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Monday, January 7, 2002

Oakdale woke up to several tragedies today. Residents are learning that three of its citizens, Carly, Emily, and Rose have gone missing, and one, Nick Scudder, was found murdered. Many people are questioned but when it comes to talking about the actual murder, everyone seems to be suspiciously vague with their answers leaving enough room that at least five people could be fingered.

Jack stops by Hal's place and catches him on his way out. Hal is determined to find Emily, and he wants to start by paying a visit with Emily's grandmother out of town. Jack isn't happy that Hal gets to look for Emily, but he's stuck behind his desk wanting to try just as hard to find Carly. Hal tells him to just call Jean-Claude Rembot's office in Paris to see if Carly's term at his design firm was extended. Finally leaving that black smock behind her, Barbara walks downstairs wearing a tan outfit. She spent the night at her old home preparing to help take care of Will while Hal leaves town to search for Emily. She hears the boys talk about their lost women. "Has it occurred to either of you that Emily and Carly are where they want to be? Out of sight and out of mind? It's no wonder Carly and Emily left." She says that Carly has ambition and wouldn't mind sacrificing time with Parker for her career. Emily sounded scared about losing her son. On Barbara's way out, she stops and tells Hal that their son Will opened up to her last night saying, "Mom, I'm so glad you're going to be around. Your scars...they don't scare me anymore." With that, she leaves to run an errand at Fairwinds.

Just then Jack gets a cell call from someone in Jean-Claude Rembot's office in Paris. After a short conversation, Jack hangs up and tells Hal that Paris confirms they spoke with Craig about Carly, but that they decided not to follow-up with Carly. They never called her in the first place.

At Al's diner, Lily tells Paul that Lucinda's people located Vince and he has been in the Army stationed in Germany. Paul puts two and two together and becomes frightened that something bad has happened to Rose and vows to find out who set it all up. "Who sent the flowers? Who did she leave with last night?" Lily says, "Now you're asking the right questions." Lily also says she called both Rose's father Joe and Mitzi, but neither had heard from Rose. She just can't figure out who would hurt Rose. Paul says with a determined face, "I can." And they both walk out of the diner.

Ben also meets Jessica at Al's and asks her how her morning is going. She's looking over the details of the Nick Scudder murder case. Jessica says she's not going to be directly involved in this case and that the new Assistant District Attorney will be handling the case, but that Jessica is going to decide what charges will be brought against confessed-killer Molly. Jessica thinks about what she would do if she were in Molly's situation. Jessica isn't sure if she "wouldn't do the same thing." Ben gets beeped away to the hospital, but offers Jessica his ear if she ever wants to talk.

Margo grills Jake in the interrogation room. "Why did you promise to give Nick half a million dollars and then just show up with a gun in a briefcase?" Jake says he just wanted to scare Scudder away. Margo agrees that with Nick dead, that's "One less cock roach in the world." Jake asks if she was finished with him. On his way out, he pulls the answering machine tape containing Abigail's frantic phone message pleading for help and gives it to Margo. She wondered where it went, but didn't push the issue why Jake took evidence. Margo said she won't press charges against Jake for obstruction of justice for trying to take the blame for murdering Nick, but she's going to keep his gun as evidence. He leaves the room to go visit Molly.

Abigail, still looking shaken and confused from her head injury, visits Molly in her holding cell. Abigail breaks down and apologizes to Molly for being so stupid to fall for Nick and for letting him come between them. Molly assures her it wasn't her fault and praises Nick for his talents of persuasion. Molly also blames herself for letting Nick into her life all those years ago. If only she was stronger back then, "none of this would have happened." Jake enters the jailhouse and sees Molly and Abigail in the holding cell. He brings Molly a coffee and kisses her. She says she needs his kiss more than the coffee. Jake asks the guard to let him in the cell, but the guard says he can't let Molly have two visitors in the cell at once. They all plead with him for a favor, and the guard lets him in the cell for a few minutes. They all hug.

