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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on GL
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Phillip and Lillian are planning the work to be done for the fundraiser for breast cancer. Lorelei enters the room and wants to know what they are planning. Lillian tells her that she is chairing the fundraiser for breast cancer. Lorelei asks why she chose the breast cancer fund since there are so many others. Lillian tells her that she had breast cancer, and asked Lorelei if she forgot. Lorelei said that she does remember, but that she lied. Phillip looked at Lorelei and asked, "You forgot?." Lorelei, trying to weasel out of this one, tells Phillip that she is sorry because she seems to have blank places where memory should be. Lorelei said there might not be any guarantee that she will get her memory back. Seeing the look on Lorelei's face, Phillip told her to give it some time. Lorelei exits the room to run some errands. Lillian makes the comment that she feels sorry for her. The look on Phillip's face is skeptical. Lillian asked Phillip what was wrong. Phillip asked Lillian why it doesn't bother her that Lorelei forgot. Lillian said she remembered during the memorial service when they were talking about Beth and how she was missed. She said in her mind she could hear the bell tolling saying that Lorelei was dead. Lillian said that God gave Beth back to them, and it's a miracle. Lillian told Phillip that if she never gets her memory back, it's ok, and Phillip agreed.

Tory enters Towers and finds Ross. She asked Ross if he is alone, and he said he used to be. He said he was out and about. He asked Tory what brought her to Towers. She said it is a funny story. She told Ross that earlier she had stopped into Inferno for a drink. She said she had an urge for something hot and sweet. When she asked Ross if he ever gets an urge like that, his mind wondered to the image of he and Tory in bed together. Tory finally got Ross' attention and said he seemed to be a million miles away. Ross said he was thinking about how busy he is going to be next week with all the work. He takes her aside and they sit on the couch. He admits that he was not thinking about those things, and said that he has to tell her something. Tory said that she wants to go first and tell him a funny story that she would like to share. She described to Ross about going to Inferno and talking to Romeo. She said that Romeo said some things that made sense and got her to open up about what was bothering her. Tory said this was a bad idea and was embarrassed to tell Ross. But Ross said for her to go on. Tory told Ross that Romeo thought that he had feelings for her, but she knew that was ridiculous. She also said that Romeo felt Ross was falling in love with her. Tory wanted to share this with Ross even though it was absurd. Then she looked at him and told him it was his turn. Finally, Ross told Tory that Blake was downstairs in their room. He told Tory that he didn't want her to know that Blake was there so he lied about having so much work to do. Tory asked why? She asked Ross if she makes him feel uncomfortable. Ross answered yes, but told her it is nothing she has done. He told Tory that he knew she was upset about Blake accusing her of trying to seduce him. Ross said Blake was right to a point. He told Tory that Blake suspected her of going after Ross, but it was the other way around. He said ever since he saw Tory dressed in the red dress, it brought back memories of his first love, Vanessa. Ross said he lost Vanessa's love, but he sees that chance again with Tory. Ross said that he started to care too much, and Blake saw that. Ross apologizes for damaging their friendship. Blake enters the room and said that this is a surprise. She said she didn't expect the two of them together at Towers. Ross told Blake that he couldn't sleep and that Tory showed up and they started discussing a case. Blake told Tory and Ross that the case could wait until morning. Ross and Blake walk away to continue their romantic evening. The waiter tells Tory that he could tell they were an item before the redhead showed up.

In the palace, Camille tells Alonzo that he is quiet since they left the Anchor. Alonzo said that he has a lot on his mind and suggests they get ready to leave. Camille said that it would not take her long to get ready. She mentions to Alonzo how strange it is to leave the island for an entire year, and who knows what will be on our minds when we come back. Alonzo offers to get them a beer, but Camille suggests champagne. He said he wants to keep it simple. While Alonzo is gone, Camille begins to fanaticize. She thinks of her and Alonzo sitting on the throne with a bloody Richard at their feet. Camille imagines that Richard's punishment is death and his body to be buried in an unmarked grave. Alonzo enters the room calling her name, and she returns to reality with a smile.

