leaves her limo irate. After he's gone, Vanessa says that it was worse then she thought. She says that it'll never do if he falls in love with a W.S.B. agent. Meanwhile, Anna runs to the courthouse to catch Chris. She tells him that she has information about David and Proteus. She goes on to tell him that she gave David the truth serum. Chris asks her what he said. Anna says that he talked a lot, but she is 100% sure David is not Proteus. Chris says, "I don't have time for this," and walks back into the courtroom. Anna says, "I hope he believed it," and pulls the truth serum out of her pocket. She then says, "Maybe this will come in handy anyway."

After Erica makes her announcement, Bianca steps down and the courtroom erupts in chaos. Both Chris and Jackson try to convince Erica that this is a big mistake. After the judge settles everyone down, he tells Erica that he will allow it, but warns her that he will not accept a mistrial. He then gives a short recess to allow everyone to compose themselves. Jackson approaches Chris and tells him that he better talk some sense into her. Chris says that Erica doesn't listen to anyone, but he'll try. Meanwhile, Opal asks Erica what she's doing. Erica tells her that she's trying to keep Bianca out of jail, by not allowing Chris to cross-examine her. Chris is better then she thought he would be. Christ interrupts to speak to Erica alone. He tells her that she's playing some kind of game, and if she doesn't quit it, he'll leave.

When court resumes, Jackson rests his case and Erica takes the stand. She admits that she didn't like Frankie ever since she "staged the car accident." She was convinced that Frankie was out to get Bianca, and she wouldn't stand for it. Erica looks at Bianca and directs her comments directly to her. She said she's proud of her, and she would never be ashamed of her daughter. She doesn't care if it's a man or a woman; she just wants Bianca to love the right person, and the right person to love her. Bianca says, "I love you, too." Erica says that that's all she has, but Jackson interupts to say he has a few questions. He begins his cross-examination by accusing Erica of being self-centered and neurotic. He reminds her that she threatened Frankie more then once, and asks her if she ever made good on her threats. Erica says, "No!" Chris is mumbling under his breath that Erica should be objecting. After a few minutes, he can't take any more and leaves. Opal follows him into the hallway and asks him what he's doing. He tells her he can't watch. Opal tells him he has to stick by her, and can't leave her. She accuses him of being as stubborn as Erica is. She reenters the courtroom, leaving Chris alone in the hallway. Meanwhile, Jackson asks Erica if she went to Frankie's room with the intention of killing her. After repeated badgering, Erica finally shouts out, "Yes, I shot her!" She says she did it in self-defense. Jackson accuses her of stonewalling for weeks, and asks Erica if she's changing her plea. Erica says she has, and Jackson tells her "No further questions." Erica is upset that she didn't get a chance to tell her side of the story, but the judge assured her she would get her chance.

Meanwhile, Jackson receives a note, and asked the judge for a brief recess. He says he has information that will alter the trial. During the recess, Chris reenters the courtroom and joins Erica at the defense table. Erica apologizes for what she did, but hints that she's handling her case fairly well. Chris tells Erica that he'll never leave her, but he still doesn't understand why she did what she did. The judge asks Jackson if he's ready to continue. Jackson nods affirmatively. Based on Erica changing her plea, he would like to add a new witness, Erica's daughter. All eyes turn toward Bianca, as Jackson says, "The prosecution calls Kendall Hart to the stand." The courtroom gasps in surprise.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

The court is abuzz at Jackson's announcement of Kendall Hart being called as his next witness. Chris stands up to object, saying he needs time to prepare. After Jack and the judge point out that Stamp is no longer Erica's attorney, Erica explains she has rehired him. The judge grants a five-minute recess. Chris asks Erica what Kendall will have to say, and angrily asks why Erica has never even mentioned her daughter Kendall. Erica says they have no relationship, and she believes Kendall is here only to smear her. Chris tells her that Jackson already has enough of a case against her without character assassination. Erica admits she made a mistake in testifying herself, but adds that she had to tell Bianca how she feels about her.

Chris presses Erica for information about Kendall, but Erica is evasive.

Meanwhile, in the steam room, Anna sneaks up on a surprised Ryan and demands that they talk about his father. "I'm trying to build a case against Chris Stamp," she tells him. But Ryan isn't interested in cooperating. Anna presses on, saying, "He killed your father! You're not going to let him get away with it, are you?" "I don't care," Ryan angrily responds. He doesn't want to know any more details of his father's death, nor what made him tick. "So go out and harass someone else, it's none of your business," he tells Anna. "He might be part of this drug cartel," she insists. "He might be using you." "I DON'T CARE," Ryan retorts angrily. She tries to push more, but finally gives up and leaves.