Barbara is getting ready to leave Fairwinds when James pops out of the shadows and helps her put on her coat. Babs asks why he hasn't packed his bags and left yet. James replies, "I thought I'd give you the opportunity to persuade me to stay." Ever pithy Barbara shoots back, "I don't beg for what I don't need." She's tiring of James' advances. She threatens to expose James and tells him that Hal and Jack are starting to figure out that Carly and Emily have been kidnapped. "I've survived fire. Scars. Alienation from my family. And you." She picks up her things and leaves him seething with scorn.

Left to his own devices at Fairwinds, James pulls a rosary Rose treasured out of his pocket. He admires it and sets it on Barbara's desk. Next he pulls out Emily's sons silver baby rattle and sets it down next to the rosary. Finally, he fishes out the beautiful necklace Craig gave to Carly at the fashion show in New York and combines it with the other two trinkets. He opens an envelope and as he put each item inside he says, "Yes Barbara. Your ingratitude will cost you dearly." Before James leaves, he closes the package, joins it with the book he gave her a few weeks ago, and plants it into a nearby dresser drawer.

Hal and Jack are trying to put the pieces together about Carly and Emily when Lily and Paul come in and add Rose to the growing list of the missing. Hal sees a pattern developing and asks out loud, "Do Rose, Carly, and Emily have anyone in common who considers them the enemy?" Just then Barbara enters. They all turn to look at her, and she smiles.

Abigail leaves Molly's cell, and finds Margo. She asks Margo if she could go see Nick's apartment. Just then, Adam walks into the station and hears Abigail ask her question. He looks nervous. Abigail looks determined.

Jake says good-bye to Molly and tells her to stay strong. Tom comes in and gives Molly the news that the Assistant District Attorney feels there's enough evidence to charge her with Murder One. Molly is shocked.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Abigail persuades Margo to take her back to Nick's apartment to help jog her memory. She remembers an angry Nick yelling at her and the sound of the music from the music box. Just when it seems that Abigail's memory will be unlocked further, Jake walks in stopping her. Meanwhile back at the courthouse, Molly is charged with murder one and is denied bail.

Barbara is offended after realizing that Paul, Jack and Hal see her as the common enemy among Rose, Carly and Emily. She points out that Craig may also be guilty of having all three of them as enemies. Later, Craig is stunned to find out from Jack that Carly is missing. Before Hal leaves town to search for Emily, he reassures Barbara that he believes in her. Meanwhile Paul learns from Mitzi that Barbara tried to blackmail Rose their first night together at the Lakeview and later demands the truth from his mother.

Katie goes shopping with Lucy and later asks for help in covering for her with Simon so she can go and meet Dahlia.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Paul questions Barbara and asks her for the truth concerning Rose. He says he spoke to Mitzi and he knows that Barbara was blackmailing Rose. He tells his mother that she is pathetic; threatening to destroy Rose and all the people she cared about. Barbara doesn't admit her guilt but Paul threatens to call Jack because Rose had gone to Jack about the blackmail. Barbara tells Paul not to call Jack. She says she did blackmail Rose when they needed Barbara's vote for Worldwide. But, Paul knows that Barbara is behind the Vincent scam and the rap sheet. Barbara says she couldn't let a prostitute date her son. Paul finally catches Barbara's slip. He says he never mentioned what the charge was, that the only way Barbara could know was if she was directly involved. Barbara admits that she hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Rose but how could she possibly have done everything else Paul has accused her of when she never left the house. Paul says she had help and asks if Barbara took Rose's lingerie. She replies no and Paul says, "it must have been my father then." Barbara says she spent her life keeping James away from Paul, why would she turn to him now. She says she had nothing to do with Rose's disappearance and Paul will owe her an apology. Paul hopes it is true but tells his mother that if she had any part in what happened to Rose, "God help ya." When Paul leaves, he calls Jack and tells him he thinks James is involved. Meanwhile, Barbara is panicking because she doesn't want Paul to know the truth. She dials James' phone number but the message says the number is not available.