Cassie told Richard about Alonzo leaving on the ship at Richard's request. Richard admits that he did arrange it. Cassie said she thought they had discussed this and ruled out Alonzo leaving San Cristobel and he had agreed. Cassie is adamant in wanting explanations from Richard. Richard said the plan makes sense. Cassie made the statement to Richard that he wasn't going to tell her until Alonzo and Camille were gone. She asked Richard to give her one good reason why he didn't tell her. He said he had a couple of good reasons. He told Cassie that one reason is to protect her and he will lie to do it. Another reason is to spare them from pain. He tells Cassie to stop putting words in his mouth. She keeps insisting on explanations why he lied. Richard admits it is Camille and the threat she poses. So, Cassie tells Richard that they are using Alonzo to get rid of Camille. Richard tries to convince Cassie that if Camille stays in San Cristobel , she will sue them for custody of Will. He told Cassie that Alonzo does not love Camille. Richard thinks that after a few months at sea, Camille will forget and the fantasies will go away. Cassie tries to tell Richard that Camille wants Alonzo, and they cannot let him remarry her. Richard is still convinced that Camille is a young girl with a fantasy and will get tired of it when Alonzo does not play along. Richard said he would recall the yacht back to San Cristobel later. Alonzo enters the garden and Cassie says she does not like the idea of him leaving. Richard says it is the best solution and Alonzo agrees saying that Camille will forget about Will. Cassie told Richard that she hates it because he kept it from her and the yacht will be sailing tomorrow. Cassie tells them that she is going to check on Will. Alonzo was getting ready to leave and Richard asked him to wait. Richard thanks him for doing this and Alonzo replied by saying he is trying to support the leadership of San Cristobel. Richard told Alonzo that he really does not know much about him. Alonzo said he is a simple guy, and Richard disagreed. Puzzled, Alonzo asked Richard if he knows something he doesn't. Richard asked Alonzo if he believed in fate. Alonzo told Richard that he had the same conversation with Cassie when they were stranded on the island. Alonzo sensed that something was bothering Richard that he was not telling him. Richard told Alonzo that he is tired. Alonzo told Richard that they could not pay him enough to take his job. After Alonzo walked away, Richard walked over to the grave.

Cassie enters the palace and finds Camille holding Will. Camille told her that Will was crying and the nanny said it would be ok to hold him. As Camille gave Will back to Cassie, she told her she just wanted to say goodbye before she left. She told Cassie that Will would be different when she gets back in a year. Camille said she has to go and pack. Cassie told Camille that it sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Camille told Cassie that they might be back sooner than planned because a lot of things can change.

Edmund and Lorelei were sitting at a table in Company, and Lorelei is slamming Edmund for not telling her about Lillian having breast cancer. Edmund said he didn't know. As Lorelei was asking Edmund if there is anything else she needs to know, a friend from her past shows up. Naomi said she met Lorelei in Chicago. She mentioned to Lorelei that she saw a picture of a gal in the newspaper that looked identical to her. She asked Lorelei if she was impersonating Beth. Lorelei lets the cat out of the bag and tells her about the plan she has regarding Phillip Spaulding. As Naomi is walking away to get a piece of pie, Edmund told Lorelei to get rid of her. Buzz answers the phone at Company and Phillip is on the line. He asked Buzz if he could ask him questions about Edmund. Buzz said that Phillip could ask Edmund himself because he was at Company with Beth. Phillip says thank you and hangs up the phone. He leaves to go to Company. When Phillip arrived at Company, he saw Lorelei sitting with Edmund. He approached her and asked why she was there. She said she got hungry and was there to ruin her appetite. Naomi walks back to the table with pie, and she asked Lorelei to introduce her to Phillip. She introduces herself to Phillip as Naomi Nickels. She told Phillip that she met her through Edmund. Naomi hinted that it was late and said that Edmund promised her ride back to the hotel. As Naomi and Edmund exit Company, Phillip sits down. He told Lorelei that Edmund could "sure pick losers."

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Lorelei feels badly for Edmund when he confides that his divorce from Beth has made him feel as though he's lost her all over again. When Naomi shows up at Company, Edmund is less than flattering to her, which upsets Lorelei. After trying to make nice with Edmund, Naomi tells Lorelei that he's a loser, compelling Lorelei to come to his defense. When the conversation turns to the subject of Phillip, Naomi realizes that Lorelei is falling for the guy she's scamming, but still has feelings for "Eddie." Naomi warns her old friend "this is one dangerous game you're playing."

Danny has a job interview and is more than a little suspicious when he is offered the job before the interview even begins. He realizes that his potential employer is offering him the job because he's a Santos, and they are afraid of what will happen if they don't hire him. He turns down the job. Having just learned that Danny quit Spaulding Enterprises, Alan goes looking for him to try to hire him back. When he finds Danny and Michelle at the Towers, Alan asks his former employee to come back. Feeling betrayed by Spaulding, Danny refuses the offer. Michelle thinks her husband is being foolish for not going back to Spaulding, but Danny doesn't trust Alan.