His phone rings, and it's Liza, asking him to stop by Chandler Mansion. "I'll be right there," he says.

As the court reconvenes, Greenlee comes into the courtroom and begs Leo to come and help her. Reluctantly, he follows her out into the hallway, trying to explain to her that he needs to stay for Bianca. But Greenlee mutters urgently, "It's your wife! It's Laura!" Leo is willing to listen, and Greenlee insists that he come with her to Enchantment because she's in big trouble.

Once at Erica's somewhat disordered office, Greenlee tells Leo that Laura is planning to spill their story to the tabloids. When Leo laughingly suggests that there's no such thing as bad publicity, Greenlee replies that there is a limit. "The CEO is on trial for murder, and her stand-in is the other woman!"

Greenlee says she is trying to run a multi-million dollar corporation and Leo says he thinks that's great and that she's doing a great job. But that could all crumble if Laura publicizes their story, Greenlee says. Leo reassures her that he will talk to Laura. "And don't keep calling her my wife!" "Well, unless you got a divorce in the Dominican Republic that I don't know about, she still is," Greenlee replied. But Leo's mind has passed on to other things ... "I'd rather talk to you right now," he says with a mischievous grin as he locks the office door. Greenlee protests when she realizes where he's headed, but Leo wins her over and with a passionate kiss they settle down on the sofa.

Back in the courtroom during the recess, the judge calls Jackson and Chris to his chambers. Opal and Myrtle try to advise Erica to stay away from Kendall, but Erica makes for the door to see Kendall in the hallway. When the guard stops her, she haughtily tells him, "I'M Erica Kane! And I want to see my daughter!" The intimidated guard steps aside.

The hallway is filled with reporters, who all gradually step back to allow Erica to see Kendall face-to-face. Kendall greets her with, "Hello, Erica!" But her mother marches up to her and gives her a head-spinning slap, to the shock of everyone around. "What are you planning to say about me on the stand?" Erica demands. Chris comes and takes Erica by the arm. "The judge has given us a break. We are recessed until the morning."

Bianca faces Kendall, who is about to leave when Bianca stops her. When Bianca questions Kendall's motives in showing up, Kendall replies that she is there for the same reason as Bianca. "I will just answer whatever questions Jackson asks me," she says. When Bianca accuses her of being there just to hurt Erica, Kendall sneers, "You think she will try to shut me up the way she shut up your girlfriend?" She goes on to tell Bianca she knows all about how Bianca "came out" and what she has been through with all the tabloids. From this, Kendall deduces that Erica hasn't accepted Bianca as being gay. "Erica hates outsiders," she tells Bianca. "I was - because I was her dirty little secret, and now you are too." As a parting shot, "Mother doesn't do 'different.'"

Ryan shows up at the Chandler mansion. "You told Adam you're leaving him, right?" he demands of Liza. "I love him, I tore up the divorce papers," Liza tells him. Ryan is furious, but Liza is adamant. "How can you leave someone you love?" she asks. Ryan asks her if she wants to end up like his mother in the same kind of abusive marriage. "What about Colby?" he demands. When Liza responds that Adam loves his children, "He cost you a child, Liza, my child!" he rages. "So I dump my husband, so you can get revenge?" Liza asks. "We all have problems, and we get over them! I have. Will you?" "Adam killed my child!" Ryan accuses. "That's not right," Liza pleads. "Don't do this to yourself!" Ryan looks furious, "I'm not letting anything go again!" and storms out, leaving a shaken Liza.

With court in recess, Erica decides to go to her office at Enchantment. Chris begs her to forget it, or if she must, just take the work home with her. Her wants to go home with her and then tell him everything about Kendall. Erica begs him to defend her against Kendall, and asks his forgiveness for firing him. He tells her she doesn't make things easy. Then she finds the door to her office is locked and starts shaking the door handle. "It's never locked!" she tells Chris.

Inside the office, a startled pair of lovers jump up from the sofa and grab at their clothes. Erica finds a key and looks around at the mess of clothes draped everywhere and slams the door shut. She spies another closed door, and stealthily approaches it and opens it - to find a semi-dressed Greenlee hastily buttoning up her blouse. Erica looks shocked. Then a sheepish Leo appears, buttoning up his shirt, his hair tousled. Outside, Chris mutters to himself, "If you think I'm a patsy, lady, you're dead wrong!"