Jake storms into Nick's room where Margo has brought Abigail to try to jog her memory. Jake says to beware of Margo because she is the one putting Molly in jail with no bail and charging her with murder one. He is angry and says he is leaving with Abigail but Margo says Abigail must stay because they are investigating a crime. Adam walks in and asks what is going on. Jake asks Adam where he was the night Nick was murdered. Adam tells the same story as before, that he saw Abigail wandering in the street and he picked her up and brought her home. Jake says he believes him. After this, Margo agrees to let Abigail go home. Jake tells Margo that she is putting her career over her friends because he stuck by her when she was on trial for murder. Margo says she never lied and she feels that someone is lying and she has to get to the truth.

Abigail and Adam go to Al's diner. Abigail tells Adam that he has been great. He doesn't fell great because he cheated on her but Abigail knows that Nick set the whole thing up. Adam says not to worry because Nick is gone. Abigail says she did want Nick gone but not dead. Kim walks in and says she just saw Molly. Abigail wonders what happened to Nick's body. Kim says she took care of all of the arrangements because he had no next of kin. His body is buried in the penitentiary cemetery. Abigail is surprised that there was no funeral because she wanted to say good-bye, and she is upset because he is buried "with the criminals." She runs out of the diner and Adam runs after her but is stopped by his mother. Margo asks Adam to tell her what really went on the night that Nick was killed.

Simon tries to find out from Lucy where Katie went but Lucy won't reveal her aunt's secret. Meanwhile, Craig tells Simon to go to Paris to look for Carly. Simon refuses and tells Craig to take responsibility for his own actions. Craig says he can't go know because his daughter is here and she needs him. Craig tells Simon he will also pay for Katie to go and it could be their honeymoon. Simon finally agrees to do it but only for one week.

Meanwhile, Katie tries to teach a dance aerobics class without any success. It is obvious that Katie doesn't know what she is doing. Lucky for Katie, Billy and Lucy arrive at the gym because that is where Bryant used to work out, and see Katie failing. Lucy says they need to do something. Thinking quickly, Billy takes off his shirt, struts his well-toned body into the room, and gets the class psyched up for Katie's moves. After the class, Katie is told she will teach three classes a day, four days a week. Then she will make the video and a lot of money.

When Katie returns home, Simon asks her to go to Paris but she declines because she has this new job. Lucy tells Craig that she hung out with her cousin Billy and had a good time. Craig tells her she is not allowed to spend time with him. He thinks he is using her to work out his own guilt.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

As Margo questions Adam about the night of Nick's murder, she realizes that he has many inconsistencies in his story. He assures her that he is telling the truth and leaves to go to the station. Noting that Adam had a hole in his jacket pocket, she takes a glass with Adam's fingerprints to test against the WOAK key found on the floor in Nick's room.

Abigail visits Nick's grave, telling him she forgives him. Later, a mystery woman arrives, placing a single rose on Nick's grave.

Jack and Paul show a photo of James to the waitress at Al's diner, but she fails to confirm whether he was the person Rose left with the night she disappeared. Later, Jack pays a visit to Barbara and warns her to come forward with any information she may have about the disappearance of Rose, Carly and Emily. She maintains her innocence, but is left struggling for answers when Will mentions that a postcard from Carly had arrived for Parker which Barbara had hidden.

Rose wakes up in steam room and just as she reaches for the door, she is stopped by Carly.

Bonnie and Isaac share another kiss and agree to take their relationship slowly. Later, Bonnie's discovery of his little black book puts Isaac in the hot seat. As they begin to argue, they are accidentally locked in the stock room.