When Carmen learns that Sam is the person her henchman fought with at the warehouse, she prepares to pay the young reporter a visit at the hospital.

Marah and Ben arrive at the Bauer cabin. When the kissing starts, Marah decides to slow the inside action down and hit the slopes. While they're skiing, Ben hurts his ankle, forcing the couple to return to the cabin. While Marah is trying to treat Ben's injury with a cold pack, he tries to turn up the heat on their relationship. Just when they're about to take their kissing to the next level, Ben's phone rings and startles Marah to her senses. When Marah goes outside to get more snow for Ben's ice-pack, he answers his phone. Catalina is calling to warn Ben that she and Tony are on their way to the cabin - she wants to make sure that Ben gives Tony "something to remember."

When Phillip goes to Company looking for Beth, he runs into Naomi and strikes up a conversation about her time in San Cristobel with her friend Edmund. After he tricks Naomi into saying that she had spent time on a non-existent beach, Phillip is sure Edmund is up to something.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Billy told Josh and Reva at Towers that dinner is on him because he wants to celebrate the success of the Harbor project. Josh said that they managed to keep Alan from ruining it. Billy asked how they manage that. Reva said Olivia did it and they couldn't have done it without her. Josh said that he wants to put distance between him and Olivia. He wants a quick divorce. Josh and Reva told Billy about Olivia and how she helped them. Billy wanted to know what was next and Josh said he was asking the same question. Billy said that was his cue to leave. Josh told Reva that Billy knew he wanted to be alone with her. Josh said the two of them needed to talk since they didn't have much of a chance in Paris. Josh said he and Reva needed to stop and take a breath to make sense out of everything. Reva said they have trouble staying apart, but Josh said they have had a lot of good years together. Reva reminded Josh that he practically raised the kids alone. Josh said they are like two magnets zigzagging through the universe, and the bottom line is the pull is too strong. He said they fight because she is stubborn, but she is usually right. Smiling, she said she has learned being involved with a soldier can be dangerous. Josh wanted to talk about how they had grown and given the children stability. Reva said her hands are ice cold. Josh asked Reva where she thinks the conversation is going. He admitted that his palms are sweating. Josh asked Reva if she thought they could share a life together again. Reva asked Josh if he was talking about marriage. Josh only answered with a slight grin.

Rick wants to know what the long face is for and Harley shows him the notes from Gus. Harley explained that Gus knows something Rick wants to know when he gave that to her. She said he came over to the house awhile. Rick did not seem happy. She explained to Rick that Gus came over to talk business and he said things that upset her. Harley said told him that she had been wasting her time taking care of Santos crime theory. Rick agreed with Gus and said he knew that Gus was flirting with her. She said if she took the case she could keep an eye on Gus. Rick told her to "go for it." Harley is ecstatic and thinks she could help, but she would have to ask Sam some questions.

Mel is at Towers and Gus enters the room. She calls him Nick. He says she has a reputation of helping Sam. Mel told Gus that he has a reputation too because he makes people miserable. Mel asked Gus why he told her that his name was Nick. She said he lied to her plain and simple, and I am not going to shake your hand. He said Rick has a low opinion of himself and Mel should take anything he says with a grain of salt. She said he lies about everything. Gus said he gets paid to twist the truth. Gus said that Mel never told him that Rick was her boyfriend. Of course, she denied that. Gus said that Mel liked Rick and he liked Harley. Gus told Mel that if he really believed that Rick and Harley go together he would back off. He said he has never heard them tell say they are in love with each other. Gus asked Mel if she could see them moving in together. Mel said if that is they want. Mel told Gus that he had no right to interfere and the conversation was over.

Ben is in the Bower cabin and Marah enters the room. He asked her if she is ok. She said yes. He said he is afraid he has upset her and put too much pressure on her. She said she likes him, but was afraid they would go too far. She apologizes and said it is too soon. He said his mind is telling him to be a gentleman, but the rest of him is saying something entirely different. She told Ben that he is so nice to her. He said he likes her and wants to be with her. He pours on the compliments by saying how beautiful, funny, and smart she is. She calls the ski patrol to rescue them. She told Ben there would be no kissing. He said absolutely no, but then kisses her passionately. Marah said she can't and she stopped kissing him. She said it was getting too hot in the cabin. Ben asked Marah what was there to do without heat or a radio. Marah said they had cookies and cider. Marah gives the bottle of cider to Ben. While she has her backed turned, he shook the bottle. As she turns around, Ben opened the bottle and it splashes on both of them. Ben said they needed to change clothes.