After Kendall leaves, a disconsolate Bianca wanders back into the empty courtroom. She sits downs, thinking about the day's surprises. Myrtle comes in and finds her. Bianca tells Myrtle that although her mother killed Frankie she still loves her - her mother, she hastily clarifies. She wonders why Kendall is here now. "God knows," Myrtle says, "God help us!"

Ryan returns to the Pine Cone Motel. Hearing some extra loud music coming from one of the rooms, he yells at them to turn down the music. No result, so he bangs on the door, and as it swings open, he enters the room where the noise is and looks around. At that moment a towel-clad Kendall comes in from the bathroom. "Who the hell are you?" snaps Ryan. "What the hell are you doing in my hotel room?" Kendall asks him.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

In the steam room Mia and Jake were all alone, relaxing in the warmth. Mia was lying on a bench and Jake kneeled next to her, telling her that he was enjoying himself. He admitted that taking the time to enjoy himself was something he had to learn and Mia realized that Greenlee was the one who taught him how. Jake said Greenlee did introduce him to the pleasures of the steam room. Mia said she knew that Jake still had it bad for Greenlee and he said he was in "a little recovery." Mia said that when a relationship ends, the feelings don't just go away immediately. Jake said it sounded like she knew something about getting over someone and Mia said yes she did. He said they were both on the rebound which wasn't a good thing because he just couldn't heal someone else's heart right now. Mia said she wasn't asking him to and said he'd already done so much for her. She asked what she could do for him in return and Jake said he'd like a massage. So he laid down on the bench and she straddled his back and began the massage. Mia asked how he liked his massages and Jake said he liked it "rough." She worked on his tensed muscles while they talked about ways of getting over lost loves. Jake said it was his turn to give her a massage and they switched places.

At Enchantment Erica ranted at Greenlee and Leo for fooling around in her office. Greenlee tried to make up a story about trying out their new line of sunless tanning lotions but Erica didn't buy that story. Erica said Greenlee had proven once again that she was irresponsible and can't be trusted. Leo jumped in and stood up for Greenlee, saying she'd been working her "little tush" off for Erica. Leo insisted that Erica should be showering Greenlee with praise and wondered how ungrateful Erica could be. Leo demanded that Erica apologize to Greenlee or Greenlee would walk out. Erica retorted with "Promise??." She refused to apologize to Greenlee and Leo kept insisting that she do so. Greenlee ordered Leo to leave and asked Erica for another chance. He didn't leave and Greenlee groveled to Erica, begging her to keep her on until the trial was over and she would prove how much Enchantment needed her. Finally Erica agreed and walked out of the office.In the lobby Chris was waiting for her and asked if she'd gotten everything she needed to work at home. Erica said no and that she decided to stay there and work. Chris said he'd go to Myrtle's and wait for her to call him and walked away. Erica pulled out her cell phone and called someone, saying "Where are you? Stay put, I'll be right there." She briskly walked out of Enchantment, not knowing that Chris had listened to her phone conversation and followed her out. Meanwhile in Erica's office, Leo said he didn't like the way Erica treated Greenlee but Greenlee said this job meant everything to her. She said she was Erica's slave and wanted to learn everything she could from Erica. They began arguing about Greenlee's job, with Greenlee saying that Jake would understand her devotion to the job. At this point Vanessa strolled in, saying she needed to speak to Leo. Greenlee told Leo to deal with his mother and she left. Vanessa told her son that her marriage was on the line and she needed his help. She said Larry the chauffer won't give her up. Leo told Vanessa that Greenlee comes first in his life and Vanessa became enraged, yelling that she came first with Leo, always. She begged Leo to help her and he refused, saying once again she just wants him to put his own life on hold for hers. Vanessa said they used to make such a good team. Leo agreed that she had trained him well, to come running when she called. But she'd never given him the one thing he needed most, love. But now he found that with Greenlee and he wasn't about to let his mother destroy that. Vanessa pretended dismay saying "How could you accuse me of not loving you?." Leo said his upbringing had not been normal and that he doesn't want to be her confidant anymore. He told his mother to leave him and Greenlee alone. She sadly said fine, I'll take care of Larry myself and started towards the door. Leo asked what she meant, what was she going to do to Larry. Vanessa replied "What do you care?" and left the office.