Friday, January 11, 2002


Isaac and Bonnie are locked in. As they argue over who locked whom in, Bonnie brings up the little black (well, blue) book. She says that she is glad that she isn't listed in his "lust" book. Isaac notices that she went straight for the M's. He tries to convince her that he is finished with the little book. She says that if he is, then he won't mind if she shreds it. He stutters. She then sees some cigarette lighters and decides to burn his book. He tries to stop her but it is too late. The water sprinklers turn on and drench the two. They get out of their wet clothes and wrap up in tablecloths. They sit on a table and Isaac tells Bonnie that she is going to be the only woman he will be seeing. He leans in to kiss her and she reminds him that they are in a storage room. He promises her that the situation will get better. They kiss and fall back on the table. Lisa walks in and catches the two. When she sees them wrapped up in tablecloths, she assumes something different from what really happened. They try to tell Lisa what happened, but she tells them that enough is enough and she walks out. Isaac turns to Bonnie and she hides her face. She tells him that if he is looking at her, he can just stop. She adds that she is trying to disappear. They get back into their wet clothes and Bonnie rants on about not being his next conquest in his little book. She tells him to notch someone else in his belt and she walks out. Isaac says, "Someone tell me that she is worth it, please!"


Will tells Jack about Parker getting a post card from Carly. Jack looks at Barbara and Will asks his mother where she put it. Barbara acts innocent and says that it is on the table. She walks over to the table and digs through the pile of mail and finds the post card. She tells Will that he has a lot of homework to do before dinner and sends him upstairs. When Will walks out of the room, Jack grabs the post card from Barbara and reads it. As he reads, he finds out the name of the car service that picked Carly up from the airport. Jack turns to Barbara and accuses her of holding back information from the police. She says that she was going to make some calls to some people that she knew in Paris and do some investigating on her own. Jack doesn't believe her. He says that kidnapping is more Stenbeck's style. She tells him that she has not been in contact with James. He reminds her that she had contact with him in Canada. She tells him that if he has evidence against her, then arrest her, otherwise he can leave. He says that he will take the post card and make sure that Parker gets it. He adds that maybe it will help him from crying himself to sleep every night until they find his mother. Barbara says that she hopes they do find Carly. Jack walks out and Barbara falls to pieces. She says, "What am I doing? It is all falling apart! James, James!!"

Barbara leaves and goes to Fairwinds. She goes outside to the gazebo. She is yelling for James to come out. She tells him that all the fingers are pointing in her direction. She yells, "James!!" Then, she hears a noise. A man walks up behind her and he is carrying a crow bar. She looks at him, wide eyed, and says, "Who are you?"


Margo gives a policeman orders to run some test on something in a plastic bag. Jake walks in and hears her tell the policeman that the results come back to her for her eyes only. The policeman walks away and Jake walks up to Margo and startles her. He asks if she has found some new evidence and she tells him that it is nothing that concerns him. He reminds her that it does concern him and his family. She tells him that if he wants to help Molly then he better back off. She tells him that if he wants to help his family, then he can go in the interrogation room where Molly and Tom are right now. Margo softens and tells him that she does not want to see Molly go down for this. She tells him that there are too many holes in her story and she won't give Tom anything. Jake walks into the interrogation room where Tom is arguing with Molly. Jake stops them and asks if there is something that he has missed. Tom tells him that he got the medical examiners report and he placed the time of Scutter's death between 10:00pm and 10:15pm. Jake says, "So what." Tom informs Jake that Molly did not call 911 until 10:45pm. Tom adds that he needs to know what Molly was doing for 30 minutes before she made the call. Molly tells Tom that maybe she was in shock for that length of time. Tom looks at Jake and asks if he has any suggestions. Jake asks if they could have some time alone. As Tom walks out, he tells Molly that this is her life and her future and she should try to fight for it. He adds, "That is what I am trying to do." Tom walks out to see Margo. Molly tells Jake that she is trying to wake up, but she can't. Jake tells her about leaving Abigail at Nick's gravesite. She asks what was she doing there. Jake tells her that Abigail is feeling guilty. Molly tells him that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Jake says that the girl has holes in her memory and maybe she is thinking that there is another truth out there. Molly says that there isn't. She tells him that she did it and everyone should get that through their heads and she adds, "Including you, Jake." Molly turns to Jake and apologizes for what she said. He walks over to her and takes her head in his hands. He tells her how much he loves her and adds that is would die before he would let any harm come to her. He asks her, "What is it that you are not telling me?" She turns away from him with tears in her eyes.