As they are on their way to the Bower cabin, Catalina said she is ready to ski. She wants to know why they are going so fast and asked Tony to slow down. She thinks it would be fun to go to the lodge with the kids. He said they have the Bower cabin and that it is secluded and romantic and she will love it. Catalina remembers the conversation between Romeo and Tony. Tony said he wants to show her a good time.

Tony and Catalina are near the cabin, and Tony says someone is in there. They enter the cabin to find Ben and Marah dressed in robes. Marah told Tony that nothing happened and that Ben hurt up his ankle. Tony told Marah that Ben is after one thing. Marah told Ben to leave them alone for a moment. Catalina and Ben exit the room. Ben told Catalina that Tony would push Marah into his arms. Marah asked Tony if he was spying on Ben. He said she is lucky he stopped by and he called Ben a creep. Tony said that Ben is going to take advantage of her. Marah replied that maybe she wants to be taken advantage of. He told Marah that because he is with Catalina doesn't mean he does not care about her. They heard the ski patrol outside and Ben said that it was time to go. As Tony is checking the fire in the fireplace, he turned his head and found Catalina in a negligee. He asked her how he is supposed to think about skiing when she is dressed like that. They end up on the floor exchanging passionate kisses.

Sam told Olivia that he saw in the newspaper that she is a big superstar. She wants him to kick back and relax and not lift a finger. Sam said he felt like a truck had hit him. He asked Olivia if she was going to tell him what happened. He asked about Josh. Olivia said it was best that they end the marriage and cut their losses. She told Sam she wants a divorce and the feeling was mutual. Sam said he was sorry. Olivia said she would be fine since she has a huge share of the Harbor project. She told Sam to get better and that is all that matters. Olivia reminded Sam that he is safe now and that is what counts. While Olivia is talking to Sam, Carmen is standing at the door dressed as a candy stripper. Claire enters Sam's hospital room and told Olivia that she needs to spend some time with the patient. Olivia exits the room. After Claire exits, Carmen pushed the cart into Sam's room. Sam recognized her immediately. Carmen moved the nurse call button away from Sam. Carmen asked Sam how he was feeling. She told Sam that he is lucky to be alive and made a miraculous recovery. Carmen asked Sam if he knew what happened, but he said he didn't remember. She wanted to know if he remembered where he was going when it happened. His response was no. Carmen said that it doesn't matter because he is ok now. As Carmen was exiting the room, she told Sam she would get his doctor for him. Harley and Rick saw Carmen dressed as a candy striper. She told them she was doing her community service. Carmen said she needs to do her rounds. Harley told Rick that Gus might be right. Rick said that there are never any volunteers assigned to critically ill patients. Harley told Rick she needs to ask Sam some questions.

Alan said he is there at Towers to congratulate Olivia for her successful betrayal, and he didn't see it coming. Olivia said if Josh wants Reva that is his loss. Alan told Olivia that he hates to play second to anyone. He told Olivia he thought she would come crawling back to him. He said he was wrong and underestimated her strength and that his admiration for her grew when she stood up to Josh.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Reva and Josh declare their love for one another, but Reva doesn't think that it necessarily means they should be married. "We always end up hurting each other" she tells Josh, and goes on to say "I won't do that to you again. I love you too much to put you through that again." Josh tries to convince her that in fact, they should be married telling her "we have to be together because we don't know how not to be together." He asks her again to marry him, but again, Reva tells him "I can't."

Buzz and Holly have an awkward conversation about her days as the Pied Piper of Springfield - she reminds him that his children were among those she kidnapped. She worries that Buzz may be concerned about her going off the deep end again. Buzz tells Holly he is not the least bit concerned.

Eleni and Frank are relieved to know that the body of the teenaged girl is not their daughter, Marina. Eleni tells Frank that she and her boyfriend, Cain, broke up - that once she arrived in California, he began to take her for granted, just as Frank had. Frank reminded his ex-wife that he had not taken her for granted, but rather appreciated her, and that when she decided to leave him, he had asked her to stay and work things out. She inferred that she regretted leaving her husband. Frank got word from the Chicago police that Marina was spotted buying a bus ticket to Springfield. He and Eleni decide to go to the bus station and wait for their daughter to arrive. But first, they stop at Company where Frank confides in Buzz that he thinks Eleni wants to get back together. Buzz reminds his son not to forget how much Eleni "jerked you around." Frank tells Buzz that he is over Eleni. Meanwhile, Eleni asks Holly "why did I ever leave Frank?"