At the Pine Cone Motel Ryan asked Kendall to keep the music down, but she refused. She popped open a champagne bottle and said she has a front row seat and is going to watch "her crash and burn!", then chugs champagne directly from the bottle. Ryan has no idea what she's talking about. Ryan told her again to just keep the music down, he's in the room right across from her and just wanted some quiet. She lit a cigarette and taunted Ryan, telling him to read her the rules and watch her break them. Ran said he didn't care what she did as long as she kept the music down and walked out the door. She marched right over and turned the volume up. A few minutes later Ryan rushed back in when he saw smoke, there was a fire in the trash can. Kendall came out of the bathroom in a silky red robe just as Ryan put out the fire. He told her she should just leave Pine Valley but she said she couldn't. He asked who she was and she replied "Guess!." Ryan said she just set the fire on purpose, to attract attention to herself. He picked up the phone and called the police, saying he just stopped someone from burning down the motel and that they should send the arson unit. Kendall lunged at the phone but was too late. She told him to call off the cops or she'll have him arrested for breaking and entering. They continued arguing and in walked Erica. Ryan wondered if the two women knew each other and Kendall told him that Erica Kane was her mother. Ryan was stunned. Erica told Kendall that "If you go on the witness stand tomorrow, so help me......" Kendall piped in, what, you'll kill me too? Ryan asked if this really was Erica's daughter and Erica said yes, and that Kendall hated her for that. Ryan said he was going to leave and Kendall tried to get him to stay, saying she needed protection from her mother. Ryan said he thought it was Erica that needed the protection. Mother and daughter continued the argument, Erica saying that she'd like them to start over. In walked Chris Stamp. He yelled at her for lying about staying at Enchantment, but she said she just had to find out what Kendall was going to say on the stand tomorrow. Chris said she was just making things worse as they all heard sirens heading their way. Erica looked frightened as Kendall said Ryan called the cops. Ryan said he had just faked the call. Jackson Montgomery showed up and said the police were there because Erica's ankle bracelet set off alarms when she went out of her bail zone. Erica promised it wouldn't happen again and Jack said you're right because you'll be in jail. Kendall smiled in glee as Erica looked horrified. She couldn't believe that Jack would drag her to jail and Chris accused Jack of setting this up, knowing that if he brought Kendall to Pine Valley Erica would try to see her. Kendall said Jack didn't call her, she had called him and that she couldn't wait for Erica to get what she deserves. Jack, Chris and Erica left the motel room. Kendall picked up the champagne bottle and told Ryan she needed "more of this because Erica's going down!." Ryan told her she was pathetic for getting off watching her mother go to jail and left the room.

Back in the steam room, Jake began rubbing Mia's shoulders and she was in heaven. In walked a towel clad Greenlee. Jake ordered her to leave but she refused, saying she didn't follow him there. He accused her of needing his shoulder to cry on. Mia said they needed to work things out and left, even though Jake asked her not to. Jake yelled at Greenlee for chasing another person out of his life. He told her not to pretend she didn't come there on purpose, they always met in the steam room on the same day at the same time after she got off work and this was the day. Greenlee had honestly forgotten but realized that Jake remembered and was thrilled. "You hoped I'd be here!" she cried. Jake said she was way off base and got up to go find Mia. Greenlee said she wasn't stalking him, that she had hoped the steam room would be empty so she could be alone and pretend that Jake was next to her, giving her advice. She wished they could be friends and said she wants to hold onto what Jake gave her. "You helped me believe in myself, that means everything to me!" she told him. Jake said he was sorry for jumping to conclusions. He sat down next to her and she told him she was not chasing after him, she didn't want him back. He said he hoped she enjoyed her steam and left her alone. Greenlee got up to follow him out but the door was locked or stuck. She began to bang on the door and yell for help.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Vanessa is ensconced in her limo when Laura hops in. Laura has an offer she doesn't think Vanessa can refuse. Laura says she will make a settlement on Leo if Vanessa agrees to help her destroy Greenlee. Laura then goes on to say that she doesn't want Greenlee dead; that would be too easy. Instead, she wants to destroy Greenlee's spirit and break her heart. Vanessa is not in the mood to play Laura's games. She orders Laura out of the car and warns Laura to get out of Leo's life... or else.