Later, Jack is on the phone trying to find out some information on the car service that picked up Carly from the airport in Paris. Mitzi walks in and Jack tells her that he will be with her in a minute. When he hangs up the phone, Mitzi tells him that she couldn't sit at home any longer. She keeps thinking about Rose and all the bad things that could have happened to her. Jack tells her that she shouldn't think about such things. He tells her that he will buy her a cup of coffee. They leave and go to the diner. As they sit and drink coffee, Jack tells Mitzi about the limo service. He promises her that he will find Rose. Mitzi adds, "And Carly and Emily." Jack says that he will find them all. He looks at Mitzi and says that he just thought of something. He stands up and puts his coat on. Mitzi asks where is he going. He says that she said before that people don't just disappear without a trace. He adds that you just need to know where to look. He leaves the diner.


Carly shows Rose around the spa. Rose is amazed at the place. She looks out the window and sees mountains and lots of snow. She walks over to Carly and says, "We are not in Oakdale anymore, are we?" She demands Carly to tell her how she got from Al's diner to this place. Carly tells her to keep her voice down. She adds that loud voices are a no-no. Rose looks over at a woman getting a massage by a man. Rose says even louder, "Somebody better start explaining or I am going to go Jersey and that aint' pretty!" Carly tells her to be quiet. She says that she will tell her everything if she will just shut up. Carly tells Rose that she got to Paris and had some time in the airport, so she wrote Parker a post card and mailed it. She goes on and tells her that a very cute French guy picked her up to go see the fashion designer that she went to Paris to see. She says that after she got into the limo, the driver told her that the man that she was going to see had changed his plans and wanted to meet with her at his chateau. Rose asks if this is his chateau and Carly says that she doesn't think so. Carly says that she had a glass of champagne in the limo and fell asleep and when she woke up she was at this place. Rose asks where this place is. Carly whispers, "Rose, it is a spa." Carly is out of it. Rose tells her that she got that much. Carly tells her that she will love it here. She goes on to tell her about all the wonderful treatments that they have at the spa. A cute guy comes by with drinks on a tray. Carly takes one for her and hands one to Rose. She says that they taste like you have strawberries growing in your mouth. Rose grabs the drink from Carly and says that she is being drugged. Carly says that she was like Rose is, but she is feeling so much better today. Rose asks her if she knows what day it is. Rose tells her that it is January. Carly is unaffected. She tells Rose that time flies when you are getting your feet massaged every hour. Rose tells her that they need to find a phone. Carly tells her that there are no phones. She adds that the ringing induces stress. Rose tells her that the whole thing seems freaky to her. Carly asks, "You mean like freakin' great?" Rose asks if she cares about getting back to all the things she left behind. Carly says, "No Rose, I guess I don't." A man comes over to Rose and asks if she is ready for her massage. Rose tells him no. Carly says that she should try it, they know all these pressure points. Rose looks at the guy and says no again and adds that she has been manhandled enough. The guy leaves and Rose tells Carly that this is not a nice spa. She adds that they are in jail. Rose tells Carly that James Stenbeck kidnapped her. Carly laughs at Rose and tells her that she is an absolute scream. Rose rolls her eyes. Rose tells Carly about being in Al's Diner and this man came in to talk to her and he showed her a phony I.D. Carly points at her and says, "James Stenbeck?" Rose tells her that she is correct. She goes on to tell her about somebody slipping something in her coffee and drugged her. She explains that James had to help her out of the diner. Carly tells her that she just told her an interesting story, but it is time for her seaweed wrap. Rose tells her that her head is wrapped. In the background, another woman is getting massaged and she has a mask on. When they take the mask off, it is Emily. Rose sees Emily and runs over to her for help. Emily looks at her and gets a big smile on her face. She says, "Hi Rose! Do you want a grape?" Rose looks at Emily and says, "Oh no, not you too!"

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