Richard overhears Dax reprimanding Camille for spilling the beans about Alonzo's true identity, and realizes that the young woman had been telling the truth after all - Richard's long time friend and confidant, Dax, betrayed him. When Richard enters the room, Camille and Dax are clearly surprised to see him there, and try to cover their tracks. Camille tells Richard she is there to apologize to him for what she said about Alonzo. It was a lie, she says, and rushes out. An obviously troubled Richard tells Dax that Camille is not the only one who is leaving the palace. The president is transferring his right hand man to be the new Dean for the Academy of Internal Security on San Cristobel. Dax tells Richard that he does not want to leave the palace or the first family. Richard angrily tells Dax "if you don't want the promotion, then you can resign." Dax insists that he would rather take a demotion and stay, but Richard won't hear of it.

Cassie finds Alonzo at the bar and presents him with a framed picture of herself and Will. She promises to send more pictures and videos to Alonzo during his trip. Alonzo divulges some information he's been keeping to himself - he tells Cassie it was Dax who found him and told him about Will. Alonzo confides that he doesn't trust Dax and hopes Cassie and Richard will watch their step around the colonel. Cassie is surprised and angry with her friend Dax, and wonders why he would do such a thing. When she finds Camille at the palace, Cassie draws her into a conversation by saying she wants to apologize to her for being jealous. Cassie then tells the young woman that she want to ask some questions for a book she's making for Will. When Cassie begins to question her about Dax, Camille tries to leave, but Cassie tells her "you aren't going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on."

Friday, January 11, 2002

Rick and Ross are talking about adoption, but then when Jude was born it changed everything. Rick wants to make sure that Harley and Jude are well provided for. Rick said as long as he and Harley work together and live under the same roof it will keep Jude out of harms way. Ross said that lately he and Blake have not been spending enough time together. Rick said he made it through some hard times. Ross is explaining to Rick that he found himself in the middle of mid-life crisis. Rick said everybody goes through this. Ross further explains it has become more than an average crush. Rick said at least you are not getting involved with "some hot thing." It hits Rick that Ross does have a young, hot crush. Rick asked him if he is still seeing her. He wants to know if Blake knows, but Ross says nothing has happened and he has no intention of cheating. Rick asked who she is. Ross says she is my legal assistant and she talks like Vanessa. But Ross says it is his obsession and she is not interested in him. Rick said if you love Blake you will break this off and get rid of her. Ross insists that he can handle it.

Blake tells Harley that her and Ross are in trouble. Blake says she needs a private investigator. She needs someone with more objectivity. Harley said this does not sound good. Harley said it sounds like she needs someone to tail another woman. Blake wants to know how she feels about Gus, and Harley said she doesn't have feelings for Gus. Harley said she is with Rick and he's a good father to Jude. Blake says she is convinced now. Harley tried to convince her that there is nothing to tell about Gus. Blake says as long as Harley is happy and that Gus will have to get over it. Harley tells her that her and Gus are working together. Blake commented that Gus would ruin her life. Blake said she is not worried about Ross, but she is worried about Tory. Blake admits that she is always around and she is passionate and beautiful. Blake wants her tailed 24/7. Blake called Gus and left a message that she had a job for him. Ross calls Blake and wants to talk to her about something. Harley tells Blake that Ross probably has good news. Ross entered company and he told Blake that he wanted talk first. He tells Blake that he loves her and will not take her for granted. Ross tells Blake that is going to sell the Porsche and put the money to better use. He's going to resign from teaching so he can be with her and the kids making them happy. Blake wants Ross to be sure about the car. He said his pride and joy is her and the kids. He is going to find Tory a job in the office of one of his colleagues. She tells him loves him. As Ross exits, he tells her he will talk to her later and give her an update. Blake calls and leaves another message for Gus that the person she needs to have followed is no longer in picture.

Edmund is fussing at Lorelei about meeting with him. He wants to be sure Naomi does not suspect anything. Edmund said Phillip would not like her as much if he finds out she is an imposter. Edmund says she was not a model student, and he didn't know about Lillian having breast cancer. She surprised Edmund by telling him that she is going to go after Phillip with both barrels. Lorelei tells Edmund that Phillip is growing on her. She loves the kids, but it is time for her to take him down the isle. Then she and Edmund can split the money. She said she has to get Phillip in bed. She tells Edmund to work on the jealousy thing. Lorelei said she had better back to the mansion.