Brooke and Edmund arrive at Brooke's house to find it decorated with paper hearts and valentines. There is a tape recording from Phoebe telling them that she was keeping the kids for the night so they could have some time alone together. Brooke and Edmund proceed to enjoy their evening together as they listen to the tape of romantic music Phoebe left behind. Things are heating up when Phoebe interrupts to say the next song was the one playing when her beloved Langley proposed to her. As the music plays, Edmund begins to tell Brooke what she means to him. Brooke abruptly tells him to stop. She doesn't want to be manipulated by Phoebe or anyone else. Edmund and Brooke agree to take the next step in their own time.

The mood broken, Brooke and Edmund invite Phoebe and the kids back to the house for a party. Phoebe is disappointed and laments Brooke's ringless finger, but manages to have a good time as the family engages in a game of movie charades. Laura appears in a snippy mood and demands that Brooke send her guests home so they can talk. Brooke refuses and Laura stomps out.

Leo meets Vanessa's chauffeur Larry at the park. Leo tells him he knows about the affair between him and Vanessa. Leo is concerned that Vanessa is going to get herself in trouble once again with her indiscretions, then come running to Leo to solve her problems. Leo is sure that Palmer will eventually find out what is going on. Larry takes this as a threat, then begins to beat up Leo to teach him a lesson.

Greenlee finds herself trapped in the steam room. She frantically pounds on the door and calls for help, but no one is around to save her. As she begins to lose consciousness, Greenlee has a vision of her rescuer. He looks like Leo, but has Jake's voice. As Greenlee tries to puzzle out the meaning of this, she is rescued by the real Jake. Jake helps Greenlee back to her apartment where they have a heart to heart talk. Greenlee admits to Jake that she still has feelings for him, but she loves Leo. At that moment, Leo stumbles in, then collapses on the floor. Luckily, there is a doctor on the premises. Jake looks over Leo's injuries, but except for some bruises, Leo appears to be relatively unharmed. When Jake leaves, Greenlee feels it necessary to tell Leo that nothing happened between her and Jake. Leo assures her that part of loving is trusting and that he loves her.

Back at the limo, Larry reports to Vanessa. She is upset that he found it necessary to rough up her son. Larry tells her Leo won't be a problem to them anymore. As Larry becomes amorous, Vanessa tells him she has work to do. It is time for her to take care of her problems, including Mateo Santos.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Simone finds Hayley in the park and tells her that Mateo is in trouble. Someone left the alley door open at SOS and now Mateo is missing. Hayley becomes alarmed and demands why Simone wasn't watching out for Mateo. Simone replies she's not a cop-just a journalist. She cautions Hayley to be careful finding out what happened to Mateo. Hayley hurriedly leaves the park. Simone follows her to the courthouse where Hayley wants to confront Chris Stamp as to Mateo's whereabouts because she thinks he is Proteus. Against Simone protests Hayley questions Chris as he leaves the courtroom during a recess. He quickly denies any knowledge about Mateo and then excuses himself to take care of another matter. Simone confides to Hayley she doesn't think Chris is Proteus and cautions Hayley to be careful not to put Mateo's life in danger. She leaves to return to SOS in case Mateo has returned there.

Mateo wakes up hearing Proteus' voice in the warehouse where he has been taken. He tries to explain his reason for stealing the drug money from Proteus hoping to bargain for his life. Proteus tells him he must die as his usefulness has expired. Mateo frantically pleads with Proteus saying there must be a way he can regain Proteus' trust. He asks for another chance and Proteus agrees. Proteus asks Mateo how far would he go to prove his loyalty. "I'll do anything," replies Mateo. Proteus asks Mateo if he would take another life in order to save his own. Hesitantly and reluctantly, Mateo responds he would. Proteus tells Mateo she will be in touch. In the hallway at the courthouse, Vanessa ends her cell phone call to Mateo. She removes the voice altering device from her cell phone placing it in her pocket as she sees Hayley and approaches her.

Meanwhile, Hayley is talking on her cell phone demanding that the person on the other end take a message and then quickly hangs up when she sees Vanessa approaching her. Vanessa asks if there is problem to which Hayley replies, "No. It's just a bad day." "I heard. I'm so sorry," says Vanessa as she gives Hayley a comforting hug. Hayley looks puzzled.