Phillip talks to Lillian about Beth because he is worried. He cannot understand how she could have forgotten and he informed Lillian that Beth has been meeting with Edmund behind their backs. When he sees them together she acts like they have been caught. He doesn't know what to think. He thinks that Beth isn't telling them something. Phillip said he would figure it out tonight what is going on. Lillian agreed with Phillip that she is concerned too. But he says she uses different gestures and wears different clothes. Lillian says she is grateful that she is alive. Phil reiterates he is worried why she is so different and she will go back to normal and return to Edmund.

Lillian asked Phillip if he was in love with her daughter. He is unsure at this point in time. Phillip asked Lillian if someone loses their memory normally it is blank and they cannot remember things. Lillian said that the bad memories may stay suppressed, but the person can learn things in the present. Phillip was concerned that if someone meets someone and tells them about their past, it would reprogram that person. He said that Beth doesn't remember the horrible things about Edmund, which seems odd. In other words the things that Edmund does not know is how he could reprogram Beth. Lillian knows she cannot talk to Beth. Then, Lorelei enters the room. Phillip told Beth that the cat is out of bag. He tells Lorelei that he was planning a little surprise for her. Lillian exits. She wants to know what kind of surprise. Phillip said you would have to wait. She wants to surprise him too because she wants to return to Moon Lake and her mom could watch the kids. Phillip thinks that it's a good idea and he knows the perfect place. He calls to get the jet ready to go to Mexico. Phillip tells her they are going back to where she had the accident and go to the mission. He briefly exits to make the arrangements. In the meantime, Lorelei calls Edmund to tell him that they are going to Mexico to visit the mission. Ed said there is no mission. She tells Edmund to think of something. He suggests that she think of a way to get out of it. Phil enters the room and says that Lillian will take care of the kids. Lorelei said she would have to pack.

Cassie is furious with Camille. She wants to know what Camille is doing there and how did Dax contact her. Camille says that everyone knew except Cassie. Camille told Cassie that Dax convinced her to go back home. Camille says Dax was very convincing and Cassie wants to know why. Cassie said it was strange that Dax showed up after she lost the baby for the adoption of Will. Camille tells Cassie that Alonzo is Richard's half-brother, Prince William. Camille says Richard knows and he has been keeping it from her. Cassie says that Alonzo is not Prince Will, but Camille said to open your eyes. She accuses Richard of not being honest and he kept this from everyone. Cassie said that Richard would not have anything to do with this. Camille suggests she ask Richard herself. Camille exits. Richard enters palace and asked Cassie if something is wrong. She said Camille said something that she cannot believe. She wants to know about the reason he is sending A to sea. She tells Richard that Cam said he is doing it for himself and that he has known about it all along. Cassie said that Camille said Alonzo is his half-brother. Richard shakes his head.

Richard tells Alonzo that he wishes things could have been different. Richard is giving the engraved cup to Alonzo because he named Will after the dead brother. Alonzo commented that he is now a part of something, but he said he couldn't accept that. Richard is remembering the grave. Richard said he wanted to tell Alonzo something. Richard found the picture of her and Will that Alonzo was taking with him. Richard wanted to know if Cassie gave him the picture. He said Cassie didn't want him to forget their time together. Richard says never mind about telling him.

Harley is talking to Rick on phone. Rick asked if she has seen the "Sleepless in Seattle" movie. Rick wanted Harley to meet him in 10 minutes at Towers on the terrace because he wants to ask her something. When the met, Harley told Rick she has to say something. They both asked each other to marry them. Rick said he accepts and Harley said she accepts. Rick gets some champagne. They toast to each other.

As Ross is leaving Company, he runs into Clayton. He gives Ross something from Tory that says she is ending her schooling. It also says she is resigning as Ross' legal assistant. Ross said he cannot accept this and Clayton is confused. Ross said he would take care of it. Ross goes to airport and sees Tory. Ross apologizes. Ross said it is his fault and he can get her another job. But she doesn't want that. He told her that he quit his job at the university. Ross admits that he was a fool and for her to not go. He asked her to not get on the plane. She said she does have feelings for her and that is why she has to go. She walks to get on the plane, but comes back and gives Ross a long passionate kiss.

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