Brooke, upset she hasn't heard from Laura since the previous evening, searches by phone trying to find her. When she hangs up, Jamie reminds her about attending his basketball game and to bring Edmund, Sam and Maddie. He opens the front door to leave for school as Edmund arrives. Brooke, worried that she can't find Laura, talks with Edmund about her concern she is to blame for Laura's disappearance. Just as Edmund begins to reassures her Laura will turn up, Laura appears at the front door. Brooke, greatly relieved, hugs her as Laura gives Edmund an evil look. When Brooke asks her where has she been, Laura defiantly questions why is she being checked upon. She suddenly changes her mood and compassionately tells Brooke she's sorry to cause her worry. Brooke leaves the living room to go make some coffee as Edmund tries to convince Laura she is loved. Laura rejects Edmunds advice so Edmund begins to lecture her about her lack of appreciation for Brooke's love for her. Edmund asks Laura if she wants her mom to be happy. Returning from the kitchen, Booke hears the heated exchange between Laura and Edmund. She tries to get Laura to see herself as she does. That Laura is a strong person who is a survivor and her family adores her. Laura denies that anything of what Brooke says is true. I guess we don't need each other anymore she tells Brooke. Brooke tearfully tells Laura she believes Laura feels unworthy of her love and her family. Brooke pleads with her to let her family love her. Brooke tells Laura she fears that her daughter is on the path to self-destruction. Laura doesn't believe Brooke.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall is getting herself ready for her court appearance when Myrtle appears at her door. Kendall reluctantly lets her in. Myrtle assures her what she has to say won't take long. As Kendall indignantly shouts at Myrtle you want me to stay away from Erica, Ryan passes by the open door. Hearing the harshness of Kendall's words, he demands she apologize immediately to Myrtle. Kendal refuses. Myrtle reminds Kendall that she was her only friend when Kendall arrived in Pine Valley years ago. She asks Kendall if she still has the doll that contained those important papers. Myrtle than asks Kendall to let it go whatever it is that brought you to here to crucify your mother. She demands to know why Kendall has come to Pine Valley. Kendall sarcastically replies, "It's a surprise." Not able to get any information from Kendall, Myrtle leaves Kendall's motel room telling Ryan to watch his back.

Ryan asks Kendall, "Does anyone like you?" With arrogance, Kendall defends her attitude but Ryan isn't buying it and comments, "I know a classic bitch from hell when I see one and I see one right now." Ryan tells Kendall he isn't falling for her victim act and asks what she wants from Erica. Is it a vendetta for feeling her abandonment? Kendall denies he is right and demands he leave. Ryan slams the door on his way out.

Opal brings Erica her makeup case to her jail cell. She asks Erica is her plan really going to work. Erica doubts it will with Kendall's testimony. Opal asks Erica why did she visit Kendall at the Pine Cone Motel when she knew she was breaking her house arrest. Erica just shakes her head replying she didn't want to talk about Kendall.

Changing the subject, Erica asks Opal if she has seen Chris unaware he is in the holding cell corridor hearing her conversation. Erica confides to Opal she knows she has pressed Chris to his limit and she thinks he is figuring out her plan. She doesn't finish what she is saying when Chris appears in front of her cell. Chris wants to hear the rest of what Erica was going to say. Opal decides she should leave so Erica and Chris can talk.

Chris demands that Erica tell him why she visited Kendall and what is she keeping from him. Erica avoids his questions with vague excuses. Adamant, Chris continues his questioning wondering why Erica had told him there was nothing between her and Kendall and yet she had begged Kendall to not betray her. Chris demands the truth and accuses Erica of lying to him. He questions why is she condemning herself to life in prison. Losing his temper, he tells her he refuses to let her do that to herself. He then leaves the jail in anger.

On her way into the courtroom, Erica sees Myrtle in the hallway and asks her if she has seen Kendall to find out why she is testifying. Myrtle tells her she could not get much information from Kendall other than Kendall wants retribution. Chris appears in the hallway and apologies to Erica for his anger. Erica flashes one of her flirty smiles at Chris as Jackson passes by and eyes Erica with disdain.

As court begins, Jack calls Kendall to testify. She walks haughtily to the witness chair. Jack begins to question Kendall asking what did Erica say to her during her phone call. Kendall replied that Erica rarely calls her so she was surprised when she did. Erica wanted her help. Kendall told the court that Erica wanted to set up a slush fund and to get a fake passport. She also asked Kendall to get a private jet for an escape if the verdict came back guilty.

As the questioning continues, Kendall revealed that Erica told her she was going to Frankie's room to end it for good. Kendall continued, saying that Erica had told her that she hated Frankie and that she wanted Frankie dead.



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